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Hello Cohortee’s We know lasts months box was a tough one to top but as always, we’ve got you covered! This month’s box of treats has everything you need to achieve the sun-kissed

BOX VALUE £160.00

summer skin look we all want to perfect!

Our brand discovery this month comes from one of our


best loved skincare brands Anne Semonin. Their botanical milk and toner is perfect to add to your skincare ritual whilst on the go.


10. NAILS INC Not to forget the dreamy Laura Geller Beach Baked Bronzer and powder brush which are a perfect pair of products for topping up your complexion for an ideal summer glow. Pair this with the adorable Vintage



Cosmetics Powder puff to complete your night time look!

16. LAURA GELLER We haven’t stopped there… be sure to try the Nails Inc


polish combo, Ocean After Ever is one of our Summer faves. Finish your look with the Skin Chemist Lip


Plumping Gloss ideal for enhancing the perfect pout


without the need for expensive fillers, it’s a win win!

24.ATTRACTA COURTNEY Lots of love,

x d e t r o h o C



Pioneering made-to-measure skincare




Anne Semonin have been developing


luxurious, highly effective skincare and

designed with a simple insight in mind:



Everyone’s skin is unique, and skin

1985 with the goal of visibly enhancing

changes daily. The skin is affected by

your skin’s radiance. Regardless of age

environmental conditions, hormones,

or skin type your skin can be nourished,

stress levels, lifestyle – a wide range of

nurtured and revitalized to reveal a

factors that change constantly.






new freshness, softness and vitality. Skincare needs to be tailored to They restore that youthful ‘glow’ by

those ever-changing needs. That’s

harnessing the power of essential oils,

why they believe the most effective

minerals and marine active ingredients

beauty products and treatments are



based on a combination of a personal,

regimes that detoxify your skin and

made-to-measure prescription and a

help prevent or reverse signs of ageing.

holistic approach to your specific skin





ANNE SEMONIN BOTANICAL MILK 40ML RRP: £8.00 Refresh and purify your skin with Anne Semonin Botanical Milk. A universal gentle cleanser formulated with seaweed and hazelnut oil to effectively lift away makeup and impurities from the face and eyes. The lightweight face wash nourishes, re-hydrates and promotes a fresh, revived complexion. Leaving skin clean, fresh and velvety soft, ideally primed for other skincare products.

Directions: •

Apply a small amount to the face and neck morning and evening. Massage gently to lift off impurities.

To remove eye makeup, apply a little Botanical Milk to lids and lashes with a cotton wool pad. Rinse off using warm water and a Cellulose Sponge or cotton wool pad.

Complete this first skincare step by applying Botanical Toner.


ANNE SEMONIN BOTANICAL TONER 40ML RRP: £8.00 A toner for everyone. Infused with witch hazel for its anti-oxidant and astringent properties. This toner completes your cleansing regime by gently toning, soothing and rebalancing the skin. Can be used alone or customised with the appropriate Essential Oils and Trace Elements Intensive Complexes to address individual skin requirements.

Directions: • Apply morning and night to face and neck with a cotton wool pad after cleansing skin with Botanical Milk. •

To remove eye makeup, use Botanical Toner on its own, unblended: apply to lids and lashes with a cotton wool pad.


NAILS INC SELF MADE MERMAID DUO RRP: ÂŁ15.00 Become a self-made mermaid in just one coat. Featuring two mesmerising shades, this dynamic duo will have you embracing your inner mermaid one nail at a time. Opt for either the Mermaid Parade: soft, opalescent aqua-pearl shade that adds an instant splash of magic or, Ocean Ever After: a sparkling sea blue of dreams. Both shades work beautifully alone or wear together for full mermaid charm. Each polish is crafted with high-shine and long-wearing formula and features a wide-hugging brush for faultless application, prolonging your nail fantasy for longer than you thought possible.

