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Bible-driven Children’s Curriculum

A simpler way to give kids a strong biblical foundation—it’s time to get back to the basics! Call or visit Biblestorybasics.com to learn more.


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CHILDREN’S BIBLES Introduce key Bible stories to children For ages 3 and up NEW Bible Basics Storybook

The voice of a child praying. The face of a little one captivated by a Bible story. A family sharing a daily devotional. Bible Basics Storybook helps you create such special family moments with 149 core stories from both the Old and New Testaments that will invite your children into the Word and will keep their attention from start to finish with their beautiful and colorful illustrations. Along with the Bible stories, the prayers to start the day, to say at bedtime, and to share before meals will help you provide a solid faith foundation for the dear children in your life. Abingdon Press. Coming in July.

David and Goliath 1 Samuel

$19.99; $15.99



Isaac and Rebekah Genesis


Isaac grew from a baby to a man, and it was time for him to get married. Abraham called his servant, “Find a wife for Isaac.” So, the servant went to the city where Abraham’s family lived. The servant stopped at a well. The servant asked God for help. “Oh, God,” the servant prayed, “show me the woman you want Isaac to marry.” The servant waited at the well. Soon, a young woman named Rebekah came by. She filled her water jar. “May I have a drink of your water?” asked the servant. “Of course,” said Rebekah. This is the woman God wants Isaac to marry, thought the servant, so he went to meet Rebekah’s family. “God has chosen Rebekah as the wife for Abraham’s son, Isaac,” the servant said to Rebekah’s family. “Rebekah, would you like to marry Isaac?”“Yes,” answered Rebekah. Isaac and Rebekah were married.


over nine feet will fight me?” He was Goliath shouted, “Who The army did army was afraid of him. tall, and everyone in Saul’s not know what to do. said were in Saul’s army. “David,” David’s three oldest brothers is happening.” brothers. Find out what your to “go father, his “Are all of you the camp, he saw Goliath. When David arrived at shouted Goliath. too afraid to fight me?” be with will God Goliath. “I’ll fight “I’m not afraid,” said David. found five got out his slingshot. He me,” said David. David to meet Goliath. smooth stones and went with me,” said Goliath. I know God is “I’m not afraid of you, it at Goliath. in his slingshot and slung David. David put a stone to the ground. the head. He fell down The stone hit Goliath in


for always thank you . Dear God, with me. Amen being


Dear God, thank you for listening to my prayers. Amen.



Jonah and the Fish Jonah

Courageous Queen


want you to “Jonah!” said God. “I One day God called Jonah. me.” Tell the people to worship go to a city named Nineveh. Nineveh.” “I don’t want to go to “But God,” whined Jonah, got on a ship of going to Nineveh. He Jonah ran away instead right into a storm. The sailed ship the But and went to sleep. apart! ship was going to break sailors were afraid the for ship is about to sink. Pray “Wake up, Jonah! The knew that the storm help,” said the sailor. Jonah sailors to throw him into was his fault. He told the the storm stopped. the sea. When they did, to swallow Jonah. God sent a very big fish belly of the fish for three Jonah lived inside the prayed Jonah from days. “God, I’m sorry,” a bad choice when inside the fish. “I made you. I promise that I tried to run away from fish spit Jonah I will go to Nineveh.” The time, Jonah went to out onto dry land. This

Esther 1:1–10:3

Esther lived with her older cousin, Mordecai. Esther and Mordecai were Jews. They loved God and followed God’s rules. The king decided he wanted a new queen. The king chose Esther! She went to live at the palace, but she didn’t tell anyone that she and Mordecai were Jews. The king had a helper named Haman. Haman didn’t like Jews. Haman tricked the king into making a law to kill all the Jews. Esther and Mordecai were very upset. “You must help our people. You must be brave and talk to the king,“ said Mordecai. Queen Esther told the king, “I am a Jew. Haman wants to kill all the Jews. Please don’t let him kill me and my people.” The king was upset! He didn’t want Queen Esther or her people killed. The king made a new law that kept Queen Esther, Mordecai, and her people safe.


to always help me . Dear God,your call. Amen follow

131 106 Dear God, help me speak up for innocent people, like Esther did. Amen.





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Kids will dive deeper into God’s Word with this unique, award-winning children’s Bible. The CEB Deep Blue Kids Bible is engaging and interactive, with four-color icons and illustrations throughout, plus a wealth of notes, historical facts, book introductions, devotionals, and other elements to capture inquisitive young minds. This Bible encourages a thirst for God’s timeless message as young readers join three young kids who are just like them as they discover the Bible and what it means to their lives. For children ages 7–12.

Features the modern, easy-to-read Common English Bible translation Ages 7–12

Features include a full-color interior, presentation page for gift-giving, in-text subject headings, a Bible dictionary, and eight full-color maps, designed exclusively for this Bible by National Geographic. Common English Bible. 9781609260811 9781609261351

Bright Sky Paper Bright Sky Hardcover

$22.99; $15.49 $29.99; $19.99

See Cokesbury.com for quantity pricing. Also available:

Classic Burgundy Decotone 9781609261986 $32.99; $29.79 Classic Navy Decotone 9781609262006 $32.99; $22.99 Wilderness Trail Hardcover 9781609262204 $29.99; $20.49 Wilderness Trail Paper (not shown) 9781609262198 $22.99; $19.79 Ocean Sail Decotone (limited quantities available) 9781609262044 $36.99; $25.99 Midnight Splash Decotone (not shown) 9781609260316 $36.99; $25.99

Colorful illustrations

Favorite Bible stories told in an easy-to-understand way

Ages 3–6

Birth to age 3

Deep Blue Toddler Bible Storybook Daphna Flegal and Kerry Blackwood

Nineteen Bible stories introduce little ones to God and Jesus. From these stories young children will learn of the love God has for them, and how they can begin to follow Jesus. Includes traditional favorite Bible stories such as: Jesus Is Born, Joyous News, Jesus Calls the Fishermen, Jesus and the Children, The Baby in the Basket, and Jonah and the Fish. For children up to age 3. Abingdon Press. 9781501840135


$12.99; $9.99

Also available: Deep Blue Bible Storybook Activity Bulletin Book

Deep Blue Bible Storybook Daphna Flegal and Brittany Sky

Help your church’s youngest children begin to understand the Bible with the Deep Blue Bible Storybook. Written in language children ages 3–6 can understand, this storybook includes 146 stories that will help children learn the books of the Bible and practice beginning Bible skills. Children will love the Deep Blue characters featured in the book and will look forward to learning prayers and fun songs set to familiar tunes. Deep Blue offers many other great tools and resources. To discover more, visit deepbluekids.com or download the Deep Blue BIble Storybook app. Abingdon Press. 9781501815010


$21.99; $11.99

Reproducible Bible activities for ages 4–7. Abingdon Press. 9781501849572 $29.99; $21.99


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CHILDREN’S BIBLES The Unofficial Holy Bible for Minecrafters A Children’s Guide to the Old and New Testament Garrett Romines and Christopher Miko


Minecraft has swept the world by storm, with more than 100 million games sold. Parents of children who play Minecraft will love this fun, educational collection of Bible stories. With the world of Minecraft as a backdrop—using vivid, full-color screenshots—children will experience the Bible as never before. The authors are teachers who have used Minecraft to create imaginative worlds in their classrooms. Now, they have created Bible stories with virtual blocks to produce vibrant, 3-D worlds filled with adventure and astonishing imagination. With over 470 images, young readers will explore the story of creation, the journey of Abraham, David and Goliath, Moses’s great journey, the birth of Jesus, the Last Supper, and many more stories! Sky Pony Press. 9781632207302

$19.99; $14.49


$19.99; $14.49


$19.99; $14.49

Bible stories explored through the perspective of a popular video game Ages 5 and up

Also available: The Unofficial Holy Bible for Minecrafters: New Testament: Stories from the Bible Told Block by Block The Unofficial Holy Bible for Minecrafters: Old Testament: Stories from the Bible Told Block by Block

NRSV Children’s Bible

Lots of stuff is out there vying for your kids’ attention, so the classic NRSV Children’s Bible has stepped up with a cool, new look. This hardcover edition, designed for children aged 8–12, includes relatable graphics and an easy-to-read style. To enhance your child’s understanding and help make reading the Bible thought provoking and fun, it features eye-catching paragraph “extras” representing four categories to help them: learn and understand the will and attributes of God (Path), discover how to align their life to God’s will (Compass), find key verses that will stay with them for a lifetime (Flashlight), and learn about the people and places of the Bible (Point Sign). The NRSV Bible has a place in your life—the NRSV Children’s Bible will find a place in your kids’ lives too. Abingdon Press. 9781501858758


$29.99; $20.99

Simulated Burgundy Leather

$29.99; $20.99

Includes colorful symbols to help with learning Ages 8–12

Also available:

Deluxe Gift Edition 9780687332458

Topics highlighted in brilliant color

Helps kids embrace the power of prayer

Ages 6–10

Ages 4–8

NIV Color Code Bible

See God’s plan and key teachings of the Bible through the remarkable NIV Color Code Bible. More than 3,000 verses are highlighted in colors throughout the text, drawing children’s attention to God’s Word. The NIV Color Code Bible for kids will teach your children key biblical truths on important themes and make learning God’s Word fascinating and fun. A vibrant 64-page section in the front explains the color system and offers expanded study help features for growing your child’s solid faith. Ages 6–10. Thomas Nelson. 9780718098902


TR19 P04.indd 5


$24.99; $15.99

NEW Big Dreams and Powerful Prayers Illustrated Bible 30 Inspiring Stories from the Old and New Testament Mark Batterson; Omar Aranda, illustrator

Best-selling author of The Circle Maker presents 30 inspiring stories from the Old and New Testament. Short Prayer Points after each story encourage children to talk to God and allow him to work in their lives. With Scripture references from the NIrV and stunning illustrations. Ages 4–8. Zonderkidz. Coming in January. 9780310746829


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$18.99; $13.99


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CHILDREN’S BIBLES Stories and devotions perfect for sharing with young children

Help kids see themselves as part of God’s great story

For ages 4–7

For ages 4–8

Jesus Calling Bible Storybook Sarah Young; illustrated by Carolina Farias

Carefully selected Bible stories are paired with children’s devotions, written from the perspective of Jesus speaking to the reader, to help young hearts understand God’s plan to send Jesus to save us and prepare a place for us in heaven. For ages 4–7. Thomas Nelson.

