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11/27/19 11:01 AM

How may we serve you today? COKESBURY is committed to providing you the support you need, the way you need it. Whether you prefer to work with a Resource Consultant or one of our Customer Care Representatives, or shop online at Cokesbury.com, let us partner with you in making disciples of Jesus Christ. TRUSTED RESOURCES When you purchase from Cokesbury, be assured that the resources you buy are of the highest quality, chosen with the needs of your ministry in mind. EVERYDAY VALUE PRICES + FUNDING OPTIONS Expect lower prices on thousands of items that support your ministry. And when you use your Cokesbury account to purchase, there is never an interest charge. Cokesbury also has an easy, no-interest, 12-month budget plan with approved credit on purchases of $300 or more. Only 20% down with the balance paid in 12 equal monthly payments. AVAILABLE ONLY FROM COKESBURY • Interest-free charge accounts • Easy payment plans with no fees • Free consulting for custom products FREE SHIPPING + AUTOMATIC SHIPPING* Free shipping is available every day on over 167,000 qualified products including candles, Communion cups and bread, and bulletins. And when you schedule Automatic Shipping on the supplies you need most, you’ll receive a 5% DISCOUNT plus free shipping* on orders of $35 or more! Look for the calendar icon. Signing up for Automatic Shipments is easy! Visit Cokesbury.com or call 800-672-1789 to get started today. SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES With our flexible Subscription Ordering options, you can get the resources and content you need, however you need them. Sign up to receive calendars, planners, and annuals by subscription each year and with the bonus of not having to worry about when to purchase, you’ll receive the latest edition of each resource on time every year! Call 800-672-1789 for details and to start your subscription. MINISTRY MATTERS You’ll find thousands of original articles and blogs, unique book reviews, and weekly worship and preaching helps available by subscription at MinistryMatters.com that provide both community and inspiration to Christian leaders. Plus, you can receive an annual subscription of Will Willimon’s Pulpit Resource, available quarterly. Contact customer service at 800-672-1789 or email subscriptions@ministrymatters.com. AMPLIFY — ENGAGE YOUR MINISTRY. EXPAND YOUR MISSION. Amplify is a powerful, yet simple, multimedia platform that enables churches of every size to discover, customize, and share diverse resources that encourage deeper discipleship and equip churches to pursue their mission with greater impact. Visit amplifymedia.com to learn more or sign up.


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11/27/19 11:03 AM

LIVE CHAT Looking for the just the right study or leadership book? Have a question about your account? Our customer experts are just a click away! EASY-TO-USE DELIVERY TIMELINES Cokesbury.com provides a shipping timeline on every order. CATALOGS Our print catalogs are also available online. Flip through any of our e-catalogs and purchase with convenient online ordering: Small Group; Curriculum; Lent/Easter; Advent/Christmas; Church Leadership; Church Worship; Clergy & Choir Apparel; Gift and Award Bibles. Each day, we make your priorities our priority! We value our relationship as your trusted partner in ministry. We strive to meet your ministry needs with efficiency and expertise, provide trusted resources, and maintain cost-effective solutions. Let us assist in helping your church members grow in faith, worship with joy, and serve with love. The Cokesbury Team


Communion, Baptism, Funerals, Weddings, Confirmation


Learn more: Call 800.672.1789 Visit us online at Cokesbury.com Contact a Resource Consultant

*Orders over $35 of eligible items ship for free. Free shipping applies to continental U.S. only; excludes express shipping. Programs and offers subject to change. Prices subject to change. For the most current pricing, call or visit Cokesbury.com.


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11/25/19 10:30 AM

Spend less time on the ‘gotta dos’ and more time on the ‘love to dos’

SIGN UP FOR AUTOMATIC SHIPMENTS TODAY! IT’S EASY— Place your order, schedule delivery, and start saving time & money with 5% off your order & free shipping.*

Visit Cokesbury.com or call 800-672-1789 to get started today. Look for this icon on the supply items you need most.

*Orders over $35 of eligible items ship for free. Free shipping applies to continental U.S. only; excludes express shipping. Programs and offers subject to change.


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11/25/19 10:33 AM

special services Communion Bread & Wafers Communion Cups Communion Banners & Bulletins Communionware & Communion Accessories Communionware Communion Linens & Stoles Portable Communion Sets


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6 7 8 9 10 11 12

13 14 14–15 16–17 18 19 20

Baptismal Resources & Stoles Baby New Testaments Baptism Certificates Funeral Bulletins & Resources, Memorial Resources Wedding Bulletins & Stoles Unity Candles & Marriage Certificates Confirmation Resources, Robes & Stoles

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11/25/19 10:33 AM

COMMUNION BREAD & WAFERS Gluten-Free Communion Bread: Lumen by Abingdon Press. Unleavened, uniformly sized gluten-free bread packaged in a resealable plastic bag. Free of gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, eggs, soy, nuts, and corn.

9781501848230 Box of 200 $12.99

Unleavened Hard Communion Bread: Lumen by Abingdon Press. Unleavened ½" squares of Communion bread of the highest quality, with carefully molded and sealed edges to prevent crumbs. Resealable stay-fresh packaging. 9781501848216

Box of 500

Gluten-Free Communion Wafers: Lumen by Abingdon Press. Uniformly sized ¾" unleavened gluten-free wafers packaged in two individual sleeves of 25. Free of gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, eggs, soy, nuts, and corn.

9781501848223 Box of 50 $12.99


White Communion Wafers: Lumen by Abingdon Press. Thin, 1 1⁄8" diam. wafers with symbol of a cross cut into each. Packaged in sleeves of 100.

NOTE: Stock rotates on a regular basis to maintain freshness.


Box of 1,000

Gluten-Free Communion Wafers. Light, plain, small round wafers free of gluten, wheat, casein, dairy, yeast, egg, soy, nut, and corn. Low sodium.



$17.99; $16.99

075119170579 Pkg. of 40–50 $12.40 Case of 6 pkgs. $63.49

Communion Bread. ¼" squares. A. Hard Communion Bread. 008357

Box of 500 $5.95

B. Soft Communion Bread. 782983

Box of 500 $5.95

Gluten-Free Communion Wafers. Individually wrapped; 13⁄8" diam. Contains garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, whole grain sweet white sorghum flour, fava bean flour, and palm oil. 662177000001

Box of 25

BESTSELLER C. Communion Wafers. Thin, 11⁄8"-diam. wafers with cross symbol.

Large Communion Wafers. 5 ¾"-diam. whole wheat ceremonial wafers provide greater visual impact during Communion. 817310


Pkg. of 25 $14.99



Communion bread in a sealed bag in a dark, cool, dry area. Stock is rotated on a regular basis to help maintain freshness.

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Box of 1000 $13.50

D. Whole-Wheat Communion Wafers. Thin 11⁄8"-diam. wafers with cross symbol.

C TIP For best results, store

$12.95; $12.49

(actual size)

778296 Box of 1000 $16.99; $13.99



11/25/19 10:36 AM



Cokesbury Disposable Communion Cups. These flare-rim plastic Communion cups fit standard trays and are economical, disposable, and recyclable. 13⁄8" deep. 9781501841897 Box of 1,000

$19.99; $14.99

Flexible Communion Cups. Never worry about broken cups again with these flexible, shatter-resistant Communion cups. Color is slightly cloudy due to the flexible material. Recyclable and reusable. 13⁄8" deep. 788200565580 Box of 1,000

$20.99; $16.99

Artistic 100% Compostable Communion Cups. Cups are made in the USA of PLA (polylactide) biopolymer derived from corn and are 100% renewable, 100% compostable, and 100% bio-degradable. Composting time: in a commercial composting facility degradation can occur in as little as 90 days. In a home composting system degradation time can be 180 days or less in the right conditions. Can also be recycled or thrown in the regular trash. Even if thrown in the trash these cups should break down in 6 to 24 months as opposed to conventional polystyrene plastic that takes hundreds of years to degrade. 13⁄8 " deep. 659830003509 Box of 500 659830003707 Box of 1,000 659830003219 Box of 2,000

$15.00 $25.00 $49.50


Fellowship Cup Communion Wafer & Juice. Ready to serve, pre-filled Communion cups contain 100% grape juice and a soft unleavened wafer. The top seal provides easy access to the wafer. Once the wafer is consumed, the second seal reveals the juice. Fits into standard Communion cup trays and no refrigeration is needed. Cups are guaranteed fresh if used by stamped date on the box. 081407011592 081407011578 081407011585 081407014005

Box of 500 Box of 250 Box of 100 Pack of 6

$105.99; $82.99 $62.99; $52.99 $27.99; $23.99 $4.99

NEW Celebration Cup Pre-filled Juice/Wafer Set. Double-sealed and disposable, these individual Celebration Communion wafer and juice sets bring modern convenience and purity to the traditional Lord’s Supper. The elements are prepackaged, with both wafer and juice in a single twopart container. Communion participants peel back one seal to remove the Communion wafer. A second seal under the wafer is then removed for juice. Celebration cups are designed to fit standard communionware. 855326001107 855326001251 855326001503

Box of 100 Box of 250 Box of 500

$27.99; $22.99 $61.99; $49.99 $103.99; $84.99

Also available: Fellowship Cup® Juice Only Pre-filled Communion Cups. Peel back air-tight seal. 634337770246


ES20 P06.indd 7

Box of 100

$27.99; $23.99

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11/25/19 10:36 AM


Communion Banners. Enhance the observance of Communion with these beautiful fabric banners. Available in sizes 2' x 6' or 3' x 5'. Banners have pole pockets for use with either a banner stand or hanging dowel kit. Stands not included. Specify size when ordering. SIZES: 2' x 6' $134.99; $99.99 3' x 5' $159.99; $119.99

Do This In Remembrance of Me. SP219352

For As Often As You Drink This Cup: 1 Corinthians 11:26, NKJV SP219353


Jesus Took Bread: Mark 14:22-23, KJV

656248006900 Pkg. of 100 $8.29; $6.99

Do This in Remembrance of Me: 1 Corinthians 11:24, NKJV 730817361314 Pkg. of 100 $8.29; $6.99

The Bread of God Giveth Life: John 6:33, KJV 730817361307 Pkg. of 100 $8.29; $6.99

Let Us Break Bread Together 634337888842 Pkg. of 100 $8.25; $6.99

Bulletins below: QUANTITY SAVINGS!

100 of the same design for $8.98 (Save 10%); 500 of the same design for $42.91 (Save 14%); BEST VALUE! 1000 of the same design for $79.84 (Save 20%)

Do This: Luke 22:19, CEB


Pkg. of 50 $4.99

Taste and See: Psalm 34:8, CEB


Pkg. of 50 $4.99

8 Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P08.indd 8

Bread: John 6:48, CEB


Pkg. of 50 $4.99

In Remembrance 9781501824432 Pkg. of 50 $4.99


11/25/19 10:40 AM



A. Wide Mouth Cup Filler Bottle. Made of durable plastic, this bottle features a 13/4" mouth, which makes it easier to fill and clean. Non-drip, screw-on spout. Fills approximately 70–75 Communion cups (approx. 16 ozs.). 081407008783 $12.99 ; $10.99

B. Communion Cup Filler Cap with Nozzle & Straw Attachment. Fits most standard, largersized grape juice bottles (such as 46-oz. and 64-oz. sizes) to fill cups directly from the bottle. 788200564828





C. Communion Cup Filler. Plastic 16-oz. squeeze bottle with no-drip spout. Fills approximately 75–80 Communion cups. 081407003566

$12.99; $11.99

D. Communion Cup Filler Set. Neat, quick, and easy—one squeeze fills a cup. Clear glass quart bottle, nickel-plated siphon, and plastic bulb. Holds 32 oz. 780090135300 Set 886083395536 Extra Bottle 886083395543 Extra Bulb

$59.95 $24.95 $9.95




E. Button-Release Communion Cup Filler. Lightweight polypropylene. 3" diam. Press and release button to operate. Holds enough to fill about 22 Communion cups or approximately 16 oz. 081407002835

$16.50; $13.99

F. Gonzo “Wine-Out” Red Wine Stain Remover. Clean up spills immediately to keep Communion linens from staining. 14 oz. 070048029646



Microphone Stand Communion Tray. Simplifies serving Communion to worship teams, choirs, and those on stage. High polished stainless steel for lasting beauty and durability. Holds 10 cups. Recessed center for holding bread or wafers. Securely attaches to any standard mic stand.

Plastic Economy Communion Tray. Lightweight, durable, and scratch resistant, this rigid plastic tray holds 35 cups. 13" x 9 1/2". 788200564613 Goldtone $19.99 788200564606 Silvertone


634337738284 $34.99; $19.99


ES20 P08.indd 9

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11/25/19 10:40 AM

COMMUNIONWARE NEW Artistic Sacred Series ART700 Communionware. Blending heritage & tradition with today’s advanced production techniques, these Communion pieces are fabricated of polycarbonate, an extraordinary polymer that is known for its durability and impact strength. Purple translucent finish with an integrated “Sure Grip” gray handle. Tray. 15 3⁄8" x 12". Holds 42 cups. 659830004063


Tray Cover. 113⁄8" diam. 659830004070


Bread Plate. 9 ½" diam. Holds approx. 300 wafers or 500 bread squares. 659830004094


Bread Plate Cover . 7 ¼" diam. with soft-touch rubber cross handle. 659830004087

Mini Bread Bowl . 5" diam. Fits in center of tray, taking the space of 8 cups. Holds approx. 40 bread squares. 659830003677



Small Aluminum Tray and Bread Plate. This small Communion set is perfect for chapels and small churches. Tray Cover. 7 7⁄8". Each 659830502149 659830502132

$44.50 Brasstone Silvertone

Tray. 10". Holds 22 cups (not included). Each 659830502101 659830502095

$52.50 Brasstone Silvertone

Bread Plate. 6 1⁄8". Holds 8 oz. Each 659830502224 659830502217


$24.00 Brasstone Silvertone

• Silvertone

Whole Body Communion Tray. Single-pass Communion tray with both elements. Choose silvertone or brasstone. Bread plate is approximately ¼" deep. 2 lbs. Serves 32. Each $84.55 659830501982 659830501999

Silvertone Brasstone

Each $45.00 659830501630 659830501647

Silvertone Brasstone

Tray Base. 12¾".

• Brasstone

Also available (not shown): Tray Cover. 11". Each $67.00 659830501494 659830501500


Silvertone Brasstone

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11/25/19 10:44 AM



[A–E] NEW 100% Linen Altar Cloths with Embroidered Cross. Made of 100% cambric linen, finely woven, embroidered cross at the edge. Imported. Machine washable.


A. Corporal. Measures 20" x 20".

Each Pkg. of 3 $29.97 555611 Red Cross 555592 White Latin Cross (inset) 555344 White Cross (inset)

B. Chalice Pall Cover. Measures 7" x 7" and includes a plastic insert. Each Pkg. of 3 $29.97 555634 Red Cross 555615 White Latin Cross (inset) 555367 White Cross (inset)

C. Purificator. Measures 20" x 11". Each Pkg. of 3 $29.97 555600 Red Cross 555580 White Latin Cross (inset) 555333 White Cross (inset)


D. Lavabo Towel. Measures 20" x 16". Finished with mitered corners. Each Pkg. of 3 $29.97 555623 Red Cross 555603 White Latin Cross (inset) 555356 White Cross (inset)



E. Bread Plate Napkin. Measures 13 1/2" x 13 1/2". Finished with mitered corners. $9.95 Red Cross White Latin Cross (inset) White Cross (inset)

Each 555905 555940 555894



SUPER VALUE! F. Reversible Baptismal/Communion Stole. Communion grapes and wheat design on one side and the baptismal dove and shell design on the other. 531637





G. Communion Stole. Appliquéd and embroidered grapes and chalice, bread and wheat, in bright natural colors. Bottom trim in dark red suede cloth. Each 528150 528274

$169.00 White Flax (not pictured)

[H–I] Special Occasion Communion Stoles. 100% polyester Liberty fabric with gold braid at bottom. White. 92" L; 5 1/2" W. Tapered. Each $170.00 H. 919021 Communion Cross, Chalice, and Grapes I. 923386 Communion Chalice, Wafer Symbols


ES20 P10.indd 11

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11/25/19 10:44 AM

PORTABLE COMMUNION SETS NEW Artistic 5-Cup Portable Communion Set with Walnut Case. Set includes a leak-proof bottle, 5 crystal glasses, host box, & paten. Case is made of solid walnut and features a cross design. Protected by drawstring velvet bag. 8 3/8" x 5" x 2". Made in USA. 659830003684 $162.00; $145.99

Also available (not shown): NEW Artistic 7-Cup Portable Communion Set with Cherry Case With brass oil stock vessel. Case features Trinity symbol. 659830003691 $189.25; $169.99

Deluxe Ceramic Portable Communion Set. Handcrafted kit includes a ceramic chalice, paten, host box, and cruet, plus linens: purificator and corporal. 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 4 1/2". Handle for carrying. 519560

Artistic Portable Communion Set. Includes bottle with silvertone aluminum lid and small bread plate, and 20 cups. Stain-resistant white vinyl lining with gold-leaf chalice imprint. 4 1/4" x 7" x 2". Each $67.50; $64.79 659830500206 Maroon Case 659830500169 Blue Case

Artistic Four-Cup Portable Communion Set. Four-cup set with brasstone components. Maroon satin lining with gold-leaf Communion symbol. 7" x 4 1/2" x 2". 659830500138 $67.50

Extra Bottle.

659830500152 $13.00

Last Supper 6-Cup Portable Communion Set. With brasstone aluminum trim includes bottle, six cups, and bread plate, and black carrying case with stain-resistant white vinyl lining and gold-leaf Last Supper imprint. 5 1/2" x 7 5/8" x 2". 659830500541 $82.50; $78.99


Legacy Portable Communion Set with Anointing Oil Bottle. Durable hard case with stainless steel trim and cross adornment. Includes six glass Communion cups; polished stainless steel bread container; 100 ml stainless steel juice container; and anointing oil bottle. Measures 7 1/2" x 5 5/16" x 2 5/8". 634337745275

The Traveler Portable Communion Set. Zippered poly cloth case holds snap-close bread holder; refillable 50 ml juice container; and refillable plastic cup dispenser (holds 25). A slimline New Testament can fit inside lid (not included). 8" x 5" x 13/4". 081407007069 $34.99; $25.99

Portable Communion Set. With 25 disposable cups in a reusable plastic sleeve, plastic 3-oz. juice container, and plastic bread container. Sturdy leather-look case with magnetic closure. 8" x 4 3/4" x 2".

