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Abingdon Press’ 2014 VBS!

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10/16/13 9:44 AM

Overview God has brought us a mighty long way, and it is always good to pause and praise the Lord! In many churches, there are points in worship wherein a testimony, a song, or a sermon is just so good that it calls for a “praise break!” With Praise Break: Celebrating the Works of God, participants will: • Hear how people in the Bible had praise breaks! • Celebrate the faith of leaders, past and present! • Give praise for the “right now” works of God! • Have community fun in Jesus Christ! With an intergenerational game, participants will celebrate how God has worked through events and people, from the Emancipation Proclamation, to the establishment of schools and businesses, to the gaining of voting rights.

say so . . .” “Let the redeemed of the LORD — Psalm 107:2a, NRSV

Celebrating the works of God!

“This is my God, whom I will praise, the God of my ancestors, whom I will acclaim.” (Exodus 15:2b)

I will praise God for my freedom!

The Faith to Pray (Isaiah 38:1-5, 9, 19-21) Hezekiah has the faith to pray, thanking God for healing.

“The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16b, NRSV)

I will have the faith to pray!

The Savior’s Birth (Luke 2:8-15) Angels praise God and tell shepherds about Jesus’ birth.

“Your Savior is born today in David’s city. He is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:11)

I will tell about the Savior!


Lost and Found (Luke 15:8-10) A woman and her friends celebrate when she finds her lost coin.

“The God of heaven will give us success!” (Nehemiah 2:20a)

I will celebrate success in Christ!


Marching to Zion (Mark 11:7-9; Luke 19:39-40) As Jesus rides a donkey toward Jerusalem, he warns that if people are silent, the rocks will cry out!

“Hosanna! Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” (Mark 11:9b)

I will walk and talk for Jesus!


Day 1

Praise God for Freedom (Exodus 14:31-15:2, 20-21) Moses and Miriam tell about and praise God for deliverance from the Egyptian army.

Day 2


Day 3

The Uptake

Day 4

Memory Verse

Day 5

Bible Lesson

Table of Contents Starter Kit ...................................... 1 Decorating ..................................... 2 Crafts ............................................. 3 Leader Guides................................ 4

Faith and Prayer

Student Handbooks ....................... 5 Supplies ......................................... 6 Music & Media ............................... 7 Online Resources ........................... 8 Order Form ........... inside back cover

Community Resource Consultants

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10/16/13 10:06 AM

Starter Kit The Praise Break VBS 2014 Starter Kit has everything needed to get started with a program that will help you celebrate the works of God! The kit contains: • Worship DVD including an introduction video, music videos, movement instructional and demonstrations, liturgical dance video, and a video sample of the intergenerational game • Guides for Leaders: Director’s Manual; Preschool/Kindergarten, Younger & Older Elementary Bible Story Leaders; Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement, and Heritage/Drama Leader; Recipe Guide; and Outreach/ Follow-up Leader • Student Book samples: Preschool/ Kindergarten (ages 3–5), Younger Elementary (Grades 1–3), Older Elementary (Grades 4–6), and Teen • Music CD

You will also find one sample of each of these exciting publicity and craft materials: • Craft Sticker Sheet • Promo Poster • Invitation Postcard • Leader Certificate • Student Certificate • Iron-On Transfer • Nametag • Nametag Holder 843504047610. $74.99


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10/16/13 10:08 AM

Decorating & Promotion Outdoor Banner Colorful 22" x 34" outdoor banner with four grommets for easy displaying. 9781426779947. $21.99

Promo Poster Place these posters all around your church to remind people of the times and dates of your VBS. 9781426779978. $3.99

Decorating and Publicity Poster Pak Contains 11 posters with eye-popping photography and artwork, Memory Verses, Uptakes, and Daily Words. 9781426779831. $15.99

Invitation Postcard Colorful logo postcard invites friends and neighbors to VBS. 9781426779862. Pkg. of 25. $4.25 Iron-On Iron this patch onto tote bags, hats, T-shirts, and more! 9781426779879. Pkg. of 12. $10.99

One of each included in the starter kit. 2

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Community Resource Consultants


10/16/13 8:59 AM

Crafts Horse and Chariot Craft Self-adhesive craft kit with colorful foam pieces for bridle, wheels, decoration, and horse. (Small parts/not recommended for children under 3 years) 9781426785900. Pkg. of 6. $4.99

Praise Break Chess Pieces Chess pieces are knights (horses) just like the ones used in a real chess game. For use in Bible class and as rewards and giveaways! (Small parts/not recommended for children under 3 years) 9781426785931. Pkg. of 25. $10.99

Activity Sticker Sheet Preschool/Kindergarten and Younger Elementary children will enjoy using these colorful teaching stickers in their student handbooks. 9781426779794. Pkg. of 12. $6.99


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10/16/13 8:59 AM

Leader Guides

Director’s Manual 9781426779848. $14.99

Arts & Crafts Leader 9781426779824. $7.99

Music & Movement Leader 9781426779893. $9.99

Preschool/Kindergarten Bible Story Leader 9781426779961. $7.99

Younger Elementary Bible Story Leader For grades 1–3. 9781426780066. $7.99

Older Elementary Bible Story Leader For grades 4–6. 9781426779930. $7.99

Heritage/Drama Leader 9781426779855. $7.99

Teen Leader w/Music CD 9781426780042. $19.99

Adult Leader w/Music CD 9781426779800. $17.99

Outreach/Followup Leader (not pictured) 9781426779954. $7.99

Recipe Guide (not pictured) 9781426779985. $2.99


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Community Resource Consultants


