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Hello Cohortee’s Hopefully you’re enjoying the unusually sunny British Summer as much as we are here at Cohorted! This month’s box has everything to

BOX VALUE £120.00

keep your summer glow in tact!

4. BRAND DISCOVERY Whilst it’s important to protect your skin from


the sun, it can be easy to forget the damage


done to your hair after a busy Summer of


holidays and seaside trips. The Sacha Juan sun care collection are perfect treatments


to prevent damage. Pair them with the Paul Yacomine MicroFinish Hair Oil for that extra



16. SPACEMASKS We’ve got your glam summer nights covered, be sure to try the Laura Geller Illuminating stick and officially join the Gucci gang with the



Gucci Eye Pencil, ideal for so many looks.


This month’s brand discovery comes from the


Self-Heating Eye Mask by Spacemasks ideal for a Sunday night pamper! Enjoy!



Lots of love,

x d e t r o h o C



Style With Substance, Form With Function.

SACHAJUAN is driven by the beauty

products. They let the performance of

of simplicity. When they launched

their products speak for itself and avoid

their range, they felt that haircare was

hollow marketing claims. SACHAJUAN

becoming too complex and wanted

use only the ingredients needed;

to make things easier for the stylists

nothing more, nothing less. They are

and clients. Since early 2000 they’ve

honest in the product information,

worked with Swedish scientists to



ingredients are used and why.








SACHAJUAN HAIR AFTER THE SUN RRP: £20.00 Refresh your tresses with the ‘Hair After The Sun’ treatment. Powered by Sachajuan’s signature ‘Ocean Silk’ technology, which nourishes hair and quenches parched, thirsty strands in order to restore shine and moisture after exposure to sunlight. The highly conditioning cream can be rinsed out or used as a leave-in lotion and then styled as desired. After all, the perfect summer day shouldn’t have to come with consequences.

How to use: 1. After sun exposure, apply a small amount and work it into your hair until the lotion has fully absorbed 2. Style as desired 3. Wash out or leave in for maximum nourishment •

Use in conjunction with Hair In The Sun before sun exposure

SACHA JUAN HAIR IN THE SUN RRP: 20.00 Protect your lovely locks from the summer sun’s damaging rays, with Sachajuan’s ‘Hair In The Sun’ cream. Enriched with potent UV Filters and the revolutionary Ocean Silk Technology, to shield strands from sun damage and save hair colour as you soak up the rays. With a gorgeous scent and lightweight texture, it provides a subtle hold that will stay put through rinsing and swimming. The perfect beach buddy for your hair.

How to use: 1. Massage a small amount into wet or dry hair before sun exposure 2. Comb through lengths and style as desired 3. Leave in for sun protection

After sun exposure, use with Hair After The Sun



GUCCI IMPACT LONGWEAR EYE PENCIL WITH SHARPENER SHADES: ICONIC BLACK OR MIDNIGHT BLUE RRP: £32.00 Achieve dramatic definition with the help of Gucci’s Impact Long Wear Eye Pencil. The intensely coloured formula glides on smoothly, stays soft for 30 seconds for blending, and then rapidly sets for a remarkable smudge-resistant finish. The combined effect of special wax, polymer and film formers creates a waterproof, high impact colour to emphasis the lash line. Comes with a sharpener for convenient application.



Place the tip of pencil against your upper lash line and apply the eyeliner moving out towards the edge of your lash line.

Use the smudge tool to blend and create an instant smokey look.




The beauty world is flooded with

After a long day, Spacemasks can help

cooling creams designed to tighten

alleviate strain on the eyes caused by

and brighten tired eyes, so a self-

excessive screen staring, stress and

heating eye mask that acts like a warm

headaches. Trust us, your eyes will

compress is a rare find. Working to ease

thank you for the time to recover.

tension and encourage circulation, these masks aid in calming you down


and relaxing your mind.

Spacemasks have already amassed wellness fans including yogi Julie


Montagu, as well as the Grazia, Tatler

Oxygen activates the cotton mask

and Harper’s Bazaar beauty teams. We

almost immediately to gently heat it

also hear the masks are ideal for sleep-

up so that when pressed onto eyes

deprived mums and can vouch they’re

(and secured with loops behind the

perfect for busy office workers who

ears), you experience a warm, soothing

spend hours in front of a computer.



Plus, the individual foil packaging

scent of Jasmine. The instructions

makes Spacemasks great for frequent

recommend leaving the mask on for 15

travellers or those who struggle to

minutes, and we defy you to part with

sleep away from home.




it any sooner.


