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Hello Cohortee’s Our fingers are crossed that Spring brings some much needed sunshine! In any case, April’s curation has products that will have you feeling lighter and brighter!

BOX VALUE £89.00

April’s box has haircare products from discovery brand Sachajuan, the Swedish cult brand is gracing


our box with three of their best selling Ocean Mist


products which will give your hair body and texture.

Another discovery brand this month is Jorgobe and


their White Tea Balancing Cream is just in time to give


your skin some much needed nourishment after a


long and harsh winter.


April also sees a firm favourite, Huda Beauty! Her sensational Lip Strobe will have you ready for any upcoming events or nights out!

You’ll also find a Clarins Complexion Perfector sample and Too Faced’s Mascara Melt Off because we know how sometimes the best makeup removers struggle to get all your mascara off. Say goodbye to racoon eyes!

Lots of Love

x d e t r o h o C


Driven by curiosity and a strong passion

Jorgobé is not controlled by a group of

for creating effective skin care products

shareholders exclusively set on making

for both men and women searching for

money. Therefore, we fully control the

cleaner and more beautiful skin - and with

ingredients added to our products, place of

the dream of combining the best natural

production, price and who we are willing to

and active ingredients - we launched our

sell our products to.

own independent Dan-ish brand of skin

The start of a Nordic Bestseller

care products in 2010: Jorgobé Skincare -

Our first product launched was Jorgobé


The Original Black Peel Off Mask, which

A clear set of values as a driving force

was sold through an e-commerce platform.

Our goal with Jorgobé has always been

The original idea was to just test the market

to develop innovative, natural and highly

potential, but within a few months, the

effective products with no unnecessary

entire production of 10,000 units was sold.

chemical addi-tives. You apply our products

Having received several awards, among

to your skin; therefore, we guarantee that

others at Grooming Awards, as well

all our products are vegan, not tested


on animals and do not contain parabens,

other international fashion and beauty

mineral oils, silicone, artificial colours

magazines, we were approached by a

or paraffin. At Jorgobé, effectiveness,

growing number of retailers, and already in

environment and health always go hand in

2012, our Jorgobé The Original Black Peel


Off Mask was one of the best-selling face

We are dedicated to details

masks in Scandinavia.

Right from the beginning, our desire

Since then products, awards and markets

was to control every detail concerning

have multiplied

retailers, branding, design, packaging and

Today, Jorgobé is sold in more than 3,000

most importantly product development.

stores across Europe, including Danish

Our products were to stand out from

and international department stores and

the rest, be presented in a simple yet

chains such as Selfridges & Co., KaDeWe,



Douglas Cosmetics, VITA, KICKS, Matas

priced at a level affordable for everyone.

and Magasin. And more new products,

Being an independent brand means that

markets and shops are on the way...








WHITE TEA BALANCING CREAM RRP: £22.00 - 100ML Jorgobé White Tea Balancing Cream is an award-winning and multi-functional cream for all skin types. The cream can be used as a light, absorbent, moisturising day cream, a correcting night cream, as well as an intensive moisture mask. The intelligent formula is designed to regulate skin type, reduce sebum production of oily skin over time, whilst supplying more in-depth moisture to dry skin. The patent-ed palm fruit extract Regu®-Seb helps skin regain its natural balance. Jojoba oil moisturises and protects against drying, while argan- and sesame oil softens and nourishes the skin. Liquorice root, sugar beet and rosemary smooth the skin tone, and white tea protects against premature ageing.

How to Use: • Use as moisturising day cream apply to clean skin every morning. • Use as corrective night cream apply to clean skin every evening before bedtime. • Use as intensive moisture mask as needed - apply an even layer to skin, and leave cream to absorb. • For all usages - massage cream into skin with gentle, circular motions.

SACHAJUAN is driven by the beauty of simplicity. When they launched their range, they felt that haircare was becoming too complex. They wanted to make things easier for their stylists and clients. Since early 2000. They have worked with Swedish scientists to develop the perfect professional products. They let the performance of their products speak for itself and avoid hollow marketing claims. They use only the ingredients they need; nothing more, nothing less. They are honest in their product information, so everyone understands which ingredients they’ve used and why. Their product philosophy combines style with substance, form with

function. Their products help stylists and their clients achieve a personal look in the easiest possible way. Each one is designed to produce an effortless look, enabling a confident, modern and personal twist. Their performance-driven hair care products are straightforward and honest. They have clear and easy-tounderstand benefits and functional ingredients, and are named precisely for what they do or what they are. They tell you why they made a product, how they made it, and how it works. This makes it easy to create beautiful hair every day – and easy to select the right products.

SACHA JUAN OCEAN MIST VOLUME SHAMPOO RRP: ÂŁ15.00 - 100ML This special shampoo with Ocean Silk Technology and natural vegetable proteins gives your hair structure, volume and strength from the inside and the outside leaving your hair shiny and strong. Massage a small amount into wet hair. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist Volume Conditioner. Swedish Cosmetics and Beauty Awards - Swedish Cosmetic Industry Award

SACHA JUAN OCEAN MIST VOLUME CONDITIONER RRP: £15.00 - 100ML Inject your fine hair with some much needed volume and life with SACHAJUAN Volume Conditioner. Formulated with Ocean Silk Technology it delivers structure, lift and volume to fine and sensitive hair. Swedish Cosmetics and Beauty Awards - Swedish Cosmetic Industry Award

SACHA JUAN OCEAN MIST SALT SPRAY RRP: £10.00 - 50ML SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist leave in formula delivers a beach feel. The hair gets a natural twist and volume like after a day at the beach with sun and great waves. How to use: Use in clean, wet or dry hair.