Each $19.99; $17.99 081407002392 081407002408

Black Red

12 Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P12.indd 12

$74.99; $54.99

The Deluxe Portable Communion Set. Zippered, molded case with stainless steel bread container, inner lid that doubles as a serving tray, six glass Communion cups, and a refillable, clear 50 ml juice container with screw-on top. 7 1/4" x 5 1/4" x 43/4". 081407007076 $54.99; $39.99


11/25/19 10:59 AM






Baptismal Shell. Used in the ceremony, these shells become meaningful keepsakes. Makes an ideal gift! 1 oz. 3" x 3".


NEW Silverplate.

659830401404 $57.10

Solid Brass. 659830401398 $42.75



D. First Light Baptismal Candle. White stearine; decorated in three colors. Gift boxed with space for record of ceremony. 9 ¼" x ¾". 846786017302


E. Baptism Candle. Wax-colored with red baptismal symbols. Space is provided for record of the ceremony on the storage box. 9" x ¾". 072094054108




F. “I Baptize Thee” Baptism Candle. Pure white wax with baptismal symbols. Presentation box provides space for name, date, and place of baptism. 9 ½" x 7⁄8". 072094054009


G. Baptism Candle. White with Alpha and Omega and a finely detailed, sculpted dove. 51% beeswax. Raised wax design. 9 ¼" x 11⁄16". 846786017296


SAVE 5% PLUS FREE SHIPPING. See page 2 for details. [A–C] Pure Linen Embroidered Napkins. Napkins are made of 100% pure linen with decorative border hemstitching. Choose from three symbols with the words “My Baptism” below the symbol. 10 ¼" x 10 ¼". White. Each $34.50 A. Shell. 528591 B. Dove. 528579

C. Greek Cross. 528603

BAPTISMAL STOLES Reversible Baptismal/Communion Stole. This unique reversible stole has a baptismal dove and shell on one side (shown at left) and Communion grapes and wheat (inset) on the other. 531637


Same design as left only not reversible: Baptismal Dove and Shell Stole. Embroidered with a graceful dove, a scallop shell, and three drops of water. Made of white Cathedral fabric. 5" x 110". 531634 $195.00

Baptismal Towel. 100% cotton with an embroidered shell and a pearl-edged hem. 10" x 13 ½". 539709 Pkg. of 4 $25.99


ES20 P12.indd 13

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11/25/19 11:01 AM

BAPTISM CERTIFICATES Steel-engraved certificates offer timeless beauty and quality. 5" x 7"; French fold with envelope.

Traditional Baptism Certificate.

9781426791680 Children Pkg. of 3 $9.99; $7.99

Traditional Baptism and Church Membership Certificate. 9781426791703 Pkg. of 3 $9.99; $7.99

Traditional Baptism Certificate.

Contemporary Baptism Certificate.

Contemporary Baptism Certificate.

Contemporary Steel-Engraved Baby Dedication Certificate. With envelope.

9781426791697 Adult/Youth Pkg. of 3 $9.99; $7.99

9781426710278 Children Pkg. of 3 $9.99

9781426710575 Adult/Youth Pkg. of 3 $9.99; $8.99

9781426710605 Pkg. of 3 $9.99; $7.99

SAVE 5% PLUS FREE SHIPPING. See page 2 for details.


CEB Baby New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs. Pocket-sized with presentation pages. A great gift for baby showers, baptisms, christenings, and dedications. 7-pt. type. Imitation leather. Common English Bible. 9781609261948 White. $7.99; $3.99

CSB Baby’s New Testament with Psalms. Features the Christian Standard Bible translation, presentation page, words of Christ in red, and silver page edges. 6-pt. type. Imitation leather. B & H Publishing Group. Each 9781462762958 9781462762941 9781462762965


Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P14.indd 14

$6.99; $4.99 Pink Blue White


11/25/19 11:04 AM



Baptism Certificate Pad. One 10 7⁄8" x 6" pad holds 25 certificates, 8" x 6", printed on premium parchment look paper with Scripture from Romans 6:3-4, KJV. Perforated to leave a tab for church records with space to include name, date, church, and pastor. 634337782874

Pkg. of 25

Folded Baptism Certificates. Parchment paper certificates measure 5 ½" x 3 ½" and include Scripture from Romans 6:3-4, KJV, and space for name, date, and pastor’s signature. 634337782928

Pkg. of 6

$6.99; $5.49

$6.99; $5.49

Seashell/Dove and Cross Certificates. 8 9⁄16" x 8 ½".

“Community” Holy Baptism Certificates. 11" x 8 ½".

Seashell Certificate.

Water and Cross.

Package of 12 of the same design for $14.50 9780806613574 Child

Dove Certificate. 4 ¾" x 7".

846863002320 Pkg. of 25 of the same design for $15.00


ES20 P14.indd 15

Package of 12 of the same design for $14.50

Dove Certificate.

9780806613543 Adult

Godparents Certificate. 3 ¾" x 6 3⁄8" (folded). 846863002627 Pkg. of 25 of the same design for $15.50

9780806646534 Child 9780806646527 Adult (not shown)

Seashell Water Drops Baptism Certificate. 5" x 7". 9780806617350 Adult Pkg. of 12 of the same design for $18.50

Silver Foil Embossed Baptism Certificate. 5" x 7", folded. Features. 1 Cor 12:13. 730817307619 Pkg. of 6 $13.74

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11/25/19 11:05 AM

FUNERAL BULLETINS All Regular Size Bulletins measure 11" x 8 ½" (Letter Size); fold to 5 ½" x 8 ½". Bulletins below: 100 of the same design for $6.99

NEW He Restoreth My NEW Eternal God Is Soul/Funeral: Thy Refuge/Funeral: Psalm 23:3, KJV. Deuteronomy 33:27, KJV. 656248009970


NEW Blessed That Mourn/Funeral: Matthew 5:4, KJV. 730817361345

NEW Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled/ Funeral: John 14:27, KJV. 730817361321

NEW Earth Has No Sorrow/Funeral: John 14:2-3, KJV. 730817361338

NEW God Shall Wipe Away/Funeral: Revelation 21:4, KJV. 634337917979

Bulletins below and bottom left: 50 of same design for $4.99; 100 of same design for $8.98; 500 of same design for $42.91; 1,000 of same design for $79.84

I Walk Through the Valley: Psalm 23:4, KJV. 9781501865411

NEW All You/Funeral: Matthew 11:28, CEB. 9781501897054

White Roses: Hebrews 13:5, CEB. 9781426773013

Purple Violets: Revelation 21:4, KJV adaptation.

Mountain Range: Romans 8:38, CEB. 9781426755361

Lighthouse: Revelation 21:4, NRSV. 9781426736087


FUNERAL/PASTORAL RESOURCES Just in Time! Funeral Services, by Cynthia L. Danals. Ready-to-use funeral services for difficult situations. Each service is set in a ministry context and includes a sample sermon, Scripture text, and prayers. Abingdon Press. 9780687335060 $13.99; $12.79

I Am the Resurrection: John 11:25, CEB. 9781426777264


The Light Shines/ Funeral: John 1:5, CEB 9781501823886

My Father’s House/ Funeral: John 14:2, CEB 9781501802379

Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P16.indd 16

Also available (not shown): Pastoral Prayers for the Hospital Visit, Sara Webb Phillips. 9780687496587 $13.99; $10.99

For more volumes in this series, visit Cokesbury.com.


11/25/19 11:09 AM






Remembrance/Memorial Pillar Candle. Raised wax oval “ribbon rope” and a verse that reads: “On this very special day, we share our happiness with the loving memory of a very special person, whose spirit shall join with us in celebration and rejoicing.” Measures 12" H, 3" diam.

[A–C] Koleys Outdoor Memorial Crosses. Steel memorial crosses stand 20" high once staked into ground (31" overall). Durable, protective white powdercoat finish. Engraved plaques can be added for additional amount. Please call us at 1-800-237-7511 for assistance. A. 557812 Fleur-De-Lis $90.00 B. 519254 Standard $80.00 C. 557825 Celtic $90.00






[D–F] SpeedShip Funeral Palls. Ready-made for immediate shipment. Available in two sizes: adult, 7' x 11'; and child, 7' x 5'. Two-line memorial panel also available. For details, call 800-237-7511. D. Star Cross in Oval. Adult 526112 Child 531280

$995.00 $725.00

E. Ivory with Latin Cross. Adult 533692 Child 531246

$995.00 $725.00

Please confirm sizes before placing your order. TIP F ind our selection of Memorial Cards for expressing appreciation

for gifts to the church, library, or other group at Cokesbury.com.


ES20 P16.indd 17

F. Cross with Lilies. Adult 526101 Child 531269

$995.00 $725.00


2-Line Memorial Panel Available: In Memory Of Name

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11/25/19 11:09 AM

WEDDING BULLETINS 100 of the same design for $6.99

To Have and To Hold

656248010006 $8.99

My Beloved’s: Song of Solomon 6:3, KJV 634337918020 $8.25

I Have Loved Thee: Jeremiah 31:3, KJV

634337918174 $8.25

Love Rejoices: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, KJV 634337917894 $8.25

They Shall Become One: Genesis 2:24, NKJV 730817360416 $8.29


50 of the same design for $4.99.


100 of the same design for $8.98 (Save 10%) 500 of the same design for $42.91 (Save 14%)


Bulletins on this page are letter-sized, 11" x 8 1/2", and fold to 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".




1000 of the same design for $79.84 (Save 20%)

Lily of the Valley: Song of Songs 8:6, CEB 9781501865374

Love Birds: Song of Songs 8:6, CEB 9781501865350

Preserve: Ephesians 4:3, CEB 9781501896965

A. Murphy Reversible Wedding Stole. Reversible stole tailored in white and purple Empress satin with embroidered symbols: traditional wedding symbol on the white side, and Latin Cross on the purple side. Rich gold 3" brush fringe wraps both ends. 88" L. 640633139069


B. Liberty Fabric Wedding Stole. 92" L, 5 1/2" W. Blue embroidered cross with gold rings on chest; gold braid at bottom. 100% polyester. Tapered. 919087


C. Canterbury Fabric Wedding Stole. 110" L, 5" W. White embroidered cross with silver rings on chest; silver braid at bottom. Contoured neck. God Is Love: 1 John 4:16, CEB 9781501896996

Love Never Ends/Rings: 1 Corinthians 13:4, 8, NRSV 9781426736186

18 Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P18.indd 18

White Bouquet: 1 John 4:16, CEB 9781501802768



See our full line of themed and liturgical stoles at Cokesbury.com. ES20

11/25/19 11:43 AM




Certificate Booklets. With a heavy, elegantly textured cover and space for signatures of guests and wedding party members. With Traditional Service and Bible verse: Matthew 19:6, KJV. 5" x 7" folded. A

Old English Script. 9780687053780 $9.99; $8.99


Contemporary. 9780687048465 $9.99; $7.99

Steel-Engraved Marriage Certificates. 5" x 7". French fold. Inscribed with Matthew 19:6, KJV. Includes envelope.


Pkg. of 3

$9.99; $7.99

NEW Our Wedding Full-Color Marriage Certificate D NEW [A–B] Unity Candle Sets. Perfect complements for the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Packaged in a keepsake box. Candleholders sold separately below. A. Flowers and Rings Unity Candle Set. Includes one 11¼" H x 2¾" diam. pillar and two 7⁄8" diam. tapers. Gold accents. 886083704659

730817352343 $8.94; $6.99 Contemporary 9781426710612


B. Faith, Hope, Love Unity Candle Set. Includes one 3" H x 9" diam. pillar and two 10" H x 7⁄8" diam. tapers. Silver accents. 071530753834


Also available (not shown): Plain Unity Candle Set. Includes one 3" H x 9" diam. pillar and two 10" H x 7⁄8" diam. tapers. 886083708909


[C–D] Unity Candle Curved Silhouette Candleholders. Elegant holders in your choice of finish. Dimensions: 12" L, center socket 3" diam., two side sockets 7⁄8" diam. Candle sets sold separately above. Each $36.95 C. 071530555728 Polished Brass D. 071530555735 Silver Nickel-Plated Brass


ES20 P18.indd 19

Traditional 9781426791727

NEW Premium Black Foil Embossed Marriage Certificate 730817349992 $13.74; $9.99

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11/25/19 11:43 AM



Confirmation Robes. Available in red or white and made of easycare, washable polyester satin. Robes feature a full garment zipper for easy dressing. Available in sizes Jr., SM, M, L, & XL. Specify size and color when ordering. See Cokesbury.com for size chart. Each $19.99 SP218008

Confirmation Stoles. Crafted from a real fabric base (not felt) to hang better. With descending dove and cross embroidery. 4" W and 45" L. Each $6.99 551336 Red 551348 White (not shown)


Descending Dove Candle. With descending dove and cross design. 7⁄8" x 8 7⁄8".

Spirit Of God Candle. Ideal for confirmation. White candle features red descending dove and flames. 7⁄8" x 10 ¼".

072094130406 $5.15




NEW Receive the Holy Spirit Confirmation Accessories. Commemorate the spiritual significance of confirmation with matching bulletins, certificates, and bookmarks. The image features a powerful burst of light in the shape of a dove, a cross near the top, and the words taken from Acts 8:19 (NRSV), which says “Receive the Holy Spirit. “ Bulletin measures 8 ½" x 11" and folds to 5 ½" x 8 ½". The certificate measures 8 ½" x 11" and provides space to record the name, date, and location. The bookmark measures 2" x 6 ½".

Contemporary SteelEngraved Confirmation Certificate: Luke 2:52. French folded to 5" x 7". Envelope included. 9781426710582 Pkg. of 3 $9.99; $7.99

Community Confirmation Certificate. 11" x 8 ½". Envelope included. 9780806646558 Pkg. of 12 $14.50; $13.99

Regular-Size Bulletin.

656248010013 Pkg. of 100 $8.99; $6.99

Confirmation Certificate.

656248010020 Pkg. of 100 $10.59; $9.49

Confirmation Bookmark. 656248010037 Pkg. of 25


Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P20.indd 20

Confirmation Certificate: Ephesians 2:8, NIV. 11" x 8 ½". Premium paper stock, foil embossed. Envelope included. 730817356686 Pkg. of 6 $13.74; $9.99



11/25/19 11:46 AM

church supplies Altar Candles Votives & Candlelight Service Sets Sanctuary & Flameless Candles Lighters & Incense Supplies Tube & Liquid Candles & Accessories Offering Envelopes & Coin Folders E-Giving Church Financial Records Church Registers


ES20 P20.indd 21

22–23 24 25 25 26–27 28–29 30 31 32

33 34 35 36 37 38 39–41 40–41 42

Attendance Registration Pads & Holders Attendance Supplies Visitor Supplies Certificates & Bookplates Altar Charts & Memorial Gift Cards General Service Supplies & Pastoral Records Bulletins WordAlive! Bulletin Service Pastoral Care

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(P) Plain end

Stearic Altar Candles. Molded of smooth, clean tallow in a wide range of sizes, these pure white stearic candles are noted for their high quality and consistent performance. Ideal for church use. Sold in cartons of one dozen candles and money-saving 12-carton cases, except as noted. Transportation extra.

(SF) Self-fitting end

Other Size Altar Candles. 17" x 1½". Stearic. (P) 072094534242

Box of 4 for $34.25 (Not shown)


*Special savings for a 6-carton case of 72 candles for size options I and J.

SAVE 5% PLUS FREE SHIPPING. All candles on this page available for automatic shipment program. See page 2 for details.






Order No Length x Diam. End














7 ½" x 17⁄32"

8 ½" x ¾"

8 7⁄8" x 7⁄8"

8 7⁄8" x 7⁄8"

9 ½" x ¾"

10 ½" x ¾"














Case of 144







G Order No Length x Diam. End



TIP We also have candlelighters, candelabra, and candlesticks.










11" x 1 1⁄8"

12 ¾" x 7⁄8"

15" x 1 1⁄8"

15" x 1 1⁄8"

17 ½" x 7⁄8"












Case of 144






Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P22.indd 22


11/25/19 11:49 AM



(P) Plain end

(SF) Self-Fitting End (AP) All-Purpose End A




Table Altar 51% Beeswax Candles. Made of only the finest natural beeswax—51% content guaranteed. Clean, practically smokeless, and extra-long burning. Sold in cartons of one dozen and 12-carton cases, except as noted. Lengths may vary slightly. Transportation extra. TIP For best results, wax savers should be used with altar candles.

Order Number

Length x Diameter


A. 072094505068 B. 072094504269 C. 072094507369 D. 072094505167 E. 072094560715 F. 072094562818 G. 072094560821 H. 072094562832 I. 846786010389 J. 072094560630 K. 072094514329 L. 072094513131

12" x 1 ½" 12" x 2" 9 ½" x 2" 9 ½" x 1 ½" 9 ¾" x 11⁄16" 10 ½" x ¾" 11" x 1 1⁄8" 11" x 25⁄32" 12" x 1 ¼" 12 7⁄8" x 7⁄8" 15" x 1 1⁄8" 19 ½" x 1"

(AP) (AP) (AP) (AP) (SF) (SF) (P) (SF) (P) (SF) (P) (SF)

Price per Dozen $111.90 $165.25 $172.35 $91.75

Case of 144 N/A N/A N/A N/A













$91.10; $89.99


$91.10; $89.99







ES20 P22.indd 23





Other Traditional Sizes (Not shown.) 072094513827 17 ½" x 1 ½"

*Special savings for a 6-carton case of 72 candles for size options K and L.


