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Mayan charm

Spanish students are encouraged to live with one of the host families carefully chosen and monitored by the school, but other accommodation arrangements can be made upon request.

The Right School for You

2010 PROGRAM PRICES Package (Homestay HB + Private 20 lessson/week)

• Small historical cities • Intact Mayan ruins • Strategically located for travelers • Personalized teaching


Brief About the City

Copan is a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, renowned by its intact Mayan ruins and the deep indigenous culture that is to be found in every local. The city attracts large amounts of tourists, archaeologists and students from all over the world, all drawn by the place’s special atmosphere and historical interest.

Location of the School

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* Prices in US Dollars. ** Other accommodation and course options available online. *** Application fee not included in program price.

Start Dates

Closed Dates

Holly week Thrusday, Friday / Sept 15 / Dec 24 / Dec 25 Dec 31 /Jan 1 of 2011

Course Options

• IPrivate Course (20 individual lessons/week)

Included in the Course

• Course Material • Accommodation details • 1 free tour • End of Course Certificate Prices do not include: • Registration Fee

Additional Features Available

• Airport or bus station pickup (US$150) • Cultural and recreational activities Please consider THE ENVIRONMENT before printing.

2 wks

All courses start every Monday all year long for all levels.

The school is located in the central area of Copan, 3 blocks away from the central park and very near the Mayan ruins. It is a spacious and enchanting building.

1 wk