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Ghent TheCoast

· Jiggers, p. 70 · The Drifter, p. 74 · Uncle Babe’s, p. 78

· L’apereau, p. 84 · Sofie’s Living Room, p. 88 · The Pharmacy, p. 92

Antwerp · Bar Burbure, p. 40 · Bijou, p. 44 · Cocktails at Nine, p. 48 · Jones & Co, p. 52 · Mixing Tales, p. 56 · Sips, p. 60 · The  Dirty Rabbit, p. 64

Brussels · La Pharmacie Anglaise, p. 12 · Life Is Beautiful, p. 16 · Hortense, p. 20 · The Twelve, p. 24

Hasselt&Liege · Koks & Tales, p. 30 · Riva, p. 34

Note to our Readers ... ... to go through the book and experience making cocktails at home. THE INSPIRATION We believe navigating the world of spirits is an art form based on passion, keen knowledge, and inspiration. Just as the great artists inspire us to see the world differently through their eyes, we are under the spell of the current crop of passionate bartenders leading the bustling cocktail scene throughout Belgium. René Magritte, our inspiration for this book and undisputed leader of the Surrealist movement of the 20th century, created the extraordinary out of the ordinary by balancing dreams and reality. The Belgian cocktail scene is following suit by raising the bar on dreamy recipes and flavours from fresh, seasonal ingredients from mother nature. The surreal results have disrupted the status quo forever. This book is born from the passion of this new cocktail landscape, and we invite you along to share the journey.

ises success at home. For long summer evenings: a mojito or classic gin tonic. For inclement weather, a rum Manhattan. Or around a fire at Christmastime, a trusty old fashioned. The classics are marked with a   and promise easy replication. Enjoy, share, celebrate. Cocktail Culture is here to stay in Belgium. THE INGREDIENTS In addition to Maison Ferrand brands, bartenders have also added a variety of other ingredients, either homemade or readily available at retail shops. Here is some clarification on ingredients: Simple Syrup: A great alternative to commercial sugar syrup found in supermarkets, combine sugar and water in a small saucepan and heat gently until the solution has diluted. Proportions are marked within brackets e.g. (1:1), (2:1), sugar to water.

In this edition, you’ll find two cocktails highlighted for each bar listed.

Bitters: An essential component to many cocktails, bitters add to cuisine as well as drinks. Don’t hesitate to experiment with those mentioned in the book or explore more on your own.

One is a “pure” creation from the bartender’s original recipe, inspired by his/ her own bar and demonstrating a freedom to create. The second is a simpler recipe intended for the reader to try and mix at home. Either a twist on a classic or a new creation with classic elements, fewer ingredients are necessary and keeping a traditional approach prom-

Spirit Brands: Bartenders often rely on their tried and true brands. You may feel the same, but don’t hesitate to try a new brand of bitters, and don’t panic if you cannot find the exact same brand of vermouth mentioned by the bartender at your local shop. The salespeople are your experts; simply ask for advice on the best substitute to use.


TOME 6 The Belgian Cocktail Book Introduced By Maison Ferrand Belgian Bars and Cocktail Variations



It was 27 years ago. I remember driving through the Belgian countryside on my way to a tasting, and eventually stopping in a small village of Wallonia to have lunch. A warm and smiling young man served me some rabbit with prunes together with a locally brewed beer. Paradise is probably made of moments like these. Belgium has this natural, almost nonchalant gift for great gastronomy and simple pleasures. A feeling that I often experience on the many trips I’ve made, from Liège to the coast, through small medieval towns and Belgium’s eclectic capital. It’s no surprise that today Belgians are becoming so passionate about craft cocktails. And are giving them their own gastronomic twist, the same way painter Rene Magritte gave his personal and unmistakable perspective to surrealist painting With this new edition of the Maison Ferrand Cocktail Book, we’ve highlighted some of the best bartenders in Belgium who share the same obsessive passion that has driven us at Maison Ferrand since the early days. We applaud their profound desire to shake things up and push the limits further for a better spirited world. So much has changed in the past five years in the Belgian bar scene. Great talents have emerged and a multitude


of quality cocktail bars have opened in big cities as well as in smaller towns in the countryside. I love Belgium because in many ways it reminds me of my team here at Maison Ferrand - a patchwork of passionate, multilingual people, buzzing with dreams and ideas yet so humble and down to earth. They may not always agree on things but when it comes to good drinks and good food, everyone pulls together! I am always glad to see Belgian bartenders traveling the world, sharing a glass at bar shows in Paris, London, Berlin, New York … all these epic and lively cities that were the scenes of the past editions of our Maison Ferrand cocktail books.

