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Superyacht Charity Cycle Ride

October 4th – 12th 2019


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100% Charity! 100% Effort! 100% Fun!

Our toughest challenge to date

1250km 8 countries in 8 days with 17,820 meters of climbing plus the Tribute Ride on the 9th day - another 50 KM. October 4th - 12th 2019

1K every day!

To date we have already raised € 1,000,000 – Together, we can make it 1k for every day of the year, and aim to raise € 365,000 for the 2019 ride.

Flame of Hope

We are proud to have been awarded the prestigious Flame of Hope Award from Cancer Research UK for being the single largest donor in 2017.

Since 2013 a grand total of 1 Million, four thousand, five hundred and eighty one euros has been raised!

Help us to help others by sponsoring

Cancer is an illness that many people suffer from. Everyone has been touched by Cancer in one way or another. The fight to find the cure against Cancer continues and we are very proud that CRUK are teaming up with our 2019 event, but they are not our only beneficiary. Full details will be posted on the website.

Save taxes by sponsoring

Did you know that there are potentially huge tax breaks for companies and individuals alike. Cogs4Cancer is a registered charity and can issue fiscal receipts for tax purposes allowing you to claim up to 60% tax back on donations made (depending on jurisdiction). Please contact the C4C team for more information on


C4C is run entirely by volunteers each giving up their time and money to get behind this single, common, positive goal. There are no administration fees, legal fees, salaries or advertising budgets. All riders supply their own equipment and pay their own travel and hotel expenses.

The Story so far

Adrian Long of superyacht cleaning company Inter-Nett was diagnosed with Cancer in March 2012. A year later a group of like-minded bike riders came together to form the charity Cogs4Cancer, inspired by Adrian’s story and love of cycling. Since 2013 four unique endurance rides have taken place. 2013 - 800km 8 riders - Antibes to Palma de Mallorca in 5 days 2014 - 850km 16 riders - Ancona to Antibes in 6 days 2015 - 850km 24 riders - Barcelona to Antibes in 5 days 2017 – 1400km 30 riders - London to Antibes in 10 days

100% Charity! 100% Effort! 100% Fun! 2

100% Charity! 100% Effort! 100% Fun!

100% Charity! 100% Effort! 100% Fun! 4

The 2019 ride - Eight countries in Eight Days

Starting in Maastricht in Holland – the riders and their entourage of volunteer support team of Caterers, Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Bike Mechanics and photographers will pass through Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco and France. It is 1,250 KM and 17,820 meters of climbing, averaging over 2,000 meters of climbing every day. So, these riders have really put in the mileage in training and this is going too tough, even for the very fittest riders; so please support them. On Friday 11th the finish will be in Monaco as will the Grand Depart of the Tribute Ride on Saturday 12thOctober with the Finish as usual for a C4C ride on the IYCA in Antibes, France.

Ways to get involved in C4C • • • •

Sponsor a rider Sponsor the grand depart Sponsor a stage Sponsor the Follow the riders electronic tagging of each rider, follow them from the luxury of your phone or PC • Sponsor the riders drink bottles • Corporate sponsor • Product or Service partner • Participate in the Tribute Ride • Buy one of the popular wristbands • Simply don--e on the website

Sponsor a Rider

Your opportunity to be a major part of C4C is to sponsor one of our riders. This sponsorship package includes your logo on 3 rider’s shirts; it is a specially designed high-quality cycling top with the C4C logo plus the Sponsors logo which is the predominant feature. Photographs and videos for your Social Media and inclusion in C4C marketing communications.

Day 3 € 15,000 Nancy to Besancon 200km 1980m of climbing. Day 4 € 15,000 Besancon to Geneva 155km 2350 meters of climbing through the Jura region – spectacular scenery awaits the riders and the support team on day 4. Day 5 € 15,000 Geneva to Saint Jean de Maurienne 150 1950 through Annecy Lake region – again the views should distract the riders from working out how tired they are becoming. Day 6 € 15,000 Saint Jean de Maurienne to Sestriére 110km 2300m+ Col du Galibier + Col de Montgenevre – a tough day which will suit the climbers, not so much some of the heavier riders who will have to dig deep. Day 7 € 15,000 Sestriére to Limone Piemonte (Italy) 145m 1030m + 2100m through Cuneo – a day of two halves, not too challenging in the morning but the afternoon will be brutal – mitigated by the eye wateringly beautiful countryside. Day 8 € 15,000 Limone Piemonte (Italy) to Monaco 120k 3500m through the beautiful Col de Tende – the home straight but a lot of climbing. Day 9 TRIBUTE RIDE (Sponsorship Included in the Day 1 package) Monaco to Antibes 50km 150 m – this should be great fun – Riders of all abilities will ride as one. This ride is in honour of all the people who have suffered from Cancer, those living with it and for those who have died as a result of it. As one of our riders who works in a cancer unit said the cancer sufferers during the last ride ‘they are the heroes, we are not heroes; we are just people riding bikes’ – so to all those people, this is our tribute to you. The arrival on the International Yacht Quay at Port Vauban will be met by family, friends, well-wishers and the locals who have enjoyed four ‘home-comings’ over the years. The Yachts and some of the most famous Super Yachts in the world will be there to welcome everyone home. Drinks will be served.

For 2019 there will be at least 40 riders taking part in the main ride. Cost - € 5000 Cancer charity donation.

