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Men�s C olby Night " The most enthusiastic and successful Colby N ight ever," was the unanimous opinion of all those present at President Roberts' ann ual rally, which occ u r red October 22, the eveni ng before the Bowdoin game. P resident Roberts evening.

presided and introd uced the speakers of the

H ersey Keene, a member of Colby's victorious 1 9 0 5 team, spoke first. H e was followed by Dr. Stewart of the same team. The principal speaker was D r. Herbert C. Libby, Mayor of Waterville. He declared that the team was backed by : a living and growing Colby ; an i nterested and loyal faculty ; the finest board of t ru stees i n the country ; an intensely loyal graduate and u ndergraduate body ; loyal friend s ; and the "greatest college president i n the country." Senator Wadsworth, ' 9 2 , chairman of the board of t rustees, next en­ couraged the tea m . Carroll N . P e rkins, ' 0 4 , the representative o f t h e board of trustees, reminded the team that all former Colby teams were watching them. D r. M a rq uardt, of the faculty, then rendered h i s usual i nteresting s peech. The two final s peeches were delivered by Coach E dward C. Roundy, and Captain Thomas F . O ' Donnell, '27. Coach Roundy asserted his con­ fidence i n the team and i n the fact that they were physically fit and wo u l d fight a good fight t h e next day. Captain O'Don nell expressed faith i n both team and coach, and a firm purpose to do the best that was h umanly possible. Perhaps the m ost encouraging event of this memorable Colby N ight was the P resident's prophecy that with i n two years Colby would possess a new gymnasi u m . T h i s w a s heartily seconded by Senator Wadsworth. The o ratory of the eveni ng was well suppl emented by the Colby and Hebron bands, and by the refreshments supplied by President Roberts which were served by " Chef" Weymouth.

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Oracle 1927