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Marvelous New Discovery



Hair Grow Where It Never Grew Before. One bottle will make you the man you think you are.

G o o d'



R heum, Hebe-Jebes, St. Vitus


k i n d re d



a il ments.

Drink the contents ; the V ivo


the Vino


the rest.

Before Taking After Taking TESTIMONIAL I was an instructor i n a small college in the E ast and to recover from the effects I began taking V I V O -VI N O and the re ults were aston ishing. I began to think I was somebody and knew something. For yea rs I suffered with insom n i a which manifested itself everywhere, but in the cla ss-room, where I often ;vent sound asleep. Occasion a l l y I w o u l d w a k e , but this w a s n o t often. I g r a d u a l l y g r e w thin until m y friends no longer recognized me. O ne morning I went to put on my tie before the mi rror and to :my chagrin I found that I h a d tied it to the broomstick which stood d i rectly behind me. I could stand it no longer-time and again I fell t h rough my collar-at l a s t I heard of a remarkable discovery- V I V O - V I N O-and knowing it could make me no worse I decided t o t ry a bottle. The resu l ts were quick and positive. I began to get to class on time a n d actually began to have something to say when I got there. The holl ows i n my n e ck b e g a n to fill out and I discovered that at l ast I could ke e p my head f r o m f al l i ng t h rou g h my c o l l a r . N o lo ng e r am I troubled with strombosis o f the repocardical p h ary­ n i ptical empedosis, and the bronchitical empyemia has entirely disap peared. H a irs have begun to m a n i fest themselves on m y c hest. Thank God , I say, for V I V O - V L 0. I am so ha ppy t h at I want to tell a l l my friends. Thank God, again for this remark­ able di scovery. Now I know my l ittle sister loves me. KOWARD H E LPS PELSEY, T h e Squelchor, C ity.

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Oracle 1927  

Oracle 1927