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Official 2018 VBS Preview/Workshops! Want a more in-depth look at Cokesbury VBS? Here’s your opportunity! Each workshop dives deep into all 5 Sessions as well as crafts, science, Bible stories, and more!

Coming to these great cities!

January 13 – Orlando, FL February 10 – Dallas, TX February 17 – Nashville, TN February 24 – Cincinnati, OH March 3 – Atlanta, GA March 10 – Charlotte, NC

9:00-11:30AM *Dates and location are subject to change


Each event includes:


•N  etworking opportunities with other VBS Directors and Volunteers! • Special one-day sales! • Decorating ideas! • FREE products and giveaways! • Q&A time with the VBS Team! • VBS Snacks! You’ll also be the first to hear Cokesbury VBS’ new music from our new writer/producer, • Information about Deep Blue Sunday School Curriculum! ANDY WILSON!

For more information or to RSVP, go to

Rolling River Rampage

invites children on a white water rafting adventure to experience the ride of a lifetime with God! Along the river, children discover that life with God is an adventure full of wonder and surprise, and that they can trust God to be with them through anything. Relevant music, exciting science, creative crafts, fun recreation, and memorable Bible stories will help kids know that God is always with them as they ride the rapids of amazing grace!

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When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. –Isaiah 43:2,CEB

Table of Contents

Overview Chart Super Starter Kit Setting the Stage Scripture Treasures Photo Booth Backdrop Deep Blue Curriculum Inflatable Raft Decorating Crafts Publicity Leader Resources Student Resources Science Romper (VBS Puppet)


Experience the Ride of a Lifetime with God! Bible Story





Find Adventure on the River!

Matthew 4:18-25 CEB




Jesus Calls the Disciples

Rapid Reminder

Jesus Accepts Mary and Martha

Find Acceptance on the River!

Find Joy on the River!

Find Rest on the River!

Luke 22:14-20 CEB

Jesus Makes a Promise Matthew 28:16-20 CEB

• Rolling River Rampage

• Little Fishers Cups

• I Will Be with You

• Rolling River Celery Sticks

• I’ve Got a River of Life • No Matter What Comes My Way

Luke 19:1-10 CEB

Jesus Shares a Special Meal


• Gone Fishin' Cookies

Luke 10:38-42 CEB

Jesus Walks with Zacchaeus


• Bear Family Crackers • Fresh Fruit Romper Pops • River Bed Bowls

• Life with You

• String Cheese Trees

• Zacchaeus (Wee Little Man)

• Grape & Pretzel Tree of Life

• You Got a Seat

• Stuffed Tortilla Bedrolls

• I Come to You

• Apples & Cheese in a Blanket

• Zacchaeus in a Crispy Rice Tree

• Pizza Pillows Find Peace on the River!

• Overflowing

• S’mores Snack Mix

• Here I Am

• Fruit & Yogurt S’mores • S'mores Pops

Rafting Ready Verse!

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. Isaiah 43:2

Science • Catch Some Rays • Go with the Flow! BONUS: • Solar Oven S'mores!

Recreation • Human Fishing Poles • Rolling River Relay

Crafts • Tie-On Life Vest

• Riverside Sit-Upon • Handprint Preschool Craft

• Windbag Wonders

• Ready for the Ride!

• Build-a-RiverScene Clay Set

• STEM Sailboat Race!

• Bible Disc Golf

• River Sand Art

• Bubbling Over

• The Dance of Joy

• Clean It Up!

• Bible Balloon Volley • River Rock Collectors

Mission Pillow

• River Ramblings Journal

• Rushing Waters

• Rapid Switch


Critter Feeders

• Fossil Fun! • Zacchaeus Diorama

Bucket of Sunshine

• River Rock Friendship Wristband • Friendship Frame

• ORANGE You Glad?

• Rolling and Resting

• Raised Edge Wood Craft Cross

• Break It Down!

• Rolling River Guides

• Rapid Reminder Magnet

• Gear Up!

• Woven Blessing Cross

• Rolling River Obstacle Course

• Campfire Suncatcher

• Racing the Rapids

• Promise Card

• Penny Drops • Washing Water... with Dirt!

• Pool Noodle Croquet

• Beaded Backpack Pull

Kindness Rocks!

Kindness Kits

All this comes in the Super Starter Kit! Rolling River Rampage Super Starter Kit has everything you need to help your kids experience the ride of a lifetime with God!

Super Starter Kit

9781501840760 • $169.99



Director Guide / Bible Storyteller / Preschool/Kindergarten Leader / Craft Leader / Music Leader / Science Leader / Assembly Leader / Recreation Leader / Decorating Guide / Reflection Time Leader


Preschool/Kindergarten Student Book Younger Elementary Student Book (Grades 1–2) Older Elementary Student Book (Grades 3–6) Bible Story Activity Stickers (one sheet)

Complete Music CD Mega Media Pak


Small Promotional Poster / Invitation Postcard / Iron-On Transfer / Leader Recognition Certificate / Student Certificate / Thank You Postcard / Nametag Card / Attendance Sticker / Nametag Holder / Logo Stickers / Follow-Up Photo Frame / Craft Theme Stickers / Door Hanger / Craft Samples

TableStarter of Contents Super Kit



3D Campfire Centerpiece

Setting the Stage

$14.99 (See page 16)


DECORATING MURAL $29.99 (See page 14)

ROMPER (puppet) $36.99 (See page 29)


Setting the Stage

$24.99 (See page 13)


Scripture Treasure Tag Set WITH CARABINERS The Rolling River Rampage Scripture Treasure Tag Set helps emphasize what kids learn each session during VBS! Each oar-shaped tag has the Rafting Ready Verse (Theme Verse) on one side and the Rapid Reminder (Key Learning) on the opposite side. Also comes with a 2" green carabiner. 9781501850516 • $24.99 (Pkg. of 12)

ON $2 LY . per 08 c Scripture Treasures



Create instant memories and fun with the Rolling River Rampage themed Photo Booth Backdrop! Add your own props to make it uniquely yours! 72" x 72" (2 panels) 9781501854125 • $24.99

TableBooth of Contents Photo Backdrop

Photo Booth Backdrop


Inflatable Raft!


