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Walking the Path of Jesus

A new churchwide study by ADAM HAMILTON

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Author insights

In the Gospels, Jesus modeled for us the Christian spiritual life. The apostles taught it in their writings. And the Church has, through the last 2,000 years, sought to pursue this Christian spiritual life.

NEW The Walk

Five Essential Practices of the Christian Life Adam Hamilton



How do we walk with Christ—daily follow him, grow in him, and faithfully serve him? Join Adam Hamilton this Lent and Easter in The Walk and discover five essential spiritual practices rooted in Jesus’ own walk with God. In each chapter, Hamilton’s engaging teaching style will help you explore one of these practices—each of which is intended to be a part of our daily walk with Christ—its New Testament foundation, and its potential effect on our personal lives and our lives together as the church. Perfect as a standalone book or can be combined with the DVD, Leader Guide, and youth and children’s resources to create a six-week, churchwide study. Abingdon Press. Coming in December.

9781501891182. Hardcover Book. $19.99; $13.99 9781501891212. Leader Guide. $14.99; $10.79 9781501891236. DVD. [CC] 6 sessions: 10–12 min. each. $39.99; $29.99 9781501891328. Children’s Leader Guide. Grades K–2 & 3–6. $18.99; $13.79 9781501891304. Youth Study Book. Grades 6–12. $11.99; $8.79 kit dvd



participant participant kit

book book dvd cd

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kit includes:



guide leader leader guide participant kit participant participant leader guide leader leaderguide guide kit 9781501894671. Leaderbook Kit. Includes: 1 each of above. $105.99; $79.99 h bookdevobooksh book book book bookash book sh asdevo a ash bookdevo devo flbook devo fl fl fl fla book book tional tional 9781501899560. Church Kit. Includes: a package of 10 Prayer Journals, a tional tional preview preview preview previewtional dvd preview

what you’ll need Youth and Children’s resources also included in kit


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Prayer Journal also available as well as other components.

package of 25 Clings, and a package of 30 Key Tags, also sold separately, below. $56.99; $44.99

Also available:

9781501891359. Prayer Journal. Pkg. of 10, $24.99; $19.99 9781501891373. Clings. Pkg. of 25, $15.99; $12.99 9781501899706. Key Tags. Pkg. of 30, $15.99; $10.79

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New & Notable This Lent, ponder the themes of justice, poverty, freedom, and love NEW The Grace of Les Misérables Matt Rawle

Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables is a truly epic story. Whether you’ve read the novel, seen the Broadway musical, heard its soundtrack, or seen the several screen adaptations, you already know the power in the story. In the six-week Lenten study The Grace of Les Misérables, author and pastor Matt Rawle dives into six ideals found in the story—grace, justice, poverty, revolution, love, and hope—each represented by a character in Hugo’s story. In keeping with his previous works, Rawle brings us to the intersection of Church and Pop Culture by drawing parallels between the iconic story and musical and our Christian calling, inspiring us to both understand our faith and live it out in the world. Additional study components include a DVD, a comprehensive leader guide, a youth resource, and a Worship Resources Flash Drive. The Leader Kit includes one of each component listed. Abingdon Press. Coming in December.

9781501887109. Book. $16.99; $11.99 9781501887123. Leader Guide. $14.99; $10.79 9781501887147. DVD. [CC] 6 sessions: 8–10 min. each. $39.99 9781501887239. Worship Resources Flash Drive. $34.99; $19.99 9781501887215. Youth Study Book. $11.99; $8.79 9781501887253. Leader Kit. $118.99; $84.99


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author insights

Les Misérables is a story that wrestles with the intersection between offering grace and maintaining justice.... It’s the kind of story that leaves you asking better questions about God, the world, and our role within it; rather than offering a nice and polite moral with a curtain call.

What Makes a Hero?

The Death-Defying Ministry of Jesus Matt Rawle How does Jesus redefine what it means to be a hero? What Makes a Hero? offers us an image of what it looks like to be victorious over trials and temptations. Looking at pop culture heroes and others through the lens of faith, Matt Rawle shows how Jesus turned the concept of hero on its head. In keeping with his theme, “Pop in Culture,” the book examines how good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, and overcoming adversity are fundamental to how Christians understand salvation. Heroes help us discern the good, fight for what’s right, define identity, execute justice, spark revolution, and save lives. Rawle enters the Gospel story to tell quite a different victory story—one obtained through humility, obedience to the cross, and an empty tomb. Additional components for a six-week study include a comprehensive Leader Guide, a DVD featuring Matt Rawle, a Worship Resources Flash Drive, and youth and children’s resources. Abingdon Press.

9781501847929. Book. $16.99; $6.99 Streaming video 9781501847943. Leader Guide. $12.99; $9.99 sessions are also 9781501847967. DVD. [CC] 6 sessions: 10–12 min. each. $39.99; $25.49 available on 9781501848056. Worship Resources Flash Drive. $34.99; $18.99 9781501847912. Children’s Leader Guide. $18.99; $8.49 9781501848032. Youth Study Book. $11.99; $8.99 9781501870033. Leader Kit. Contains 1 of each component listed. $135.94; $94.99


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New & Notable Recognize your own place in the story and Passion of Jesus NEW The Passion Play

Living the Story of Christ’s Last Days Rob Fuquay Jesus’ Passion story is presented each Lent in countless churches every year. But one play presented by the inhabitants of the village of Oberammergau, in Bavaria, Germany, may be one of the longest-running performances of all. Staged every ten years since 1634, the play makes an impact not only on the villagers who portray the characters but on all who see it as well. In The Passion Play, Rob Fuquay follows the biblical story of the Passion and shows how this amazing play has been used both as a ritual of praise and later as a weapon through its anti-Semitic past. The book makes a perfect six-week Lenten group study when paired with the Leader Guide and the DVD, which was filmed on location in Germany and contains behind-the-scenes footage of the production. Abingdon Press.

9781501884412. Book. $16.99; $12.99 9781501884504. Leader Guide. $14.99; $10.99 9781501884436. DVD. [CC] 6 sessions: 6–8 min. each. $39.99; $29.99 COKESBURY EXCLUSIVE 9781501884535. Leader Kit. One each of above components. $71.99; $49.99

author insights

When you live in a town that has kept a once-a-decade tradition for three-hundred eighty-six years, you learn a lot about the power of ritual....This resource makes for a great Lenten study that could be used by classes or groups or form the basis of an entire churchwide experience. You’ll not only gain an appreciation for this historic play, you’ll also take away new meaning for the story of Jesus’ Passion and the hope and inspiration this story brings to our lives today.

Also from this author: The God We Can Know

Exploring the “I Am” Sayings of Jesus Rob Fuquay

This 7-week study is designed for the entire congregation to explore the “I am” sayings of Jesus found in the Gospel of John. Perfect for Lent, the series will help you find and form an answer to the most essential question in the Christian faith, “Who do you say I am?” One by one, Jesus’ statements grab our imagination, reveal more about his identity and purpose, and connect us to the God of Moses, who spoke the first “I am.” The DVD, filmed on location in the Holy Land, features age-level guides for children, youth, and adults. Upper Room Books.

Which Way, Lord?

Exploring Your Life’s Purpose in the Journeys of Paul Rob Fuquay

This 6-session churchwide or smallgroup study will help you understand God’s desire for your life by unpacking your experiences alongside those of the apostle Paul. The DVD features age-level guides. Upper Room Books.

9780835817028. Book. $9.99; $7.99 9780835817035. Enlarged Print Book. $9.99; $7.99 9780835817066. DVD. 6 sessions; 9–16 min. each. $39.99; $37.99

9780835813389. Book. $9.99; $6.99 9780835815550. Enlarged Print Book. $9.99; $7.99 9780835813624. DVD with Leader’s Guide. 7 sessions; 7–10 min. each. $39.99; $35.99 LE20

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New & Notable Explore the life & character of Jesus NEW Jesus

The God Who Knows Your Name Max Lucado In this seminal work, beloved pastor and best-selling author Max Lucado explores the life and character of Jesus, now with never-before-read content. The God of the universe knows your name. He has walked your streets. Jesus. Perhaps you’ve heard about him, studied him, or prayed to him. But do you know him? This is the question Max poses to the reader. Divided into six sections (Immanuel, Friend, Teacher, Miracle Worker, Lamb of God, Returning King) each containing multiple chapters, this book not only describes the person of Jesus but also eloquently dives into the heart of Jesus towards the reader. By exploring Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, as well as specific details like how he interacted with his friends and his enemies, what he did with time alone, and how he acted at a party, this compilation from Max Lucado, now with original never-before-read content, gives readers the chance to become more familiar with the man at the center of the greatest story ever told. By learning more about the person Jesus was and is, readers will understand more clearly who they were created to be. Thomas Nelson. Coming in January.

9781400214693. Hardcover Book. $24.99; $16.79 9780310105831. Study Guide. $12.99; $9.79 9780310105862. Study Guide with DVD. Contains one Study Guide & one 6-session DVD. $41.99; $26.49 9780310105855. DVD Video Study. 6 sessions. $29.99; $22.99

author insights

Don’t settle for a cursory glance or a superficial understanding. Look long into the heart of Christ and you’ll see it. Grace and life. Forgiveness of sin. The defeat of death. This is the hope he gives. This is the hope we need.

Also from this author: He Chose the Nails

Six Hours One Friday

This five-session video Bible study explores the many gifts that Christ provided to us at his crucifixion. Includes video discussion questions, Bible exploration, personal study and reflection materials, and an additional session for churches/small groups as part of Lent. Use with the He Chose the Nails DVD in the combined studies, below. Thomas Nelson.

In Six Hours One Friday, Max Lucado takes the reader deep into the meaning of Jesus’ last hours on the cross. Through his death, your life has purpose and meaning. You are forgiven and loved by a Savior who died for you. And an empty tomb proclaims that death does not have the final word. In this special expanded edition, Max Lucado will journey with the reader through a Bible study exploring each chapter of the book. Ideal for personal devotional time, small-group study, or classroom exploration, this Lenten study will be supported through video as a Live Bible Study on Facebook Live, then subsequently supported through online streaming. Thomas Nelson.

What God Did to Win Your Heart Max Lucado

9780718085070. Book. $17.99; $12.79 9780310687269. 5-Session Study Guide. $10.99; $6.99 9780849942457. Workbook. $16.99; $9.99

Also available, combined Lent/Advent studies: 9780310687283. Combined Study Guide & 2 DVD Set. 1 DVD each: He Chose the Nails & Because of Bethlehem. $47.99; $37.29 9780310687849. 2-DVD Set. 1 DVD each: He Chose the Nails & Because of Bethlehem. 9 videos; 14–18 min. each. $29.99; $23.29


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Living the Power of the Cross Max Lucado

9781400207404. Hardcover. $16.99; $11.99


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New & Notable Dive deep into the history of the last days before the crucifixion Entering the Passion of Jesus

A Beginner’s Guide to Holy Week Amy-Jill Levine Jesus’ final days were full of risk. Every move he made was filled with anticipation, danger, and the potential for great loss or great reward. He risked his reputation when he entered Jerusalem in a victory parade. He risked his life when he dared to teach in the Temple. His followers risked everything when they left behind their homes, or anointed him with costly perfume. We take risks as we read and re-read these stories, finding new meanings and new challenges. In Entering the Passion of Jesus, author, professor, and biblical scholar Amy-Jill Levine explores the biblical texts surrounding the Passion story. She shows us how the text raises ethical and spiritual questions for the reader, and how we all face risk in our Christian experience. A rich and challenging learning experience for small groups and individual readers alike. Part of a larger six-week study that is perfect for Lent. Abingdon Press.

9781501869556. Book. $16.99; $15.29 9781501869570. Leader Guide. $12.99; $11.99 9781501869594. DVD. [CC] 6 sessions: 10–12 min. each. $39.99; $25.99 9781501876226. Leader Kit. Contains 1 each of above components. $69.99; $49.99

Also available:

9781501876158. Large Print Book. $17.99; $13.49

Streaming video sessions are also available on author insights

Although the Bible gives us insights into what Jesus was thinking between the time he entered into Jerusalem and the night he spent in the Garden of Gethsemane, we can’t totally relate. If we look closely at the people who were part of Jesus’ life during the last days before the crucifixion— their relationships and roles in the story—how might that deepen our understanding of what happened? NEW Why Easter Matters Andy Stanley

As believers in Christ, we all would like to say that we trust in God, that we believe God has our best interests in mind, and that obedience is the best pathway to finding joy, peace, contentment, and fulfillment in life. But the truth is that we often find ourselves actively resisting the very God in whom we say we trust. This was true of people even back in the days of first-century Israel when Jesus walked the earth. In this four-session study, pastor Andy Stanley explores the lives of some of these individuals and reveals how the story of Easter became real to them when they found themselves caught up in the events of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Their stories give us great insights into our own relationship toward God, revealing the attitudes of our hearts and compelling us to truly consider why Easter matters and the effect it has on our lives. Zondervan.

