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World Changers | Caitlin Colegrove ’06 It’s not every day that you get to meet the founder of the first liberal arts college in Ghana or the inventor of a peanut-based nutritional drink for malnourished Central Americans. Unless you’re Caitlin Colegrove ’06. Those are the sorts of people Colegrove sees in Washington, D.C., at the Aspen Institute, where she works in a program called the Aspen Global Leadership Network, which helps transform business entrepreneurs into the leaders of tomorrow. Nominees for Aspen fellowships undergo a rigorous selection process. Selected fellows then participate for 18 to 24 months in a series of retreats and seminars that challenge participants to consider how they might play a role in shaping the world. “We foster leadership, and when you’re surrounded by an incredible group of peers, you hold each other accountable,” Colegrove said. The goal is for each class to create a socially innovative project. Some of Colegrove’s favorites include “Project Rebirth,” a series of videos documenting the lives of people who were affected by 9/11, and the “Panchachuli Women Weavers,” an Aspen program that now that employs more than 800 women in the Indian Himalayas, helping them use traditional weaving and knitting to gain economic and social independence. Over sushi rolls at a downtown restaurant, Colegrove said it took her some time to find her niche. are doing very well and enjoying their time at home together. Y Eddie Watters and his wife, Cam, recently welcomed a baby girl, Cora. Y JJ ’01 and Piper Elliott Abodeely welcomed a baby boy, Porter Elliott Abodeely, May 7, weighing 7 lbs. 2 oz. Y Jason Hoag extends his congratulations to those individuals and couples who remain resistant to rising prospective-grandparental pressure to wed and produce offspring. Their stories are too often left untold. Y Sarah Piampiano has lived in NYC since 2005 and works at HSBC. She’s celebrating her recent homeownership on the Upper West Side. Her NYC days are not for long as she is planning a move to London in the next year. Sarah recently visited Avery Roth in Brazil, where they explored the remote Amazon River basin. Sarah spends quite a bit of time with Ben Colice and Todd Elmer in NYC. Sarah and Todd enjoy triathlon training and competition together. Y Katie Harris had the opportunity to travel to Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya for work this summer. Y Jess Bennett took a break in June after Tufts Medical School and traveled to Costa Rica. Y Dan O’Connor graduated from George Washington University in 2007 with a master’s in philosophy and social policy. Y Tammie Sebelius was on

Caitlin Colegrove in Washington, D.C.

“I was right out of school and playing with going to law school,” the international studies major said. She started off working at the National Legal Aid and Defender Association but longed to be back in the international arena. “To me, that’s what it’s all about,” Colegrove said. “Even domestic issues are affected by international events.” In the last year one of her biggest projects has been linking fellows and Aspen alums by creating a directory that includes searchable profiles and project descriptions. The only drawback? Working with amazing people every day, she said with a smile, makes for “a very humbling job.” —Jenny Chen ’12

the mall during President Obama’s Inauguration as part of the operations team for Smithsonian Student Travel, helping support teachers and students at the event. Tammie keeps up with her old Heights 210 crew: Kathryn Kosuda, Nicki Shoemaker, and Kristy Malm Magyar. Kristy is living and working in London for six months on assignment. Y Rob Belcher was recently married to Lorin Belcher. They live in Seattle, where Rob is in his second year at the University of Washington Business School. Scott Bixby is a classmate of Rob’s in the same program. Y Chris Castle keeps up with the Seattle Colby crowd and works at Razorfish, a digital marketing agency, as a product manager. Chris loves his work and keeps busy coaching a cycling team for Team in Training, a fundraising arm of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Y Ed Jastrem spent the 4th of July in the Bahamas and is making his own cabernet at the Boston Winery these days. Y Chris Collopy married Will Kendall ’00 in Spring Island, S.C. They had quite a roster of Colby attendees including bridesmaid Megan Thomas and groomsmen Bill Lenich ’00, Eric Saucier ’00, and Sean Luoma ’00. Chris and Will live in Boston and plan to stay put. Y Michael Ames has joined forc-

es with Chatham Baker to launch an independent, street-style boat shoe company called West Coast Surrender. Ames keeps regular tabs on Shawn Burnell, Grant Swisher, John Shea, and Paul Basmajian.

2003 Lauren Tiberio Hello ’03. Hope the summer was full of good times. News was a little light this quarter, but still exciting to hear from the few who wrote in. Y A few Web sites to check out. First, Lexi Grant is writing her first book, a travel memoir about traveling solo through Africa. Her site contains her blog about her travels earlier this year. Second, Jeff Siteman launched a company called Ready Health GoTM in February. His company makes delicious and healthy grab-and-go food that is available in five (and soon seven) locations in the Boston area (including The Harvard Coop’s café in their main location). His goal? To help busy people eat balanced, even when their schedules are packed. Good luck, Lexi and Jeff! Y Bianca Belcher started at Dartmouth, full-time, for her M.P.H.,

with an estimated graduation date sometime in 2010. Y Elyssa Ford spent five years in Arizona for graduate school and was actively finishing up her dissertation for a Ph.D. in history when she wrote. She spent seven weeks in Cambodia over the summer, where she worked in a dorm for young women. This coming year she will be in Romania on a Fulbright, where she will teach U.S. history at several universities. In January Elyssa made time in that busy schedule to see Grete Röd, Whitney King, Susannah Parke, and Joanne Head on a visit to Boston. She reports that Grete married Kevin Simons ‘02 this summer and that they are moving back to Norway this fall. Elyssa attended Monika Kraft’s wedding—in April in Chicago—and saw Courtney Fry Lerch, who is expecting her first baby! Congrats! Also expecting a baby in the fall are Dan and Laurel Burnham Deacon—a girl! Y Nat and Jessica Wysor Chamberlin spent a bit of time in Alaska, vacationing, this August. Y Peter Brush moved over to Royal Bank of Canada in the rates sales group from Merrill Lynch covering hedge funds, prop desks, and asset managers. Y And no worries, Garrett Kephart is still in D.C., helping to spend stimulus dollars! Y Liz Frederick received her doctorate in biochemistry from Duke and got engaged to Will Gersch. They plan a July 2010 wedding. Y Annie Hall still lives large in Lakeville, Conn., working at Hotchkiss and enjoying the concept of summers off. She was in San Francisco over the summer where she had lunch with Gretchen Groggel, who was studying for the bar exam, drinks with Matt Danziger, who is marrying in October, and received a personalized, very exclusive driving tour of SF with Brooke Harris. Annie also saw Andrea Breau in Ohio, where she is pursuing a fancy degree at OSU. Y Jay Johnson is the new boys basketball coach at Natick High School. He also teaches at Kennedy Middle School in Waltham, Mass. Y Lastly, Scott(y) Sivo has been named the new assistant principal at Hull High School in Mass. Scott taught for two years with Teach for America in North Carolina and then went straight to Hull HS to teach history. He has been at Hull since 2005. Congrats and good luck with the new position! Y Have a wonderful fall and best wishes to the newlyweds and new moms and dads!

2004 Kate Weiler Reunion was a blast! It was great to see everyone that attended! I still can’t believe it has been five years since we graduated. Y Elizabeth Magner married Jesse Tov in

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Colby Magazine vol. 98, no. 3  

Fall 2009.

Colby Magazine vol. 98, no. 3  

Fall 2009.