072094509714 8 ½" x 7⁄8" 072094513230 16 7⁄8" x 7⁄8" 072094513711 13 ½" x 1"

51% Beeswax (P) 51% Beeswax (SF) 51% Beeswax (SF) 51% Beeswax (SF)

Box of 4 for $65.60; $52.49 36 for $123.40; $84.99 18 for $93.24; $74.49 18 for $79.99

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11/25/19 11:49 AM



Disposable 8-Hour Votive Light Sets. Base: 1" x 1 ½".

Each Set of 144 072094714521 072094714477 072094714507

$41.95 Blue Ruby Crystal

Tea Lights. 4-hour disposable candles in aluminum cups. 1 3⁄8" x 7⁄8". 072094071501 Set of 144 $35.50






TIP Excellent for

prayer vigils, In Remembrance services, and All Saints’ Day!


[A–D]: Quality Votive Light Sets. Credo brand (tapered) and Grotto brand (straight). Molded under pressure from filtered white wax. Wick is specially treated to assure clean burning. Measurements reflect candle diameter by height. Sold in sets of 144.

Candlelight Service Sets. Includes pastor’s candle, six usher’s candles, congregational candles, drip protectors, and leaflet. 072094194101 Set of 125 072094194200 Set of 250 072094194309 Set of 425


$54.65; $49.99 $83.85; $74.99 $122.00; $104.99

Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P24.indd 24

A. Tapered 15-Hour. 1 3⁄8" x 2 ¼".

C. Straight 8-Hour. 1 3⁄8" x 19⁄16".

B Straight 10-Hour. 1 3⁄8" x 1 13⁄16".

D. Straight 6-Hour. 1 3⁄8" x 1 ¼".

072094070108 Set of 144

072094070306 Set of 144

$54.95 $38.95



Set of 144

Set of 144

$34.95 $32.95

SAVE 5% PLUS FREE SHIPPING. See page 2 for details.


11/25/19 11:57 AM




Votive Lighter. Disposable lighter with flexible gooseneck that makes lighting votive candles much easier.





A. 7-Day Sanctuary/Remembrance Candle. Recommended where a full week’s burning time is desired. Clear only. 8" H x 2 5⁄8" diam. 072094079903

24-Candle Case

$99.00; $84.99

[B–C] 14-Day Candles. Burn continuously for two full weeks. Available in 9-candle cases. B. Olivaxine® Sanctuary Candle. 12 ½" H x 2" diam.


Each $14.99

9-Candle Case $104.90

C. Credo Sanctuary Candle. 9 ¼" H x 3 ¼" diam. 072094076001

Each $12.75

9-Candle Case



NEW Cathedral Wax Lighting Tapers. The use of wax lighting tapers with a high quality lighter/extinguisher is highly recommended for the trouble-free lighting and extinguishing of candles. 846786018347 Box of 120

$12.95; $11.99

INCENSE SUPPLIES NEW Cathedral Jerusalem Incense. This classic blend of Jerusalem Incense was developed by Cathedral Candle Company over a century ago and remains unchanged to this day. Made only from the finest all-natural gums and resins, Jerusalem Incense produces a consistently rich, pleasing aroma of frankincense with notes of sweet myrrh.

Mystic Flameless Taper Candles. LED flameless candle replicates the random flicker and ambient glow of a traditional burning candle. Made from ivory 100% paraffin wax. When in timer mode, candle turns on for 5 hours, and shuts off automatically. Each candle requires two AA batteries (not included). Fits most taper holders. Gift boxed.

846786018286 1-lb. Box $23.75

NEW (not shown): Cathedral Frankincense Incense. Made only from 100% pure, all-natural frankincense resins.

026602403759 12" $36.99; $33.99 026602302816 10" $29.99; $24.99

846786018279 1-lb. Box $21.65

NEW Battery Operated Candlelight Service Candles. Safe, flameless, hand-held candlelight service candle for churches, organizations, charities, and schools. Use indoors and outdoors. Perfect for children! Push the top for on/off. Plastic. Uses 2 AA batteries, not included. 6 ½" H. 886083591471 Pack of 12


Cathedral Three Kings #3 Blend Incense. Classic combination of frankincense and sandalwood. 846786018316 1-lb. Box $24.90

NEW Cathedral Three Kings Quick-Lighting Charcoal for Incense Burners. Made of high-quality European hardwood, these quick-lighting charcoal tablets have a burn time of 30–60 minutes. 40mm diam. tablets. 846786018262 Box of 100


ES20 P24.indd 25


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11/25/19 11:58 AM

TUBE CANDLES Tube Candles. Artistic’s economical, high-quality, realistic, all-metal tube candles use inner wax candles—saving wax, maintaining constant height, and avoiding unsightly dripping. A spring mechanism gently raises the inner candle as it burns. Aluminum tops. 11" Tube Candle Sets. Fit 3/4" sockets. Recommended candle replacement, 846786012031.

659830600166 659830600050

Silvertone Pair (shown) Brasstone Pair

$84.75 $84.75

9" Tube Candle Sets. Fit 1" sockets and 17/32" inner candles. Recommended candle replacement, 846786012031. 659830400421 659830400667

Brasstone Pair (shown) Silvertone Pair

$92.00 $92.00

13 3/8" Tube Candle Sets. (Not shown). Fit 11/2" sockets and 3/4" inner candles. Recommended candle replacement, 846786011980.

659830600586 659830600524

Silvertone Pair Brasstone Pair

$147.80 $147.80

Cathedral Stearic Altar Candles to Fit. Molded stearic candles are preferred for their beauty and long, clean-burning performance. Produced from only the highest-quality natural materials, these candles provide you with an aesthetically pleasing flame and long-burning economy. Am excellent choice for tube candle refills. Plain End for 9" and 11" Tube Candles. 7" x 17/32". 846786012031 Pkg. of 100


Plain End for 133/8" Tube Candles. 63/4" x 3/4". 846786011980 Pkg. of 48


CANDLE ACCESSORIES Cathedral Style Brass Follower. Comes in sizes ranging from 3/4" to 3".

Draft Resistant Brass Follower. Comes in sizes ranging from 7/8" to 1 1/2".

Bove Style Brass Follower. Comes in sizes ranging from 3/4" to 4".

Heat Resistant Glass Follower. Comes in sizes ranging from 11/16" to 3 1/2".

SP217977 Prices range from $10.95 to $60.50. Call for details.

SP217978 Prices range from $16.75 to $274.10. Call for details.

SP217982 Prices range from $38.20 to $57.55. Call for details.

SP218035 Prices range from $15.95 to $119.25. Call for details.

Goo Gone Cleaner. Remove sticky, greasy messes like wax, adhesive, crayon, gum, or glue. 8 oz. Only $4.49 each when you buy in bulk! 070048771125 Each $5.99; 12-Pack $53.88

26 Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P26.indd 26


11/25/19 12:05 PM

LIQUID WAX CANDLES A. Lux Mundi Refillable Liquid Wax Candles. Quality USA-handcrafted nylon candles complete with high-polished brass burners and wicks and a straight base. Brass sockets (not included) only necessary when mounting candle to a screw-in stand or if wanted for cosmetic reasons. Available in diameters ranging from 7⁄8"–3" and in lengths from 9"–36". Custom sizes and finishes also available upon request. Call 800-237-7511.




Starting at $51.00 each

B. Solid Brass Sockets. Fits Mundi refillable liquid wax candles when using a screw-in candle stand. Includes adapters for ¼" and 5⁄16" threaded shafts. Made in the USA. Available in diameters ranging from 7⁄8"–115⁄16". SP219531

D. Solid Brass Followers. 1 7⁄8", 2", 2 5⁄8", 3 ½", or 4 ½". SP219532 SP219539

Starting at $33.00 each

Also available (not shown): Draft Protector. 1 7⁄8", 2", or 2 5⁄8".

Also available: Paraffin Liquid Wax. 99.4% pure paraffin liquid wax for use in refillable liquid wax candles. Burn time approx. 6 hours per oz., 768 hours per gallon. One Gallon

Starting at $33.00 each

E. Solid Brass Sockets. 1 7⁄8", 2", 2 5⁄8", or 3 ½".

Starting at $18.00 each


SP219533 1 7⁄8" Diameter Starting at $35.10 each SP219544 2 5⁄8" Diameter Starting at $44.10 each





C. Lux Mundi Liquid Wax Candle Shell. Handcrafted in the USA of high-quality nylon to give the look of a traditional wax candle. A top brass ring (not a follower) gives a more finished look. Includes adapters for ¼" and 5⁄16" threaded shafts for mounting to screw-on stands. Available in 6"–18" lengths. Other sizes also available.

Starting at $21.00 each

TIP Additional sizes available upon request.

Call 800-237-7511.






LIQUID WAX REFILL CARTRIDGES F. Emkay Elite Lite Recyclable Liquid Wax Candles. Maintaining your church candles is a breeze with these pre-filled liquid wax candles. Easy to use; no messy liquid refills. The liquid cartridge is enclosed in a candle-like plastic casing. Simply recycle (code #3) or discard the plastic casing and replace with a new one. 12" x 2" candle has a 1½" peg. 12" x 11⁄8" candle has a 7⁄8" peg. (Both sizes can be used with sleeve adapters, item I below.) Brass follower sold separately. 072094590422 072094590415

2" 11⁄8"

Box of 12 Box of 30

$80.50 $88.05

G. Emitte Elite Brass Followers.

072094590460 072094590446 072094590439


2" 11⁄8" 11⁄8"

Each $10.99 Each $7.99 Set of 7 for $46.85

H. Glass Shields. Emitte Elite 11⁄8". Use with brass follower 072094590446, item G, above. 072094590484






Altar Elite 2". Use with brass follower 072094590460, item G. 072094590491


I. Altar Elite Sleeve Adapters. Sleeve adapters convert candles to allow use with a particular size socket candleholder and allpurpose end sockets. Use 072094590477 with the Altar Elite Lite Recyclable 2" Liquid Candle with 1½" end, 072094590422, item F, above. Use 072094590453 with the Altar Elite Lite Recyclable 11⁄8" Liquid Candle with 7⁄8" end, 072094590415, item F, above. SAVE 5% PLUS FREE SHIPPING. See page 2 for details.

072094590477 072094590453

ES20 P26.indd 27


Each Each

$11.99 $6.99

Also available: Altar Lite Pure Liquid Paraffin Wax. Pure liquid paraffin wax used in refillable tube candles and fillable candle lighters. Burn time is approx. 6 hours per oz., 1,920 hrs. per 2½ gallon container. 846786021460



2½ Gallons


Liquid Wax Clear Containers. Disposable liquid wax containers are designed to be used with Lux Mundi liquid wax candle shells. (Shown above). 25-Hour. For 1 7⁄8", 1 ¾", and 2" candle shells. 552770

Case of 12 $51.00

45-Hour. For 2 5⁄8" candle shells. 552819

Case of 12 $71.00

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11/25/19 12:04 PM

OFFERING ENVELOPES Cokesbury Stock Boxed Set Envelopes. Encourage the importance of tithing by providing each member of your congregation with a boxed set of offering envelopes. Envelope sets are perpetually dated (January, First Sunday, etc.) with extra envelopes for fifth Sundays, plus an initial offering envelope requesting $1.00 to defray the cost. Boxes and envelopes are not numbered, but each has a space for an assigned number if used. The My Church 3 Fund envelope (see below) is available consecutively numbered from the factory. However, a specific starting number cannot be guaranteed. Mini Size* - 2 ½" x 4¼" 1–47 boxes: $2.59 Each


48–95 boxes: $2.33 Each (Save 10%) BEST VALUE! 96+ boxes: $2.21 Each (Save 15%) Currency Size - 3" x 6¼" 1–47 boxes: $2.71 Each

Economical and effective resources for a tight budget, a small group, or a church that needs envelopes quickly! Save up to 15% by buying in bulk!


48–95 boxes: $2.44 Each (Save 10%) BEST VALUE! 96+ boxes: $2.30 Each (Save 15%)

Cokesbury Stock Bulk Envelopes. Not numbered or dated. Space provided for date/name/amount. Great for placing in pews or using in mailers.

Features • Single pocket • Easy-open flap • A $1 initial envelope to help defray cost (available with boxed sets)

Mini Size* - 2 ½" x 4 ¼" 500 for: $24.91


1,500 for: $67.25 (Save 10%) BEST VALUE! 3,000 for: $127.03 (Save 15%) Currency Size - 3" x 6 ¼" 500 for: $28.65


1,500 for: $77.36 (Save 10%) BEST VALUE! 3,000 for: $146.13 (Save 15%)

My Church Single Fund. 528124 528112 528149 528136

Boxed Sets, Mini* Boxed Sets, Currency Bulk, Mini* Bulk, Currency

My Church 3 Fund. 526660 526505 528175 526478 526647

Boxed Sets, Mini* Numbered Boxed Sets, Currency Boxed Sets, Currency Bulk, Mini* Bulk, Currency

TIP Envelopes make giving simple

and enhance the worship experience.

Welcome: Vertical Only. 527464

Bulk, Currency

* Mini size formerly known as regular size; dimensions are the same.


Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P28.indd 28


11/25/19 12:09 PM

SPECIAL-PURPOSE OFFERING ENVELOPES Special Purpose Tithe and Offering Envelopes. Each pack contains 100 envelopes.

Blue Offering. 730817360027. $5.99; $5.49

Multiple Use. 730817338583. $5.99; $5.49

Love Offering. 081407003689. $5.99; $5.49

Love Offering. 730817326962. $5.99; $5.49

Communion Offering. 537982. $5.20

Tithe. 730817353159. $5.99

Building Fund. 538007. $5.20


Freewill Offering. 730817357638. $5.99; $5.49

SAVE 5% PLUS FREE SHIPPING. See page 2 for details.


ECONOMY ENVELOPES Tithe and Offering Envelope. Undated, heavy offering envelopes are large enough to hold currency or a check without folding. Each envelope has space for name, date, account number and designation of offering and amounts. Gummed flap. 6 ½" x 3 ½". 081407002774

“My Gift of Gratitude” Offering Box. Space for name, address, and number on back of box. 3" x 2" x 1". 259853

50 for $14.50; 100 for $24.00

Pkg. of 100, $6.99; $5.99

My Offering. Economy. 2½" x 4¼". 9780687119332

500 of the same design for $16.99


1,000 of the same design for $28.99 (Save 14%)


ES20 P28.indd 29

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11/25/19 12:10 PM

ES20 P30.indd 30

11/25/19 12:12 PM

CHURCH FINANCIAL RECORDS Abingdon Church Financial Record System. This self-contained, nondenominational program enables church officers and secretaries to maintain accurate, understandable records. Each of the six easy-to-use components is available separately: Cash Receipts Journal Sheet, Treasurer’s Report, My Commitment to My Church Pledge Card, Quarterly Report of Giving, Quarterly Report of Giving Envelope, and Cash Receipts Voucher. Abingdon Press.


Cash Receipts Journal Sheet. Folded and printed on both sides; each sheet includes extra blank columns. Punched for three-ring binder. 16" x 11". 9780687003532

1–11: $1.29 Each


Treasurer’s Report. Allows the treasurer to report all church financial transactions for the month and year to date. An 8 ½" x 11" 6-page printable PDF, available by download from Cokesbury.com.

12+: 92¢ Each (Save 29%)



My Commitment to My Church Pledge Card. Printed on both sides with space for the church’s name. Identifies income levels and percents so users can easily figure pledges. 3 ½" x 7". 9780687003556

Pkg. of 100

$10.99; $8.49

Quarterly Report of Giving. 5-part sets of carbonized forms keep members informed of pledges. 8 ½" x 9 3⁄8". 9780687430499

Pkg. of 100


Quarterly Report of Giving Envelope. For mailing the Quarterly Report of Giving. 8 7⁄8" x 3 7⁄8". 9780687430505

Pkg. of 100

SAVE 5% PLUS FREE SHIPPING. See page 2 for details.


ES20 P30.indd 31

$15.99; $11.79

Cash Receipts Voucher. This pad contains enough triplicate sheets for one year; includes bank deposit record. 5 ½" x 8 ½".

9780687003549 Each $7.99

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11/25/19 12:15 PM

CHURCH REGISTERS Minutes of Session Books. Organize minutes with these professional quality books. Made of imitation leather. Pull rod and posts can be permanently sealed. Binders have 3 rectangular hole punched 8" OCs. Complete books include 200 plain, looseleaf, acid-free sheets with blue speckled edging and are either unnumbered or numbered. Additional numbered sheets and unnumbered sheets are available. Will not work with ordinary round three-hole punch paper. Made in the USA.

Pull Rod System

Westminster Church Register Complete Book. Enable church officers and assistants to maintain accurate, complete, and understandable records for marriages, baptisms, deaths, trustees, deacons, roll of active members, ruling elders, pastors, and more. Heavy duty maroon, imitation leather, loose-leaf binder with gold foil imprint on front/spine/back. Also has pull rod and rectangular posts which can be permanently sealed. It comes with 300 9 ¾" x 11" loose-leaf sheets with 11 dividers and one set of A to Z tabs. Binder dimensions: 10 " W x 11½" H x 2 3⁄8" thick at the spine. Made in the USA. 001813

Minutes of Session Complete Book. Maroon imitation leather with gold foil imprint on front, spine, and back. Binder size is 10 ¾” W x 11 ½" H x 1 ¾" thick at the spine. Page size is 9 ¾" x 11". Pages are unnumbered. 020782



Minutes of Session Extra Sheets 9¾" x 11". Fits all except Two-Tone Minutes of Session. Numbered. 577877 Pack of 100 $49.99 Unnumbered. (Not shown) 001950 Pack of 100 $34.99

Minutes of Session Extra Sheets 8 ½" x 11". Fit Two-Tone Minutes of Session Book. Numbered. (Not shown) 239217 Pack of 100 $49.99 Unnumbered. (Not shown) 006121 Pack of 100 $34.99

Minutes of Session Small Church Complete Book. Binder size is 10 ¾" W x 11½" H x 1¾" thick at the spine. Page size is 9 ¾" x 11". Includes 100 loose-leaf sheets numbered 1-200. 579615

Westminster Small Church Register Complete Book. Has all dividers and headings of the larger Westminster Church Register, yet capacity is smaller and holds fewer sheets. It comes with 100 9 ¾" x 11" loose-leaf sheets with 11 dividers and one set of A to Z tabs. Binder dimensions: 10 ½" W x 11 ½" H x 1 ¾" thick at the spine. Made in the USA. 579637



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ES20 P32.indd 32


Two-Tone Minutes of Session Complete Book. Binder is 9 5⁄8" W x 11 ½" H x 2" thick at the spine. Page size is 8 ½" x 11". Pages are numbered 1-400. Uses a narrower 8 ½" page. 006110



11/25/19 12:17 PM

ATTENDANCE REGISTRATION PADS & HOLDERS [A–C] Attendance Registration Pad Holders. Each of these pad holders is crafted in 14-gauge vinyl over heavy chipboard, with pencil slots. Pockets on the inside help organize paperwork. 9" x 6 ¼" folded.


