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Leading a Church Is Complicated! There are so many facets to church leadership, managing them all can make even the most dedicated professional wonder if he or she has the skills and grace needed to tackle the job. Consider all the kinds of issues there are to deal with: — Pragmatic issues such as raising money, facilitating growth or reduction, or attending to the state of the roof. — Community issues such as taking into consideration different worship styles and cultural diversity, handling interpersonal interactions, and gauging how to best help those in need. — Personal issues such as taking time off to recharge, being an example, moving on and starting over, or just being a person. — Intergenerational issues such as valuing the many contributions over the years of the elders in the church while at the same time acknowledging the competing needs and desires of younger people and those who’ve not been churched all their lives. — Issues about theology and spirituality: approaching changing ideas, practices, and goals, and leading people in their relationship with God (the key purpose of this calling, after all). And, of course, there is the weekly sermon! These and many more issues are addressed in the fine collection of affordably priced books on these pages. They will help you lead! They will enable you to move more effectively, nimbly, and gladly through the complexities of this profession to which you are called. For your convenience, the books are organized in the following categories: • Leadership • Preaching • Worship • Stewardship • Church Growth • Pastoral Care • Discipleship • Church & Culture • Study & Theology

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Switch Off The Clergy Guide to Preserving Energy and Passion for Ministry Heather Bradley and Miriam Grogan Are you constantly “on”— fulfilling a role for the benefit of others? Preserve your passion and energy for ministry by learning to use your off switch! $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04

Thriving in the Second Chair Ten Practices for Robust Ministry (When You’re Not in Charge) Mike Bonem Being in the second chair can lead to frustration. Learn ten key factors that will help you thrive in a life and ministry that are fulfilling, vital, and sustainable. $18.99; Cokesbury Price $12.72

Execute Your Vision The Practical Art of Ministry Leadership Bill Easum and Scott Musselman Having ideas is different than making them happen. The practical information and essential principles in this easyto-read book will equip you to bring your ideas to fruition. $13.99; Cokesbury Price $9.37

Spiritual Leadership Why Leaders Lead and Who Seekers Follow Thomas G. Bandy With easy evaluations and charts, Bandy helps you identify your leadership “type” so you’ll be able to understand who is attracted to your leadership style and better meet their needs. $19.99; Cokesbury Price $13.39

Flood Gates Holy Momentum for a Fearless Church Sue Nilson Kibbey Learn how to tap leadership strength, make the case for change, effectively grow leaders, and mobilize a congregation to create a spiritual force that moves through communities. $18.99; Cokesbury Price $12.72

Envisioning the Congregation, Practicing the Gospel A Guide for Pastors and Lay Leaders John W. Stewart An accessible and instructive book especially addressing Baby Boomer and Gen X that presents five foundational practices for nurturing today’s church. $20.00; Cokesbury Price $14.40



She Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Women in Ministry Karoline M. Lewis Women in ministry negotiate unique challenges every day. This comprehensive resource will help you survive and give you the tools you need to thrive in your calling. $19.99; Cokesbury Price $13.39

Pastor: Revised Edition The Theology and Practice of Ordained Ministry William H. Willimon Though much about Christianity has changed, the core concerns of ordained ministry remain the same. Drawing on great teachers of the Christian tradition, this book explores the vocation. $29.99; Cokesbury Price $20.09

Re:MIX Transitioning Your Church to Living Color Mark DeYmaz and Bob Whitesel A practical guide for pastors, denominational leaders, and lay leaders who seek to transition their monoethnic congregations into healthy multiethnic churches of Christ-centered faith. $17.99; Cokesbury Price $12.05

The Changeover Zone Successful Pastoral Transitions Jim Ozier and Jim Griffith Offers practical, clear guidance for both clergy and congregations when navigating the tricky transition from one pastor to the next. Packed with real-church examples, helpful tips, and successful tactics. $15.99; Cokesbury Price $10.71

Stepping Aside, Moving Ahead Spiritual and Practical Wisdom for Clergy Retirement Steve Harper In the form of letters to a fictitious “every-pastor,� Stepping Aside, Moving Ahead offers wise and practical guidance for any clergyperson within a decade of retirement. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $11.38

The Necessary Nine Things Effective Pastors Do Differently Bob Farr and Kay Kotan This book shares nine simple axioms for effective pastoral and lay leadership that are straightforward and easy to put to use every day and that can help you reach your potential. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04



What Are We Fighting For? Coming Together Around What Matters Most Thomas J. Bickerton Offers United Methodists a way to move beyond discord to a hope-filled future by exploring how we can come together around what matters most. Study resources available. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04

