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10th January 2014

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Dear ISHCMC Secondary Parents and Students, Welcome back after a well-deserved break! I hope that everyone is well rested and ready to continue with the learning experiences that our school offers. The next six months will be a very busy with numerous events taking place. We will end the first semester on January 15th, and the student Evaluations of Learning will follow shortly after.

Our Grade 12 students will be sitting DP Mock examinations immediately after TET in preparation for the actual DP examinations in May. Of course, currently, all our Grade 12 students are either completing college and university applications, or waiting nervously for news about ones already completed. We wish them all luck.

Michael Roberts Secondary Principal

Semester 2 is a very important semester; for it is the time when students are asked to make choices, particularly in Grade 10, with regard to the courses they will take next year. This year we have made some changes to how ISHCMC has done this in the past; more details about this will be forthcoming over the next few weeks. Please be aware that we will continue hosting our monthly coffee mornings for the rest of the year, the next one being on January 23rd - everyone is most welcome. Enjoy the next half of the year’s learning and I wish you the first of two Happy New Years! Michael Roberts

Dear ISHCMC Community, Welcome back to an exciting new calendar year at ISHCMC. While many were returning from holidays, over 20 Primary students experienced their first day at their new school this week. May I extend a special greeting to all of our new families and wish them all the best at our school; you will find our school one that is open, friendly, and conducive to learning. I would also like to thank our returning parents and students who have helped to make this often difficult transition a positive one. Please remember that there will be a PTO event next week for new parents to officially welcome them to our school community. We had a number of special events this week including parent meetings regarding upcoming outdoor education trips (grades 4 and 5) as well as our monthly coffee morning. Thank you to all who attended and to teachers who presented. For those who could not attend our coffee morning session on ‘’Evaluation of Student Learning’’ we will send an email explaining how to access reports through Managebac.

Kurtis Peterson Primary Principal

All this week we have been discussing goal-setting and the importance of looking forward in order to develop a culture of achievement. While New Year resolutions often do not succeed for one reason or another, they can if we take time and commit to them. Please take some time this week to sit with your child and discuss their aspirations for the new year and how they can work to improve themselves. On Monday next week we will open our online registration for ASAs. Activities will start the following Monday (January 20th). Thank you to Mr Bob Connor for his hard work on improving online registration. Grade 2 will be on a trip next Tuesday and Thursday to learn more about migration: enjoy! Have a great weekend, Kurtis Peterson

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The Great Gatsby Event Saturday, 6:30PM 1st march, 2014 Intercontinental Asiana Hotel

Please Join Us As We Celebrate Our 20th Anniversary! Tickets on sale from 17th january, 2014 Theme: The Roaring 20’s

BOOK FA I R 2014


8:00am - 4:00pm Thursday 16th Jan 8:00am - 4:00pm Friday 17th Jan 8:00am - 12:00pm Saturday 18th Jan @ Meeting Room ISHCMC

Following the huge success of last year’s Book Fair, the ISHCMC PTO has again invited Schoolibooks to bring its Book Fair to ISHCMC this month. All books will be new and imported and are popular and bestselling books in English. There will be a wide range of fiction and non-fiction for all ages. Don’t miss it! A percentage of the sales will go to purchase new books for our ISHCMC library.

from the library The ISHCMC library welcomes American Children’s Poet Laureate Kenn Nesbitt on Friday March 21st! He is the author of numerous books of poetry for children, including The Armpit of Doom: Funny Poems for Kids (2013), The Ultimate Top Secret Guide to Taking Over the World (2011), The Tighty-Whitey Spider (2010), Revenge of the Lunch Ladies (2007), Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney (2006), When the Teacher Isn’t Looking: And Other Funny School Poems (2005), and The Aliens Have Landed at Our School! (2001), among others. He currently lives in Spokane, Washington with his wife, children, and pets. You can read about him on his website which features poems, games and poetry-related activities, and an interview with J. Patrick Lewis for the Poetry Foundation.

from the Clinic Monday through Thursday the Clinic will be open from 7am till 6pm to cover the afterschool activities, sports practices/games, and the students/visitors on campus.


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