To help create new spirits, it is a great pleasure to be joined by new team members that, like us “old timers” at Maison Ferrand, want to change the world of artisanal spirits. Whether it’s the crew that made Pierre Ferrand Cognac with me almost 30 years ago (some of them are still here) or our young and passionate “Ferrand evangelists” preaching the love for Citadelle gin or the skilled bartenders that make our Plantation rums shine, none of it would be possible without the inspiration of the cellar master who trained me. And who I am so proud to honor with our work today.

Yes, I do love Belgium, the little big country. Small in size but big with creativity, passion and love for the good things in life. It’s what it’s all about at Maison Ferrand. I look forward to visiting Belgium again and again, to enjoy a delicious meal and a great cocktail made by your exceptional bartenders, some of which you’ll find in the pages of this book. A votre santé! Gezondheid! Prost! Cheers!

Alexandre Gabriel,

Founder & Master Blender Maison Ferrand

This year we’ve launched our new “spirits baby” in Belgium - Plantation Stiggin's Fancy pineapple rum. This rum won the Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Award for Best New Spirit 2016. We were both proud and humbled to bring this prize back to the team in Cognac. Creating a spirit brings up so many feelings – excitement, doubt, frustration, exhilaration – and when things go really well, satisfaction and a deep sense of achievement. I can’t help myself. Creating emotions through our spirits is not only our job, it is our mission. Some people write books, we make cognac, rum and gin.


BELGIUM’S BAR SCENE A word from The Nectar Belgium’s bar scene was until recently a short story. In fact, writing an review about Belgium’s “Cocktail Culture” would have gone pretty fast as the words were almost an oxymoron. Our little country and its drinking culture was simply led by beer, wine and champagne. Sure a typical classic cocktail could be shaken in the well-known hotel bars of the big towns, but a memorable experience it was not, and you’ll usually turn to the “exotic” imported spirits of that time; calvados and cognac. Even high-end whiskies and rums were surprisingly rare up into the nineties, and if the Belgians were known for their superlative cuisine the world over, their cocktail scene languished in the shadow of the country’s winning trifecta: beer, waffles, and chocolate. In a nutshell we could experience cocktails with lots of garnish, juices and cocktails umbrellas, while bartenders had very few tattoos, beards and braces. Hard to picture? In any case, the explosion of a new generation of bartenders who mixed spirits with knowledge and passion was incubating … The beginning of the 1960s saw the creation of the Union of Belgium’s Bartenders – the UBB – that later positively influenced


great hotel bars such as the Conrad and the Bar Dessiné, defending the values of the “art of the bar”. And nowadays, mixology has indeed become an art, and it is next door in trendy Antwerp and Ghent that we first saw a sea change toward modernization of spirits and the barmen and women who mixed them. In 2000, Sips was created and its founder Manuel Wouters, soon followed by Ben Belmans and Jeroen Van Hecke, launched a whole new movement. The next generation of the Belgian cocktail scene was born, and later Olivier Jacobs at Café Theatre marked a new turning point. These leading influencers, pioneers of a new generation of mixologists, have shined a light for those longing for a new modern experience sipping cocktails. Luckily they have spread the word and nowadays great cocktails can be found throughout the country, where the cocktail scene is booming. Awards and accolades have already embraced the Belgian bartenders at international competitions, and a community has formed and continues to grow, travel, learn, share with each other and learn from each other. Stay tuned for more, as this is just the beginning ...


Bruxelles · Brussel · Brüssel



LaPharmacie Anglaise Located in a Pharmacy dating back to 1900, La Pharmacie Anglaise offers unexpected surprises to its guests. From drinking extravagant gin cocktails to sharing bar space with mysterious creatures kept in jars, La Pharmacie bestows an impenetrable touch that will leave you feeling like you’ve travelled to another era. It’s up to you to figure out whether it's in the past or the future ...