SPACEMASKS SELF-HEATING EYE MASK RRP: £15.00 Think you’ve tried everything to combat restless nights? Try the only eye mask that will transport you to another dimension. Spacemasks are jasmine-scented and self-heating, helping to relieve eye tension from long days at work, excessive screen staring, stress and headaches that can affect the eyes too. The mask aids in calming you down and relaxing your mind, giving you a peaceful goodnight’s sleep.


1. Open the pouch and unfold the mask, and gently place the Spacemask over your eyes, while fitting the loop around your ears. 2. The mask will gently heat up as it comes in contact with the oxygen molecules in the air. 3. Drift off and relax as you enjoy 15 minutes of otherworldly warmth while your mind floats into space.




No2 For slightly heavier hair types that require a smoother, more defined cuticle. Use after drying. depending on hair length and texture, shake or tap 2-3 drops onto palms and apply in as sweeping movement concentrating on the ends Unique High absorbency essential oils provide the best conditioning benifits but can also weigh the hair down. micro employs skincare technology to enhance the distribution of these oils by distributing micro amounts evenly, concentrating only on parts of the hair shaft that need it preventing the hair from becoming over-loaded.

How to use: •

On damp hair, pump 5-10 (depending on hair thickness and texture) on to palms and apply in a sweeping movement. Comb through to the ends.


LAURA GELLER EASY ILLUMINATING STICK - GLIDED HONEY RRP: £21.00 Let your best features glow, with the Easy Illuminating twist up stick. A long-wearing formula and creamy texture designed to add a radiant luminosity to your skin. The ultra-flattering shade ‘Glided Honey’ is a warm, glimmering honey gold shade, which lends light to the high points of the face for a gorgeous glowing complexion. A must-have for the make-up bag.

Application: • Apply the easy-to-use stick on bare skin or over foundation, to the cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, on the cupid’s bow of your lips, or anywhere else on your face for a kiss of shimmering luminosity.



The Female Entrepreneur



I am Leeds born and bred and very passionate about my city. Four years ago I was bankrupt after my first company failed and it was then that I decided to give things another go, launching House of coco magazine.

Q1. First things first, your alarm goes off… What is your first move? I actually don’t have an alarm, I allow myself to wake up when my body wants to Then, I do morning pages. At night time I put my phone on airplane mode so that when I wake up in the morning I don’t have any distractions and don’t get sidetracked by notifications. Morning pages is basically a brain dump, so you just write anything and everything that is on your mind onto three sides of paper. It really

afternoon lull! I am always tempted to

helps me to have clarity throughout the

have a nap, which I will do sometimes if


I’m working from home. Other times I like to go for a walk around the lake to get my

Q3. What is first on the to do list?

energy levels up.

Have a bath! I love that quiet time in the morning to relax with my current book in

Q5. How do you motivate your team?

the bath, it really sets me up for the day

I communicate with my team via our

and helps me feel chilled.

private Facebook group and we all keep each other motivated. Whether it’s by


With Laura Bartlett, founding publisher and the Editor-in-Chief of House of Coco

Q4. Best part of your working day?

offering them invitations to really cool

Catching up with my #TeamCoco girls

events or sending them around the world

in our WhatsApp group! We have such a

to tick off destinations from their bucket

laugh together and it really brightens up

list, there is always something fun on offer

any day. And the worst?... When I get an

to keep everyone’s interest.


Q1. Do you listen to music throughout the day, if so whom can’t you get enough of at the moment? I do! I am loving J.P Cooper right now, I am guilty of listening to his album on repeat for hours!

Q2. Do you make time for breakfast? Always. I’m happiest when eating so I never skip a meal ha!

Q2. Any exciting events coming up in the House of Coco calendar? Yes, there is so much coming up. I get messages from people every single day asking how they can join #TeamCoco and up until now the only way to join was if they were a writer and when were recruiting. However, I am soon launching #TeamCocoGang which is for everyone! By joining the gang you will get exclusive invitations to events across the country, panel shows, exclusive content, podcasts and money can’t buy opportunities. I see House of Coco as a platform for my team to live their best lives and by launching #TeamCocoGang it means I can now spread that motto to the masses. People can drop their email here http://tinyletter.com/laurabartlett to find out more.

Q3. What do you get up to for fun after work? What I do for work is such blurred lines that every day is fun anyway, I don’t feel the need to escape ‘work’ to have fun. However, I do love frequenting the local bar near my house (Banyan) and people watching in their beer garden whilst drinking copious amounts of white wine!

Get the latest issue now at:

www.newsstand.co.uk 24



Attracta Courtney

CEO of Attracta Beauty Awards Attracta Courtney is an international make-up artist and beauty professional who has spent the last two decades establishing herself as one of the most respected names in the industry. Attracta’s mission is to champion slow beauty. A term that we think deserves a little bit more attention.

