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Bipolar Disorder What Blacks Should Know

TIPS to find your SUMMER LOVE pt. 2


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“Be for Real”

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From the Editor


e have been committed to making sure that our viewers have been learning about wellness and incorporating it into their everyday lives while still being entertained. This particular issue has been branded as one that really highlights entertainment. Our Essence Music Festival 2012 coverage, interviews with various artists, and events around the city of New Orleans during this summer have greatly contributed to the entertainment ambiance of this issue. Although we have input from the entertainment industry, we are still focused on YOU. We are still focused on WELLNESS, and we are still focused on THOUGHT provoking content but we are also a relatable publication. Cognition Magazine understands the need for our viewers to have balance and we understand the need for our viewers to have an outlet to the things that touch us as African Americans. Always remember that there is balance in everything and there is healing in everything, even entertainment and fashion. I hope you enjoy this issue and I also hope that it motivates you to find wellness, motivation and healing through the arts and entertainment industry. Think Mind, Think Body...Think YOU! Yours in #WELLNESS, Malcolm M. Armstrong Jr. Founder & Chief Editor Follow us on twitter: @cognition_mag



Entertainment & Fashion


Lil’ wAYNe & Mom’s Wedded Bliss

RICK ROSS & New Orleans Project Housing Video Shoot

n April 2012 Lil Wayne’s Mother, Jacida “Cita” Carter married companion Avery Goff during a royal purple New Orleans fashioned ceremony. Pictures of the lavish affair held a few miles outside of New Orleans, La were released this summer. Birdman gave the blusing bride away and several of Wayne’s baby mommas were in the building. Peep them out here. (Photos Courtesy of Mark Eric Weddings)

Rick Ross says he felt New Orleans as he listened to his song "Hold Me Back." So he took a trip down South to New Orleans and shot the video for the song in the different hoods of out city. He visited the Calliope Projects, the Melph Projects, the 17th ward area and other places. Swiss Beatz, Wale, as well as New Orleans own Mia-X and Currensy were both on set for the shoot. Ross and Swiss Beatz gave out their new Reebok tennis shoes to kids in the area.Check out the footage below. I can hear a New Orleans girl on the phone with one of her friends saying in our accent "Get around here, it's REAL, lawwwieeed." LOL! Hats off to Rick Ross for his


Lyiena or La from A


s if we have not had enough of negative reality tv, “The Real Mistresses of Atlanta” produced by MeMpHitz is set to roll pretty soon. This show portrays the life and times of sideline chicks to MARRIED MEN within the entertainment and sports industry. There is also a homosexual young man apart of the cast whom actually declares himself to be a mistress to several straight men. We aren't quite sure of what station will be carrying this one but we are absolutely sure that it will portray some serious controversy. Bless the children Lord!!!


Dose of LA gives you the news with a twist for Cogntion Mag. Not only does she bring you the news to keep you informed, but she writes pieces to inspire and uplift her readers. She's a Writer, Rapper, Blogger, Public Speaker and a Socialite. You can catch her at a hip hop show, promoting events, updating blogs, volunteering in her church and evangelizing in the community. Follow her on Twitter @lanino_brown Intel courtesy of :

Coachella and Memorial day may be over but there's still time to rock some of these hot fashions in the hot summer... Check them out!






















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The classic tee (can never go wrong) The tank, very popular now ( The classic polo ( Angus Young short ( Basic Cotton Cargo shorts ( Slim Fit Short Trunks ( The round tip loafe ( Sebago Boat shoe (


9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16)

Saddle Shoes ( Hinge-Temple shades ( Rectangle Shades ( Super eyewear ( Louis Vuitton Backpack ( Ben Minkoff Backpack ( Basil Racuk Soft Breif ( American Eagle Cooler Backpack (

Miss Behavin’ fashion Ideas for that

BOLD Woman ... Jade Tunic with suede beaded tie/strap under $50

Pink knee length dress under $75

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Pastel Pearl Bracelet Under $20

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Pink ruffle leather thong sandal Under $ 40

Fleur De Lis Purse w/ studs Under $30

Pastel studded bracelet Under $ 30

White Fleur De Lis band watch Under $40



ESSENCE MUSIC FESTVAL 2012 New Orleans, Louisiana Cognition Magazine was front and center in the press room during the 2012 Essence Music Festival during July 6, 7 & 8th. We got the one on one scoop on some of the hottest celebrities during the press room Q&A sessions. Check it out!


CM: It seems you have been showing us more of your sensual side. Tell us more about your new look. G: I have been in the industry for over a decade now and I feel like I have been evolving and maturing into the woman that I am through my music. With this latest album “Break of Dawn” I got to express some more of my sensual side.

