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Applications to:

Application Form Fee E895 • Deposit E295

1. Ainm as Gaeilge (Name in Irish)______________________________________________

o Buachaill       o Cailín

2. Seoladh (Address)________________________________________________________

_ ___________________________________________________________________

3. Fón _______________________ Parent’s Mobile ____________________________ 4. Dáta Breithe (Date of birth)_________________________________________________ 5. Duine teagmhála má bhíonn tuistí as baile (Contact person if parents are away)

_________________________________________ Fón_______________________

6. Relationship_ _________________________________________________________ 7. Múinteoir Gaeilge______________________________________________________

Sláinte (Medical Attention)

An Rúnaí, Coláiste Uí Chadhain, 24, An Garrán, Gleann Labhaoise, Léim an Bhradáin, Co. Chill Dara.

Cuairteanna Ó Thuismitheoirí (Parental Visits)

Parents are welcome to visit their children during the course. We would only ask that they wait until the middle weekend of the course to do so, to allow the students time to settle in. Relatives or friends may also visit students, but must have signed permission from the parents. Verbal permission is not sufficient.

Taisteal (Travel)

9. Seoladh Scoile_________________________________________________________

Coláiste Uí Chadhain provides transport to and from the Coláiste at the beginning and end of the courses – at no extra cost. The collection points are listed below. Dublin •  Ballinasloe • Naas • Athlone Galway • Castlebar and at other points depending on feasibility. Own Travel Arrangements (Please Indicate) (Please indicate your preference on the application form, no.11)

11. Taisteal (Pick-up point)_____________________________________________________ 12. Cúrsa (Course) o A - 8/6/10 – 30/6/10 o B - 1/7/10 – 23/7/10 o C - 24/7/10 – 15/8/10 13. Cúrsa A Pre-Leaving Certificate course 8/6/10 - 30/6/10 o 14. An raibh tú i gColáiste Uí Chadhain cheana?(Have you attended Coláiste Ui Chadhain before?)_____ 15. Má bhí cén bhliain/blianta?_ ______________________________________________ 16. An raibh tú i gcoláiste eile cheana? (Were you in any other coláiste?)_ _______________________ Sínigh anseo! (Please Sign here.)


I understand “Riail na Gaeilge” as outlined and I acknowledge that it will be enforced.

Parent’s signature______________________________________________________


Turais (Tours)

Tours are orgainised around Conamara and to the Aran Islands (Optional, but well worth a visit)

Feitheoireacht (Supervision)

Students are supervised at all times. Students are never allowed to wander off on their own or with a small group (not that they would ever want to!)


Seisiúin Eolais/Agallaimh (Information Sessions/ Interviews)

To help answer all your questions, Coláiste Uí Chadhain provides information sessions for parents of new students, before the courses begin. All new students are also interviewed so we can obtain some idea of each applicant’s standard of Irish. This is necessary in light of the basic requirement of using some Irish words in every sentence.


8. Scoil_________________________________________________________________ 10. Ionad Agallaimh (Interview Centre)_ ___________________________________________

• There is a doctor on call at all times. • Students’ medical needs are always given utmost priority. • Medical costs are borne by parents/ guardians


The locations for the information sessions are listed below: Dublin • Naas • Enniscorthy Athlone • Castlebar • Galway (please indicate your choice of venue on the application form, no.10)

Student’s signature_____________________________________________________

: June 8th - June 30th • July 1st - July 23rd • July 24th - August 15th

Date ________________________________________________________________

Member of Comhchoiste Náisiúnta na gColáistí Samhraidh Deartha agus curtha i gcló ag Martone Press 01 628 1809

Coláiste Uí Chadhain

Riail Na Gaeilge


Coláiste Uí Chadhain is a small Irish college in the Conamara Gaeltacht about 30 kilometres west of Galway city. This summer, many students (perhaps even you?) who are interested in learning Irish will arrive for their three week stay, all asking the same questions. Is it going to be difficult? Is it going to be boring? Is this going to be a waste of time? Three weeks later you’ll leave, knowing that the answer to all those questions is no. In those three weeks you’ll have had a holiday. You’ll have made new friends. You’ll have taken part in a whole range of activities. But most importantly, you’ll have had fun learning more about your heritage and your culture. You’ll know more about what it means to be Irish, and you’ll be able to express that pride in your own language.

