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rom looking at the past results of the Combined Municipal Campaign, I can see that City of Houston employees have a long history of giving back to the community. I know you have compassion; I’ve seen you in action. Every day, you help the homeless, assist the elderly and infirm, encourage kids to play sports, give stray pets a chance to find homes and much more. Public service isn’t for the faint of heart — it’s a job for spirited and passionate defenders. Many of us carry this passion outside the job as well. The CMC is an opportunity for you to donate to local charities through fundraisers and payroll deductions. With more than 700 agencies, there are numerous options for supporting the cause of your choice.


CMC Tribute: Compassion In Action

Each year, we recognize more than 400 employees who give back one percent of their salary to the CMC. I realize this is not an option for everyone, but if we all contributed just $2 a paycheck - about the cost of a plain cup of coffee - we would raise $1 million. Even better: If we were each willing to give an amount equal to the cost of one vanilla latte each pay period, we would raise $2.9 million. Just think of how much good we could do with that amount of money. Let’s work together and show Houston what compassion in action looks like.

Mayor Sylvester Turner

How to Be a smart donor Want to know how a charity spends its money but are afraid to ask? Don’t be. Donors care about the community they live in. That’s why they participate in the CMC. So it only makes sense that they also want to know how their money will be spent. Most agencies post financial information for donors on their websites. A list of CMC charities with links to their sites can be found at

22,800 city employees

An informed donor makes smart choices. Here are some websites that will help you learn more about giving:


Federal Trade Commission Provides information on wise giving and how to file a complaint.


($130 year) = $2,964,000

($48 year) = $1,094,000





($24 year) = $547,000

per paycheck

That’s one lotto ticket

That’s one small coffee

That’s one fast food-meal deal

IRS Search charitable organizations for tax information. Charity Watch Tips for giving wisely and other helpful hints. GuideStar Information on more than 1 million nonprofits. Also, important questions to ask yourself if you can’t decide on a charity. Charity Navigator Evaluates the financial health of America’s largest charities.


Communities unite to help neighBors weather storms For CMC agencies, flood relief efforts pave paths of giving by Lucha Morales

With rain pounding on roofquickly overtook low-lying tops and water seeping into streets, neighborhoods and unhomes, Houstonians scrambled derpasses. to save their families from rising As the water recedfloodwaters that ed in the days after s at n o i t the devastating April na od do nistries, o f t 18 Tax Day floods, r rs so tance Mi nt of a e e t n many families who Volu est Assis d recipie yor a n w a h M lost nearly everything t Nor gency rant from und. a C they owned turned to fF a CM -relief g Relie d m o r o o shelters for basic ne00 fl rner’s St $15,0 Tu cessities such as food, water, and help with housing. To provide immediate assistance to storm victims, Mayor Sylvester Turner established the Greater Houston Storm Relief Fund. In a matter of


CMC Tribute: Compassion In Action

days, Houstonians donated more than $1 million to the fund. “These dollars are going to stay in our community to help those who are still recovering from the floods,” Turner said. Now, the Houston Greater Storm Fund is turning to city employees for support through the city’s Combined Municipal Campaign. The storm fund initiative joins more than 700 other CMC agencies directly impacted by the annual employee giving drive. As Houstonians continue to recover from the flood, this year’s “Compassion in Action” campaign highlights employees’ compassion for those in need and how their donations have both

short-term and long-term impacts on CMC agencies. CMC chair Jennifer Cobb said city employees’ contributions touch more lives and do more good than those involved with ever know. “Whether it’s helping flood victims or inspiring community actions, employees can express their compassion for others by donating their time or money to the CMC,” Cobb said. City employees never fail to respond with generosity. In 2015, they donated more than $890,000 to the CMC. Currently, the Houston Greater Storm Fund helps fill gaps in state and federal funding. Aid is being provided to storm victims and relief organizations including Northwest Assistance Ministries, a local CMC agency since 2007. Community beacon gives second chance at life Neighbors helping neighbors: It’s a phrase Meredith Sharp is familiar with, and it’s also the mission of NAM, a nonprofit agency that works to meet the basic needs of surrounding communities. “Our organization impacts so many different areas of the community,” said Sharp, vice president of fund development for NAM. In 2015, more than 130,000 people benefitted from NAM’s emergency assistance services, housing services, a meals-on-wheels program, a senior program, a learning center, a children’s clinic and a family violence center. “NAM has been able to assist more than 283 individuals affected by the recent flooding

with temporary housing, deposits, furniture, and a variety of basic needs,” Sharp said. Throughout the disaster, NAM continued it’s ongoing services. “Our volunteers come and they help load up the food truck,” Sharp said of NAM’s Meals on Wheels program, which delivers lunches to homebound and disabled adults and seniors Mondays through Saturdays. “We distribute over 600 meals.” Along with the Meals on Wheels program, NAM operates the Joanne Watford Nutrition Center, located onsite at NAM just west of I-45 North on Kuykendahl Road. “When our clients come in, they get a basket and then they have a volunteer that goes around with them,” Sharp said. “Depending on what their need is, we have different menus.”

The nutrition center provides basic food staples, fresh produce, meat and dairy. During the floods, NAM distributed 50,000 pounds of donated food to other relief organizations. NAM now serves as a community hub helping to manage the long-term flood recovery needs of area residents. A recipient of a $15,000 grant from the Greater Houston Storm Fund, NAM created the Relief to Neighbors flood recovery fund. “We’re meeting those basic flood needs as well as long-term housing,” Sharp said. Sharp wants city employees to know their CMC donations are making a difference in people’s lives. “You’re helping a family

n 283 a h t e r g st mo i s oodin s fl a t o t n e n able by the rec urniture, e e b s ha cted its, f ” M e s o A ff p a N e “ eeds. s d l n , a g c u i n d s i i a s indiv y hou ariety of b r a r o harp temp dav dith S M e n r h e a t i -M w , NA ment esid

r Vice P


d Dev

Fun ent of



in need. You’re helping a child that might need immunizations. You’re helping seniors get the activity they need in order to feel important,” she said. “The tiniest donation makes a huge impact,” said Sharp. “You are being a change.” Healthy Families and Communities On the heels of the April flood, Houstonians were hit once again with heavy rainfalls in May. Flooded streets and communities again left many Houstonians trapped in their homes. Despite the grim outlook, Luis Zelaya and his co-workers at the Spring Branch Community Health Center took action to create rays of hope in the community. “We were able to distribute 260 hygiene kits to families that lost everything,”

said Zelaya, program coordinator for SBCHC. “Some of the items included toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, body wash, first aid kits, sunscreen, lip balm and body lotion.” SBCHC is a nonprofit community health center formed in 2003 that provides health care to low-income and underinsured patients in Spring Branch. SBCH also operates three other sliding scale clinics in Katy and west Houston that offer family medicine, pediatric services, women’s health services, dental services and prenatal care. “There was one particular patient that came in,” Zelaya said. “The lady lost everything.” “We were able to help them apply for SNAP benefits and sent them

ical d e m nsive nsured e h e r omp d underi ties. c s e rovid erved an ommuni p C H uns ing c SBC o d t n s u e o c servi from surr nts patie