Rolling River Rampage is not complete without the official Inflatable River Raft! This easy, ready-to-use decoration brings the thrill of the ride into any VBS area! From sitting on the stage to hanging from the ceiling, they look great anywhere! 58" x 33" x 14" 9781501854118 • $24.99

(Warning: not intended for use as a flotation device.)



The Rolling River Rampage Tablecloth allows you to carry the VBS theme throughout all areas of your church! Use it for Registration, Snack, Craft, and Science stations and more! This plastic table cover is 54" x 108" in size. 9781501850134 • $6.99

Decorating Mural


Low on budget, creativity, and/or volunteers? Or just need an extra ‘something’ to make your Rolling River Rampage set look epic? We’ve got the solution! The Rolling River Rampage Decorating Mural is quick and easy to assemble and provides an instant WOW! With three tiles that hang side by side, it’s the ideal backdrop for Assembly Time, welcome area, music areas, and so much more! 36" x 72" to tile 108" x 72". 9781501850103 • $29.99


Blue/Silver Foil Decorating Curtain

This colorful blue and silver foil fringe curtain can be used in many exciting ways that will take your VBS to the next level! Great for doorways, halls, and photo booths! Multiple curtains can be hung together for a special backdrop or to cover walls in your VBS area! (3' x 8') 9781501850110 • $5.99

Iridescent Decorating Curtain

The perfect way to create a white water look is with the Iridescent Decorating Curtain! It’s also great for doorways and halls! Multiple curtains can be hung together for a special backdrop, waterfall, or to cover walls in your VBS area! (3' x 8') 9781501854088 • $6.99

Transform your hallways and classrooms into a Rolling River Rampage VBS adventure! This plastic covering is also great for turning cardboard boxes into wood-like structures! It’s non-adhesive, which allows you to hang it however is best for your area. Comes in 3 pieces that measure 9' x 6' when assembled. 9781501850127 • $16.99


Wood GRAIN Backdrop


Decorating Poster Pak

The Decorating Poster Pak contains 12 posters featuring the Theme Verse, Rapid Reminders, and much more! These posters are great for your Reflection Time rooms, hallways, and the Bible Story Station. Posters measure 18" x 24". 9781501850080 • $17.99

3D Campfire Centerpiece

Complete your Rolling River Rampage stage and Bible Story Station with the 3D Campfire Centerpiece! Comes in two easy-to-assemble interlocking pieces. 23" x 22.5" 9781501854095 • $14.99




Help kids reinforce the Rapid Reminders and Theme Verse as they walk around Rolling River Rampage! These two-sided mobiles feature bright colors, the exciting Rolling River Rampage logo, and Romper the River Otter. Each mobile is 10" x 9". (Pkg. of 6) · Find Adventure on the River! · Find Acceptance on the River! · Find Joy on the River! · Find Rest on the River! · Find Peace on the River! 9781501850141 • $9.99


Transform any space into a place of fun and adventure with the new Rolling River String Flags! Flags are orange, green, teal, yellow, and purple and come on a 15 ft. string ready to hang! The Rolling River Rampage logo is on each flag! 9781501850615 • $4.99

Logo Balloons

Large Logo Poster

This colorful logo poster is a great way to decorate and will brighten any space and help create that epic Rolling River Rampage feel! The poster’s generous size (32" by 27") makes it easy to promote your VBS! 9781501850097 • $9.99


Create a festive and fun environment with the official Rolling River Rampage Logo Balloons! Each bag contains 100 latex balloons in yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple. 11" round. (Pkg. of 100) 9781501854101 • $9.99


Handprint Preschool Craft Kit

Designed especially for preschoolers, this craft kit comes with a piece of foam that resembles wood (9" x 7.5"), jute string for hanging it, and seven foam stickers. Just add your own washable finger paint, and you’ll have a special craft that will be treasured for years! (Pkg. of 12) 9781501850578 • $9.99

ON L 83¢Y






River Rock Friendship Wristband

Kids will be reminded of their awesome experience at Rolling River Rampage every time they wear this bracelet. (Pkg. of 12) Each bracelet kit comes with: • Stretchy, fishline-like 11-inch lacing cord to tie for a customized fit • Ten wood beads, holes pre-drilled, various colors • Ten stones, holes pre-drilled, various colors 9781501854132 • $11.99

ON $1. LY per 00 c hild

Build-A-RiverScene Clay Set

ON $1. LY per 50 c hild


Kids will love creating their very own Rolling River Rampage scene! Each set contains a small package of gray, green, yellow, and blue clay-like substance that hardens overnight. A great way to encourage creativity! (Pkg. of 12) 9781501850530 • $17.99


RIVER Sand Art Craft Kit

Kids and adults will love this sand art project! No glue required! Just peel off the tabs and add sand! The sand adheres to the sticky board. Sand colors include purple, blue (light & dark), yellow, green (light & dark), red, and black. Each different color comes in a separate pouch. 5" x 7" board. (Pkg. of 12) 9781501854149 • $14.99

