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Welcome to the International School Ho Chi Minh City American Academy The International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) -

Our highly qualified teachers are student-focused teaching

American Academy offers a comprehensive and robust

students to be collaborative, critical thinkers, effective

academic program built upon the principles and standards

communicators, community contributors and self-directed

of the American education system. Our rigorous American

learners. We believe all students have special areas of interest

curriculum is designed to inspire our students to become

and talents, and at ISHCMC – American Academy these

successful lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.

are identified, developed and supported within our Gifted

With this comprehensive academic program, we offer our

Education Program.

students the opportunity to achieve future success at US and international universities.

We provide a challenging yet caring learning environment for

An American accredited curriculum which includes Advanced

students alike.

Placement (AP) courses is taught in the English language by highly qualified teachers and Adjunct Professors from Syracuse University. To ensure students also have a strong foundation in the host country language and culture, we include subjects in Vietnamese literature, geography and history. To develop their interests and abilities, we provide a robust program of extra-curricular activities which includes sports, music, drama and special interest clubs. Additionally, community service opportunities are offered to create social

our students, catering to the needs of expatriate and national

I hope that you will take the opportunity to contact me and others in our school community to gain a deeper understanding of our program. And of course we hope that you can visit us to learn first-hand what sets us apart in the world of education. Mr. Eric Hamilton Principal ISHCMC – American Academy

awareness and a sense of global responsibility.


Our Vision

academic standards, which is taught in the English language and utilizes the most

As a school community we will continually strive to provide the best teaching and

service, responsible global citizenship and the integral development of the individual

learning experience for every student so that each individual reaches their maximum potential. The ISHCMC - American Academy’s philosophy and guiding statements will lead us in fulfilling our vision of being one of the most prestigious American International Schools in Asia.

Our Philosophy

modern technology available. The ISHCMC - American Academy promotes community student with American and Asian values.

Guiding Statements We will support our philosophy through these Guiding Statements: •

Maintain high standards of academic progress, achievement and performance

The ISHCMC - American Academy challenges its students to achieve academic

including preparation for admission into competitive universities in the US and

excellence through our college preparatory curriculum that adheres to American




At the ISHCMC – American Academy, we will develop future leaders with active and innovative minds.



Create an environment in our schools where students feel safe, secure and can thrive.

To develop bilingual students, fluent in English and Vietnamese, who also have the opportunity to study and become competent in either Mandarin or Spanish.

Encourage students to become responsible global citizens.

Instil in students confidence and an enthusiasm for life-long learning.

Develop future leaders with active and innovative minds.

Celebrate diversity and build an understanding of and respect for different value systems and cultures.

Promote critical understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act based on one’s beliefs.

Provide a variety of learning support resources including English as an additional

language, enrichment and counseling so that each individual can achieve success. •

Recruit, retain and professionally develop leading American and international teachers.

Be a reflective and thoughtful community who seeks input from a variety of sources to successfully guide our progress.

Continue to develop a welcoming community that supports happy and passionate staff, students and parents.

Our goal is to provide a balanced educational program within a positive, stimulating environment so that each child can learn and grow to their fullest potential.


Middle School - Grade 6 to 8

Our highly qualified teachers are caring, experienced and well trained to encourage

Our goal is to provide a balanced educational program within a positive, stimulating

MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress). This allows us to determine your child’s

environment so that each child can learn and grow to their fullest potential. We recognize and address the broad range of needs of young adolescent learners and offer a well-balanced program which pays particular attention to supporting their emotional, social, physical, and academic needs. We promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, as well as exposure to the arts and a stimulating academic environment. Academically, we develop student’s higher thinking and reasoning skills and help them to establish their own personal identity and social skills.


the best from all our students. They conduct bi-annual external assessments called instructional level and measure academic grow throughout the year ensuring students make good progress and reach their full potential. We also offer a Gifted Education Program systematically identifying high ability students and developing their special areas of interest and talent through programs associated with the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY), the most prestigious and successful talented and gifted program worldwide. In association with the Johns Hopkins CTY, the ISHCMC - American Academy discovers your child’s abilities,

We provide a challenging academic program to prepare students for high school and future success at competitive US universities and worldwide.




reinforces his or her confidence as an academic achiever and opens doors to online courses, Johns Hopkins CTY summer programs and gifted programs within the

Course Subjects


Physical and Health Education


Visual and Performing Arts

Parental involvement is an essential ingredient in providing a quality education


for our students. Regular progress reports are sent to parents and parent/teacher

Social Studies

conferences are held to discuss each student’s social and academic progress. We

Computer Science

Achievement Center (Gifted Education Program; English as Additional Language Program)

look forward to being partners with you and guiding your child’s Middle School

Foreign Language (Mandarin or Spanish)

Vietnamese Studies (including Literature, History and Geography)

school year.

education at the ISHCMC - American Academy.