Application: • Apply thin coats, using base and topcoats to prolong the staying power of the polish



SkinChemists has come a long way

Florida. Creating globally celebrated

in the 20 years since, however those

formulations that go beyond ordinary

fundamentals remain true to everything

skincare to combat and control skin

we do today. World-wide distribution

ageing at its source.

and hundreds of thousands of fantastic people discovering what scientific

Above all, they create personalised skin

skincare made with passion, feeling,

treatments that make you love your

and love, can do everyday.

own skin. Making you feel confident, giving you the foundations for success

Revolutionary ideas




unconventional the


in your life and giving you the passion to embrace the life you want to live.

research centres in the UK and


SKIN CHEMISTS ADVANCED LIP PLUMP RRP: £96.90 Always craved fuller lips? You’re not alone. We have presented you Skin Chemists most luxurious Lip Plumper. The Advanced Lip Plump is a clear gloss, infused with Volulip, to actively plump the lips, improving shape, texture and volume, whilst leaving them hydrated. As well as experiencing warming and cooling sensations, which can be felt on application, as the Peppermint Oil gives a refreshing taste and plumping sensation upon application. You’ll be able to achieve the perfect pout in an instant.

How to use: •

Massage into lips as frequently as desired. You will experience a slight tingling on application. For best results, apply sparingly to clean, dry lips.


LAURA GELLER BEACH MATTE BAKED BRONZER - SIESTA MEDIUM RRP: £26.00 Achieve the ultimate beachy glow you’ve always wanted without going to the beach. Enriched with skin-conditioning ingredients and hydrating extracts, the velvety-textured bronzer grants your skin a sun-kissed glow, no matter the season, wherever you are. Housed in a mirror compact, the weightless, moisturising bronzer will give your skin a boost of radiance, imparting a golden glow that beams with health, all year round. With a matte finish, it can be used with the retractable powder brush to sweep over the cheekbones to sculpt and define the face.

How to use: • Apply bronzer on places the sun naturally hits: forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.


LAURA GELLER RETRACTABLE POWDER BRUSH RRP: £12.00 The brand’s exquisite multi-tasking face brush is a must-have for the make-up bag. Designed specifically for Laura’s baked products, it allows you to evenly disperse powder for a beautiful airbrushed effect. Made with fine, synthetic taklon fibres each bristle has a gentle wave that allows for a smooth and professional finish, whilst preventing absorption of make-up and oils from the face for ultimate hygiene. The fully retractable component is easy for transportation, just load up the bristles with bronzer then retract into the casing, perfect for convenient make up touch ups on the go.

How to use: •

Dip brush into face powder or blush and apply where desired.

To wash the brush, use a mild shampoo or gentle soap. Rinse till water runs clear, return brush to its original shape, and dry on a towel before closing the case.


“I was inspired to create a range of

nature has given you, but still looked

products for me. A product that offers

natural and would be comfortable to

something unique in the market. A

wear. All day or all night.

product that would pay tribute to old-Hollywood and harks back to the

The Vintage Cosmetic Company was

glamour and charm of the 1950s, but

born. Launching with lashes that

one that serves the everyday beauty

have a transformative power. It’s not

needs of women everywhere. My goal

about harking back to the past, but

with The Vintage Cosmetic Company is

celebrating the beauty of women and

to offer a range of high quality beauty

helping them to accentuate their best

accessories with a unique, feminine


personality. A range that combines affordability, efficacy and elegance.

I remain forever fascinated by the transformative

power of


I felt there was a gap in the market

and hopefully my products give every

for strip lashes in soft and feminine

woman an opportunity to express their

packaging that would enhance what



VINTAGE COSMETICS POWDER PUFF RRP: £5.00 Enhance the longevity of your make-up with this deluxe powder puff by Vintage Cosmetics Company. Designed for use with loose or pressed powder to keep application fresh. The luxuriously soft textured puff holds, disburses and blends all loose and pressed powders, whilst reducing product waste and mess.

Directions: Pat the puff directly onto any loose powder and gently press into skin where desired.


“celebrating the beauty of women and helping them to accentuate their best features.” - Craig Hubert Managing Director

Attracta Courtney

Q1. Your mission is to champion ‘slow

that you meet daily and those you love.

beauty’ do you mind telling our readers

When we slow down - I believe we connect

what you mean by that?

more to our real self and that for me is the ultimate beauty statement.