CMC Tribute: Compassion In Action

over to a food pantry to help them with the groceries,” Zelaya said. “And we linked them with assistance ministries to help with every other need.” Now, SBCHC hopes city employees will join them in their mission to provide comprehensive medical services to communities in need. Although SBCHC is new to the CMC, it is very familiar with the plight of the people they serve. Zelaya said many of the agency’s clients are at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. “People see us as this hub of assistance,” Zelaya said. “We want them to know that quality care and services are available regardless of the amount of money they have in the bank.” Since 2009, SBCHC has served more than 60,000 patients. Along with comprehensive visits, SBCHC offers health programs for its patients. “We have our diabetes management program where the medical staff would call the patient and make sure they are keeping up with their diet and appointments,” Zelaya said. SBCHC also offers a parent nutrition class, a parenting class, and a breast health program. Parents learn about nutrition, shopping on a budget, and portion control, Zelaya said. Through a partnership with MD Anderson, SBCHC provides free mammograms to underinsured patients.

“They attend an information session on mammogram and breast health and then they receive their mammogram,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s really about the amount of lives that you touch,” Zelaya said of the impact of SBCHC’s comprehensive medical services. From creating sustainable futures for those less fortunate to stirring compassion in the hearts of city employees, the CMC fosters good will and ignites action within our communities. “Our compassion will build a foundation for tomorrow,” Cobb said.

giene y h 0 6 ute 2 ything.” b i r t o dis lost ever t e l b elaya ere a ilies that w uis Z HC L e “W SBC o fam r for t o t s a t n i k ordi o

am C


Mayor Turner’s Storm Relief Fund Distribution

The Greater Houston Storm Relief Fund selected eight non-profit groups to receive a portion of the $1.8 million donated to the fund to meet the on-going needs of those affected by the storm.

Organizations receiving funds include:

Data provided by: City of Houston, Office of the Mayor


b u l c d n o y e B & e v ABo e m a F f o l l Ha

Employees who give one percent or more of their salary through the CMC qualify for the Above & Beyond Club. New this year, is the Above & Beyond Club Hall of Fame. These employees have consistently supported CMC charities through the years. Above & Beyond members will be honored during the CMC Recognition Reception to be held in the spring of 2017. To see how to calculate your one percent amount, follow the instructions on page 23.

5-9 years Adela Chavez Adele Gottlieb Adelmo Badell Alan Goodman Albert Clerc Albert Reyes Algia Hickenbotham Alma Huff Alvita McKinney Alyce Coffey-Scott Amber Seely Ana Alvarez Ana Gorham-Maki Andrew Icken Andrew Taravella Andrew Watson Angela Douglas Anita E. Sowell Anthony Tran Antoinette Boone Armandina Martinez Arthur Valdez Arturo Carrillo Ayanna Holden Bala Balachandran Barbara Hartle Beatrice Temp Belinda Cohen Bernardo Hernandez Beverly Roach Brenda Lewis Brenda Manuel Brenda Moore Brian Crimmins Brian Luedicke Bryan Walker Cammie Wynn Carl Bowker Carl Noon Carlos Vargas Carlota Arriozla Carol Haddock Carol Rico Caroline Brooks Carolyn Harris Carrie Haley


Catherine Troisi Catherine Wiley Ceil Price Charles Gonzales Charles Tryals Charles Vazquez Charline White-Williams Chastity Ringo Chauncey Conner Cherryl Bobb Cheryl Breed Cheryl Lemmings Cheryl Murray Chris Brown Christon Butler Christopher Patrick Claudette Rivers Collette Smith Connie Miller Courtney Smith Crawford Gallien Cristina Delacruz Cyndy Sax Cynthia Page Dameta Fields Daniel Gormley Daniel Menendez Daniel Simms Daphine Sands Darcy Casavant Darryl Odom David Fausek David Godwin David Williams Debra Guerrero Dedriel Thompson Demetrious Guidry-Moore Demetrius Russell Denise Johnson Derrick Washington Desmond Jones Diana Ducroz Dolores Rodgers Donald Bell Donald Roberts Donald Williams

CMC Tribute: Compassion In Action

Donita Precise Dora Maxey Douglas Earle Earvin Carter Edward Gordon Edward Loomis Edwin Grantham Elena Marks Elesa Rodriquez Elizabeth Harden Elizabeth Martinez Elizabeth Prejean-McClain Elizabeth Rodriguez Elizabeth Sargent Elizabeth Zaragoza Elnita Brown Elvira Gonzalez Enedelia Quiroga Eric Potts Erin Cody Erin Musick Ernest Sotuyo Ester Jordan Ethel Washington Eva Williams Ferness Simmons Forrest Wolferd Frances Jolly Frank Blakley George Malveaux Georgia Bienvenu Gilbert Crawford Gilbert Rodriguez Gina Flores Glenn Deeton Gray James Griselda Garza Guadalupe Mata H Williams Harlan Heilman Harold Hill Harold Hurtt Harry Hayes Helen Murphy Henry Horelica Herbert Bowers

Hernando Hernandez Hong Nguyen Huey Wong Irma Rodriguez Irnadia Roach-Marshall Irwin Nguyen Jack Griffin Jackie Wilson Jacklyn Strickland Jacqueline Lentz Jacquelyn Russell James Arthur James Griffin James Jenkins James Lincoln James Moore James Roberson Jane Garcia Janet White Janice Sparks Janine Henry Jean Roberts Jeanne Holmes Jeffery Robin Jeffery Toronjo Jennette Eli Jennifer Coffelt Jennifer Evans Jerrel Geisler Jesus Saenz Joan Taylor Joanne Tran Joe Goodman Joe Perez John Kennerson John Klein John Loofs John Middleton John Rodriguez John Sakolosky John Semmelrogge John Vandenbosch Jonathan Prevot Josephine White Joy Smith Judy Johnson