Leading in DisOrienting Times Navigating Church and Organizational Change Gary V. Nelson and Peter M. Dickens Blending Christian and secular scholarship with real-life examples, supports the concept of servant leadership—initially disorienting; ultimately liberating. $24.99; Cokesbury Price $17.99

9 Keys to Successful Leadership How to Impact and Influence Others James Merritt This book identifies nine essential traits that make the kind of leaders who make a lifechanging difference for others, perhaps an eternal difference. $12.99; Cokesbury Price $9.35

Be Mean About the Vision Preserving and Protecting What Matters Shawn Lovejoy Accomplishing a vision requires intentionality, consistency, commitment, and courage. This book offers leaders a proven strategy for relentlessly protecting a guiding vision. $15.99; Cokesbury Price $11.51

Designed to Lead The Church and Leadership Development Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck Churches that consistently produce leaders have 3 things: a strong conviction and a healthy culture to develop leaders and helpful constructs to intentionally build them. Hardcover. $22.99; Cokesbury Price $16.55

H3 Leadership Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle. Brad Lomenick Brad Lomenick shares his hardearned insights and provides a practical road map for implementing and living out twenty transformational habits of a leader. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $12.23



Lead Like Jesus Revisited Lessons from the Greatest Leadership Role Model of All Time Ken Blanchard, Phil Hodges, and Phyllis Hendry In this newly revised classic, the authors guide readers through the process of discovering how to lead like Jesus. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $12.23

Leadership Excellence The Seven Sides of Leadership for the 21st Century, Updated Edition Pat Williams with Jim Denney Learn seven essential aspects of excellent leadership: vision, communication, people skills, character, competence, boldness, and a servant’s heart. Hardcover. $18.99; Cokesbury Price $13.67

Outstanding Leadership Stan Toler What makes a leader stand out and truly make a difference? With over 40 years of leadership experience, Toler provides clear guidelines for defining your vision, developing your plan, and communicating the goal so people buy in. Hardcover. $9.99; Cokesbury Price $7.19

The Christian Leader Rehabilitating Our Addiction to Secular Leadership Bill Hull Learn to lead like Jesus. The secular leadership model—having the right kind of personality, rooted in pragmatic success, getting rewarded—is actually the enemy of Christian leadership. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $12.23

The Power of the Other The Startling Effect Other People Have on You, from the Boardroom to the Bedroom and Beyond—And What to Do About It Henry Cloud An expert in the psychology of leadership cites our relationships as a critical ingredient for performing well. Hardcover. $27.99; Cokesbury Price $20.15

The Serving Leader Five Powerful Actions to Transform Your Team, Business, and Community Kenneth R. Jennings and John Stahl-Wert You qualify to be first by putting other people first. Learn how and why this paradoxical concept can lead to extraordinary outcomes. $19.95; Cokesbury Price $14.36



Lead Like Wesley Help for Today’s Ministry Servants Mark L. Gorveatte John Wesley famously composed Twelve Rules for Helpers for pastors of his time to follow in his ministry footsteps. Gorveatte devotedly unpacks the heart of each timeless rule. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $7.50

Leadership by the Book Lessons from Every Book of the Bible Brent Garrison Garrison offers examples from each book of the Old and New Testaments of how God’s servants have led His people, and the lessons that today’s leaders can learn from them. $17.95; Cokesbury Price $12.92

Disaster Ministry Handbook Jamie D. Aten and David M. Boan Though people turn to local churches for assistance during disasters, few churches plan their response in advance. The codirectors of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute provide practical tips for disaster preparedness. $19.00; Cokesbury Price $13.68

Counterfeit Christianity The Persistence of Errors in the Church Roger E. Olsen Though the major heresies originated ages ago, many still circulate today. Olson helps church pastors and leaders know how to deal with these artificial truths. Study resources available. $19.99; Cokesbury Price $13.39

Five Faces of Ministry Pastor, Parson, Healer, Prophet, Pilgrim Patricia Farris With honesty, wisdom, and humor, Farris provides gentle guidance, encouragement, and compassion to help you learn how to strengthen the effectiveness of your ministry. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04

Servants and Fools A Biblical Theology of Leadership Arthur Boer; foreword by Eugene Peterson An examination of how Jesus led. He practiced service and sacrifice, was cautious about power and hierarchies, and prioritized the vulnerable, practically the opposite of secular leadership standards. $19.99; Cokesbury Price $13.39



The Soul of Discernment A Spiritual Practice for Communities and Institutions Elizabeth Liebert Provides concrete steps for groups of people who are working together for an organization to make important decisions and need to discern how God is leading them. $20.00; Cokesbury Price $14.40

