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FIND INSIDE  he 2016 Editions of T The Book of Discipline and The Book of Resolutions Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation, updated for the 2017–2020 Quadrennium

ALSO FIND  embership, financial, & church M school recordkeeping supplies  esources for worship and faith R formation Certificates, brochures, and more!

CHURCH LAW & POLITY “The church is a community of all true believers under the Lordship of Christ. It is the redeemed and redeeming fellowship in which the Word of God is preached by persons divinely called, and the sacraments are duly administered according to Christ’s own appointment. Under the discipline of the Holy Spirit the church seeks to provide for the maintenance of worship, the edification of believers, and the redemption of the world.” —From the Preamble to the Constitution of The United Methodist Church The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church 2016 The product of over 200 years of General Conferences of the denominations that form The United Methodist Church, the Discipline is the current statement of how United Methodists agree to live together. It acknowledges the past and addresses the future. Updated through the actions of the 2016 General Conference, the new Discipline includes a complete listing of bishops from Thomas Coke and Francis Asbury through the 2016 episcopal elections as well as a revised historical statement, an expanded index, and six parts: • The Constitution • General Book of Discipline • Doctrinal Standards and Our Theological Task • The Ministry of All Christians • Social Principles • Organization and Administration 9781501833212. English Print Hardcover. $23.99* 9781501840203. English Print Bonded Leather. $59.99 9781501833236. English PDF Download. $23.99 9781501833229. English eBook. $23.99 9781501833311. Korean Print Hardcover. $23.99* 9781501833298. Spanish Print Hardcover. $23.99* 9781501833304. Spanish eBook. $23.99 English editions coming January 2017. Korean and Spanish editions coming June 2017. Visit UMOfficialResources.com to sign up for automatic, as-needed quarterly corrections to The Book of Discipline 2016. *Save 10% when you order 6 or more of these print editions. Ask for details. It’s easy to order! Just click on any book cover for more information. All books are paperbound unless otherwise noted. Prices subject to change. COKESBURY.COM | 800.672.1789 | COMMUNITY RESOURCE CONSULTANTS

CHURCH LAW & POLITY The Book of Resolutions of The United Methodist Church 2016 The Book of Resolutions provides models for applying an active faith to daily life in ways that can impact the world around us. The new Resolutions contains all current social policies adopted by the General Conference of The United Methodist Church. Includes positions on more than 200 subjects, organized into seven sections: The Natural World The Political Community The Nurturing Community The World Community The Social Community The Economic Community Other Resolutions Fully indexed by resolution title, Scripture reference, and topic. Available in English only. 9781501833243. English Print. $21.99* 9781501833267. English PDF Download. $21.99 9781501833250. English eBook. $21.99 Coming January 2017. *Save 10% when you order 6 or more of this print edition. Ask for details.

Social Principles of The United Methodist Church 2017–2020 The Social Principles are prayerful and thoughtful efforts on the part of many General Conferences to speak to complex and controversial issues in the global community. Studying the Social Principles provides opportunities to examine your own theology and ethics and to practice discipleship. It contains the official text of the Social Principles from The Book of Discipline along with exercises for individuals or small groups, a topical index, and Our Social Creed. 9781501835773. Print. $3.99 9781501835780. eBook. $3.99 Coming April 2017.



BUY THE SET AND SAVE! The Book of Discipline & The Book of Resolutions of The United Methodist Church 2016 2-Pack Save $5.99 on the set! Coming January 2017. 9781501833274. Print. $39.99 Digital Editions. When purchasing the digital versions of the 2-pack, you receive the complete text of the 2016 Book of Discipline, red-line edition of the 2012 Book of Discipline, and 2016 Book of Resolutions. The red-line edition shows all the changes from the 2012 to the 2016 versions. Coming January 2017. NEW FORMAT 9781501833281. USB Flash Drive (Windows/Mac compatible). $39.99 9781501833564. 1-Year Subscription. $19.99* 9781501833571. 4-Year Subscription. ( $59.99* United Methodist Full-Site Online Subscription (1 year) This online subscription gives you online access to the complete text of The Book of Discipline, The Book of Resolutions, The United Methodist Book of Worship, The United Methodist Hymnal, and Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation. You also get access to any extras available with the purchase of subscriptions to the individual resources. Coming soon. 9781501833625. $129.99*