Judy Reyna Juli Kring Karen Leback Karen Stephens Karen Williams Katherine Tipton Katheryn Bechtold Kathryn Burton Kathryn Goode Katrina Craft Kenneth Brooks Kenneth Porter Kenneth Roy Kenneth Van Nostrand Khalin Washington Kristy Dowdell Laine Twining Lakeisha Henderson Laquesia Amboree-Hill Larry Buzo Lavern Smith Lawrence Moody Leanora Isaac Lee Turner Lester Ryals Lillian Lim Linda Hash Linda Hollins Linda Hunter Linda Pearson Linda Tarver Lisa Groves Lisa Thomas Lisa Turner Lois Jerolleman Londa Singleton Lonnie Vara Lorena Castillo Loretta Russell Lucilla Chen Luis Burciaga Luis Ibarra Lynne Horn Malcolm Eisenberg Maria Chavez

5-9 years (Continued)

Maria Rivera Marichal Randle Marilyn Byrd Mark Enax Mark Whitt Marlana Mitchell Marlene Lambert Marshall O’brien Jr Martha Leyva Mary Grant Mary Hoffman Mary Lamza Mary Martin Mary McPhail Maryann Barthelemy Mataline McFarland Matthew White Max Simerskey Max Triola Maxine Albert Melonie Curry Michael Abbott Michael Creegan Michael Goh Michael Marcotte Michael Powers Michael Vancampen Michelle Allen-Taylor Michelle Johnson Milton Simmons Monte Scott

Mumtaz Baig Nancy Brewer Nancy Reingold Nancy Vandeventer Neena Bansal Nicole Flannory Nicole Flannory-Holland Nicole Robinson Nora Younce Norola Morgan Omar Reid Opal Clay Oscar Garza Patricia Cotton Patricia Lindsey Patricia Rosignon Patricia Smith Paul Castillo Paul Dunn Paul Nelson Paulette Wolfson Penelope McFadin Phillip Cook Pollette Holcombe Ralph Duren Ramiro Cano Randy Goodman Rasheedah Barnes Reginald Spivey Renae Tramble Rennice Smith

Retta Williams Rhea Lawson Rich Barrett Richard Barrett Richard Donelson Richard Lewis Richard Vacar Robert Bliss Robert Flowers Robert Towery Robert White Roger Chappell Ronald Green Ronald Perret Roosevelt Coleman Rory Lister Rosa Henderson Rosalie Rivera Rose Sonnier Roye Barber Ruth Carroll Sandra Thomas Sara Culbreth Sara Leal Sarah Bates Sargent Gerstle Scott Minnix Shane Hughes Shannon Vrba Shantel Atkins Sharon Marsh

Sharon Pete Shelley Soong Shenette Seals-Vincent Sherilyn Edwards Siu Wo Stephan Honore Stephanie Cardenas Stephanie Cooper Stephen Buckman Stephen Chamberlain Steven Modisette Steven Spears Sunday Washington-Linton Susan Bailey Susan Cox-Hoffman Susan Kimble Susan Mcmillian Susan Taylor Suzon Wilkerson Suzy Benton Sylvia Torres Syma Zerkow Tanh Ho Tara Tuttle Ted Low Terence Lynch Teresa Nevill Teresa Swinney Thelma Yancy Thomas Hughes Thomas Pierce

Thomas Sorley Tiffany Pham Tinita Jackson Tonia Brown Tophas Anderson Tracy Calabrese Travis Crawford Valencia Raftie Vanessa Johnson Vassie Cook Venkatesh Nagasandra Vernette Jordan Vernon Black Veronica Rodriguez Victor Vincent Vidal Kirby Viorica Ghica Virinder Bansal Walter Hunter Walter Schroeder Wanda Jackson Wayne McGinty William Montalbo William Turner Willie Burford Willie Scott Yolanda Brown Yvonne Guillory Aaron Winslow

Diane Marks Dwight Berry Eric Dargan Frank Brown Fred Schumacher Gina Kaminski Harold Jackson Helen Woods Hiawatha Henry Howard Hilliard Irene Walters James Bunch James Moncur James Shockley Jane Kuo Jason Stephens Jeffrey Ruffins Jeffrey Schmelter Jeffrey Weatherford Jennifer Ciano Jennifer Ostlind Joanna Collier Joel Draut Karen Davidson

Katherine Castillo Kathrine Myers Kenneth Whittaker Laconni Mitchell Laura Grainger Lisa Kent Lisa Lenzy Loretta Peters Lucila Garcia Madeleine Appel Magdalena Soto Marcia Chapman Marda Waters Margaret Baptiste Maria Brown Maria Correa Maria Irshad Mark Graham Mark Loethen Mark Moore Marta Crinejo Mary McKerall Mary Stanton Michael Dotson

Michaeline Frost Montecella Flaniken Myriam Varela Nadine Huff Nancy Collins Nicholas Cavallaro Pamela Berger Perry Miller Ricardo Rivera Robert Guevara Robert Milley Robert Toliver Roderick McClendon Roosevelt Weeks Rosalind Bulman Roslyn Boyce Ross Underhill Roxanne Stephens Russell Phillips Sandra Farmer Sandra Roethemeyer Sara Karow Shawnell Holman Sheila Blake

Shelli Carter Shelly Soong Sherri Pyle Stephen Williams Steven Bychowski Steven Kirkland Susan Boyte Thomas Blake Thomas Eaton Tracy Samuel Travis Miles Valerie Toval Viola Yim William Simpson Willie Dixon Nancy Yue Yvonne Forrest Yvonne Holguin Zina Donaldson Abel Torres

Courtney Satterwhite Denise Adams George Eggleston Ghassan Asmar Gregory Prier Jennie Bland John Merullo

Judith Hiott Karen Franklin Kelly Shreck Larry Dawson Leslie Denton-Roach Mark Curran Mary Villarreal

Meryal Annison Patricia Curtis Patsy Cano Robin Wolf Rose Hamilton Sandra Zeno Sondee Weiss

Wiley Henry

10-14 years Alastair Dykes Amir Baradar Andrea Black Anthony Delfine Anthony Freddie Barbara Evans Bennie Henton Berta Mejia Brenda Bazan Brenda Kirkling Catherine Smith Chester McGowen Crystal Debondt Cynthia Cerda-Perez Damita Daniels Darlene Mosley Darrell Blevins David Cleveland David Cutler David Guernsey David Miller David Watson Deanna Silguero Debra Vineski