Organic Student Ministry Trash the Pre-Packaged Programs and Transform Your Youth Group Stephen Ingram Unlike “plug and play” youth ministry programs that fall short, an organic student ministry grows naturally and develops practices instead of just programs. $21.99; Cokesbury Price $15.83

The New Adapters Shaping Ideas to Fit Your Congregation Jacob Armstrong with Adam Hamilton and Mike Slaughter A road map demonstrating how classic leadership principles can be adapted for twenty-first century ministry in churches of any size or denomination. $15.99; Cokesbury Price $10.71

Have You Faith in Christ? A Bishop’s Insight into the Historic Questions Asked of Those Seeking Admission into Full Connection in The United Methodist Church Ernest S. Lyght Questions to consider before ordination in The United Methodist Church. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04

Teaching Biblical Faith Leading Small Group Bible Studies Jack L. Seymour There are many ways to approach teaching the Bible, with various purposes and outcomes. These ten strategies for leading small group Bible studies are tried and true. $15.99; Cokesbury Price $10.71

Time Management for the Christian Leader Or How to Squeeze Blood from a Turnip Ken Willard The author and coach challenges leaders to evaluate goals, reveals ways we inadvertently waste time, and offers step-by-step techniques for improvement. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04



Gladhearted Disciples Equipping Your Congregation with Generous and Enduring Faith Chris Folmsbee A 30-day set of practices for pastors and leaders to share with congregants about how living like a disciple is a more authentic witness than sounding like one. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04

Just Say Yes! Unleashing People for Ministry Robert Schnase Do you inadvertently squelch creative people from using their God-given gifts to serve and lead? Do you restrain, control, and diminish ministry? Learn tips on how to be more innovative. Study resources available. $15.99; Cokesbury Price $10.71

The Next Generation Leader Five Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the Future Andy Stanley Equips young Christians eager to learn, grow, and lead in ministry or the workplace with 5 essential leadership qualities: courage, clarity, competence, coachability, and character. Hardcover. $19.99; Cokesbury Price $14.39

Seven Levers Missional Strategies for Conferences Robert Schnase Learn to identify and change practices that no longer work for your mission and discover concrete and useful strategies that foster more relevant and effective connectionalism. $18.99; Cokesbury Price $12.72

Walking with Nehemiah Your Community Is Your Congregation Joseph W. Daniels Jr. Too often churches ignore their neighborhoods. This study of Nehemiah gives congregations inspiration and practical tools for engaging with their communities, helping both to become whole. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $11.38

Communicating for a Change Andy Stanley and Lane Jones When you talk, are people changed? Convey your message in the powerful, life-changing way it deserves to be told. This excellent guide for any speaker provides a simple, seven-step approach to speaking effectively. Hardcover. $19.99; Cokesbury Price $14.39



Preaching and the Human Condition Loving God, Self, & Others O. Wesley Allen Jr. Sermons often skirt the human condition, ignoring “bad news” and offering self-help instead. Learn to better address real-life needs by aligning sermons with Jesus’ greatest commandment. $24.99; Cokesbury Price $16.74

Introduction to African American Preaching Frank A. Thomas This groundbreaking book acknowledges African American preaching as an academic discipline that has gradually moved from an almost exclusively oral tradition to an oral/written tradition. $34.99; Cokesbury Price $23.44

The Abingdon Preaching Annual 2017 Planning Sermons and Services for Fifty-Two Sundays Scott Hoezee, editor Essays, worship helps, complete sermons. Full of pithy nuggets of thought, idea jump-starters, or questions designed to spur the preacher’s imagination. $24.99; Cokesbury Price $16.74

The Sermon without End A Conversational Approach to Preaching Ronald J. Allen and O. Wesley Allen, Jr. A dynamic, new conversational preaching model to reach people in meaningful and significant ways. With practical, real-pulpit implementation guidance. $29.99; Cokesbury Price $20.09

Speaking Well Essential Skills for Speakers, Leaders, and Preachers Adam Hamilton The thought of speaking in public strikes fear in the hearts of many. This pocket guide provides 19 powerful tips and tactics that lead to excellent speaking in any setting. Hardcover. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04

The Homiletical Beat Why All Sermons Are Narrative Eugene L. Lowry Lowry’s influential first book, The Homiletical Plot, promoted the concept of preaching as narrative, which has become widely accepted. This book offers new strategic aims for narrative sermon preparation and delivery. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $11.38



Preaching in Pictures Using Images for Sermons That Connect Peter Jonker Movies, songs, and commercials use compelling images to communicate. Learn exercises to incorporate dominant images in your sermons that unify and deliver your central thought. $18.99; Cokesbury Price $12.72