The Maison Ferrand products shine by their quality and their exclusiveness. As young bartenders, it's great to enter the art of cocktail making through the diversity and versatility of the Maison Ferrand range.

1840’s  Julep

Pharmaceutical Sazerac

Created by Marino Karinja

Created by Herbert Brito

· 5 cl Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac

· 6 cl Citadelle Réserve gin · 1 sugar cube (and 5ml of water to dilute it) · 2 dashes aromatic bitters · 3 dashes Peychaud's bitters


Dilute the sugar cube with water in a mixing glass 2/ then add all ingredients 3/  fill with ice 4/stir it until the drink gets cold (about 30 sec) 5/ strain it in a pre-chilled glass 6/garnish with a lemon zest (express the essential oils on the top). 1/

· 2,5 cl Mathilde Peach liqueur · 1 cl Plantation St Lucia 2004 rum · 1 tsp rich sugar syrup · leaves of 5 mint sprigs (saving the tops for garnish)

1/  Put the mint inside a silver cup, muddle gently 2/ add all others ingredients except the rum 3/ fill to the top with crushed ice and swizzle it 4/drizzle with Plantation St Lucia 2004 5/ garnish with the mint sprigs, a sprinkling of icing sugar and a maraschino cherry.


Life Is Beautiful More than just a bar, Life Is Beautiful is a concept that began with a monthly cocktail tasting held in different restaurants and bars throughout the capital. Harouna and his wife Karoline designed the drinks and finger food, showcasing them throughout varied establishments in Brussels. This Nomadic bar soon attracted an eclectic and loyal clientele, and the duo took this opportunity to settle permanently and offer their creations daily. Today LIB is located in the buzzing and vibrant neighbourhood of Antoine Dansaert, in a cosy and hippie chic interior where you'll enjoy some of the best cocktails in the capital.





Simply because we want to offer the best to our customers; that is products with international recognition and of great quality. Maison Ferrand offers a wide range of products that can be sipped neat or used into cocktails, and for every of our creation we can find a product that fits and that will make the cocktail shines. All of that at a very affordable price for us and therefore our customers.

Pimp my Cage Created by Harouna Saou

· 5 cl Citadelle Réserve gin · 1,5 cl Becherovka liqueur · 1 cl Vermouth à l'Absinthe

Shake all ingredients 2/serve in a chilled coupe 3/garnish with a lemon zest.

This is Not a Negroni Created by Harouna Saou


· 4 cl Citadelle Classique gin


· 4 cl Campari


· 1 cl rosemary-ginger sirup

· 4 cl Vermouth del Professor

· 1,5 cl fresh lemon juice

· Orange zest for garnish

Stir into a glass over ice  garnish with an orange zest.

· 3 dashes Dandelion Brudock bitters · 1 dash Angostura bitters



Hortense Previously located on the famous Sablon place, Hortense used to hide behind a carriage door. Once you had discovered it and gained access, you’d have to follow the candles that lead you down the stairs to a tiny cellar, its cosy alcoves in a candlelit and a muted atmosphere. Today Hortense has moved to a new, bigger venue close to another famous place; Flagey. On the program, an open kitchen and a cocktail classroom. All in all more rock & roll, but with as many cocktails and candles as before.





There’s a true craftsmanship behind the products, and I like the fact that they’ve got a rich history, and are constantly trying to bring forgotten spirits back to life. Also, their rum range is never ending and offers a great choice for cocktails making.

From Sablon to Flagey Created by Matthieu Chaumont

· 3 cl Plantation Jamaica 2001 rum · 2 cl Plantation 3 Stars rum

Shake all ingredients 2/ strain 3/  serve into a coupe.

The Dark Boulevardier Created by Cédric Lansival


· 3 cl Plantation Original Dark rum

· 2 cl Fino sherry

· 3 cl Dolin Rouge vermouth

· 1 cl fresh lemon juice

· 2 cl Biercee bitters

· 1 cl fresh lime juice

Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass strain in an old fashioned glass filled with ice cubes 3/ add an orange zest for garnish. 1/


· 2 cl homemade cacao syrup · 5 basil leaves · 3 drops of brown rice vinegar



The Twelve Resting in the heart of the European Quarter, The Twelve Bar serves more than 20 originals cocktails and has a selection of over 150 whiskies, proudly maintaining the biggest collection found in Brussels.