CM: On your last album you collaborated with the great Dr. Cornell West. What was that like because you were like the Youngblood on the album?

Raheem Devaughn

RD: Doc…Man! That’s like my other father, my brother, my, uncle my mentor. We actually were locked up together the last 8 months on the Supreme Court justice steps. I make message music and Doc has the type of voice that when he speaks, it commands you listen.

Teedra Moses

CM: Tell us about the new project you have coming up. TM: It a LONG time coming. It’s a development and a growth from what I did before. It took me a while to get there. I’m singing for real women, grown women. I am not a teenager, I’m a grown woman and I’m making music for grown people. But I still am progressive, I still want the beats to knock, I still wanna drop it on stage. The album is very progressive and very grown.

CM: Tell us about your fashions because you guys have an incredible new look. KTFS (Aja):I think in the beginning we were a lil’ focused on the music and we wanted to look good, everyday kind of cool/relaxed. A couple of years ago we kinda started trying to be more fun. KTFS (Fatin): its important to make the talent look like The Talent! KTFS (Aja): Shout out to House of Charles Gregory! (Designer) 11

Kindred the Family Soul

Be for Real


GROWING PAINS ey, kids. How y’all feeling these days? Rejuvenated? Jaded? Exuberant? Morose?

Self-Indulgence I’m not one to brag but—actually that’s exactly what I am

Forgiving? Bitter? Healed? Scarred? All of the above, per-

and it’s part of my problem. Having a severe case of Strong

haps? If so, you’re going through the same thing I am—it’s

Black Woman Syndrome, I’m really not one to wallow in

called growing the hell up. Also, if you’re like me, it may

self-pity. Therefore in my inability to establish any secure,

have taken you a little longer to arrive at this juncture in

lasting relationships with other human beings, I have often

your life. Maybe you’re wiser than I was seven years ago

turned self-pity inside out to manifest as self-indulgence. It

and you’re in your early 20s already figuring out how to

was my way of finding comfort without appearing vulner-

make this fire-breathing dragon called “Life” your bitch.

able. I would be the first in line to pat myself on the back

(That was a joke of course. We ALL thought we had the

even if my self-praise is undeserved. I’d acquire anything

keys to the city when we were your age so don’t be so quick and everything my pockets could fit in the hopes these to take off that vest, love. You’re gonna need it again

things would bring me the comfort I felt deprived of. I

around 25-ish.) Regardless of how old/young you may be,

would buy shoes, the finest of booze, the most delectable of

growing pains do just as much damage at 30 as they do at

treats and the stickiest of the icky. I was ridin’ round and

16. It doesn’t get any easier but with proper tempering you

getting ALL of it, baby… at least that’s the lie I was telling

should at least be getting better. (That’s the bright side. Be

myself. What I was REALLY doing was overcompensating

excited.) Shedding the bullshit is always a good idea though for my lack... sound familiar, suga? No? That ain’t you? You no matter how daunting the task may seem. It’s a cyclical

say you like bed-hopping with beautiful strangers? Right.

thing. The problem comes in when one finds that he/she is

That can only end very well for you. And you—I guess you

shedding the exact same bullshit over and over again while

can afford all that Remy, Nars and Herve with all those stu-

not gaining any insights in the process. Call me crazy, but I

dent loans and bills. Yeah, so can Sheree Whitfield. Well,

think I just might have at least SOME of the answers that

how about this one—D-E-N-I-A-L.

elude you over and over again. Denial And I know some of you are saying “Bitch, what makes

While I was doing all these things that were only keeping

YOU an authority on the subject of MY bullshit?” Well, I’ll me in a rut, I passed off my lack of self-control and discitell you. I just so happen to be the dumbest broad on the

pline as mere caprices of youth. I absolved myself of all stu-

planet and by revealing to you (in general terms, of course)

pidity with the lie that I was just enjoying my life. In my

my numerous and unconscionably asinine misdoings, you

simple ass mind, the disease was the cure. What was

can avoid becoming such a simpleton as I have been.

REALLY going on was I was burying all my emotional confusion beneath a façade of strength and nonchalance. I

While I’ve had my share of missed cues, these are the main

guess I’m the only one who does that too, huh? This next

opportunities for adequate growth that I’ve foiled time and

one is something that I K N O W y’all need to get your

time again: Self-indulgence, denial, holding on to people

“Amens” out for—holding on to people in your life that

that would be best let go, clinging to traits in lieu of ascer-

need to be cut loose.

taining one’s identity and possibly most detrimental looking for/expecting instant gratification.