Actuality Real Life Stories for Sermons That Matter Scott Hoezee Replenish your stock of anecdotes with honest, true, real-life stories you can use to illustrate your sermon points. Learn how to spot material in what you see and read every day. $18.99; Cokesbury Price $12.72

Preaching as Poetry Beauty, Goodness, and Truth in Every Sermon Paul Scott Wilson Turn boring, fact-filled sermons into the art of poetry. Bring God to a newer, younger audience by combining Scripture with the classical virtues of beauty, goodness, and truth. $18.99; Cokesbury Price $12.72

A Sermon Workbook Exercises in the Art and Craft of Preaching Thomas H. Troeger and Leonora Tubbs Tisdale The authors guide readers through inventive and engaging exercises, taken from their Yale Divinity School classroom, to help build effective preaching skills. $24.99; Cokesbury Price $16.74

How Odd of God Chosen for the Curious Vocation of Preaching William H. Willimon How odd it is that God reaches out to save the world and then leaves it in the hands of preachers to get the word out. An encouraging book about how God chooses preachers. $20.00; Cokesbury Price $14.40

Sermon Treks Trailways to Creative Preaching Ronald J. Allen The lectionary is a helpful homiletical tool. But there are times when lectionary preaching doesn’t meet a congregation’s needs. Sermon Treks offers creative sermon-planning trails for preaching beyond the lectionary. $29.99; Cokesbury Price $20.09



The United Methodist Music & Worship Planner 2016–2017 David L. Bone and Mary J. Scifres An all-in-one, lectionary-based resource helps music directors and pastors plan worship services for each Sunday and holy day of the year. UM hymn suggestions. NRSV Edition available. Spiral bound. $23.99

The Abingdon Worship Annual 2017 Worship Planning Resources for Every Sunday of the Year Mary J. Scifres and B. J. Beu, editors For all who plan and implement weekly worship. Uses a theme based on the lectionary readings (from the Common English Bible). $25.99; Cokesbury Price $17.41

Prepare! 2016–2017 An Ecumenical Music & Worship Planner David L. Bone and Mary J. Scifres This all-in-one, lectionary-based resource helps pastors and music directors plan worship services for each Sunday and holy day of the year. Hymn suggestions from 7 denominations. Spiral bound. $23.99

The United Methodist Calendar & Workbook 2017 An enhanced appointment calendar for clergy, choir directors, church school workers, and staff. View appointments for the entire week in one spread. Extra space on Sunday. UM-specific worship planning. Personal Planner Edition available. Spiral bound. $15.99

Calendar & Workbook for Church Leaders 2017 An enhanced appointment calendar for all church leaders. View appointments for the entire week in one spread. Monthat-a-glance section. Pages for recording contact information for the worship team, church leaders, and more. Spiral bound. $15.99

The United Methodist Worship Planning Calendar 2017 This unique tool can help pastors, music directors, and planners create and capture worship service details for each Sunday: sermon topic, hymns, anthems, acolytes, lay readers, and special services such as communion or baptisms. Spiral bound. $9.99



Worship in a Flash for Special Days Everything You Need for Inviting and Inspiring Worship Plan worship for special days— prayers, calls to worship, sermons, benedictions, litanies, music, projection images, more. Versions for Advent & Christmas, Lent & Easter available. USB flash drive. $34.99; Cokesbury Price $27.99

Altars for Everyone Worship Designs on Any Budget Nancy C. Townley and Stephanie Davis Simple and inexpensive ideas for any church to make its altar a more integral part of the worship experience with visual elements that fit in with the Sunday sermon Scriptures, hymns, and prayers. $21.99; Cokesbury Price $14.73

Creating Holy Spaces Worship Visuals for the Revised Common Lectionary Delia Halverson and Karen Appleby Suggestions for making worship an exciting and meaningful visual experience. Visuals are tied to each Sunday of all three years of the Revised Common Lectionary. $24.99; Cokesbury Price $16.74

Worship in the Garden Services for Outdoor Worship J. Wayne Pratt From Easter sunrise services to church retreats, the special worship experiences described in Worship in the Garden can enhance one’s experience of God as a congregation worships together outdoors. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04

Worship Ways For the People Within Your Reach Thomas G. Bandy with Lucinda S. Holmes In Worship Ways you’ll learn how to use lifestyle information to design services that truly reach and meet the needs of the people in your unique community. $22.99; Cokesbury Price $15.40

Worship Together in Your Church As in Heaven Josh Davis and Nikki Lerner As communities become more diverse, how can worship serve everyone? This empathetic, stepby-step approach provides ideas and strategies to successfully introduce inclusive, multicultural worship in any setting. $22.99; Cokesbury Price $15.40