9781400320332 Hardcover

$18.99; $10.99

The Jesus Storybook Bible Every Story Whispers His Name Sally Lloyd-James; illustrated by Jago

This award-winning Bible tells the Story beneath all the stories in the Bible. A Bible like no other, The Jesus Storybook Bible invites children to join in the greatest of all adventures, to discover for themselves that Jesus is at the center of God’s great story of salvation and at the center of their story too. For ages 4–8. Zonderkidz. 9780310708254 Hardcover

$18.99; $11.99

Also available:

9780310761006 Hardcover Storybook Gift Bible $24.99; $14.99 9780829756067 Spanish Storybook Bible (Vida Publishers) $18.99; $13.79

A Bible adventure perfect for beginning readers

Take toddlers on a Bible adventure

For ages 6–10

For ages 2–5

NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers

Takes young Bible readers on an exciting adventure through God’s Word. Includes articles and illustrations about life in Bible times, a close-up look at important Bible people, hands-on activities, interesting facts, memory verses, games, book introductions, a dictionary, and colorful maps. Perfect for children learning to read and explore the Bible for the first time on their own. For ages 6–10. Zonderkidz. 9780310727422 Hardcover $29.99; $17.99

Also available:


TR19 P06.indd 6

$9.99; $6.99

90+ favorite Bible stories

Introduce toddlers to the Bible

For ages 6 and under

For ages 3 and under

The Beginner’s Bible for Little Ones


Full of faith and fun, The Beginner’s Bible features more than 90 Bible stories with easyto-read text and bright, full-color illustrations, making it perfect for introducing young children to the stories and characters of the Bible. Newly redesigned with vibrant threedimensional art and compelling text. For kids ages 6 and under. Zonderkidz.

NIrV Beginner’s Bible 9780310757016 Hardcover $24.99; $15.99

Start children ages 2–5 on the journey of a lifetime, teaching them about the Bible’s great stories and themes. This resource helps young children grow in their relationship with God using stories and art from the wildly popular Adventure Bible Storybook. With ten beautifully illustrated and beloved Bible stories from the Old and New Testament, this sturdy padded board book will stimulate toddlers’ minds and fill their hearts with love for God. Zonderkidz. 9780310753667 Board Book

The Beginner’s Bible Timeless Children’s Stories

9780310750130 Hardcover $18.99; $11.99

Adventure Bible for Little Ones Catherine DeVries

This condensed version of the best-selling The Beginner’s Bible® is perfect for active little ones to take with them wherever they go. With a soft padded cover and durable pages, this playfully illustrated storybook introduces toddlers to the Bible in an imaginative way. The text is simple so that children are engaged by and can learn eight cherished Bible stories, including Creation, Noah’s Ark, and the birth of baby Jesus. For children up to age 3. Zonderkidz. 9780310755364 Board Book

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$9.99; $5.49


5/20/19 6:55 AM

CHILDREN’S BIBLES Designed especially for girls

Features extensive Q&As

For ages 6–10

For ages 6–10

NEW NIV Heart of Gold Holy Bible

NIrV Kids’ Quest Study Bible Answers to Over 500 Questions about the Bible


A great gift for girls wanting to express their own personalities, this Bible features devotional thoughts and highlights the promises and love God expresses for his children in his Word. Features a colorful, glittery cover, presentation page, easy-to-read 9.4-pt. Comfort Print, and words of Christ in red. For ages 6–10. Zonderkidz. Coming in December.

9780310768524 Hardcover $19.99; $13.99

Kids have LOTS of questions about the Bible and God. This Bible features over 500 Q&As, book introductions, a dictionary, a subject guide, and the complete, easy-to-read NIrV translation, all in a fresh, colorful design with cartoons that makes the Bible fun. Written at a third grade reading level for children just beginning to explore the Bible on their own. For ages 6–10. Zonderkidz. 9780310744856 Hardcover $29.99; $19.99

Hundreds of full-color pictures, drawings, and charts that appeal to visual learners

An exciting journey through the Bible For ages 8–12

For ages 8–12

NIV Adventure Bible

ages 8–12. Zonderkidz.

Embark on a fun, exciting journey through God’s Word with the NIV Adventure Bible— now in full color throughout. Along the way you’ll meet all types of people, see all sorts of places, and learn all kinds of things about the Bible. Most importantly you’ll grow closer in your relationship with God. Includes book introductions, Bible facts, a dictionary/ concordance, and a color map section. For

9780310727477 Hardcover $29.99; $18.99


NIV Kids’ Visual Study Bible

This study Bible for ages 8–12 brings the Bible to life in full-color illustrated splendor. Its spectacular interior features over 700 illustrations, photos, infographics, and maps on every page that visually represent key Bible information. Each page also features important facts located near the relevant verse. Intriguing facts; colorful, engaging maps; photographs; and illustrations make this a Bible kids will want to explore. Zonderkidz. 9780310758600 Hardcover $32.99; $20.99

Watercolor illustrations throughout

Devotions and easy-to-read text perfect for beginning readers

For ages 8–12

For ages 6–10 NIrV Kids’ Devotional Bible

NRSV Children’s Bible

Engaging weekday devotions, fun weekend activities, interesting illustrations, and a dictionary make this a Bible children will want to read and apply to their lives. The NIrV translation uses shorter sentences and easier words so kids can read on their own. Also includes Bible trivia, book introductions, a Bible dictionary, and more. For ages 6–10. Zonderkidz.

This inviting Bible is packed with thoughtfully designed features at an amazingly reasonable price. The clear modern translation appears in readable type on sturdy Bible paper, with 24 realistic watercolor illustrations tipped in throughout. Eight pages of helps, including maps and charts, are arranged at the back. For ages 8–12. Hendrickson Publishers.

9781565635500 Hardcover $19.95; $11.99


TR19 P06.indd 7

9780310744450 Hardcover $27.99; $19.79

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CHILDREN’S BIBLE RESOURCES Children’s study on how to use the Bible

Self-instruction book Middle to older elementary kids

For ages 7–9 Learning to Use My Bible (Revised)

Provides opportunities for kids ages 7–9 to build skills and then practice them, in order to help them understand how to use the Bible, feel comfortable using it, and build a foundation for studying the Bible. Abingdon Press.

9781501874246 9781501874253 9781501874260

$7.99; $5.99 $11.99; $8.99 $14.99; $12.99

Student Guide Leader Guide Class Pack

Finding Your Way Through the Bible (Revised)

This self-instruction book was written to help middle and older elementary children become familiar with their Bibles and learn how to use them at their own speed. Use with the Common English Bible at home or in the classroom. Students completing this book will be able to find any book in the Old or New Testaments, Find any chapter and verse, find parts of verses when the Bible reference uses the letters a, b, and c with a verse number, distinguish between books with similar names such as John and 1 John, and recognize the additional helps in a Bible and be able to use them. Abingdon Press. 9781501874239


$7.99; $6.99

Teacher training resource

8 E SS


From the editors of Deep Blue Deep Blue Teaching with Confidence


$15.99; $14.79

9781501856273 Student Journal 9781501856280 Leader Guide 9781501856303 Downloadable Class Pak Download at Cokesbury.com.

For parents to use with their children Discovering Together A Parent’s Companion to the Deep Blue Kids Bible Leigh Meekins

Finding Your Way Through the Bible A Self-Instruction Book for Middle and Older Elementary Students

Helps kids become more familiar with their Children’s NRSV Bible and learn to use it at their own pace, at home or in class. Students will learn how to find any book in the Old or New Testaments using the Table of Contents; find any chapter/verse; find parts of verses when the Bible reference uses the letters a, b, and c with a verse number; and recognize and use additional helps in a Bible. Abingdon Press.


TR19 P08.indd 8

$8.99; $6.99

$6.99; $5.49 $14.99; $10.99 $12.99; $8.79

Activities that teach Bible skills

For ages 7–10

Student Book, NRSV Edition

For grades 5–6

Guides tweens through eight weeks of Bible discovery. Explains the basics of biblical criticism in a fun, age-appropriate way, and helps them practice their Bible study skills through individual activities and reflection. They’ll explore the wonders of biblical geography and archaeology, compare and contrast biblical genres, learn the history of biblical interpretation, and discover that they’re Bible interpreters too! Abingdon Press.

Self-paced study



Learning to Study the Bible: Tweens L. J. Zimmerman

This teacher training resource from the creative editors of Deep Blue is designed for church leaders, Christian educators, children’s ministers, and volunteers. It outlines what, why, and how to teach and use the Deep Blue curriculum, covering theology, methodology, and practical application of every component. Whether this is your first year using Deep Blue or if you’ve been with us from the beginning, this is the book you’ve been waiting for! Cokesbury. 9781501859588


Individual Bible discovery course

Help parents and children develop useful Bible skills with activities that help families study the Bible together. Use with the CEB or NRSV translation. Ideal for churches to give to parents. Abingdon Press. 9781501806261 9781501813368

CEB Edition, Pkg. of 6 (limited quantities) NRSV Edition, Pkg. of 6

Cokesbury.com | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants

$15.99; $9.79 $15.99; $12.29


5/20/19 7:00 AM

CHILDREN’S BIBLE RESOURCES My Testament A Picture and Word Journal about Me and God Mark Burrows




26 IO N


Connects themes from the Old and New Testaments For grades 3–5

A two-volume study series connecting Old and New Testament stories. Useful in multiple settings from Sunday school to weeknight study, it includes creative journaling and holy conversations for children in grades 3–5. Abingdon Press. 9781501824166 9781501831980

Vol. One Student Journal Vol. Two Student Journal

$9.99; $7.99 $9.99; $5.49

9781501824159 9781501831973

Vol. One Leader’s Guide Vol. Two Leader’s Guide

$24.99; $17.49 $24.99; $18.99

Also available:


44 S





44 Bible-based lessons

100 Bible talks for kids

For early–middle elementary


The Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum Every Story Whispers His Name Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sam Shammas

Big Book of Easy-To-Do Bible Talks for Kids of All Ages


• 100 Bible talks that require no props • How-to tips for effective presentation • Optional extended-lesson ideas • Grouped by topics, including: God’s family, God’s help, God’s promises, prayer, obeying God, and more! David C Cook Publishing.

Invite children to discover that Jesus is at the center of God’s great story of salvation—and at the center of their story too. Kit includes a DVD-ROM with printable teaching material and student handouts, one hardcover of The Jesus Storybook Bible, and three audio CDs. 44 lessons. Zondervan. 9780830772438 $19.99; $14.49 $129.99; $103.99

9780310684350 Kit with DVD-ROM

Also sold separately:

9780310708254 Hardcover Jesus Storybook Bible



Each $19.99; $13.99 9780830772322 Big Book of Bible Story Coloring Pages for Early Childhood 9780830772377 Big Book of Coloring Pages and Activities for Toddlers 9780830772346 Big Book of Bible Story Coloring Activities for Early Childhood

What Is the Lord’s Prayer?