ONLY 83¢ild

ON $1. LY per 25 c

h per c


Campfire Suncatcher Craft Kit

Kids will have fun creating their own unique suncatchers! Each Campfire Suncatcher Craft Kit includes one acetate window sheet, seven rock-shaped pieces of foam, a foam log sticker, two fire-shaped outlines, and one 8" string for hanging when complete. What a great reminder of the fun they had at VBS! (Pkg. of 12) 9781501850561 • $9.99

Zacchaeus Diorama Craft Kit


Help reinforce the Zacchaeus Bible story by using the pre-cut Zacchaeus Diorama! Kids can create their scene to look the way they imagine it by adding stickers, tissue paper, and other easy-to-find items to make it special. (Pkg. of 12) 9781501850547 • $19.99


ONLY 7 $1.6 ld hi per c

Appearances of crafts may vary due to the personlized nature of these projects


Kids are encouraged to personalize their wooden cross with easy-to-find items (such as pebbles, birdseed, rocks, etc.). Each cross is 5.5" x 9" and comes with a raised edge and triangular hanger on back. (Pkg. of 12) 9781501850554 • $17.99

ON $1. LY per 50 c




Theme Banner

Call attention to your VBS with this bright polyvinyl banner with four corner grommets for easy hanging. This giant banner is an easy addition to VBS decor. May be purchased alone, or with the lightweight yet sturdy fiberglass stand. 24" x 63" 9781501850158 • $19.99 (Banner Only) 9781501850165 • $34.99 (Banner & Stand) 9781630886301 • $16.99 (Stand Only)

Large Promotional Poster

Share the news of your Rolling River Rampage VBS with your church and community by placing these posters everywhere! Everyone will be drawn to this colorful 22" x 34" poster as they learn about all the fun details! Includes logo, and space for dates and details. 9781501847356 • $4.99


Small Promotional Poster


Inexpensive enough to buy several, these small promotional posters have the Rolling River Rampage logo and highlight the overall Bible verse for the program, Isaiah 43:2. The posters have plenty of space to write your VBS dates and details, so everyone will know about your Rolling River Rampage VBS! 17" x 22" (Pkg. of 2) 9781501847295 • $4.99

Outdoor banner

Let your community know about the white water adventure going on at your church this summer! This colorful 5'x3' polyvinyl weather-proof banner with the Rolling River Rampage logo provides lots of space for promoting your VBS dates and times. Six sturdy grommets allow for easy hanging. 9781501847349 • $34.99


A publicity and decorating tool in one product, the Activity Center Signs will direct your children and leaders to all their Rolling River Rampage VBS centers. Includes one sign for each activity center as well as other directional signs. The Publicity Pak makes it easy to create unique signage and to ensure everyone is involved. You’ll find the Theme Verse, Rapid Reminder, the Rolling River Rampage logo, and more! 11" x 16.5" 9781501847332 • $14.99

Iron-On Transfers

It’s fun and easy to use the Rolling River Rampage logo on T-shirts, hats, and more. Two sheets with six Rolling River Rampage iron-ons per sheet. 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" (Pkg. of 12) 9781501850172 • $6.99


Activity Center Signs & Publicity Pak

A great way to make sure every home in your area knows about Rolling River Rampage VBS! Eye-catching design that includes a place for your specific information. (Pkg. of 24) 9781501854071 • $4.99


Director Guide

Leader Resources

This easy-to-use guide walks both new and veteran VBS directors through every step of planning a successful and fun program. 9781501843655 • $19.99


Craft Leader

Works with do-it-yourself crafts or Cokesbury’s pre-packed kits. Includes photographs and tips. 9781501843716 • $7.99

Bible Storyteller

Decorating Guide

Preschool/ Kindergarten Leader

Elementary Classroom Leader

For each session, you’ll find Bible drama and single storyteller scripts, sign language instructions, and active learning options. Grades 1-6. 9781501843679 • $8.99

Age-appropriate Bible stories, crafts, science experiments, games, and more. Ideas that will make VBS memorable, even at this age! Ages 3–5. 9781501843693 • $11.99


This full-color guide is filled with ideas, tips, and directions to jumpstart your decorating. Includes visual construction guide and picture demonstrations. 9781501843808 • $6.99

All-in-one for combined grades or One Room VBS. Complete lesson plans for Bible storytelling, crafts, recreation, science, and reflection times. Grades 1–6. 9781501843860 • $24.99

This booklet will help leaders guide children to apply Bible stories, Rapid Reminders, and the Theme Verse with these river-themed reflections and activities. Also includes closing worship suggestions. 9781501843822 $2.99

Includes Bible lessons and ideas for recreation and mission projects. Also great for use as orientation for youth VBS volunteers. 9781501846489 • $9.99

Science Leader

Easy directions and photographs allow anyone to take the lead on science experiments. 9781501843730 • $7.99

Music Leader

New music for a new adventure. The adventure of a lifetime with God! There are 11 songs written specifically for the Rolling River Rampage theme! 9781501842283 • $8.99

Assembly Leader

Complete opening and closing scripts that include Romper the River Otter, plus prop lists, decorating ideas, worship outlines, and more! 9781501843761 • $5.99

Recreation Leader

Jam-packed with fun-filled games; high-, medium-, and low-energy options; plus modifications for preschoolers. 9781501843785 • $5.99

Bible Story Poster PACK

Colorful posters for each session’s Bible story will help set the stage! (5 posters) 9781501844928 • $15.99

Leader Resources

Youth Leader


Preschool/Kindergarten Student Book (Pkg of 6)* Kids decorate with stickers, play Bible games, color pictures, and more! 9781501846410 • $16.99

Younger Elementary Student Book (Grades 1-2) (Pkg of 6) Age-appropriate Bible stories and memory verse activities—including puzzles, mazes, and coloring pages—all designed to reinforce key truths. 9781501846427 • $16.99

Student Resources

VBS Recreation time is all about FUN!


