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September 2012

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IMPORTANT DATES & EVENTS October 26-28 Liberal Arts Family Weekend November 6 Deadline Day: last day to Q-drop or pass/fail classes or withdraw from the University December 8 Liberal Arts Fall Joint Commencement Ceremony Frank Erwin Center 3 p.m. December 12-18 Final exams For more event information, please visit the Liberal Arts website:


Plan Ahead to Avoid Graduation Pitfalls When your students are freshmen and sophomores, it can seem premature to begin planning for graduation. However, the seeds for a smooth senior year must be planted early. Delayed graduations are rarely unforeseen events, and there are many steps students can take to avoid hiccups at the end. Calling a graduate program or law school to explain that you’re not graduating on time isn’t fun for anyone involved. Graduation pitfalls include Not completing core and general requirements promptly. Foreign language, government, history, and natural science are commonly put off, but these courses are just as vital to degree progress as major and minor requirements. Foreign language is a particularly large stumbling block because courses must be taken in sequence. Concurrent enrollment in the final semester. It’s common for students to take classes outside the

University, but these should be completed before a student’s final semester to allow enough time for the transfer of credits and degree planning. Dropping or failing courses. Failing a class is never a positive outcome, but at times dropping a class can be a responsible choice for a student. In a student’s senior year, dropping or failing a class can seriously impact a student’s academic progress because there is less time to correct their course toward completion. Leaving the University with remaining requirements. Students commonly make plans to move or start jobs immediately after their final semester. If a student leaves the University with remaining requirements, the resolution can be complicated by the time and money crunch involved with starting a new job and moving to a new city. It’s unfortunately common for the one or two classes that a student needs to stretch out graduation for years longer than planned.

With careful planning and guidance, these pitfalls are avoidable. Students need to work closely with advising resources to make sure their senior year goes well.

Written by: Summer Cacciotti Senior Academic Advisor Liberal Arts Dean’s Office

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