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BURNS Singer of songs of l ife and love, Liver of l i fe, scorner of fame, Master of words and melodies, Burns, our brother's name ! Cursed with the cu rse of burn ing blood, Seared by the heat of passion's flame, Torn by the drags of power m isled, Burns, our brother's name ! Judged by those unfit to j udge, Spu rned by men of spiri t tame, Cast off by those who owed him aid, Burns, our brother's name ! Blessed by gen i us, by insight true, More noble i n his very shame, Man, all man, as men a re we, Burns, our brother's name ! CYNICUS.

CO MPULSION I have seen men raise an altar, Then go and draft their God . I have seen men force the halter On a horse, then use the rod. But the God they found was l ike the horse : They kept H i m in a stall, And only by the rein and rod Could make their dumb and balking God Do any work at all.

T w o hundred twent;y

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Oracle 1927  

Oracle 1927