High School - Grade 9 to 12 The ISHCMC - American Academy provides a challenging academic program that gives students the opportunity to achieve future success at US universities and worldwide. High School students will have the opportunity to graduate with an ISHCMC - American Academy High School Diploma as well as the Advanced Placement International Diploma allowing them to gain university credit while still at high school.

ensures that students reach their individual potential and are able to receive a High School Diploma and the Advanced Placement International Diploma.

ISHCMC - American Academy High School Diploma Students who graduate from the ISHCMC - American Academy will earn an American High School Diploma. Students must earn a minimum of 24 credits on their transcript which includes:

In addition to the substantial knowledge gained, the skills developed during High School

English – 4 credits

teach our students the value of information and independent study skills. These are both

Vietnamese/ Mandarin/ Spanish – 2 credits

important for achieving success at university where higher order thinking skills of analysis,

Social Studies – 3 credits

synthesis and evaluation are constantly required.

Mathematics – 4 credits

Sciences – 3 credits

Arts – 1 credit

Physical Education – 2 credits

Our highly qualified and well trained teachers encourage the best from our students. Assessment is continuous and systematic which allows for personalized learning and




Information and Communication Technology – 1 credit

Electives – 4 credits

Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID) To earn an APID, students must earn grades of 3 or higher on at least five AP Exams, one from each of the following content areas: English • AP English Language & Composition World Languages • AP Chinese Language & Culture • AP Spanish Language Mathematics • AP Calculus • AP Statistics

Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) The ISHCMC - American Academy is also proud to be the only international school in Vietnam to offer Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) courses. These courses are designed to provide highly academic students the chance to take actual Syracuse University courses in high school. Students who successful complete a SUPA course will receive an official Syracuse University transcript. Students can then build up university

Sciences • AP Environmental Science • AP Biology • AP Chemistry

credit setting them apart from their peers worldwide with a head start on their university careers. This helps our students complete their degree in a shorter amount of time saving them money or allowing students to get a head start on their Masters.

History and Social Sciences • AP World History • AP Psychology • AP Macro and Microeconomics




The Cognita Group Over 19,000 Students • over 3,500 Teachers • over 55 Schools • 6 Countries Teaching Excellence “Walk through the classroom door and you know the atmosphere is intense. Every child is involved, there is silent concentration and there is excitement and there is laughter. This is teaching as it should be. How is it done? The teachers are passionate about their subjects. They have the highest possible expectations of every child. They are experts in the craft of the classroom. Teaching excellence, Cognita’s goal, is the most important thing we can offer our students.” Sir Chris Woodhead, Cognita Chairman.


We foster best practice in every aspect of our schools’ provision.

We support and monitor teacher performance, investing in regular and appropriate staff training and development.

We strive to challenge all children to realise their full potential in all fields of endeavor.

We encourage open and effective communication between our schools and our parents.

We seek to engage and work with our parents at every available opportunity.








ISHCMC - American Academy offers a rigorous American curriculum including

Communication and support between home and school are critical to us. We firmly

Advanced Placement (AP) designed to ensure our students achieve future success in US

believe that parental involvement is an essential ingredient in providing a quality

universities and worldwide.

education. We seek input from our student’s parents to guide our progress and we

Cognita The ISHCMC - American Academy is part of the Cognita network of schools which

encourage parents to be actively involved in their child’s education.

Gifted Education Program

educates over 19,000 students, employs over 3,500 teachers and support staff in over

The Middle School program systematically identifies high ability students and develops

55 schools, across six different countries. Teaching excellence, Cognita’s primary goal, is

all students special areas of interest and talent through programs associated with the

the most important service we can offer our students.

Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY), the most prestigious and


successful talented and gifted program worldwide. In association with the Johns Hopkins CTY, the ISHCMC - American Academy discovers your child’s abilities, reinforces his or her confidence as an academic achiever and opens doors to online courses, Johns

Career Guidance The School Counselor supports students in establishing clear goals for their future once

Hopkins CTY summer programs and gifted programs within the school year.

their special areas of interest and talents are identified. The Gifted Education Program

High School student’s talents and areas of special interest are identified, developed and

where students are tested for competencies and ability levels to develop their talents in a

supported through the Syracuse University Project Advance. The American Academy is

supportive and caring environment.

opportunities are an integral part of the guidance counseling and goal setting process,

the only school in Vietnam to offer this program. While students take courses to obtain the AP International Diploma, they also have the opportunity to pursue their special areas of interest and talent by taking Syracuse University courses for college credit while they are still in High School at the ISHCMC - American Academy.




community service activities. In addition to the extra-curricular activities programs,

At the ISHCMC - American Academy we offer English as an Additional Language (EAL)

and extend the core academic program. Programs such as the Harvard Model United

instruction and we have experienced EAL teachers who are able to provide support to students both in class and through personalized instruction.

students have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities that build upon Nations, the Young Entrepreneurs Competition and the National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, DC are offered.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Teaching Staff

We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities to enhance our students’ experience at

The ISHCMC - American Academy is committed to recruiting teachers who are highly

the ISHCMC - American Academy and allow them time to explore outside interests in a structured way. These include sports, music, drama, special interest clubs and


experienced, dedicated, caring and passionate about their subject, in addition to being excited by the prospect of working within a dynamic and diverse community. Our

teachers have an average of 9.5 years of teaching experience and over 60% of our faculty teaching staff have post-graduate degrees.

Technology As a 21st century school, the ISHCMC-American Academy integrates technology into the curriculum in all classes through the use of Smart Boards and wireless infrastructure so students can use their laptops to enhance their learning at school, in addition to courses in computer skills.





Production Lab and Innovation Center, ICT suite, art room, a brand new interactive media

The ISHCMC - American Academy is located in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City, in a

Suite where our experienced Counselor helps students prepare and succeed in being

purpose built campus over five floors with a covered sports area. To maximise the delivery of the curriculum to our students, we have state of the art air conditioned classrooms with interactive Promethean boards, science laboratories, Video


center/library with over 10,000 books. We also have a dedicated University Counseling accepted to top US universities and others worldwide. Within the ISHCMC – American Academy campus we have a covered sports hard court arena that is used to play basketball, volleyball and badminton as well as other sports

and recreation. As a school we also have the use of Riverside which is 200 meters from the ISHCMC – American Academy campus and this allows our students access to other sports such as football, athletics, swimming and tennis. In the ďŹ nal two years of High School students have access to their own Student Lounge with study and social areas enabling them to have their own space and prepare themselves for life after the ISHCMC - American Academy.






Admissions - getting you where you want to be The ISHCMC - American Academy is open and looking forward to hearing from you Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. We offer rolling admissions, allowing entry throughout the year as long as space is available. Our goal is to make the admissions process a pleasant, straightforward experience. To inquire about availability of places, or for more information about anything covered in this brochure, please contact Admissions via email at or by telephone at (84-8) 3898-9098. Please note that admissions meetings and school tours are available by appointment only. Necessary Documents: •

Application form

Application fee

Three (3) passport photos

Photocopy of student and parent passport

Photocopy of birth certificate

Medical examination form

Official transcript or report cards for the previous two (2) years

Any educational or specialist evaluation report

Steps for Admission Step 1 Prospective students who wish to apply to the ISHCMC - American Academy will need to submit all forms, fees and documents before an application can be reviewed for admission. Applications are considered in chronological order of receipt. Step 2 Once these documents have been submitted and the application fee has been received, the Admissions Office will review the application file. More information may be requested from you or from your child’s previous school. The ISHCMC American Academy will then contact your family to schedule age specific assessments followed by an informal interview. You will then be notified whether your child has met the criteria for admission. Step 3 When a place is offered, the enrollment fee must be paid within seven (7) days. If the enrollment fee is not received within 7 days, priority will be given to other applicants. The Medical Examination Form will need to be completed and returned prior to the student’s start date.


An International School for students aged 11 -18


School campus

Admissions office

16 Vo Truong Toan, An Phu Ward,

26 Vo Truong Toan, An Phu Ward,

District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: (84 8) 3898 9098

Tel: (84 8) 3898 9100



Part of Cognita School Group

ISHCMC American Academy Prospectus 2013  

ISHCMC American Academy Prospectus 2013