Defying Gravity Break Free from the Culture of More Tom Berlin Our possessions can create unbearable weight and affect our ability to serve and thrive. How do we find freedom? Perfect for a 4-week stewardship campaign. Study resources available. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04

The E-Giving Guide for Every Church Using Digital Tools to Grow Ministry Richard Rogers Takes away the confusion and fear involved in using electronic media to raise money for your ministry and mission. $12.99; Cokesbury Price $8.70

Funding Ministry with Five Loaves and Two Fishes Rosario Picardo Innovation and entrepreneurial thinking for pastors with few resources who feel the stress of managing finances, debt reduction, fundraising, and building maintenance. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $11.38

Generosity Rising Lead a Stewardship Revolution in Your Church Scott McKenzie Why do churches continue to struggle with financial giving? The answer is in the church’s leadership. Helps pastors recruit and train a dedicated team of “generosity revolutionaries.” $15.99; Cokesbury Price $10.71

Stewardshift An Economia for Congregational Change Bob Sitze Offers theoretical and practical propositions by which leaders can ensure the sustainability of stewardship ministries to help their congregations flourish. $24.00; Cokesbury Price $16.80

The Christian Wallet Spending, Giving, and Living with a Conscience Mike Slaughter with Karen Perry Smith Includes inspiring profiles of real people that inspire thoughtful reflection about the true value of money and the rewards of conscious spending. $20.00; Cokesbury Price $14.40



Propel Good Stewardship, Greater Generosity Clayton L. Smith; foreword by Adam Hamilton Tangible models on creating a culture of generosity beyond tithing so you can find the financial resources your church needs to propel its ministry to new heights. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04

Earn. Save. Give. Wesley’s Simple Rules for Money James A. Harnish Wesley’s money management philosophy translated into 21st century terms. Learn new ways to think about money, not just during a stewardship program. Study resources available. $13.99; Cokesbury Price $9.37

The Gratitude Path Leading Your Church to Generosity Kent Millard Stewardship plans don’t have to be complex and confusing. This no-nonsense 5-session approach for local church giving is accessible, achievable, and effective. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04

Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate A New Vision for Financial Stewardship J. Clif Christopher Shows how to demonstrate the impact of financial gifts and gives guidance on how to ask for increased giving. Completely revised with new material. $15.99; Cokesbury Price $10.71

The Church Money Manual Best Practices for Finance and Stewardship J. Clif Christopher Suggests better ways to manage church finances. Covers dayto-day operation and critical themes related to church money management and stewardship. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $11.38

Bounty Ten Ways To Increase Giving At Your Church Kristine Miller and Scott McKenzie Explores the critical spiritual component of stewardship development. In ten do-able and transformative steps, instructs pastors how to grow generosity. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $11.38



The Passionate Church Ignite Your Church and Save the World Mike Slaughter with Karen Perry Smith Lifts up four areas of focus for ministry: engaging in ministry with the poor; improving global health; developing principled Christian leaders; and creating new and renewed congregations. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $11.38

The Misfit Mission How to Change the World with Surprises, Interruptions, and All the Wrong People Scott Chrostek How one church’s appetite for risk-taking opened up its community of faithful to becoming the people God created them to be. $19.99; Cokesbury Price $13.39

Lead Like Jesus for Churches Loving God and Loving Each Other Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges A moving story, told in Ken Blanchard’s appealing parable style, of how a local church can be either a blessing or a curse to their community. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $12.23

Great Teams 16 Things High Performing Organizations Do Differently Don Yaeger The ultimate intersection of the sports and business worlds and a powerful companion for thought leaders, teams, managers, and organizations in their pursuit of excellence. Hardcover. $24.99; Cokesbury Price $17.99

The More-with-Less Church Maximize Your Money, Space, Time, and People to Multiply Ministry Impact Eddy Hall, Ray Bowman, and J. Skipp Machmer Proven strategies help churches avoid costly errors and maximize the return on their investment in ministries, staffing, facilities, and finances. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $13.42

Meet the Goodpeople Wesley’s 7 Ways to Share Faith Roger Ross The alienation people feel toward the organized church today is not so disimilar to that of Wesley’s time. Learn to retool Wesley’s practices to connect to the non-churched in our time. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04



The Sky Is Falling, the Church Is Dying, and Other False Alarms Ted A. Campbell Is the predicted decline of mainline Christianity inevitable— or are we on the precipice of new opportunities? This book helps churches build up the larger Christian community while reaching out to new individuals. $13.99; Cokesbury Price $9.37

