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Thermal Counting Systems should be used in areas where high-precision counters are required.

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They detect people by the heat emitted by them and then form a heat profile of the body. You

yourself. No need to be

can use it to count living objects or objects which emit heat. All-in-all, a thermal counter can count people but not inanimate object with the help of an infra red camera.

fancy, just an overview.


What advantages does a thermal counter system have over a normal video counter system? ·

Thermal counters can be connected with a central server and then installed over the

respective areas, entrances, overhead and so on. All the data collected can be then collaborated and cumulated. ·

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They can be used to cover the wide entrances as well. The length of the entrance is not

much of an issue. ·

They can be used with less wiring and can be connected with the Ethernet cables only.


A thermal video counter can handle multiple area or access remote sites with the help of

wireless connections or cloud based connection. ·

You can use it for remote counting of living objects inside a building so it is ideal for a

defense operation. ·

A thermal people counter can be used to survey any shape of living objects or objects

emitting heat as long as they emit infra red rays. ·

There are no privacy issues and hence can be used for airports and other sensitive zones.

These are the reasons which make it a better option than video counters.

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