A. Attendance Registration Pad Holder with Front Cover Pocket. Clear front pocket allows you to create custom cover art to promote upcoming events.


9781426791826 Black, Pkg. of 6 $29.99; $21.99

B B. Attendance Registration Pad Holder with Silkscreen Cover. Two-color design on cover reads: “Welcome! Lord, it’s good that we’re here.”— Matthew 17:4. Sold in packages of 6. 9781426791833 Black $32.99; $23.99 9781426791840 Dark Red $32.99 (Not pictured)

D D. Attendance Registration Pad Holder. Clothbound red pad holder with pencil slot. Folds to 9 1⁄8" x 6 ½". 9781426791796

C C. Attendance Registration Pad Holder with Clear Inside Pocket. Clear plastic pocket inside to display service notes or other information. Sold in packages of 6. 9781426791772 9781426791765 9781426791789 9781426791741 9781426791758 (Not pictured)



We can imprint your registration pad holder with your church’s name or denominational emblem. Custom imprints are also available. Call for details!

Red Navy Blue Teal Black Dark Red

Pkg. of 3

$44.99; $33.99


$23.99; $15.99 $23.99; $18.99 $23.99; $17.99 $23.99; $18.99 $23.99; $17.99

A clear plastic pocket inside the cover of pad holders A–C provides space for helpful information or announcements.

E. Attendance Registration Pad. Space for name, address, phone number, email address, and membership interest. 8 ½" x 5 ½". 50 sheets per pad. (Fits pad holders A–D.) 9781426790409

Pkg. of 12

$15.99; $11.99


Special Choir Concert! Sunday evening in the Sanctuary at 7:00 PM

F. Attendance Registration Pad Holder—Large. Black vinyl with pencil slot. A clear plastic overlay inside the holder for displaying additional service notes or event announcements. Folds to 9 ½" x 12 ¼". (Holds pad 9781426791819, item G, below.) 9781426791802

Pkg. of 3

$26.99; $14.79

G. Attendance Registration Pad—Large. Includes spaces for date, member/ attendee’s name, address, phone number, email address, interest in membership, and prayer requests, plus two perforated sections for visitor information that can be torn off and placed in the offering plate. 8 ½" x 11". 50 sheets per pad. (Fits the Large-Size Attendance Registration Pad Holder, item F, above.) 9781426791819

Pkg. of 6

$23.99; $17.99

SAVE 5% PLUS FREE SHIPPING. See page 2 for details.


ES20 P32.indd 33

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11/25/19 12:18 PM

ATTENDANCE SUPPLIES NEW The Usher and Greeter Handbook: Creating a Ministry of Welcome, by Yvonne Gentile. This newly updated resource provides a guide to the responsibilities of those who are generally the first faces visitors encounter in church: the usher and the greeter. Intended for training use by church staff or volunteers, the text covers responsibilities related to all aspects of creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and new members. Abingdon Press. Coming in May. 9781501898914

TIP See page 64 for The Art of

Large, Bonded Leather Church Guest Book. This 58-page book has a padded bonded leather cover with gold lettering, gilded page edges, and ribbon marker. Lays flat for the easy signing of over 700 names and addresses. All pages feature Psalm 122:1, KJV (“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.”) and are acid free. 10 5⁄8" x 8 ¼". Gift box. 081407005690 081407011608

Black White


Hospitality, a comprehensive, churchwide hospitality program.

$24.99; $17.99 $24.99; $18.99

Pew Pencils. Small pencils fit easily in the pews’ pencil holders and are readily available for congregational use. Boxes of 144 730817320359 730817320342 730817329895 730817320366 E 730817335209

$19.99; $14.99 Black (Shown) White Burgundy Blue Brown

See our Sunday School Record Books on page 65.


A. Attendance Registration Pad Cover. 10" x 7" black vinyl holder for attendance registration pads. Includes pencil holder. “Attendance Registration” appears on cover. 232240



B B. Attendance Registration Pads. (Shown in Pad Cover) Pads for registering worship attendance (fifty 9" x 6" sheets per pad). Place one pad in each pew. Only available in sets of 20 pads. 9780881776065 Pkg. of 20 Pads


“O Worship the Lord” Pew Pencils in Assorted Colors. Box of 12 dozen (144) pencils in assorted colors. Imprinted in black with “O Worship the Lord” and Psalm 96:9, KJV. 081407009353


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ES20 P34.indd 34

Pkg. of 144

$18.99; $15.99


11/25/19 12:40 PM

VISITOR SUPPLIES Prayer Request Card. Colossians 1:3, KJV. 2 7⁄8" x 5". 730817351230 Pkg. of 50 $5.99; $5.49



NEW Welcome To Our Church Pew Card and Folder. A friendly, private way for newcomers to provide information to your church. Both pieces feature Scripture from Numbers 6:25, NIV. The cards provide space for newcomer information and fit inside the folder or in pew card holders.

730817361604 730817361598

Cards, Pkg. of 50 $5.99; $4.99 Folders, Pkg. of 12 $27.48; $19.99

NEW Welcome—We’re Glad You’re Here Folder. This welcome folder provides an inviting message for newcomers and allows you to group information about your church into a single package. Includes Scripture from Matthew 18:20, NLT. 730817361611

Pkg. of 12

$27.48; $19.99

Welcome Visitor Cards. 2 ½" x 5". 9781426736193 Fall Stream 9781426736209 Handshake Package of 25, Same Design $4.00


Prayer Request Card. 5 3⁄8" x 3 9⁄16". 9780687334940 Package of 25, Same Design



4 Packages of Same Design: $12.75 (Save 20%)


4 Packages of Same Design: $12.75 (Save 20%)

Prayer Request Card. 5 ¾" x 3". 9780687334933 Package of 25, Same Design



4 Packages of Same Design: $12.75 (Save 20%)

Welcome Registration Card. Space for information on the back. 3 ½" x 5 ½". 730817338545 Pkg. of 25 $3.39

(Back for both versions above)

NEW Blessed Welcome Card. Space for guests to record information. Scripture on the front Matthew 5:6, KJV. 2 7⁄8" x 5". 634337795232 Pack of 50


ES20 P34.indd 35

$6.99; $5.49

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11/25/19 12:41 PM


In Appreciation Certificates: I Thessalonians 1:2, KJV. Full-color certificates measure 8 ½" x 11" and are printed on coated paper with much room for personalization. Includes envelopes. 730817360126

Pkg. of 6

$13.74; $9.99


Certificates of Membership: I John 1:7, KJV. Embossed on 8 ½" x 11" paper with crosses in the background and plenty of space for personalization. Includes envelopes. 730817360133

Pkg. of 6

Membership Certificates: 1 John 1:7, NIV. 8 ½" x 11" with blue foil embossing. Includes white envelopes. Pkg. of 6

$13.74; $9.99




$13.74; $9.99


Steel-Engraved Church Membership Certificates. French-fold with envelope. 5" x 7". Pkg. of 3

$9.99; $7.99


Bookplates measure 4 ½" x 2¾" each, printed on 8 ½" x 11" sheets to fit most ink-jet and laser printers. Lines provide a guide for handwritten names. 48 bookplates in each set.


“Presented in Honor of”.

“Presented in Memory of”.

9781426715228 Pkg. of 48 $9.99

9781426715204 Pkg. of 48 $9.99; $7.99

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ES20 P36.indd 36

Celtic Cross Bookplates. Backed with convenient crack-and-peel, self-stick adhesive. Available in three styles. Sold in packages of 15; each measures 3" x 4". 846863011025 Pkg. of 15, Border-only/No Text $7.95 846863011032 Pkg. of 15, “In Memory of” $7.95 846863011049 Pkg. of 15, “Presented to” $7.95


11/25/19 12:48 PM

ALTAR CHARTS A perfect way to keep track of who is responsible for altar flower presentations every Sunday of the year. Packed in tubes for shipping. A




$5.25; $4.49

B. Flower Chart. Features Scripture verse: “O Lord, how manifold are your works!” (Psalm 104:24, NRSV). 15" x 31". Mylar-reinforced. 9780687043460

$5.25; $4.79

C. Altar Flower Chart #1. Printed in black ink on sturdy white stock. Provides five lines for each month of the year. 17" x 22".


A. Traditional Flower Chart. 15" x 31". Mylar-reinforced.

846863002269 $7.95; $6.99


Sailboat Memorial Cards. Colorful 4" x 5" cards express appreciation for memorial gifts made to the church. With envelopes.

Memorial cards show sensitivity and respect in response to gifts to the church. Cards for distinct purposes are available in a selection of full-color designs. Each card below is 3" x 5", single fold with envelope. Package of 25 of same design Package of 100 of same design

$10.99 $35.99

SAVE 5% PLUS FREE SHIPPING. See page 2 for details.

To Acknowledge Your Memorial Gift. Wording inside: “Gift _____ directed to _____. Date _____. Your gift in memory of _____ is gratefully accepted by _____.” 016803


ES20 P36.indd 37

081407001081 Pkg. of 25 $6.99; $5.99

Memorial Gift Notification Card. Express appreciation for gifts to the church, library, or other group In The Name Of someone special. 4-color. 4" x 5". With envelopes. 081407001098 Pkg. of 25

To Acknowledge Your Memorial Gift. Wording inside: “Gift _____ directed to _____. Date _____. Your gift in memory of _____ is gratefully accepted by _____.” 135792

See pages 16–17 for funeral bulletins.

$6.99; $5.99

In Memoriam. Wording inside: “To the Glory of God and in loving memory of _____ a gift has been presented to _____ by _____.” 016814


Your Gift to the Glory of God. Wording inside: “A gift of _____ donated by _____ is gratefully acknowledged by _____. Date _____.”

In Memoriam. Wording inside: “To the Glory of God and in loving memory of _____ a gift has been presented to _____ by _____.” 135815


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11/25/19 12:48 PM






A. Anointing Oil Carrier Case. Washable insert; plastic see-through window.

[C–D] Anointing Oil. Unscented or scented with frankincense and myrrh. Olive oil base. Use with items A–B.

709963210180 $3.00

C. 4-Ounce bottle.

B. Anointing Oil Carrier Capsule. Lightweight aluminum; attach to key ring or belt. 709963208286 $5.49

Oil for A–B sold separately, see C–D.

NEW [E–F] Oil of Joy Balms. For anointing to heal, bless, console, soothe, and calm. 1/3 oz. Screw-on cap. E. Frankincense and Myrrh. Classic fragrance.

709963747600 Scented $31.95; $28.99 709963747792 Unscented $19.95; $17.99

788200802302 $6.49

D. 1⁄4-Ounce bottle.

788200802357 $6.49

709963073662 Scented $4.99 709963073747 Unscented $3.99

F. Balm of Gilead. Woody-balmy fragrance.


NEW Christian Pocket Diary 2020. This 13-month weekly planner (December 2019–December 2020) highlights major holy days for Anglican, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Islamic, and Jewish faiths as well as civil holidays. Other features include prayers for special occasions, daily devotions, space for addresses and phone numbers, and reminder pages for birthdays. 846863022250

Also available:


2020 Edition


2021 Edition


NEW Ecumenical Daily Suggester. A comprehensive pocket calendar/planner with lections for each Sunday, liturgical days and colors, and national days for the U.S. and Canada. 9781501890529 9781791007317

2020 Edition 2021 Edition

$9.99; $7.99 * $9.99 *

Also available: United Methodist Daily Suggester. 9781501890536 9781791007324

2020 Edition 2021 Edition

$9.99; $7.99 * $9.99 *

* Available by subscription. See details on Cokesbury Subscription Service on page 63.

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ES20 P38.indd 38

Pastoral Record. This book helps pastors maintain accurate, complete, and understandable historical records for reference (i.e., record of sermons delivered), and to provide essential archival information through generations of church pastorates. This book provides ample space for recording pastorates, baptisms, members received, marriages, funerals, sermons delivered, meetings held, special funds raised, lectures and special addresses, churches and parsonages built, and so forth, for 40 years. Acid-free paper, and giftboxed, this book is an ideal gift for new pastors that they may use throughout their careers. Abingdon Press. 9780687301416 Hardcover

$44.99; $33.99


11/25/19 12:51 PM

GENERAL BULLETINS All Regular-Size Bulletins on this page: • 8 1/2" x 11" (Letter Size); fold to 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". • Shrinkwrapped in packages of 50.

50 for $4.99


100 for $8.98 (Save 10%) 500 for $42.91 (Save 14%)


1,000 for $79.84 (Save 20%)

Hands & Water: Psalm 42:2, CEB 9781426773082

Water Basin: Mark 10:43b, CEB 9781501882487

Winter Path: 1 Corinthians 1:10, CEB


Hands: I John 3:18, CEB

O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing


Don’t Be Anxious: Philippians 4:6, CEB

Stone Path: John 14:6, CEB





Rock of Ages


It Is Well With My Soul



ES20 P38.indd 39


NEW Everyone: John 13:35, CEB


Here I Am, Lord

Those Who Hope: Isaiah 40:31, CEB



Amazing Grace 9781426717000


See more bulletins, including seasonal selections, at Cokesbury.com. God Works All Things: Romans 8:28, CEB 9781501802386

Just a Closer Walk with Thee 9781426776816

Lighthouse: Matthew 5:16, CEB 9781426776878

How Great Thou Art! 9781426717017

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11/25/19 12:53 PM


Cokesbury’s Bulletin Service Enhances the Worship Experience Quality bulletins and inserts help members reflect on the message long after the sermon. Cokesbury’s WordAlive!, New Life Every Sunday, African American, Heritage Collection, and New Images worship bulletins, and WordAlive! bulletin inserts, are Scripture-based and exceptional in design, color, and printing quality. They help you deliver the message of God’s saving grace to your congregation and set the tone for worship.

Weekly Worship Bulletin Service WordAlive! Weekly Church Bulletins are the ideal combination of powerful images and insightful Scripture designed to stimulate prayer and reflection and invite your congregation to reach a deeper understanding of the Scripture lessons throughout the Christian Year. This service includes bulletins for special Sundays, such as Christmas and Mother’s Day. Subscription can start at any time.

New subscribers receive the first quarter free! • A Great Value Enjoy a beautiful new full-color bulletin every week.

Enhance your worship with WordAlive! SCRIPTURE INSERTS

• Available in 2 Sizes • Excellent Quality Our bulletins are made of recyclable 60-lb. paper to reduce show-through.

Each weekly insert includes the full text of the Scripture lesson: the Old Testament reading, the Psalm, the Epistle, and the Gospel suggested by the Revised Common Lectionary. The Scriptures are taken from the Common English Bible translation.

• Large-Type Devotional Message: A Free Option A large-type devotional message is available on regular letter-size WordAlive! bulletins at no extra charge. • Easy to Order You can place your order through a Resource Consultant by phone, by mail, or by email at: SubServices@Cokesbury.com. Start your subscription at any time—no need to wait for the beginning of a quarter!

PRICING FOR THE 2020 WORDALIVE! BULLETIN SERIES Regular Letter Size - 8 ½" x 11" 25 for: $2.79

Large Legal Size - 8 ½" x 14" 25 for: $3.29

50 for: $3.69 (Save 34%) BEST VALUE! 100 for: $5.99 (Save 46%)

50 for: $4.19 (Save 36%) BEST VALUE! 100 for: $6.49 (Save 51%)



Scripture Inserts 25 for: $1.59


50 for: $2.39 (Save 25%) BEST VALUE! 100 for: $3.69 (Save 42%)

A REMINDER ABOUT OUR DELIVERY SCHEDULE Bulletins and bulletin inserts are shipped via FedEx (unless other services are requested) and invoiced four times a year. Shipping and handling charges will be added to your order. 40

Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P40.indd 40

Reach beyond your walls—put your bulletins to work as an outreach tool. Adopt a nursing home, shelter, or prison, and remember those who are serving away from home in the military. Provide each person with the weekly bulletin, the weekly Scripture insert for Bible study, and a recording of your pastoral message and you can reach a wider community.

BULLETINS AND INSERTS January, February, March


April, May, June


July, August, September


October, November, December

July ES20

11/25/19 12:55 PM



Cokesbury’s WordAlive! bulletins follow the Christian Year, coordinating the weekly worship theme and Scripture with breathtaking photography and artwork that capture the essence of each season and special day. The 52 bulletins in the WordAlive! Bulletin Service are featured in the above FREE calendar (available by request via email, phone, or through your Resource Consultant). Request item number 9781501899195.


ES20 P40.indd 41

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11/25/19 1:00 PM

Dynamic pastoral counseling tools available from Abingdon Press Are you ready when a member comes to you in crisis? Out of the Depths is a series of brief booklets that you can keep on hand to give to those who are experiencing diďŹƒcult times and are in need of encouragement and support. Each 64-page booklet includes 30 short devotions designed to bring healing and comfort the reader with sound biblical truths. Abingdon Press.