I’ve liked to work with the Maison Ferrand range since the very beginning, and especially with Citadelle gin because for me this gin tastes just as gin is supposed to taste. You’ve got this authentic dry juniper berry flavours, enhanced by notes of fresh flowers and gardens in springtime. The slow distillation in their cognac pot still gives an extra character, while the solera vating ageing process in different types of wood adds grace and consistency to the product… And that makes it perfect whether it’s neat or in my creations.

This is Not a Strawberry Mojito


Created by Michel Van Hecke

· 5 cl Plantation Original dark rum · 2 or 3 cl soda water · 3 cl fresh lemon juice · 2 cl fresh strawberry puree or 3 fresh strawberries · 1 cl sugar syrup


1/  In a chilled highball glass 2/ muddle the sugar syrup, strawberries and mint leaves together with the back of a spoon or a muddler 3/ stir in the lemon juice and the rum 4/ fill the glass with crushed ice and top off with soda water 5/ gently stir 6/garnish with mint sprigs or strawberry slices.

Created by Michel Van Hecke

· 4 cl Citadelle Réserve gin


· 1 cl Carlton elderflower liquor


Shake 2/ serve into a margarita glass  garnish with herbs from the garden.

· ½ passion fruit · 3 slices of cucumber · 1 cl jasmin syrup · 1 cl fresh lime juice


Hasselt · Liège · Luik · Lüttich



Koks &Tales Owner Rob Biesmans welcomes you at Koks & Tales like you’re guests in his own home. Warm greetings, fresh fruits laid out on the tables, cosy atmosphere, comfortable sofas…, topped off with a handpicked drinks selection prepared with love and care. Language flows as diverse as the cocktails; Dutch, French, English, German. Spinning koks and tales is the name of the game!





There are basically two reasons why I like the brands very much, and especially the Pierre Ferrand 1840 that has such a great versatility, namely; quality in two facets. First there is the quality of every single one of the brands and second the quality of the team representing and promoting the brands. Many brands have their representational teams, but Maison Ferrand is a rare combination of people, a lot of young people with excellent product knowledge, immaculate appearances, integrity and above all: passion. When working with people who enjoy their jobs so much, they don’t even consider it to be their job, it then becomes so much easier and more fun for me as a bartender to choose whom I work with and which brands I have to select.

Holy Pineapple Trinity

This is Not an Original Sazerac Created by Rob Biesmans

Created by Rob Biesmans

· 2 cl homemade Falernum (made with Plantation Overproof rum) · 1 cl Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao · 1 cl Plantation Stigging’s Fancy pineapple rum · 2 cl pineapple pulp · 2 cl lime juice · 1 cl ginger syrup


Infuse the Falernum with a Queen Victoria pineapple for a week 2/strain the mixture 3/fill a champagne glass with crushed ice 4/pour all ingredients in a mixing glass and shake vigorously for 15 seconds 5/fine strain the cocktail into the champagne glass that you'd have emptied 6/ garnish with a dried slice of lime. 1/

· 6 cl Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac · 1 sugar cube · 1 cl Absinthe La Fée · a dash Peychaud's bitters

1/ Fill up one old fashioned glass with ice 2/ in a second glass, saturate a cube or lump of sugar with absinthe and a dash of bitters 3/muddle the mix 4/ add the cognac, and stir for ten seconds 5/fill up the glass with ice cubes and stir again for ten seconds 6/remove the ice from the first glass and fine strain the cocktail in it 7/trim a lemon peel, squeeze it gently over the cocktail and put it inside.


Riva Enter Riva Brasserie and you'll feel like you're boarding a cruise ship, the restaurant’s sleek design exudes authentic marine details. Order up some seafood plates, and don’t hesitate to ask the mixologist to pair cocktails with your briny choices. Then raise anchor and cast off. Ahoy!





I like working with products that have a rich history on one hand, and yet a team that's constantly bringing innovation on the market. I've been using the range since my debuts and yet have seen no reason to change that!