9780310121091. 4-Session Study Guide. $10.99; $7.99

Also available, combined studies for Lent & Advent (Why Easter Matters & Who Needs Christmas):

9780310121114. Study Guides & DVD. $49.99; $39.99 9780310121121. 2-DVD Set. 8 videos. $29.99; $23.99


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Studies God can turn your ordinary life into an extraordinary one! Simon Peter

Flawed but Faithful Disciple Adam Hamilton He left everything to follow his teacher and possessed a passion that would change the world. That’s one way to describe Peter. Here’s another: poor, uneducated, quick-tempered, and full of doubts and fears. Doesn’t even sound like the same man. And that’s the point of Simon Peter, a six-week adult Bible study by Adam Hamilton. Peter was just an ordinary guy who heard and followed God’s extraordinary call. Discover how you, too, have special gifts, talents, and abilities that God can use to make a difference today. In addition to the Leader Guide and DVD components for adult studies, corresponding youth and children’s resources, sold separately, can be used to create a six-week churchwide study. Abingdon Press.

9781501845987. Hardcover Book. $19.99; $11.99 9781501846014. Leader Guide. $12.99; $8.49 9781501846038. DVD. [CC] 6 videos; 10–12 min. each. $39.99; $24.99 9781501846106. Youth Study Book. $11.99; $8.99 9781501846120. Children’s Leader Guide. $18.99; $13.99 9781501876219. Leader Kit. (1 each of components listed above) $103.99; $69.99

Also available:

Streaming videos available on


What Christians Believe and Why Adam Hamilton

Adam Hamilton believes that powerful answers to many of our complicated questions are contained in the Apostles’ Creed. In Creed, he leads readers to confront and examine their own core beliefs and go beyond reciting the Creed’s familiar words. Abingdon Press. 9781501813719. Hardcover Book. $19.99; $10.99

9781501846007. Large Print Book. $20.99; $11.99

24 Hours That Changed the World


The Way

Guides us, step by step, through the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life, retracing the day that changed human history in a straightforward yet easy, conversational style that speaks to both long-time Christians and those who are simply curious about the story of Christ’s crucifixion. Abingdon Press.

The Gospel of John is the most deeply spiritual of the four gospels. Follow the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus through the Gospel of John and understand the context of some of the best-known verses in the New Testament. Abingdon Press.

Travel with Adam Hamilton as he retraces the life and ministry of Jesus. Video from his travels to the Holy Land give you a “firstperson” experience while his biblical wisdom and historical knowledge provide thoughtful and insightful commentary. Great as part of a 40-day churchwide emphasis during Lent and Easter. Abingdon Press.

Adam Hamilton

The Gospel of Light and Life Adam Hamilton

9781501828775. Book. $14.99; $9.99

9781501805332. Hardcover Book. $18.99; $10.99

Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus Adam Hamilton

9781501828782. Book. $14.99; $10.99

Additional components for these studies are available online. 8

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Studies An imaginative, challenging journey through Lent The Resilient Disciple

A Lenten Journey From Adversity to Maturity Justine Allain Chapman Alone on an 8-day retreat in the Egyptian desert, Justine Allain Chapman experienced first-hand the physical, spiritual, and mental struggle many have endured before her. Our own desert experience may involve attending to challenges that come upon us suddenly—such as an illness or bereavement—or to difficult relationships or patterns of thinking that have long been draining us of life and joy. A Lenten pilgrimage is testing. We have to search within ourselves for answers which lie hidden, to draw on each other’s strengths, to reflect deeply and to trust that we will be enabled to integrate our many experiences. But there is a ‘bright flame before us, a guiding star above’. And God, who always calls us to love beyond ourselves, offers tender healing for our brokenness, longing that we may be consoled and renewed. This vividly written book includes wide-ranging prayers and Scripture readings, along with guides to using the material with groups and in preaching and worship. SPCK.

9780281078530. $15.00; $10.99

Final Words From the Cross Adam Hamilton

As Jesus hung on the cross, he spoke seven “final words”—statements that have much to teach us about Jesus, his Father, and ourselves. 24 Hours That Changed the World took us on a Lenten journey through the last day of Jesus’ life. This inspiring follow-up explores these final words as seen and heard through the eyes and ears of those who stood near the cross. Abingdon Press. 9781501858475. Book. $14.99; $13.49

Visit for additional study components. LE20

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The Women of Easter

Encounter the Savior with Mary of Bethany, Mary of Nazareth, and Mary Magdalene Liz Curtis Higgs

Prepare your heart for a richer, deeper Easter experience. Liz Curtis Higgs, a seasoned Bible teacher and award-winning novelist, combines her storytelling skills with a thorough verse-by-verse study of Scripture as together you explore the remarkable lives of three women. Waterbrook. 9781601426826. Hardcover. $14.99; $10.79

The Case for Easter

On The Road to the Cross

This four-week study for Easter invites participants to examine the evidence for themselves and consider whether the story of Jesus’ resurrection makes sense. It will point them to the inescapable conclusion that led Strobel from atheism to Christianity: Jesus was the Son of God who conquered the grave. Zondervan.

Experience Easter through the eyes of the everyday people who witnessed the triumphal entry, saw Jesus drag his cross to Calvary, and cried through Christ’s last words. Abingdon Press.

A Journalist Investigates Evidence for the Resurrection Lee Strobel

9780310355984. Book. $2.99; $2.79 9780310099277. Study Guide. $10.99; $9.99 9780310099314. Combined Video Study (DVD). For Easter & Christmas. $29.99; $21.99

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Experience Easter With Those Who Were There Rob Burkhart

9781501822643. Book. $16.99; $12.99 9781501822674. Leader Guide. 8 sessions. $13.99; $9.99


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Studies Relive the Passion, renew your passion, recharge your faith, and rejoice! Preparing My Heart for Easter, Revised Edition A Spiritual Pilgrimage for the Easter Season Ann Marie Stewart

How can you see Easter anew? By walking with Jesus alongside women whose lives he changed. Preparing My Heart for Easter celebrates Christ’s amazing love through an eight-week Bible Study for women. It focuses on the women who followed Jesus during his life and death and how he worked in their lives. Meet Mary Magdalene, Mary and Martha, Jairus’ wife and daughter, Salome, the woman at the well, and others. By focusing on the life and death of Jesus and the lives of the women who were eyewitnesses of his miraculous ministry on earth, readers will learn how Jesus changed the future for all women. Like the women of his time, our eyes will be fixed on Jesus as he journeys to the cross and beyond. Dedicate this Lenten season to prepare your heart for Easter, and watch Jesus transform your life. AMG Publishers.

9781617155260. $16.99; $12.29

NEW Christ Is for Us

Because of This I Rejoice

Embracing the Uncertain

Originally released in 2016, Christ Is For Us invites readers to explore God’s saving and redeeming love through a sevenweek study of the Scripture readings for Lent and Easter from the Revised Common Lectionary, Year A. Abingdon Press. Coming in December.

In his letter to the Philippians, the apostle Paul describes how during persecution and imprisonment he turns to spiritual practices to stay connected to a sense of God’s power and presence. This 6-week Lenten study invites us to engage in the same spiritual practices as a way to grow closer to God and allow joy to flow through our lives. Upper Room.

Forgiving others and humbly asking for forgiveness are central disciplines for Christian believers. Lent is an appropriate time to deepen our understanding and practice of forgiveness. This encouraging study takes a close look at our understanding 9781501840586. Book. $12.99; $11.79 of forgiveness using real-life 9781501840609. Large Print Book. situations and biblical examples. $13.99; $10.99 Study guide included. 9781501848094. Devotional Westminster John Knox Press.

Scriptures for the Church Seasons April Yamasaki

9781501887376. Large Print Book. $9.99; $7.99


LE20 P10.indd 10

Reading Philippians During Lent Max O. Vincent

9780835817936. $13.99; $10.99

A Lenten Study for Unsteady Times Magrey R. deVega


A Lenten Study Marjorie J. Thompson

This Lenten study invites readers to engage and wrestle with life’s uncertainties, not ignore them. Because those who make the risky decision to follow Jesus despite the many “unknowns” will reap the greatest rewards. Abingdon Press.

Companion. $9.99; $7.99 | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants

9780664259723. $13.00; $9.99


9/3/19 9:34 AM

Studies Become the extraordinary person you were meant to be Made for a Miracle

From Your Ordinary to God’s Extraordinary Mike Slaughter Did you know that when we hope for the impossible, it involves more than praying for God’s transcendent power? There are two components to every miracle: divine action and human responsibility. Each of us has been given specific talents and abilities. For a real miracle to take place, God expects us to apply these talents and abilities—acting with God to perform divine work. By examining biblical examples of how to use your God-given gifts for God’s glory, author and pastor Mike Slaughter helps you discover that you, too, were Made for a Miracle. In addition to the book, the six-week study for groups or individuals includes a comprehensive Leader Guide, a DVD, a Youth Study Book, and a Leader Kit. Abingdon Press.

9781501841385. Hardcover Book. $18.99; $13.99 9781501841415. Leader Guide. $12.99; $9.99 9781501841439. DVD. [CC] 6 sessions: 10–12 min. each. $39.99; $34.99 9781501841507. Youth Study Book. $11.99; $8.99 9781501870354. Leader Kit. (1 each of above.) $83.96; $59.99

Also available:

9781501841408. Large Print Book. $19.99; $10.99

Streaming video sessions are also available on


Mountaintop Moments

Sometimes our lives are in such disarray we can’t envision a way through to redemption. But when we look through the eyes of Christ, we not only find redemption, but spiritual restoration. This 6-week study encourages us to go to the cross, surrender control, and find true redemption. Includes Scripture, devotional tools, and writings of beloved Christian authors. A perfect Lenten study for youth or adults. Abingdon Press.

Associates “mountaintop moments”— times when we experience the power, love, and grace of God in a way that’s hard to put into words—with the mountains in the Bible and the events related to these sacred places, showing how their lessons can be woven into our everyday lives. Abingdon Press.

Finding Redemption in Our Mess Tom Berlin

9781501822926. $15.99; $10.99

For additional study materials, visit LE20

LE20 P10.indd 11

Meeting God in the High Places Ed Robb

9781501884016. $17.99; $12.99

For additional study materials, visit

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Revolutionary Kingdom Following the Rebel Jesus Mike Slaughter with Karen Perry Smith

Jesus’ vision of a kingdom worth dying for makes him the most radical revolutionary of all time. To join this revolution—to be true disciples of Christ—we must exchange comfortable cultural worldviews and values for the radical requirements of living out the Kingdom in the here and now. Abingdon Press. 9781501887260. $16.99; $12.99

For additional study materials, visit


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Upper Room Books.

9780835818933. $11.99; $8.99 A Leader’s Guide for small-group study is included.


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9/3/19 9:39 AM

Discussion Starters Explore the wisdom and traditions of the Jewish faith and what they mean for Christians NEW What Every Christian Needs to Know About Judaism Exploring the Ever-Connected World of Christians & Jews Evan Moffic

When Christians learn about Jewish tradition and history, they see the Bible and the life of Jesus with a new and enriched perspective. Knowing more about Judaism brings them closer to Jesus because Jesus lived and died as a Jew and consistently quoted the Jewish scripture and stories. In this book Evan Moffic, popular rabbi, author, and guide to Jewish wisdom for people of all faiths, continues the What Every Christian Needs to Know About series with an exploration of the wisdom and traditions of Judaism. Rabbi Moffic provides answers to hundreds of questions he receives about Judaism to provide a deeper understanding of the roots shared by Christians and Jews. Through this book’s explorations, readers will learn insights of the great Jewish sages to live a richer and more meaningful life, soak up the wisdom and traditions of Judaism, and a develop closer relationship with God. Abingdon Press. Coming in February. 9781501871498. $18.99

Also available from Evan Moffic:

What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Jewishness of Jesus 9781426791581. $17.99; $12.49

The Wonder of Easter

Alleluia Is Our Song

Lenten Healing

Living the Way of Love

Take ten minutes with your family each day to prepare for Easter. This flexible, easy-to-use Lent devotional helps adults and children celebrate the limitless wonder of Easter. Walk through Luke’s Gospel and the Old Testament to discover why the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection is the most amazing story ever told. The Good Book Company.

A collection of profound and beautiful seasonal reflections for the fifty days from Easter Day to Pentecost. Perfect for preachers seeking fresh ways of opening up familiar texts during this important season of the church year, and also for individual devotional reading. Canterbury Press Norwich.

Offers a twist to traditional Lenten fasting: instead of giving up chocolate, give up your sin. This daily Lenten devotional offers a unique approach to fasting, helping you reexamine the psychological and spiritual roots of sin in your life while sharing reflections and prayer exercises for overcoming sinful habits and acquiring virtuous ones. Ave Maria Press.

Offers 40 brief reflections about the seven Jesus-centered practices identified by Presiding Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry in “The Way of Love” initiative. Sullivan tells stories from her own and others’ experiences as a starting point for discussion about how to seek and find a deeper connection to God. Perfect for Lent or any time of year. Downloadable Facilitator’s Guide available. Church Publishing.