Older Elementary Student Book (Grades 3-6) (Pkg of 6)

Kid-friendly and age-appropriate. Full of mazes, Scripture, games, word scrambles, and much more! 9781501846434 • $16.99

Over 30 pages of VBS theme-specific puzzles, games, color sheets, and more! 9781501846458 • $14.99

VBS and S’Mores... The Perfect Combination!

Older Rafter Reproducible Fun Pages (Grades 3 and Up)

Over 30 pages of VBS theme-specific puzzles, games, color sheets, and more—including a createyour-own VBS scrapbook! 9781501846465 • $14.99

Student Resources

Younger Rafter Reproducible Fun Pages(Grades Preschool-2nd)


Science Leader

Easy directions and photographs allow anyone to take the lead on science experiments. 9781501843730 • $7.99

Solar Paper


Harness the sun’s energy to form beautiful designs out of everyday objects! Direct light on these unique 5" x 7" sheets creates a white-on-blue print that students can keep to remember VBS! 12 sheets included. 9781501850608 • $8.99



During Assembly Time your kids will laugh, learn, and have fun with Romper the River Otter Puppet. Daily appearances with “Paddle Captain” (the Assembly leader) set the stage for each Bible story. Romper can also be used during Gathering Time with the preschoolers. Size: 26" 9781501844935 • $36.99 Non-Returnable


Romper the River Otter!


Music Video DVD

Music is such an important part of VBS and so are the music videos! Your kids will want to watch these fun and worshipful videos long after VBS is over. Each video demonstrates suggested motions designed for quick learning and to engage your children. 9781501844973 • $29.99

Decorating and Publicity CD-ROM

Make your Rolling River Rampage decorating and publicity easy and fun with this jam-packed CDROM! Includes reproducible graphics and clip art in multiple formats, customizable forms, decorating transparencies, and more. 9781501844997 • $24.99

Student Take-Home CD

Kick off kids’ VBS experience by giving them this CD when they register for VBS so they will already know the music when VBS begins! Features all 11 Rolling River Rampage songs! (Pkg. of 6) 9781501842276 • $23.99

Music & Media

Rolling River Rampage Song List


Complete Music CD

The Rolling River Rampage Complete Music CD includes 11 original VBS songs! Also included are instrumental tracks and PowerPoint® slides with lyrics for projection. 9781501842269 • $14.99

1. Rolling River Rampage (Theme Song) 2. Zacchaeus (Wee Little Man) 3. Overflowing 4. I Will Be With You 5. You Got a Seat 6. I Come to You 7. I’ve Got a River of Life 8. No Matter What Comes My Way 9. Life With You 10. Here I Am 11. BONUS: Beautiful Ride (Preschool Song)

Mega Media Pak The Rolling River Rampage Mega Media Pak has it all - Adventure Video DVD/CD-ROM for Assembly Time, Music Video DVD, and the Decorating and Publicity CD-ROM in one money-saving collection! 9781501845000 • $74.99

Music & Media

Cokesbury VBS welcomes Andy Wilson to our music team for 2018! All 11 songs were written & produced by Andy. Check out all the new music at!


Adventure Video DVD All 5 Opening Assembly video segments feature the fun and fearless River Outlook Center (R.O.C.) Team as they hunt for five mysteriously missing rafts. Each Closing Assembly video segment recaps the session’s key learnings while revealing the outcome of the raft search. Your assembly area becomes the Rolling River Rampage Adventure Center (R.A.C), where kids join in the adventure and experience the ride of a lifetime with God every day! The Adventure Video DVD/CD-ROM includes: • Fun and exciting Opening and Closing video segments for each session that are designed to fit in local churches • Sign language video demonstrations for the Rafting Ready Verse and Rapid Reminders • Pre-recorded puppet dialogue featuring Romper the River Otter • Assembly scripts in PDF format

Adventure Video

9781501844966 • $29.99


Craft Theme Stickers

A great way to decorate and customize most VBS crafts is with the Rolling River Rampage stickers! Images include the logo, Theme Verse, Rapid Reminders, Romper the River Otter, and more! (Pkg. of 12 sheets) 9781501850509 • $8.99

Bible Story Activity Stickers


A great way to keep track of everyone’s attendance at Rolling River Rampage VBS! One package has enough stickers for 24 students. 4 1/2" x 5 1/2"; (Pkg. of 120 stickers) 9781501850226 • $4.99

Spark younger kids’ imaginations with these Bible Story Activity Stickers! Please note: Bible Story Activity Stickers are needed for the Preschool/Kindergarten Student Books, Younger Elementary Student Books, and Younger Rafter Reproducible Fun Pages. (Pkg. of 6) 9781501846472 • $4.99

Stay Put Stickers

There are lots of ways to use these awesome stickers for your Rolling River Rampage VBS! Each bag of 500 stickers comes with both stay-put glitter stickers as well as non-glitter stickers. Sticker shapes include oars, a tree, a cross, a raft, Romper, a life vest, and more! 9781501850592 • $12.99

Use these Rolling River Rampage logos on crafts during VBS or wherever kids want to add a little VBS flair! Four logos per 2.75" x 11" sheet; (Pkg. of 6 sheets, total of 24) 9781501850233 • $3.99




ADULT Session Details Session 1

Bible Story: Jesus Calls the Disciples (Matthew 4:18-25) OPTIONAL ADDED READING: John 1:29-2:2, Mark 1:16-20 RAPID REMINDER: Find Adventure on the River! KEY LEARNING: Jesus called the disciples to use their life experience in a new way to serve God. Jesus calls adults today too, and we are already qualified to accept. No matter what our station, skills, or perceived limitations, anything can be used for God’s work!

