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Feb 21st 2014

Dear ISHCMC Community, Due to grade 4 and 5 outdoor This week was full of learning opportunities for all ages of students both inside and outside the classroom. Grade 2 paid a visit to a local chocolate factory to learn from where one of our favourite treats originates, grade 1 has loaded our hallways with numerous creations, while grades 4 and 5 prepare for their outdoor education trips. In addition, we had a lovely meeting held by the PTO on our rooftop where teachers and parents had the opportunity to discuss everything from the upcoming Great Gatsby event to principles of learning. Thank you to the PTO for hosting this event.

education trips taking place next weekend, the following ASAs have been cancelled: 

Writing with Ms. Snyder (Kggrade 3)

Perhaps the biggest news from the week was the accomplishments of our gymnastics team. Our team wore the school colours with pride and ended up winning the city championships on Wednesday. Congratulations for a job well done and special thanks to Ms. Stockdale for all of her effort in coaching the team to victory!

Community Development with Mr. P and Ms. Eaton (grades 4 and 5)

Gymnastics with Ms. Stockdale on Wednesday (grades

The primary side of the school will be a bit quieter than normal next week as grades 4 and 5 leave on Tuesday and don’t return until Friday. Please note that both Mr. Sherratt and I will be away; please address any concerns you may have towards Mr. Adrian Watts. Good luck to the grade two students and teachers who have their sleep-over tonight in the school—have a wonderful time!

2-5) and Friday (Kg and grade1)

Kurtis Peterson


For Whom?



Grade 2 Sleep Over

Grade 2 Students

Feb 21st


Lower Primary Photos

EE2-Grade 1

Feb 24-25th


Grade 4 & Grade 5 on Grade 4 and 5 Students Field Trip

Feb 25-28th

Gr4 to Matagui and Gr5 to Cat Tien Park

Primary Parent Coffee Morning

Primary Parents

Mar 6th

Meeting Room

Visual Art Exhibition

EE2-Gr 10 Students

March 12-14th


Grade 3 Sleep Over

Grade 3 Students

Mar 7th


Upcoming Events

In This Issue 

Waste of paper.

Smartphone Problems.

S.S.I.S. get beaten!

A talk about Tet

A new. S.R.C. president

Did you know that 30 pieces of A4 paper takes 1 tree to make!!!!? Almost every time we go to the printing area, the used paper trade is full of wasted paper. Students are printing the same copies too many times because they are impatient. Printing too much paper is a waste of trees and unecessary. So now on we would like you to be responsible by not printing more than 1 copy at a time. You can print only if the teacher allows you to print more than 1 piece of paper. Please think before you print!!!!!!!! Please be responsible for the environments!!!!! By: Yichan Kim and Jae Weon Jung

Lots of paper shouldn't be wasted People still print even though people aren’t there: Top picture.

ISHCMC vs SSIS Swim Meet


ISHCMC went to swim at the SSIS swimming pool. The race was on Thursday the 23rd 2014 on January it started at 3:30 to 6:00.

The Tet holiday is the most important holiday for the Vietnamese people, because when spring comes, everybody wishes of visiting their family, going back to their home town, getting haircuts and buying new clothes, all that for the preparation of Tet.

It was a friendly swim meet so no one won. In our opinion we thought ISHCMC won because one person from ISHCMC would always win, but SSIS swam fast too.

In the Tet holiday, the Vietnamese people usually eat pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, banh chung, banh tet and lotus seeds.

There was another school called GIS, but there weren’t much people swimming for GIS. Only five people came to swim. In our opinion we thought the pool was VERY cold (colder than ISHCMC) and dark. We all tried our best and swam like super-fast sharks chasing fishes, and we did. By: Bopha and Anne, from eReporters

The two flowers that represent Tet are called Hoa Mai and Hoa Dao, Hoa Mai represents the middle and the south of Vietnam, whereas Hoa Dao represents the north of Vietnam. Tet is celebrated with fireworks, everybody goes to pagodas and temples to pray and hope that the upcoming year will be better than the last year that just recently went by. In Tet the adults give the children a small red pocket, the adults put a little bit of money inside, the money doesn’t necessarily have to be a lot, the money is called lucky money, the lucky money si supposed to give the children good luck during the year. By: Emma Shadwell 3D

Football Team The people for the ISHCMC Football team have just been selected. Every Wednesday they have a practice. There are twenty people in the team. Everyone that made it in to the team seems really happy. Some people were a little unlucky and didn’t get in the team. Everyone has tried really hard to get in. People are getting excited to have matches with all the other schools. Last Wednesday was their first day of practice. Their first match is on February 19th with TAS (The American School). There are a lot of grades 5s because they have really good players. We do have some grade 4s, not as much as the grade 5s. We have lots of great foot-

ballers. The good thing is we have many more girls now, at the start we had less than 5 girls but now there are more than 7. We wish everyone on the ISHCMC soccer team good luck.


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