An Easter Journey for the Whole Family Ed Drew

9781784983352. $12.99; $9.49

Reflections on Easter and Pentecost Michael Mayne

9781786220301. $20.99; $14.99

40 Days to Set You Free from Sin Ken Kniepmann

9781594717956. $13.95; $12.49

A 40-Day Devotional Mary Bea Sullivan

9781640652309. $12.95; $10.99 LE20

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At-a-Glance Comparison Chart for Lent & Easter Helps You


NEW The Walk: Five Essential Practices of the Christian Life

NEW The Grace of Les Misérables

NEW The Passion Play: living the Story of Christ’s Last Days

Author Audience

Adam Hamilton Churchwide/ Small Group How do we walk with Christ—daily follow him, grow in him, and faithfully serve him? Join Adam Hamilton this Lent and Easter in The Walk and discover five essential spiritual practices rooted in Jesus’ own walk with God. In each chapter, Hamilton’s engaging teaching style will help you explore one of these practices.

Matt Rawle Churchwide/ Small Group This Lenten study dives into six ideals found in the iconic book and musical—grace, justice, poverty, revolution, love, and hope—each of which is represented by a character. In keeping with Rawle’s previous works, he brings us to the intersection of Church and Pop Culture, drawing parallels between the two.

Rob Fuquay Adult Individual/ Small Group

Max Lucado Adult Individual/ Small Group The God of the universe Jesus’ Passion story is knows your name. presented each Lent He has walked your in countless churches every year. In one village streets. Jesus. Perhaps you’ve heard about him, in Bavaria it has been studied him, or prayed staged every ten years since 1634. The Passion to him. But do you know Play follows the biblical him? By learning more story of the Passion and about the person Jesus shows how this play has was and is, readers will understand more been used both as a ritual of praise and later clearly who they were as a weapon through its created to be. anti-Semitic past.

Amy-Jill Levine Adult Individual/ Small Group Explores the biblical texts surrounding the Passion story, raising ethical and spiritual questions for readers, and how we all face risk in our Christian experience. Provides a rich and challenging learning experience for small groups and individuals alike as part of a larger 6-week study that is perfect for Lent.

Adam Hamilton Churchwide/ Small Group

# Sessions

6 Sessions

6 Sessions

6 Sessions

6 Sessions

6 Sessions

6 Sessions

Separate components or included features

Coming in December. __ Hardcover Book. 9781501891182. $19.99; $13.99 __ Leader Guide. 9781501891212. $14.99; $10.99 __ DVD. [CC] 6 10–12 min. videos. 9781501891236. $39.99; $29.99 __ Youth Study Book. Grades 6–12. 9781501891304. $11.99; $8.99 __ Children’s Leader Guide. Grades K–2 & 3–6. 9781501891328. $18.99; $13.99 __ Devotional Journal. 9781501891359. Pkg. of 10, $24.99; $19.99 __ Leader Kit. Contains one each of above. 9781501894671. $105.99; $79.99 __ Clings. 9781501891373. Pkg. of 25, $15.99; $12.99 __ Key Tags. 9781501899706. Pkg. of 30, $15.99; $10.79

Coming in December. __ Book. 9781501887109. $16.99; $12.99 __ Leader Guide. 9781501887123. $14.99; $10.99 __ DVD. [CC] 6 8–10 min. videos. 9781501887147. $39.99; $29.99 __ Youth Study Book. Grades 6–12. Use with adult-level DVD. 9781501887215. $11.99; $8.99 __ Worship Resources Flash Drive. 9781501887239. $34.99; $19.99 __ Leader Kit. Contains 1 each of above. 9781501887253. $118.99; $84.99

Coming in December. __ Book. 9781501884412. $16.99; $12.99 __ Leader Guide. 9781501884504. $14.99; $10.99 __ DVD. [CC] 6 6–8 min. videos. 9781501884436. $39.99; $29.99 __ Leader Kit. Contains one each of above. 9781501884535. $71.99; $49.99

Coming in January. __ Hardcover Book. 9781400214693. $24.99; $16.79 __ Study Guide. 9780310105831. $12.99; $9.79 __ Study Guide with DVD. Contains 1 Study Guide and 1 6-session DVD. 9780310105862. $41.99; $26.49 __ DVD Video Study. 6 videos. 9780310105855. $29.99; $22.99

__ Book. 9781501869556. $16.99; $15.29 __ Leader Guide. 9781501869570. $12.99; $11.99 __ DVD. [CC] 6 10– 12 min. videos. 9781501869594. $39.99; $25.49 __ Leader Kit. Contains one each of above. 9781501876226. $69.99; $49.99 __ Large Print Book. 9781501876158. $17.99; $13.49

__ Hardcover Book. 9781501845987. $19.99; $11.99 __ Leader Guide. 9781501846014. $12.99; $8.49 __ DVD. [CC] Six 10–12 min. videos. 9781501846038. $39.99; $24.99 __ Youth Study Book. Grades 6–12. Use with adult-level DVD. 9781501846106. $11.99; $8.99 __ Children’s Leader Guide. Grades K–2 and 3–6. 9781501846120. $18.99; $13.99 __ Leader Kit. Contains one each of above. 9781501876219. $103.99; $69.99 __ Large Print Book. 9781501846007. $20.99; $14.99


NEW Jesus: The God Entering the Passion Who Knows Your Name of Jesus: A Beginner’s Guide to Holy Week

Engage Your Ministry. Expand Your Mission.

Simon Peter: Flawed but Faithful Disciple

He left everything to follow his teacher and possessed a passion that would change the world. He was poor, uneducated, quicktempered, and full of doubts and fears. Can this be the same man? That’s the point of this Bible study. Peter was just an ordinary guy who heard and followed God’s extraordinary call.

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Find the Best Study for Your Small Group or Congregation


Creed: What Christians Believe and Why

Made for a Miracle: From Your Ordinary to God’s Extraordinary

Christ Is for Us: Scriptures for the Church Season

Author Audience

Adam Hamilton Churchwide/ Small Group Adam Hamilton believes that powerful answers to many of our complicated questions are contained in the Apostles’ Creed. This study explores what Christians believe, why they believe it, and why it matters, leading readers to confront and examine their own core beliefs.

Mike Slaughter Churchwide/ Small Group There are two components to every miracle: divine action and human responsibility. For a real miracle to take place, God expects us to apply our talents and abilities—acting with God to perform divine work. Examines biblical examples of how to use our God-given gifts for God’s glory.

April Yamasaki Churchwide/ Small Group

# Sessions

6 Sessions

6 Sessions

7 Sessions

Separate components or included features

__ Hardcover Book. 9781501813719. $19.99; $11.49 __ Leader Guide. 9781501813740. $12.99; $8.49 __ DVD. [CC] Six 12–15 min. videos. 9781501813764. $39.99; $29.99 __ Y  outh Study Book. Grades 6–12. Use with adult-level DVD. 9781501813832. $9.99; $7.99 __ C  hildren’s Leader Guide. 9781501813702. $18.99; $13.49 __ L eader Kit. One each of above plus one pkg. of 25 “I Believe” cards. 9781501824838. $111.94; $69.99 __ L arge Print Book. 9781501813733. $20.99; $15.49 __ “ I Believe” Card Pack. Pkg. of 25. 9781501845451. $9.99; $7.99

__ Hardcover Book. 9781501841385. $18.99; $13.99 __ Leader Guide. 9781501841415. $12.99; $9.99 __ DVD. [CC] Six 10–12 min. videos. 9781501841439. $39.99; $34.99 __ Youth Study Book. Grades 6–12. Use with adult-level DVD. 9781501841507. $11.99; $8.99 __ Leader Kit. Contains one each of above. 9781501870354. $83.96; $59.99 __ Large Print Book. 9781501841408. $19.99; $10.99

__ Large Print Book. 9781501887376. $9.99; $7.99


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NEW Why Easter Matters

Embracing the Uncertain: A Lenten Study for Unsteady Times

Andy Stanley Adult Individual/ Small Group As Christians, we often find ourselves resisting God. This was true of people even during Jesus’ lifetime. This study explores the lives of some of these individuals and reveals how the story of Easter became real to them when they found themselves caught up in Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.

Magrey R. deVega Adult Individual/ Small Group We’re living in uncertain times. It is those who are willing to embrace uncertainty and make the risky decision to follow Jesus despite the many “unknowns” who will reap the greatest rewards. This Lent, Embracing the Uncertain invites readers to engage and wrestle with life’s uncertainties, not ignore them.

6 Sessions

4 Sessions

6 Sessions

__ Book. 9780835818933. $11.99; $8.99

__ Study Guide. __ Book. 9780310121091. 9781501840586. $10.99; $7.99 $12.99; $9.99 Also available, combined __ Large Print. studies for Lent & Advent: 9781501840609. __ Study Guides with $13.99; $10.99 __ Devotional. DVDs. Contains 1 9781501848094. Study Guide & DVD $9.99; $7.99 for Why Easter Matters and 1 Study Guide & DVD for Who Needs Christmas. 9780310121114. $49.99; $39.99 __ DVDs. 4 videos for Why Easter Matters and 4 videos for Who Needs Christmas. 9780310121121. 2-Disc Set. $29.99; $23.99

Kristen E. Vincent Adult Individual/ Small Group Christ Is for Us, based on This 6-week Lenten journey follows stories the Revised Common Lectionary Scriptures for of Jesus’ experience of God’s love. Each week year A, invites readers to explore God’s saving begins with a Scripture passage, a weekly and redeeming love devotion, reflection through a seven-week questions, an optional study of the Scripture prayer bead experience, readings for Lent and a listening and Easter. Key Bible meditation. A Leader’s passages call us to embrace God’s salvation Guide for small-group and the new life offered study is included. to us through Christ.

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Need more help choosing a study for Lent?

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NEW We Are Beloved: A Lenten Journey with Protestant Prayer Beads

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is a

multimedia platform allowing

churches large and small to discover, customize, and

share diverse resources

that encourage deeper discipleship and

equip churches

to pursue their mission with

greater impact.

All churches need resources, but they each have unique needs, communities, and mission focuses. Amplify Media is a powerful, yet simple solution that enables churches of every size to reach more people in more places with resources that share the love of Jesus and inspire faithful discipleship and service.


Engage Your Ministry. Expand Your Mission.

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Church leaders know authentic discipleship is

crucial to any thriving church, but in an increasingly distracted world, getting there is more difficult than ever.

Amplify Media helps church leaders: •

Provide a reliable source of Christian content through a Wesleyan lens for teaching, training, and inspiration

Meet the unique needs of your church with a customizable library

Equip your congregation to better understand the Bible and its application

Deliver content in a way your congregation knows and appreciates

Deepen discipleship beyond the church walls

. . . and more!

Find Out More To receive 30% off your church’s first year, call us at 800.672.1789 * *select prompt #2 when calling

To learn more, visit


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9/3/19 9:48 AM

Devotions & Meditations Focus on the hope we have because of Easter NEW Jesus Calling® for Easter Sarah Young

Jesus Calling® for Easter is a meaningful and beautiful compilation of devotions from best-selling author Sarah Young. With 50 themed selections for the Lent and Easter season, as well as high design and exquisite imagery, this book makes a wonderful gift for yourself or for anyone who loves Jesus Calling® and would like a new way to observe the Easter season. Take a few moments to focus on the hope we have because of Easter in this beautiful book. You’ll enjoy devotions with select Scriptures about the story of Easter and the hope it brings. Thomas Nelson. Coming in January.

9781400215102. Hardcover. $16.99; $10.79

NEW For the Beauty of the Earth

Divine Friendship

Were You There?

A Way Other Than Our Own

April 22, 2020 marks the 50th Earth Day. This 40-day devotional helps Christians reflect on how caring for God’s creation is an act of faith. Drawing on the beloved hymn of the same name, it focuses on the splendor of nature, how it nurtures us, and how we must protect it. Chalice Press. Coming in December.

Though we may search, we will never find complete satisfaction in human relationships, possessions, or personal power. Lent offers us the opportunity to deepen our friendship with God. As you spend time in Scripture, prayer, and reflection, talk to God about your thoughts and feelings just as you would to your best friend. Upper Room Books.

In these devotions for the season of Lent, Luke A. Powery leads the reader through the spirituals as they confront the mystery of Christ’s atoning death and victory over the grave. Each selection includes lyrics, a reflection by the author on the spiritual’s meaning, a Scripture verse related to that meaning, and a brief prayer. Westminster John Knox Press.

Lent recalls times of wilderness and wandering, from newly freed Hebrew slaves in exile to Jesus’ temptation in the desert. Despite our culture of self-indulgence, we too are called to walk a path of humility, justice, and peace. These thought-provoking reflections invite us to consider the challenging, beautiful life that comes with walking the way of grace. Westminster John Knox Press.