Session 2

Bible Story: Jesus Accepts Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42) OPTIONAL ADDED READING: Isaiah 58:6-7, Luke 14:7-24 RAPID REMINDER: Find Acceptance on the River! KEY LEARNING: Martha and Mary had very different ways of serving Jesus and practicing hospitality. Embracing Jesus’ message of love and acceptance from this story helps adults become better neighbors as we build each other up in community…and glorify God in the process!

Session 3

Adult Study

VBS isn’t just for kids! Bring adults along on the ride of a lifetime with God in this five-session Bible study with Leader Guide notes and resources! Use it in advance with your volunteers and again during VBS with a separate adult class. 9781501846496 • $9.99

Bible Story: Jesus Walks with Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10) OPTIONAL ADDED READING: Ezekiel 34:12-16, Luke 15 RAPID REMINDER: Find Joy on the River! KEY LEARNING: In the way he went about his work as a tax collector, Zacchaeus was a despised character, but his encounter with Jesus immediately changed his heart for the good of all. Adults can help bring life-changing joy into the world by following Jesus’ example of extending grace and friendship!

Session 4

Bible Story: Jesus Shares a Special Meal (Luke 22:14-20) OPTIONAL ADDED READING: Matthew 26: 17-30, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 RAPID REMINDER: Find Rest on the River! KEY LEARNING: Jesus and the disciples rested together by remembering the gifts of God’s love and freedom. Today, the church celebrates the Lord’s Supper to pause and remember our bond as God’s family through the love and sacrifice of Jesus.

Adult Study

Session 5


Bible Story: Jesus Makes a Promise (Matthew 28:16-20) OPTIONAL ADDED READING: Luke 24:44-52, John 20:2122, Acts 1:1-11 RAPID REMINDER: Find Peace on the River! KEY LEARNING: Jesus’ promise to be with us always offers a powerful peace of mind and spirit that inspires confident action. When adults know God loves us and Jesus is with us, we can do amazing things, overcome obstacles, and keep going on the ride of a lifetime with God!

YOUTH Session Details Session 1

Bible Story: Jesus Calls the Disciples (Matthew 4:18-25) RAPID REMINDER: Find Adventure on the River! KEY LEARNING: When Jesus called the disciples, he empowered them to take their talents and skills on an extraordinary new adventure. Youth will explore God’s call in their own lives, and how they can grow and serve on this adventure of a lifetime!

Session 2

Youth Student

Bring Youth along on the ride of a lifetime with God with these age-appropriate games, activities, puzzles, and more! Use it in advance with your volunteers and again during VBS with a separate Youth class. 9781501846441 • $4.99

Bible Story: Jesus Accepts Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42) RAPID REMINDER: Find Acceptance on the River! KEY LEARNING: Martha was doing good work for Jesus…until she got distracted by what she thought her sister “should” be doing. Jesus’ response of love and acceptance helps youth to appreciate their own gifts while extending that same love and acceptance to others!

Session 3

Bible Story: Jesus Walks with Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10) RAPID REMINDER: Find Joy on the River! KEY LEARNING: Jesus inspired Zacchaeus to embark on a radical new beginning in life, simply by recognizing him and inviting him into a relationship as friends. Youth will experience their own fresh start by knowing that Jesus sees them and wants to be their friend, too! Bible Story: Jesus Shares a Special Meal (Luke 22:14-20) RAPID REMINDER: Find Rest on the River! KEY LEARNING: On the way to the most important week of his life, Jesus purposely set aside time with his friends to rest and remember all God had done for them. Jesus also calls youth to rest and remember God’s love so God can fill them with all that they need!

Session 5

Youth Leader

This easy-to-lead study guide offers Bible lessons, recreation, mission projects, and more. Whether familiarizing your youth volunteers with the material to empower them in leadership or providing a creative and relevant study just for them, this guide has everything you need to engage your students and have fun! 9781501846489 • $9.99

Bible Story: Jesus Makes a Promise (Matthew 28:16-20) RAPID REMINDER: Find Peace on the River! KEY LEARNING: Jesus gave the disciples a big job in the Great Commission, but he also gave them peace with his promise to be with them. Jesus’ promises are for youth, too, giving them peace and power to do extraordinary things as they invite others along on the great adventure with God!

Youth VBS Curriculum

Session 4


Website Features and benefits : • F REE RESOURCES and downloads that will enhance VBS programs of any size • Customizable registration forms • Personalized e-cards to publicize your VBS • Snack & craft calculators to eliminate guesswork and excess materials and food • Testimonial Videos • FREE music and video clips • FREE templates, activity pages, and coloring pages • And much more!

Abingdon Press VBS

24/7: Jesus Makes a Way Every Day!


The 24/7: Jesus Makes a Way Every Day! Starter Kit has everything needed to get your VBS started! The lessons are based on stories Jesus told of how God provides every hour of every day so that we might have life and live it to the fullest! Children, youth, and adults will have fun discovering that abundant life is based on a strong faith foundation, sharing in community, seeking justice, persistent prayer, and the forgiveness and love of Jesus Christ. 9781501850622 • $84.99


Great for weekend VBS, camps, mid-week gatherings, and more! ISBN 9781501820694 $169.99

Hero Central VBS



Nametag HolderS Perfect for VBS and at your children’s events all year! Each package includes an assortment of colors: red, blue, and yellow. Each nametag holder has a breakaway cord for safety. (Pkg. of 12) 9781426797552 • $14.99

Nametag CardS

Kids and Leaders get to know each other quickly with these bright and easyto-read nametags. They fit perfectly in the Nametag Holders (sold separately). (Pkg. of 24) 9781501850219 • $3.99