HUDA BEAUTY LIP STROBE - ANGELIC RRP: £17.00 After mesmerising the beauty world with her liquid mattes, Huda Kattan has turned her capable hand to gloss – and crafted another lip-enhancing legend with Huda Beauty Lip Strobe. Packed with a unique combination of iridescent shimmer, glistening glitter and duo chrome pigments, this ingenious gloss bestows otherworldly gleam and is gorgeous worn alone or on top of your favourite lip colour. The collection features both sheer and full coverage options in a spectrum of strobing metallic shades, including beautifully bronze ‘Foxy’, rosechampagne ‘Ritzy’ and golden amethyst ‘Fearless’ How to Use: Wear alone or on top of your favourite lip colour to grant otherworldly gleam. Can also be used on eyes for a strobing metallic look.



TOO FACED MASCARA MELT OFF RRP: ÂŁ10.00 Remove every trace of both waterproof and regular mascara with the most effective, gentlest remover that coats lashes base-to-tip with our conditioning, oil-based formula. Conditioning, oil-based formula dissolves even the strongest waterproof mascara Antioxidant-rich Green Tea Extract infused to protect lashes Rice Lipids Extract to condition lashes How to Use: Step 1. Use the precision wand to coat lashes base-to-tip. Step 2. Leave on for at least 60 seconds to allow the product to penetrate and condition lashes. Step 3. Sweep away the dissolved mascara with a damp cloth or makeup wipe.



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Q1. If you could only have three books

wonder about how it would feel to have a

on your shelf what would they be?

transplanted organ - and, from there, my

If I could only have three books on

thoughts moved to how it would feel to

my shelf I’d be distraught! Hmmm....

switch from a lifetime of being constrained

Jane Austen’s complete works (that’s

and protected to being able to be ‘normal’.

definitely not cheating as that book exquisite

Q3. What is something readers would

storytelling, for showing a whole world

be surprised to read about you? I can

through what happens in a drawing-

knit pretty much anything. My favourite

room in a country house, for bright

project is probably socks; if you know



me in real life if I haven’t made you a

annoy us but who we root for anyway.

pair yet there’s a good chance that I will!









‘A Suitable Boy’ by Vikram Seth - I read this twenty years ago and have never

Q4. Let’s talk about Alisa Rae! How would

forgotten it - it’s an absolute tour de force.

you describe her? Oh, I love Ailsa! She’s

‘The Map And The Clock: a Laureate’s

dealing with loss, hope, and changing

Choice of the Poetry of Britain and

relationships, and she’s trying to lose

Ireland’ edited by Carol Ann Duffy and

weight and she’s learning to tango. She

Gillian Clarke. A book I could never tire of.

is brave and clever, and ever so slightly self-obsessed, in the way that people who

Q2. Where did the inspiration come from

are in perilous health have to be. When

in regards to your second novel, The

she receives a lifesaving heart transplant

Curious Heart of Alisa Rae? I was baking

she tries to live the life she imagined, but

one afternoon, in a bit of a panic because I

discovers that being ordinary is harder

knew it wasn’t going to be long before my

than it has looked to her for all of her life.

editor asked me about the book I would


With Stephanie Butland, the acclaimed author

write next, and I didn’t really have a clue:

Q5. Who would you consider the perfect

I’d been prodding at an idea for a few

reader for this book? I’ve met so many

months, but it was refusing to get up and

readers and they are never what I expect.

go anywhere. I was listening to the radio

What’s so fantastic about books is that every

and someone who was being interviewed

reader brings their own life to the page.

talked about ‘seeing things through

The book is the constant, the reader the

someone else’s eyes’. I thought, what if

infinite variable, and therefore there is no

that was literally true? And I started to

way to predict the outcome of the equation!

Q6. Do you have any exciting projects

to read on, what has the writer done

coming in 2018? I’m working on my

to make you feel that way? Why do

next book, for publication in 2019,which

you remember the books that you

means I am reading a lot about second-

do? The answers to these questions

wave feminism and delving around in

tell you what kind of writer you are.


the 1970s and 1980s. It’s fascinating. I was born in 1971 so the latter part of the

And, at the same time, write. Write

historical aspect of the book intersects

anything. Every book ever written,

with my memories of my teenage years

every short story ever conceived, looks

- it’s strange to think about what I

terrible when it’s three sentences long.

remember against what was going on

So persevere. Keep writing things, and

in the wider world that I was oblivious

finishing things, and as you learn your


And I’m also running retreats

craft, be kind to yourself. (I have never

for aspiring writers, something that

met a writer who wasn’t their own

gives me huge satisfaction: there is so

worst critic.) If you’re serious about

much talent out there, and it’s really

writing, write every day, even if it’s

exciting to help people to explore

only for ten minutes or you only write

their potential and find their voice.

one sentence. Someone who writes fifty words a day will write a book a lot

Q7. What advice would you like to

quicker than someone who is waiting

give to aspiring writers? Read. Read

until they have time or in the right mood!

everything - what you like and what you think you don’t. Be like a knitter

What’s so fantastic about books is

- they never only look at the front of

that every reader brings their own life

something, they turn it inside out to

to the page. The book is the constant,

see how it is on the back, where the


joins are and how the finished object

and therefore there is no way to

has been made!

predict the outcome of the equation!

Learn something

from every book. If you’re compelled





If you loved ‘LOST FOR WORDS’, ‘ELEANOR OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY FINE’ and ‘THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS’ you’ll love this. ‘I loved it so

much, I couldn’t put it down . . . moving, funny and romantic. Utterly engaging from the first line to the last . . . impossible to put down’

Katie Fforde - Best Selling Author Get the full book here: www.stephaniebutland.com amazon.co.uk



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*T&C: Only one use per customer on one box. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Cannot be used on subscription.

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April 2018 Beauty Box Booklet  

April 2018 Beauty Box Booklet  

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