$5.99; $4.99

9781501881343 9781501871344 9781501881367 9781501871320

After Divorce Through Depression and Anxiety After Pregnancy or Infant Loss Through Addiction

Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P42.indd 42

9781501871306 Through Grief 9781501871368 Through Chronic Illness 9781501871382 After Sexual Assault


11/25/19 1:03 PM

Bibles & Reference Church, Pew, & Large-Print Bibles Pulpit Bibles Gift & Award Bibles Outreach Bibles Study Bibles


ES20 P42.indd 43

44–45 46 46–47 48 49

50–51 52–53 54 55 55–56

Study & Reference Student Study Bibles & Teen Bibles Children’s Bibles Bible Accessories Storybook Bibles

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11/25/19 1:04 PM


Pew Bibles (CEB). Ideal for congregational worship with comfortable-to-read black-letter text, translation footnotes, and in-text subject headings. Sturdy hardcover bindings allow for congregational use for years to come. Large-print editions available. Choose from a variety of cover color options to complement your sanctuary. Common English Bible. Each 9781609260545 9781609260583

$12.99; $5.99 Navy Black

United Methodist Editions. (Not pictured.) Each 9781609260552 9781609260538

$12.99; $12.49 Dark Red Navy

Large Print Pew Bible. (Not pictured.) 9781609260712 $19.99; $18.99


TIP See the CEB Super Giant

Print Bible on page 46.

NIV Pew and Worship Bible. Perfect for any church pew or classroom. Includes the complete text of the New International Version, printed on high-quality paper inside a durable binding. Features subject headings and translators’ footnotes, easy-to-read 9.4-point type, and double-column format. New custom typeface. Zondervan. Hardcover.

9780310446262 Black $16.99; $11.79 9780310446293 Brown $16.99; $14.29

9780310446279 Blue $16.99; $11.99 9780310446286 Burgundy $16.99; $14.29

Also available (not pictured); Hardcover Value Editions. 8.5-point type, double column. 9780310446200 Black $11.99; $8.29 9780310446248 Brown $11.99; $10.29

9780310446224 Blue $11.99; $7.99 9780310446231 Burgundy $11.99; $7.99

Hardcover Large Print Bibles. 12-point type.


Visit Cokesbury.com for an even larger selection of Bible translations and editions for all age groups. Whether you’re shopping for a gift Bible for an individual or a group, or Bibles to stock your pews, Cokesbury has everything you need in one location. We’re your one-stop Bible shop!

Double Column. 9780310446309 9780310446323 9780310446330 Single Column. 9780310446446 9780310446453

Black $19.99; $13.79 Blue $19.99; $13.99 Burgundy $19.99; $13.99 Black Blue

$19.99; $16.79 $19.99; $13.99


This symbol means that an item is eligible for custom imprinting! Have your name or your church’s name beautifully inscribed on the cover in gold or silver foil. One imprinting line includes 35 total characters (including letters, spaces, and punctuation marks).

Number of copies

1 copy 2–24 copies (same imprint) 25 or more copies (same imprint)

Price per line $6.50 $4.50 $3.00

It’s easy! Just CALL or LIVE CHAT with a representative—we’ll be happy to work with you. Please note: you will not use the normal shopping cart checkout process for imprint orders. Please allow 5–10 business days for imprinting (plus shipping time) for your order. CALL — 800-672-1789 International: 001-615-749-6113 Hours: Monday-Friday: 5:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M., Central Time Saturday: 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., Central Time (Live Chat only) Sunday: 1:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M., Central Time


Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P44.indd 44

LIVE CHAT — Just click on the blue “Live Chat” button on the right side of your screen. (The button will not be visible outside of chat hours or if all agents are busy.)


11/25/19 3:26 PM


Large Print Church Bible Casual Edition (CEB). Designed for the contemporary setting, this hardcover church Bible is ideal for repeated congregational use or to send home with visitors. It features comfortableto-read two-column format with black-letter text in large (12-point) type, translation footnotes, and in-text subject headings. The brown finish features a modern wave design in metallic copper ink. Common English Bible. 9781609261184 Hardcover

$20.99; $14.99

Regular 8-point type size for Pew Bibles

12-point type size for Large Print Pew and Church Bibles (on page 46)

Cokesbury Pew Bible, Large Print (NRSV). Beautifully bound to enhance your sanctuary, this attractive NRSV edition contains helpful in-text subheadings and footnote references, plus the convenience of easy-to-read, large 10-point type. Dark red. Cokesbury. 9780687641895 Hardcover

9781565635036 Hardcover, Burgundy $14.95; $12.79

With Apocrypha. (not pictured)


ES20 P44.indd 45

Hardcover, Black

$16.99; $11.99

NRSV Pew Bible. Sturdy hardcover binding and high-quality fine-grain paper makes the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) Bible both handsome and compact, a perfect Bible for church or home. Features 8.5-point type. Also includes reader’s aids and supplements. American Bible Society. 9781585160747 Hardcover

$9.99; $9.79

$26.99; $25.99

NRSV Pew Bible. Combines thoughtfully designed features with a surprisingly affordable price. Boasting better-grade paper, clear and readable type, three pages of updated color maps, and a presentation page, this is a beautifully crafted Bible. Designed to lie flatter when opened. Hendrickson Publishers.

9781598568158 Hardcover, Brown



NEW NET Pew & Worship Bible. Set in Thomas Nelson’s readable NET Comfort Print® typeface, the NET Pew Bible is the perfect invitation to read God’s Word together. Features the complete text of the transparent and accurate New English Translation with an abbreviated set of NET translators’ notes and exceptionally readable 8.75-point print size. Durable Smyth-sewn binding lays flat in your hand. Thomas Nelson.

$17.95; $11.99

NRSV Pew and Worship Bible. A durable, hardcover NRSV pew Bible perfect for your church pew or classroom. Expertly designed for the New Revised Standard Version text, Comfort Print® delivers a smooth reading experience. The double-column format is printed on heavy paper and set in a quality hardcover binding. Zondervan. Hardcover, Each $14.99; $9.99 9780310452430 Black 9780310452447 Burgundy

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11/25/19 3:27 PM


CEB Super Giant Print Pulpit and Lectern Bible (Common English Bible). The giant-print Common English Pulpit Bible features a sturdy leatherlike binding with elegant silver foil embossing that will complement any worship setting. Suitable for public reading in worship and for those who need extra-large print. Features 16-pt. type. Common English Bible. 9781609262228 $89.99; $57.99

Black Leather-like

ESV Pulpit Bible (English Standard Version). Features 12-point type; double-column paragraph format; smyth-sewn binding; and four ribbon markers. Its size, 9 ¼" x 12 ½", is tailor-made for public reading and congregational worship as well as private meditation. The finely crafted, reinforced leather cover will retain its beauty for years to come. Crossway Books. 9781433563522 Cowhide, Black $399.99; $279.99

GIFT & AWARD BIBLES NRSV Gift & Award Bible. Features Comfort Print® typeface, double-column format, presentation page, full-color maps, and 8.1-point print size. Zondervan. Each $9.99; $6.99 9780310453208 Black 9780310453222 Burgundy

NRSV Cokesbury Gift and Award Bibles. Include Bible study helps, dictionary and concordance, footnote references, gilt edges in the bonded leather edition, presentation page, and maps. Cokesbury. Simulated Leather Gift and Award Bible.

Each 9780687643288 9780687643189 9780687643387

NRSV Premium Gift Bible. Same features as above, with LeatherSoft cover and ribbon marker. Zondervan.

$17.99 Black, Red-Letter Edition Burgundy, Red-Letter Edition Blue, Red-Letter Edition

Bonded Leather Premium Gift Bible: Black-Letter Edition. Abingdon Press. 9781426711411 Black with Ribbon $39.99; $25.49

CEB Gift & Award Bible. Give the gift of a bold translation that removes language barriers and uses familiar words to ensure an enjoyable, natural reading experience. Features translation footnotes, in-text subject headings, color maps from National Geographic, spacious typesetting, a stronger spine, and flexible imitationleather binding. Common English Bible. 9781609261436 $12.99; $9.99



Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P46.indd 46

Each $19.99; $13.99 9780310453185 Brown 9780310453192 Purple


We can imprint your Bible with any church’s name or denominational emblem. Custom imprints are also available. Details on page 44.


11/25/19 1:16 PM

GIFT & AWARD BIBLES NIrV Gift & Award Bible. Early readers will love the NIrV Gift & Award Bible—written at a third-grade level for easy accessibility. Features include presentation page; dictionary; complete text of the NIrV; “Three Ways to Read the Bible” explaining how to read the Bible by story, subject, or person; “About the Bible” describing how the Bible was written and how it came to us; “Life in Bible Times” describing what life was like when Jesus was on earth; and “The ABCs of Salvation” which helps explain the way of salvation. Zondervan. 9780310743750 Blue $7.99; $6.49

Imitation Leather. 9781565634800 9781565634947 9781565634756 9781565634619

Blue White Burgundy Black

$14.95; $10.29 $14.95; $12.79 $14.95; $10.29 $14.95; $10.29

Imitation Leather with Apocrypha. 9781565637221 Blue 9781565637313 White 9781565637092 Black

$16.95; $14.29 $16.95; $11.79 $16.95; $10.99

NRSV Gift and Award Bible. Economically priced so you can share the life-changing Word of God with more people. Perfect for special events or acts of kindness, this Bible is arranged in two columns, along with a presentation page for gift-giving, maps, and other Bible helps. Features exclusive NRSV Comfort Print® text and 8.1-point print size. Zondervan. Leather-Look.

Each $9.99; $6.99 9780310453208 Black 9780310453222 Burgundy

The Message Gift & Award Bible, Eugene H. Peterson. Perfect for confirmation, baptism, graduation, or other special occasions, The Message Gift & Award Bible is a great Bible to give to young readers who may be reading the Bible for the first time. Includes a presentation page, charts, timelines, full-color maps, a topical verse guide, tips from Eugene Peterson on how to read the Bible, a Bible reading plan, durable binding, and more. Nav Press.

NIV Gift and Award Bible. Economically priced and perfect for special events or acts of kindness, this gift Bible is arranged in a two-column format with words of Jesus in red, along with a presentation page for gift-giving, full-color maps, and other Bible helps. Exclusive Comfort Print® typeface makes it easy for everyone to read. 7.7-pt. print size. Zondervan. Red Letter Edition. Leather-Look.

Each $7.99; $5.49 9780310450399 Blue 9780310450382 White 9780310450375 Black 9780310450368 Burgundy 9780310450429 Pink


NRSV Gift and Award Bible. Combines thoughtfully designed features with a surprisingly affordable price. Boasting better-grade paper, clear and readable type, three pages of updated color maps, and a presentation page, this is a beautifully crafted Bible. Hendrickson Publishers.

NIV Gift and Award Bible for Kids. Now with a larger print size that is easier to read than ever before, the value-priced NIV Gift and Award Bible for Kids is the perfect gift for holidays, promotions, confirmations, and other special milestones for children ages 8–12. Features easy-to-read 7.5-pt. type, exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print® typeface, a presentation page, two-column format, and words of Jesus in red. Zonderkidz. Flexcover Paperback.

Each $7.99; $5.49 9780310766032 Purple 9780310765844 Pink 9780310765851 Blue 9780310765943 Black

Imitation Leather. 9781631467110 Burgundy $7.99; $6.49 9781631467721 Pink $7.99; $5.79 9781631467103 Black $7.99; $5.79


ES20 P46.indd 47

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OUTREACH BIBLES NEW NIV Holy Bible Economy Edition: Hope for Every Day. The New International Version of the Bible is today’s most popular modernEnglish translation. This low-cost Bible features an easy-to-read typeface plus extra helps that are ideal for evangelism. It is perfect for churches and ministries looking to distribute God’s Word in bulk through their outreach events. Features exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print® typeface. Zondervan. Coming in March. 9780310455028 $2.99

NIV God’s Word Outreach Bible. Ideal for churches and ministries buying in bulk, the NIV God’s Word Outreach Bible is a great witness tool to give to first-time Bible readers who are looking to discover the Scriptures as an unfolding story. You can feel comfortable and confident handing this Bible to anyone who is interested in spiritual issues or who is open to talking about God. Features include a plan of salvation, double-column format, a softcover binding, and 8-pt. type. Perfect for anyone looking to explore the story of the Bible. Zondervan. 9780310454236

CEB Pocket New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs. The ultimate portable companion for personal ministry or as a low-cost gift for others. Designed to fit conveniently in a shirt or pants pocket. An affordable and compact edition for personal and ministry use, this CEB is ideal for use in outreach because the translation removes language barriers to ensure a natural, enjoyable reading experience for everyone. Common English Bible.


NIV Outreach Bible. This affordably priced, user-friendly edition is ideal for evangelism and missionary work. Designed for those reading the Bible for the very first time, it Includes the complete text of the New International Version and maps of Bible lands. 8-pt. type. Zondervan. 9780310446354 Green Leaf $6.99; $4.99

Large Print Edition. 10.5-pt. type. Each $7.99 9780310446378 Blue Wheat 9780310446361 Orange Cross

Value Edition. 8-pt. type.

Each $3.99 9780310446484 Green Forest Path 9780310446491 Red/Blue Stripes

9781609262129 $4.99; $3.99

NIrV Free on the Inside Bible. Developed in conjunction with Prison Fellowship, this low-cost Bible is a powerful tool for prison ministry. Includes color pages with personal testimonies, Book Invitations that help explain the context for each book of the Bible, a dictionary/concordance, and the easy-to-understand text of the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV). Zondervan. Regular Print Edition. 9.3-pt. type. 9780310445920 $6.99; $4.99

Large Print Edition. 10.6-pt. type. 9780310445968 $9.99; $6.99

NIV Holy Bible. This Bible makes a great outreach tool for any age and includes added reader helps for a deeper understanding. Features include introductions to each book of the Bible, a selection of Old and New Testament maps, an extended table of contents, a visual chronology that helps show God’s unfolding story, and a table of weights and measures. Zondervan. Larger Print Edition. 9.8-point type. Each 9780310446149 9780310446514

$5.99 Nature Lakeside

Compact Edition. 6.6-point type. 9780310446170 9780310446187 9780310446163 9780310446194

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ES20 P48.indd 48

Black Purple Burgundy Blue

$5.99; $3.99 $5.99; $3.99 $5.99 $5.99


11/26/19 7:51 AM


Wesley Study Bible (CEB), edited by Joel B. Green and William H. Willimon. Highlights the depth of John Wesley’s perspectives on Scripture and features accessibly written notes and articles from pastors, theologians, and Bible scholars. Includes easy-to-understand explanations of core terms; 9-pt. type; concordance; comprehensive study notes; book summaries; and 16 pages of full-color maps with index. Revised page design for easier study and Holiness of Heart & Life articles for today’s Christians make this popular study Bible appealing to both clergy and laity. Common English Bible. 9781609261979

$39.99; $24.49

Hardcover, Gray Cloth

Also available (not pictured):

Bonded Leather, Clover Honey DecoTone

Also available (not pictured):

9781501881237 Decotone, Sage Thicket

$59.99; $37.49 $49.99; $30.99

The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha—NRSV. This thoroughly revised and substantially updated edition contains the best scholarship informed by recent discoveries and anchored in the solid Study Bible tradition. Includes twenty new essays; an introduction and extensive notes for each book; in-text maps, charts, and diagrams; essays on translation, biblical interpretation, and cultural and historical background; a timeline of major events in the ancient Near East; a full index to all study materials; a full glossary of scholarly and critical terms; and a 36-page section of full-color maps. Oxford University Press. 9780190276096 Thumb Indexed


ES20 P48.indd 49

9781609261900 9781609262150 9781609260279

Cordovan Bonded Leather with Apocrypha Hardcover with Apocrypha Brown Bonded Leather

Black Genuine Leather, $95.00; $64.99

$89.99; $56.99 $59.99; $38.49 $74.99; $51.99

NIV Life Application Study Bible, Third Edition. Study the stories and teachings of the Bible with verse-byverse commentary. Gain wisdom from people in the Bible by exploring their accomplishments and learning from their mistakes. Survey the big picture of each book. Features over 10,000 Life Application notes; over 100 personality profiles; in-text maps, charts, and diagrams; dictionary/concordance; cross-reference system; words of Jesus in red; two-color page design; 16 pages of full-color maps; presentation page; and single-column format. Zondervan (except where noted).

$59.99; $41.99 $49.99; $33.99

Wesley Study Bible (NRSV), edited by Joel B. Green and William H. Willimon. More than 110 leading scholars and Wesley theologians explain the biblical text as well as key concepts and ideas from John Wesley’s writings. More than 50 pastors provide motivation to help you live your faith. Includes 19 pages of fullcolor maps; cross references; a summary of each biblical book, and a glossary. Abingdon Press. 9781501847554 Bonded Leather, Charcoal

9781609262167 Hardcover $49.99; $34.99

Also available (not shown):


9781609262105 9781609261108

The CEB Study Bible. Offers the reliability and readability of the Common English Bible translation with notes and other resources to help readers grow in their understanding of and engagement with the Bible. Includes more than 300 sidebar articles; cross references; a concordance; 21 full-color maps from National Geographic; five in-depth articles from contributing scholars; plus additional in-text maps, charts, and pictures. Common English Bible.

Bonded Leather, Indexed. 8.5-pt. type.

9780310452768 Burgundy $84.99; $58.29

NEW Coming in April. Personal Size. 7.3-pt. type.

Hardcover Tyndale House Paperback Tyndale House Large Print. 10.8-pt. type. 9780310452881 Bonded Leather, Black 9780310452867 Bonded Leather, Burgundy 9781496440112 9781496440129

NEW Coming in May. 9780310452959 9780310452935

Leathersoft, Brown, Indexed Bonded Leather, Brown, Indexed

$39.99; $29.99 $34.99; $26.99 $84.99; $58.29 $84.99; $58.29 $94.99; $64.99 $94.99; $64.99

See Cokesbury.com for more editions. The HarperCollins Study Bible, NRSV: Including Apocryphal Deuterocanonical Books. Includes concise notes clearly explaining names, dates, places, obscure terms, and other difficulties in reading the biblical text; careful analysis of the structure of biblical books; abundant maps, tables, and charts; updated introductions, essays, illustrations, and explanatory notes; plus new introductions and notes for many of the books in the Bible. HarperOne. 9780061228407 Softcover $39.99; $27.99 9780060786854 Hardcover $44.99; $30.79

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11/26/19 7:51 AM


The New Interpreter’s® Bible Commentary, edited by Leander E. Keck. The most recent addition to The New Interpreter’s Bible brand is a ten-volume set of just the commentary from The New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary. Guided by scholars, pastors, and laity representing diverse traditions and academic experience, this collection meets the needs of preachers, teachers, and all students of the Bible. Includes detailed, critical commentary; reflections; book introductions, articles; and numerous visual aids—illustrations, maps, charts, timelines. Abingdon Press. Complete 10-Volume Set.