Invitation PostcardS

Recognition & Outreach

Kids still love to get mail and they will love receiving their very own postcard invitation to Rolling River Rampage VBS! With the colorful logo and artwork, each 3 9/16" x 5 3/8" postcard makes the anticipation personal. A great way to show kids how special they really are! (Pkg. of 24) 9781501847301 • $3.99



The full-color Rolling River Rampage logo provides a “thank you” to those who worked hard to inspire kids at Rolling River Rampage VBS. (Pkg. of 24) 9781501850202 • $3.99


Take a group photo or individual photos to capture the excitement of Rolling River Rampage VBS. Then use these Follow-Up Photo Frames to invite children back to church. Kids have a keepsake with your church’s activity information on the other side. (Pkg. of 24 sheets, 2 frames per sheet, total of 48) 9781501850240 • $4.99



The fun-loving VBS puppet, Romper the River Otter, is featured on the official 2018 Rolling River Rampage completion certificate! The Student Certificate is something kids will be able to take home and share with pride. (Pkg. of 48) 9781501850196 • $6.99

Recognition & Outreach

The Leader Recognition Certificates are a wonderful way to show your appreciation to those who worked so hard to make your Rolling River Rampage VBS a success! (Pkg. of 12) 9781501850189 • $3.99


ROMPER Mission Pillow Your students (or Rafters) will love creating a Romper Mission Pillow to keep or to share. An easy and safe sewing project for boys and girls. Kit includes pre-cut felt pieces, yarn, and stuffing. 9781501850585 • $18.99 (pkg. of 12) 9.25" x 7.60" Rolling River Rampage-themed mission activities are designed to experience the ride of a lifetime with God by learning the value of serving others. Foundations of our faith are rooted in service and mission. Located in the Rolling River Rampage Mission Leader are suggestions for students to participate in several hands-on mission projects and or select a session long project that will equip them to experience the ride of a lifetime with God.

Some Options Include: • Creating a Romper Mission Pillow to bring comfort by making pillows for others in need. • Assemble Kindness Kits for others in need. Rafters decorate clean recycled plastic containers and fill them with travel-sized toiletries and healthy snacks.


• Invite Rafters to decorate rocks by sharing positive messages of hope with others through the Kindness Rocks Mission Craft.


ONLY 8 $1.5 hild per c

Volunteering at VBS is EASY and FUN! Alex, a Senior at Purdue University studying Electrical Engineering and in the Air Force ROTC program, is a VBS volunteer every summer at Heritage Presbyterian Church in Ohio.

Alex says: “I can’t wait for VBS each summer! It’s so rewarding to volunteer and form lasting relationships with the kids! It’s a way for me to give back to the church that gave so much to me as a kid.”

Volunteer for a week, Change a life forever!


Alex’s advice to volunteers: “Just show up and be willing. The curriculum is so easy to teach. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you will have! Rolling River Rampage is a blast!”


T-Shirts Leader T-shirts 9781501852633 9781501852640 9781501852657 9781501852664 9781501852671

Adult Small Adult Medium Adult Large Adult XL Adult XXL

$9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99

Children’s T-shirts


9781501852688 9781501852695 9781501852701 9781501852718 9781501852725


Children’s Extra Small Children’s Small Children’s Medium Children’s Large Children’s XL

$8.99 $8.99 $8.99 $8.99 $8.99

The official Rolling River Rampage t-shirt! Full color logo on the front, and a space for you to add your church logo on the back!

River Guide Life Vests

Set your VBS volunteers apart with our exclusive River Guide Life Vest! Each orange vest comes with pre-printed logo and the word GUIDE on the back. Velcro closures in the front ensure a comfortable fit. 9781501854255 • $10.99


Top off your River Guide look with our River Guide Fishing Hat! Create a unique keepsake for years to come by decorating it with markers, paint, and more! One size fits most adults. Comes in a small easy-to-store pouch. 9781501854248 • $5.99

ONL $1. Y per 67 chil

Tie-on LIFE VESTS This customizable Life Vest comes with pre-printed logo, plus adjustable side ties for the perfect fit. Add to the fun by allowing each Rafter to make it unique with markers, paint, and Rolling River Rampage stickers! Life Vests snaps in front for comfortable fit. 9781501850523 • $19.99 (Pkg. of 12)

Life Vests & Hats



Rolling River Rampage Downloads Order Number

Product Description



LEADER GUIDES 9781501843846 Mission Leader $2.99 9781501843853 Snack Leader $2.99 9781501843662 Director Guide $19.99 9781501843686 Bible Storyteller $8.99 9781501843709 Preschool/Kindergarten Leader $11.99 9781501843723 Craft Leader $7.99 9781501843754 Music Leader $8.99 9781501843747 Science Leader $7.99 9781501843778 Assembly Leader $5.99 9781501843792 Recreation Leader $5.99 9781501843815 Decorating Leader $6.99 9781501843839 Reflection Time Leader $2.99 9781501859168 Elementary Classroom Leader $24.99

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

MUSIC 9781501851933 9781501851940 9781501851957 9781501851964 9781501851971 9781501851988 9781501851995 9781501852008 9781501852015 9781501852022 9781501852039 9781501852046

MP3 Download Full Album- All Tracks $9.99 MP3 Download- Track 1 - Rolling River Rampage Single Track $0.99 MP3 Download- Track 2 - Zacchaeus (Wee Little Man) Single Track $0.99 MP3 Download- Track 3 - Overflowing Single Track $0.99 MP3 Download- Track 4 - I Will Be with You Single Track $0.99 MP3 Download- Track 5 - You Got a Seat Single Track $0.99 MP3 Download- Track 6 - I Come to You Single Track $0.99 MP3 Download- Track 7 - I’ve Got a River of Life Single Track $0.99 MP3 Download- Track 8- No Matter What Comes My Way Single Track $0.99 MP3 Download- Track 9 - Life With You Single Track $0.99 MP3 Download- Track 10 - Here I Am Single Track $0.99 MP3 Download- Track 11 (Preschool Song) - Beautiful Ride Single Track $0.99