We now live in a very speedy digital age, we all have access to numerous apps that

Q2. What moments within your career

can create instant profile perfection.

stand out?

However, when one looks in the mirror and sees the true real reflection, it is easy

There are lots, every day is great as I

to become disheartened when you have

love creating beauty. I have the luxury

days when your skin, makeup or lifestyle

of being creative every day I work on

may not be looking as amazing as your

editorial, catwalk shows etc.., and all of

social media profile. In my experience I

these rich opportunities bring me joy as I

have found there are no instant quick fixes

meet wonderful people along the way. My

in real life or in beauty. When I talk about

career allows me to express new creative

slow beauty I am endeavouring to start a

styles of beauty on a regular basis, it has

conversation suggesting we slow down

given me access to locations, people and

the angst for instant perfection. At its

situations I may never have experienced;

“pausing to appreciate all that is beautiful about you”

Q &A


With Attracta Courtney, CEO of Attracta Beauty Awards...

heart it is about becoming more in touch

it truly is an enriching profession. When

with our own unique natural beauty. It

I started my career, assisting some of the

is respecting the natural skin cycle for

world’s leading make-up artists on The

example, allowing products to work over

Haute Couture shows in Paris will always

a period of time rather than expecting

be a major highlight; backstage on those

overnight perfection. Slow Beauty for me

shows was a magical creative learning

also includes health and wellbeing; it is

experience that was priceless in every

about getting a better balance in our lives.

way. The day I was confirmed to work on

Taking time out to pause and reflect what

my first fashion editorial for British Vogue

is or isn’t working for me, allocating time

was Amazing - we travelled to Jamaica for

to see and enjoy the natural colourful

the shoot - it really was one of those pinch

beauty of nature - pausing to appreciate

me moments - Is this really happening?

all that is beautiful about you, the people


Q3. You have had an incredibly successful

any advertiser or sponsor, therefore I can

career as a fashion and beauty make up

assure you the uniquely designed Winners

Q4. Okay we need to know the scoop…

artist, what inspired you to start The

certificates are only ever awarded to

what’s going to be the hottest make up trend

Attracta Beauty Awards?

products that I and the beauty judges have

for SS 2018?

tested, love and now use on set as part of The main reason I started my own

our professional makeup kit, because they

Colourful eyeshadows in all colours of yel-

awards was to showcase and award

are great.

low, silver, violet or blue are key if you want to express your creative style for sum-

innovative products that I know deliver amazing results time and time again. On

Each year my awards expose me to

mer - you can lightly apply these poppy

a regular basis I am chatting with make-


colours to the inner or outer corners of

up colleagues and discussing our latest

to enter and focuses me to try new

beauty finds and secrets – key trusted and

revolutionary products and appliances to

covetable products that always deliver

enhance my beauty-client regime. I then

beautiful results either on the skin, lashes,

enjoy sharing these new finds with you.

eyebrows etc... Working in the studio or

This year my awards have been inundated

your eyes or for a more dramatic state-

with lots of new

ment effect as an colourful eyeliner to bring



an instant freshness to your feline flick!

organic skincare

Flushed healthy cheeks will always be a



key seasonal trend - buffing a rosy cream

stories for magazines or advertising, the

try, I can testify that the standard is very

blush works really well on the centre of

makeup has to be exquisite to capture

high. In the last decade, the variety of

the cheeks for that natural outdoor glow.

the excitement of the team, therefore as

beauty products has only got better and


make-up artists we experiment and work

better, with more quality and improved

a poppy matte lip colour in bright or-

with only the best products to deliver


The buying, discerning public

ange, red or fuchsia pink - they are svu-

those results for the photographer to

are knowledgable and informed of what

per easy to apply and really look beautiful

capture and most importantly for the

works and does not, via all the forums

on a barely there no makeup makeup look!

model or celebrity to feel amazing and

and social media outlets.

confident in front of the camera lens.

world has gained lots of new custodians

Q5. What kind of brands can we expect to see

with informed beauty-product knowledge

at the Attracta beauty awards 2018?

location there is no time for error when




as make-up artists we experiment and work with only the best products




“Flushed healthy cheeks will always be a key seasonal trend”






The beauty

My awards have been born out of years

hence, the industry is listening now more

of professional integrity and personal

than ever before to the voice of the public.