A Lenten Devotional Leah D. Schade

Reflections for Lent Anthony Egan, Trevor Hudson, and Russell Pollitt

9780827211292. $3.99 9780827211353. Large Print. $5.99

9780835817967. $13.99; $10.99


LE20 P18.indd 18

Lenten Reflections on the Spirituals Luke A. Powery

9780664260309. $13.00; $8.99 | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants

Devotions for Lent Walter Brueggemann

9780664261696. $13.00; $7.99


9/3/19 11:29 AM

Devotions & Meditations Experience the power and wonder of Easter with more intentionality and depth NEW Journey to the Cross

40 Days to Prepare Your Heart for Easter (in)courage; Mary Carver, editor Journey to the Cross is a Lenten devotional that guides women through forty days of encouragement to help prepare their hearts for Easter. Scripture, short essays, encouraging stories, quotes, reflective questions, and prayers will inspire readers to set aside the chaos and concerns of everyday life to focus on Christ. They will also enjoy meaningful themes of sacrifice, reflection, gratitude, prayer, and fasting. Prayers and quotes offer reminders of what Jesus has done through his resurrection, helping women kindle thankfulness and strip away anything that is standing between them and God so they can experience the full life He promises. This helpful guide is the perfect way to help women experience the power and wonder of Easter with more intentionality and depth. Perfect for lifelong followers and new believers alike, it will help readers find more meaning in the weeks leading to Easter. B & H Books. Coming in February.

9781535979825. Hardcover. $17.99; $12.99

Making a Holy Lent

40 Meditations to Prepare You for the Church’s Holiest Season William Casey Short, powerful meditations for the 40 days leading to Easter prepare readers for the spiritual battle that is to come. Learn the power of prayer, the theology of Christian love and mercy, as well as the means to grace. Fr. William Casey, C.P.M. emphasizes the need for spiritual renewal and the importance of making a good confession. EWTN Publishing. 9781682780503. $12.95; $10.99 LE20

LE20 P18.indd 19

The Beauty of the Cross

NEW All the Glorious Names

Some of the richest prophecies about the cross of Christ can be found in Isaiah 52 and 53 (the last of the ‘Servant Songs’). These 47 days of short, stirring reflections will thrill and challenge you as you see how Jesus matched every part of every prophecy, and brought glory to his name through his sacrifice on the cross. The Good Book Company.

From Alpha to Omega, El Shaddai to Prince of Peace, many names highlight God’s attributes. This 40day experience helps us explore and meditate on who God is. Every day includes examples in Scripture, life application, journaling space, and prayer. Also features a listing of every one of the names of God and where they are found in the Bible. Thomas Nelson. Coming in February.

Reflections for Lent from Isaiah 52 & 53 Tim Chester

9781784983710. $12.99; $9.49

A 40-Day Experience with God Mary Foxwell Loeks

9780785231615. $16.99; $12.29

Shop the online catalog at

NEW Winged with Longing for Better Things Sylvia Sweeney

Rather than classical penitence, this book emphasizes intercession, solidarity, and preparation. The book invites readers to recognize the harm we’ve done to our planet and move beyond sympathy into action and advocacy on the behalf of the earth and its less powerful inhabitants. Photographs and poetry enhance the daily devotions. Church Publishing. 9781640651425. $14.95; $10.79


9/3/19 11:29 AM

Devotions & Meditations Unlocking the imagery of the Psalms for the season of Lent NEW The Wind, The Fountain and the Fire

Scripture and the Renewal of the Christian Imagination— The 2020 Lent Book Mark Barrett The Book of Psalms has always formed the substance of the daily prayer of Christian monks and nuns. In this book, a Benedictine monk offers a path for all of us through the five weeks of Lent, by opening the Psalms as a gateway to scriptural prayer. Powerful imagery abounds in these ancient poems of prayer. The book finds in these images keys which can unlock both our understanding of Scripture and knowledge of our own hearts. The Psalter is seen to be both the gateway to and the summation of all the other books of the Bible. The Psalms put into words the messy complexity of how we actually experience our relationship with God and one another as well as all the swamps and wild places of our private emotions. Bloomsbury Continuum. Coming in February. 9781472968371. $15.00; $10.99

NEW Easter Ideals 2020 Melinda Lee Rathjen

The annual compilation of poetry, prose, recipes, and Bible excerpts, paired with gorgeous seasonal photography and artwork, is a beautiful softcover treasury that will inspire readers after a long winter, evoking the joy and warmth of the emerging spring and helping them reflect upon the holiday’s special moments and spiritual significance. Ideals. Coming in February. 9781546014553. $11.99; $8.99


LE20 P20.indd 20

A Resurrection Shaped Life

40 Days of Doubt

Jesus’ resurrection was an extraordinary, singular event. But we, too, can experience resurrection in our ordinary lives on earth. Learn how a resurrectionshaped life finds hope through honest reflection on the past, moves beyond shame and blame toward selfacceptance and compassion, and draws strength from the hope of life after life. Perfect for Lent. Abingdon Press.

This devotional helps us understand how we can deal with our doubt and provides candid, insightful answers for those times in our spiritual journey when our minds and souls are fighting. You’ll not only find solace in these wonder-filled reflections; you’ll also discover that you are aren’t abnormal, after all, for having doubt. Abingdon Press.

Dying and Rising on Planet Earth Jake Owensby

9781501870811. $16.99; $11.99 | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants

Devotions for the Skeptic Eric Huffman

9781501869136. $14.99; $10.99


9/3/19 10:00 AM

Congregational Devotions A devotional booklet that’s perfect for sharing NEW The Sanctuary for Lent 2020 Sam McGlothlin

Beginning with Jesus’s words from the Sermon of the Mount, The Sanctuary for Lent 2020 leads the reader on a 46-day trek through the wilderness. Broken down into six weekly themes, the reader is charged to Repent, Recover, Remember, Rest, Rise, and Relive for each day of Lent, from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday. Each day’s devotion includes a suggested Scripture reading and a highlighted Bible verse, a short devotion, and a closing spiritual practice. This annual favorite helps readers faithfully journey Lent as they prepare to experience the joy of the Resurrection and is a wonderful congregational resource. Designed to fit in a #10 envelope so they’re the perfect size for churches to include in Lenten mailings. A wonderful outreach tool to send to visitors or those unable to attend services, such as homebound or prison ministries. Abingdon Press. Coming in December.

SMALLER 3D FEATURE Use spaces in copy)

9781501888403. Pkg. of 10, $11.99; $8.99

The Easter Code

Leaning In, Letting Go

NEW Not by Bread Alone 2020

The Easter Code, by bestselling author O. S. Hawkins, is a meaningful devotional booklet for the Lent season. It’s an ideal gift to purchase in bulk for friends and family, pastoral staff, Bible study groups, and church congregations. Each day includes Scripture, a devotion, a Code Word to think on and make the message memorable, and a prayer. Thomas Nelson.

Sometimes, you need to let go to be able to lean in closer to God. This best-selling author takes us on a hope-filled journey in a devotional that’s perfect for every member of your congregation, as well as visitors and community neighbors! Includes a daily Scripture, personal reflection, and prayer beginning with Ash Wednesday through Easter. Chalice Press.

Prayerfully journey through Lent with these fresh and meaningful reflections on the daily Mass readings. In just minutes per day, deepen your experience of this solemn season of prayer and penance and prepare to participate more fully in the joy of the great Easter mystery. Liturgical Press.

A 40-Day Journey to the Cross O. S. Hawkins

9781400211487. $2.99; $2.49 LE20

LE20 P20.indd 21

A Lenten Devotional Nicole Massie Martin

9780827221895. $3.99; $2.99

Daily Reflections for Lent Michelle Francl-Donnay

9780814663653. $2.00 9780814663660. Large Print. $5.95; $4.29

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NEW Rejoice and Be Glad 2020 Daily Reflections for Easter to Pentecost Mary DeTurris Poust

There’s no better season to renew one’s relationship with God than Easter, the most joyful days of the church’s year. Rejoice with these inspiring reflections on the daily Mass readings. In just minutes per day, the insightful meditations can help you embrace, live, and share the good news of Easter. Liturgical Press. 9780814663912. $2.00 9780814663677. Large Print. $5.95; $4.29


9/3/19 10:00 AM

Congregational Devotions A devotion each day for the season of Lent NEW Eyes on Jesus

Daily Devotions Julie Riddle Eyes on Jesus is the latest in Concordia’s annual series of Lent-Easter preaching and worship resources for the congregation. The daily devotions offer devotions from Ash Wednesday through Easter, in a booklet format that makes it easy to carry with you. Based on the Gospel according to St. Mark, this devotional examines how the various people around Jesus viewed him. In most cases, people misunderstood who he is and what he was doing. In some cases, by faith people recognized him. Through the devotions, readers will see what Jesus has done to save us from our sins. Concordia Publishing House. 9780758666468. $2.49

NEW The Living Gospel

Daily Devotions for Lent 2020 Greg Kandra

Award-winning journalist and popular blogger Deacon Greg Kandra gently guides readers through Lent with thought-provoking spiritual reflections on the daily gospel readings. Each two-page daily devotion offers brief Bible verses, prayers, reflections on the Word of God, and an easy-to-do spiritual exercise that can usually be completed the same day. Ave Maria Press. 9781594719103. $2.25


LE20 P22.indd 22

NEW Messages of Trust for Lent 2020

3-Minute Devotions Michael White and Tom Corcoran

Three-minute, Scripture-based devotions with prayers for Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday. White and Corcoran—best-selling and award-winning authors—offer practical, everyday wisdom that will allow you to see the power of trusting God in all circumstances. Ave Maria Press.

Daily Guideposts

Behold the Man!

Renew your heart this Lent with devotions from Daily Guideposts. In just five minutes each day, you’ll enjoy a Scripture verse, a personal story, and a prayer to help you apply the day’s message. Join the community of over a million readers on this remarkable and deeply personal spiritual journey. Zondervan.

This Lenten season, behold the man—the man who suffered, died, and rose again. The man who lived a perfect life and defeated death. The man whose death led to your life. Forty days of devotions guide you through the entire Lenten season, from Ash Wednesday to Easter. Each devotion focuses on a human aspect of our Savior, Jesus, the Word made flesh. Concordia Publishing House.

40 Devotions for Lent Editors of Guideposts

9780310350224. $2.99

9781594719417. $1.95 | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants

Daily Devotions for Lent and Easter Jeffrey Hemmer

9780758660961. $2.49


9/3/19 10:04 AM

Easter Events Bring the excitement of Easter to your community NEWLY REVISED Journey to the Cross

An Easter Experience for Families This powerfully moving, multisensory event guides families along the path that Jesus walked during his last days on earth. Activities focused on Jesus’ love and forgiveness demonstrate the real meaning of Easter: our risen Christ‘s victory over death! Designed for parents and their children to experience together, this event teaches about the life-changing message of the cross in a way that everyone can understand and no one will forget. Perfect for any size church looking for an inspirational Easter event that engages families with the spiritual truth that Jesus loves each of us. This kit makes it easy to organize a journey with step-by-step instructions, volunteer recruiting ideas, sound-effects CDs for each station, and more! Kit includes Director Guide; Setup Leader Guide; Outreach Leader Guide; Experience Leader Guide; Media Pack with Publicity CD-ROM, 5 Station Sound-Effect CDs, and Access Code for Digital Content; Sample Pack with Follow-up Foto Frame™, Family time Devotions Booklet, and Journey to the Cross Collector Card; plus a 5-card Sampler pack. Group Publishing.

1210000314031. Kit. $72.99; $52.79

Coming soon! Fun keepsakes and other program accessories to make your event even more memorable. Visit for details.

Lift up the true meaning of Easter! Rise Up With Jesus

Easter Event for Families Help families explore surprising details about Jesus’ resurrection on that glorious Sunday morning 2,000 years ago! With Rise Up With Jesus, they’ll journey hand-in-hand through captivating stations that drive home one irresistible truth: Jesus is alive today! During this 2-hour event, families discover Jesus’ presentday power through activities that let them experience the Resurrection with all their senses. The sights, sounds, and smells of Easter morning will draw them closer to God...and to each other. Includes access to digital content. Kit Includes Director Manual, Setup Leader Guide, Outreach Leader Guide, Experience Leader Guide, Media Pack (Graphics & Other Goodies Disc, Sound Effects CD, and Access Code for Digital Content), and Sample Pack (Follow-Up Foto Frame™ and Station Projects and Samples). Group Publishing.

1210000308900. Kit. $72.99; $65.79

Also available:


1210000308788. Banduras (Rise Up with Jesus), 10-pack. $14.99 1210000308795. Follow-Up Foto Frame, 10-pack. $9.99 1210000308801. Giant Decorating Posters, 3-pack. $24.99 1210000308818. High Flyers, 10-pack. $8.99 1210000308825. Incredible Changing Wristbands, 10-pack. $12.99 1210000308832. Publicity Posters, 5-pack. $7.99 1210000308849. Rise Up with Jesus Puzzle, 10-pack. $12.99 1210000308856. Skin Decals, 10-pack. $5.99 1210000308870. Station Posters, Set of 9. $14.99 1210000308887. Super Specs, 10-pack. $9.99 1210000308894. Rise Up with Jesus Tote Bags, 25-pack. $9.99

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Children’s Bibles & Gifts


$ 99


NEW The Sunday Morning Miracle

Gospel Fun for Everyone Tim Wesemann; Stellyana Doneva, illustrations

Young children will love reading the miraculous story of Jesus’ death and resurrection in this soft cover storybook that features beautiful illustrations. The 16-page activity book reinforces that Jesus is their friend, is always with them, protects them, and cares for them through matching games, coloring activities, and coded messages. For ages 3–6. King & Cross.

