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Files included in this package - 1 Photoshop file with 3d bottle


- 2 wrap Layout to fill your art. - PDF file - Quick tour about 3d tools in photoshop extended version - PDF file - Bottle tutorial

back label Cork cover Label layout

Cork cover layout

Cork cover emboss


Label mask

Label bump

front label

WINE BOTTLE using the sample files Start Create your design using the label map and the cork cover map, use the different areas to place the front label and the back label. create a mask with the label shape, once you finished open the Bottle.psd file to load your artwork.


To start working in the 3d model file, select the layer model, double click in top of the 3D icon (01) to get the 3D control panel (To use 3d tools, you must desactivate final render, change to interactive (02)


You will find two bottles one with background (03) and other without, this is useful if you want make the bottle reflection, if you don’t need remove this layer or hide in the 3D MESH panel (04)





Cork cover

using the sample files

04 05

Once you finished all surfaces, you need to upload each texture for each part of the bottle model. Select materials control (04), - select cork layer (05) - select diffuse map (06) select load texture upload your file. Repeat this process for all models textures With the 3d rotate tool (adjust the view angle...and make all refinements, Place a new background.



Go to scene control and select final render (02) and It’s done

bottle glass








Changing the reflection map in environment panel in 3D materials will affect the final result, matte finish (07) or shiny finish (08).

Bump map Using this map will make a raised surface. More blur, more deep. Invert colors invert bump. A bump map is a grayscale image in which lighter values create raised surface areas and darker values create flatter surface areas. You can create or load a bump map file, or begin painting on the model to automatically create a bump map file. Enter a number in the field or use the scrubby slider to increase or decrease bump strength. Object (rotate, roll, pan, slide, scale) They are in tool box in the left side of the screen, if you can find go to top menu WINDOW>TOOLS 3D object rotate 360ยบ any direction 3D object roll 180ยบ 3D object Pan 3D object Slide 3D object Scale 5

For any questions you can use the photoshop help or contact me through my email - THANKS FOR BUYING. HAVE FUN

Red Wine Bottle  

Customizing a 3d mock-up of a wine bottle with photoshop extended

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