15+ Years Alvin Watts Anna Russell Arthur Zermeno Brenda Jackson Carolyn Williams Charles Smith Cheryl Johnson


2016 Results





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Citywide Totals



CMC Tribute: Compassion In Action

Coordinator Name


Administration & Regulatory Affairs

Veronica Garza


City Council

Theo Montague


City Secretary

Carrie Roberts


Controller’s Office

Chanelle Clark


Department of Neighborhoods

Rhonda Sauter



Sheila Wates



Sylvia Almazan


Fleet Management

Jedediah Greenfield


General Services

Erikah Abdu


Houston Health Department

Cydney Cameron


Housing & Community Development

Kimberly Adams


Houston Airport System

Ken Whittaker


Houston Emergency Center

Norma Lona


Houston Information System

Tom Sorley


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Ashley Brooks



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Candece Beverly


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Veronica Weatherspoon


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Nydia Trevino


Office of Business Opportunity

Will Norwood


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Briana Rocha


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Cassie Malonson



Seble Gebremichael


Public Works & Engineering

Rochelle Bennett


Solid Waste Management

Tyra Wilkins


CMC Chair

Jennifer Cobb


Lead Coordinators



Agencies These agencies do not belong to a federation.

2402 3 “A” Bereavement Foundation

2455 Brentwood Community Foundation

2468 Crime Stoppers of Houston, Inc.

2484 Buffalo Bayou Partnership

2836 Dance Houston

2478 American Cancer Society

2409 Buffalo Soldiers Museum

2831 American Leadership Forum Houston Gulf Coast Chapter

2279 Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance

2433 Dennis W Holder Scholarship Fund c/o HFRRF

2853 Anne McCormick Sullivan Foundation

2838 The Captain Renaud Foundation

2479 Apparent Project

2434 Casa de Esperanza de los Ninos, Inc.

2201 The 100 Club, Inc.

2833 Appropriate Development Tech, Inc 2445 Asia Houston Network


2204 Assist the Officer, Inc.

2496 Cherish Our Children International

2470 Avenue Community Development Corporation 2857 Bank on Houston bankonhouston 2207 Bering Omega Community Services 2801 Best Friends Animal Society 2802 Better Way Youth Ministry Inc. 2220 Big Brothers Big Sisters Lonestar 2822 Bike Houston, Inc. 2208 Blue Santa Program Inc. 2436 Blue Triangle Multi-Cultural Association, Inc. 2209 Bread of Life, Inc.


2416 Center for the Missing Change Happens

2849 The Chester Pitts Charitable Foundation 2211

Child Advocates, Inc.

2212 Children at Risk 2213 The Children’s Assessment Center Foundation 2246 CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare 2216 Citizens for Animal Protection 2203 Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County

2221 Descendants of Olivewood 2457 Dionysus Theatre 2843

Down Syndrome Association of Houston (DSAH)

2842 East Harris County Empowerment 2815 Educational Leadership Inc. DBA Southwest Schools 2864 Emancipation Park Conservancy 2847 Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services, Inc. (ECHOS) 2494 Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy 2860 Feed the Children 2403 The Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston 2861 Firefighters Helping Firefighters Inc. 2499

Fresh Art (formerly Spacetaker) /

2848 Communities In Schools of Baytown, Inc.

2850 Fresh Spirit Wellness for Women, Inc.

2803 Compassionate Touch Inc.

2401 Friends of BARC, Inc


2280 Friends of Hermann Park

CMC Tribute: Compassion In Action

Cops In Action

2227 Friends of the Houston Public Library 2269 Frisky Paws Rescue 2821 Generation One 2819 Golden Age Hobby House of Houston, Inc. 2435 The Good Samaritan Foundation 2859 Greater Houston Community Foundation 2231 Gulf Coast Chapter, NRHS, Inc. 2469 Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County

2456 Houston Center for Literacy

2866 LIFE Houston

2835 Houston Children’s Charity

2862 Literacy Advance of Houston

2249 Houston Clean City Commission, Inc.


Lone Star Veterans Association (LSVA)

2229 Houston Department of Health and Human Services Foundation Inc.


Lung Cancer Alliance


M.D. Anderson Family YMCA of Greater Houston mdanderson

2420 Houston Employee Relief Organization (HERO) 2824 Houston Fire Fighters Burned Children’s Fund 2241 Houston Food Bank 2828 Houston Habitat for Humanity

2812 Healing Species

2852 Houston Humane Society

2472 Healthcare for the Homeless Houston


2497 The HEART Program

2205 Houston Police Foundation

2408 Helping a Hero

2210 Houston Public Media

2244 HFD Pipes and Drums

2407 Houston Shifa Services Foundation, Inc.

2829 Hispanic Officer of the Year Committee, Inc. 2297 Holocaust Museum Houston 2473 Homeless Pet Placement League 2839 Honor Flight Houston 2475


Houston Aeronautical Heritage Society Houston Arts Alliance

2206 Houston BARC Foundation 2820 Houston Bike Share

Houston Police Athletic League, Inc.


Humble Area Assistance Ministries (HAAM)


Intercontinental Airport Interfaith Chapel

2805 Katy Rocks Inc. 2218 Kids Meals Inc.

2453 Medilife of Houston, Inc. 2846 Musiqa 2260 National Forum for Black Public Administrators 2826 Nigerian-American Multicutlural Center 2868 NJB FOUNDation 2443

Open Door Mission Foundation


PACE Youth Programs

2865 Paralyzed Veterans of America, Texas Chapter 2814 Peach Outreach 2845 The Platform Youth 2809 The Posse Foundation, Inc. 2830 Prairie View A & M Foundation 2806 Project Row Houses

2217 Knowledge-First, Inc.

2810 Project C.U.R.E. (Benevolent Healthcare Foundation)

2458 Latino Learning Center

2480 Pup Squad Animal Rescue

2253 The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

2863 QueenLyfe Incorporated


2485 Reach Unlimited

2417 Theatre Under The Stars

1010 Caring for Children Foundation of Texas, Inc.

2816 Reasoning Minds

2415 United Service Organizations, Inc. (USO)


2834 Red River Sankofa Historical Society

2490 Urban Business Initiative

2405 Rescue Bank

2823 Vita-Living, Inc.

2462 The Rise School of Houston

2448 W.A.T.E.R. Fund

2825 Row Houses Community Development Corporation

2233 Wildlife Center of Texas

2807 Run to Hear 2268 S.H.A.P.E. Community Center Inc. 2844 The Sailing Angels Foundatio 2471 Second Chance Life Ministries, Inc. 2486 Seven Acres Jewish Senior Care Services