9781947699601. Storybook. $1.99 9781947699625. Activity Book. 89¢




$ 49


Jumbo Gospel Egg

Perfect for Easter baskets and group giving! Children will be delighted to discover what’s inside: modeling clay and a tiny accordian-fold storybook! Ages 3+. 615122161197. $1.49

I Can Read the Easter Story

Kim Mitzo Thompson and Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand

Encourage the children in your life to read about Jesus’ Resurrection as they place stickers that help tell the Easter story. Over 100 stickers. Ages 3 and up. Shiloh Kidz. 9781683228363. $4.99


LE20 P24.indd 24

The Miracle of Easter

Jean M. Malone; Bryan Langdo, illustrations

This easy-to-read book tells the well-known Bible story of Easter— perfect for children starting to read on their own. For ages 6–8. Penguin Young Readers. 9780448452654. $4.99

The Beginner’s Bible: The Very First Easter

Introduce children to one of the most inspiring stories of all time, with exciting artwork from The Beginner’s Bible. Perfect for gifts or outreach. For ages 4–8. Zonderkidz. 9780310763017. $2.99 | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants

The Story of Easter

A Little Golden Book Jean Miller; illustrated by Jerry Smath

This gentle introduction to the biblical account of Jesus’ final days on earth, and his resurrection, is perfect for ages 2–5. Golden Books. 9780399555145. Hardcover. $4.99


9/3/19 10:10 AM

Children’s Bibles & Gifts Build a better world through God’s story Bible Basics Storybook

Brittany Sky; Ralph Voltz, illustrator The voice of a child praying. The face of a little one captivated by a Bible story. A family sharing a daily devotional. Bible Basics Storybook helps you create such special family moments with 149 core stories from both the Old and New Testaments that will invite your children into the Word and will keep their attention from start to finish with their beautiful and colorful illustrations. Along with the Bible stories, the prayers to start the day, to say at bedtime, and to share before meals will help you provide a solid faith foundation for the dear children in your life, ages 3 and up. Abingdon Press. 9781501881497. Hardcover. $19.99; $15.99

Deep Blue Bible Storybook

Brittany Sky and Daphna Flegal

Includes 146 stories to help kids learn the books of the Bible and practice beginning Bible skills. For ages 3–6. Full-color illustrations. Abingdon Press. 9781501815010. Hardcover. $21.99; $9.99

Also available:

9781501840135. Deep Blue Toddler Bible Storybook, Hardcover. $12.99; $5.99

The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible Joanna Rivard and Tim Penner

CEB Deep Blue Kids Bible Wilderness Trail

Help children ages 7–12 discover the Bible and what it means to their lives. Includes full-color illustrations, notes, historical facts, book introductions, devotionals, and more. Common English Bible. 9781609262198. Paperback. $22.99; $15.99

Also available:

This beautifully diverse, whimsically illustrated storybook Bible shows kids how the most important ideas and characters of the Bible fit together to tell one big story of God’s love for us. Zonderkidz. 9780310764311. Hardcover. $17.99; $11.99

9781609262204. Hardcover. $29.99; $20.49

NIV Ultimate Bible for Girls

This feature-filled Bible will empower tween girls to grow and proclaim their faith. Includes articles, book introductions, quizzes, memory verses, Q&A, two-color interior, 9-pt. type, and a beautiful cover with foil and glitter accents. Zonderkidz. 9780310765257. Hardcover. $29.99; $19.99

More covers available on LE20

LE20 P24.indd 25

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Congregational Gifts

It Is Finished Cross Bookmark with Nail John 19:30

615122161012. 99¢

It Is Finished Metal Cross Bookmark

Forgiven Nail Lapel Pin

615122161050. $3.99

637955006155. $3.99

John 19:30

100% lead-free pewter with purple ribbon. Made in the USA. 2 ¼ " H.

Easter Story Wooden Cube

Celebrate the Resurrection story while taking turns rolling the cube and reading along in your Bible. Features a silhouette of an Easter scene on each side with a corresponding Bible verse. 2 ¼ " square. 886083590320. $3.99

Paulownia Wood Cross

Lightweight standing cross, hand carved of lightweight, eco-friendly wood by skilled artisans. The beautiful wood grain makes each one unique. 5" H. Each $4.99 886083682773. Natural 886083682858. Gray 886083682933. White


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Worship Helps preachers connect congregations to Scripture NEW Connections

A Lectionary Commentary for Preaching and Worship Joel B. Green, Thomas G. Long, Luke A. Powery, Cynthia L. Rigby, and Carolyn J. Sharp, editors Provides new resources to help preachers achieve the goal of connecting congregations to Scripture. This nine-volume series offers creative commentary on each reading in the three-year cycle of the Revised Common Lectionary. It does so first by viewing that reading through the lens of its connections to the rest of Scripture; and then seeing the reading through the lenses of culture, film, fiction, ethics, science, and other aspects of contemporary life. Included as well are commentaries on the Psalm readings that connect them both to the other readings for the day and to the congregation’s experience of worship. Westminster John Knox Press. Coming in November:

9780664262389. Year A, Vol. 2: Lent through Pentecost, Hardcover. $45.00; $34.99

Coming in March:

9780664262396. Year A, Vol. 3: Season after Pentecost, Hardcover. $45.00; $32.49

Feasting on the Word Lenten Companion

Apprentices and Eyewitnesses

Creative Liturgies for Incarnational A Thematic Resource for Preaching Worship: Lent, Holy Week and Easter and Worship Chris Thorpe David L. Bartlett, Barbara Brown Taylor, Kimberly Bracken Long, editors This worship collection for Lent, Holy

Three Hours

Sermons for Good Friday Fleming Rutledge

On Good Friday, March 30, 2018, Rutledge preached on the Seven Last Words of Jesus at St. Thomas Church An all-in-one companion for Lent and Week, and Easter brims with unique Fifth Avenue, New York City. Her liturgies, prayers and resources for Holy Week with worship materials seven meditations, delivered over the most important season of the and sermon preparation tools for three hours, received rave reviews. Christian year. Chris Thorpe offers both lectionary and nonlectionary Printed in full here, the sermons complete outlines for a variety of preachers. Includes a complete display her usual combination of services plus advice on using space, order of service for each Sunday in resolute orthodoxy and pastoral silence, and lighting creatively to bring wisdom—at once traditional and Lent, hymn suggestions, and more. the central stories of the Christian Westminster John Knox Press. fresh. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing. 9780664259655. Hardcover. faith to life. Canterbury Press Norwich. 9780802877192. Hardcover. $30.00; $26.99 LE20

LE20 P26.indd 27

9781786221100. $20.99; $14.99

$18.00; $12.99

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NEW COKESBURY EXCLUSIVE Will Willimon’s Lectionary Sermon Resource: Seven Volume Set William H. Willimon

Willimon is widely acclaimed as one of the top ten preachers in the world. For each Sunday of the Christian year, he provides just what you need to begin the journey toward a sermon. Seven volumes: two from each Year of the Revised Common Lectionary and one focusing on the Psalms. Abingdon Press. Coming in December. 9781501890987. 7-Vol. Set. $174.99; $117.29 Individual volumes also available.


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NEW The Lord is Risen Indeed/Easter

NEW Jesus Lives! Let Us Rejoice! Easter

Luke 24:34, KJV

656248009222. Regular-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 100, $8.99; $6.49 656248009239. Large-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 100, $9.99; $7.49 656248009260. Letterhead. Pkg. of 100, $8.99; $6.99 656248009291. Offering Envelope. Pkg. of 100, $9.69; $6.99

NEW He is Risen/Easter

NEW Jesus Lives/Easter

656248009352. Regular-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 100, $8.99; $6.49 656248009369. Large-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 100, $9.99; $7.49 656248009376. Letterhead. Pkg. of 100, $8.99; $6.99 656248009383. Offering Envelope. Pkg. of 100, $9.69; $7.49

656248007846. Regular-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 100, $8.99; $6.49 656248007853. Large-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 100, $9.99; $7.49 656248007877. Letterhead. Pkg. of 100, $8.99; $6.99 656248007884. Offering Envelope. Pkg. of 100, $9.69; $6.99

730817360317. Regular-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 100, $8.29; $6.49 730817360324. Large-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 100, $9.29; $7.49 730817360331. Letterhead. Pkg. of 100, $8.29; $6.99 730817360348. Offering Envelope. Pkg. of 100, $8.49; $6.99 730817360355. Cross Bible Bookmark. Pkg. of 25, $5.29; $3.99

Mark 16:6, KJV


LE20 P28.indd 28

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Bulletins NEW I’ve Seen/Easter Lilies John 20:18, CEB

Coming in January.

9781501896811. Regular-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 50, $4.99 9781501896828. Large-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 50, $5.59 9781501896835. Letterhead. Pkg. of 50, $4.99 9781501896842. Offering Envelope. Pkg. of 50, $4.99


Regular-size bulletins are letter size (8 " x 11"; fold to 5 1/2 " x 8 1/2 ") while large-size bulletins are legal size (8 1/2 " x 14"; fold to 7" x 8 1/2 "). Both ship flat in shrinkwrapped packages. Letterheads measure 8 1/2 " x 11". Offering envelopes measure 6 1/4 " x 3 1/8 ". Bible Bookmark measures 3" x 4 1/2 ".

NEW Risen Savior/Sunrise Easter Coming in January.

9781501896774. Regular-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 50, $4.99 9781501896781. Large-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 50, $5.59 9781501896798. Letterhead. Pkg. of 50, $4.99 9781501896804. Offering Envelope. Pkg. of 50, $4.99 LE20

LE20 P28.indd 29

TIP Quantity discounts for select items. See for details.

NEW Risen/Easter Dogwood

9781501896859. Regular-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 50, $4.99 9781501896866. Large-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 50, $5.59 9781501896873. Letterhead. Pkg. of 50, $4.99 9781501896880. Offering Envelope. Pkg. of 50, $4.99

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Bulletins PRICING & SIZES FOR BULLETINS (on this page)

See more bulletins for Lent and Easter as well as bulletins for special days at

Regular Letter Size Large Legal Size

8 1/2 "x 11"; fold to 5 1/2 " x 8 1/2 "

Pkg of 50, $4.99

8 1/2 " x 14"; fold to 7" x 8 1/2 "

Pkg. of 50, $5.59

Bulletins ship flat in shrinkwrapped packages. Quantity discounts available on select bulletins. See for details.

NEW To God/Palm Sunday

NEW Turn Your Eyes/Lent

9781501897108. Regular Size 9781501897115. Large Size

9781501897061. Regular Size 9781501897078. Large Size

Coming in January.

Coming in January.

NEW All to Jesus/ Ash Wednesday

NEW O My Soul/ Maundy Thursday

NEW Lord of Life/ Good Friday

NEW I’ll Sing On/ Easter Sunday

NEW Love Each Other/ Maundy Thursday

NEW Jesus/Good Friday

NEW Hosanna/Palm Sunday

NEW May God/Lent Bulletin

9781501896767. Regular Size

9781501896743. Regular Size 9781501896750. Large Size

9781501896736. Regular Size

9781501897085. Regular Size 9781501897092. Large Size

John 13:34, CEB

9781501896972. Regular Size


LE20 P30.indd 30

9781501897016. Regular Size 9781501897023. Large Size

Luke 23:42, CEB

9781501897122. Regular Size 9781501897139. Large Size

Mark 11:10b, CEB | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants

9781501897146. Regular Size. 9781501897153. Large Size

Coming in January.


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Bulletins See more bulletins for Lent and Easter as well as bulletins for special days at

PRICING & SIZES FOR BULLETINS (on this page) Regular Letter Size 8 1/2 " x 11"; fold to 5 1/2 " x 8 1/2 " Pkg. of 100, $6.49

Bulletins ship flat in shrinkwrapped packages.

NEW Dust You Are/ Ash Wednesday

NEW Wash Feet/ Maundy Thursday

730817360157. Regular Size

730817360188. Regular Size

Genesis 3:19, NKJV

NEW For God So Loved The World/Good Friday John 3:16, KJV

John 13:14, KJV

Create In Me a Clean Heart

Calvary’s Lamb/Lent

Draw Near to God

730817360164. Regular Size

730817358291. Regular Size

656248009543. Regular Size

Psalm 51:10, KJV

1 Timothy 2:5-6, NIV

James 4:8, NKJV

730817360195. Regular Size

NEW I Am the Resurrection/ Easter

NEW Lord Your God/ Ash Wednesday

634337918037. Regular Size

656248007631. Regular Size

John 11:25, KJV LE20

LE20 P30.indd 31

Joel 2:13, KJV

NEW He Is Risen/Easter

NEW Hope For All/Easter

730817360249. Regular Size

730817360201. Regular Size

Luke 24:34, KJV

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Mark 16:6, KJV


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Bulletins PRICING & SIZES FOR BULLETINS (below, and below far left)

Regular Letter Size, 8 ½ "x 11"; fold to 5 ½ " x 8 ½ ". Pkg. of 100, $6.49. Large Legal Size, 8 ½ " x 11”; fold to 5 ½ " x 8 ½ ". Pkg. of 100, $7.99.