Tiki Old Fashioned Created by Olivier Delaunoy

· 5 cl Plantation Gran Anejo Guatemala Belize · 0,5 cl Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao · 0,5 cl orgeat syrup · 3 dashes Angostura bitters · orange peel for garnish


Add all ingredients in a glass filled with ice cubes 2/stir and enjoy!


This is Not a Gin & Tonic Created by Olivier Delaunoy

· 5 cl Citadelle Gin · 10 cl Erasmus Bond Tonic Water · lemon peel and anis star for garsnish

Add the gin in a glass filled with ice cubes 2/top up with tonic 3/garnish with lemon peel and anis star. 1/


Anvers · Antwerpen



Bar Burbure Jurgen Lijcops' latest stroke of genius, Bar Burbure is the latest addition to Antwerp’s classy cocktail scene. Amidst gorgeous green tiles and modern copper fixtures, people can enjoy fashionable cocktails in the city's museum district. Pleasantly bathed in sunlight during the afternoon, the evening later delights while sipping on a rum Manhattan served in sophisticated stemware.






The stable quality of the products and diversity of the range make the Maison Ferrand portfolio a must have!

Pirate of the Carribean Created by Jurgen Lijcops

The Silver Gin Fizz Created by Jurgen Lijcops

· 5 cl Plantation XO 20th Anniversary rum · 2 cl Plantation Overproof rum · 3 dashes Angostura · 3 dashes chocolate bitters · 3 dashes orange bitters

Cool a glass 2/add all ingredients in a mixing glass 3/stir it like an old fashioned 4/strain in a copper glass and serve. 1/

· 5 cl of Citadelle Classique gin · 3 cl lime juice · 3 cl sugar syrup (1:1)

Shake 2/serve into a chill glass filled with ice cubes 3/top up with soda water 4/ garnish with a zest of lime. 1/

· soda water to top up

· 2 cl homemade orange syrup



Bijou Considered by many as the godfather of the Belgian cocktail scene, jedi master Ben Belmans, along with his sidekick and padawan Dieter Van Roy created Bijou, one of the latest additions to Antwerp’s vibrant bar scene. In a timeless design and atmosphere (just like the creators), you’ll find a beautiful selection of signature, classic, and bottle-aged cocktails, all prepared with unwavering passion and served in style ...





Maison Ferrand is situated in Grande Champagne, the very heart of the Cognac region with the best terroir, and it is the brainchild of one of the most charismatic gentlemen in the spirits industry, a man with a vision. He is surrounded by a very enthusiastic team of fine young people. Maison Ferrand is the perfect marriage between history and know-how, all ingredients are here for a truly great spirit. If this professionalism is combined with love and passion, the end result is not cognac, it is pure magic!

Ipanema Swizzle Created by Ben Belmans & Dieter Van Roy

· 3 cl Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac · 3 cl unsweetened (preferably fresh) passionfruit juice · 2 cl simple syrup (1:1) · 1 cl lemon juice · 3 cl ginger ale


Put all ingredients, except ginger ale, in a double old fashioned glass 2/fill half with crushed ice and swizzle 3/fill up with more crushed ice, add ginger ale and swizzle 4/fill up with crushed ice 5/ garnish with a mint sprig into the half of a passionfruit and 2 straws 6/repeat until satisfied! 1/

Géraldine Created by Ben Belmans & Dieter Van Roy

· 3 cl Pierre Ferrand Ambré cognac · 0,5 cl Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao · 1,5 cl Lustau PX San Emilio · 1,5 cl Amaro Montenegro · zest of an organic lemon

Stir until diluted for 50% and to a temperature of 0°C 2/take a Martini glass out of the freezer and spray absinthe into the glass 3/strain into the glass 4/spray the lemon zest over the glass and discard 5/garnish with the zest. Smile! 1/


Cocktails atNine In the shade of a centuries-old cathedral, smack in the historic heart of Antwerp, Cocktails at Nine is a stylish and sophisticated cocktail bar. Housed in a more than 200-year-old building, it is one of the pioneers of the thriving Belgian cocktail scene and has been serving unforgettable cocktails for 10 years.





Maison Ferrand products are simply a must stock behind any good bar. They've got some products that have no equivalent whatsover, and that is what makes the range so interesting.