Cutting the Fat

having all “together.” Accept your weak areas for what they are

You know that homey/family member who’s “been there” but

but refrain from identifying with them. Learn from them. Work

for the duration of your relationship he/she has actually never

through them COMPLETELY… which leads me to my next

“been there” when you were truly in need of support? What

critical growth mistake—looking for instant gratification.

about that (in)significant other who does you dirt EVERY Instant Gratification

chance he/she gets but y’all have “history” and you can’t quite stand to let go? Yeah, I’ve had both of those and quite frankly

My main problems as it pertains to personal growth have al-

the shit got old. How many times did I allow the same disin-

ways been impatience and discontinued effort. I always as-

genuous fair-weather friends and lovers roll in and out of my

sumed once the wheels of change were set in motion then I

life JUST to disappoint me at every possible turn? Much too

should be off to the races with no need to put any further effort

damn many. True, I can drop most hangers on like hot coals

into the matter. That would be true if I were rolling a ball

but there are SOME to this day that I still give that We’ve-

down a steep hill but this is the method I have foolishly applied

Been-Down-With-Each-Other -So-Long pass. Also, one has to

to my self-improvement. Ask me how many times this has

admit that these fraudulent individuals do have their redeeming worked out for me. Don’t even bother ‘cause I’m telling you qualities but those are usually few if but one. Gotta weigh the

right now the answer is NONE. It has only been over the last

pros and cons of keeping certain people in your life against how year that I’ve actually slowed down and really taken inventory much they’ve actually ADDED to your life. Don’t let a fear of

of who I am at my very core. Only recently have I accepted that

being alone stop you from moving forward into better and

the changes I need to make in my life won’t take in just a

stronger relationships with people you haven’t taken the risk to month’s time. The changes I want to see will only come meet and/or get to know. This world is filled with too many

through constant, consistent, daily practice and what’s more

people to hold on to 3 or 4 just because they’re familiar. Fur-

PATIENCE. You know how Rome wasn’t built in a day? Nei-

thermore, part of what you’re holding on to in those people has ther will be a fortified sense of self. To erect a foundation with to do with certain things about YOURSELF that you refuse to

integrity one must take the care construct it properly—no

leave behind.

short cuts. There is no easy way and there is no time table. Just work it out the best you can, love but more importantly do it Identity vs. Persona

for YOU!

I always told myself that I didn’t give a shit about shit. (I kinda don’t but follow me for a few moments longer.) I convinced myself that the character traits which fueled my behaviors (recklessness, over-indulgence, carelessness, thoughtlessness and coldness) were actually integral parts of who I am as a person. I was lost in my own sense of bravado so bad that I had no idea where it ended and I began. As the children would say, I

I know that these kinds of lessons can’t be spoon fed to anybody so I don’t expect you to pick up what I’ve told you and run with it. I had to learn all this in my own way and in my own time and I figure your revelations will come to you in a similar fashion. Just think of this as a cheat sheet so that maybe you could out-

was caught up in my “swag.” What’s even more idiotic is that I

smart some of these demons before they have a chance to com-

truly believed changing would be the worst thing for me. One

pletely knock you down.

of the worst things any human being can do to hinder positive emotional growth is hiding yourself FROM yourself. Stop that

Deanna Theriot,

nonsense. If you’re feeling vulnerable, BE FOR REAL. If you’ve been getting the feeling that you’ve outgrown some of

Writer for “Be for Real” section

the people in your life, BE FOR REAL. If you’re confused about the direction in which your life is moving, BE FOR REAL. Stop and take inventory. There’s no need to keep playing it cool for your adoring fans who so admire your illusion of


Ask Dr. Ada

Is it true that most Psychologist, Social Workers, and individuals that work in the social services realm have a difficult time socializing with the general public? I am one of those professionals and I find it difficult to socialize because average people seem so simple and I can almost predict the actions/behaviors of others based on their personality traits. I’m always being told that I’m too complex and think too much but I refuse to "Dummy Down" myself just to fit into phony social circles. Help me to have a better social life while still being true to my knowledge of human behavior. ~ Mr. Damn Near Recluse~



don’t believe that it is true that social service professionals are less able to socialize with “the general public” than members of any other profession. In fact, I find that a keen understanding of human behavior can actually enhance one’s ability to maintain meaningful relationships in both their personal and professional lives. What I hear A keen understanding of human behavior can in your question is that actually enhance one’s ability to maintain meaningful you seem to feel superior relationships in both their personal and professional to those around you because of your perceived lives. knowledge of human behavior. I submit to you that your feeling of superiority in your relationships, not your “knowledge” of human behavior is what keeps you from connecting with people. If you are a member of one of the helping professions, I am sure that during your studies, you were made aware of the importance of self-reflection. I suggest that you take a step back, and look at the energy that you bring to your social interactions. It may also be a good idea for you to seek out a fellow psychologists, clinical social worker, or counselor to assist in facilitating the process.