Volunteering A Guide to Serving in the Body of Christ Leith Anderson and Jill Fox Based on the principles and training they have utilized at Wooddale Church, the authors will help you to find the resources you need to be inspired and trained to serve. $9.99; Cokesbury Price $7.19

10 Prescriptions for a Healthy Church Bob Farr and Kay Kotan The authors share their expertise about the top 10 concerns and obstacles they’ve seen during consultations with churches nationwide, offering practical strategies, proven success stories, inspiration, and hope. $15.99; Cokesbury Price $10.71

Overflow Increase Worship Attendance & Bear More Fruit Lovett H. Weems Jr. and Tom Berlin Shares research-based insights and tactical ideas that result in improved worship attendance and in fruitful congregations. $13.99; Cokesbury Price $9.37

Get Their Name Grow Your Church by Building New Relationships Bob Farr, Doug Anderson, and Kay Kotan Shows your church how to change its habits. Equips people to share faith in a way that is effective, biblical, and transformational. Study resources available. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04

The Go-To Church Post MegaChurch Growth Bryan Collier The disciples didn’t stay in the Upper Room waiting for seekers to find them. These multi-site church model strategies will help your church customize its mission and ministry to connect with people where they are. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $11.38



A Necessary Grief Essential Tools for Leadership in Bereavement Ministry Larry J. Michael Here is a book that can help leaders in a practical way to minister to those who are grieving. In addition, contains essential tools to deal with grief’s difficult questions. $15.99; Cokesbury Price $11.51

Conflict Management for Faith Leaders Houston E. Thompson This practical resource helps pastors and ministry leaders handle conflict in a way that is positive and constructive. Discover multiple techniques for assessing and managing conflict. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.79

Lay Counseling, Revised and Updated Equipping Christians for a Helping Ministry Siang-Yang Tan and Eric T. Scalise A practical training resource for training and equipping lay counselors. Revised and updated in light of fresh research. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $12.23

Sticky Leaders The Secret to Lasting Change and Innovation Larry Osborne Learn how to foster innovation, how to avoid pitfalls of growth, and what three questions every leader needs to ask before launching any new endeavor. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $12.23

The Volunteer Church Mobilizing Your Congregation for Growth and Effectiveness Leith Anderson and Jill Fox Learn how to effectively recruit, train, and maintain a team of volunteers—a church’s most vital workforce for sustainable, longlasting ministries. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.79

Twelve Keys to an Effective Church Strong, Healthy Congregations Living in the Grace of God Kennon L. Callahan Identifies 12 essential qualities of successful, growing churches and offers congregations a way to unlock their ministry potential. Hardcover. $24.95; Cokesbury Price $17.96



Oversee God’s People Shepherding the Flock Through Administration and Delegation Bryce Butler and Brian Croft Offers practical suggestions to improve the structures, processes, and relationships among leaders in your church. $12.99; Cokesbury Price $9.35

Growing Love in Christian Marriage Third Edition Jane P. and S. Clifton Ives An ideal resource for clergy to use during pre-wedding counseling sessions. Pastor’s Manual. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04 Couple’s Manual. Pkg. of 2. $17.99; Cokesbury Price $12.05

Ministering Cross-Culturally A Model for Effective Personal Relationships, Third Edition Sherwood G. Lingenfelter and Marvin K. Mayers Thoroughly updated, this classic presents a successful model for ministering more effectively to people of different cultural and social backgrounds. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $12.23

Pastor as Counselor Wise Presence, Sacred Conversation John Patton This book provides a helpful, step-by-step template for pastoral counseling sessions and clear guidelines for understanding when to defer and how to refer. $19.99; Cokesbury Price $13.39

Pastoral Care Telling the Stories of Our Lives Karen D. Scheib Using insights from narrative psychological theory, this book presents a practical model of pastoral care as companionship. Pastoral caregivers are called to walk with others who are growing in love of God, self, and others. $35.99; Cokesbury Price $24.11

Introduction to Pastoral Counseling Loren Townsend Pastoral counseling has become a fragmented discipline due to training done outside seminaries and increasing cultural diversity. Grounded in research and rich with case studies, this book calls us to readdress basic concepts. $21.99; Cokesbury Price $14.73



I Wonder Engaging a Child’s Curiosity about the Bible Elizabeth Caldwell A resource for adults who want to explore ways to help children read, engage, wrestle, and grow into deeper understanding of the Bible. It will also help address timeless questions and issues. $19.99; Cokesbury Price $13.39

Move What 1,000 Churches Reveal about Spiritual Growth Greg L. Hawkins and Cally Parkinson Helps leaders foster genuine spiritual growth in people’s lives as they inspire and lead their congregations to move closer to Christ. $18.99; Cokesbury Price $13.67

