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Dec 6th, 2013 Dear Parents, Another extremely busy week of learning has come and gone with plenty of excitement in the school hallways and classrooms. On Tuesday and Wednesday grade 3 participated in a very successful Digifam (no digital media for one day) as part of their provocation for their new unit of inquiry on digital media. Thursday administration hosted parents for our monthly coffee morning to learn more about how learning looks in our school. Thank you for your participation and enthusiasm: we had a number of parents who were very involved in the learning process and the investigation posed. Parent work on the mathematical investigation will be posted in the school.

“Young people don't always do what they're told, but if they can pull it off and do something wonderful, sometimes they escape punish-

Caring4Creepers, a major fundraiser for local charities, was a huge success thanks to the support of parents and students. For more information, please read the article located in this newsletter.

ment. ” ― Rick Riordan

Our assembly next week will recognize those students who will be leaving ISHCMC, thanking them for the friendships made and wishing them well as they move on to their next challenge. If your child is leaving as of December 13th, please join us at assembly. Next week our SRC will have a Red and Green Day on Friday, December 13th in order to raise money for Loreto (one of the charities closely linked to the school). Please help us support this worthy cause by wearing those colours. Have a great weekend!

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Track and field

As we weaved through the traffic, a rush of excitement went down my spine, I felt nervous to tour the blind school. I looked around to see Miss Seibert, Mr. Stichbury, Mr. Quirke and other students, Marika, Daniella, Martino, Hansuel, Julia and Jayden. I listened to all the noises around me; I heard the sound of motorbikes and cars, honking horns and the sound of the world talking to itself. I thought about how lucky I was to be able to go to the blind school, in my curious mind, I didn’t think I would ever get the opportunity to ever go to a blind school, but I was wrong. “We have arrived!” I thought to myself, I was full of curiosity and wonder of what will happen next...

We have raised 105 million this year, we are hoping to raise as much as we did last year, which was 140 million.

Trip to the blind school We went into the blind school and I saw lots of children waving at us, although they could not see, “These students must be very clever to be able to do things without sight” I thought to myself. The blind girl who greeted us was eating a crunchy piece of bread, she followed our voices into the KG classroom, and she looked interested at the iPad because she was playing with the flap of the iPad cover. We toured around the classrooms, and we saw students using computers on their own, children writing braille, children playing, as well as learning English. It made me think how hard it must be to be blind or visually impaired.

Written by: Emma Shadwell

Caring 4 Creepers

By Drew Attention ISHCMC, do you like helping kids and animals? Do you also want an extra recces with your house team? If you do, you have to support Caring 4 Creepers before classes starts (7:15-7:40). Bring human food, or cat food that will not go bad. For every

piece of food you bring you will a get tally and a paper for your house team. Your colored paper goes on the creeper because he lost his skin! The money goes to street people and the animal rescue. Hope you come!

Elementary Track And Field Competition

The track and field team did great during the SISAC competition Saturday 31st of November. The Rhino’s track and field team competed against other schools such as B.I.S, C.I.S and A.B.C.I.S. The team went to Vietnam’s national stadium.

The event started with an 800m run. After that they started doing more events at the same time for example fling sock, discus, high jump and 300m running. There was lots of cheering from parents and ISHCMC officials.

There was also a secondary track and field competition, but that was after the elementary track and field competition. The whole team did extremely well, and the under 9 girls team even won!!! By: Jan

Celebration of Music Something that almost everyone is excited about is the ‘celebration of music’. Everyone is waiting for next week Tuesday. That is when celebration of cultures is. Lots of people are going to the music room and practicing. All the grades are sing songs from the 1950s. Celebration of culture happens every year and lots and lots of people come. This year Ms. Jacklyn (the music teacher) said that everyone has to come. Grade 1s and are singing a song called ‘I am the earth’. The grade2s are sing a book that they have been reading. The grade 3s are singing ‘Hound Dog’ and ‘How Much is that doggie in the Window’ The grade 4s are singing ‘The lollypop song’ and ‘Shake rattle and roll’ and finally the grade 5s are singing ‘At the hop’ and ‘ Love potion number 9’.

By: Aditya D

Ishcmc chronicle 6dec2013  
Ishcmc chronicle 6dec2013