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Coconut Coir Fibre Structure of the fibre The fibre individually is 0.01-0.02 mm in diameter and 0.3 – 1.0 mm long. It is rounded or elliptic in shape and lumen being medium sized. Length concludes the spinnability and commercial utility of the fibre. More the spinnability tendency of the fibre, more the ease of twisting in textile industry and hence it leads to boosting the commercial benefits. The diameter expresses the fineness of the fibre. Cohesion between two individual fibres decides strength. Fibre selection must follow high tensile strength or resist stain. Chemically the fibre contains large part of water soluble and Lignin. Also, consists of cellulose, Hemi-celluloses and Pectins and other water solubles.

Uses The fibre being thicker than normal fibres, it is widely used as floor coverings and rope making. Coir fibre is also used for packing materials to be transported to protect it from shocks. Artificial animal hair, writing boards, thermal insulators, roofing tiles, olive oil filters in manufacturing process are also common uses of Coir fibre. Rubberization in coir fibre by splashing layers of coir fibre with rubber is also a vital and effective concept used to manufacture seats and cushions for railway and other automobiles. Coir bags are used to lift coal from mines and tea estates use it to collect tea leaves. Boats and ships are fenced with coir yarn to prevent shocks from collision. Recently, via plastic manufacture techniques, coir waste incorporated with resin and other items lead to manufacture of Coirolite which is able to mould any shape using moulds which is tough and provides good strength and electrical resistance. In horticulture, Coir substitutes sphangnum moss strongly for being free of bacteria or fungal spores. Also, used to deter the bugs from delicate plants and also works as a growing medium in horticulture.

Coconut coir fibre  
Coconut coir fibre  

Coconut coir fiber is a vegetable fiber natural that surrounds and protects the coconut, fruit of the coconut. Outside the nuts, in a straig...