The only way to learn a language properly, quickly and effectively is to immerse yourself totally in the environment of that language. If you speak English, you won’t learn Irish - it’s as simple as that. So at Coláiste Uí Chadhain there is one very importanat rule: No student may speak one full sentence of English. One full sentence of English entails dismissal without any refund of fee. This rule is implemented fairly and without exception as students who speak English here automatically expel themselves from an Coláiste.

Cinnirí are both students and leaders at the same time. A vital part of the running of the college, cinnirí are older students who are past pupils of the Coláiste and who have completed a special training course orgainised by the Coláiste. The Cinnire is a link between either students and teachers or between students and the bean an tí. This structure can be particularly helpful to, and supportive of, younger students.

Student Leadership


Lóistín agus Bia

NEW FOR 2010 A specifically designed course for Leaving Certificate (2011/2012) students to be held from 8th June 2010 - 30th June 2010.

Cén Fáth Coláiste Uí Chadhain Why Coláiste Uí Chadhain?

Coláiste Uí Chadhain is a place to enjoy, not to endure. The proof is that a large percentage of our students return again and again. Each time they have fun. Each time their Irish improves. Our system works, and has been working for 27 years. Here’s why: • Each course is restricted to 100 students, so individual attention is guaranteed. Everyone knows everyone! • Students are better Irish speakers at the end of the course. • We offer a very small student/staff ratio (Approximately 12:1). This is much smaller than the ratio found in schools. • Students are supervised at all times and student safety is of the utmost importance. Children are looked after extremely well by the cinnirí, the bean an tí, the teachers, assistants and the principal. • Cinnirí (see later page) are a feature of Coláiste Uí Chadhain and are particularly helpful to new and younger students. • We offer a E100 reduction in price for two members / E200 for three members of the same family


Students spend almost all of their time in the Coláiste. Mornings are taken up with Irish classes. These classes are taught in a modern communicative way and the emphasis is always on the spoken word. Debates, drama, dancing and singing are also taught in the mornings. Afternoons are taken up with sports activities, boating, cycling and swimming. Finally, evening sessions (the students’ favourite part of the day!) include talent competitions, sketches, quizzes and of course céilís.



Food and Accommodation

An Coláiste



Students stay in houses close to the Coláiste. Each house is of the highest standard and is inspected by the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs. In addition, the Bean an Tí looks after each student with good food and fine Irish. We prefer not to accommodate friends and relatives together for the simple reason that this can make speaking Irish more difficult for the students concerned. However, we will consider written requests made at the time of application from two first time students to be accommodated together. We cannot guarantee all requests. Rest assured, students make new friends on the very first day. Course fee is E895 (Separate arrangements will be made during courses for laundry).

An Bhfuil Spéis Agat?


Are you interested?

Teachers employed in Coláiste Uí Chadhain are highly qualified and have great experience teaching in Irish colleges. In addition, the very low staff to student ratio (Approximately 12:1) allows them to spend more time with each student than they would during school hours.

If you would like further information please don’t hesitate to phone us at (045) 895 698 or (01) 624 4324 or e-mail us at, Application forms can be downloaded from Fill in this application form, send it with a signed passport size photograph and a nonrefundable deposit of E295 (cheques to be made payable to Coláiste Uí Chadhain), to: An Rúnaí, Coláiste Uí Chadhain, 24, An Garrán, Gleann Labhaoise, Léim an Bhradáin, Co. Chill Dara. In the case of returning students the remainder of the fee must be paid by 1st May, 2010. New students can pay the remainder of the fee at the information session. Don’t delay. The excellent teacher pupil ratio we mentioned earlier means places are limited.

Coláiste Uí Chadhain  

Irish Gaeltacht Course

Coláiste Uí Chadhain  

Irish Gaeltacht Course