Bulletins ship flat in shrinkwrapped packages. Quantity discounts available on select bulletins. See for details.

Purify Your Hearts/Lent

I Set My Face/Lent

Blessed is He/Palm Sunday

Hosanna Sunday

656248007662. Regular Size 656248007679. Large Size

656248007648. Regular Size 656248007655. Large Size

656248007686. Regular Size 656248007693. Large Size

656248009499. Regular Size

James 4:8, KJV

Daniel 9:3, KJV

Matthew 21:9, KJV

John 12:13, KJV


Regular Letter Size, 8 ½ "x 11"; fold to 5 ½ " x 8 ½ ". Pkg of 50, $4.99. Bulletins ship flat in shrinkwrapped packages.

Palm Sunday

John 12:13, KJV

730817360171. Regular Size

NEW Light/Tenebrae John 12;46, CEB

9781501896903. Regular Size

NEW The Community/Pentecost NEW Remember/ Acts 4:32, CEB Ash Wednesday 9781501896897. Regular Size

9781501896729. Regular Size

NEW Celebrate Easter 1 Peter 1:3, NIV

730817360263. Regular-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 100, $8.29; $6.49 730817360270. Large-Size Bulletin. Pkg. of 100, $9.29; $7.49 730817360287. Letterhead. Pkg. of 100, $8.29; $6.99 730817360294. Offering Envelope. Pkg. of 100, $8.49; $6.99 730817360300. Cross Bible Bookmark. Pkg. of 25, $5.29; $3.99


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Sanctuary Cathedral Paschal Candles Exquisitely crafted of 51% pure white beeswax and skillfully decorated with striking three-dimensional appliques of hand-cast, color-infused wax. Each candle, except, E, includes a set of five wax nails with embedded incense and year dates. Made in the USA. Various sizes available.

A. Cathedral Plain Paschal Candle

Marked with a removable cross, an Alpha, and an Omega. Includes incense nails and year dates. Various sizes available.

SP219582. Starting at $39.90 B. SP219570. Investiture (Coronation of Christ) Starting at $62.35 C. SP219583. Sacred Heart. Starting at $86.96 D. NEW SP219599. Christ Victorious. Starting at $86.11 E. SP219580. Holy Trinity. Starting at $86.11 F. NEW SP219603. The Good Shepherd. Starting at $86.96 G. SP219581. Easter Glory. Starting at $86.96








H H. Crown of Thorns

Grown in the desert of Jericho and by the Dead Sea, 30 miles from Jerusalem, this plant is steamed and fashioned into a symbolic reminder of the suffering Jesus endured to redeem his people. Use as a centerpiece, a wall decoration, or place atop a cross draped with a purple cloth. 837654729601. Small, 7"–8" diam. $19.95 837654729625. Large, 11"–12" diam. $49.95



I. Pierced Wall Cross

This elegantly designed cross is perfect for the Easter/Lent season. Made of resin with antique wood color finish. 9 ½ " H. 603799572132. $21.99; $14.99

J. Golgatha Nail Metal Tabletop Cross

With three crosses set atop three nails, this piece serves as a reminder for the gift of salvation given to us through Jesus’ death on the cross. 9 ¾ " H. 603799393669. $16.99


LE20 P32.indd 33

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Special Services A


A. Handmade Palm Crosses C

Handmade by families in seven mud hut villages in Tanzania, East Africa, to supplement meager incomes. Sales help support community projects such as agricultural and vocational training, schools, water systems, and emergency relief. Crafted from dry palm fronds, crosses may be hung or worn on a cord. 534925. Pkg. of 50, $21.99

B. Palm Branches

Natural dried palm branches complement Palm Sunday décor and celebrations.

780090145712. 24" Long. Pkg. of 100, $27.99 780090145729. 13" Long. Pkg. of 100, $25.99

C. Fan Palms 4-Pack

Beautiful fresh-cut fan palm branches for handing out to the congregation or displaying on Palm Sunday. Approximately 24" to 36" long. These ship direct from the vendor one to two weeks before Palm Sunday to ensure your palms are as fresh as possible. 780090145736. Pkg. of 4, $29.99

[D–E] Footwashing Sets


Earthenware pitcher and basin sets are an ideal way to help your congregation engage in the tradition of footwashing ceremonies, most often experienced in connection with Maundy Thursday services. Each is completely unique and glazed in varying shades throughout. Lead free, dishwasher safe, with easy-to-grip pitcher handles.

D. Large Pitcher and Basin

The basin is 3 ½ " H and 12 ½ " W. The pitcher stands 9" H. Each, $215.95 999900. Dark Blue. 239651. Tan. (Not shown)


E. Miniature Earthenware Pitcher and Basin

The basin is 1¾ " H x 7 ¼ " W. The pitcher is 5" H.

Each, $69.95 514764. Brown. 514752. Dark Blue. (Not shown)


LE20 P34.indd 34 | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants


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Special Services

Earthenware Ash Pyxis

Attractive earthenware ash pyxis features an etched palm leaf, glazed with varying shades throughout. Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe, and completely lead free. Measures 5" H and holds 4 ounces or 124 grams.

Each, $35.95 546386. Blue. 546411. Brown.

Anointing Oil

Comes unscented or scented with aromatic frankincense and myrrh. Olive oil base.

4-Ounce Bottle.

709963747600. Scented. $31.95; $28.99 709963747792. Unscented. $19.95; $17.99

2-Ounce Bottle.

709963932198. Scented. $20.00; $17.99 709963970794. Unscented. $14.00; $12.99

¼-Ounce Bottle.

Palm Leaf Ashes

709963073662. Scented. $5.00 709963073747. Unscented. $3.50

Palm ashes (shown in the earthenware ash pyxis, sold above) are 100% pure and packed in resealable plastic containers. 10-gram package serves approx. 200 people. 50-gram package serves approx. 1,000 people.

NEW Stainless Steel Single Oil Stock with Ring

This single oil stock is made of stainless steel and features a ring on the bottom that makes it easy to hold while anointing congregants. 1" H, 1¼ " diam. 886083510229. $9.95

788200471324. 50-Gram Pkg. $19.95 788200471317. 10-Gram Pkg. $5.99

Acrylic Ash Pyxis

New design, small size. Holds 15ml of palm ashes and serves 100+ people; the large pyxis holds 60ml and serves 500+ people. 659830701924. Small. $17.00 659830702051. Large. $20.00

Solid Brass Ash Pyxis

Well-designed, this solid brass ash pyxis offers convenience, functionality, and ease of use for your Ash Wednesday service. With three-tiered cover and cross on the top, it stands 5 5⁄8 " H and holds 6 oz. Engravable. 659830603013. $145.00

Anointing Oil Carrier Case

The essential accessory for anointing services! Features a washable insert and a clear plastic window. Anointing oil sold separately. 709963210180. $3.00 LE20

LE20 P34.indd 35

If you have questions about engraving or customization, please call our Custom Sales Team at 800-237-7511. Please allow six weeks for delivery. Shop the online catalog at


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Cokesbury Disposable Communion Cups Economical cups are recyclable or disposable. They fit standard Communion trays. 13⁄8 " H. 9781501841897. Box of 1,000, $19.99; $14.99

Fellowship Cup Communion Wafer and Juice

Ready to serve, pre-filled Communion cups contain 100% grape juice and an unleavened wafer. A top seal covers the wafer, while a second seal reveals the juice. Fits standard trays; no refrigeration needed. Guaranteed fresh until date stamped on box. 081407011592. Box of 500, $105.99; $82.99 081407011578. Box of 250, $62.99; $49.99 081407011585. Box of 100, $27.99; $23.99 081407014005. Box of 6, $4.99

Now even more items can be shipped to your door FREE! Visit for a huge selection of CANDLES, BULLETINS, COMMUNION CUPS AND BREAD. Now over 167,000 items ship FREE with orders of $35 or more. Standard ground shipping to continental U.S. on qualifying items only.

Also available:

Fellowship Cup Juice Only

634337770246. Box of 100, $27.99; $23.99

Celebration Cup Prefilled Juice/Wafer Set

Double-sealed and disposable, these individual wafer and juice sets bring modern convenience to the traditional Lord’s Supper. The elements are prepackaged, with both wafer and juice in a single two-part container. Designed to fit standard Communion ware. 855326001503. Box of 500, $103.99; $82.99 855326001251. Box of 250, $61.99; $45.99 855326001107. Box of 100, $27.99


LE20 P36.indd 36

Artistic 100% Compostable Communion Cups

Known as “Thee Friendliest Cups on the Planet” these Communion cups from Artistic are made in the USA of PLA (Polylactide) biopolymer derived from corn and are 100% renewable, 100% compostable, and 100% biodegradable. Cups are 13⁄8 " H. 659830003219. Box of 2,000, $49.50 659830003509. Box of 500, $15.00 | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants

Communion Cup Filler Bottle

Convenient wide-mouth cup filler fills about 70–75 Communion cups (approx. 16 oz.). Non-drip, screw-on spout. Easy to fill and clean. 081407008783. $12.99; $10.99


9/3/19 11:34 AM


Lumen Gluten-Free Communion Wafers

Uniformly sized ¾ " unleavened gluten-free wafers packaged in two individual sleeves of 25. 9781501848223. Box of 50, $12.99

Also available (not shown):

Gluten-Free Communion Bread. Uniformly

sized unleavened gluten-free bread packaged in a re-sealable plastic bag; approx. 200 pieces.

9781501848230. Box of 200, $12.99

Lumen Unleavened Hard Communion Bread

Small, uniform ½ " squares feature a carefully molded sealed edge to prevent crumbs. 9781501848216. Box of 500, $7.99

Lumen Communion Wafers, White

Thin Communion wafers with cross symbol; 11⁄8 " in diameter. 9781501848247. Box of 1,000, $17.99; $16.99 Available for automatic shipment program. Call for details.

NEW God So Loved Bilingual Communion Bulletin

NEW Do This in Remembrance of Me Communion Bulletin

NEW The Bread of God Communion Bulletin

NEW Bread of Life Communion Bulletin

656248009932. Regular Size, Pkg. of 100, $8.99; $6.99 656248010266. Large Size. Pkg. of 100, $8.99; $6.99

730817361314. Regular Size, Pkg. of 100, $8.29; $6.99

730817361307. Regular Size, Pkg. of 100, $8.29; $6.99

Coming in January.

John 3:16, KJV/RVR1960


LE20 P36.indd 37

1 Cor. 11:24, NKJV

Subtitle John 6:33, KJV

Shop the online catalog at

John 6:48, NKJV

9781501896989. Regular Size, Pkg. of 50, $4.99


9/3/19 11:34 AM

Communion [A-B] Earthenware


Unique, beautifully handcrafted pastel porcelain earthenware pieces feature intricate raised relief designs, glazed with varying shades of pastel colors throughout. Perfect for ceremonial use during Lent. Each piece is handmade; no two are exactly alike. Dishwasher safe and completely lead-free.

A. Old Rugged Cross Earthenware

With the symbol of the cross in raised relief. Chalice 8 ¼ " H; holds 24 oz. Flagon 6 ½ " H; holds 40 oz. Plate 10" in diam. Ciborium 6" H. 537955. Ciborium. $59.95 537918. Bread Plate. $55.95 537943. Flagon. $55.95 537931. Chalice. $55.95

B. Crown of Thorns


Raised relief design of the Crown of Thorns. Flagon is 8" H; Ciborium is 4 ½ " H; Bread plate is 13 ½ " L, 8" W; Chalice is 9 ½ " H, holds 32 oz. 507860. Flagon. $55.95 520932. Ciborium. $59.95 521074. Bread Plate. $63.95 528402. Chalice. $87.95

C. Earthenware All-In-One Communion Set

Chalice and paten are made into a single piece, enabling one person to serve both elements during Communion! An elegant, handcrafted piece is distinctive in that no two pieces are exactly alike. 536054. Light Blue. $69.95 535984. Dark Blue. $69.95

D. Easy-Care Embroidered Table Cover

Available in two sizes with your choice of embroidery.

47" x 80".

152353. IHS. $185.00 152422. In Remembrance of Me. $435.00

47" x 86".

152386. IHS. $190.00 152400. In Remembrance of Me. $450.00; $404.99


E. Elements Cover

47" x 72" plain cover. 008222. $145.00



F F. Cambric Communion Linens

Made of finely woven 100% cambric linen with Latin Cross embroidery. Machine washable. Sold in packages of three.