Lessons on the sacraments


6 E SS

$18.99; $11.99

Also available:



By working through the fun activities, puzzles, and games in this multi-topic booklet series, preteens will learn the basic fundamentals of choosing to be a Christian. Conveniently sized to fit inside a Bible or hymnal. For ages 9–12. Abingdon Press.

For ages 4–8

Touch the Water, Taste the Bread  Exploring the Sacraments With Children Daphna Flegal

9781501852459 Pkg. of 5 $16.99; $12.99

Introduces baptism and Communion in an age-appropriate way. Three lessons on each sacrament, with colorful PowerPoints®, lively music, and sound effects. Two storybooks serve as student pieces. Includes reproducibles. Cokesbury. 9781426730917 CD-ROM $15.99; $11.99 Storybooks (student pieces). Sold in pkgs. of 5. 9781501852381 Come, Touch the Water 9781501852398 Come, Taste the Bread


TR19 P08.indd 9

Pkg. of 5, $16.99; $9.49 Pkg. of 5, $16.99; $11.79

Also available:

Each Pkg. of 5 $16.99; $12.99 9781501852497 What Is a Christian? 9781501852473 What Is Baptism? 9781501852466 What Is Communion? 9781501852480  What Is the Apostles’ Creed?

Visit Cokesbury.com for more titles in this series. See page 1 for symbol explanation.

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CHILDREN’S BIBLE ACTIVITIES I Am God’s Storyteller Lisa M. Hendey, Eric Carlson, illustrator

Invite children to use their gifts to shine God’s light and share the gospel. With examples of noted storytellers in Bible history, this engaging picture book shows children how Jesus used storytelling to teach and share his message of faith, hope, and love. Includes information for parents, teachers, and caregivers, with suggestions and guidelines for building a love for storytelling in the hearts of children. Paraclete Press. 9781640601628 Hardcover $17.99; $12.99

Forensic Faith for Kids Learn to Share the Truth from a Real Detective J. Warner Wallace and Susie Wallace; Rob Suggs, illustrator

Many young believers want to tell others about their relationship with Jesus but aren’t sure how to begin or can become rattled by questions. They may have their own questions about Christianity and struggle to find answers. Detective J. Warner Wallace helps kids develop investigative skills to navigate these tough questions and share what they’ve learned with others. David C Cook. $9.99; $6.99


Building Faith Brick by Brick II An Imaginative Way to Explore the Parables with God’s People Emily Slichter Given

Children of all ages have reached into the stories of God while also digging deep into bins of small plastic blocks and miniature people. This follow-up to the popular first volume offers the original methods, discoveries since the first volume was published, and thirty-two new stories with lesson plans based on Jesus’ parables. Church Publishing Inc. 9781640650916

$22.95; $16.79

Instant Bible Lessons for Preschoolers A to Z Thru the Bible Lindsey Whitney

These reproducible lessons guide children through the Bible, using the alphabet to focus on key points. Children learn their ABCs and foundational truths from God’s word at the same time. Volunteer and parent friendly, each lesson is easy to use and ready to go. Use as a weekend curriculum or anytime you have young ones together. More than 70 hands-on, interactive activities. RoseKidz. 9781628627435

$19.99; $14.49

Instant Bible Dramas Easy Skits for Elementary Kids Nick Ransom

Designed to allow elementary-age children to participate in the telling of Bible stories without the planning and rehearsals. You read the engaging stories while your kids provide the action to fifty-six of the Bible’s major stories. Kids will love the fun and you’ll appreciate such an easy way to provide Bible education. Abingdon Press. 9781501821103

$19.99; $14.99

NEW Instant Bible Lessons: Gospel Illusions Object Lessons YOU Can Do! Randy Burtis

With this new resource from pastor and professional illusionist Randy Burtis, you’ll enjoy having step-by-step (with photos!), scripted object lessons you can use to WOW your kids. Each object lesson includes a script of what to say as well as a one-to-fivestar rating for difficulty. Includes discussion questions. Use with grades K–8. RoseKidz. Coming in August. 9781628628166


Living Bravely Super Incredible Faith Devotional Michelle Howe

A fun, colorful book with 50 weeks of devotions and activities for ages 6–9 that focus on developing specific character traits, such as unconditional love (1 Cor. 13:4-7), the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23), the Sermon on the Mount and Beatitudes (Matt. 5:3-10), and more! Two devotionals per week, each with a story, Scripture verse, prayer, and activity page. Equips children to better understand the constant care of God as they learn how to live a life of service. RoseKidz. 9781628627800

$15.99; $11.79

Journey with J. W. John Wesley’s Ride Through Methodist History Daphna Flegal

Help elementary children experience life in the time of Wesley and the circuit riders. Includes easy-to-follow directions for crafts, games, and music, plus scripts for historical dramas and Bible stories, ideas for setting up interest centers, tips for getting adults in the congregation involved, and reproducibles. Ages 6–12. Abingdon Press. 9781501805066

$12.99; $6.99

See page 3 for symbol explanation.


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CHILDREN’S BIBLE ACTIVITIES Classroom poster packs

Bible Poster Packs for Elementary Kids

Each of these poster packs includes ten full-size posters to help kids connect with God through Scripture. Posters include: • f our timelines with key events in the Old and New Testaments • three maps that show the location of important biblical events • three tools to help kids learn to use their Bibles and realize the importance of God’s Word.

For elementary—preteen

David C Cook Publishing. 9781434712424 Bible Memory Pack $19.99; $14.99 9781434712417 Bible Tools Pack $19.99; $13.99

The Gigantic Coloring Book of Bible Stories

Coloring fun with familiar Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation. Over 380 pages to color, with pictures covering 45 favorite Bible stories. Bible reference is listed on each page. Tyndale House. $5.99; $4.49


999 Super Fun, Head-Scratching, BrainBoosting Bible Trivia Questions for Kids JoAnne Simmons, compiler

Kids love to learn about the Bible—and here’s a fantastic collection of 999 Bible trivia questions especially for 6- to 12-year-olds! Compiled and edited by kids for kids, you can be sure this is a collection of trivia that young readers will enjoy and share—with anyone who will listen! Barbour Books. 9781683225607

Makerific Wows! 54 Surprising Bible Crafts

Sciency-Fun Wows! 54 Surprising Bible Object Lessons

Each $24.99; $17.99 9781470753412 Ages 3–7 9781470753429 Ages 8–12

Each $24.99; $17.99 9781470753443 Ages 3–7 9781470753450 Ages 8–12

Origami Bible Stories for Kids Kit Folded Paper Figures Bring the Bible to Life! Andrew Dewar

God’s Mighty Makers Activity Book

Supplement your Bible lessons with these Bible-related 3-D crafts. These crafts use simple supplies you can find at your local discount store, in your supply closet, or even in your trash! The Scripture and topical indexes make it easy to find a craft that goes with your Bible lesson. Even your non-artistic kids will have a blast making these fun crafts! Includes reproducible pages. Group Publishing.

This kit combines the fun of origami paper folding with the life-changing lessons of the Bible. Includes 64 sheets of double-sided paper, complete instructions for 33 different models, a full-color book, and more. Kids will love using the cardstock backdrops to retell powerful biblical stories using lifelike folded paper figurines. The figures can be displayed as dioramas and to stage miniature reenactments that bring these sacred Bible stories to life—the perfect Sunday school craft for kids. Tuttle Publishing. 9780804848510 Kit


TR19 P10.indd 11


$14.99; $11.99

Shop the online catalog at Cokesbury.com

Supplement your Bible lessons with exciting science fun that focuses on the life of Jesus. These memorable object lessons will stick with kids for years to come. The Scripture and topical indexes make it easy to find an experience that goes with your Bible lesson. Get ready for a lot of oohs, ahs, and wows as kids are amazed to see how science can illustrate important Bible truths. Includes reproducible pages. Group Publishing.

Welcome to the best activity book ever. Kids won’t just pass time—they’ll draw, doodle, write, collect, and create their way to new discoveries about Jesus and themselves. The activities unleash kids’ creativity with hours of expressive, inventive, God-focused fun. The preschool volume is designed for children age 3 and up, with tracing, sorting, coloring, counting, practicing letters and numbers, and valuable help developing motor skills needed for school success. Group Publishing. Each $5.99; $4.99 9781470748500 Preschool 9781470748494 Ages 5 & up


5/20/19 7:24 AM

CHILDREN’S BIBLE GAMES 50 object lessons and more in one convenient reproducible book

Top 50 Bible Object Lessons Games & Activities Kathie R. Phillips

Easy-to-follow, volunteer-friendly directions create opportunities for elementary-age children to remember the main theme using object lessons. Using science, food, everyday objects, and more, you can teach kids key themes such as God’s love! This reproducible book for Sunday school teachers also includes 20 bonus holiday and favorite game lessons. Rose Publishing. 9781628625042

For elementary students


Also available:

Top 50 Memory Verse Lessons with Games & Activities 9781628625059 $19.99

The Action Bible Guess-It Game Sergio Cariello, illustrator

Discover and learn about the Bible in a whole new way with The Action Bible Guess-It Game! Designed for 2 or more players ages 8 years and older, this game tests and expands your Bible knowledge. Includes 100 oversized, laminated cards with 20 questions on each card that point toward the answer (a person, place, or thing from the Bible) and feature artwork taken from The Action Bible. David C Cook Publishing.

Jonah, Go Fish! Jumbo Card Game

Play the classic game Go Fish with this reimagined version that features cards with illustrations depicting the biblical story of Jonah and the whale. For ages 4 and up. David C Cook Publishing. 9780781409193 $5.99; $4.49

9781434708342 $9.99; $6.99

Visit Cokesbury.com for Action Bible Curriculum.

Blink: Bible Edition Card Game

Blink is the lightning fast game where two players race to be the first to play all of their cards. Using sharp eyes and fast hands, players quickly try to match the shape of the Christian symbol, count, or color on the cards. The first player out of cards wins. Fast and portable, Blink Bible Edition is instant fun for everyone. For 2 players, ages 7 and up. Cactus Game Designs. 830938005064

$8.00; $6.49

Bible Bingo

Learn while you play! Biblical principles and truths are shared through pictures that correspond with Scripture verses. Includes 6 double-sided game boards, 20 unique Scripture verses printed on 90 calling cards, and 150 game tokens. Play variations are included for young children as well as older children and adults. Recommended for 2 to 6 players. Shiloh Kidz.