2817 The Work Faith Connection 2406 Workshop Houston 2275 World Youth Foundation, Inc. 2867 YMDQ, Inc. 2858 YWCA 1000 America’s Charities

2270 SIRE, Inc

2452 Tejano Center for Community Concerns 2808 Texans Together Education Fund

1066 Dress for Success Worldwide 1015 Father Flanagan’s Boys’ Home 1067 Feed The Children 1080 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1052 Foster Care to Success Foundation (formerly Orphan Foundation of America 1016 Give Kids The World 1041 The Hole In The Wall Gang Fund 1019 Human Rights Campaign Foundation 1056 I Have a Dream Foundation 1069 LIVESTRONG Foundation (formerly Lance Armstrong Foundation) 1021 Make-A-Wish Foundation of America

1024 NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

1006 American Brain Foundation

1025 NAACP Special Contribution Fund

1072 American Center for Law and Justice

1026 NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation

1079 American Red Cross of Central Texas

1027 National Black Child Development Institute

1082 Animal Trustees of Austin

1061 National Down Syndrome Society

2855 Texas Defender Service

1084 Boy Scouts of America

2854 The Providence on Southmore


1005 Amnesty International of the USA

1007 Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, Inc.

2841 The NRA Foundation, Inc.

1055 Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, Inc.

1083 Mothers Against Drunk Driving

2272 Texas Children’s Hospital

2477 Texas Lions Camp, Inc.

1038 Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation

1086 Melanoma Research Foundation

2851 Spring Branch Community Health Center 2832 The Summerhouse

Catholics United for Life

1034 Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas 1076 Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation (Prevent Cancer Foundation) 1049 Cancer Research for Children CureSearch (National Childhood Cancer Foundation)

CMC Tribute: Compassion In Action

1062 National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States 1042 Native American Rights Fund 1088 Ovarian Cancer Research Fund 1043 PetSmart Charities, Inc. 1036 Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth ) 1053 Reading Is Fundamental, Inc. (RIF)

1031 Ronald McDonald House Charities 1008 The Conservation Fund 1089 Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance 1046 VSA Arts of Texas 1009 Wounded Warrior Project, Inc. 1200 Black United Fund of Texas

1324 American Lung Association of Texas, Southwest Region, Houston 1315 Arthritis Foundation 1371 Autism Speaks 1372 Cancer Research Institute 1317

Children’s Tumor Foundation

1350 Chilhood Obesity - Alliance for a Healthier Generation

1342 Sickle Cell Association of Austin, Marc Thomas Foundation 1359 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 1326 Susan G. Komen - Houston Affiliate 1386 The ALS Association Texas Chapter 1400 EarthShare of Texas

1319 City of Hope 1320 Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America Houston Gulf Coast/ South Texas Chapter

1201 Afrikan Center of Well Being 1217 Black Women for a Changing Society 1205 C.O.T.E.R. (Community of Tomorrow Economic Redevelopment Corp.)

1353 Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, Texas, North Texas Chapter 1321 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Texas Gulf Chapter

Air Alliance Houston

1405 Audubon Foundation of Texas 1406 Austin Parks Foundation 1446 Austin Youth River Watch


1407 Bat Conservation International

Epilepsy Foundation Texas Central and South Texas

1380 Huntington’s Disease Society of America Texas Affiliate

1219 Launch Point CDC, Inc.


1221 Senior Citizens Center of Greater North Side

1329 JDRF International Houston Gulf Coast Chapter

1222 Sure Thing ST/2 Youth

1330 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Texas Gulf Coast Chapter

It’s Time Texas

1333 March of Dimes Foundation 1355 Mary Crowley Cancer Research Centers 1370 Mental Health America of Texas

1313 6 Stones

1334 Muscular Dystrophy Association

1352 Ability Connection Texas

1337 NAMI Texas (National Alliance on Mental Illlness)

1301 AIDS Research Foundation (amfAR)


1382 Easter Seals Greater Houston

1218 Inner City Mothers & Daughters Educational Training

1300 Community Health Charities Texas

1401 African Wildlife Foundation

1343 National Kidney Foundation

1408 Bayou Preservation Association 1409 Beyond Pesticides 1426 Big Bend Conservancy 1457 BikeTexas Education Fund 1485 Blackland Prairie Raptor Center 1497 Buffalo Bayou Partnership 1412 Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems 1471 Children’s Environmental Health Institute 1413 Citizens’ Environmental Coalition Education Fund 1414 Clean Water Fund of Texas 1415

Conservation Fund, The

1416 Conservation International

1303 Alzheimer’s Association, Houston & Southeast Texas Chapter

1345 National Multiple Sclerosis Society

1306 American Diabetes Association

1381 National Parkinson Foundation

1420 Ecology Action of Texas

1309 American Heart Association, Inc.

1347 National Psoriasis Foundation

1308 American Kidney Fund

1339 Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

1421 Endangered Species Media Project


American Liver Foundation, South Texas Chapter

1356 Prevent Blindness Texas, Inc.

1417 Defenders of Wildlife

1480 Environmental and Energy Study Institute

1357 RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association


1423 Environmental Defense Fund, Texas Office 1484 Galveston Bay Foundation

1500 Global Impact

1422 Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition

1534 Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO)

1481 Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust 1479 Hill Country Conservancy

1501 ACCION International

1498 Houston Advanced Research Council

1503 African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)

1430 Katy Prairie Conservancy

1504 Africare

1434 National Parks Conservation Association

1506 American Jewish World Service

1486 Natural Resources Defense Council 1437 Nature Conservancy of Texas, The 1439

Peregrine Fund, The

1440 Pesticide Action Network North America 1442 Public Citizen of Texas 1445 Rainforest Alliance

1508 American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA)


1562 Water for People


1515 ChildFund International

1553 William J. Clinton Foundation

1544 Church World Service

1540 World Relief Corporation

1565 Compassion International

1564 World Vision

1566 Concern Worldwide US

1600-2300-2600 Local Independent Charities of Texas

1543 CRWRC/World Renew

1452 Sierra Club Foundation, The

1517 FINCA International

1453 SPARK School Park Program

1518 Freedom From Hunger

1473 State of Texas Alliance for Recycling

1519 Health Volunteers Overseas, Inc. 1520 Heifer International 1545 Helen Keller International 1521 International Eye Foundation 1522 International Orthodox Christian Charities 1523

International Relief Teams

2622 ACLU Foundation of Texas, Inc. 1680 AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc. 1602 American YouthWorks 1670 Animal Defense League of Texas 1601 Arc of Greater Houston

1459 Texas Solar Energy Society

1524 International Rescue Committee

1630 Arc of Texas

1461 TreeFolks

1563 MAP International

2601 Arrow Child & Family Ministries

1489 Wildflower Donor Inc.

1526 Mercy Corps

1468 Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

1528 Opportunity International

2602 Bereavement and Grief Camp for Children - Camp Agape

1469 World Wildlife Fund

1529 Pan American Development Foundation 1546 PCI-Media Impact 1513 Plan International USA


1537 Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Inc.