Sponsor a Stage

Stay for dinner and have the chance to say a few words to the riders afterwards. Space for this will be limited to 4 guests. In addition to the marketing return by sponsoring a stage, you will receive a unique rider shirt, with your company logo on, to display in your office. 4th October 2019 Day 1 - Le Grand Depart and the Big Finish (€ 25,000 ) at Maastricht to Luxembourg – 160 KM with 2,940 meters of climbing. As well as the usual Sponsorship Package - A Branded ‘Grand Depart’ inflatable banner will be provided, and you will have a chance of meeting around 40 riders, most of whom historically are Captains and senior Crew of Superyachts. Day 2 € 15,000 Luxembourg to Nancy 165km 600m – a relatively flat ride which should give the riders a chance to ride fast in a Peloton to eat up the KM’s. It will still be 7 hours in the saddle though for most riders.

100% Charity! 100% Effort! 100% Fun! 5

Sponsor Rider Drinks Bottles

Each Rider is supplied at the beginning of the ride with two Drinks Bottles – each one is branded by a different Sponsor. Every Tribute Rider (150/200 riders expected) will also be given 2 bottles Cost - € 10,000 Cancer charity donation Additional costs to be incurred by the sponsor: The purchase of the drink bottles and cost to print your logo on them. (estimated cost of 300 high quality branded bottes € 1,500)

Cycling Gloves Sponsor

served on the Bastion Saint Jaume from the arrival time until Midnight. The official Party will start at 8.00 PM food and drinks will be available from various vendors with the profits going to C4C.

Corporate Sponsor

Be a Corporate Sponsor and get involved In addition to hundreds of generous personal donations, C4C receives numerous requests from businesses also wanting to donate and to be part of Cogs4Cancer. Therefore, we offer Corporate Sponsorship opportunities where your company can be headlined. Cost - € 500 - 1,000 Cancer charity donation.

Each rider at the beginning of the ride will be supplied with two pairs of BRANDED gloves, plus each of the Tribute Riders (150/200 riders expected) will be given one pair as part of their Participation Package. Cost - € 10,000 Cancer charity donation

Product Partner

Additional costs to be incurred by the sponsor: The purchase of the gloves and the cost to print your logo on them. (estimated cost of 250 pairs of high-quality branded gloves € 2,500)

The Tribute Rides

Sponsor The Riders Live Feed

The previous C4C blogs attracted thousands of views with friends, sponsors, relatives, supporters and superyacht industry professionals all eager for news as the ride progressed. For 2019 a new Live Feed page will be created within the Cogs4Cancer website following the rider’s progress in real time. This page will be marketed and linked to all other C4C resources. Cost - € 5,000 Cancer charity donation Be part of the arrival party atmosphere The climax of the ride be part of the amazing atmosphere with Yacht horns blasting their welcome home as the riders arrive together on the IYCA in Antibes followed by Food and Drink

An alternative way to get involved with Cogs4Cancer is to be a Product Partner and donate items or services relating to logistics and requirements of the ride and riders.

Once again there will be a tribute ride at the end of the main challenge. If you are a passionate cyclist or a Sunday cyclist this is your opportunity to join in and have some fun. The Tribute ride will give the opportunity for riders of all abilities to ride with Celebrities from Monaco to Antibes (50 km) on Saturday 12th October or why not join us for the last few kms of this incredible journey, (7 kms) from Cagnes Sur Mer and get the entire family involved. Cost – Starting from € 150 including a high quality C4C cycling top to keep. A sponsorship form will be sent to you – please try and raise more and win a Bronze Award (an extra € 150 raised) a Silver Award (an extra € 250 raised) or a Gold Award (an extra € 350 raised). This will be rewarded by C4C giving you Food and Drink vouchers issued in corresponding values for attaining each level which can be ‘spent’ at the C4C After Party held in Antibes on the Bastion Saint Jaume, Port Vauban, Antibes.

100% Charity! 100% Effort! 100% Fun! 6

100% Charity! 100% Effort! 100% Fun!

Some of our celebrity supporters




rt e b l A H S H




100% Charity! 100% Effort! 100% Fun!







100% Charity! 100% Effort! 100% Fun!

Where the money goes

Cancer Research UK’s scientists, doctors and nurses have helped discover and develop many of the top cancer drugs that are helping more people survive cancer. In a revolutionary first, CRUK-funded scientists will test whether the Zika virus can destroy brain tumour cells, potentially leading to new treatments for one of the hardest to treat cancers. Dr Harry Bulstrode at the University of Cambridge has received a CRUK Pioneer Award to test the effect of the Zika virus on glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive form of brain tumour with fewer than 5% of patients surviving their disease for five years or more. Existing treatments are limited by their ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, and doses must be kept low to avoid damage to healthy tissue. The Zika virus can cross the blood-brain barrier, and could target cancer cells, sparing normal adult brain tissue and opening a potential new way to attack the disease. CRUK is also funding Dr Hector Keun for his work on developing a simple blood test to detect cancer early. He is looking at blood samples from cancer patients that were taken before they were diagnosed. From these he’s hoping to spot common ‘red flags’ that doctors can look for, in order to detect cancer. Another of their latest trials is seeing Dr Ruth Langley investigate whether aspirin could stop cancer coming back after treatment. If successful, this could provide a cheap and readilyavailable intervention that could save many lives. The Centre Azuréen du Cancérologie, Mougins in the South of France is another amazing place where C4C funds have been put to good use. There is now a fully functioning beauty clinic for cancer patients which has been funded by C4C, they have also funded a private room where patients can receive counselling and a gym to help rebuild physical health.

100% Charity! 100% Effort! 100% Fun!

100% Charity! 100% Effort! 100% Fun!

Get involved today!

You can help us to help others by emailing today. Tell us how you can help and we will be happy to have your support! W E

100% Charity! 100% Effort! 100% Fun!

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Sponsorship Opportunities for Cogs4Cancer 2019

Cogs4Cancer Sponsorship 2019  

Sponsorship Opportunities for Cogs4Cancer 2019