9781426739125 Hardcover $499.99; $350.99

Also available:


9781426735783 9781426735790 9781426735806 9781426735813 9781426735820

Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3 Vol. 4 Vol. 5

$74.99; $67.49 $74.99; $54.99 $74.99; $67.49 $74.99; $46.49 $74.99; $54.99

9781426735837 9781426735844 9781426721267 9781426735851 9781426735868

Vol. 6 Vol. 7 Vol. 8 Vol. 9 Vol. 10

$74.99; $71.99 $74.99; $46.49 $74.99; $67.49 $74.99; $41.99 $74.99; $54.99

NEW Wesley One Volume Commentary, edited by Kenneth J. Collins and Robert W. Wall. The only commentary for the entire Bible exclusively from the Wesleyan viewpoint, the Wesley One Volume Commentary is written by more than 40 scholars from a broad range of Wesleyan denominations, including The United Methodist Church, The Church of the Nazarene, The Church of God (Anderson), The Church of God (Cleveland), The Wesleyan Church, The Free Methodist Church, and The Salvation Army. With its distinctive interpretation, it assists pastors in sermon preparation, smallgroup leaders in lesson planning, and laypeople in Bible study. Abingdon Press. Coming in March. 9781501823916

Hardcover $89.99; $65.99

The Hebrew Bible: A Translation with Commentary, translated by Robert Alter. A masterpiece of deep learning and fine sensibility, Alter’s translation of the Hebrew Bible reanimates one of the formative works of our culture. Capturing its brilliantly compact poetry and finely wrought, purposeful prose, Alter renews the Old Testament as a source of literary power and spiritual inspiration. With Alter’s generous commentary, which quietly alerts readers to the literary and historical dimensions of the text, this is the definitive edition of the Hebrew Bible. W. W. Norton & Company. 9780393292497 $125.00; $85.79


$40.00; $31.99

The New Interpreter’s® Handbook of Preaching, edited by Paul Scott Wilson. A major reference tool for preaching, with articles on every facet of Christian sermon preparation and delivery. This resource is both scholarly and practical. It is rooted in interdisciplinary scholarship and it develops theory geared to practice. Preachers will turn to this resource with the expectation that they will find scholarly treatment of topics, brief bibliographies of relevant key books and articles, along with practical methodological suggestions for preachers to employ. Abingdon Press. 9780687055562 $62.99; $56.79


Abingdon Old Testament Commentaries: Numbers, by Carolyn Pressler. This series of compact, critical commentaries on the books of the Old Testament are designed for use by theological students and pastors as well as those responsible for teaching in congregational settings. They provide basic information and insights into the Old Testament writings and exemplify the tasks and procedures of careful interpretation. This up-to-date, readable commentary on the book of Numbers covers critical issues section by section while emphasizing larger theological and literary issues. Abingdon Press. 9781501846533

$43.99; $17.79

Also available: Abingdon New Testament Commentaries: Mark, by C. Clifton Black 9780687058419

$28.99; $12.99

Hardcover, 3-Volume Set

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ES20 P50.indd 50

NEW The Preacher’s Bible Handbook, edited by O. Wesley Allen Jr. When it comes to understanding a passage in the Bible, context is everything. If we don’t know a passage’s context, we are ill-prepared to speak to—and especially preach about—its meaning. The Preacher’s Bible Handbook aims to meet this need for extra help in preparing the sermon. Essays on each of the biblical books introduce the most relevant historical, literary, and theological facts about the book. Each is designed to aid the preacher in setting the stage for a sermon on any passage in the Bible. Westminster John Knox Press.


11/25/19 3:30 PM


Also available individually. See Cokesbury.com for details.

NEW Will Willimon’s Lectionary Sermon Resource: Seven Volume Set, by William H. Willimon. Will Willimon, widely acclaimed as one of the top ten preachers in the world, provides just what you need for each Sunday of the Christian year to begin the journey toward a sermon. This guide will fuel your imagination while leaving plenty of room to insert your own illustrations, make connections within your congregational context, and speak the Word in your distinctive voice. The set includes two volumes from each Year of the Revised Common Lectionary and one focusing solely on the Psalms. All Sundays of the Christian Year are addressed. Abingdon Press. 9781501890987 $174.99; $117.29

7-Volume Set

9780687278329 Hardcover $48.99; $31.99

The CEB Navigation Bible: Finding Your Way Through the Bible. An easy introduction to the challenging world of the Bible with everything a person who is new to the Bible needs to quickly become comfortable exploring the Word and start growing in faith. Ideal for many readers including Bible study leaders, new believers, and young people. Features brief introductions to each book of the Bible, complete with main characters, places, and memorable passages; notes that are factual, devotional, and inspirational; a list of favorite Bible stories and passages; 16 maps with index; a dictionary of Bible terms; a guide to using the Bible; and reading plans. Common English Bible. 9781609262143 9781609262136


ES20 P50.indd 51

Hardcover DecoTone

$26.99; $13.99 $34.99; $24.99


Hardcover, 3-Volume Set

$125.00; $89.99

NRSV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible: Bringing to Life the Ancient World of Scripture, notes by John H. Walton and Craig S. Keener. Sometimes a little context is all you need to discover the rich meaning behind even the most familiar stories of Scripture. That’s what this Bible provides. Every page is packed with expert insight into the customs, culture, and literature of biblical times that will serve to clarify your study of the Scriptures, reinforcing your confidence and bringing difficult passages into sharp focus. Features exclusive book introductions; verse-by-verse study notes; indepth articles; full-color photos, illustrations, charts, maps, and diagrams. Zondervan. 9780310452683 9780310452690 9780310452713

Hardcover Leathersoft, Tan/Brown Leathersoft, Burgundy


The New Interpreter’s® Study Bible: New Revised Standard Version with the Apocrypha, edited by Walter Harrelson. Sixty distinguished scholars provide unparalleled background and insight on the biblical text. Features include extensive historical and theological annotations; brief introductions and outlines for each biblical book; excursuses giving further background and insight on particular themes and passages; and 19 commissioned maps detailing the biblical world in various historical periods. Abingdon Press.

NEW Connections: Year A, 3-Volume Set, Joel B. Green, Thomas G. Long, Luke A. Powery, Cynthia L. Rigby, and Carolyn A. Sharp. Designed to empower preachers as they lead congregations to connect their lives to Scripture, Connections features a broad set of interpretive tools that provide commentary and worship aids on the Revised Common Lectionary. Offers creative commentary on each reading in the Year A lectionary cycle by viewing the reading through the lens of its connections to the rest of Scripture and then seeing it through the lenses of culture, film, fiction, ethics, and other aspects of contemporary life. Contains all three volumes for Year A. Westminster John Knox Press. Coming in April.

$49.99; $34.29 $79.99; $54.79 $79.99; $54.79

The CEB Storytellers Bible. Jesus and the prophets taught through story. This Bible helps readers see the big themes and important truths of the Bible and learn how to share these stories in contemporary language. Features extensive articles, commentary on all the best-known (and many of the less-common) stories of the Bible, Midrashim by rabbis, and commentary by early Christians. Learn to tell Bible stories in a way that makes them come alive for listeners, and improve sermons with better storytelling. Includes supplementary material from the acclaimed Storyteller’s Companion to the Bible. Common English Bible. 9781609262082 $39.99; $26.79


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STUDENT STUDY BIBLES The CEB Student Bible. Our youth need a Bible that engages and connects with them now. The CEB Student Bible includes the full text in the Common English Bible translation—the most contemporary, readable, and reliable English translation of the Bible—and invites them to go deeper into their personal and social holiness. More than 350 articles—written by biblical scholars and a diverse group of youth ministers—explore difficult topics and issues important to young people today. Plus introductions, discussions, suggested activities for each book of the Bible, key themes, reading tips, quick facts, prayers, and reflections. Common English Bible.



$29.99; $19.99

QUANTITY SAVINGS! 1–10 copies: $19.99 Each (Save 33%); 11–24 copies: $19.49

Each (Save 35%) BEST VALUE! 25+ copies: $18.48 Each (Save 38%)

Also available (not pictured):

9781609262020 Black DecoTone $39.99; $27.99 QUANTITY SAVINGS! 1–10 copies: $27.99 Each (Save 33%); 11–24 copies: $25.99 Each (Save 35%) BEST VALUE! 25+ copies: $24.79 Each (Save 38%)


$29.99; $20.49

Also available:

9781609262037 Charcoal DecoTone $39.99; $27.99 QUANTITY SAVINGS! 1–10 copies: $27.99 Each (Save 33%); 11–24 copies: $25.99 Each (Save 35%) BEST VALUE! 25+ copies: $24.79 Each (Save 38%)


We can imprint your Bible with any church’s name or denominational emblem. Custom imprints are also available. Details on page 44.


$34.99; $23.99

NRSV Student Bible. Developed by bestselling authors Philip Yancey and Tim Stafford, The Student Bible is designed to encourage regular and fulfilling Bible reading, introduce each book and clarify its message, and help students locate desired passages easily and quickly. Features a year-long reading plan taking you on a tour of the Bible; explanations for difficult passages; overviews that summarize content and point out important themes and characters; a subject guide on topics of interest; a glossary; and maps. Zondervan. 9780310926825

Also available: The CEB Student Bible for United Methodist Confirmation. With 16 additional pages of confirmation-related, official United Methodist materials. 9781609262211 Hardcover

NIV Student Bible, edited by Philip Yancey and Tim Stafford. With over six million sold, the classic NIV Student Bible has been redesigned and updated, ready to light a spark in the hearts of today’s students. This edition includes features to help you navigate and understand the Scriptures: complete NIV text; three-track reading plan; book overviews; insights providing background information on key passages; Guided Tours; highlights explaining confusing verses and offer interesting facts; personal profiles; indexes, study aids; subject guide; and eight pages of maps with index. Zondervan.


$32.99; $22.79

The Guidebook: The NRSV Student Bible. For students who want to know what’s really in the Bible and how to live it out. Addresses real-life questions with over 700 articles, putting difficult passages in context and making Scripture easier to understand. Includes tips, facts, introductions to all books of the Bible, a timeline and overview of biblical history, guidelines for interpreting Scripture, and indexes for referencing people, events, and life issues. Zondervan. 9780061988189 Hardcover 9780061988196 Paper

$32.99; $22.79 $24.99; $15.99

TEEN BIBLES NIV Teen Study Bible, edited by Sue W. Richards and Lawrence O. Richards. The NIV Teen Study Bible will help teens discover the eternal truths of God’s Word and apply them to the issues they face every day, including offering biblical advice about dealing with everything from friends, family, and school to problems like bullying and depression. Includes “Panorama” features to keep the big picture of each book of the Bible in view; topical indexes for in-depth Bible study; book introductions for each book of the Bible; verses memorization help; Q&As to test Bible knowledge; a presentation page; and an 8-page color map section. Zondervan. 9780310745501


$29.99; $19.99

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ES20 P52.indd 52

NIV Bible for Teen Girls: Growing in Faith, Hope, and Love. Tools and insights for her devotional time from leading authors and Christian thinkers like Bethany Hamilton, Annie F. Downs, Christine Caine, and more. This Bible is designed to help girls ages 13–18 to grow in faith, hope, and love and discover God’s will for all areas of their lives, including relating to family, dealing with friends, sports, guys, and so much more. Packed with daily readings, highlighted promises of God, challenging insights, smart advice, and open discussion about the realities of life. Includes character profiles of women in the Bible; book introductions; and a concordance. Zondervan.

9780310749882 Imitation Leather

$44.99; $30.79


11/25/19 3:35 PM

CHILDREN’S BIBLES NRSV Children's Bible. To help you ensure that a Bible-reading experience is part of your family’s life, the classic NRSV Children’s Bible, for ages 8–12, has stepped up with a cool, new look. Relatable graphics, an easy-to-read style, and eye-catching paragraph “extras” enhance your child’s understanding and help make reading the Bible thought provoking and fun. Abingdon Press. 9781501858758 Hardcover $29.99; $20.99

Deluxe Gift Edition, Burgundy Simulated Leather. 9780687332458 $29.99; $20.99

NIV Adventure Bible. This revised edition is now in full color throughout! Filled with great adventures and exciting features, the NIV Adventure Bible opens a fresh new encounter with Scripture for ages 8–12, especially at a time when they are trying to develop their own ideas and opinions independent of their parents. Articles describe what life was life in ancient days plus it offers games, a scavenger hunt, and a jungle safari theme. Includes a dictionary-concordance and color maps. Zonderkidz. 9780310727477 $29.99; $19.99

Also available:

9780310727484 $24.99; $17.29

Italian DuoTone.

9780310727514 Raspberry/Pink 9780310727521 Blue/Ocean Blue

Italian DuoTone with Clip Closure. 9780310727538 Gray/Blue 9780310727545 Pink/Green

Early Readers NIrV Edition. 9780310727422 Hardcover


ES20 P52.indd 53

$34.99; $22.99 $34.99; $23.99 $39.99; $27.49 $39.99; $27.49 $29.99; $20.79



9781565635500 Hardcover $19.95; $11.99

Boys Life Application Study Bible NLT. The only Bible for 11- to 14-year-old boys based on the #1-selling Life Application Study Bible. Filled with faith- and character-building features to help boys understand the who, what, when, where, and why of the Bible and learn who they are in Christ and their place in God’s story. Full-color Foundations for Your Faith sections address significant topics that parents want their sons to know and understand during these formative years. Tyndale House Publishers.


Children’s NRSV Bible. Features callouts to help ages 8–12 understand and enjoy the Bible. Includes the complete text of the NRSV of the Old and New Testaments; a glossary; introductions and summaries for each book; eight pages of full-color maps; 16 additional pages of full-color artwork; and presentation page. Abingdon Press.

NRSV Children's Holy Bible. This inviting Bible for young readers ages 7–12 is packed with thoughtfully designed features—at an amazingly reasonable price. The clear, modern translation appears in readable type on sturdy Bible paper, with 24 realistic watercolor illustrations tipped in throughout. Eight pages of helps—maps and charts—are arranged at the back. Hendrickson Publishers.

9781496434302 Tutone $44.99; $30.79

Also available (not shown): Teen Life Application Study Bible NLT.

9781496434319 Imitation Leather $44.99; $30.79

The Action Bible: God’s Redemptive Story, Doug Mauss, general editor; Sergio Cariello, illustrations. Captivating artwork perfect for today’s visually focused culture, crossing all age boundaries. 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order with dramatic images. Easy to follow and communicate clearly. Ideal for ages 9–12. David C Cook Publishing. 9780781444996 Hardcover $27.99; $19.79

Also available:

9780781414203 Storybook Bible Edition, Hardcover (age 8 & under) $16.99; $11.79 9780781407274 Action Bible Devotional $18.99; $13.49

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NEW EDITION CEB Deep Blue Kids Bible: Celebrate Wonder Edition. Kids will dive deep into this Bible! As they read God’s Word, they’ll join fun characters just like them who are also discovering the Bible and what it means to their lives. Interactive elements, bright and colorful illustrations, and games keep kids entertained while they develop a stronger faith and a thirst for God’s timeless message. Devotionals, a Bible dictionary, and engaging maps are also included. Just right for ages 7–12. The Celebrate Wonder edition includes new introductory pages that inspire wonder and curiosity in children to learn more about the Bible. This edition can be a stand-alone Bible for any child, and it also complements Cokesbury’s new Celebrate Wonder curriculum, available in Fall 2020. Common English Bible. Coming in April. 9781609262259 Celebrate Wonder Hardcover $29.99; $20.99


Details on page 44.

Key Features: • 4-color throughout. • Presentation page • In-text subject headings • Bible dictionary • Eight full-color maps exclusively from National Geographic Also available: 9781609262204 9781609262198 9781609260316 9781609261986 9781609262006

Wilderness Trail Hardcover (shown at left) Wilderness Trail Paperback Midnight Splash DecoTone (shown below) Classic Burgundy DecoTone (shown below) Classic Navy DecoTone

$29.99; $19.99 $22.99; $15.99 $36.99; $25.99 $32.99; $26.29 $32.99; $22.99

Check Cokesbury.com for details about all the available editions.


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ES20 P54.indd 54


11/26/19 7:53 AM



Bible Bookmarks. Perfect as gifts, outreach tools, or card enclosures. Size 2" x 6". NEW

9781630886332 Books of the Bible (Fishing) Limited quantities available 9781426783388 Books of the Bible List 9781426783418 Turn to the Bible When... Each Package of 25, $4.20


Four pkgs. of the same design, $13.50 (Save 19%)

TIP More bookmarks are available on page 66.

Deep Blue Kids Bible Dictionary, by Laura Allison. Make reading the Bible a little easier for children ages 7–12. They’ll not only learn the pronunciation and meaning of names, places, and events, but colorful artwork will help them better understand the activities, occupations, and living conditions of those who lived in Bible lands. Abingdon Press. 9781501840616 Hardcover $19.99; $8.99

STORYBOOK BIBLES  he Jesus Storybook Bible: Every T Story Whispers His Name, by Sally Lloyd-Jones; illustrated by Jago. This Moonbeam Award Gold Medal Winner tells the story at the center of all the stories in the Old Testament through the New Testament—from Noah to Moses to King David—the story of Jesus. Children will not only discover that Jesus is at the center of God’s great story of salvation, they’ll discover he’s at the center of their story too. Perfect for up to age 12. Zonderkidz.