Apples to Apples Card Game, Bible Edition

Instant fun—as easy as “comparing apples to apples”—just open the box, deal the cards, and you’re ready to play! Each round is filled with surprising and outrageous comparisons from a wide range of people, places, things and events from our Christian history. Fast moving and refreshing—perfect for any get together with family and friends! Ages 9 and up. Cactus Game Designs. 9781889055473 $30.00; $23.99

The Super-Sized Book of Games for Children’s Ministries Lindsey Whitney

The Super-Sized Book of Bible Games is a humongous book packed with over 250 exciting games for every occasion. From icebreakers to outdoor games, this book doesn’t just offer one type of game— it offers fourteen different types—more games than almost any other book on the market! For ages 5–10. Rose Publishing. 9781628625462

$24.99; $15.79

9781634097680 $12.99


TR19 P12.indd 12

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5/20/19 7:29 AM

CHILDREN’S TEACHING MINISTRY Basic principles of discipleship with preteens


Wesleyan principles for ministry with children

For leaders of preteens ages 10–12 6 Secrets of Preteen Ministry Sarah Flannery

For children ages 10–12, transition is the name of the game. Accompanying these not-quite-children on their spiritual journeys is a constant balancing act. 6 Secrets of Preteen Ministry will help you manage this balancing act by covering the basic principles of discipleship with preteens, including developmental milestones, the role of parents, the use of technology, and ways to be inclusive of preteens with special needs. Abingdon Press. 9781501845963

$12.99; $9.99

Seven Things John Wesley Expected Us to Do for Kids Christopher Miles Ritter

Reinforces our Wesleyan heritage of being passionate and purposeful in ministry with children. Using John Wesley’s instructions in the “Large Minutes,” it outlines what he expected us to do for kids: teach them intentionally, know them personally, pray for them intentionally, mentor families meaningfully, challenge ourselves continually, shape our ministries appropriately, and care for them practically. Cokesbury. 9781501821288



Teaching spiritual formation

Help answering children’s questions about the Bible

For children’s ministry leaders

For children’s ministry leaders I Wonder Engaging a Child’s Curiosity about the Bible Elizabeth Caldwell

Who created God? Will there be another flood? Is the Bible true? Children can ask difficult questions about the Bible. I Wonder helps you talk to your child about the Bible. It also suggests what translations may be best for your child, which passages and stories of the Bible are age-appropriate, and how to help your child learn while reading the Scriptures. Abingdon Press. 9781426799921

$20.99; $14.99

Imaginative Prayer A Yearlong Guide for Your Child’s Spiritual Formation Jared Patrick Boyd

How do we help our kids connect with God and experience his presence? Jared Patrick Boyd has discovered that children’s spiritual formation is rooted in the imagination. This unique resource helps us guide our children through weekly sessions of imaginative prayer, providing a yearlong experience of spiritual formation. IVP Books. 9780830846252

Tools for ministry, including handouts, printables, and more

Create a healthy ministry environment

For children’s ministry leaders

For children’s ministry leaders

Kidology’s Ultimate Toolbox for Children’s Ministry Karl Bastian

This book has everything you need to run a children’s ministry that transforms the lives of children, encourages and empowers volunteers, and gives each leader the vital help they need. Includes dozens of handouts, printable forms, and more. RoseKidz. 9781628627671

$49.99; $35.99

Children’s Ministry on Purpose A Purpose-Driven Approach to Lead Kids Towards Spiritual Health Steve Adams

This book applies the revolutionary insights of The Purpose Driven Church to children’s ministry and leads readers on a journey of discovery, showing them how to develop an intentional ministry process that moves children toward spiritual health while building a healthy ministry environment for those who work with kids. Zondervan. 9780310523017


TR19 P12.indd 13

$22.00; $15.99

Shop the online catalog at Cokesbury.com

$18.99; $13.79


5/20/19 7:30 AM

CHILDREN’S TEACHING MINISTRY Answers to questions those who minister to children ask most

What about Kids Ministry? Practical Answers to Questions about Kids Ministry Bill Emeott, editor

Those who parent and minister to children have incredibly consequential jobs. But they often lack the answers and solutions to some of their most important questions. Kids ministry expert Bill Emeott has curated a series of questions and answers from some of the most authoritative voices in kids ministry today. In doing so, he has created the go-to resource for every kids and family minister or parent seeking practical answers to their questions about how to minister to children. B & H Books. 9781535925099

$16.99; $12.29

Brings new life to Bible events The World Jesus Knew A Curious Kid’s Guide to Life in the First Century Marc Olson; Jemima Maybank, illustrations

Jesus often told stories using everyday objects to help his listeners understand life with God. But for most of us, the deep imagery and meaning behind those objects has been lost to history. This book helps kids discover the world Jesus lived in through maps, charts, graphs, and other infographic elements. They’ll learn about the culture Jesus lived in—his Jewish religion, the power of the ruling Roman Empire, and the roles of fishermen, carpenters, and shepherds. It’s an invitation to explore the stories of Jesus in their culture context. This beautifully illustrated book will be a family favorite. Sparkhouse Family. 9781506425009

$19.99; $14.49


Sheds a light on possibilities & blessings

Everything you need Bring families together at church & at home for the holidays 24 Easy-To-Do Family Ministry Holiday Events With Follow-Up Home Devotional Shelley Henning

With 120 hands-on activities and object lessons plus 24 take-home family devotions, your Sunday school kids and their families will learn to apply God’s Word to their lives, while creating connections & Christian traditions for each holiday season! Each event includes instructions, reproducibles, and take-home materials for families. A great resource to help children’s ministry leaders create opportunities for families to embrace their God-given mission to be the spiritual teachers of their children. RoseKidz. 9781628625189

$24.99; $20.99

Unexpected Blessings The Joys and Possibilities of Life in a Special-Needs Family Sandra Peoples

Helps special-needs families move past the pain and confusion of their circumstances and slowly, firmly face the future with hope. Speaking honestly about struggles that accompany a variety of disabilities, Sandra Peoples shows readers how to let go of false beliefs that hold them back, work through the cycles of grief, focus on self-care and healthy routines, understand disability based on what the Bible says, rebuild a strong faith foundation, and create support systems for themselves and others. Filled with real-life stories and hard-earned wisdom. Bethany House. 9780764231667

$14.99; $10.99

Create a welcoming environment for all kids

Starting a special needs children’s ministry

Hands-on activities

Special Needs Ministry for Children Creating a Welcoming Place for Families Whose Children Have Special Needs Pat Verbal, general editor

There’s perhaps no better way to share and receive God’s love than through a special needs ministry to children. Does your church know what it takes to make these kids—and their parents—feel welcome? This practical, insightful book is packed with case studies and personal stories from recognized experts in this ministry field—you’ll learn the best ways to reach families of children with special needs, how to launch your ministry and recruit volunteers, what these families really need from you, and more. Group Publishing. 9780764484704


TR19 P14.indd 14

$18.99; $14.99

Every Child Welcome A Ministry Handbook for Including Kids with Special Needs Katie Wetherbee and Jolene Philo

Jesus’ call to “Let the little children come to me...” isn’t limited to children who sit quietly and listen, raise their hands and wait to be called upon, and work at grade level. Children’s ministries are responsible for bringing children with disabilities to Jesus’ feet too. This book is the guide for leaders and volunteers to assist in purposeful planning and skill development for a ministry inclusive of children with unique needs. Kregel Publishing. 9780825443503

$14.99; $10.79

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CHILDREN’S CHURCH & WORSHIP NEW Deep Blue Connects Adventure DVD 2019–2020 Loving God, Loving Neighbor Four Story Creative

Fully animated


Deep Blue Connects: Loving God, Loving Neighbor goes beyond the Sunday school classroom and takes your kids into the community. They’ll discover what the Bible teaches us about being a person of faith in a community where not everyone acts or thinks the same way. Kids will hear, and see, Bible stories that teach them how to be true to their faith while sharing God’s love with others.


13 Bible stories, music videos, & more

Today’s media-savvy kids will be hooked by these engaging, animated videos! Featuring Deep Blue characters Asia, Edgar, Caleb, and Kat, each video segment tells a Bible story through the kids’ point of view. Each volume includes 13 video segments, 3–5 minutes each, plus three music-and-movement videos, the theme song, and monthly Bible verses with sign-language demonstrations. For ages 3–10. Abingdon Press. Each $31.49; $23.79 9781501874970 9781501883323 9781501886287 9781501887055

DVD, Fall 2019 Coming in July. DVD, Winter 2019–2020 Coming in October. DVD, Spring 2020 Coming in January. DVD, Summer 2020 Coming in April.

13 new songs!

Plans for intergenerational celebrations Reproducible

NEW Deep Blue Connects Annual Music CD 2019–2020 Loving God, Loving Neighbor

The official Deep Blue Annual Music CD contains 13 new songs that were written specifically for Deep Blue! Buy one for your Sunday school room, and one for each of your kids to play at home and in the car! Songs range from the Deep Blue Theme Song, to Christmas, Easter, familiar hymns, and more. Abingdon Press. 9781501876233



Deep Blue Year of Festivals Intergenerational Celebrations Leigh Meekins

A year’s worth of festival plans for intergenerational celebrations and activities: fall, Halloween alternative, Advent, New Year’s/Epiphany, Lent, Pentecost, summer family fun, and a costume party. Each plan provides an outline for the festival celebration and a Scripture focus. Includes reproducible pages. Abingdon Press. 9781501820335

$12.99; $9.99

Download the



Watch Bible stories come alive in 3D animation! Visit DeepBlueKids.com and click on the “Free Stuff” tab.

See page 3 for symbol explanation. TR19

TR19 P14.indd 15


Deep Blue Bible Storybook App.




