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May 30, 2014

Dear ISHCMC parents, We have had a great few weeks. I (Kha Nhi) found out what has happened and I learned that EE4 went to see the water puppets, Kindergarten went to visit a local orphanage, Grade 3 did an egg pathway, Grade 4 went to a math probability carnival and Grade 4 & 5 went to the AIS PYP exhibition. Elsewhere in the school, we had a very exciting and busy Friday with Passion Day, a visit from a NASA astronaut as well as the Primary Sports Awards. This week and next will be busy with a number of fun-filled events and activities for all. Please keep a close eye on all the upcoming events to make sure you don't miss anything. We hope to see you on Wednesday for our 3-Way Conferences taking place all day. Regards, Kurtis Peterson and Kha Nhi (Grade 4A) Event

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3-way Conferences

Primary Students

June 4th


Presentation Day

Grades 2-5 Students and Parents

June 10th @ 9am


 Stingrays show off

Grade 5 Graduation

Grade 5 Students and Parents

June 10th @ 11am


 Fun Facts

Farewell Assembly and Variety Show

Primary Students and Parents

June 13th @ 8am and 10am


 Summer Jokes

Summer Holidays

Whole School

June 13th

Upcoming Events

By Bopha & Mai Phuong There was a swim meet at ISHCMC on May 10th and 11th. Before the swim meet we interviewed Ms. Coles, asked some questions about how many ISHCMC swimmers were coming and why did she plan the meet at the end of the year, this is what


she said: “82 students from ISHCMC are coming to the invitational” and “To show how far you’ve come in the year.” The swim meet was a great success, because ISHCMC won!! Finally!)

This week students from 2 to grade 5 auditioned for the annual ISHCMC variety show. They are all hoping to be successful and show off their hidden abilities. Auditions took place during break times in Ms. Jacklyn’s room. The energy at the auditions was described as “ecstatic”. During this show, students will no doubt be extremely happy and enjoy their new famousness. Lots of people will be in performing acts such as guitars, singing, dancing, acrobatics and even more! I know people are going to enjoy it! So stay tuned, the show takes place on Friday the thirteenth

which is unlucky for some but lucky for us because it is the last day of school. Watch out for these minutes of fame. You should expect: Show stopping events including dance, music and laughter. Creative performing risk-takers will be at the front and maybe get roses. Dazzling performers will be very successful and maybe hope for a career. Unmissable acrobatics will be performed. The celebration to round off the end of the academic year is going to be a good one. Theo 5A

Food Facts by Jan and Nathan

The SRC organized a passion day for elementary students. It went really awesome because of all the work spaces out there that you can sign up to. We also saw that everyone had a big smile when they did their passion. Also everyone had a good time because you could have to do your passion for the whole day, and that’s a super long time. Also the SRC had to be assistants and that was super awesome because a SRC is writing this!

By Nathan♀ + Oskar♥

ISHCMC in Review Part 2 Every kid has had conferences with their parents and teachers joining in. You discussed goals for the child. I hope the children are working on their goals because very soon you are doing another one. This is called the three way conferences. At the beginning of the year the students were doing map test. And at the end of the year the students did it again. I wonder if lots of students improved. Good job if you did. People should hopefully be having fun at school well at least I have, how about other people. I interviewed people and asked “what makes you happy at school?” Mrs. Eaton stated, “My smiling, hardworking, creative, funny, caring, supportive and empathetic class. They have come together to be a fantastic team this year.” Some other people said that they like friends they made and someone else really likes Recces. Jan said “The enthusiasm of the teachers”. This year has been an amazing year don’t you agree!!!

Comic Page

World Cup Soccer Madness Food Drive! We know it’s almost the summer but seriously, the Community Development ASA needs your help! From July the 2nd to the 6th there will be a food drive for very poor kids with no parents (orphans). The orphanage is another branch of the group we supported last time. It has _ kids and is located in _. We found out about the orphanage from Mrs. Molly. It will be a class against class competition and the prize will be that your class gets to play a game of soccer against a team of teachers. The food has to be food that can be preserved. Every piece of food that you bring in will be given a point or more, then you can walk away. The soccer match will take place at the soccer field. I hope you come!!! By: Jan

Soccer Facts

Have you ever seen players playing soccer? In this page you will learn soccer history. In 2002 South Korean and Japanese world cup Korea was in 4th place! And Japan was in 16th place! In 2012 Olympics England failed to get a medal by losing to Korea by 1-1 penalty 54. Korea got the first bronze medal.

Summer Times Jokes Laugh around with your friends and family Hope you enjoy! J

What type of money did Chuck bring to the beach? Answer: sand dollars

A farmer went on Sunday; he stayed for two days and went back on Sunday. How is that possible? Answer: his horse was named Sunday

What do you call a deer with no eyes? Answer: no eye deer

When were vowels born? Answer: when u and i were born

What’s brown and sticky? Answer: a stick

What did the big chimney say to the small chimney? Answer: you’re too young to smoke!

Why did the cow jump over the moon? Answer: because the farmer had cold hands

What did the monster call his mom and dad? Answer: deady and mummy

How do you make a tissue dance? Answer: put a little boogie in!

What does the boy has on his fingers? Answer: the boogie monster

What’s orange and sounds like a parrot? Answer: a carrot

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