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Music Video- Full Video Streaming- Rolling River Rampage - Single Track VBS Streaming- Zacchaeus (Wee Little Man) Single Track Streaming- Overflowing Single Track Streaming- I Will Be with You Single Track Streaming- You Got a Seat Single Track Streaming- I Come to You Single Track Streaming- I’ve Got a River of Life Single Track Streaming- No Matter What Comes My Way Single Track Streaming- Life With You Single Track Streaming- Here I Am Single Track VBS Streaming- Beautiful Ride (Preschool Song) Single Track VBS

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____



9781501852053 9781501852060 9781501852077 9781501852084 9781501852091 9781501852107 9781501852114 9781501852121 9781501852138 9781501852145 9781501852152 9781501854156


$28.99 $2.99 $2.99 $2.99 $2.99 $2.99 $2.99 $2.99 $2.99 $2.99 $2.99 $2.99

Rolling River Rampage Downloads Order Number

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ADVENTURE VIDEOS 9781501852169 9781501852176 9781501852183 9781501852190 9781501852206 9781501852213 9781501852220 9781501852237 9781501852244 9781501852251 9781501852268

Streaming Adventure Video - Full Video $28.99 Adventure Video Session One Find Adventure on the River – Opening $2.99 Adventure Video Session One Find Adventure on the River – Closing $2.99 Adventure Video Session Two Find Acceptance on the River – Opening $2.99 Adventure Video Session Two Find Acceptance on the River – Closing $2.99 Adventure Video Session Three Find Joy on the River - Opening $2.99 Adventure Video Session Three Find Joy on the River – Closing $2.99 Adventure Video Session Four Find Rest on the River – Opening $2.99 Adventure Video Session Four Find Rest on the River – Closing $2.99 Adventure VideoSession Five Find Peace on the River – Opening $2.99 Adventure VideoSession Five Find Peace on the River – Closing $2.99

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Downloadable High Resolution Logo



Downloadable Lyric Sheets with Guitar Chords



LOGO 9781501851919 GUITAR CHORDS 9781501851926

A A special special thanks thanks to to our our Rolling River Rampage test test churches: churches: Asbury Asbury United United Methodist Methodist Church Church (Little (Little Rock, Rock, AR) AR) Connell Connell Memorial Memorial United United Methodist Methodist Church Church (Goodlettsville, (Goodlettsville, TN) TN) Heritage Heritage Presbyterian Presbyterian Church Church (Mason, (Mason, OH) OH) Parkview Parkview Church Church of of the the Nazarene Nazarene (Dayton, (Dayton, OH) OH) Tucker Tucker First First United United Methodist Methodist Church Church (Tucker, (Tucker, GA) GA)

__Charge to Cokesbury Account #_____________________ __Please open a Cokesbury Account with this order. __Check or money order enclosed (made payable to Cokesbury) __Mail (send completed order form to address below) Cokesbury P.O. Box 280988 2222 Rosa L. Parks Blvd. Nashville, TN 37228-0988 __Please charge the following credit card (circle one): American Express

MasterCard Visa Discover

Card #_____________________________________ Exp. Date________ Signature___________________________

(Required with all credit card purchases)

To order, call 800-672-1789, contact your area Community Resource Consultant, or shop online at! Returns by September 15, 2018 • Opened items cannot be returned.




Rolling River Rampage Order Form Order Number

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Starter Kit 9781501840760

Super Starter Kit*



Total _____

Leader Resources 9781501843655 Director Guide* _____ $19.99 _____ 9781501843679 Bible Storyteller* _____ $8.99 _____ 9781501843693 Preschool/Kindergarten Leader* _____ $11.99 _____ 9781501843716 Craft Leader* _____ $7.99 _____ 9781501842283 Music Leader* _____ $8.99 _____ 9781501843730 Science Leader* _____ $7.99 _____ 9781501843761 Assembly Leader* _____ $5.99 _____ 9781501843785 Recreation Leader* _____ $5.99 _____ 9781501843808 Decorating Guide* _____ $6.99 _____ 9781501843822 Reflection Time Leader* _____ $2.99 _____ 9781501843860 Elementary Classroom Leader _____ $24.99 _____ 9781501844928 Bible Story Poster Pak _____ $15.99 _____