Lots of new natural and organic skincare

experience, working with a plethora of

Standards of product quality within all

brands have entered this year alongside some

skincare and makeup products from

price ranges are rising all the time to

new fun makeup brands - there are some

the high street to the deluxe end of the

get attention, loyal support and most

great new beauty gadgets and false eyelashes.


importantly trust in their product.

The awards are not linked to

Photo Credit: Mark Newton

Q6. Who has been your most memorable client whilst working as an international make up artist? I love working with all my clients. I have particularly enjoyed working with Cara Delevingne - she is very beautiful, talented and fun.

Q8. What challenges do you think the beauty industry poses on women today? Social media and Instagram have changed the way beauty is communicated and who communicates it. I see Instagram as a new kind of editorial where people of any age can create their own beauty narrative and style of expression. The beauty industry are listening more now than ever to the voice of the discerning public and what they expect from beauty brands. Brands are more receptive to the conversations they have on social media with their customers and are working to be more inclusive of all ages which is a welcome change. I am deeply respectful of people of all ages - beauty for me does not have an age; when more skincare brands stop using anxiety based language about ageing in their advertising, that will be a great day.

Q6. What is the best thing about your work life? Meeting new people every day on set who come from all over the world with interesting stories to share.

Attracta’s Mission: to help people create beauty with integrity and make every moment a beautiful one.

Photo Credit: Alex Bramall




Our beauty ambassador embarks on an adventure into The Peruvian Amazon.

Image credit @stoyanovjones

COHORTED GOES TO THE PERUVIAN AMAZON We are catching up with our favourite beauty ambassador and music artist Elle L, who has just returned from travelling to the Amazonian jungle in Peru to stay in zero-waste, non-profit conservation retreat Hoja Neuva. The trip offered the opportunity to fuse together music with eco-fashion all whilst being fully emerged in the local Peruvian culture.


ADVENTURE “we need the Amazon to be healthy for our own survival”

“As an artist, I’m inspired by nature. Our journey to Hoja Nueva was to experience, learn and create from the rainforest... We want to bridge the gap between concrete and natural jungles. People can be desensitized to the fact we need the Amazon to be healthy for our own survival – it creates 20% of the world’s oxygen supply. To destroy the environment is to destroy oneself. I can’t describe quite how intensely beautiful the jungle is. Yet there’s destruction around every corner – poaching, pollution and deforestation. Thanks to the efforts of NGOs such as Hoja Nueva and Fashion For Conservation, there’s hope. They actively create sustainable solutions such as re-wilding threatened animals and support cacao farming onthe ground, which offers a much better revenue stream for locals. Every one of us can be conscious day-today and part of these efforts… Stay curious on where Image credit @stoyanovjones

our food and fashion comes from, ask important questions - discover ways to live better.”

“It was an empowering moment.”

Q3. Eeeeeek…When can we expect to see the video for Open? We are so excited. Eeeeeek…When can we expect to see the video for Open? We are so excited. I’m excited too, I’m just finishing it up with a new producer friend, Dan Vinci — then Lara is going to do a remix, so we are going to have a lots of visuals from the Amazon for both tracks... I’m deciding on the official title as there are two key lyrics ‘Open’ & ‘Blurred Lines’ — you’ll have to let me know which you prefer! It’s all about opening

Image credit @stoyanovjones

your eyes to the beauty and devastation of natural wonders such as the Amazon and the blurred lines we get caught in between concrete and natu-