Liturgical; lectionary-based 60+ outlines with CD-ROM Ages 8–11

Creative Ideas for Children’s Worship Sarah Lenton

Activities and ideas for including children in worship, with simple liturgies and a lesson that reflects what adults are studying that day. Flexible for groups of different sizes/ ages. CD-ROM includes all text and artwork. Developed by a professional educator, artist, and experienced children’s minister and used in an Anglican parish (Church of England) for over a decade. Morehouse Education Resources. 9781606740941 9781606740958 9781606741252

Book with CD-ROM, Year A Book with CD-ROM, Year B Book with CD-ROM, Year C

Shop the online catalog at Cokesbury.com

$34.95; $27.99 $35.00; $27.99 $34.95; $27.99


5/20/19 7:43 AM

CHILDREN’S CHURCH & WORSHIP NEW Holy Moments Activities for Teaching Children About Worship Emily La Branche Delikat

Model worship as a set of spiritual practices

Holy Moments: Activities for Teaching Children About Worship is a library of activities created to help children fully understand how and why we worship together as a community of faith. These simple activities cover each of the elements of a typical traditional or contemporary worship service. Perfect for adding holy moments to your children’s church, worship service, Sunday school, or children’s event. Parent letters and reproducibles are included to help children and their families experience holy moments at home and connect them to what they have experienced at church. Abingdon Press. Coming in February.

Ages 4–8

9781501890895 $19.99; $13.49

Singable Psalms set to familiar tunes



Great resource for lectionary churches

9781501871092 $9.99; $7.99



35- to 40-minute sessions Ages 3–7

Piggyback Psalms 100+ Bible Songs to Tunes You Know Emily La Branche Delikat

This fun resource includes more than 100 singable Psalms written in child-friendly language and set to familiar tunes. Each Psalm in the Revised Common Lectionary is included, which makes this an excellent resource for churches who follow the lectionary scriptures in worship. Great for use in intergenerational worship, children’s worship, Sunday school, in children’s choirs, or at home. Melody and chord symbols are included with each Psalm. Abingdon Press.

Celebrate the Christian Year


Around the Year in Children’s Church 52 Programs for Kids Ages 3–7 Lisa Flinn and Barbara Younger

Help children understand and celebrate the entire liturgical year with 52 active, hands-on programs, each featuring a simple message related to the season or holiday; a Bible verse; a story; a prayer; a time for sharing; a snack; and a musical activity, craft, or game. Programs last 35–40 minutes; an optional activity is included to expand to one hour. Minimal supplies and set-up plus an easy-to-use format ideal for today’s busy teacher. Abingdon Press. 9781426741470 $19.99; $14.99

Scripture-based lessons

13 S




Grades 1–3

Worship the Lord with Gladness God’s Children in Worship Rita B. Hayes

Teach children about worship with 13 lessons based on Scripture verses or passages that children will examine in detail. Each lesson contains Bible Praise Notes (children examine the day’s Scripture); Learn to Worship (activities, games, drama, role play, reproducibles, and music); We Worship God (children practice what they have learned); and My Family Helps Me Worship (take-home ideas for worship and lesson review at home). Abingdon Press. 9781426753305 $19.99; $13.49

A paraphrase of the lectionary in child-friendly language God’s Word, My Voice A Lectionary for Children Lyn Zill Briggs

Storytelling is, of course, an effective way to reach children, but to truly engage the children in your congregation, speak to them in their words. Briggs was inspired to create this wonderful resource when she heard a child paraphrase a psalm during worship. She reworded the entire Revised Common Lectionary in language kids can read aloud so that they, too, can take part in worship services. Great for use in worship, Bible study, children’s chapel, or intergenerational gatherings. Church Publishing. 9780898699296 Imitation Leather

$49.95; $35.99

See page 3 for symbol explanation.


TR19 P16.indd 16

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Quarterly resource

13 E SS


Discover KidsOwn Worship Children’s Church Curriculum. Preschoolers and elementary children in harmony in the same room...praising God in their own way...lessons they actually remember? KidsOwn Worship does all this and more. It fits your kids’ church program, no matter how many show up every Sunday. And it works perfectly with FaithWeaver NOW™ Sunday school, so you can reinforce the same Bible truths in a real, life-changing way. KidsOwn Worship is designed to meet your needs whether you have 30 minutes or 60—the easy Leader Guide format makes it a cinch to plan! It’s simple: Kids praise God. Kids learn the Bible Point. And kids pray. Every week. All you need is one quarterly kit.



per quarter DVD

Kit includes Leader Guide, DVD, CD, and skit book Preschool–6th grade


Each kit includes the Leader Guide; Sing-Along Songs from the Sing & Praise DVD that reinforce Bible Points; Songs From FaithWeaver CD (all the songs for entire quarter), plus electronic files for graphic presentation. Also includes a PowerPoint show; a DVD with 2- to 3-minute interactive segments that spark great discussions; the Preschool Skit Book, and more. Group Publishing. Kit Worship DVD (bundled with KidsOwn Worship) USB Drive Leader Guide Preschool Skit Book

FALL 2019 1210000309488 1210000309471 1210000309495 9781470756840 9781470756857

WINTER 2019–20 1210000310422 1210000310415 1210000310439 9781470757809 9781470757816

SPRING 2020 1210000311573 1210000311566 1210000311580 9781470758707 9781470758714

SUMMER 2020 1210000312280 1210000312273 1210000312297 9781470759483 9781470759490

Based on the Montessori teaching method


This imaginative approach to Scripture stories invites children to learn in a playful, meaningful way, encouraging them to use their curiosity and imagination to experience the mystery and joy of God. Morehouse Education Resources. 9781889108957 Vol. 1: How to Lead Godly Play Lessons $32.95; $29.79 9780819233592 Vol. 2: Revised and Expanded $32.95; $29.79 9780898690835 Vol. 3: Revised and Expanded $32.95; $29.79 9780898690866 Vol. 4: Revised and Expanded $32.95; $29.79 9781931960045 Vol. 5: Practical Helps from the Godly Play Community $32.95; $29.79 9781931960427 Vol. 6: Enrichment Presentations $32.95; $29.79 9781931960465 Vol. 7: Enrichment Presentations $32.95; $29.79 9781931960472 Vol. 8: Enrichment Presentations $32.95; $29.79 9780898690491 Stories of God at Home $18.95; $16.99


Creative programs for mixed-age classes of children ages 4–12. Each lesson contains active learning experiences to catch kids’ interest, interactive Bible stories to help even the youngest children grasp the real meaning of Scripture, life applications to encourage them to use what they’ve learned, take-home handouts, and more. 13 lessons per volume, including special programming for the seasons and holidays. Group Publishing. 9780764449444 9780764449451 9780764449468 9780764449475



Includes reproducibles

Each volume offers 13 fun, Bible-based programs full of creative ideas for classes with kids ages 4–12. Save time and money—just gather a few common, inexpensive items, photocopy the handouts, and you’re ready to teach creative Bible lessons and help kids of multiple ages work together as a team. Group Publishing.


TR19 P16.indd 17

Two age levels: 3–5 & 6–10

13 IO N


per volume

All Together Now 13 Sunday School Lessons When You Have Kids of All Ages in One Room Lois Keffer

9780764478031 Fall $24.99; $22.49 9780764482311 Winter $24.99; $22.49 9780764482342 Spring $24.99; $22.49 9780764482373 Summer $24.99; $22.49

$24.99; $19.99 $24.99; $19.99 $24.99; $19.99 $24.99; $19.99

Volume 1 (Fall) Volume 2 (Winter) Volume 3 (Spring) Volume 4 (Summer)




per volume


All-In-One Sunday School Series Be Ready No Matter Who Shows Up

Ages 4–12



per volume Ages 4–12

For ages 4–9 The Complete Guide to Godly Play Jerome W. Berryman

13 lessons per volume

13 E SS

PRICE (PER QTR) $124.99; $112.49 $41.19; $36.99 $41.19; $36.99 $39.99; $35.99 $18.99; $16.99

Includes reproducibles

All-in-One Bible Fun 13 Lessons for Busy Teachers

Perfect for churches on a budget or looking for a simpler approach. Undated, with 13 complete lessons per book—nothing more to buy! Each lesson includes an opening, story, activity, and craft. Geared toward two age levels: preschool and elementary. Abingdon Press. Each $12.99; $9.99 PRESCHOOL (AGES 3–5) 9781426707841 Heroes of the Bible 9781426707858 Fruit of the Spirit 9781426707780 Stories of Jesus 9781426707834 Favorite Bible Stories

Shop the online catalog at Cokesbury.com

ELEMENTARY (AGES 6–10) 9781426707810 Heroes of the Bible 9781426707827 Fruit of the Spirit 9781426707797 Stories of Jesus 9781426707803 Favorite Bible Stories


5/20/19 7:48 AM

TR19 P18.indd 18

5/20/19 8:02 AM

YOUTH CONFIRMATION Affirm God’s Call/The World’s Need/Your Purpose Sara Galyon, Jen Bradbury, Audrey Elizabeth Wilder

6 S


While teenagers may have a basic understanding of what it means to be Christian, they still need help developing, deepening, and strengthening their faith. Affirm was written with that challenge in mind. This six-week discipleship resource provides a flipped classroom experience, enabling teens to articulate what they believe and why, helping them see how faith can be practiced in their everyday lives. Youth leaders will find everything they need to guide teens through a transition in their faith journey, including tools to help enlist the support of parents and the entire church family. In addition to the Student Guide, a Leader Guide, Mentor Guide, Parent Guide, and a DVD are also available for use as a group series, a small-group study, or for a weekend retreat. Abingdon Press. 9781501867729 9781501867736 9781501867781 9781501867767 9781501867750



Inspiring & thought-provoking animated videos

Episcopal specific

Linked to The Book of Common Prayer

Youth, adult, or intergenerational programs

9780819229625 Teen’s Guide

$19.95; $15.99

9780819229649 Leader’s Guide 9780819233714 Your Faith, Your Life (Adult Guide)

$14.95; $11.99 $22.95; $17.99

I Will, with God’s Help Episcopal Confirmation for Youth and Adults Mary Lee Wile

Developed with the help of Episcopal educators, clergy, and theologians. The adaptable format works as a traditional 6- to 12-week program, at a retreat or conference, or as a sacramental supplement to other 2- to 3-year programs. Built on the Baptismal Covenant from The Book of Common Prayer, it reflects on Episcopal heritage, belief, liturgy, and prayer. Morehouse Education Resources. 9781889108735 9781606740569 9781889108742

Leader’s Guide Mentor’s Guide Youth Journal

Junior high/middle school (ages 12–14)

Give children the words and understanding to articulate their own beliefs

We Believe: Professing Our Faith A Confirmation Curriculum

Provides youth a foundational understanding of the Reformed Presbyterian faith and presents the biblical foundations and theology of the Apostle’s Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord’s Prayer. Also invites youth to learn about the meaning of their baptism, their participation at the Lord’s Supper, and church polity, stewardship, spiritual practices, worship, and mission. Congregational Ministries Publishing.