Why the hell does it take so long for someone to come out of a parking spot when they know darn well you are waiting for it. This always baffles me and I think it's ridiculous! - Mario



ave you ever heard the saying “patience is a virtue”? The ability to wait for something without getting angry or upset is a valuable quality in a person. While we can’t change everything that happens around us, we can choose how we react to what happens around us. I would suggest that you work on your patience, give yourself adequate time to be someplace so that you aren’t anxious when it takes a few minutes longer than you expected to find a parking space, and focus on the things that you can change, while accepting the things that you can’t. Hope this helps :)


I Liz,

t sounds to me like you may be depressed. I want you to know that it is not uncommon for people who have lived through even one of the events that you have described, to become depressed. I believe that your depressed feelings are a normal reaction to the traumatic events that you have survived over the past several months. I would suggest seeking treatment from a qualified mental health professional as an important step on the road to recovery. Treatments like psychotherapy and medication, if needed, require the input of a knowledgeable health care professional. However, there are some things that you can do on your own to help you cope with depression. A few self-help strategies that I recommend are: 1) Exercising – Researchers have found that physical activity can work as well as antidepressants in reducing fatigue and helping you feel energized and alive. Exercise can actually prompt the release of calming and moodenhancing hormones in the body; 2) Getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep – Lack of sleep can make you feel fatigued and irritable, creating or enhancing feelings of depression; 3) Eating well – Research has shown that a poor diet can alter your mood considerably. Experts recommend that you follow a diet that is high in fiber and low in fats by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, many types of fish and other foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as B vitamins and chromium have been shown to improve mood. Finally, avoid skipping meals because being hungry can leave you tired and cranky; and, 4) Living – Getting out with friends and family, and participating in social activities can go a long way towards helping you feel supported. It may even lead to a few laughs, which I am sure you can use. When people feel depressed, it is not uncommon for them to isolate themselves and retreat into their own space. However, isolation just adds to the depression. It may even be good for you to join a support group for survivors of suicide where you can talk out your emotions and gain insight from others. It is important that you understand that the self-help strategies that I presented may not completely cure your depression, but they can have a positive impact on both your physical and mental health, and may offer you some hope.

Ask Dr. Ada

Dr. Ada, I am very confused on how to move forward and I feel I have lost a lot of motivation. I had a miscarriage at 4 months of pregnancy, the company I worked for closed down on me, and to top things off my mother committed suicide by shooting herself. All these things have happened within the past 9 months and I feel cursed and severely damaged. How do I get back my motivation for life and move on? - Liz C

Dr. Ada Craig Roberson is a dedicated wife, mother and advocate for those in need. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker within the state of Louisiana and holds a Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology. Ada has a wealth of experience in working with disadvantaged individuals and has taken the term “Life Enhancement” into a whole new meaning within the social services industry. Her ability to truly understand human behavior has allowed her to transform the lives of many individuals, some of which were hopeless in the eyes of society. She loves a good piece of fine chocolate, a good challenge and stimulating activities. If you have an issue you would like to bring to Dr. Ada’s attention please email or make a post on the Ask Dr. Ada page on







s it fair to say that anger and aggression is more prevalent in black males than in their Caucasian counterparts? Personally I Photo courtesy of feel that we as black men demonstrate more anger, aggression, frustration, and competition than compassion, rational thought and sensitivity. I think it all dates back to our days as tribal leaders. We as black men were the protectors, hunters and fathers of our villages. Weakness was not an option at all. Circumcision rituals, rites of passage, and even mating tasks were all done with aggression and little sensitivity and no debriefing to follow.

if the child is bleeding and in obvious distress, he should be able to express how he feels and react to the stimuli (the pain from the fall) in a way that alleviates his discomfort, but we encourage him to suppress that and to push forward. We as black men are constantly on a mission to prove our manhood and manifest our hunter side thus suppressing what bothers us. What we don’t realize is that when we suppress all these feelings and discomforts, we form an abyss of anger and aggression in us that constantly brews like a growing hurricane and then one day something will come along to piss us off and we go into rage mode ready to destroy anything in our path. Let’s remember this: SUPPRESSION LEADS TO OPPRESSION.