“when we slow down we connect more to our real self and that for me is the ultimate beauty statement”. Slow beauty is an outlook that we are really supporting at the moment. Slow beauty encompasses how important it is to embrace your natural self by taking a moment to block out the noise and reflect on what we do have. It is about respecting yourself and allowing products to work over a period of time rather than expecting overnight perfection. Slow beauty is about not comparing yourself to social media and understands it can be easy to be disheartened by what looks like perfection on our explore feeds on Instagram. Attracta believes that “when we slow down we connect more to our real self and that for me is the ultimate beauty statement”. Attracta advocates slow beauty within her annual beauty awards, which she showcases and awards innovative products that she knows deliver results time and time again. Makeup, gadget & tools, health and wellbeing, fragrance are the categories, which can be represented at the Attracta beauty awards.

SLOW BEAUTY Where you find beauty you find love.

Photo credit: AURELIA BERGS


Q3. Tell us about the venue?

discussions, and motivated to discuss this

I hosted my ceremony this year in

with their industry peers at the event. It

Petersham Nurseries, Covent Garden. It is

is always wonderful to host a ceremony to

a very natural oasis of beauty in an urban

inspire new and exciting conversations.

selfies every once in a while

environment that has a deep appreciation

Q3. Did you have any special guests?

Okay, so we would be lying if we said that

of nature. Nature has always held a

I was honoured to have the international

we didn’t love a little filter that makes

magnetic attraction for me, it abundantly

hair artist, Kerry Warn, at the awards.

our eyes look bigger and our teeth

fuels my imagination with all it’s rich

In my opinion, he is a creative genius

whiter but embracing the #NoFilter is



and the Shakespeare of hair artistry!

very important for our self-esteem.

Nurseries is a place of unique organic

I awarded him with The fourth Attracta

beauty I knew immediately it would be

Beauty Wo/man Award. Kerry Warn is

the correct environment for this year.

one of the world’s stellar leading hair

FOUR Life hacks to champion Slow Beauty;

1. Ignore beauty fad’s Slow beauty recognises there are no instant quick fixes if you think that you have one there is a chance that it isn’t healthy. Be patient, what’s the rush?

2. Be daring and use #NoFilter on your

3. Embrace your impurities




At the end of the day, you wouldn’t be you without them! Slow beauty is about becoming more in touch with our own unique natural beauty.

4. You guessed it… Slow down Taking the time out to pause and reflect on what is good about our self can be difficult in our fast-paced lives. Slow beauty is about stepping back, cutting out the noise and appreciating all that is beautiful about you; the people that you meet daily and those you love.


“being in a room full of people who love what they do and are passionate about beauty” Q3. What were the highlights from the

stylists who has created iconic styles for


leading Hollywood film stars and has also

What I love about the Awards Ceremony

worked on hundreds of VOGUE covers.

each year, is having so many talented

He is the man Nicole Kidman calls “the

creatives in one room, to share all that

best hairdresser in the world”. It was

is great about the new Winners; being

also a delight to have the classic and

in a room full of people who love what

beautiful supermodel Jan de Villeneuve

they do and are passionate about beauty;


people who are open minded to visionary

off the Haute Couture Paris catwalks.






Q3. Where there any themes this year?

speakers addressed paper recycling, good

The theme this year was ‘Let’s Talk

environmental practices in printing and

About Beauty. I wanted to open up a

why we should be more aware of plastic

conversation about how beauty affects our

ocean pollution. These talking points are

wellbeing and why it is so important to

key for our future!

appreciate our natural environment now more than ever before. I invited 3 guest

Q3. What does The Attracta Beauty

speakers to support the theme message

Awards hope to achieve in the future?

hoping to signal a fresh beauty-quake

To create a yearly platform that generates

that should inspire us all to become more

important beauty industry discussions.

conscious of our beauty choices and the

For me beauty is not only cosmetic and

impact we have on our own environment.

external, it is vitally important for our

The entries from emerging skincare

phycological health and wellbeing. The

brands this year evidenced that a seismic

Attracta Beauty Awards will always be

shift is brewing in the beauty industry!

open to new thought, respectful of all ages,

I harnessed the platform of the awards

nurturing and visionary - addressing issues

ceremony to open up a conversation

that are topical, that need to be discussed

about why our beauty choices matters to

to advance our current beauty beliefs.

nature and the environment. The guest

Attracta Courtney meets our brand ambassador Elle L at the awards ceremony. Discover more at:

www.attractabeauty.com Photo credit: AURELIA BERGS



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August 2018 Beauty Box Booklet  

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