Routes to Delivery: Community-led housing in Oxford

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The study team’s rationale for selecting each typology as a realistic option for Oxford was as follows:

5.1. The selection of delivery routes for testing The study team selected four types of community-led housing scheme to test in the Oxford context. These are broad types of scheme covering a wide range of delivery routes which range in scale from tiny to large, include different degrees of partnership and respond to the needs of different groups. The selection took into account the team’s assessment of local housing need, the experience of groups interviewed for the study and examples of successful communityled schemes in other parts of the country. The selection also took into account the study team’s judgement as to realistic opportunities for community-led housing in Oxford including site availability. Table 4.1 summarises the types of scheme tested. The scenarios are described more fully in the remainder of this section.

Type 1 is a shared house co-operative using a model similar to the Kindling Housing Co-operative which was set up in 2016 (see Appendix 1). The study team assessed the scenario of a housing co-operative buying a large home and converting it for sharing among 5 or more occupants following a standard fully-mutual co-operative approach. This delivery route has been proven to work at Oxford house prices and could be replicated many times.

Type 2 is based on groups of very small units for single people located across multiple small sites in the inner city. The study team assessed a scenario with five small inner-city sites each taking five homes and total development scale of 25 small homes. The same methods and suppliers are used across all five sites creating economies of scale, with a staggered development period.

Table 5.1 Delivery routes tested Type

Number of units


Type 1 - Fully-mutual co-op

5 units in a single building on a single site

Inner city renovation

Type 2 - Tiny Modular

25 units across 5 sites

Inner city new-build

Type 3 - Medium Scale

40 units on a single site


Type 4 - Large Scale

250 units on a single site

Large brownfield or new land release