*Learn more about all United Methodist Official Resource Subscriptions at UMOfficialResources.com or Cokesbury.com. COKESBURY.COM | 800.672.1789 | COMMUNITY RESOURCE CONSULTANTS

GUIDELINES FOR LEADING YOUR CONGREGATION “The local church is to minister to persons in the community where the church is located, to provide appropriate training and nurture to all, to cooperate in ministry with other local churches, to defend God’s creation and live as an ecologically responsible community, and to participate in the worldwide mission of the church.” —Book of Discipline 2012 ¶202 Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation 2017–2020, English The 26 Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation, one for each ministry area, cover church leadership areas, as well as areas focused on nurture, outreach, and witness. Each booklet includes the basic “job description” for the leader as well as practical “how-to” information important to implementing ministry effectively.

English Edition, coming November 2016.

Also available: PDF & eBook English Editions Allows you to download a complete set of the 26 Booklets for personal use. 9781501830136. PDF. $74.99 eBook Edition 9781501830129. eBook. $74.99

Complete Set with Slipcase & Online Access Full-color slipcase for display and easy access. With purchase, receive online access to the complete text of all 26 Guidelines, along with valuable charts, surveys, and other helpful tools for ministry leaders. The texts are completely searchable; the forms are in Microsoft Word for adaptation to your situation; and links to United Methodist agencies’ websites are included. You also receive The Guide to the Guidelines (explains the Guidelines and their use), and The Guidelines Orientation Workshop (used to train new leaders of your congregation’s committees and teams to help them understand and use the Guidelines for their work in a particular ministry area). 9781501830112. $74.99 NEW FORMAT USB Flash Drive Contains the complete text of all 26 Guidelines with charts, surveys, and other tools. Searchable texts; forms in Microsoft Word; links to UM agencies’ websites, plus The Guide to the Guidelines and The Guidelines Orientation Workshop. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh formats, but you must have the programs required to work with any forms and other tools. 9781501830143. $74.99 1- and 4-Year Subscriptions With purchase of subscription, you have access to the complete text of all 26 Guidelines, plus charts, surveys, and other tools. Searchable texts; forms in Microsoft Word; links to UM agencies’ websites. You also receive The Guide to the Guidelines and The Guidelines Orientation Workshop. Your subscription is active immediately upon purchase and remains active for the specified one- or four-year term. With subscription, access content by going to UMOfficialResources.com and logging in to the site with your Cokesbury.com login name and password. If you have any questions please contact Cokesbury.com Customer Service at cokes_serv@cokesbury.com. Two weeks prior to your renewal date you will receive an email reminding you of the renewal. 9781501833588. 1-Year Subscription. $49.99 9781501833595. 4  -Year Subscription. $149.99


GUIDELINES FOR LEADING YOUR CONGREGATION Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation 2017-2020 Individual Titles, Print Edition. Each, $3.99 Coming November 2016. 9781501830181. Advocates for Inclusiveness 9781501817465. Adult Ministries 9781501830211. Children’s Ministries 9781501830242. Christian Education 9781501830273. Church & Society 9781501830303. Church Council 9781501830334. Church Historian 9781501829574. Communications 9781501829604. Evangelism 9781501829635. Family Ministries 9781501829666. Finance 9781501829697. Higher Education and Campus Ministry 9781501829727. Lay Leader/Lay Member 9781501829758. Men’s Ministries 9781501830082. Ministries with Young People 9781501829789. Mission 9781501829543. Nominations & Leadership Development 9781501829819. Pastor 9781501829840. Pastor-Parish Relations 9781501829871. Scouting & Civic Youth-Serving Ministry 9781501829901. Small Group Ministries 9781501829932. Small Membership Church 9781501829963. Stewardship 9781501829994. Trustees 9781501830020. Women’s Ministries 9781501830051. Worship

Also available in eBook and PDF download formats Visit Cokesbury.com to purchase and download individual copies of each of the 26 titles in Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation 2017–2020.