We must find a way to debrief and release all of that negative energy and tension that has amounted inside of us into something more productive and sustainable. If I were to perform a survey on black men inquiring about the level of sensitivity in growing up, most par- Ever since we were children we have been holding in ticipants would probably respond by making statements pain, hurt, inadequacies, and stress while at the same time having to satisfy day to day requirements such as such as “crying was not allowed” or “we were told to work, family, and intimate relationships. Its not fair to suck it up or be a man.” Let’s be for real, no one ourselves and detrimental to our well being to harbor (especially a woman) wants a weak man or a “punk” but it appears that nowadays “sucking it up” or the re- such negative energy such for long periods of time and duction of expression is causing rage and aggression in then go ballistic when we have had enough. Suppose if our anger goes too far? Suppose if our built up aggrestoday’s black male. In my opinion and what I’ve witsion accidentally harms someone we love? Suppose if nessed in my career in behavioral health, it’s never we lose those we love as a result? Then what? Are we good to suppress your feelings. going to move on and brush off our shoulders like we Before we were assigned gender, before we were aswere thought to as you boys thus creating more aggressigned personality traits…we were first human beings sion and frustration? We need to take a step back, exthat are designed to naturally respond to stimuli. When press how we feel without offending others, and come certain stimulus is presented, we should have every up with a logical solution. right to express how we feel about it (without causing -Malcolm M. Armstrong Jr. harm or distress to others). If a black boy falls to his 18 knees during a game, his parents are most likely to say “Boy, get up and don’t you dare cry.” Now let’s think,


t’s a regular occurrence that current affair programs are telling us what to and what not to eat to save our health from the junk we consume today. We’re afraid of all sorts of life-threatening illnessesheart-disease, cancer, liver failure. We look for any way possible to say alive longer. But we hardly ever consider one of the most important organs we use whilst we are alive- our brain. Here are some foods that promote brain power.


pples contain the antioxidant quercetin, a chemical which, according to a study at Cornell University, protects against cognitive decline through reducing the risk of attacks on brain cells. It is also important to note that while quercetin keeps the mental juices flowing, quercetin itself is not really found in the juices of the apple, but rather in the delicious skin of the fruit.


pinach and other green, leafy vegetables are leading preventers of dementia, due to their abundance of the nutrients foliate, vitamin E, and vitamin K. CNN reported that ‘a 2006 Neurology study reveals that eating three servings of leafy green, yellow and cruciferous vegetables a day can delay cognitive decline by 40 percent.’ If you can find a way to incorporate three servings a day into your meal plan, particularly leafy greens, then it’s definitely worth it!


esearchers at the University of Cincinnati discovered that grape juice and blackberries can enhance spatial memory and verbal learning skills. It is strongly believed that grape juice polyphenols are of great importance when it comes to the communication between brain cells, which assists the mind in learning, and memorization. The operative word to remember when it comes to the link between blackberries and mental health is ‘communication’. Brain cells need to link and soak up information, and a handful of berries a day or a glass of grape juice at breakfast, is sure to get those brain cells talking rather than mumbling.


Health & Fitness

BRAIN FOOD….What to Eat to Get Your Juices Flowing



Bipolar Disorder What Blacks Should Know

Manic State           

Excessive energy Denial of problems An extreme happy feeling Easily irritated Insomnia/lack of sleep Poor judgment Increased sex drive Substance abuse Aggressive behavior Paranoia Unrealistic belief in ones

Depressive State

        

Extreme appetite loss or gain Sleeping too much or too little Anxiety and nervousness Loss if interest in usual activities Feelings of sadness that last for long periods of time Lack of energy Repeated thoughts of suicide or death Chronic pain Engagement in risk taking behavior


     

Why Blacks Lack Treatment Mistrust of health professionals Cultural barriers between doctors and patients Reliance on family and religious leaders as opposed to clinical intervention Placing more emphasis on physical health rather than mental health Lack of health insurance/ healthcare Constant stigma or negative view

f you or anyone you know has been exposed to any of the above events, its crucial that treatment should be sought as soon as possible so that healing can begin. African Americans are known for resisting psychiatric treatment but we must realize that our bodies not only need medical care but mental care as well. Treatment is 100% confidential and you will find that talking to someone unbiased can be comforting. Look at it as having someone designated just for you to place your discomforts on without judgment. Being strong alone can only carry us so far, Its about time we let someone help us carry the load. We’ve been a strong people for the longest and it has won us a lot of progress but it is also exhausting. Self care is so important and we need to give our minds a break. Don’t be afraid to reach out when things get too tough mentally. Seeking help can only benefit you in the long run.


Health & Fitness

Bipolar Disorder (also known as a manic-depressive disorder) is described as a mood disorder in which an individual may experience extreme mood swings. An individual suffering from Bipolar disorder may experience emotional highs/extreme stimulation known as “Mania” and extreme lows referred to as “depression.” According to Mental Health America ™ approximately 2.3 million Americans suffer from Bipolar disorder. The statistics for this disorder are equally the same for African-Americans as it is for other cultures but it is reported that African Americans are significantly less likely to receive diagnosis & treatment. Below are some of the symptoms for Bipolar disorder for both the “Manic” & “Depressive” states provided by

On The Scene‌ Melanie StarLynn Veal


ognition Magazine chats with the MULTI-TALENTED and NOLA born and raised Melanie StarLynn Veal. She is on the rise with her entertainment career and giving us the inside scoop of how she stays motivated.

