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Scientifically-proven training that isolates the mental skills needed for awareness, focus, and decision-making on the field.

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Process visual information more quickly Increase peripheral awareness Simultaneously track multiple targets Read body movements effectively Maintain focus for longer Increase resistance to fatigue Improve your situational awareness

React faster to the play on the field Avoid collisions and tackles Recognize more threats/opportunities Anticipate opponents earlier Boost attention in critical situations Maintain end-game performance levels Control the game tactically

Baselining for performance profiling & post-concussion RTP assessment

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Baylor University

NeuroTracker Elite is our top-of-the-line training system. Training takes place in an immersive 8’x8’ CAVE, which blocks out light and reduces ambient noise.

Providence College

SPI Sports Lab Manchester, UK

The CAVE environment is ideal for isolated cognitive training, which yields the biggest improvements in the shortest time.

As a dedicated training zone, the CAVE is also ideal for adding Interactive Modes and sport-specific skills on top of your NeuroTracker training.

“Elite athletes leverage huge advantages from their mental prowess on the field, and so finding a way to condition performance cognitively has always been a major challenge for sports science. I think NeuroTracker is a genuine breakthrough here. It’s a proven science technology that trains fundamental skills with rapid gains, and the results unlock a wealth of new performance data.” Leonard Zaichkowsky, Ph.D. Director of Sports Science, Vancouver Canucks (2010-2011) Sport Psychologist, Spanish National Soccer Team (2006), President, Association for Applied Sport Psychology (1997-1998)


NeuroTracker Pro provides a highdefinition NeuroTracker experience on a widescreen 3D display with super-vibrancy.

Choose 65” or 50”, either size allows you to incorporate Interactive Modes and sportspecific skills with your NeuroTracker training.

The large scale display is also ideal for displaying athlete performance data and schedules right where they train.

“The training that NeuroTracker provides is key for any sport, not just football. Athletes need to be able to react to their surroundings as quickly as possible to stay ahead of their opponents. When elite athletes come to OSG, I make NeuroTracker training a part of their total fitness program because, ultimately, it’s the decisions you make on the pitch – as much as your speed or strength – that determine your level of success.” Mike Clegg, Founder of Olympic Sports Gym and Sports Performance Innovation Manchester United Football Club Strength and Conditioning Coach (2000-2011)


NeuroDezign, Quebec

Patenage Haute Performance Center, Quebec

A NeuroTracker Custom installation allows customers to create a CAVE out of an existing room with an 8’ to 10’ wide wall.

NeuroTracker Custom is great for gym integration, medical offices or any smaller-sized multipurpose room.

It is also ideal for integrating with other training technologies, like the Woodway Blade skating treadmill.

“In preparing Canadian athletes for the Olympic Games, I find NeuroTracker integrates well across sports within the yearly training plan. As well as improving perception, it’s ideal in pre-training for cognitively getting into the zone. Our elite athletes report better reading of game flow, heightened anticipation of collisions, faster decision making, and ultimately more confidence under high pressure play. I’m convinced NeuroTracker is fast becoming a must-have tool for professional teams committed to their performance goals.” Pierre Beauchamp, Ph.D. Founder and CEO, Peak Sport Performance Mindroom


NeuroTracker HMD delivers Core NeuroTracker training with maximum portability through the latest personal VR technology.

NeuroTracker HMD is great for training athletes on the road, in limited space, or expanding the capacity of any exisiting NeuroTracker center.

Our Head-Mounted Display provides an incredibly immersive 3D experience in a package small enough to fit in a briefcase.

“When we first used NeuroTracker it was actually the athletes that told us it was having a real impact on their gameshape. Now we implement it with all our sports. I’m convinced NeuroTracker boosts awareness of what is happening on the field when it matters most, and that empowers each athlete to chase down their potential because now they condition both their mind and body.” Michael Doscher, M.S. CSCS MSCC, Head Speed, Strength, and Conditioning Coach, Valdosta State University


Your NeuroTracker system is a turnkey setup that includes all the hardware and software you need for intensive mental training.

Professional Grade 3D Equipment - All NeuroTracker models include top-of-the-line equipment to provide an immersive 3D experience. NeuroTracker Software - Measure your athletes’ cognitive levels with baseline testing and train them with the 8 original NeuroTracker programs. NeuroTracker Interactive Modes featuring Kinect - Challenge your athletes with advanced training modes like Agility and Intercept, which use the Kinect motion capture system to combine physical and mental training. Training Reports - Create reports to analyze individual and group scores with the touch of a button.

Installation, Certification, and Training - Setup, instruction, and a NeuroTrainer Certification course. You’ll learn how to operate the NeuroTracker system independently and develop your own mental training programs. CogniSens Support - Our experienced staff have trained athletes for the Olympics, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup Finals, the UEFA Champions League Final, the Rose Bowl, the Rugby World Cup, and more. • We provide technical support to help you resolve any equipment •

issues quickly and with minimal stress. We provide operational support to help you plan and execute your NeuroTracker training. We will help you train lots of athletes with minimal strain on your time and human resources.

NeuroTracker 2013 catalog  

NeuroTracker 2013 product catalog

NeuroTracker 2013 catalog  

NeuroTracker 2013 product catalog