Guidelines are also available in Spanish and Korean. These editions include all 26 topics in one convenient volume.

9781501833519. Korean Print. $16.99

9781501833496. Spanish Print. $16.99 9781501833502. Spanish eBook. $16.99

Korean and Spanish editions coming June 2017.

Also available for Committee Chairpersons: Notice of Meeting Card. Use this convenient postcard to keep team members informed of time, place, and date of upcoming meetings. 9780687251582. Pkg of 100, $9.99


MEMBERSHIP RESOURCES Why Keep Membership Records? “John Wesley established and sustained communities of Christians that were strong enough to grow through the centuries and develop into The United Methodist Church. He understood salvation as a process that requires community, ongoing support and nurture, and accountability in Christian living. Concern for souls, individually and collectively, motivated the careful recordkeeping that became characteristic of the faith communities now constituting The United Methodist Church.” –From The United Methodist Church Membership Records Manual This manual provides the membership secretary, church staff, and ministry teams with the information and instructions they need to maintain membership records and nurture individuals through their faith journey. The record system also helps staff prepare the connectional reports that help us study how our denomination is changing so that we can encourage the ministry of each congregation. The manual includes a sample of each record sheet and complete instructions on completing each record. Additional resources are available online with purchase of a print version, including templates for each type of record sheet (Baptism, Marriage, Permanent Church Register, Constituency, etc.) as well as 81/2" x 11" certificates for baptism, confirmation, and professing membership in English, Spanish, and Korean. For a permanent record, print your completed records on acid-free paper, punched to fit the membership record binder. Save membership forms and add additional data as you receive it. The United Methodist Church Membership Records Manual 2017-2020 Information and instructions needed to maintain membership records and nurture individuals through the faith journey. Includes a sample of each record sheet and complete instructions on completing each record. Coming in April 2017. 9781501835759. Print. $12.99 9781501835766. PDF Download. $12.99


MEMBERSHIP RESOURCES United Methodist Record System for the Local Church Expandable binder assembled with record sheets, instructions, and tabs. Suitable for churches of all sizes with significant membership activity—record sheets may be added as membership grows. Includes an initial supply of record sheets for the Permanent Church Register, Baptism, Marriage, and more. 9.90" x 13.20". 9780687359233. $99.99

Membership Record Sheets

Sold in packages of 50. Each, $8.99 9780687359639. Record of Baptisms 9780687359837. Permanent Church Register 9780687359936. Constituency Roll 9780687359530. Family/Household Roll 9780687251599. Affiliate/Associate Member Roll 9780687360031. P  rofessing Members Removed by Charge Conference Action 9780687360130. Record of Marriages 9780687360239. Record of Deaths 9780687247349. Pastor History Membership Record Archival Acid-Free Paper Use the PC templates (available online with purchase of The United Methodist Church Membership Records Manual 2017–2020, on the previous page) to output your completed records to this paper, punched to fit the record system binder, above. Paper measures 8.40" x 10.90". 9780687084128. Pkg. of 50 sheets, $4.99 Extension Top Post. 9780687247455. $1.99


United Methodist Membership Record Book A hardbound record book suitable for smaller congregations. Contains space for 170 persons on the Permanent Church Register pages. It includes all required and recommended record sheets. Measures 8.60" x 11.20" with 96 pages. Gold-stamped. 9780687359134. Hardcover. $29.99