10/16/13 9:07 AM

Student Handbooks

Preschool/Kindergarten (Ages 3–5) Student Handbook 9781426780011. $2.99

Younger Elementary (Grades 1–3) Student Handbook 9781426780028. $2.99

Older Elementary (Grades 4–6) Student Handbook 9781426780004. $2.99

Teen Student Handbook 9781426780035. $4.99

Adult Student Handbook 9781426779817. $6.99

One of each included in the starter kit. VF14

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10/16/13 9:07 AM


Nametags Featuring the Praise Break theme, these VBS Nametag Cards can be easily fitted into the Nametag Holder. 9781426779916. Pkg. of 24. $3.99 Nametag Holder Package includes an assortment of colors: orange, blue, green, and yellow. Each Nametag Holder has a breakaway cord for safety. 9781426746772. Pkg. 12. $15.99

Student Certificate Reward students by recognizing their participation with a beautifully designed certificate. 9781426779992. Pkg. of 25. $4.50

Leader Certificate These brightly colored certificates will let leaders know their work is appreciated. Includes Praise Break logo; Bible verse; and spaces for name, date, and signatures. 9781426779886. Pkg. of 10. $3.50


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Community Resource Consultants


10/16/13 3:02 PM

Music & Media Adult Leader w/Music CD Includes the embedded Student Book, leader meditations, Bible background, suggestions for class discussions and outreach projects. Includes the Music CD. 9781426779800. $17.99

Worship DVD

Teen Leader w/Music CD Includes the embedded Teen Student Book with Bible background, leader meditations, lesson material, helpful instructions and helps for classroom. Includes the Music CD. 9781426780042. $19.99

Features an introductory video, music videos, movement instructionals and demonstrations, liturgical dance video, and a video that demonstrates the Praise Break game. 9781426780059. $24.99

Praise Break Music CD Contemporary music and new versions of traditional songs bring generations together, featuring new music from Christian hip-hop artist Ricky B. and Marilyn E. Thornton with arrangements by Roderick Vester. 9781426779909. $14.99

One of each included in the starter kit.


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10/16/13 3:02 PM

e n i l n o e Fre ls o o T n o ti Registra er to n ev asier tha VBS e ’s it w sign up No d n a d e aniz ants! get org particip d n a s r voluntee

Visit and click on the Tools tab to start the simple process of creating a registration website for your church’s Praise Break VBS. Registration is Free to all churches; no purchase necessary.

The free Online Registration Tools help you: • create a custom website for your church’s VBS where volunteers and participants can register to attend • easily pull registration lists and attendee information • organize your kids into various groups and assign leaders • duplicate contact info, making registration easier for families with multiple children • take advantage of the “Groups” functionality for more organizational options • add “custom question” fields to ensure your church gets the info it needs.

Ready to Order? See the convenient order form on the facing page to start planning! Then call your Cokesbury Care Representative at 800-672-1789, go to, or contact your Community Resource Consultant (for details, visit and click on “Find a Consultant”). 8

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Community Resource Consultants


10/16/13 9:18 AM

Order Form Order Number



Starter Kit





Decorating & Promotion 9781426779978

Promo Poster *


Decorating & Publicity Poster Pak




Outdoor Banner



Invitation Postcard (pkg. of 25) *


Iron-on (pkg. of 12) *

$4.25 $10.99

Crafts 9781426785900

Horse and Chariot Craft (pkg. of 6)*


Praise Break Chess Pieces (pkg. of 25)*


Activity Sticker Sheet (pkg. of 12) *

$4.99 $10.99 $6.99

Leader Guides 9781426779848

Director’s Manual *


Preschool/Kindergarten Leader *

$14.99 $7.99


Younger Elementary Leader *



Older Elementary Leader *



Arts & Crafts Leader *



Heritage & Drama Leader*



Music & Movement Leader *



Recipe Guide *



Outreach/Followup Leader*



Teen Leader w/Music CD



Adult Leader w/Music CD


Student Handbooks 9781426780011

Student Handbook Presch./Kinder. *



Student Handbook Grades 1–3 *



Student Handbook Grades 4–6 *



Teen Student Handbook *



Adult Student Handbook


Supplies 9781426779916

Nametags (pkg. of 24) *


Nametag Holder (pkg. of 12) *




Leader Certificate (pkg. of 10) *



Student Certificate (pkg. of 25) *


Music & Media 9781426779909

Music CD *



Worship DVD *



Teen Leader w/Music CD



Adult Leader w/Music CD


* items are included in Starter Kit—see p. 1 for details.


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Total ______________ 9

10/16/13 9:19 AM

For more information, visit us online at

* Ground shipping via USPS or FedEx only; continental USA only.

Order a Praise Break Starter Kit by Dec. 31, 2013, and • Save 20% • Pay only $3.95 shipping* (mention promo code VW14) • Receive a FREE Outdoor Banner (a $21.99 value) • Get a coupon for 25% off plus $3.95 shipping* on your next Praise Break VBS order (good through March 31, 2014). 9781426787539. Reg. $74.99 SALE $59.99

Order now!

PROMO CODE 800.672.1789


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Abingdon Press 2014 VBS Praise Break Catalog  
Abingdon Press 2014 VBS Praise Break Catalog  

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