TR19 P18.indd 19

Leader’s Guide $72.95 Student’s Notebook, 35-session course $10.00

$25.00 $9.00 $7.95; $5.79

For parents and youth leaders

8 or 35 sessions


One-of-a kind resource helps teens take next step after their initial commitment of faith

Episcopal specific

The revised edition has updated material, endof-chapter questions, a focus on discipleship, and student-centered learning as opposed to teacher-driven instruction. For teen study and confirmation preparation, it can help teens discover Scripture, church history, sacraments, the meaning and practice of prayer, and what ministry means to them. Morehouse Publishing.

533113 533211


Student Guide $12.99; $11.49 Leader Guide $16.99; $9.99 Parent Guide $7.99; $5.99 Mentor Guide $7.99; $5.79 DVD [CC] 6 videos; 2 min. each $32.99; $29.79

My Faith, My Life (Revised) A Teen’s Guide to the Episcopal Church Jenifer Gamber

Also available:


Youth experience a deeper faith alongside their church family & parents

100 Things Every Child Should Know Before Confirmation A Guide for Parents and Youth Leaders Rebecca Kirkpatrick

A practical, compact guide for equipping their youth with knowledge and understanding of their own faith. It offers an overview of 100 essential topics that all children growing up in the church should learn about, including key Bible stories, church history, the sacraments and creeds, world religions, and more. Westminster John Knox Press. 9780664260590

$17.00; $12.49

Shop the online catalog at Cokesbury.com

See page 3 for symbol explanation.


5/20/19 8:02 AM

YOUTH DEVOTIONAL BOOKS 365 devotions offer Scripture & action points that focus on Christ’s life, ministry, & character

Knowing Jesus The Essential Teen 365 Devotional

As a student, you are constantly gaining knowledge from classes, teachers, and new experiences. But what do you really need to know? More importantly, who do you really need to know? Have you ever wanted to be like someone else? What about Jesus—the only one who really matters? These 365 devotions for teens are filled with Scriptures and action points that focus on Christ’s life, ministry, and character. They’ll help you better understand who the Lord is and how he can change your life in amazing ways. Spend the next year becoming more like Jesus, the ultimate role model. Knowing Jesus is a perfect companion to the Essential Teen Study Bible. Broadman & Holman Publishers. Each $14.99; $10.79 9781433644061 Hardcover, Rose 9781433644078 Hardcover, Blue

365-day devotional

Total Devotion 365 Days of Spending Time with Jesus Kevin Johnson

Living out your faith isn’t always easy, especially if you’re still figuring out what that means. Here are some tools to help. Total Devotion equips you with solid biblical truth to help you navigate whatever challenges come your way. You’ll grow more confident in your faith and deepen your friendship with God— and improve your relationships with others along the way. Get ready to start taking your faith seriously. Bethany House. 9780764219993 $17.00; $14.99

Ages 8–12

Jesus A 365-Day Devotional

Jesus isn’t just found in the New Testament. Mentions, whispers, and echoes of him can be found throughout the Bible. There are hundreds of clues and promises about Jesus in the Old Testament. Jesus: A 365-Day Devotional helps 8–12 year olds understand these revealing verses about Jesus. Each devotional includes a Scripture, an explanation, and a prayer for reflection to help children discover that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. Zonderkidz. 9780310758099 Hardcover $15.99; $11.79

Peace-filled reminders of Jesus’ presence

Jesus Today Experience Hope in His Presence Sarah Young

Based on ancient, new, & original prayers; some by teens

Call on Me A Prayer Book for Young People Jenifer Gamber and Sharon Ely Pearson

Whether you need a lifeline to lift you out of discouragement or are simply longing for an encouraging boost in your day, this devotional, a sequel to the #1 best-selling Jesus Calling, will speak powerful hope into your life. Based on truths in Scripture, it is written as if Jesus himself is assuring you that he is in control, that he is good, and that a glorious future awaits all who anchor their hope in him. Thomas Nelson.

This prayer book designed for teens draws from The Book of Common Prayer, prayers written by well-known Episcopalians, and ancient prayers rooted in the Bible. Original, relevant prayers are also offered, some by teens themselves, as well as youth leaders. Includes: Daily Prayer, Prayers for the Seasons of the Church Year, Prayers for Daily Life, and Prayers for Important Events. Morehouse Publishing.

9780718086817 Hardcover $16.99; $9.49

9780819227645 $16.95; $12.99


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YOUTH & STUDENT BIBLES Invites youth to make connections between the world of the Bible & their own


Flexible reading programs For high school & college readers

The CEB Student Bible

Invites youth to go deeper into personal and social holiness. Includes full text in the Common English Bible translation, book introductions/overviews, key themes, reading tips, quick facts, discussions, prayers, reflections, and suggested activities. Over 350 articles by biblical scholars and a diverse group of youth ministers explore difficult topics and issues important to youth today. Common English Bible. 9781609261795 $29.99; $19.99

S ee Cokesbury.com for additional editions and quantity pricing. Many editions are imprintable.

NRSV Student Bible Phillip Yancey and Tim Stafford

This award-winning Bible includes easy-touse study features for inquiring students. Developed by best-selling authors Phillip Yancey and Tim Stafford, it’s designed to encourage regular and fulfilling Bible reading, introduce each book and clarify its message, and help readers locate desired passages early and quickly. The 2-Track reading program lets you choose from 2-week, 6-month, and 3-year plans that allow you to reach your personal Bible reading goals at your own pace. Zondervan. 9780310926825 Hardcover $32.99; $20.99

A top resource for teens— over 3.5 million sold

Teens encounter God in an authentic way

NLT Teen Life Application Study Bible

Teen Study Bible, NIV Sue W. Richards and Lawrence O. Richards

Packed with features designed to meet the challenges and needs of today’s high school students. Combines traditional study Bible features like book introductions, textual notes, person profiles, and maps with applicationoriented features focusing on choices, real-life issues, and real-life stories of actual teens. This edition features the clear and understandable New Living Translation. The Teen Life Application Study Bible helps teens understand and apply God’s Word to all areas of their lives. Tyndale House.

Packed full of study features to help today’s students learn more about God, the Bible, and how God’s Word relates to their lives. It includes the following features: “We Believe” which unpacks the Apostles’ Creed; topical indexes for in-depth Bible study; book introductions; Q & As; a color map section; biblical advice about friends, family, school, and other issues; and more. Zondervan.

9781414324630 $22.99; $16.49

9780310745501 Hardcover


8-point type size

True stories about those fighting against injustice show how the Bible’s message can change the world The Guidebook The NRSV Student Bible

A more portable version of the student NRSV Bible. Includes over 700 articles, introductions to all the books of the Bible, a time line and overview of biblical history, guidance for memorizing and interpreting Scripture, personal reflection questions and practical exercises shows ways to apply God’s Word to real-life situations, a glossary of terms, a concordance for finding key verses, charts and full-color maps, and indexes for referencing important people, events, Jesus’ teachings, and life issues. Zondervan.

$29.99; $18.99

NIV Value Outreach Bible Student Edition

Ideal for churches and ministries buying in bulk, this Bible is a great witness tool to give to students looking to discover God’s Word. Features the complete text of the New International Version with sectional headers and translators’ notes, plan of salvation, and table of weights and measures. This low-cost Bible with extra helps is perfect for anyone looking to distribute God’s Word to students. Zondervan. 9780310446460 $3.99

9780061988189 Hardcover $32.99; $21.99


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YOUTH TEACHING MINISTRY Beyond the Screen Youth Ministry for the Connected But Alone Generation Andrew Zirschky

It’s no secret that teenagers are perpetually connected via social media and mobile devices, but while we’ve analyzed as a culture how youth are connecting we’ve done less well at understanding why teenagers are drawn to the glow of the screen. Beyond the Screen explores the reality that teenagers use these technologies in a desperate bid for an intimacy and depth of relationship largely absent from face-to-face society and the church. Employing the latest ethnographic research on youth and digital media in tandem with theological reflection and interviews with teens themselves, author Andrew Zirschky provides a deeper glimpse into the world of teens and social media and gives new direction and directives for ministering to Millennials. Abingdon Press.

Explores the world of teens & social media & shows the church how to faithfully respond

9781501810077 $16.99; $13.79

Now That You’re A Youth Leader How to Handle the Challenging Yet Rewarding First Years of Youth Ministry Jeremy Steele This book gives you all the basics you need to know to be successful in youth ministry. Find practical answers to real questions posed by beginning youth ministers. Questions like: How do I lead a small group? How do I plan a retreat? Addresses all the nuts and bolts of everything from counseling a teen to preparing a budget. Abingdon Press.

Book of Fidgets A Jot & Doodle Journal for Christian Youth Josh Tinley; Keely Moore, illustrations

Engage teens’ energy, creativity, imagination, and focus with this interactive “doodle journal.” It offers doodling and journaling prompts with activities related to Scripture, the seasons of the year, what it means to be a Christian, and more. Youth can also create an animated flipbook! Abingdon Press. 9781426769863 $12.99; $11.79

9781501856662 $17.99; $13.49

Hollow Faith How Andy Griffith, Facebook, and the American Dream Diluted the Gospel Stephen Ingram

Smaller Church Youth Ministry No Staff, No Money, No Problem! Brad Fiscus with Stephanie Caro

Youth leaders, pastors, and parents will look into the mirror of pop and church culture and learn to separate the values of the gospel from cultural norms that have domesticated them. Explores themes of moralism, deism, meism, consumerism, pluralism, and therapeutic religion of pop culture, as well as current sociological and psychological data. Includes a Parents Guide. Abingdon Press.

Learn how to start, build, and lead an effective disciple-making youth ministry in a small church. Presents examples of other churches that have created vibrant youth ministries without a lot of money or even a youth minister. Designed for use by individuals or in a team environment. It provides biblical foundation, practical helps, tools, and activities that have been proven to work in small churches. Abingdon Press.

9781501810053 $15.99; $11.99

9781501825811 $16.99; $9.49

A Mission That Matters How To Do Short-Term Missions Without Long-Term Harm Jen Bradbury

Unleash Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders Marv Nelson

Mission trips touch students in many ways, but youth often find it hard to integrate their experiences with their lives back home. A veteran youth worker and author lays out a philosophy for mission trips that helps youth do just that, with inspiration and tools to help youth workers create a mission strategy that will have a lasting impact. Abingdon Press. 9781501856686 $17.99; $13.49

Through thought-provoking ideas and practical, real-time examples, Unleash seeks to help mature mentors know, equip, and release next generation leaders in a relational, experiential, intelligent, and sustainable way. It will help you find solutions to common problems and answers to everyday questions. Abingdon Press. 9781501844577 $15.99; $11.99 See page 3 for symbol explanation.