This is Not a Rum Manhattan Created by Naushad Rahamat

· 4 cl Plantation Jamaica 2001 rum · 4 cl Carpano Antica Formula · 3 dashes Angostura bitters · orange zest

Pour all ingredients in a mixing glass 2/ add ice cubes 3/stir 4/strain the mix in an old fashioned glass 5/garnish with an orange zest. 1/

Cerealistic Created by Naushad Rahamat

· 4 cl Plantation Guyana 2005 rum

Served with a cereal chocolate bar

· 1 cl Plantation Overproof rum

(cereals covered with 5 spices and

· 1,5 cl Amer Picon · 1 cl homemade hazelnut syrup · 1 cl lemon juice · 5 cl milk

truffle cream) 1/  Shake all ingredients 2/garnish with the chocolate bar.

· 6 drops chocolate bitters



Jones &Co Alexander Jones may quite possibly be the youngest bartender to open his own cocktail bar in the country. At 21 years old, Alex has created a stellar cocktail menu worthy of a seasoned professional that includes original recipes, classic cocktails, homemade lemonades and exotic juices, as well as bitters all originally crafted inhouse. A laid-back, cosy atmosphere behind a rustic wooden door tops off the pleasant experience.





You’ll find Maison Ferrand products in our bar because they are well balanced and help you create a perfect classic cocktail. I'd even dare to say Plantation is one of my favorite rum brand. The brand doesn’t only look at the perfect product to bring to the bartenders but looks at what will intrigue us to innovate and allow us to always go further with our creations.

Isn’t That Cheesy

Fancy Victoria Created by Alexander Jones

Created by Alexander Jones

· 5 cl Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac · 4 cl homemade apple syrup · 3 cl lime juice · 100 gr soft goat cheese · 1 cl ginger juice · ginger ale


Shake all ingredients except the ginger ale 2/strain with a fine cocktail seive into a glass filled with cubed ice 3/ top up with ginger ale 4/garnish with dried apple and dried goat cheese. 1/

FOR 5 PEOPLE · 35 cl Plantation Stiggin's Fancy pineapple rum · 400 gr fresh pineapple · 70 gr powder sugar · 35 cl lime juice · 1 bar of milk chocolate

Peel and deheart the pineapple 2/add it in a blender with the powder sugar 3/ mix until smooth 4/add the Plantation Stiggin's Fancy pineapple rum and the lime juice into the blender and mix until blended 5/shake this mixture with ice in a shaker and pour in coupette glass 6/top up with chocolate. 1/


Mixing Tales Elected best Belgian bartender in 2014, Bruno Simons welcomes you in the friendliest manner to his colonial vs tiki decor bar. Choose the atmosphere you fancy the most, order handmade cocktails and tapas and take your mind off the everyday minutiae of life.






Frankly speaking, Maison Ferrand products all have a great value for cash. There's a wide variety of quality products, and the bottles are very appealing. Everyone I've met from Maison Ferrand is so friendly and dedicated to the house. And there's of course their lovely ambassador from Belgium.

Planters Kick Created by Bruno Simons

FOR 5 PEOPLE · 12,5 cl of Plantation 3 stars · 12,5 cl of Plantation Jamaica 2001 · 7,5 cl of Plantation Overproof · 12,5 cl of lime juice · 12,5 cl of fresh orange juice · 7,5 cl of orgeat syrup · 15 dashes of Angotura bitters


Mix all ingredients in a big bowl full of ice cubes 2/stirr 3/add lemon and orange weels.

Winter Colada Created by Bruno Simons


· 5 cl Plantation Original Dark rum


· 2 cl Vanilla liqueur 43


Shake all ingredients serve in a wine glass.



· 1,5 cl cinnamon syrup · 2 cl lime juice · 7,5 cl pineapple juice


Sips The very first cocktail bar to open in Belgium, Sips has been at the forefront of the cocktail revolution ever since. Today, the movement thrives and the cocktail lover is in fact spoiled. No longer a tiny, Burgundian beer and wine drinking country, cocktails have come home to rule the roost. Sips founder Manuel Wouters is simultaneously meticulous and classic, providing soul and perfection to his various concoctions. Rare ingredients top off his recipes impressing this uniquely Belgian spirits collection.