Interview By: Malcolm Armstrong Jr. Images provided by: Deuce Pro Entertainment


something happen, I can’t fall into that “I’m a Hurricane victim from New Orleans” I just got up and said “You know what, this is what I’m going to do and nothing is going to stop me.” I started looking into different agencies and once I got with an agency, they started feeding me all the information I needed to know, the loops, going to workshops, taking MV: Well I am an acting classes, how to nail auditions. I started going on difActress, Model, ferent auditions and started landing a lot of the gigs. UnfortuSinger, Host. I am nately it folded (she laughs) and I was back to square one well endowed in and I didn’t have an agency to represent me anymore. I still the entertainment kept pushing and I was not going to let anything stop me. I industry. I’ve been still kept pushing. Like said, I wasn’t going to let anything acting since 2001. I stop me. I started making contacts with people, started hearstarted off as an ing things, going on craigslist trying to find out who had extra and then a auditions for different gigs and then one door opened and a few years later I lot of the other doors started opening for me. It’s been an moved to Houston, ongoing process since then. Texas where my career really started taking off for me. I have done some independent films, commercials, stage plays and now I’m get- CM: Tell us about some of the struggles you faced (as an ting back into music but I’m doing music independently. My upcoming artist & Hurricane Katrina). genre of music is Neo Soul/Funk/ R&B. I was hosting my MV: Surprisingly with Hurricane Katrina I didn’t feel the own show “On the Scene” which can be found on you tube struggle with that. That actually gave me the urge to really at Miss Melanie. I’ve finished up a stage play a few months push because I didn’t want to fall into the statistics of strugago and I’ve just been cast for another feature film here in gling. When Hurricane Katrina hit, we left and when my Houston and also for another film. Its two of them (films) family evacuated it took us 18 hours to get to Houston which that I’m waiting to get started. is a 5 ½ hour drive. When we pulled off, something told me CM: Melanie, Tell us a lil’ bit about what do you do? Tell us about yourself?

CM: How is your show? What is it about? MV: It was called “On the Scene with Starlynn.” It was a non-traditional type TV show doing interviews. I would go on location doing interviews, some on and off camera. A lot of footage that I haven’t posted that didn’t make production but I did post clips of it on my you tube channel and so yea it was giving up and coming artists an opportunity to promote themselves and what they’re doing because I know how important promotion and marketing is.

“I still kept pushing and I was not going to let anything stop me. I still kept pushing. Like said, I wasn’t going to let anything stop me”

to just look back at your home and don’t worry about coming back to it. I didn’t really take it (that thought) so seriously because I thought it was just in the back of my mind, this is crazy, ima be back home in about 2-3 days after this blows CM: There is NOTHING like the 504. When did you over and honestly (that thought) was the truth. Once I got to move to Houston? MV: I moved to Houston after (Hurricane) Katrina. I evacu- Houston things began to fall into place for me and I was like ated during Katrina and I never moved back. “Let me try to make something happen here in Houston.” I still didn’t have the mindset that I will be living in Houston. I was just going to try to do as much as I could out there to CM: You mentioned that once you moved to Houston build a name for myself and then come to find out, 5-6 years your career took off. Tell me about some of the things later I’m still here. I do come back to New Orleans as often you thought that made your career kind of spark? MV: I really would have to say my personality but when I as I possibly can because still and all that’s home and nothgot to Houston, I started off in New Orleans but when I ing can replace home. The market for film industry in Housstarted off I was fresh to it. I didn’t know what to do, how to ton is not major. A lot of my friends whom are in the industalk, how to network so doing the extra work gave me some try that are in the movies you see in AMC theatres, they are foundation in New Orleans as far as being able to talk to like “Starlynn Houston is not where you are going to find it other people whom are trying to pursue the same things that (movie roles/ entertainment industry etc.).” God’s will be I’m doing, or those that are “seasoned” in the industry. When done, still and all things happened ironically and surprisingly I got to Houston, that’s when (I realized) I have to make for me out here (Houston, TX) and also here in New Orleans. CM: Were you born here in New Orleans? MV: Yes, I’m a 504 baby!