Each Pkg., $29.97 555615. Chalice Pall. (shown) 7" x 7" w/ Plexiglass insert. 555592. Corporal. 20" x 20". 555603. Lavabo Towel. 20" x 16". 555580. Purificator. 20" x 11".

Also available:

Bread Plate Napkin. 13 ½ " x 13 ½ ". Sold individually. 555940. Each, $9.95


LE20 P38.indd 38 | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants


9/3/19 10:50 AM


A new approach to nurturing faith in teens Confirm

Your Faith. Your Commitment. God’s Call.

The only confirmation program approved for The United Methodist Church, Confirm treats confirmation as more than a decision. Instead, it is the beginning of a conversation about what it means to be a Christian. Customizable for different settings and schedules, Confirm provides students with the basic beliefs of a theologically sound, United Methodist faith while engaging them in creative and thought-provoking activities to help them internalize all they’ve learned. 39 sessions. Cokesbury.


God’s Call/The World’s Need/ Your Purpose

This six-week resource helps teens articulate what they believe and why, and learn how faith affects their lives every day. Everything youth leaders need to guide teens through a transition in their faith journey with help from parents and their church family. Abingdon Press.

9781501867736. Leader Guide. $16.99; $12.99 9781501867729. Student Guide. $12.99; $9.99 9781501867767. Mentor Guide. $7.99; $4.29 9781501867781. Parent Guide. $7.99; 5.99 9781501867750. DVD. [CC] 6 videos; 2 min. each. $32.99; $29.79

Director Guide. 9781501826924. $19.99

Teaching Plans.

9781501826948. $39.99; $34.99 Digital components for the Director Guide, Teaching Plans, Mentor Guide, and Parent Guide, plus streaming video, are available on

Student Guide.

9781501826962. $12.99

Parent Guide.

9781501826986. $8.99

Mentor Guide.

9781501826993. $10.99

Also available:

DVD. Includes 2 styles of fun

videos—YouTube overview videos hosted by Blimey Cow and whiteboard sketch-style videos—both capture teens’ attention and imagination. 9781501831225. [CC] Videos are 2–3 min. each. $39.99 Starter Kit. Includes one each of items above. 9781501864667. $129.99

The CEB Student Bible for United Methodist Confirmation

9781609262037. Decotone, Gray. $39.99; $26.49

Colaborate Methodist Confirmation

Colaborate was created by theologians, practitioners, and artists who know biblical history, biblical exegesis, and young people. It features hands-on investigative learning that leads to deep engagement with the Bible, faith, and what it means to be a Christian. Each of the confirmation units has its own handbook containing fifteen lessons that guide students through a process of discovery. With intriguing questions, in-depth infographics, and punchy graphics, each page pulls students into the content to drive engagement with the Bible, doctrine, and each other. The short videos on the DVD use humor, exaggeration, and assumptions to tease out the problem statement of the lesson. They are intentionally a bit provocative (and age-appropriate!) in order to maximize the effects of problem-based learning. Contains 15 flexible sessions per unit. Sparkhouse.

I Will, with God’s Help

Episcopal Confirmation for Youth and Adults Mary Lee Wile

Based on the Baptismal Covenant from The Book of Common Prayer, this confirmation program is adaptable for 6- to 12-week programs, retreats, or conferences. Easy to use, with interactive activities and discussions. Morehouse Education Resources.

9781889108742. Youth Journal. $7.95; $5.79 9781889108759. Adult Journal. $7.95; $6.79 LE20

LE20 P38.indd 39

Leader Guide. $29.99 Student Handbook. $8.99 DVD. $34.99

Unit 1: Old Testament

Unit 2: New Testament

Unit 3: Methodist History & Doctrine

9781506410586. 9781506410579. 9781506410593.

9781506410616. 9781506410609. 9781506410623.

9781506410647. 9781506410630. 9781506410654

For Colaborate Presbyterian Confirmation and Colaborate Lutheran Confirmation versions, see Shop the online catalog at


9/3/19 10:51 AM

Confirmation Confirmed in Christ Key Ring Romans 5:5

Metal key ring features “Confirmed in Christ” on the front and Scripture on the back.

“I Have Called You” Cross Necklace

603799541824. $6.99

Isaiah 43:1

• Back

• Back

Necklace is gold-plated with enamel color inlays and measures 1 ½ ". The back of the necklace features Scripture. Includes a 24" goldplated chain. Gift-boxed. 538078. $10.99

Eucharistic Cross Necklace

Silver Open Dove Confirmation Lapel Pin

This open silvertone lapel pin is designed in exquisite simplicity for a bold statement of faith. Made in the USA. ¾ " H.

Crafted in South America, this 2 ¼ " hand-painted cross offers eyecatching bright colors, producing a dramatic effect with a 30" black cord.

Confirmed in Christ Descending Dove Pin

Features enameled colors. Gift boxed. 1" H. 813540011852. $4.75

784504. $3.00

785525205467. $1.50

Confirmed In Christ Slate Cross

Pewter Lapel Pins

Galatians 3:26

Beautiful pins are handcrafted from 100% lead-free pewter. Made in the U.S.A.

Features Scripture on front, with space for engraving on back. Hand-polished, bright finish. 5 ¾ " H. Gift boxed.

Each, $2.99

Flaming Dove. 11⁄16 " H. 637955046793.

Cross with Dove. 9⁄16 " H. 637955046670.

785525212656. $16.49

Also available: 637955060195. 14K Gold-Plated.


LE20 P40.indd 40

Available for automatic shipment program. Call for details. | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants


9/3/19 10:57 AM

Confirmation A

NEW A. Thy Word is Truth Confirmation Bulletin

Confirmed in Christ Boxed Cards with Envelopes Includes 3 each of 4 watercolor artwork designs with KJV Scripture. Perfect for expressing your congratulations to new confirmands. 4 ¾ " x 6 ¾ ". Made in the USA.

John 17:17, KJV

Measures 8 ½ " x 11" and folds to 5 ½ " x 8 ½ ". 656248006955. Regular Size. Pkg. of 100, $6.99

B. Contemporary Steel-Engraved Confirmation Certificate

730817358826. Pack of 12, $5.99; $4.99

Luke 2:52, ESV

Steel-engraved; French fold. Measures 5" x 7". Includes envelope.

9781426710582. Pkg. of 3, $9.99; $7.99


C. United Methodist Covenant I Confirmation and Reception Certificates 9780687360932. Pkg. of 3, $6.99

United Methodist Covenant I Baptism, Confirmation, and Reception Certificates (not shown) 9780687360635. Pkg. of 3, $6.99

D. Foiled-Embossed Confirmation Certificate Ephesians 2:8, NIV

Beautifully designed. Measures 8 ½ " x 11" premium stock. Comes with white envelope. 730817356686. Pack of 6, $13.74; $8.79

E. Spirit of God Confirmation Candle

White with red descending dove and flames. 7⁄8 " x 10 ¼ ". 846786017364. $3.99

F. Confirmation Candle

White with red descending dove and cross design. Includes presentation box with space for name, church name, and ceremony date. 8 7⁄8 " x 7⁄8 ". 072094130406. $5.15





Embroidered Confirmation Stoles

Affordable stoles feature a fabric base as opposed to felt, allowing stole to hang better. Measures 4" W x 45" L. Each, $6.99 551336. Red with White Embroidery. 551348. White with Red Embroidery. LE20

LE20 P40.indd 41

Shop the online catalog at


9/3/19 10:58 AM

Baptism Keepsake Bonnet

Crib Cross

Handcrafted from a vintage style handkerchief, with embroidered cross and border and scalloped edging. Satin ribbon trim and tie. Stitching can be removed to use the handkerchief as “something old” on her wedding day.

Solid metal crib medal reads “Bless the child who lives here, fill his/ her life with love and cheer. Keep him/her safe year after year.” Hang this near the crib of your precious child.

725826402011. $16.99

785525070133. Boy. $9.99 785525070140. Girl. $9.99

Baptism Full Bib

Covers front and back. Slips over the head. Made of soft comfortable fabric with embroidered symbol. 13" L.

Baptism Socks with Embroidered Cross

A great gift for a baby’s baptism. Socks feature a gold cross embroidered on the ankle. 4". 089945361568. $6.99

551225. $8.99

Solid Brass Baptismal Shell

Used in the baptism ceremony, this becomes a meaningful keepsake. Features a hand-engraved cross. An ideal gift! 659830401398. 3" Handheld. $42.75

My Baptism Book

Water, Come Down!

At Your Baptism

A profound but simple reminder of the meaning of baptism. Includes prayers that are easy to memorize and to say at bedtime, along with very simply expressed statements of Christian belief that are appropriate for the youngest of children. For ages 0–8. Paraclete Press.

Beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Gerardo Suzán, this is a wonderfully imagined story of God’s power and love joined in the baptism event. Includes pages of ideas to spark family discussion. Ages 3–8. Augsburg Books.

Simple, clear text adapted from the French Reformed Church liturgy with vibrant illustrations and straightforward explanations on every page. The perfect way to show young children how baptism is a sign of God’s love and promises. Eerdmans Books for Young Readers.

Sophie Piper; Dubravka Kolanovic; illustrator

9781557255358. Hardcover. $14.99; $9.49


LE20 P42.indd 42

The Day You Were Baptized Walter Wangerin, Jr.; Gerardo Suzán, illustrator

9780806637112. Hardcover. $17.99; $14.49

Carrie Steenwyk and John D. Witvliet; Linda Saport, illustrator

9780802853813. Board Book. $8.00; $5.99 | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants


9/3/19 11:02 AM

Baptism A



By Water and the Spirit

A. Alpha and Omega Baptismal Candle

Making Connections for Identity & Ministry Gayle Carton Felton

White, 51% beeswax baptism candle features an Alpha and an Omega and a finely detailed sculpted dove. Boxed. 11⁄16" x 9¼".

In the 21st century, churches must become missionary congregations, helping people find belonging, meaning, and God. This series provides leaders with resources for evangelism rooted in worship, Scripture, prayer, and service. Contains the official 1996 United Methodist General Conference paper on baptism in a 6-week study guide format. Discipleship Resources.

846786017296. $5.15

B. “Holy Baptism” Baptismal Candle

Made of pure natural wax. Includes a gift box with space for record of ceremony. 9" x ¾ ". 072094054108. $3.75; $3.49

C. “I Baptize Thee” Baptismal Candle

9780881772012. $10.00; $8.99

Made of pure white wax. Comes in a presentation box with space for name, name of church, and date of baptism. 9 ½ " x 7⁄8 ".



072094054009. $3.99; $3.49

[D–E] New Baptism Bulletins

Bulletins measure 8 ½ " x 11" (fold to 8 ½ " x 5 ½ "). Back side is blank to add your information.

D. Baptized Into Christ/ Galatians 3:27, NIV

730817360508. Regular-Size. Pkg. of 100, $8.29; $6.99

E. Be Baptized/Acts 10:48, KJV 656248009901. Regular-Size. Pkg. of 100, $8.99; $6.99

Steel-Engraved Baptism Certificates

French fold with envelope. 5" x 7".

Contemporary Child Certificate.

Traditional Child Certificate.

Contemporary Adult and Youth Certificate. (not shown)

Traditional Adult and Youth Certificate.

9781426710278. Descending Dove. Pkg. of 3, $9.99 9781426710575. Descending Dove and Baptism Scene. Pkg. of 3, $9.99; $8.99 LE20

LE20 P42.indd 43

9781426791680. Christ Blessing Children. Pkg. of 3, $9.99; $7.99

(not shown)

9781426791697. Come Unto Me. Pkg. of 3, $9.99; $7.99

Shop the online catalog at

Available for automatic shipment program. Call for details.


9/3/19 11:03 AM

Baptism NEW Koleys Polished Brass Baptismal Bowl

Low-profile; made in the USA. 10" diam., 1 7â „8 " H. 557353. $145.00

NEW Koleys Polished Stainless Steel Baptismal Bowl

Made in the USA. Choose 4", 6", or 8" diam. SP219739. Prices range from $65.00–$120.00

Earthenware Baptismal Bowl on Pedestal

A quality baptismal bowl for your special occasion. Dishwasher safe. Lead free. 5 1/2 " H; 10" diam. Each, $71.95 301986. Brown. 301975. Blue. (not shown)

Dove and Shell Baptismal Stole

Embroidered with a graceful dove, representing the Holy Spirit; a scallop shell, a symbol of the rite of baptism; and three drops of water, symbolic of the Trinity as well as baptism. Made of Cathedral fabric, this stole measures 5" W x 110" L, with contoured neck for comfort. 531634. $185.00; $157.99 44

LE20 P44.indd 44

Glass Baptismal Bowl on Earthenware Pedestal

Clear glass bowl with etched cross/shell atop an earthenware pedestal. Bowl is 6 1/4 " H and 7 3/4 " diam. Dishwasher safe. Lead free.