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ADULT TEACHING MINISTRY Learning to Study the Bible L. J. Zimmerman


9781501871061 9781501871078

Participant Book Leader Guide

Transform your congregation by launching community groups—a fresh strategy. Learn how the Cowarts used adaptive systems, digital tools, and flexible overhead to expand Harvest Church near Macon, GA from 72 community groups to over 300 in just a year. Their 5-part strategy includes a 30-minute video and leadership book. Abingdon Press. 9781501825057 Book $14.99; $10.99 9781501825088 DVD 25–30 min. $12.99; $10.49

Streaming video also available at Cokesbury.com.

Teaching Biblical Faith Leading Small Group Bible Studies Jack L. Seymour

Ten proven strategies for leading small-group Bibles studies in your church. Written in an accessible style, it inspires conversation about how the Bible can be taught, the purposes and outcomes of each approach, and how biblical wisdom shapes personal/corporate decisionmaking. Abingdon Press. 9781630884307 $17.99; $13.99

Also by this author:

9781426765056 Teaching the Way of Jesus: Educating Christians for Faithful Living $32.99; $23.99

Bible Overview Pamphlet Themes, Facts, and Key Verses at a Glance

Provides an excellent summary of every book of the Bible. Naturally divided into Old and New Testaments books, it presents the name of the book, the author, type of writing, where and when it was written, why it was written, and the key verse that summarizes the important truth from the book. The 81/2" x 51/2" full-color, glossy finish pamphlet unfolds to 33" long. Fits inside most Bible covers. Makes a great gift. Rose Publishing. $3.99

See page 3 for symbol explanation.


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Bible discovery study helps you become more comfortable navigating & discussing the Bible Connect Scripture to your daily life

$8.99; $6.99 $14.99; $10.99

Grab, Gather, Grow Multiply Community Groups in Your Church Jim and Jennifer Cowart




Anyone can understand the Bible with the right tools. And discovering those tools is the foundation of this study for adults! By the end of this eight-week class, your small group will have learned about biblical genres, historical contexts, the Revised Common Lectionary, and how to use resources including study Bibles, commentaries, and maps. Each session invites exploration, application, and practice; provides reflection questions; and includes a space to journal—all of which will strengthen your personal relationship with God. Abingdon Press.


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Living the Five Jim and Jennifer Cowart

Expand your church through community groups—an alternative type of small group that reaches smaller settings. Learn the five principles the Cowarts applied when creating successful community groups in their own church. Includes a combination Participant/ Leader Guide and a 5-session DVD, packaged in bundles of 10 for churches to give to their community-group hosts. Abingdon Press. 9781501825095 Part./Leader Gde $12.99; $9.99 9781501825118 DVD Pkg of 10: 5 videos per DVD; 7–10 min. each $69.99; $48.99

Streaming videos also available at Cokesbury.com.

NEW Respecting the Dignity of All Updated Model Policies for the Protection of Children, Youth, and Vulnerable Adults Robin Hammeal-Urban

A helpful index of the new policies implemented in January 2019 by the Episcopal Church for protection of children, youth, and vulnerable adults. Offers the history of the polices and why it is important for churches and its ministries to create safe and welcoming space for minors, elders, and people with disabilities and those engaged in ministry with them. Church Publications. 9781640651548 $8.95

Reset the Heart Unlearning Violence, Relearning Hope Mai-Anh Le Tran

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protest movement and shooting deaths of unarmed black youth, many religious leaders have tried and failed to rally their churches to respond. How can we educate for faith in a violent world? Are Christian faith communities complicit in the teaching and learning of violence? What renewed practices of faith and educational leadership can help in the unlearning and unmaking of violence? This book seeks to answer these questions. Abingdon Press. 9781501832468

$35.99; $18.99


5/20/19 8:13 AM

GIFT & AWARD BIBLES Available in 2 popular colors Imprinting available CEB Gift & Award Bible

A distinctive and fresh way to give the gift of Scripture. Common English Bibles are ideal for any gift-giving occasion and church event including confirmations, promotions, graduations, and more. Gift Bibles feature translation footnotes, in-text subject headings, color maps from National Geographic, and words of Christ in red. These two editions feature a flexible imitation-leather binding. Appropriate for any church setting. Common English Bible. Each 9781609261429 9781609261436

$12.99; $9.99 Black Imitation Leather Burgundy Imitation Leather

Imprinting available on most Bibles. Call 800-672-1789 for details.

Outstanding value!

Convenient size for outreach Imprinting available

CEB Pocket New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs

This convenient pocket-sized edition is the ultimate portable companion for personal ministry or a low-cost gift for others. It includes the full text of the beloved Psalms and Proverbs in addition to the New Testament. The CEB is ideal for use in outreach because the translation removes language barriers to ensure a natural, enjoyable reading experience for everyone. Common English Bible. 9781609262129

$4.99; $3.99

CEB Economy Bible

The Common English Bible translation of the ancient texts features clarity of expression in contemporary English. It is a clear, direct, and powerful English version of the Scriptures for use in Bible satudy, devotional reading, and worship. This economy edition makes it affordable for churches, ministries, and other organizations to share God’s Word. Common English Bible. 9781609261962

$3.99; $2.99

Quantity pricing available. Visit Cokesbury.com for details.

See Cokesbury.com for quantity pricing.

Great for all ages

Great for new readers of the Bible

NIV Outreach Bible

NIV Holy Bible

A convenient, user-friendly edition of the NIV Bible, ideal for evangelism and missionary work. Designed for those reading the Bible for the very first time, the NIV Outreach Bible helps them explore God’s Word. Includes the complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version, maps of Bible lands, and an article on how to start reading the Bible. Zondervan. 9780310446354

Green Leaf Edition

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$6.99; $4.99

This New International Version (NIV) Bible makes for a great outreach tool for any age and includes added reader helps for a deeper understanding of the Bible. Features include full text of the accurate, readable, and clear NIV, introductions to each book of the Bible, maps, extended table of contents, visual chronology, and table of weights and measures. Zondervan. 9780310446149

Larger Print, Nature

$5.99; $4.49

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GIFT & AWARD BIBLES 3 colors Imprinting available Cokesbury NRSV Gift & Award Bible, Red Letter Edition

Cokesbury Gift & Award Bibles offer these helpful features: a presentation page, a 26-page section of Bible helps, a 16-page dictionary/concordance, and a 2-page section of 4-color maps. Excellent for recognition, promotion, or appreciation gifts. These editions have white page edges. Cokesbury. Each 9780687643189 9780687643288 9780687643387

$17.99; $14.99 Burgundy Simulated Leather Black Simulated Leather Blue Simulated Leather

Leather edition

Blends scholarship and readability

Imprinting available

New Revised Standard Version Premium Gift Bible

NEW NRSV Premium Gift Bible, Comfort Print

Perfect for personal and small group study, the NRSV Premium Gift Bible features a presentation page, ribbon, gold gilded page edges, 8-pt. type, 26-page section of Bible helps, 16-page dictionary/concordance, 8-page section of full-color maps, subject index, subheadings and references within the text, section introductions, and footnote references. Abingdon Press. 9781426711411

$36.99; $24.99

Black Bonded Leather

The perfect gift for graduations, confirmations, and other special events. With thick pages and easy-to-read text, this sturdy Bible is a gift that lasts. Features the exclusive Zondervan NRSV Comfort PrintÂŽ typeface, double-column format, a presentation page, and a satin ribbon marker. Zondervan.

9780310453185 9780310453192

Leathersoft, Brown Leathersoft, Purple

Share the life-changing Word of God with more people

4 attractive colors

New Revised Standard Version Gift & Award Bible

NEW NRSV Gift and Award Bible, Comfort Print

This NRSV Gift & Award Bible combines thoughtfully designed features with a surprisingly affordable price. Boasting better-grade paper, clear and readable type, three pages of updated color maps, and a presentation page, this beautifully crafted Bible with its budget-conscious price is a great value. Hendrickson Publishers. Each 9781565634800 9781565634947 9781565634756 9781565634619


$14.95; $9.99 Blue Imitation Leather White Imitation Leather Burgundy Imitation Leather Black Imitation Leather

$19.99; $13.99 $19.99; $15.99

Economically priced for special events or acts of kindness, this NRSV Gift and Award Bible is arranged in two columns, along with a presentation page for gift-giving, full-color maps, a double-column format, and other Bible helps. The exclusive NRSV Comfort PrintÂŽ typeface delivers a smooth reading experience. Zondervan. Each 9780310453208 9780310453222

$9.99; $7.49 Leather-Look, Black Leather-Look, Burgundy

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BIBLE REFERENCE & MAPS Take a behind the scenes tour into the world of the Bible

NRSV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible Bringing to Life the Ancient World of Scripture Craig S. Keener and John H. Walton

You’ve heard many Bible stories hundreds of times, but how many behind-thescenes details are you missing? Sometimes a little context is all you need to discover the rich meaning behind the stories of Scripture.

Exclusive Comfort Print® typeface

For the first time available in the New Revised Standard Version, the awardwinning Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, with notes from Dr. John H. Walton and Dr. Craig S. Keener, is packed with expert insight into the customs, culture, and literature of the ancient world. Discover new dimensions of insight to even the most familiar Bible passages. Features Comfort Print® typeface; book introductions; verse-by-verse study notes; glossary; over 300 in-depth articles; 375 full-color photos, illustrations, and images; full-color charts, maps, and diagrams; plus cross references, a concordance, indexes, and other helps. Zondervan. 9780310452683 9780310452690 9780310452713

Hardcover $49.99; $36.99 Leathersoft, Tan/Brown $79.99; $57.99 Leathersoft, Burgundy $79.99; $57.99

A portable dictionary of the people, places, concepts, stories, and events of the Bible

Places the events of the Bible in time and place 21 full-color maps

The Common English Bible: Bible Dictionary

The Common English Bible: Bible Dictionary is an easy-to-understand, one-volume portable dictionary of the Bible based on the best contemporary scholarship. It gives insight to all names, places, and events of the Bible that are significant for Bible study. There are more than 3,600 entries. Common English Bible. 9781609260248

$24.99; $12.99

For more Bible reference resources, call 800-672-1789 or visit Cokesbury.com.