1539 United Seamen’s Service

1548 ECHO

1477 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

1536 UNICEF, U.S. Fund

1510 AmeriCares

1449 Save Barton Creek Association

1443 Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund

1561 SOS Children’s Villages- USA

1538 United Methodist Committee on Relief

1516 Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières

1448 Sustainable Food Center

1535 Save the Children Federation, Inc.

1509 American Refugee Committee

1482 San Marcos River Foundation

1455 Surfrider Foundation

1532 Project HOPE 1533 Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

1424 Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance

1496 National Wildlife Federation Southwest Regional Center

1551 Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH)

CMC Tribute: Compassion In Action

2366 Birthright Humble 2302 Boys and Girls Country of Houston 2620 Buckner Retirement Services

2360 Burke Center for Youth 1663 Burn Survivors Throughout the World

1688 Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, Inc. 2322 Prevent Child Abuse Texas

1632 CanCare

2307 Project MEND

2306 Catholic Charities of Central Texas

2631 PTSD Foundation of America

1686 Center for Public Policy Prioritites 2361 Child Advocates, Inc. 2605 Children At Heart Foundation 2305 Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas 2606 Christian Community Service Center 2332 Communities in Schools Houston, Inc. 2349

Covenant House Texas

2607 Dare to Dream Children’s Foundation 2341 Family to Family Network

1700 Neighbor To Nation

2324 Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Antonio 2323 Ronald McDonald House Houston 2358 Ronald McDonald House of Galveston 1625

Rose, The

1668 Service Dogs, Inc. 1619 Sight Into Sound 2337 Small Steps Nurturing Center 2633 Southwest Key Programs, Inc. 2326

Special Olympics Texas

2325 St. Jude’s Ranch for Children Texas Region

1702 Alpha-1 Foundation 1719 Amen Foundation 1755 American Family Association 1705 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 1742 Association of Christian Schools International 1756 Awana Clubs International 1713 Biblica (formerly Internationl Bible Society 1707 Blessings International


1708 Breast Cancer Charities of America

2604 Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas

1743 Breast Cancer Research Foundation

2603 Helping Hand Home for Children

1678 Support Our Troops®, Inc. Texas Chapter

1722 Child Aid

1650 Helping Restore Ability

2635 Texans Care for Children Inc

1634 Houston Hospice

1641 Texas Association Against Sexual Assault

1745 Children’s Food Fund/World Emergency Relief

2617 Texas Baptist Children’s Home

1712 Children’s Hunger Relief Fund

2328 Texas CASA

1763 Christian Legal Society

1603 Kid Net Foundation / Jonathan’s Place

1679 Texas Council on Family Violence

1764 Christian Military Fellowship


2636 Texas Department of Public Safety Foundation

2609 Foster’s Home For Children 2610 Gracewood 2626 Harris County Hospital District Foundation

1658 Houston SPCA 2627 In God We Trust Foundation, Inc. - Texas Chapter

Kids Count Foundation

2628 Live Laugh Love Give, Inc. Texas Chapter


Children’s Cancer Assistance Fund

1757 Christian Relief Fund 1717 Focus on the Family

1657 Texas Homeless Network

1723 Food for the Hungry

2613 Methodist Children’s Home

2612 Upbring

1746 Foundation Fighting Blindness

2335 Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin

2330 Writers in the Schools

1744 Gateway for Cancer Research

2630 National Empowerment for Minorities Active in Community, Inc. - Texas Chapter

1718 Glaucoma Research Foundation

2616 Northwest Assistance Ministries 2321 Palmer Drug Abuse Program Houston 1644 Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast


1720 Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind

2703 Allergy and Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics, Inc.

1815 Black Charities for Children, Families, Communities

1703 Home School Foundation

1806 Alley Cat Rescue

2728 Boone and Crockett Club

1767 Keep a Child Alive

2519 Alopecia Areata Foundation National

2780 Brain Injury Association of America

2515 Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

1816 Brain Tumor Association, American (ABTA)

2502 Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation

2580 Breast Cancer African American, Sisters Network Inc.

1878 Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, Fisher Center

2581 C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation

1714 Leukemia Research Foundation 1724 Lions Clubs International Foundation 1752 MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger 1727 Mercy Ships 1728 Mexican Medical 1730 Mission Aviation Fellowship

2746 America’s VetDogs - the Veteran’s K-9 Corps, Inc.

2582 Cancer Curing Society

1715 Navigators, The

2743 American Freedom Foundation, Inc.

2781 Cancer Research America NFCR

1760 Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc.

2744 American Humane Association

1732 Officers’ Christian Fellowship

1895 American Indian College Fund

2782 Cancer Research and Assistance - VHL

1766 Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corp.

2776 American Sexual Health Association

1716 Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation

2725 Amigos de las Americas

1734 Prison Fellowship 1736 Society of St. Andrew, The 1761 United Leukodystrophy Foundation 1740 Voice of the Martyrs, Inc 1741 World Concern-A Division of CRISTA Ministries 1800-2500-2700 ABC - America’s Best Charities

2777 Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and OCD Education and Research Foundation 2704 Arthritis National Research Foundation 2701 Asian Children’s Rescue & Relief Fund 1808 ASPCA: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 2749 Autism Intervention and Treatment Research -Organization for Autism Research 2702 Autism Society of America 1807 Autoimmune Diseases Association

1801 Adoptable Children (North American Council) 1804 Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty 2723 Adoption (Center) Exchange 1835 Adoptions by Cradle of Hope 2724 Aid For Starving Children 2501 Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation


2520 Cancer Coalition, The National

2538 Baptist Charities of America 2539 Baptist Children’s Home Ministries 2596 Believe In Tomorrow National Children’s Foundation 1881 Best Buddies for Children and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 2778 Big Cat Rescue Corp 2751 Birth Defect Research for Children, Inc.

