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Files included in this package - 2 Photoshop files with 3d can models, with different layout, ready to use. - File with UV map label for your layout - PDF file - Quick tour about 3d tools in photoshop extended version - PDF file - Can tutorial


using the sample files Start To create your label use the uv map for reference, you can increase size but don’t change proportions, then open the file CAN.psd or CAN1.psd To start working select the layer model, double click in top of the 3d icon (01) to get the 3D control panel Select materials control (02), select diffuse map (03) then select load texture - find your label. go to scene control (05) render the final picture (06), you may need to adjust colors, duplicate the 3d model layer after rendering, make all corrections. ( To use 3d tools, you must desactivate final render, change to interactive (06) You can place a new background. With the 3d rotate tool adjust the view angle...and It’s done


01 03




For any questions you can use the photoshop help or contact me through my email - THANKS FOR BUYING. HAVE FUN

Drink Can  
Drink Can  

Customizing a 3d model of a drink can with photoshop extended