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Future steps in Visible Learning Once people know about the visible learning research evidence they often want to know more. People often ask how they can make visible learning a reality right across their school. The Visible Learningplus team has established that there is a clear process that people go through to make Visible Learning a reality. We have put together a suite of products and services to help schools in their VL journey. You’ve completed the first workshop, where you’ve been introduced to the research. At the end of this workshop, you may decide that you would like further information and some guidance on how to make it a reality in your school. The next step is a series of three workshops which are designed to take you through the process of putting visible learning inside your school. From our workshops where you will develop the mindsets we then move you into the implementation and action phase of VL. You can do any combination of these workshops. We have found that the more of these you do, the deeper your learning will be, and the greater the impact.

MINDSETS WORKSHOPS Leaders as evaluators workshop This workshop focuses on how to be an effective evaluator of everything that happens in your school. This workshop is targeted to the school leaders who are wanting to know what they should look for in their school to make a difference.

Evidence into action workshop The Evidence into Action workshop helps you to consider the evidence you have in your school. You will look at the information you use to make decisions about all aspects of what happens in your school – the focus is on learning and the workshop will guide you through the process of analysing data at school level as well as right down to how you can use data at class level. Action planning is a key part of this workshop.

Feedback workshop This workshop will look at how you could establish the right conditions for feedback to flourish. This is more than feedback to students. We challenge some commonly held beliefs about feedback as we get you to look at the big picture of feedback in your school.

ACTION WORKSHOPS Once you have the Visible Learning mindset we can then extend your ability to make it happen in your school. Visible LearningPlus Action workshops include looking at the SOLO taxonomy and how we can get a real focus in our classrooms of surface and deep learning. We need both for learning to be effective and so often our classrooms focus only on surface learning. We also focus on assessment – do you know how to set up the most effective school assessment programme? Schools are often awash with evidence. This workshop helps you to develop an assessment framework, processes and systems in your school that really support learning. For more information about any of these workshops please visit our website

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Learning intentions

Success criteria

To understand the mindsets required to have Visible Learning truly working within a school and classroom

You can describe the mindsets leaders need to impact student achievement

To summarise your future actions you will take as a result of what you have learnt today

You have reflected on the day, and have written a series of success criteria for your ongoing work

Key messages •

Visible learning is not about ticking off the top 10 on the list of effect sizes, it is about having a set of mindsets to ensure that learning in schools is maximised

Teachers/ leaders need to be evaluators and use evidence to know what they are doing and what is and isn’t working

Teachers and leaders can make a significant difference to all students – focus on what you can do

Teachers and leaders should view themselves as change agents – achievement patterns can be changed, and teaching is an enabler not a barrier

Active teachers, passionate about their subject and about learning, who act as change agents, are considerably more effective than those who use a facilitative, inquiry or discovery based approach with

Teachers and leaders should routinely gain feedback about the impact

Reflective questions

Teachers and leaders should use assessment as feedback to themselves about how well their programme is meeting students’ needs

It is important to keep challenging students to exceed their sense of potential – asking them to ‘do their best’ is limiting

Which of these mindsets do I already have? Which do I need to work on?

Teachers need to consciously develop a class environment where errors and not knowing are welcomed and an important part of the learning process

Which of these mindsets are predominant in my workplace? Which need work?

The right debate is knowing about your impact on learning

Setting targets and having high expectations of students is very important

Teacher’s toolbox strategies Teacher’s toolbox strategy #1 3-2-1 summary •

What are three ideas that you have captured your attention from today’s class?

What are two questions that you are still thinking about related to these topics?

What is one thing that you will remember long after this class is over?

Teacher’s toolbox strategy #2 Four key questions •

What are you trying to achieve?

What strategies are you using?

Are the strategies working?

What else could you do?

Teacher’s toolbox strategy #3 Learning journals/diaries •

This week I was learning:

Next week I am going to focus on:

I would like help with:

This is what I still do not know:

My self assessment of how well I learnt this week is:

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Teacher’s toolbox strategies Teacher’s toolbox strategy #4 Planning thinking sheet for writing •

WHO: Who is my audience?

WHY: Why am I writing this?

WHAT: What is the purpose for this?

HOW: How can I organise my ideas?

Teacher’s toolbox strategy #5 Group work evaluation •

Give an example of something the others in the group learned from you.

Give a suggestion of a change the group could make that would improve everyone’s learning.

Teacher’s toolbox strategy #6 Reflective questions •

What is the most useful or interesting thing you learned during this lesson?

What questions do you have about today’s lessons that you would like answered before we move on?

What feedback did you get about your learning today?

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