Post Binder only. 9780687247417. $79.99

Additional Tools United Methodist Certificates of Transfer A booklet of 32 perforated 4-section forms provide a convenient way to transfer membership from one congregation to another and insure that care and nurture continues uninterrupted. Includes: Notice of Transfer and Acknowledgement of Transfer. 9780687360338. Booklet of 32, $9.99


Extension Post-Extender. 9780687247448. $2.99

Record of Faith Journey Helps church staff nurture the spiritual formation of each individual in the congregation. The form includes milestones in spiritual development from baptism and confirmation to professing membership and more. 9780687359332. Pkg. of 50, $8.99


FLAT CERTIFICATES Milestones As the pastor, church staff, and congregation nurture individuals through their faith journeys, they celebrate each milestone. Certificates create a permanent record of these important events and provide a meaningful memento. Many people keep these certificates for a lifetime. Certificates for United Methodists are available in three languages (English, Spanish, and Korean) and two formats: a 5" x 7" booklet with matching envelope and an 8.5" x 13.70" flat certificate suitable for framing.

PC templates of the certificates below in PDF format are available online with purchase of The United Methodist Church Membership Records Manual 2017–2020.

Flat Certificates. Choose from downloadable packs or print certificates in a pad of 26 with record stub. 8.5" x 13.70". Each, $9.99 English Print, Pad of 26 9780687495610. Certificates of Baptism for Children 9780687358649. Certificates of Baptism for Youth and Adults 9780687495719. Certificates of Confirmation and Reception as a Professing Member 9780687495818. Certificates of Professing Membership English Downloadable, Set of 7 9781426736063. Set includes Certificate of Baptism for Children; Certificate of Baptism for Youth & Adults; Certificate of Baptism, Confirmation, and Reception as a Professing Member; Certificate of Charter Membership; Certificate of Professing Membership; Dedication of a Home; and Verification of Baptismal Record. Spanish Print, Pad of 26 9780687358946. Certificados de Bautismo Infantil (Certificate of Child Baptism) 9780687359141. Certificados de Membresía (Certificate of Membership) Spanish Downloadable, Set of 3 9781426739477. Set includes Certificado de bautismo infantil, Certificado de bautismo – jóvenes/adultos, Certificado de membresía. Korean Print, Pad of 26 9780687097067. Baptism Certificates Korean Downloadable, Set of 2 9781426740343. Set includes Certificate of Baptism and Certificate of Confirmation and Reception. COKESBURY.COM | 800.672.1789 | COMMUNITY RESOURCE CONSULTANTS

BOOKLET CERTIFICATES Booklet Certificates Gold-stamped cover, 5" x 7" with envelope. Pkg. of 3, $6.99

English 9780687032600. Covenant I Youth & Adult Baptism Certificates 9780687360536. Covenant II Child Baptism Certificates 9780687360635. Covenant I Baptism, Confirmation, and Reception Certificates 9780687360932. Covenant I Confirmation and Reception Certificates 9780687034352. Certificates of Marriage with 1984 Service 9780687034291. Marriage Certificates with Traditional 1964 Service 9780687361038. Certificates of Membership Without Service Spanish 9780687361137. Certificados de Confirmaciรณn y Recepciรณn como Creyente (Certificates of Confirmation and Reception as a Professing Member) Korean 9780687034079. Infant Baptism Certificates Without Service 9780687034390. Marriage Certificates Without Service 9780687034451. Confirmation & Reception Certificates Without Service

Verification of Baptismal Record Flat certificates. 9780687097081. Pkg. of 12, $9.99

Padded Presentation Folder for Credentials and Certificates. Sized to fit 9" x 11.5" certificates. 9780687045907. Each, $19.99



