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Dear Friends, Since it’s inception in 2003, Convoy of Hope Europe has had the privilege of being involved in over 200 major projects across 37 countries, working with 27 languages. This work has directly resulted in the initiation of 41 churches on this continent. One of our key aspects is the Adopt-a-Community program. This fosters a relationship between churches & organizations and impoverished communities across Europe to effect long-term change so as to facilitate sustainable growth and improvement on physical, social and spiritual levels. Over the past six years, we have had 17 projects running in 8 countries and are starting more this year, and branching into a 9th country. Thanks to the support of these projects, hundreds of thousands of people have been reached. Children have received education, houses have been transformed, community centers and churches have been built, and people have been fed. We have also been able to support a trafficked women’s home, aid Syrian refugees, and assist with various disaster relief efforts. In 2013, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary by having our best year yet. Thank you to everyone who has made what we do possible. We look forward to making 2014 even more successful in providing hope and help to people in need. Sincerely, Michael McNamee President

SYRIAN REFUGEES, who have fled to Jordan for safety, are receiving the help they need in this difficult time of displacement

GLINJENI, MOLDOVA where we completed an AAC project in 2013 and started our 41st church

BERANE, MONTENEGRO where, on our final AAC trip, we helped upgrade the road system for the first time in 20 years

SABINOV, SLOVAKIA where we held our first ever event in Slovakia that was so successful, it spurned a follow-up even the next week

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA where we started an AAC project this year helping reformed drug addicts have a brighter future in Christ

GRABIAN, ALBANIA where we are feeding and tutoring these beautiful children to give them lasting hope

BIESTI, MOLDOVA where we handed out 18,500 kg of coal to bless these people with warmth this winter

LEOVA, MOLDOVA where, in addition to other things, we have given hundreds of people much needed medical checkups for free

DERRY, N. IRELAND where compassion is reconciling a city that has long been divided by historic prejudice and we are seeing unity growing for the first time

FIER, ALBANIA where we are making a difference in schools around the city, including the first ever Christian kindergarten

LEOVA, MOLDOVA where we passed out supplies to two kindergartens, including 80 mattresses, 115 blankets, 115 linen sets, 115 thick comforters and 115 towels

EASTERHOUSE, SCOTLAND where we support an annual event that reaches out to the residents of an inner city area plagued with crime and a sense of hopelessness

2013 In Review  
2013 In Review