Common English Bible: Bible Map Guide Explore the Lands of the Old and New Testaments

The Common English Bible Map Guide shows where events of the Bible happened. It includes 21 CEB maps (produced by National Geographic) in a beautiful full-color oversized format, each with a brief descriptive narrative, related Bible chapters and verses, sidebars, photographs, and timelines. Features maps of Palestine, Egypt, Canaan, Babylonia, the Persian empire, the Hellenistic kingdoms in Daniel, the Roman Empire, Jerusalem, and Paul’s journeys, plus an exhaustive index. Common English Bible. 9781609260743

$19.99; $14.99

Bring the Bible stories to life Abingdon Bible Land Maps with Chartheads and Tripod, Set of 8

Enhance Bible study classes with maps created by Oxford cartographers using the most current biblical archaeological findings. Each 26" x 40" full-color map is mounted on a special charthead and features a location index/finder. Maps include: The Ancient Near East Before the Exodus, The Exodus, Israel’s Settlement in Canaan, The Prophets and the Exile, The Roman World and Paul’s Journeys, Palestine in the Time of Jesus, the United Monarchy, Jerusalem—Old Testament/New Testament Comparison. The map set includes a tripod that extends to 71/2'. Waterproof polyethylene film. Abingdon Press. 9780687043378

Maps cover the entire Bible epoch Illustrated Wall Maps of the Bible

Package of 12 beautiful wall maps ideal for the classroom. Covering the entire Bible epoch, these Bible wall maps are specially designed as a teacher’s aid and can be used in conjunction with our “Atlas of the Bible,” also enclosed in the package. Carta’s Illustrated Wall Maps of the Bible are ideal for use in school, Sunday school, Bible class, Bible College, or seminary. Carta Jerusalem. 9789652204936

Pkg. of 12

$45.00; $33.99

Set: 8 Maps with Chartheads and Tripod $269.99; $189.49

Maps also sold separately at $34.99 each. Visit Cokesbury.com for details.


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SUNDAY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE Keep accurate records


Keep a full year’s worth of attendance and contact records on your students

The Complete Sunday School Record Book


It is important to keep accurate records, and this book helps with this task. It includes space for 13 classes of 29 students each, with weekly summaries, and tracks information for one year. 8 ¼" x 10 ¾". Abingdon Press. 9781426774140

Ideal Class Books

It is important to keep accurate records, and these class books for 25-member or 75-member classes help with this task. Books enable you to record attendance for a full year with each student’s address, phone number, birthday, church relationship, and additional class sessions. 5 ½" x 8 ½". Abingdon Press.

$14.99; $13.49

Also available:

Ideal Sunday School Secretary’s Record Book. Space for records of up to 25 classes for one year. Weekly, quarterly, and annual report pages; record by age group. Roll of officers and teachers. Full calendar of events. 8 ¼" x 10 ¾". 9781426774157


6 for: $8.99 (Save 25%) 9781426774195 For 75 Names



General Record Book for the Church School & Small-Group Ministries. Collect and summarize weekly church school and small-group participation. Prepare quarterly and annual reports. Includes other tools and online extras. 9781426766077

For 25 Names


$7.99; $5.99


6 for: $10.99 (Save 24%)


Keep track of all your students!

Essential church recordkeeping

The Teacher’s Roll Book

The Teacher’s Roll Book contains space for the names of 140 Sunday School students, with a weekly summary section. Available for automatic shipment. 5 ¾" x 8 3⁄8". Abingdon Press. 9780687410293


This calendar symbol indicates which supply resources are eligible for Automatic Supply Shipments. A great cost-saving way to ensure you’re always prepared!

Record Book for Class or Group

An important tool to review information concerning members of your church school classes and small groups, this card provides space for each member’s address, phone number, birthday, church relationship, and weekly attendance. This record book is excellent for use with all age levels and all types of groups. There is space for 25 names. Size of card is 5½" x 8½", and it is available in packages of 12. The United Methodist Publishing House. 9780687053827

Pkg. of 12


Attendance Charts

These attendance charts measure 20" x 28" and are wonderful classroom resources for many different church groups and organizations. The colorful and fun charts will brighten up any classroom. Charts feature Scripture, and have space to list 30 names and record attendance for 13 weeks. Broadman & Holman Publishers. Each

Noah’s Ark Genesis 7:9, KJV 081407002163


TR19 P26.indd 27

Adam Names the Animals Genesis 2:19, HCSB 081407002224

Children Musicians Psalm 100:1, KJV 081407010212


Let the Little Children Come to Me Mark 10:14, KJV 081407002156

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POSTCARDS Deep Blue Kids Postcards

Great for keeping in touch all year long

Postcards are colorful and fun—kids love finding them in their mailbox! Each postcard measures 3 9/16" x 5 3/8" and features a Bible verse.

Sold in packages of 25

Pkg. of 25 (same design), $4.00; QUANTITY SAVINGS! 4+ Pkgs. of 25 (same design), $3.19 (Save 20%) 9781501842344 Lighthouse/Happy Birthday 9781501842337 Speedy/Hiding 9781501842351 Ship/Join Our Adventure

For more postcards, visit Cokesbury.com. General Postcards. The 4 eye-catching designs in this section measure 3 9/16" x 5 3/8". Pkg. of 25 (same design), $4.00; QUANTITY SAVINGS! 4+ Pkgs. of 25 (same design), $3.19 (Save 20%)

Happy Birthday Candles Galatians 1:15, CEB 9781426711145

We Miss You/Ladybug 1 Peter 4:8, CEB 9781426711169

Thank You for Worshiping with Us! 9781426774096

Birthday Candles & Cake Galatians 1:15, CEB 9781426711138

G  eneral Postcards. For all occasions, the 8 designs in this section measure 3 1/2" x 5 1/2". Pkg. of 25 (same design), $3.39

God Bless Your Birthday 730817357690 $3.39

Hi There! All Occasions Postcard 730817357669

Psst...We Miss You Colossians 1:3, KJV 730817347882

Celebrating You/Birthday 730817357706

God Bless Your Anniversary 1 John 4:7, KJV 730817340432

Praying for You Colossians 1:3, KJV 730817348902

Glad You Came Postcards Psalm 4:7, KJV 25 of same design. 3 1/2" x 5 1/2".

Happy Birthday to You 730817357683

081407015422 Pkg. of 25 $3.50 Thanks for Visiting With Us 730817357720


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BOOKMARKS Children’s Bookmarks

Great for sharing

Bookmarks for children feature inspirational designs and can be used as bookmarks or card enclosures. They make nice, inexpensive gifts for teachers, parents, and grandparents to give to the special kids in their lives. Measure 2" x 6 ½". Sold in packages of 25. Each Pkg. of 25 730817355443 730817348841

$3.69; $2.99 Love One Another: 1 John 4:7 I Can Do All Things: Philippians 4:13

Each Pkg. of 25 081407005485 081407000831 081407001401

$3.50; $2.99 Ten Commandments: Exodus 20:3-17 Lord’s Prayer: Matthew 6:9-13 Jesus Loves Me: John 3:16

Sold in packages of 25 Deep Blue Kids Bookmarks These inspirational bookmarks are perfect giveaways for members of a Sunday school class or other group, for outreach or evangelism, or to tuck inside a card or a gift book or Bible.

Pkg. of 25 (same design), $4.20; QUANTITY SAVINGS! 4+ Pkgs. of 25 (same design), $3.38 9781426783418 Turn to the Bible When... 9781630886332 Fishing/Books of the Bible

For more bookmarks, visit Cokesbury.com.

Cross in Pocket

Carry this cross and card in your pocket or purse as a reminder of God’s love. Card features a 1" x 1¾" cross in the right corner. Makes a great inexpensive gift for groups. Ages 10 and up. 788200567973 Pkg. of 25

General Bookmarks

These beautiful everyday bookmarks measure 2" x 6 ½" and feature inspirational 4-color designs. They can be used as bookmarks or card enclosures. They make nice, inexpensive gifts for Sunday school, church, hospital or shut-in visitation, and awards, or can be used as teaching aids. Sold in packages of 25.

Each Pkg. of 25 634337692487 081407000961 081407000923 634337727998 634337728001 634337692890 634337693460 081407000893


$3.50; $2.99 The Beatitudes: Matthew 5:3-11 Names of Jesus Where to Look: Various Scripture Praying for You: Philippians 1:3-4 Thinking of You Bookmark: 2 Timothy 1:3b Jesus Loves You: John 15:9 You Are Awesome! Psalm 118:24 Books of the Bible



TR19 P28.indd 29

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PINS & JEWELRY Please note: items on this page are shown larger than actual size.

Jesus Fish Pin

Colorful clutch-back pin is 3/8" H.

Round Flared Cross

Tube Wrapped Cross

637955046724 $2.99

637955046656 $2.99

5/8" H.

538182 $1.99

5/8" H.



Jewelry & gifts for all occasions—visit Cokesbury.com today!

Flaming Dove

Celtic Cross

Plain Cross

637955046793 $2.99

637955060249 22K Gold $2.99 637955046731 Pewter $2.99

637955060188 22K Gold $2.99 637955046632 Pewter $2.99

Praying Hands

Open Fish

11/16" H.

11/16" H.

637955060270 22K Gold 637955046823 Pewter

Non-Demoninational Sunday School Attendance Pins Measure 5/8" diam.

358138 1 Year


Also available (not shown): 149947 3 Month 149958 6 Month 149960 9 Month


TR19 P30.indd 30

5/8" H.

$2.99 $2.99

1/4" H.

637955060232 22K Gold 637955046762 Pewter

9/16" H.

Cross with Dove $2.99 $2.99

9/16" H.

637955060195 14K Gold $2.99 637955046670 Pewter $2.99

Non-Demoninational Sunday School Attendance Bars

Gold-plated with alternating enamel colors. Bars attach to the 1 Year pin, left. 5/8". Each $7.99 S935225 Specify Years 2–10

$7.99 $7.99 $7.99

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Invite your children into God’s Word

Help children build a solid faith foundation with 149 core stories from both the Old and New Testaments, plus colorful illustrations and prayers. See page 3 to learn more.

Prices subject to change. For the most current pricing, call or visit Cokesbury.com.

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5/22/19 6:49 AM

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Just for Teachers Cokesbury 2019 Catalog  

Teachers, Resources, Bibles, Teaching Ministry, Children’s Church & Worship, Connected Faith, Confirmation, Devotional Books, Bible Referenc...

Just for Teachers Cokesbury 2019 Catalog  

Teachers, Resources, Bibles, Teaching Ministry, Children’s Church & Worship, Connected Faith, Confirmation, Devotional Books, Bible Referenc...

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