Order Form

Puppet 9781501844935 Romper the River Otter Puppet





Youth and Adult 9781501846489 Youth Leader Book _____ $9.99 _____ 9781501846441 Youth Student Book _____ $4.99 _____ 9781501846496 Adult Study _____ $9.99 _____ Music and Media 9781501842269 Complete Music CD* _____ $14.99 _____ 9781501842276 Student Take-Home CD (Pkg. of 6) _____ $23.99 _____ 9781501844966 Adventure Video DVD/CD-ROM for Assembly Time @ _____ $29.99 _____ 9781501844973 Music Video DVD @ $29.99 _____ 9781501844997 Decorating and Publicity CD-ROM@ _____ $24.99 _____ 9781501845000 Mega Media Pak (Items with @ are in this Pak)* _____ $74.99 _____ Student Resources 9781501846410 Preschool/Kindergarten Student Book (Pkg. of 6)* _____ $16.99 _____ 9781501846427 Younger Elementary Student Book (Grades 1-2)(Pkg. of 6)* _____ $16.99 _____ 9781501846434 Older Elementary Student Book (Grades 3-6)(Pkg. of 6) _____ $16.99 _____ 9781501846458 Younger Rafter Reproducible Fun Pages (Grades Preschool - 2nd) _____ $14.99 _____ 9781501846465 Older Rafter Reproducible Fun Pages (Grades 3 & Up) _____ $14.99 _____ Publicity Resources 9781501847295 Small Promotional Poster (Pkg. of 2)* _____ $4.99 _____ 9781501847356 Large Promotional Poster _____ $4.99 _____ 9781501847301 Invitation Postcard (Pkg. of 24)* _____ $3.99 _____ 9781501847332 Activity Center Signs & Publicity Pak _____ $14.99 _____ 9781501847349 Outdoor Banner _____ $34.99 _____ 9781501854071 Promotional Door Hangers (Pkg. of 24)* _____ $4.99 _____ 9781501850172 Iron-On Transfers (Pkg. of 12)* _____ $6.99 _____ 9781501850189 Leader Recognition Certificates (Pkg. of 12)* _____ $3.99 _____ 9781501850196 Student Certificates (Pkg. of 48)* _____ $6.99 _____ 9781501850202 Thank You Postcards (Pkg. of 24)* _____ $3.99 _____ 9781501850219 Nametag Cards (Pkg. of 24)* _____ $3.99 _____ 9781426797552 Nametag Holders (Pkg. of 12)* _____ $14.99 _____ 9781501850240 Follow-Up Photo Frames (Pkg of 48)* _____ $4.99 _____

Order Number

Product Description




Decorating 9781501850080 Decorating Poster Pak _____ $17.99 _____ 9781501850097 Large Logo Poster _____ $9.99 _____ 9781501850103 Decorating Mural 108" X 72" _____ $29.99 _____ 9781501850110 Blue/Silver Foil Decorating Curtain _____ $5.99 9781501854088 Iridescent Decorating Curtain _____ $6.99 _____ 9781501850127 Wood Grain Backdrop _____ $16.99 _____ 9781501850134 Rolling River Tablecloth _____ $6.99 _____ 9781501850141 Rapid Reminder Mobiles (Pkg. of 6) _____ $9.99 _____ 9781501850615 Rolling River String Flags _____ $4.99 _____ 9781501854095 3D Campfire Centerpiece _____ $14.99 _____ 9781501854101 Logo Balloons (Pkg. of 100) _____ $9.99 _____ 9781501854118 Inflatable Raft _____ $24.99 _____ 9781501854125 Photo Booth Backdrop _____ $24.99 _____ 9781501850158 VBS Theme Banner _____ $19.99 _____ 9781501850165 VBS Theme Banner & Stand Combo _____ $34.99 _____ 9781630886301 Banner Stand _____ $16.99 _____

Other Apparel 9781501850523 Tie-On Life Vest (pkg. of 12)* 9781501854255 River Guide Life Vest 9781501854248 River Guide Fishing Hat Scripture Treasures 9781501850516 Scripture Treasure Tag Set with Carabiners (pkg. of 12)*

_____ _____ _____

$19.99 $10.99 $5.99

_____ _____ _____




Crafts 9781501854132 River Rock Friendship Wristband (pkg. of 12) _____ $11.99 _____ 9781501850530 Build-a-River-Scene Clay Set (pkg. of 12) _____ $17.99 _____ 9781501854149 River Sand Art Craft Kit (pkg. of 12)* _____ $14.99 _____ 9781501850547 Zacchaeus Diorama Craft Kit (pkg. of 12)* _____ $19.99 _____ 9781501850554 Raised Edge Wood Craft Cross (pkg. of 12) _____ $17.99 _____ 9781501850561 Campfire Suncatcher Craft Kit (pkg. of 12)* _____ $9.99 _____ 9781501850578 Handprint Preschool Craft Kit (pkg. of 12)* _____ $9.99 _____ 9781501850585 Mission Pillow Craft Kit (pkg. of 12) _____ $18.99 _____ Stickers 9781501850509 Craft Theme Stickers (pkg. of 12)* _____ $8.99 _____ 9781501850592 Stay Put Stickers _____ $12.99 _____ 9781501850233 Logo Stickers (pkg. of 24)* _____ $3.99 _____ 9781501850226 Attendance Stickers (pkg. of 12)* _____ $4.99 _____ 9781501846472 Bible Story Activity Stickers (pkg. of 6)* _____ $4.99 _____ Science 9781501850608 Solar Paper (pkg. of 12)




* items are in Super Starter Kit @ items are in the Mega Media Pak

Order Form

Apparel 9781501852633 Leader T-Shirt (Small) _____ $9.99 _____ 9781501852640 Leader T-Shirt (Medium) _____ $9.99 _____ 9781501852657 Leader T-Shirt (Large) _____ $9.99 _____ 9781501852664 Leader T-Shirt (XL) _____ $9.99 _____ 9781501852671 Leader T-Shirt (XXL) _____ $12.99 _____ 9781501852688 Child T-Shirt (Extra Small) _____ $8.99 _____ 9781501852695 Child T-Shirt (Small) _____ $8.99 _____ 9781501852701 Child T-Shirt (Medium) _____ $8.99 _____ 9781501852718 Child T-Shirt (Large) _____ $8.99 _____ 9781501852725 Child T-Shirt (XL) _____ $8.99 _____



P.O. Box 280988 2222 Rosa L. Parks Blvd. Nashville, TN 37228-0988

Super Starter Kit The Super Starter Kit provides everything you need to launch your epic adventure! ISBN 9781501840760 $169.99 #cokesburyvbs

See pages 6-7 for Super Starter Kit options and contents. Starter Kit ships in January 2018

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