CMC Tribute: Compassion In Action

2583 Cancer Research Fund of the Damon Runyon - Walter Winchell Foundation 2706 Cancer Research, American Association for 2541 Canine Assistants 1818 Canine Companions for Independence 2522 Canines for Disabled Kids 1820 CASA - Court Appointed Advocates for Abused Children 1821 Catholic Relief Services USCCB 2755 Catholics For The Poor and Needy Worldwide 2783 Celiac Central, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness 1882 Challenger Center for Space Science Education 2521 Child Family Health International 2560 Child Find of America 1824 Child Rescue International 2598 Childhelp® 2562 Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation 1826 Children Awaiting Parents 2504 Children of the Night 2506 Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation


Children’s Hunger Fund

1830 Children’s Medical Ministries 2758

Children’s Organ Transplant Association

2759 Christian Care International-Food and Medicine for People In Need 2714 Christian Comics: God’s Word through the World’s Most Popular Literature 1831 Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) Association of America 1832 Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (COPS) 1809 Conservation and Protection of Public Lands 2543 Correctional Peace Officers Foundation

2763 Giving Children Hope 1827 Graves’ Disease and Thyroid Foundation 2790 Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind 2565 Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. 2730 Guide Dogs of America 2731 Habitat for Humanity International 2765 Help the Children 2546 Herbal Medicine Institute 1846 Hispanic Scholarship Fund 1847 Holt International Children’s Services 1868 Homes For Our Troops

2796 Marine Corps League Foundation Inc. 2797 Matthew 25: Ministries 2517 Methodist Mission Home 2505 Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund 1884 Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research 2767 Military Child Education Coalition 2530 Military Officers Association of America Scholarship Fund 2735 Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation 2716 Multiple Sclerosis, Can Do 2549 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

2528 Hope For the Hungry

2768 National Children’s Advocacy Center

2760 Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

2712 Hope For The Warriors®

2720 National FFA Foundation, Inc.

2513 Deaf Children’s Literacy Project

1848 Hospice Foundation of America

1852 Operation Compassion

2512 Delta Research and Educational Foundation

2732 Humane Farm Animal Care

2769 Operation Homefront

2791 Humane Society of the United States

1812 Paws With A Cause

1836 Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation 2510 Direct Relief 1837 Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust

2792 In God We Trust Foundation, Inc. 1888 India Partners 1842 Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

2531 Paws4Vets 2503 Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States, Inc.

2710 Disabled Children’s Fund

1851 Institute for Creation Research

2590 PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

2507 Dogs Deserve Better Inc.

2715 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Inc.

2568 PKD Foundation

1810 Jesuit Volunteer Corps

2721 Planned Parenthood Federation of America

1838 Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans (NEADS) 2786 Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.

2529 K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers, Inc.

1886 Educate the Children

1849 Kidney Cancer Research and Education Association

2587 Equine Land Conservation Resource 1839 FACES: The National Craniofacial Association 2524 Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute 1840 Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM) 2762 Fisher House Foundation 2526 FRAXA Research Foundation 2789 Fund for Animals, The 2525 Gary Sinise Foundation

1889 Leukemia Clinical Research Foundation 2793 Live Laugh Love Give, Inc. 2734 Lung Cancer Alliance 2717 Lung Cancer Research Foundation, Bonnie J. Addario 1811

Lutheran World Relief

2794 Lymphoma Foundation of America 2795 Marine Corps -- Law Enforcement Foundation

1814 Posse Foundation, Inc. 2572 Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) 1869 Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation 2591 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation 2738 Seeing Eye, Inc. 2532 Skin and Dental Dysfunction Foundation 2799 Soldiers’ Angels 2573 Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. 2508 Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)


2707 Special Forces Charitable Trust

1908 Chicago State University

1957 Thurgood Marshall School of Law

1872 Special Operations Warrior Foundation

1909 Coppin State University

1940 Tuskegee University

1910 Delaware State University

1941 University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

2533 Spinal Cord Injury Network International


Elizabeth City State University

1912 Fayetteville State University

2719 Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

1913 Florida A&M University

1958 University of District of Columbia Law

1873 Sunshine Kids Foundation

1955 Florida A&M University Law School

1942 University of Maryland Eastern Shore


1914 Fort Valley State University

1945 University of Virgin Islands

1915 Grambling State University

1946 Virginia State University

1950 Harris-Stowe State University

1951 West Virginia State University

1916 Howard University

1947 Winston-Salem State University

1917 Howard University School of Law

1952 York College

1959 Howard University School of Medicine

2000 United Negro College Fund

Support Our TroopsÂŽ

2548 Transplants, The National Foundation for 1899 Travis Manion Foundation 2726 USA Cares Inc. 1874 Vegan Outreach 2773 Veteran Tickets Foundation 2741 Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation 2593 Wildlife Conservation Fund of America 2722 Wounded Warrior Emergency Support Fund

1918 Jackson State University 1919 Kentucky State University 1920 Langston University 1921 Lincoln University 1922

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania

2775 Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

1923 Medgar Evers College

1900 Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

1925 Morgan State University

1924 Mississippi Valley State University

1926 Norfolk State University 1927 North Carolina A&T State University

1901 Alabama A&M University 1902 Alabama State University 1903 Albany State University 1904 Alcorn State University 1948 Bluefield State College 1905 Bowie State University

2002 Benedict College, SC 2003 Bennett College, NC 2004 Bethune-Cookman College, FL 2005 Claflin University, SC 2006 Clark Atlanta University, GA 2007 Dillard University, LA

1929 North Carolina Central University School of Law

2008 Edward Waters College, FL

1930 Prairie View A&M University 1931 Savannah State University 1932 South Carolina State University 1933 Southern University and A&M College 1953 Southern University at New Orleans 1954 Southern University at Shreveport-Bossier City

1949 Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science

1956 Southern University Law Center

CMC Tribute: Compassion In Action

2041 Allen University, SC

1928 North Carolina Central University

1906 Central State University

1907 Cheyney University of Pennsylvania


1943 University of District of Columbia

2772 Spondylitis Association of America

1937 Tennessee State University 1938 Texas Southern University

2009 Fisk University, TN 2010 Florida Memorial, FL 2011

Huston-Tillotson University, TX


Interdenominational Theological Center, GA

2013 Jarvis Christian College, TX 2014 Johnson C. Smith University, NC 2015 Lane College, TN 2016 LeMoyne-Owen College, TN 2017 Livingstone College, NC 2018 Miles College, AL

2019 Morehouse College, GA 2021 Morris College, SC 2022 Oakwood College, AL 2023 Paine College, GA 2025 Philander Smith College, AR


Boy Scouts of America-Sam Houston Area Council


Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston, Inc.