CM: Where can we find your music? MV: I haven’t put any of my music out yet but I will be very very soon and I am going to do them as videos. You will be able to find them if u subscribe to my youtube page. Its “Ms. Melynne”, that’s where I post all of my videos or you can search it as Starlynn’s tv channel/You Tube channel. I'm going to be posting a lot of those videos in the beginning of next week. A lot of my music I will be posting on Facebook and Twitter where people can just go and listen to it without doing all of the searches and stuff. I’ll be putting together an album real soon. Im to going to do this (Music production) independent because I don’t want the stresses of these major labels messing up my creativity. CM: Complete the sentence. I hate it when…? MV: I hate it when people tickle you and it hurts. I hate Katrina has been a blessing and it has been a curse for a lot that. A person will tickle you and it hurts at the same time, I of us. Of course I miss home and I get homesick sometimes can’t stand that because it’s like you want to cry and laugh but I just pack my bags and head on out there. As far as me at the same time. B y the time you’re finished you’re pursing my career, it’s a process but I’m really progressing marked up and have red marks and bruises all over (Both and I thank God for that. interviewer and Melanie laugh). CM: So what’s the most recent project that you’re working on? MV: The most recent project that I have worked on was the stage play “My Life on Earth has Expired.” I haven’t started working on feature films yet, I know that I can’t talk much about it but it’s called “Overdose” that I will be filming in the beginning of next month (July 2012). I am really really excited about it because I get to show a different side of me, something different from what I’ve been doing as far as filming goes. I’m excited about it and I cannot wait to talk about it more.

CM: I love it when…? MV: I love it when I am surrounded by creative people. I am so deep and so nerdy when it comes to other peoples creativity. I go on a natural high. I love it when people expose their creative side.

“I love it when I am surrounded by creative people. I am so deep and so nerdy when it comes to other peoples creativity”

CM: My favorite book is….? MV: My favorite book is “People are Idiots and I can Prove It.” Its written by a motivational speaker his name is Larry Winget and you really have to read the book to understand the title.

CM: My Guilty Pleasure is…? MV: Eating Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies, it has to be CM: Are you planning on doing anything with your mu- baked. They have to be hot! I don’t buy cookies off the shelf. sic lately? MV: I am currently in the studio working on some music. There is some music I’ve done that’s just been sitting there because I’ve been so busy with acting or different events. CM: My most embarrassing moment is…? Every chance I get I get into the studio and I’ve been reMV: My mom was about to slap me upside my head in cording, I’m doing features with other artist out here in front of this boy I had a crush on. You know how you have Houston. I’ve been doing some features with some artists a momma from New Orleans and she slaps you and you here in New Orleans and some up north. I did an audition jump out of your skin! She did it in from of this boy I really for Tyler Perry, He has this thing he’s doing and I posted a video of me singing one of the songs that I am going to put really liked I was trying to be cute and cuteness went out out but I’ve done it accapella on you tube, so you are going the door. I jumped so hard, you would think she beat me! to have to go and vote (She laughs). I will send you the link. That was one of my most embarrassing moments. From this point I am going to be uploading videos of me singing some of my original songs. They are awesome. I can’t wait; they’re like a surprise to the world. Im really happy, excited and waiting anxious and all that good stuff. 25

Love & Relationships






Besides awaking to the summery forecast of a few more weeks of summer sun and fun, wouldn’t you like to awake to a forecasted diagnosis of your summer romance? We all wonder what are the chances of our hearts survival during the 12 weeks of summer. So how do we keep our hearts afloat and desires in check without going into love overboard? Here are a few tips for the single and mingling adults of Summer 2012! 26

Don’t get too serious. Enjoy date nights! Ever went out on a first date with a solid in search for Mr./Ms. Right questionnaire in tow? What apparently clouds the start of most relationships is just this fact. Too much pressure! Some relationship experts suggest enjoying the company and conversation of your companion, rather than placing unnecessary pressure on yourself. The security in having no expectations and enjoying the company of each other will turn out beneficial especially if your summer romance doesn’t make it to fall season.

Do be open to anything. Explore and challenge assumed self-norms! We all have our type of person we assume ideally would be the only one to stir our attentions and mend our hearts. However, did you ever give someone totally out of your assumed “type” a chance? Most people will continue to attract similar people to whom they previously dated, and they continue to wonder why they get the same relationship results. Well how about giving your heart a definite shake up. Interacial dating, online dating and meet up groups are just the forum to shake up the romance adventures and take the definite needed leap into a new you! Go for it! Some suggested sites, or

Have fun! In your own happiness you discover so much interesting facets about yourself. Who would want to recall their 2012 summer as a bust or heart bummer? Not me, and I am sure not you either. So with keeping up the focus of remaining light hearted, enjoying companionship and friendship and the start of romance in it’s purest form, with the understanding of having no expectations and keeping the focus on pure unadulterated enjoyment remains the key component to a heat break free summer ending. So I challenge you to utilize these three simple tips and see what shape your heart is in come Fall!