Whether you keep your financial records by hand or computer, this handbook will help you set up and maintain the kinds of procedures, safeguards, controls, and reports that you need to assure the proper use of funds entrusted to the church for the fulfillment of its ministry. The United Methodist Church Financial Records Handbook 2017–2020 This handbook will help you extend Christ’s love through the business of receiving, distributing, and reporting funds given by God’s people for the mission and ministry of the church. It includes three major sections: The Work of the Counting Committee, The Work of the Financial Secretary, and The Work of the Treasurer. Templates for the quarterly report of giving, a basic treasurer’s report, and more are available online with the purchase of the print version. Coming April 2017. 9781501835711. Print. $12.99 9781501835728. PDF Download. $12.99

A Commitment to the Church Pledge Cards Research shows that churches who present an annual stewardship campaign and request an annual commitment achieve higher levels of giving and ministry effectiveness. Use this convenient card in your annual campaign. 9780687430475. Pkg. of 100, $10.99

Quarterly Report of Giving An essential tool for both the church and the contributor as a tax record. 9780687430499. Pkg. of 100, $39.99

Free Downloads Charge conference forms and statistical tables are available as free downloads at The General Council on Finance and Administration website. Visit GCFA.org.

Quarterly Report of Giving Envelope Fold the Quarterly Report form so that the contributor’s name shows through the window. 9780687430505. Pkg. of 100, $15.99


CLASSROOM RECORDS Faithful Ministry John Wesley organized classes to help Christians maintain the discipline necessary for following Jesus Christ. Class members met regularly to “watch over one another in love.” They were accountable to one another for their discipleship; “to witness to Jesus Christ in the world and follow his teachings through acts of compassion, justice, worship, and devotion, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.” Christian education involves much more than giving and receiving information about the Bible, the church, and God. Christian education involves forming and transforming the whole person—heart, mind, body, and spirit. It is about who we are as God’s people as well as what we do and what we know.

General Record Book for the Church School & Small Group Ministries Collect and summarize weekly church school and small-group participation. The forms help you prepare quarterly and annual reports including the Local Church Report to the Annual Conference. Use with the Record Book for Class or Group and Report and Offering Envelope for accurate, complete information from diverse classes and settings. Online resources included with the purchase of the print version. 9781426766077. $12.99

Record Book for Class or Group Keep your class record of up to 50 names with addresses, birth date, and church relationship for one year or 25 names for two years. 5.40" x 8.5" booklet. 9780687053827. Pkg. of 12, $7.99

Report and Offering Envelope Both a container to hold the class or group offering and a form to communicate attendance data (date, class, leader’s name, offering, members present and absent). 9780687083688. Pkg. of 500, $25.99



Pastor’s Pocket Edition. Includes services most often needed when you are away from your church. Durable black deluxe binding with ribbon marker. 9780687035755. Print. $17.99 9780687019625. eBook. $17.99

Accompaniment Edition. Back by popular demand! Full accompaniments to all music found in The United Methodist Book of Worship. 9781501800689. PDF Download. $15.99

The United Methodist Book of Worship This book of liturgy, prayer, services, and service music is indispensable for pastors, musicians, and laypersons who plan and lead worship. Arranged according to the Christian year, it helps worship leaders locate prayers, services, and information quickly, while updated information and new formats insure ease of use. It features: • A vast collection of worship material: services, liturgies, litanies, prayers, blessings, music, and more. • Thousands of references to The United Methodist Hymnal, including suggested hymns for a worship occasions. • Resources for special Sundays and other days of churchwide emphasis. • New Christian Years Services • Services for various occasions including: Presentation of Bibles to Children; An Order of Farewell to Pastor; Orders of Installation or Recognition; and Orders of Daily Praise and Prayer Updates include membership vows, baptismal covenant, diaconal changes, and other updates made as a result of General Conference action; Calendar for dating Easter and related holy days—extend beyond 2020; Chart of lectionary years on page 227—update and extend; and Current version of ordinal. Print Editions. 9780687035724. Hardcover. $30.99 9780687035731. Black Bonded Leather. $62.99

Digital Editions. NEW FORMAT 9781426734908. USB Flash Drive. $35.99 9780687022335. PDF Download. $30.99 9781426735004. ePub. $30.99

Online Subscription. 9781501833601. Annual. $29.99 Subscriptions active upon purchase. Go to UMOfficialResources.com and use your Cokesbury.com login and password. Coming soon.