Deep Blue Toddler Bible Storybook, by Daphna Flegal and Kerry Blackwood. The Deep Blue Toddler Bible Storybook tells nineteen Bible stories for little ones that will introduce them to God and Jesus. From these stories young children will learn of the love God has for them, and how they can begin to follow Jesus. The Bible stories will be the same as some of the stories told in The Deep Blue Bible Storybook only in a more simple and easy to understand way. Ages 3 to 6. Abingdon Press.

9780310708254 $18.99; $17.99

9781501840135 Hardcover $12.99; $3.99

Also available: Deep Blue Bible Storybook Activity Bulletin Book. Ages 4–7. 9781501849572


Jesus Calling Bible Storybook, Sarah Young; Carolina Farias, illustrations. Parents and children will love reading important stories from the Bible and seeing God’s exciting plan unfold. Each story ends with a devotion written from the perspective of Jesus speaking to the reader. Ages 4–7. Thomas Nelson. 9781400320332 Hardcover $18.99; $17.99

Also available:

9780718088989 ICB Jesus Calling Bible, Hardcover $29.99


ES20 P54.indd 55


9781791004613 Celebrate Wonder 9781791004620 Bible Story Basics: Turn to the Bible When... 9781791004637 Bible Story Basics: Books of the Bible Package of 25, $4.99

Also available:


Also available:

9780310761006 Gift Edition, Hardcover $24.99; $22.99 9780829763324 Spanish Edition, Hardcover Vida Publishers $15.99

The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories. The easy-to-read text and fresh, full-color, three-dimensional illustrations on every page are a perfect way to introduce young children ages 6 and under to the stories and characters of the Bible. More than 90 Bible stories. Zonderkidz. 

9780310750130 $18.99; $16.99


Also available:

9780310757016 NIrV Edition, Hardcover $24.99 9780310760306 Carry-Along Treasury Edition, Hardcover $12.99 9780310755609 Deluxe Edition, Hardcover w/CDs $24.99; $17.29 9780310755364 For Little Ones Edition, Board Book $9.99

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11/26/19 7:54 AM


Colorfully illustrated children’s Bible storybook tells simple, relatable stories NEW Celebrate Wonder Bible Storybook, by Brittany Sky. Children have a natural sense of awe, wonder, imagination, and curiosity. With page after page of bright, colorful illustrations, this new children’s Bible storybook will engage kids through simple storytelling and openended questions that encourage them to wonder about the Bible story. Watch their faith grow as they make connections between the Bible and their everyday lives. Includes 150 stories! This edition can be a standalone storybook for any child age 3 and up, and it also complements Cokesbury’s new Celebrate Wonder curriculum, available in fall 2020. Abingdon Press. Coming in July. 9781501897252


$21.99; $14.79

NEW Bible Basics Storybook, by Brittany Sky; Ralph Voltz, illustrations. The voice of a child praying. The face of a little one captivated by a Bible story. A family sharing a daily devotional. Bible Basics Storybook helps you create such special family moments with 149 core stories from both the Old and New Testaments that will invite your children into the Word and will keep their attention from start to finish with their beautiful and colorful illustrations. Along with the Bible stories, the prayers to start the day, to say at bedtime, and to share before meals will help you provide a solid faith foundation for the dear children in your life. For ages 3 and up. Abingdon Press. 9781501881497


$19.99; $14.49

Key Features: • Hundreds of attention-grabbing, faith-building stories from the Old and New Testament. • Beautiful 4-color illustrations. • Prayers appropriate for young children.


Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P56.indd 56


11/25/19 3:42 PM

music, worship, & classroom Worship & Song Choir Supplies The Faith We Sing Hymnals & Hymn Collections Calendars & Planners Worship Planning Media

58 58 59 59–60 61–63 62

64 64–65 66 67 68 69

Hospitality Sunday School Classroom Bookmarks Bible Accessories, Boxed Cards, & Postcards Pins & Jewelry Classroom & Acolyte Gifts



ES20 P56.indd 57

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11/25/19 3:42 PM

WORSHIP & SONG RESOURCES Worship & Song. 190 songs from a broad variety of genres from all over the globe, including new hymns in traditional style, plus older traditional hymns no longer found in modern hymnals, contemporary songs, global songs (World Music, including Taizé and Iona), and USA ethnic (Spirituals, Black Gospel, Asian, and more). Abingdon Press. Pew Edition. Designed for congregational use. Primarily unison; some 4-part vocal harmonies. 9781426725524 9781426709937

No Emblem Cross & Flame

$11.99 $11.99; $8.99

Singer’s Edition.* Ideal for choirs and worship teams. Many unison melodies are expanded into 2-, 3-, and 4-part harmony. Entire musical arrangements, with descants, optional endings, and stanzas for Pew Edition selections that contain only the refrain.


$21.99; $20.79

Spiral Bound

Accompaniment Edition. Independent (stylized) keyboard parts support the melody and choral harmonies in the Singer’s Edition. Guitar chords. *

For more information, visit


Spiral Bound

$64.99; $55.49

Worship Resources.* With nonmusical prayers and acts of worship. 9781426709975


Leader’s Edition. The contents of the Pew Edition and Worship Resources; a larger size, with articles and indexes. *


Spiral Bound


Presentation Edition.* PowerPoint® files for each of the 190 songs. Each hymn has two backgrounds: plain and an alternate thematic, photographic background. Backgrounds are interchangeable and may be deleted. Includes licensed use of materials. Download also available on Cokesbury.com. 9781426795404

USB Flash Drive $89.99; $51.99

Compact Disc Accompaniment Edition.* No pianist? No problem. This seven-CD set contains full recordings and musical arrangements of all 190 songs to accompany congregational singing. Some songs recorded in two versions (all stanzas and fewer stanzas; once through a short piece and several times through; etc.). Great for small congregations without an accompanist, nursing homes ministry, or retreats. 9781426745768


CD Set


* With Cross and Flame on cover. IMPRINTING AVAILABLE

on these print editions with your church name or denominational emblem. Details on page 44.

CHOIR SUPPLIES Choral Music Holder. Durable, inexpensive 8" x 11" holders have vinyl-covered board with satin-texture inside and two corner pockets of clear, heavy vinyl. Holds up to 8 anthems; 1" thick. Includes four elastic bands. Lightweight and comfortable to hold during services. 9780687002689



The Choir Member’s Companion, by Ginger G. Wyrick. Helps adult choir members better understand musical symbols, terminology, and vocal techniques. A thoughtful resource that directors can give to all choir members. Abingdon Press. 9780687256402



Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P58.indd 58

NEW On-Stage SM7312W Conductor Stand. Oversized solid wood bookplate, 13½" x 22" with 2" return lip, with a rosewood finish will accommodate standard and oversized sheet music. Black powder coat finish stand with angle adjustment tension system and a folding tripod base, a high impact plastic leg housing, friction locking knobs, leg support straps and non-slip rubber feet. 659814909353




11/25/19 3:44 PM

THE FAITH WE SING RESOURCES More than one million copies of The Faith We Sing are being used in congregations today! Pew Edition. Designed for congregational use, with 284 songs featuring a variety of music styles. Primarily unison; some four-part vocal harmonies included.

9780687049042 9780687090549

Cross Only Cross & Flame

$14.99; $9.79 $14.99; $10.49


$22.99; $16.49

Spiral Bound

$21.99; $20.79

Spiral Bound


Accompaniment Edition. Features independent (stylized) keyboard parts that support the melody and choral harmonies of all selections in the Singer’s Edition.

Singer’s Edition.* Ideal for choirs and worship teams. Many unison melodies are expanded into two-, three-, and four-part harmony. Contains entire musical arrangements, including descants and optional endings, and stanzas for Pew Edition selections that contain only the refrain. 9780687090556



Enlarged Edition.* Contains the full contents (music and text) of the Pew Edition in a larger, easy-to-read format.


Worship Planner.* This essential tool contains introduction and acknowledgments, informative articles, and commentary (history, when, and how to use) for all 284 songs. Also includes a sample order of worship, copyright information, modulation charts, medley suggestions, a 3-year lectionary, and numerous indexes.

Three-Ring Binder $64.99; $58.49

Simplified Edition.* A moderately easy accompaniment with the melody written as the top note of the right hand. Includes descant lines where they exist, simplified guitar chords, and all lyrics.


Spiral Bound

$44.99; $39.49

Guitar Edition. For lead and rhythm guitar players or other instrumentalists who play from lead sheets. Each song contains melody, lyrics, chords, and guitar chord grids. *


Spiral Bound

$49.99; $44.99

Presentation Edition.* USB Flash Drive contains PowerPoint® files for each of the 284 songs. Each hymn has two backgrounds: one showing the Cross and Flame, and an alternate thematic and photographic background. Backgrounds are interchangeable and may be deleted. Includes licensed use of materials. Download also available on Cokesbury.com. 9781426795381

USB Flash Drive $89.99; $65.99

Compact Disc Accompaniment Edition.* Provides accompaniment when a pianist or organist is not available. Songs use a variety of instruments appropriate for each selection, including percussion, keyboards, woodwinds, and more. Set of CDs

$395.00; $355.79

TIP The Faith We Sing is also available in Braille and American Sign Language editions. For information about The Faith We Sing, call 800-672-1789 or visit TheFaithWeSing.com.

* With Cross and Flame on cover. IMPRINTING AVAILABLE

on these print editions with your church name or denominational emblem. Details on page 46.

HYMNALS & HYMN COLLECTIONS The Cokesbury Worship Hymnal. Containing 296 classics, revival songs, general worship songs, and special-day favorites, this worship resource also features responsive readings indexed by topic. Abingdon Press. Hardcover. 9780687088638

Also available:


Paperback. 9780687088652 $12.99 Accompaniment Edition, Spiral. 9780687088669 $16.99; $12.99

Glory to God Hymnal. Over 800 hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs compiled from Presbyterian hymnals, other denominational songbooks, and individual authors and composers. A musical setting of almost every Sunday lectionary psalm. Music from six different continents covering all major historical and contemporary sacred genres, including approximately 35 African American/Gospel hymns. Westminster John Knox Press.



Presbyterian Pew Edition, Hardcover. 9780664503048 Red $20.00

Also available:

2-Volume Accompaniment Edition, Spiral Bound. 9780664503215 Purple $85.00 9780664503147 Red $85.00; $82.99

TIP Additonal edtions at Cokesbury.com.


ES20 P58.indd 59

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11/25/19 3:45 PM

HYMNALS & HYMN COLLECTIONS Lift Every Voice and Sing II: An African American Hymnal, by Horace Clarence Boyer. This popular collection of 280 musical pieces from both the African American and Gospel traditions has been compiled under the supervision of the Office of Black Ministries of the Episcopal Church. It includes service music, several psalm settings, and Negro spirituals, gospel songs, and hymns. Church Publishing. Pew Edition, Hardcover. 9780898691948 $28.95; $26.99 Accompaniment Edition, Spiral Bound. 9780898692396 $39.95; $37.99

Upper Room Worshipbook: Music and Liturgies for Spiritual Formation, by Elise S. Eslinger. A wellspring of newer or previously unpublished ecumenical selections and a rich source of versatile liturgies, psalm settings, and prayer songs. Each section suggests ways to use music and to introduce liturgies into the worship experience of a community. Features inclusive language and a music index. Upper Room Books. Pew Edition. 9780835898744 $14.99; $12.99 Accompaniment and Worship Leader Edition, 3-Holed Drilled Pages. Binder

not included.


The Africana Hymnal: Black Sacred Music. All-in-one resource on USB drive! Contains 155 songs from multiple genres organized around the seasons of the year, congregational sacramental life, and special days of the Black church, plus sheet music, accompaniment tracks, PowerPointÂŽ lyrics presentations, and worship singing instructional guidelines. Abingdon Press. 9781426776441 USB Flash Drive

$299.99; $239.99

The Book of Common Prayer and Hymnal 1982 Combination. This is the standard Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church together with The Psalter (Psalms of David) according to use in the Episcopal Church in the US authorized in 1979. Included is the normative edition of The Hymnal 1982 for choir and congregation alike, containing all hymns and service music. Genuine leather, gold edges, ribbon markers, and gift box. Church Publishing. 9780898692440 $99.95; $68.49 9780898692433 $99.95; $76.99

Zion Still Sings For Every Generation. A vibrant collection of African American spirituals; Black gospel; traditional hymns; new hymns; rap; and Hip Hop with arranged accompaniments and medleys to help any church learn the musical styles used in many Black churches today. Abingdon Press.

$59.99; $43.99

Black Leather Red Leather

Hymns for Signing: American Sign Language. Contains more than 600 hymns translated into American Sign Language. Produced in cooperation with the United Methodist Congress of the Deaf. Abingdon Press. 9780687431809

Spiral Bound $39.99

Pew Edition. 9780687335275 $13.99; $11.79 Accompaniment Edition, 3-Ring Binder. 9780687335374 $59.99; $52.99

Also available: Songs of Zion. Features gospels, spirituals, chants, songs, and ethnic benedictions from African American heritage and traditions and contemporary Black experience. Abingdon Press.

9780687391202 Pew Edition 9780687391219 Accompaniment Edition, Spiral Bound

$14.99; $10.99 $19.99; $14.99

60 Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P60.indd 60

TIP For a complete listing of hymnals, visit Cokesbury.com.


11/26/19 7:55 AM


NEW United Methodist Women Prayer Calendar 2020. Our beloved calendar helps put your faith, hope, and love into action with a daily mission focus, birthdays of people in mission, holidays, and space to plan your schedule. We celebrate 150 and 200 years in mission of United Methodist Women and General Board of Global Ministries, respectively— featuring children’s art provided by the national and international partners in mission with them. United Methodist Women. 556191


NEW Christian Planning Calendar 2019–2020: 16 months: September 2019–December 2020. Cites religious observances and seasons for Anglican, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Islamic, and Jewish faiths, and secular holidays. Ample space for daily notes. Features images from Episcopal Church and Visual Arts (ECVA). Church Publishing.

NEW Church Year Calendar 2020, Year A. This full-color, two-sided worship planning and devotional resource gives specific dates, Bible readings, hymn of the day, and liturgical color for Sundays and festivals of the church year. Measures 8 1/2" x 11". Augsburg Fortress.

846863022267 $14.95

846863022243 $13.95

9781506449661 $2.95

Coming in May.

846863022458 2020–2021 Wall Calendar (Sept. 2020–Dec. 2021) $14.95

Coming in May.

846863022434 2021 Planning Calendar (Sept. 2020–Dec. 2021) $13.95

NEW Ashby Calendars and Planners. Each


United Methodist Calendar 2020. Official calendar follows the Calendar for the Christian Year, consists of the Christmas Cycle and the Easter Cycle, each with a preparatory season (Advent and Lent), a festival season (Christmas and Easter), and an “ordinary time” of growth (Seasons after Epiphany and after Pentecost).


NEW Parish Wall Calendar 2019–2020: 16 months: September 2019–December 2020. Pages provide 3" x 2" daily space for notes. Cites religious observances for Anglican, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Islamic, and Jewish faiths. Includes secular holidays. Padded and holepunched. Church Publishing.


Episcopal Kalendar 2020. Edited to conform to the Book of Common Prayer, 1979, Holy Women, Holy Men and the Revised Common Lectionary, with calendar dates in the proper color for each day. Includes Lessons and Psalms for each Sunday and major feast day, along with suggested concluding collects for the Prayers of the People and liturgical notes.


TIP See pages 62–63 for more calendars, planners, and worship planners.

Churchman’s Ordo Kalendar 2020. Offers a traditional use of the Calendar of the Revised Common Lectionary and the recently published Anglican Service Book and Lesser Feasts and Fasts, 2006, plus a full listing of the traditional feasts and devotional days, liturgical precedence, colors of vestments, and more. 556202


ES20 P60.indd 61

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11/26/19 7:56 AM

MUSIC & WORSHIP CALENDARS & PLANNERS All-in-one, lectionary-based resources to help both the music director and pastor plan the worship services for each Sunday and holy day of the year. NEW Prepare! 2020–2021: An Ecumenical Music & Worship Planner, by David L. Bone and Mary J. Scifres. Calendar format helps you plan the entire choir year, September– August, with eight or more suggested hymns for each service keyed to 16 hymnals from at least seven different denominations. Contains the complete lectionary text of the Old Testament, Psalm, Epistle, and Gospel readings. Includes reproducible worship planning forms, resources for holidays and special days, and suggestions for prayers, solos, anthems, visuals, and more. Abingdon Press. Coming in April. Each $27.99; $19.99 9781501896446 CEB Edition, Spiral Bound * 9781501896460 NRSV Edition, Spiral Bound *

Also available:

9781501881190 9781501881213

Each $27.99 9781501896408 9781501896422

2019-2020 CEB Edition, Spiral Bound * 2019-2020 NRSV Edition, Spiral Bound *

$25.99; $17.49 $25.99; $16.99

NEW The United Methodist Music & Worship Planner 2020–2021, by David L. Bone and Mary J. Scifres. Eight or more suggested hymns for each service keyed to United Methodist worship resources: The United Methodist Hymnal, The Faith We Sing, Worship & Song, The United Methodist Book of Worship, and The Africana Hymnal. Plan the entire worship year, from September through August. Features the complete lectionary text of the Old Testament, Psalm, Epistle, and Gospel readings using the Common English Bible translation. Includes reproducible worship planning forms, resources for holidays and special days, plus suggestions for prayers, solos, anthems, visuals, and much more. Abingdon Press. Coming in April. CEB Edition, Spiral Bound * NRSV Edition, Spiral Bound *

Also available:

Each $25.99 9781501881152 9781501881176

2019–2020 CEB Edition, Spiral Bound * 2019–2020 NRSV Edition, Spiral Bound *

NEW The United Methodist Worship Planning Calendar 2021. This unique tool can help create and capture weekly worship service details: sermon topic, hymns, anthems, acolytes, lay readers, and special services such as Communion or baptisms. Sunday planning chart includes: the lections, liturgical day, liturgical colors, and hymn suggestions. Standard month-at-aglance format. Abingdon Press. Coming in May. 9781501896583 2021 Edition *

Also available:

9781501881688 2020 Edition *

9780985896447 $14.95

Calendar & Workbook for Church Leaders 2020. An enhanced appointment calendar for clergy, choir directors, church school workers, and all church staff. View appointments for the entire week in one spread with extra space on Sunday. Includes lectionary readings, liturgical days/colors, a monthat-a-glance section, and pages for recording contact information for the current worship team, church leaders, or other groups. Abingdon Press.