-Robyne Boyce



When it comes to real life sex ques-

tions, there are many things that some people wonder whether or not they are normal happenings during sex. I host a weekly sex discussion session on Twitter giving people the opportunity to answer some questions and submit questions they may have wanted to ask but didn’t want to seem weird. I’ve asked everything from “Is a bad kisser a turn off to you?” to “Ladies, do you swallow?” The responses to the questions can be off the wall! If you have any questions that you might want submitted, follow @QBAfterDark on and submit your questions. The discussion sessions happen every Monday at 10pm sharp. #QBAfterDark

ouble standards. They exist to this day but some women don’t live up to them. During a recent episode of QBAfterDark, I wanted to know what exactly men thought about women that throw themselves at them. I got a few different replies some shocking, others not so much. To my surprise, there were some men who wouldn’t submit to a woman that throws themselves at them. When I asked: “Fellas, if she throws it at you randomly, would you smash or pass up the opportunity?" I got these responses:

Love & Relationships

Thoughts after Dark ” B Q “ h t i W

@MidCityAce said “That hoe got sum10” @Carlito_Wonder said “Idk…nothing’s free. Might be Aidsy.” @Geeman504 said “I talk shit but I’ll pass.” @Wesbeez said “Take it” @AllfeesluvChris said “Depends if I wanted to.” And even one of the chicks following me was wondering what one of her followers had to sayè @lickable_me504 said “Waits on #oomf to respond”.


rom what I got from this discussion, it really depends on the person whether or not they would accept advances from a chick that throws themselves at them. Personally, I wouldn’t even dare throw myself at a guy in that manner. I don’t judge chicks that do but I just wouldn’t. It appears some guys would smash but I guarantee that they aren’t wifing that.







3 9

8 6



12 16 11 13 17



ommy Bolds is an actor that has been accepted into an upscale academy for launching his career. To assist with his tuition, Family members Kim “Queen of Teen” Dilosa and Husband John hosted a fundraiser at their Harvey, Louisiana home. It was indeed a fun and entertaining night that began with a musical section from youth group the “AAO Boys” (Against All Odd’s) followed by a selection of monologues by the guest of honor. The night concluded with guest engaging in male vs. female karaoke. The night was full of laughs and entertainment. Tommy Bolds is incredibly talented and we at Cognition Magazine wish him the best in his endeavors.


1) Tommy’s Publicist Saquez Mitchell performs during Karaoke 2) Guest of honor Tommy Bolds 3) Tommy Bolds performs monologue 4) Tommy demonstrates a theatrical kiss with an audience member 5) Youth group “AAO Boys” Shayne Thompson, Antonio Isaac & Jeremy Price 6) Rene Woods Thierry & John Dilosa 7) Q&A session with Tommy & Winston Whitten, Jr. 8) Tommy Bolds and guest 9) Tommy Bolds, 30 John Dilosa, Frank Bedel III, & Winstion Whitten doing karaoke

10) Rene Woods Thierry 11) Tommy romancing guest during monologue 12) Rene Woods Thierry doing more Karaoke 13) Kim & John Dilosa giving opening remarks/Welcome 14) Saquez Mitchell & Tommy Bolds 15) Frank Bedel III & Tommy Bolds 16) Tommy Bolds, John Dilosa, Frank Bedel III, & Winstion Whitten doing more karaoke 17) Kim Dilosa and guests


Conquering Me onquering the EneMe: Being Delivered from Self and Self-Imposed Limitations is a book written by Annette Jones-Ward, M.A. The book speaks of methods to use when attempting to overcome fear and selfsabotaging behaviors.

Annette Jones, M.A. Too often we talk ourselves ( aka the little voice on the inside) out of our purpose and dreams because of fear of failure, lack of money and support and every other excuse we can come up with to deter us from being successful in life. Our "what ifs" always have a negative association, what if I go broke trying to do this, what if I stop working to start a business and it fails, what if I lose my house on the way to trying to be successful, etc.. The book teaches us to outwit the inner voice of defeat and to be successful on purpose and in spite of negative circumstances and realize that fear is merely False Expectations Appearing Real. Just think, if we changed our what-ifs ( what if I become a millionaire, what if I take a chance and my entire family is successful, etc.) how successful we'd possibly be. God says in his word that All things are possible if we "Only Believe"!! Conquering the EneMe has chapters that tells us how to first Identify the EneMe and end with techniques on how to Walk into your purpose. This does not imply or inferthat it's a one time event, but that each time we're


Be Inspired


faced with an opportunity to move to another level in life, we will then have to encounter and conquer yet another and another-it's an ongoing process!! I hope that this book blesses the lives of the readers, empowers others and helps to push them into their purpose!!

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