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Islip Town Environmental Council, Town Hall, Islip, New York 11751

(631) 224-5450 Nancy Manfredonia-Chair Steven Shatz -Member Dennis W. Cahill-Member Nancy Cochran-Member Lesley Kane-Member


February 23, 2012 Dear Friend: The Islip Town Environmental Council is seeking applications from deserving young persons for the annual Charles Pulaski Memorial Environmental Awards. Charlie Pulaski was an ordinary citizen, a carpenter by trade, who cared deeply about the world around him. He enthusiastically embraced the environmental movement in the 1970's; and single-handedly built and placed hundreds of bluebird and tree swallow houses throughout Islip; planted memorial flower gardens; and convinced officials to save hundreds of acres of parkland and thousands of trees. Most importantly, Charlie spread his enthusiasm for environmental preservation to thousands of people. He especially mentored and encouraged youngsters to help “save their world.” If you are or know of a young adult in grades 9 - 12 who lives anywhere in the Township of Islip and who has in some way, exhibited a real concern for environmental preservation, please have the candidate complete the application form located on the reverse side of this letter. The application for the Charles Pulaski Memorial Awards must be postmarked no later than April 11, 2012. The awards, which consist of (First Place $1000.00, Second Place $ 500.00 and Third Place $ 250.00) will be presented at the Islip Town Board meeting on May 8, 2012 @2:00 p.m. at Connetquot State Park. Thank you for helping us to spread Charlie’s message that individual’s initiative is crucial to improving our environment. Sincerely,

Nancy Manfredonia Chair NM/kc

Town of Islip Islip Town Environmental Council

Charles Pulaski Memorial Environmental Awards Application Complete and submit this application form to the Islip Town Environmental Council (Pulaski Awards), Attention Kathy Corapi - Planning 655 Main Street, Islip, NY 11751. The application must be postmarked no later than April 11, 2012. Candidate Information Name:_____________________________________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Telephone Number:__________________________________________________________ Date of Birth:_______________________________________________________________ High School presently attending:________________________________________________ Current Grade Level:_________________________________________________________ Explain in 250 words or less, what you, the candidate, have done to demonstrate a real concern for environmental preservation. The description of the special work or project must accompany this application. Photographs, letters, and other suitable documentation may be attached to the application. Candidate’s Signature:________________________________________________________

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