One Thing A Revolution to Change the World with Love Neil Cole Demonstrates the church’s lack of influence on our society because believers are not bringing true transformative love to it, but rather a form of religious moralism. $15.99; Cokesbury Price $11.51

The 3 Gaps Are You Making a Difference? Hyrum W. Smith and Richard Godfrey Offers a practical blueprint for closing the gaps in our personal and work lives to give us the inner peace so necessary in dealing with the chaos in the world today. $14.95; Cokesbury Price $10.76

Helping Without Hurting in Church Benevolence A Practical Guide to Walking with Low-Income People Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert Issues of poverty are complex. It’s hard for churches to know the best way to help. This is an all-inone guide for church leaders and laypeople to truly help the poor. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.79

Becoming a Disciple A Lifelong Venture Adolf Hansen and Colleagues Might discipleship, within Christ’s directive, mean something unique to each of us? Meet eight United Methodist clergy and hear them discuss the definition of discipleship as they help us to become followers of Jesus. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04



Fear of the Other No Fear in Love William H. Willimon Invites you to look more closely at the gospel’s command to love—because to genuinely love those outside the mainstream Christian culture may be the hardest thing for people of faith to do. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $5.99

Christian Social Innovation Renewing Wesleyan Witness L. Gregory Jones Looks at how our need to develop “fresh expressions” for gatherings of community and our desire to cultivate a renewed sense of mission is the basis for the growing interest in starting new churches and establishing church plants. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $11.38

The Sacred Secular How God Is Using the World to Shape the Church Dottie Escobedo-Frank and Rob Rynders Is being spiritual better than being “religious”? Is the church still important? If we believe it is, how do we show, tell, and embody that today? $16.99; Cokesbury Price $11.38

Moral Injury Restoring Wounded Souls Larry Graham How can pastors help people deal with their feelings of guilt, shame, and responsibility when most people don’t believe in sin and have a limited or “flexible” moral framework? $19.99; Cokesbury Price $13.39

Earn All You Can Getting Rich for Good Donald R. House Economic theory, Jewish oral traditions, the letters of Pope Pius IX and John Paul II, and the sermons of John Wesley provide a context for understanding frequently cited Scripture passages on wealth and poverty. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $11.38

Massacre at Sand Creek How Methodists Were Involved in an American Tragedy Gary L. Roberts Coming to grips with Methodist involvement in a 150-yearold tragedy: more than 200 Cheyennes and Arapahos brutally slain while under the protection of the US government. $19.99; Cokesbury Price $13.39



7 Simple Steps to Green Your Church Rebekah Simon-Peter You are concerned about the care of creation, and you want to help. Take a year and green your church! This book offers a step-by-step approach, plus examples of sustainability in the Scriptures and other inspiration. $8.99; Cokesbury Price $6.02

For a New Generation A Practical Guide for Revitalizing Your Church Lee Kricher Uphold your church’s core beliefs as you evaluate and change, as needed, your church’s programs, ministries, and practices in order to more effectively connect with the next generation. $15.99; Cokesbury Price $11.51

From Crisis to Calling Finding Your Moral Center in the Toughest Decisions Sasha Chanoff and David Chanoff Tells the stories of leaders from business, government, the military, and nonprofits who stayed true to their own moral values in the face of enormous pressure. $18.95; Cokesbury Price $13.64

Microaggressions in Ministry Confronting the Hidden Violence of Everyday Church Cody J. Sanders and Angela Yarber Helps church leaders understand and combat microaggressions: subtle slights, insults, and indignities expressed to persons of varied minority statuses. $20.00; Cokesbury Price $14.40

Teams That Thrive Five Disciplines of Collaborative Church Leadership Ryan T. Hartwig and Warren Bird It’s increasingly clear that leadership should be shared for the good of the organization and for the good of the leader. But what does it actually mean to do leadership well as a team? $17.00; Cokesbury Price $12.24

The Resurgent Church 7 Critical Ways to Thrive in the New Post-Christendom World Mike McDaniel with Rob Suggs Help for church leaders who are struggling to reinvent themselves and become catalysts for new strategies in reaching non-believers. $16.99; Cokesbury Price $12.23



Who Moved My Pulpit? Leading Change in the Church Thom S. Rainer A clear guide for church leaders who are not satisfied with the status quo, and who yearn for their churches and ministries to make a kingdom difference. True transformational change in the church is possible. Hardcover. $12.99; Cokesbury Price $9.35

Me and We God’s New Social Gospel Leonard Sweet Inward facing churches measure success by how many people they can get to come to church. Outward facing churches (missional churches) measure success by sending capacity, not seating capacity. $17.99; Cokesbury Price $12.05