Baptismal Towels Embroidered Shell Design

100% cotton. Pearl-edge hems. 10" x 13 1/2". 539709. Pack of 4, $25.99

535758. $63.95 | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants


9/3/19 12:33 PM


Altar Frontals

Pulpit/Lectern Scarves



Bible Bookmarks

Semi-Custom Paraments

Exquisite, semi-custom paraments made of satin-lined Regent fabric accented with gold fringe. Available in customizable sizes within standard parameters.

[A–B] Pulpit/Lectern Scarf. 18" x 36" including drop. Please specify purple or white and your choice of A or B design. Note: The two embroidery designs for each color are standard as shown. S527485. Each, $550.00; $494.99



Altar Frontal. Please specify purple or white, and custom measurements up to, but not exceeding, 72" long x 30" deep, plus 10" drop. Note: The embroidery design on each is standard as shown. S512655. $895.00; $799.99 Bible Bookmark. 3 1/2 " x 36". Please specify purple or white. S556990. $99.99; $89.99

Table Runner. (Not shown.) 20" x 80". Please specify purple or white. The symbol on table runner matches either one of the symbols on the pulpit scarf of the same color.

S512713. $550.00; $494.99

Tudor Rose Bemberg Parament Sets

3-Piece Sets.

Bring liturgical colors and symbols to your sanctuary with beautiful parament sets of Bemberg damask in the Tudor Rose pattern. Satin linings are color-matched, and each drop-length piece is finished with gold fringe. Two-piece sets include: one 18" x 36" pulpit scarf (including 18" drop), and one 3 1/2 " x 36" Bible bookmark with Latin cross. Three-piece sets include those pieces plus a 20" x 80" table runner (including 10" drops). Please allow 6–8 weeks for delivery. LE20

LE20 P44.indd 45

Each, $925.00; $832.49 021024. Crown of Thorns Purple Set. 019180. Cross and Crown White Set.

2-Piece Sets.

Each, $475.00; $427.49 555357. Crown of Thorns Purple Set. 555345. Cross and Crown White Set.

Shop the online catalog at


9/3/19 12:34 PM

Paraments Economy Paraments. The paraments are printed on unlined 100% poplin polyester with a matte finish. MEASUREMENTS FOR ECONOMY PARAMENT SETS ON PAGES 46–47 (unless specified otherwise) Sets include Altar Frontal (measures 48" W x 46" D, including 18" drop); Pulpit Scarf (measures 18" W x 44" D); and Bible Marker (measures 5" W x 36" D)—also sold separately. The following pieces are also sold separately: Table Runner (measures 18" W x 96" L); Overlay Stole (measures 5" W x 100" L); and Deacon Stole (standard 5" W x 59" L - shoulder to hip 26 ½ ", hip to bottom of stole 22 ½ ", 3" chain at hip).

40 Days Economy Paraments for Lent

820830047422. 3-Piece Set. $269.00 820830047415. Altar Frontal. $179.00 820830047446. Pulpit Scarf. $79.00 820830047439. Bible Bookmark. $29.00 820830047460. Overlay Stole. $149.00 820830047477. Deacon Stole. $159.00 820830047453. Table Runner. $89.00

Hosanna Economy Paraments for Palm Sunday

820830047569. 3-Piece Set. $269.00 820830047552. Altar Frontal. $179.00 820830047583. Pulpit Scarf. $79.00 820830047576. Bible Bookmark. $29.00 820830047606. Overlay Stole. $149.00 820830047613. Deacon Stole. $159.99 820830047590. Table Runner. $89.00


LE20 P46.indd 46 | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants


9/3/19 11:14 AM


He Has Risen Economy Paraments for Easter

820830047491. 3-Piece Set. $269.00 820830047484. Altar Frontal. $179.00 820830047514. Pulpit Scarf. $79.00 820830047507. Bible Bookmark. $29.00 820830047538. Overlay Stole. $149.99 820830047545. Deacon Stole. $159.00 820830047521. Table Runner. $89.00

NEW PraiseBanners Ecclesiastical Collection

The Ecclesiastical Collection is unlined and features a unique lattice design that allows the altar to be partially seen though the cloth. Available in blue, green, purple, and red. Pieces in the collection include an Altar Cloth (dimensions: 60" W x 50" D with an 18"� overhang); an Altar Overlay (dimensions: 18" W x 50" L); a Pulpit Scarf (dimensions: 18" W x 44" L); and Bible Bookmark (dimensions: 5" W x 36" D). Made in the USA. SP219722. Altar Cloth. $249.00 SP219723. Altar Overlay. $129.00 SP219724. Pulpit Scarf. $129.00 SP219725. Bible Bookmark. $49.00

TIP For other dimensions please call our custom sales team at 1-800-237-7511.

Please note: Due to the nature of the printing process, the color of actual products may differ slightly from how they appear on the printed page. LE20

LE20 P46.indd 47

Shop the online catalog at


9/3/19 11:16 AM


X-Frame Adjustable Banner Stand

Lightweight stand provides stability plus easy mobility. Accommodate banners sizes 18" to 36" W and 60" to 72" H. Perfect for a sanctuary, narthex, learning center or meeting. Made of aluminum and plastic. Imported. 886083629648. $19.95

Two-Sided Banner Stand

Durable, black aluminum/ steel. Designed to display one or two vertical banners in 2' or 3' W. Sturdy 12" base with telescoping height, adjusts up to 8' H. Includes both 2' and 3' rods. Fits these banner sizes: 2' x 6', 2' x 8', or 3' x 5'. 9781942027898. $130.00; $99.99

Hanging Easter Banners

Available in two sizes: 2' x 6' or 3' x 5', in fabric or vinyl. Fabric banners use pole pockets for hanging on T-type banner stands while the vinyl version uses eyelets at each corner for mounting to x-style banner stands. Specify banner material and size when ordering. Each, $134.99–$174.99; $99.99–$129.99 SP219740. He is Risen SP219741. Jesus Lives! Let Us Rejoice! SP219697. The Lord is Risen Indeed


LE20 P48.indd 48

SP219698. Celebrate Easter! SP219695. He is Risen Easter Sky SP219696. Jesus Lives Easter Flowers | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants


9/3/19 11:20 AM


NEW Flag Banners

Draw attention with eye-catching banners that move in the slightest breeze. Lightweight polyester material allows graphics to bleed through, providing a reverse image on the back side. Machine washable. Banner height 8 1/2 '; approx. 12' when mounted to pole. Stand 9781635102819 or 9781635106046, sold separately below. Each, $99.00; $69.99

9781635103328. He is Risen Empty Tomb 9781635107784. Celebrate Easter Flare 9781635107791. Celebrate Easter Bold 9781635107807. He is Risen Burst 9781635107814. Easter Pink Cherry Blossom 9781635107821. Sunrise Service

Flag Banner Stand Pole and Spikes. Strong, carbon fiber 12.5' pole; heavy-duty 12" ground stake.

Ground or Hard Surface.

For any surface. Crossbase and water bag for stability. 9781635106046. $216.00; $144.99

Ground Only. (not shown)

Larger endcap for increased durability.

9781635102819. $149.00; $99.99 LE20

LE20 P48.indd 49

NEW Teardrop Flag Banners

Banner height 8 1/2' ; approx. 12' when mounted to pole. The unique shape keeps the flag taut, even in the wind. Made of polyester; graphic can be seen on both sides. Stand not included. Use stand 9781635102819 or 9781635106046, sold at left. Each, $119.00; $79.99 9781635107838. Easter/Orange Brush Strokes 9781635107845. Easter/Colorful Gradient

Shop the online catalog at


9/3/19 11:20 AM

Vestments A



[A–B] WomenSpirit Quick-Ship Robes

Each features two pockets with microphone opening at the top, so you can run your microphone cord underneath. 65% poly/35% rayon linen-look fabric. Specify size and color when ordering.

A. Lydia Robe. A classic design cut specifically for women. The shaped back hangs nicely with or without a cincture. Wrap-front styling with covered buttons at the shoulder and waist. Snaps inside the alb; no Velcro. Cincture sold separately below. Unlined in white, ivory, or wheat (flax). SP217796. $190.00

B. Martha Robe. A classic design cut with darts at the waist in front and back for a flattering, fitted shape. Great as an alb or a cassock. No need to wear a cincture. Features a mandarin collar. Unlined in white, ivory, or black.


SP217798. $250.00

C. Monk’s Knot Cincture.

SP217942. $23.00 Please specify color.

D. Abiding Spirit Quick-Ship David Cassock/Alb E

Classic styling and exceptional fit. A great alternative to heavy, traditional pulpit robes, it is lighter weight, cooler, and more comfortable. Stand-up collar covers your clothing. Separating zipper in front under the placket, side slits. Linen look fabric of 70% poly/30% rayon. Unlined in white, off-white, or black. Specify size and color when ordering. SP217887. $250.00


E. Murphy Qwick-Ship Alb

Tailored in white Linette, accented with a single row of lace around the cuffs and a double row around the hem. This fully cut alb features a crossover front with a button and snap closure and tapered standing collar. Also features a full left front pocket and right pocket slit for lapel or mic headset wires. Sized for a floor clearance of 4" to 6". Specify size when ordering. Each, $216.90 SP217869. Men’s/H-182M. SP217870. Women’s/H181F.

F. Murphy Qwick-Ship Natural Flax Alb

This natural flax-blend alb features a crossover front with Velcro and snap closures, cuffed coat sleeves, tapered collar, full pocket on the left, and pocket slit on the right. Ecru 4-yard knotted cincture cord included. Sizes for a floor clearance of 4" to 6". Specify size when ordering. SP217868. H-43. $194.90


LE20 P50.indd 50 | 800.672.1789 | Resource Consultants


9/3/19 11:24 AM

Stoles [A–D] NEW Gaspard Stoles

Each of these stoles features a standard style with tapered neckline. Each can be purchased in many different fabrics and patterns. (Visit for fabric and pattern choices—see the fabric guide on the “Content” tab to determine what material each fabric/pattern is made of. Choose the fabric/pattern from the drop down menu above to determine pricing.) Comes in two standard sizes: 100" or 112" length. May also be ordered in custom sizes. Please call our custom sales team at 1-800-237-7511 for additional help. Each piece is custom-made and is therefore non-returnable. Please allow up to eight weeks for delivery. Specify size and color when ordering. Made in the USA.

A. 902 Sacrifice II Stole. Appliqué with satin-stitch embroidery. SP218727. Starting at $142.00; $127.99



B. Castle Craft 1300 Stole. All embroidered. SP218623. Starting at $294.00; $264.79

C. 8118 Christ Has Risen Stole. Appliqué with satin-stitch embroidery. SP218468. Starting at $185.00; $166.79

D. 3281 Shout to The Lord Stole. Appliqué with satin-stitch embroidery. SP218478. Starting at $152.00; $136.99




[E–F] Gaspard Deacon Stoles

Specify color when ordering. Standard length is 53". May also be ordered in custom lengths.

E. DS74. Made of Monkscloth fabric (100% spun rayon) with embroidered designs with metallic and colored threads. Available in purple, blue, white, green, and red. SP218932. $151.00

F. Roma. Simple yet elegant; made of light weight Roma fabric (100% polyester). Available colors: purple, green, ivory/gold, ivory/bone, red, and rose (not shown). SP218927. $139.00


LE20 P50.indd 51

Shop the online catalog at


9/3/19 11:25 AM

800.672.1789 | Call a Resource Consultant

2222 Rosa L. Parks Blvd. Nashville, TN 37228-1306

LE205610001 PACP10593388-01 9781791000455



Featured Lent & Easter Studies

The Walk

Fives Essential Practices of the Christian Life Adam Hamilton

Join Adam Hamilton as he explores five essential spiritual practices rooted in Jesus’ own walk with God that will help your daily walk with Christ and teach you to follow him, grow in him, and faithfully serve him. Page 3

The Grace of Les Misérables


Rob Fuquay

Max Lucado

Matt Rawle

Living the Story of Christ’s Last Days

You may know the iconic book or musical. This Lenten study, in keeping with Rawle’s Pop in Culture series of Bible studies, ponders the themes of grace, justice, poverty, revolution, love, and hope. Page 4

Passion plays have been presented in countless churches around the world for centuries. This study goes behind the biblical story of the Passion and also shows how the play has been used for praise and as a weapon. Page 5

FREE SHIPPING every day on purchases of $35 or more of eligible items.

LE20 CV4.indd 5

The Passion Play

The God Who Knows Your Name You may have studied about Jesus or prayed to him, but do you really know him? By exploring Jesus’ life and character in a way that reveals who he really was, you will understand more clearly who you were created to be. Page 6

Prices subject to change. For the most current pricing, call or visit

9/6/19 2:46 PM

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Lent 2020 Cokesbury Seasonal Catalog  

Cokesbury, Lent, 2020, New & Notable, Studies, Discussion Starters, Lent & Easter Studies Comparison Chart, Amplify, Devotions & Meditations...

Lent 2020 Cokesbury Seasonal Catalog  

Cokesbury, Lent, 2020, New & Notable, Studies, Discussion Starters, Lent & Easter Studies Comparison Chart, Amplify, Devotions & Meditations...

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