The United Methodist Hymnal. A collection of hymns, canticles, and other acts of worship, plus a United Methodist Liturgical Psalter of 100 psalms with responses. Find services for Holy Communion; Baptism, Confirmation, and Renewal; Marriage; and Death and Resurrection (Funeral). Includes complete indexes. Hardcover Pew Edition. Each, $22.99; Cokesbury Price $20.69 9780687431342. Bright Red 9780687431335. Dark Red 9780687431328. Navy Blue 9780687431397. Purple 9781501833618. Annual Subscription. $44.99 Coming soon.

The United Methodist Hymnal Keyboard Edition Seven-ring binder format. Removable pages. Contains all that’s in the Pew Edition, plus accompaniments for Psalter and canticle responses and all service music responses. 61/2"x 9". 9780687431410. Navy Blue. $79.99; Cokesbury Price $71.99 Also available: The United Methodist Hymnal Presentation Edition PowerPoint® files of all the hymns (words only), Psalter readings, orders of worship, prayers, services, and other materials that are in The United Methodist Hymnal. 9781426795374. USB Flash Drive. $199.99; Cokesbury Price $179.99 Other editions also available—ask for details!


FAITH FORMATION United Methodist Church History and Beliefs Members of the congregation as well as visitors frequently ask about the stances and practices of The United Methodist Church. These six brochures will help them understand official church positions and encourage further dialogue. Pocket-sized, they’re ideal for placing in high traffic areas throughout the church. Also available in Spanish—ask for details.

Digital Sample Pack. Set of 6, one of each brochure. Reproducible. 9781426711558. $15.99 Print Sample Pack. Set of 6, one of each brochure. 9781426711541. $3.59 Individual Brochures. Each, 69¢ Ask about bulk pricing! 9781426711534. What’s So Great About Being a United Methodist? 9781426711510. Communion and United Methodists 9781426711497. Baptism and United Methodists 9781426711503. It’s All About God’s Grace 9781426711480. The People of The United Methodist Church 9781426711527. Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service, Witness—Membership Brochure



Topics include: • Relatives and Friends • Personal Habits • Expectations • Values • Religion • Living Space • Finances • Sexuality • Children • Parenting • Career • Listening • Expressing • Making Changes • Forgiveness • Wedding Planning • Premarital Questionnaire

Growing Love in Christian Marriage, Third Edition This official United Methodist resource for marriage preparation or marriage enrichment is available in both print and electronic versions. A great incentive to draw in new people from your community. The Couple’s Manual is for use by couples for marriage preparation, either during pre-wedding counseling, with a mentor couple or pastor, or independently. For use with all couples, whether they are entering their first marriage, remarrying following divorce or the death of a spouse, or creating a blended family with children from prior relationships. The Pastor’s Manual is a marriage preparation ministry resource for pastors and other church leaders for pre-marital counseling and for comprehensive marriage ministries. It includes guidelines for training mentor couples, working with couples in groups, and relationship education for all ages. Pastor’s Manual. Jane P. and S. Clifton Ives 9781426757914. Print. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04 9781426767012. eBook. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04 Couple’s Manual. Joan and Richard Hunt 9781426757907. Print. Pkg. of 2, $17.99; Cokesbury Price $12.05 9781426766992. eBook. $8.99; Cokesbury Price $6.02


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Cokesbury's Official United Methodist Resources 2017-2020  

Cokesbury's Official United Methodist Resources 2017-2020, Church Law & Polity, Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation, Membership Resourc...

Cokesbury's Official United Methodist Resources 2017-2020  

Cokesbury's Official United Methodist Resources 2017-2020, Church Law & Polity, Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation, Membership Resourc...

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