Celebrating God’s Love Living Into Christian Unity and Interreligious Relationships Donald E. Messer, editor This collection of essays from writers around the world offers a framework for reflection and study for United Methodist laity, clergy, and seminarians seeking to build bridges of unity. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04

A Christian Justice for the Common Good Tex Sample While human rights and due process are necessary for a just world, the Christian understanding of the common good is much richer and calls us to radical forms of liberation, compassion, mercy, and peace. $17.99; Cokesbury Price $12.05

Cryptomnesia How a Forgotten Memory Could Save the Church Christine A. Chakoian The world is changing. The impact of technology on our lives is growing. Can we find a way forward by looking back to another time of globalization... when the early church emerged? $18.99; Cokesbury Price $12.72

Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White Thoughts on Religion, Morality, and Politics Adam Hamilton Rejects the easy assumptions of black and white thinking, seeks truth on all sides of issues, and offers a compassionate way forward. Study resources available. $18.99; Cokesbury Price $12.72



Five Marks of a Methodist The Fruit of a Living Faith Steve Harper A gem of a book, it answers in plain language, “How should United Methodists live?” and provides the people called Methodists with a clear and memorable unifying focus. Hardcover. Study resources available. $8.99; Cokesbury Price $6.02

One Faithful Promise The Wesleyan Covenant for Renewal Magrey deVega Modern congregations can experience a boost in their way of Christian living as they explore The Wesley Covenant Prayer through this churchwide campaign. Hardcover. Study resources available. $9.99; Cokesbury Price $6.69

Creation The Apple of God’s Eye Justo L. González; William H. Willimon, general editor While no one book can answer all our questions, Creation can help us begin the conversation and start to address our very human and timeless questions. Part of the Belief Matters series. $13.99; Cokesbury Price $9.37

Incarnation The Surprising Overlap of Heaven & Earth William H. Willimon The idea that Christ was both divine and human will always be a mystery. But wouldn’t learning more about this major biblical theme help us think more clearly about our faith? $13.99; Cokesbury Price $9.37

Holy Communion Celebrating God with Us Kenneth M. Loyer; William H. Willimon, general editor Explores how celebrating the presence of God with us through Holy Communion nourishes our souls, refreshes our sense of community, and equips us for mission in Christ’s name. $13.99; Cokesbury Price $9.37

Trinity The God We Don’t Know Jason Byassee; William H. Willimon, general editor Uses Scripture, Early Church tradition, and modern theology to argue God can shape our misunderstanding of who God is to allow for faithful living and holy love of God and neighbor. $13.99; Cokesbury Price $9.37



Top 10 United Methodist Beliefs Don Adams Follow John Wesley’s scriptural pathway to spiritual formation. This book describes the 10 most important United Methodist beliefs that equip us for every good work. $14.99; Cokesbury Price $10.04

An Exact Likeness The Portraits of John Wesley Richard P. Heitzenrater A unique pictorial art history book that describes John Wesley’s legacy through the many portraits and sculptures that attempt his exact likeness, in life and in death. Hardcover. $39.99; Cokesbury Price $26.79

The Holy Spirit Stanley Hauerwas and William H. Willimon The work of the Spirit is more than a personal experience. This book challenges those individualistic and subjectivist accounts. Learn what God does as the Trinity and how to prayerfully embrace this gift. $13.99; Cokesbury Price $9.37

GreenFaith Mobilizing God’s People to Save the Earth Fletcher Harper; foreword by Bill McKibben What can ordinary people do to address climate change? GreenFaith shows it takes belief and practice, science, and faith to sustain us and our planet. $19.99; Cokesbury Price $13.39

The Works of John Wesley, Volume 27 Letters III (1756-1765) Ted A. Campbell, editor The third of seven volumes of John Wesley’s correspondence reveals much of him as a man and of the people and events in the early Methodist movement. Hardcover. Additional resources available. $59.99; Cokesbury Price $40.19

Why the Church? Robert W. Wall; Joel B. Green, general editor Some regard the church as an unnecessary institutionalization of faith. Part of the Reframing New Testament Theology series, this book takes the stand that the church is the concrete means to address our theological crisis. $29.99; Cokesbury Price $20.09


Resources for the Christian Journey

Leadership & Theology Catalog  

Leadership, Preaching, Worship, Stewardship, Church Growth, Pastoral Care, Discipleship, Church & Culture, Study & Theology

Leadership & Theology Catalog  

Leadership, Preaching, Worship, Stewardship, Church Growth, Pastoral Care, Discipleship, Church & Culture, Study & Theology