Career and Recovery Resources, Inc.

2027 Saint Augustine’s College, NC

2104 Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of GalvestonHouston

2028 Saint Paul’s College, VA

2181 Center for Hearing and Speech

2029 Shaw University, NC

2196 Child Care Council of Greater Houston, Inc.

2026 Rust College, MS

2030 Spelman College, GA 2031 Stillman College, AL 2032 Talladega College, AL 2040 Texas College, TX 2033 Tougaloo College, MS 2034 Tuskegee University, AL 2035 Virginia Union University, VA 2036 Voorhees College, SC 2038 Wilberforce University, OH 2037 Wiley College 2039 Xavier University, LA 2100 United Way of Greater Houston

2122 Chinese Community Center 2123 Colorado Valley Transit, Inc. 2197 Community Family Centers, Inc. 2126 Crisis Intervention of Houston, Inc. 2198 Denver Harbor Senior Citizens, Inc.

2188 Family Services of Greater Houston 2182 FamilyTime Crisis and Counseling Center

2133 Fort Bend County Women’s Center, Inc.

2107 Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels & Much, Much More!


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston

2152 Mental Health America of Greater Houston 2199 Montgomery County Women’s Center 2156 Multicultural Education and Counseling Through the Arts (MECA) 2157 Neighborhood Centers Inc. 2160 San Jose Clinic 2161 Santa Maria Hostel, Inc.

2166 Star of Hope Mission

2105 Avance, Inc.-Houston

2109 Bay Area Turning Point, Inc.

2195 Lone Star Legal Aid

2145 Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston

2183 Fort Bend Regional Council on Substance Abuse, Inc.

2108 Bay Area Rehabilitation Center

2150 Local Initiatives Support Corporation

2165 Spaulding for Children

2103 American Red Cross-Greater Houston Area Chapter

2179 BACODA-Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol, Inc.

2149 Literacy Advance of Houston

2168 Easter Seals of Greater Houston

2134 Fort Bend Family Health Center, Inc. DBA AccessHealth

2106 Avondale House

2154 Legacy Community Health Services

2162 SEARCH Homeless Services

2102 American Cancer Society

2189 AVDA (Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse)

2147 Julia C. Hester House, Inc.

2129 DePelchin Children’s Center

2132 Fifth Ward Enrichment Program, Inc. 2101 Alliance for Multicultural Community Services

2146 Jewish Family Service

2138 Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council 2137 Good Neighbor Healthcare Center

2167 Target Hunger 2180 The Bridge Over Troubled Waters 2118

The Center

2178 The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston 2185 The Lighthouse of Houston 2155 The Montrose Center 2186 The Salvation Army 2175 The Women’s Home 2187 Volunteers of America Texas 2173 Wellsprings, Inc. 2174 Wesley Community Center, Inc. 2176 Y.M.C.A. of the Greater Houston Area

2141 Houston Area Urban League 2142 Houston Area Women’s Center 2184 Innovative Alternatives, Inc. 2144 Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston


City of Houston employees can make a contribution through the CMC using Employee Self Service from Oct. 1-31. Log on to ESS at

Click on “Employee Self Service” at the top of the screen.

Donating to the CMC

Go to My CMC and click on CMC Elections. To add an agency, click on “Add Row.” Choose your agency from the drop down menu. Go to for a searchable list of agencies. Specifiy if you want your donation to be one-time or biweekly and type in the amount. Choose to have the agency contact you. Repeat for any additional agencies that you would like to give to, up to 10. If you want to delete an agency, simply highlight that row and click delete. Once you are finished with your selections, click “Calculate totals.” Your one-time, biweekly and grand total will show at the bottom of the form and indicate if you qualify for the Above and Beyond Club. If you are happy with your selections, click “Submit” at the top of the form. Click on 2017 CMC Receipt for a confirmation of your selections. You may access the 2017 CMC Election form any time during October to make changes to your elections.

Last Day to Pledge

Monday, OctoBer 31 The CMC administrative fee is 4 percent of the total citywide donation for the campaign year.


CMC Tribute: Compassion In Action

Contribution Form Name: ______________________________ Employee ID: Department:



1% Contribution per paycheck*: Contribution Type: Attach Cash, Check or Money Order (M.O.)

Agency Code

Per paycheck (24x)

One-time deduction

Check/M.O. made out to agency



Check/M.O. made out to CMC

Agency Name

Amount $ $ $ $ $


Per paycheck

Check / M.O.


Per paycheck total for 2017 (multiply by 24)


One time deduction


I would like to be an Above & Beyond Club contributor by giving 1% or more of my pay



I would like an acknowledgement from the agency that may be used as a tax receipt



If yes, please provide an e-mail address:


Employee Signature: ______________________________________ Date: _____________________ By signing this form, I acknowledge I have read and understand the policies and procedures as stated in the CMC Tribute.

*How to calculate my 1%

In this example, the employee would donate $10.83 from each paycheck to be in the Above & Beyond Club.

Biweekly Total Gross Pay = ___________ multiply by 26 = ___________

Example Biweekly Total Gross Pay _$ __1,000 ________

$ 26,000 multiply by 26 = ___________

divide by 24 = ___________ divide by 100 = ___________

$ 1,083.33 divide by 24 = ___________ divide by 100 =

___________ $ 10.83

The CMC administration fee is 4 percent. Make a copy of this form for your records.


Photo Courtesy of: Michael Ciaglo, Houston Chronicle

Last Day to Pledge

Monday, October 31

Important Dates Monday, Aug. 22 Coordinator training breakfast 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. 611 Walker Garden Level Auditorium

Monday, Oct. 10 Online auction begins 6 a.m.

Wednesday, Sept. 21 Agency Fair 11 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Hermann Square Park, City Hall

Friday, Oct. 21 Online auction closes at 1 p.m. Item pickup from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 30 Last day to donate auction items Saturday, Oct. 1 Online sign-up begins

Monday, Oct. 31 Online sign-up concludes Thursday, Nov. 3 Reconciliation begins Thursday, Nov. 10 Reconciliation ends

Tribute 2017  

Annual Combined Municipal Campaign publication.

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