Worship in a Flash: Everything You Need for Inviting and Inspiring Worship. Get new ideas for creating the opportunity for your congregation to experience an exciting, authentic encounter with God every week. Abingdon Press provides everything you need to plan worship in one convenient USB drive. Includes prayers, calls to worship, litanies, benedictions, sermons, music, projection images, and more. Flash drive; compatible with Windows or Mac. Take a deep breath—worship planning just got a lot easier! Abingdon Press.


Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P62.indd 62


Presbyterian Planning Calendar 2019–2020. This 16-month calendar— starting with September 2019, and ending with December 2020—contains many planning aids for pastors and other church leaders. Includes lectionary for Sundays and special days; liturgical days; liturgical colors; resource information for PC(USA) programmatic emphases; updated synod, presbytery, and Presbyterian Mission Agency staff directories; and color foldout synod/presbytery and world maps. Presbyterian Church USA.


9781630888350 Special Days $34.99 9781426754227 Lent & Easter $32.99; $21.99 9781426754234 Advent & Christmas $29.99; $26.99


9781501881633 Spiral Bound. * $18.99; $13.99

* Calendars & planners above available by subscription.

Coming in May: NEW Calendar & Workbook for Church Leaders 2021. 9781501896620 Spiral Bound * $19.99; $14.99


11/25/19 3:51 PM

WORSHIP & PREACHING PLANNERS The Abingdon Worship Annual 2020: Worship Planning Resources for Every Sunday of the Year, by Mary J. Scifres and B. J. Beu, editors. The Abingdon Worship Annual is lectionarybased and follows the calendar year (January– December). It offers fresh worship planning resources for pastors and worship leaders using a theme idea based on the lectionary readings from the Common English Bible. Each week’s offering of prayers and litanies follows a basic pattern of Christian worship: Invitation and Gathering, Proclamation and Response, Thanksgiving and Communion, and Sending Forth. Abingdon Press. 9781501881701

$26.99; $17.99

Coming in April: NEW The Abingdon Worship Annual 2021: Worship Planning Resources for Every Sunday of the Year. 9781501896651

$27.99; $19.99

The Abingdon Preaching Annual 2020: Planning Sermons and Services for Fifty-Two Sundays, edited by Tanya Linn Bennet. The Abingdon Preaching Annual 2020 is a source of inspiration and edification for pastors—offering fresh, intriguing ideas to stir their imaginations and point them in a good direction. It is lectionary-based and follows the calendar year (January–December). Each week’s entry includes Primary Theme, Secondary Themes and Worship Helps. Also includes essays on preaching topics, full sermons, and sermon series ideas. Abingdon Press. 9781501881244 $26.99; $18.49

Spiral Bound. *

Coming in April: NEW The Abingdon Preaching Annual 2021: Planning Sermons and Services for Fifty-Two Sundays. 9781501896637 Spiral Bound. *

$27.99; $19.99

* Calendars & planners above available by subscription.



ES20 P62.indd 63

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11/25/19 3:51 PM



NEW Welcome Kid’s Attendance Chart. This colorful and fun attendance chart brightens up any classroom! The text includes Scripture from Mark 9:37, NIV. Chart measures 22 ½" x 17" and includes 13 rows x 20 columns. 730817359069


Create a culture of radical hospitality in your church NEW The Art of Hospitality: A Practical Guide for a Ministry of Radical Welcome, by Yvonne Gentile and Debi Nixon. Engaging worship and intentional follow-up processes are important, but what compels guests to return to our churches is the warmth of our welcome and hospitality that goes beyond their expectations. The Art of Hospitality, developed by hospitality experts from The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, promises to guide a local church in the art form of creating radical hospitality that infiltrates the heart and culture of the entire church. Complete with techniques and strategic planning throughout, it will effectively change how you do church, leaving guests surprised, delighted, and eager to return. Loaded with key principles and methods honed by Debi Nixon and Yvonne Gentile, this guide is designed to engage staff across all ministry areas in creating a common language around the ministry of welcome. For a comprehensive, churchwide program, use additional components, sold separately: • The Art of Hospitality: Implementation Guide: Includes step-by-step implementation strategies for leadership teams tasked with developing and leading hospitality ministry. • The Art of Hospitality: Implementation DVD: A supplemental DVD to accompany Implementation with visual training in all areas of hospitality. • The Art of Hospitality: Companion Book: Three-chapter book for the congregation as a whole or small groups to coincide with a sermon series in order to prepare the hearts and minds of the people in the pews. Abingdon Press. Coming in May. 9781501898822


Also Coming in May:

9781501898952 9781501898846 9781501898938 9781501899553

Implementation Guide Implementation DVD Companion Book Leader Kit (Contains 1 each of above plus The Greeter and Usher Handbook, below)

$16.99; $11.49

$19.99; $13.49 $39.99; $31.99 $14.99; $9.99 $101.99; $69.99

NEW The Greeter and Usher Handbook: Creating a Ministry of Welcome, by Yvonne Gentile. An update to 2005’s The Usher’s Book: Creating a Welcoming and Safe Environment for Worship, The Greeter and Usher Handbook provides a guide to the responsibilities of those who are generally the first faces visitors encounter in church: the usher and the greeter. Intended for training use by church staff or volunteers, the text covers responsibilities related to all aspects of creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and new members. Abingdon Press. Coming in May. 9781501898914



Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P64.indd 64

NEW Let the Little Children Come to Me Attendance Chart. Attendance chart measures 20" x 28" and is a wonderful classroom resource for many different church groups and organizations. This colorful and fun chart will brighten up any classroom. The chart has space to list 30 names and record attendance for 13 weeks. It features Scripture from Mark 10:14, KJV. 081407002156



11/25/19 3:53 PM


Abingdon Bible Land Maps. Enhance in-depth Bible study classes for youth and adults with these clear and concise maps created by Oxford cartographers using the most current biblical archaeological findings. The Set of 8 features a tripod that extends to 7.5'. Each of the 8 full-color maps is 26" x 40", waterproof, mounted on charthead, with location index/finder. Maps include: • Ancient Near East Before the Exodus • The Exodus • Israel’s Settlement in Canaan • Jerusalem, Old Testament/New Testament Comparison • Palestine in the Time of Jesus • The Prophets and The Exile • The Roman World & Paul’s Journeys • The United Monarchy Complete Set of 8 with Charthead & Tripod 9780687043378 $269.99; $189.49

The Complete Sunday School Record Book. Tracks membership and attendance for one year. Space for 13 classes of 29 students each; with weekly summaries. 8¼" x 10 ¾". $14.99; $13.49


Ideal Class Books. Records attendance for a full year, with address, phone number, birthday, and church relationship. For classes with 25–75 members. 5½" x 8½". 9781426774188 Each $1.99;

For 25 names

$7.99; $6.99

The Teacher’s Roll Book. Contains space for the names of 140 Sunday school students, with weekly summary section. 5¾" x 8 3⁄8". 9780687410293



Ideal Sunday School Secretary’s Record Book. Keeps accurate records of up to 25 classes for one year. Features weekly, quarterly, and annual report pages, and includes room for recording by age group, plus roll of officers and teachers, and a full calendar of events. 64 pages plus cover. 8 ¼" x 10 ¾".


QUANTITY SAVINGS! 6 for: $8.99 (Save 22%) 9781426774195 Each $2.29;

For 75 names


6 for: $10.99 (Save 21%)


ES20 P64.indd 65

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11/25/19 3:54 PM


Children’s Bookmarks. Inspirational designs. Use as bookmarks or card enclosures. Great inexpensive gifts. Measure 2" x 6 1/2". Sold in packages of 25. 1–3 Pkgs. of 25 $3.69 per pkg. QUANTITY SAVINGS! 4+ Pkgs. of 25 $3.38 per pkg. NEW 730817361543 Be Happy in the Lord / Psalm 37:4, NLV NEW 730817361550 Be Strong and Courageous / Joshua 1:9, NIV NEW 730817361567 Jesus Warms My Heart (Christmas) / 1 John 3:1, NLT NEW 730817360829 The Jelly Bean Prayer Kids (Easter) Each Pkg. of 25 $3.69 730817359601 730817359571 730817359557 730817359618 730817348841 730817355443 Each Pkg. of 25 $3.50 634337805504 081407001401 634337692487 081407000831 081407005485

Gifts for Jesus Christmas Books of the Bible Armor of God / Ephesians 6:11-17 Happy Valentine’s Day I Can Do All Things / Philippians 4:13, NKJV Love One Another / 1 John 4:7 Fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23, CSB Jesus Loves Me / John 3:16, KJV The Beatitudes / Matthew 5:3-11 Lord’s Prayer / Matthew 6:9-13, KJV Ten Commandments / Exodus 20:3-17

66 Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P66.indd 66

General Bookmarks. Beautiful everyday bookmarks feature inspirational 4-color designs. Use as bookmarks or card enclosures. Make great, inexpensive gifts for Sunday school, church, hospital or shut-in visitation, and awards. 2" x 61/2". Sold in packages of 25. 1–3 Pkgs. of 25 $4.20 per pkg. QUANTITY SAVINGS! 4+ Pkgs. of 25 $3.38 per pkg. 9780687018093 Books of the Bible 9780687018086 The Lord’s Prayer Each Pkg. of 25 $3.69 NEW 730817361529 The Lord is My Shepherd / Psalm 23:1, KJV NEW 730817361536 Forever God Loves Us / 1 John 4:10, NLT 730817339887 What Cancer Cannot Do Each Pkg. of 25 $3.50 NEW 634337918136 634337781990 634337805511 081407000893 081407000923 081407000961 081407001029

My Grace / 2 Corinthians 12:9, KJV The Lord Is My Light / Psalm 27:1, KJV Fruit of the Spirit / Galatians 5:22-23 Books of the Bible Where to Look When Topics and Verses Names of Jesus 10 Commandments, Mt. Sinai / Exodus 20:3-17, KJV


11/25/19 3:58 PM



Bible Highlighters. Bible-safe, acid-free—won’t smudge or bleed through. Flat tips. Color coded. Includes blue, purple, green, pink, orange, and yellow in hard plastic case with snap-top opening. 9781441324733 Set of 6 $7.99; $5.79

Pigma Micron Bible Study Kit. Inductive Bible study kit. Fade-proof, no smearing, no bleed through. Includes five micron 05 underliners (yellow, blue, purple, green, and pink), one micron 01 note pen, and a case with Bible color code.

Zebrite Bible Marking Kit. Four Zebrite double-ended no-bleed highlighters/underliners, one black fine-point note pen, and a straight edge/bookmark with books of the Bible. Comes in a wallet with Bible color code.

634989305063 Set of 6 $17.99

TIP Bible highlighters make a

045888729506 Kit


great addition to your gift Bible.

NEW Simple Wishes Get Well Boxed Cards. Beautiful and affordable, these cards with Scripture provide just the right sentiment to show special people how much you care. Cards measure 4 3/4" x 6 3/4". 730817360706 Pkg. of 12

$5.99; $4.99

POSTCARDS Postcards in this section measure. 3 9/16" x 5 3/8". Package of 25 (same design), $4.99

Postcards in this section measure 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" and are sold in packages of 25 of the same design. Pricing varies. NEW Glad You Were Here 730817361512 $3.69; $3.49

NEW Celebrate Wonder Happy Birthday: Philippians 4:4



NEW Bible Story Basics Join Our Adventure: Mark 9:23

God Bless Your Anniversary


730817340432 $3.39

NEW Bible Story Basics Get Well: Matthew 25:36 9781791004774

God Bless You On Your Birthday 730817357690 $3.39

NEW Bible Story Basics Happy Birthday: Philippians 4:4 9781791004651

Postcards in this section measure. 3 1/2" x 5 3/8". Package of 25 (same design), $4.00; QUANTITY SAVINGS! 4 Packages of 25 (same design), $12.75 (Save 20%)

Thank You for Worshiping with Us! 9781426774096

Happy Birthday Candles: Galatians 1:15, CEB 9781426711145


ES20 P66.indd 67

Happy Birthday Bouquet: Psalm 118:24, NRSV 9780687654918

We Miss You/Ladybug: 1 Peter 4:8, CEB 9781426711169

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11/25/19 3:58 PM

PINS & JEWELRY 100% lead-free pewter lapel pins. Made in the USA. Each $2.99

Anchor. 11/16" H.

Round Flared Cross. 5/8" H.

Lighthouse. 3/4" H.

Rounded Cross. 9/16" H.

Angled Cross. 9/16" H.

Tube Wrapped Cross. 5/8" H.

Fishhook. 7/8" H.

Flaming Dove. 11/16" H.

Pointed Tips Cross. 5/8" H.

Flared Pointy Cross. 5/8" H.











Please note: jewelry is shown larger than actual size. See size specifications for details. 100% lead-free pewter pins in pewter finish or gold-plated finish. Made in the USA. Each $2.99

Jesus Fish Pin. Makes a great gift for individuals or groups: Sunday school classes, church staff, study groups, or fellowship groups! Colorful clutch-back pin is 3/8" H. Cross with Dove. 9/16" H. 637955060195 14K Gold 637955046670 Pewter

Jesus Key. 1" H.

637955060294 22K Gold 637955046878 Pewter

Celtic Cross. 5/8" H.

637955060249 22K Gold 637955046731 Pewter

Open Fish. 1/4" H.

Fleur Cross with Heart. 5/8" H.

637955060201 22K Gold

637955060232 22K Gold 637955046762 Pewter

Praying Hands. 11/16" H. 637955060270 22K Gold 637955046823 Pewter

68 Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P68.indd 68

Plain Cross. 9/16" H.

637955060188 22K Gold 637955046632 Pewter



Two Red Birds Choir Pin. Gold-plated with hand-applied enamel colors. 7/8" diam. Clutch back. 231564



11/25/19 4:01 PM

CLASSROOM GIFTS Non-Denominational Sunday School Attendance Pins. Measure 5⁄8" diam.

Non-Denominational Sunday School Attendance Bars. Gold-plated with alternating enamel colors. Bars attach to the bottom of the 1 Year Pin, shown at left. 5⁄8".

6 Month $7.99 1 Year $13.99

149958 358138

Also available (not shown): 3 Month 9 Month

149947 149960

Each $7.99 S935225 Specify Years 2–51

$7.99 $7.99

Books of the Bible Ruler. Perfect for Bible study or as a group gift. Includes the Books of the Bible (Old and New Testament). 6" ruler comes in a variety of colors; let us choose for you.

6 Month Pin

634989527113 Each 59¢; 10–24, 55¢ each; 25 or more, 49¢ each


1 Year Pin (Attendance Bars, at right, attach at bottom)

ACOLYTE GIFTS The Acolyte’s Book: A Basic Guide for the Church Acolyte Complete with Certificate, by Hoyt L. Hickman. Clearly defines duties, procedures, equipment and key words. Includes line drawings of vestments and a nondenominational certificate. Abingdon Press. 9780687038220

QUANTITY SAVINGS! 1–5 copies 6 or more copies

$4.99 $4.00

Gold Acolyte Pin with Lighted Candle. Gold-plated with a satin finish and etched lighted candle. With safety catch. 5⁄8" H. 9780687007042 $7.99; $5.99

Cross in Pocket. Carry this cross and card in your pocket or purse as a reminder of God’s love. Features a 1" x 1¾" cross. Makes a great inexpensive gift for groups. 788200567973


ES20 P68.indd 69

Pkg. of 25


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11/25/19 4:02 PM

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is a

multimedia platform allowing

churches large and small to discover, customize, and

share diverse resources

All churches need resources, but they each have unique needs, communities, and mission focuses. Amplify is a powerful, yet simple solution that enables churches of every size to reach more people in more places with resources that share the love of Jesus and inspire faithful discipleship and service.

that encourage deeper discipleship and

equip churches

to pursue their mission with

greater impact.


Cokesbury.com I 800.672.1789 I Resource Consultants

ES20 P70.indd 70


11/26/19 8:02 AM

Church leaders know authentic discipleship is

crucial to any thriving church, but in an increasingly distracted world, getting there is more difficult than ever.

Amplify helps church leaders: •

Provide a reliable source of Christian content through a Wesleyan lens for teaching, training, and inspiration

Meet the unique needs of your church with a customizable library

Equip your congregation to better understand the Bible and its application

Deliver content in a way your congregation knows and appreciates

Deepen discipleship beyond the church walls

Engage Your Ministry. Expand Your Mission.


ES20 P70.indd 71

. . . and more!

Find Out More

For a limited time, sign up and receive 30% off your church’s first year. Call us at 800.672.1789 * *select prompt #2 when calling

To learn more and sign up, visit


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11/26/19 8:02 AM

800.672.1789 | Cokesbury.com 2222 Rosa L. Parks Blvd. Nashville, TN 37228-1306

Call a Resource Consultant

ES205610001 PACP10598074-01 9781791006358






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So many items can be shipped to your door FREE! Visit Cokesbury.com for a huge selection of CANDLES, BULLETINS, & COMMUNION CUPS AND BREAD. Now over 167,000 items ship FREE with orders of $35 or more*.

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Prices subject to change. For the most current pricing, call or visit Cokesbury.com. ISBN-13: 978-1-7910-0635-8



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Cokesbury Essential Supplies 2020 Catalog  

Cokesbury, Essential Supplies, 2020, Special Services, Church Supplies, Bibles & Reference, Music, Worship, Classroom

Cokesbury Essential Supplies 2020 Catalog  

Cokesbury, Essential Supplies, 2020, Special Services, Church Supplies, Bibles & Reference, Music, Worship, Classroom

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