Q1. What was your favourite moment of

Q2. What was it like being submerged in

ral jungles... but it’s up-tempo and something you

the trip? Climbing waterfalls from the

the Peruvian Amazon without a phone or

can move to. Hopefully something that by makes

Las Piedras river and shooting a music

Wi-Fi? I thought it would be harder than

you think and move, so maybe you can be em-

video, as well as a photo shoot... We had

it was... The idea of no contact was more

powered to be aware and make the world a bet-

to be quick on location (one take won-

challenging than the reality. It was defi-

ter place in whatever way you feel compelled to.

ders) with all natural lighting. It was an

nitely a case of letting people that needed

We were also massively inspired by Lima and

empowering moment. Our team are all

to know “I’m not going to be in contact -

Latin culture and beats while staying at Bel-

passionate about protecting the planet

but don’t worry!” We were four hours away

mond Miraflores Park. It’s so beautiful! I rec-

and we’re all creatives so it was great to

from civilisation (WIFI) so it is literally out

ommend visiting there if you go to the jungle...

come together so naturally in a beautiful

of your hands... Actually it was pretty lib-

Lara and I are about to jump in the studio to

setting to film, with some people behind

erating for a short burst / few days. I think

create a track inspired by our time in the city.

camera and others in front. We physi-

‘we’ are quite reliant on technology. It was

cally climbed up a rope onto the rocks,

good to be so in the moment, which is

Q4. Did you use any beauty products in the jungle?

so it was a very real and beautiful mo-

how we were designed to be. It definitely

We used our FFC Cohorted box that we collaborat-

ment to feel so connected to the environ-

made us more immersed in each other’s

ed on for London Fashion Week! I love it and it was

ment and each other. Lots of adrenaline

company. It was more of a shock to come

the products are the perfect size to take away... we

but also super calm and a lot of fun too.

back to all the texts and emails then have

had Sunday Riley cleanser, which smells so good!

to get back to everybody! That took about

The Good Vibe organic body scrubs and butter,

a week! Ultimately, The Amazon takes up

Marc Jacobs setting spray which smells of coco-

100% of your attention so there wasn’t

nut and is actually hydrating so perfect for hot cli-

a moment to be wishing for anything

mates. We also used Seoulista hydrating face masks

more than being in there in the moment.

for the flights as we had over 48 hours of flights!!

“‘we’ are quite reliant on technology.”

Q5. What did you learn from the

Q6. How do the locals express themselves

indigenous people during your time in

artistically? Ava Holmes, Founder of

the amazon? I got to try raw cacao and

Fashion For Conservation is working

I also got to gift a local Peruvian girl so

with a lot of indigenous women on the

Esthechoc (a vegan beauty chocolate I

ground to get them to detail garments for

ambassador and we were shooting an

designers internationally. There’s some

editorial for). We both loved it! Both trying

seriously inspirational design out there at

something new and learning through that.

the moment and it again offers a healthy way of providing an income and bridging

Cacao Farming provides a sustainable

a gap between two sides of the world.

form of living for the Amazonians and it prevents temptation or desperation

It can take twenty days to travel to

for illegal activity to make money to

communities up river and so on this trip

survive... One of the biggest factors to the

we didn’t get to visit as many locals as

destruction of the rainforest is that

we would still be there now! Some of the

people are forced to make bad decisions

team went to provide healthcare to the

or are unaware of the real damage they do, so better

“bridging a gap between two sides of the world.”

options and encouraging education is key.

indigenous tribes when we left. They also rescued 16

puppies. There are a lot of stray dogs in Peru and they need love and rehoming urgently.

Hoja Nueva and Fashion For Conservation are actively working with locals on the

It’s universal - we like to express ourselves

ground to support sustainable farming

through song and dance and with friends...

and educate on how necessary it is that we

I think it’s how all people like to express

all don’t destroy our own environment.

themselves. This is certainly the case how

The Amazon provides 20% of all earth’s

the locals and for us too! We definitely

oxygen. It’s necessary to protect it for our

had tracks playing at the eco-lodge

own survival... also, we need to protect

on our Bluetooth speaker every night.

the species that are critically endangered as they will be first to go if we don’t. It’s

Image credit @stoyanovjones

important but we can all do so much by

You can find out more at:

using our voice and actions positively!




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