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GESPIN – GESTURE & SPEECH IN INTERACTION – Poznań, 24-26 September 2009

Grounding by nodding Harry Bunt Tilburg Center for Creative Computing Tilburg University, the Netherlands

Abstract In this paper I will present some of the background and theoretical motivations behind the DIT++ taxonomy of communicative functions, developed over the years within the semantic framework of Dynamic Interpretation Theory, and its applications in dialogue analysis, dialogue annotation, and dialogue systems. I will pay particular attention to the application of DIT++ in: ‐ a recently started effort of the International Organization for Standardization ISO to develop an international standard for (multimodal) dialogue act annotation, as part of a larger project to establish standards for semantic annotation and representation; ‐ a recent study of the multifunctionality of dialogue utterances, i.e., the phenomenon that utterances in dialogue tend to have multiple communicative functions, and the implications of the results of this study for a computational model of grounding in dialogue.

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GESPIN – GESTURE & SPEECH IN INTERACTION – Poznań, 24-26 September 2009 Bibliography Tilburg Center for Creative Computing Abstract Tilb...