All-round variety in taste, consistent quality and value for money make Maison Ferrand products a must have behind every bar.

The Black Strap Created by Manuel Wouters & Wouter Pieters

· 4,5 cl Plantation Jamaica 2001 rum · 4,5 cl Plantation Panama 2004 rum · 1 pony of cinnamon syrup · 3 cl fresh orange juice · 3 cl pineapple juice · 1 cl pomegranate juice · a few dashes of Angostura bitters · black strap molasses


Take a slice of orange, dust it with sugarcane 2/slice a piece of pineapple and dip it in the black strap 3/add the remaining ingredients and shake the mixture 4/strain all into a large glass and decorate with orange and fresh mint 5/dust nutmeg on top for final spicy aroma. 1/

This is Not a Brandy Crust Created by Manuel Wouters & Wouter Pieters

· 6 cl of Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac · ½ barspoon of good bitters · 1 barspoon of Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao · juice of ½ a lemon

1/ Shake all ingredients 2/strain in a glass with granulated sugar rimmed straight up 3/garnish with a zest of an entire lemon.


The Dirty Rabbit Elected Best Bar Concept in 2015, the rock & roll Dirty Rabbit is a biker bar missing the bikers, a strip club without strippers where you can enjoy amazing cocktails hand-in-hand with finger-licking tasty bar food in an underground 1980s NYC style atmosphere. Here, normal is so fucking overrated so don’t be surprised to see a bottle thrown at the bartenders, wire racks have been provided for protection! Cheers! Here’s to expensive happiness! GENTPLAATS 1 · 2000 ANTWERPEN





I will always have products of Maison Ferrand on my backbar because I believe in the spirit behind the spirit! I visited Chateau de Bonbonnet two times now and I love the way people welcome you over there, with respect and love, and a pride to show the process behing their products. No secrets and no fake stories just the truth, if you taste the products you also taste this policy. Great products created with respect and care.

Bonbonnet Highball Created by Dries Botty

Punch Your Citadelle Created by Dries Botty

· 4 cl Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac · 2 cl hazelnut infused Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao · 1,5 cl mead (fermented honey) · 2 cl lemon juice · 4 cl yasmin soda


Shake and strain over ice in a highball glass 2/top up with yasmin soda. 1/

· 4 cl Citadelle Classique gin · 3 cl honey syrup (1:1) · 3 cl lemon juice · 2 cl orange juice · 3 cl bubbles

Mix the ingredients in a wine glass filled with ice 2/ top up with champagne 3/ garnish with an orange peel, a mint sprig and a twist of the pepper mill. 1/


Gand · Gent



Jigger’s Elected amongst the ten best bars in Europe by Mixology magazine in 2016, this speakeasy offers a modern twist on classic cocktails, prioritizing local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients. Being a noble Drugstore, Jiggers highlights the positive effects cocktails have on the body (‘if imbibed with moderation’ …    ) Don’t forget to ring the bell at the door or you’ll miss all the fun of the seasonal menu that reads more like a personal, secret diary.

OUDBURG 16 · 9000 GENT




Because working with Maison Ferrand isn't just about buying up products. It is working with a company that makes sense and offers a great selection of products tailored for bartenders.

This is Not a Bloody Mary

Created by Jesse den Dulk & Olivier Jacobs

· 5 cl Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac · 1 cl lemon juice · 5 cl tomato juice · beetroot juice · spices: tabasco, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce · celery stick for garnish


Add a rime of salt around the high ball glass 2/add the spices into the glass 3/fill the glass with big ice cubes 4/ add the cognac and the lemon juice 5/ then tomato juice until half of the glass 6/stir and top up with beetroot juice 7/ add the celerey stick for garnish.

Daiquiri Twist Created by Jesse den Dulk & Olivier Jacobs


· 3 cl Plantation Jamaica 2001 rum · 3 cl Panama 2004 rum · 2,5 cl fresh lemon juice · 1,5 cl homemade black strawberry syrup

Chill a cocktail glass 2/for the homemade black strawberry syrup, make it black by adding charcoal active - heated to such a point that it can never burn again 3/add all ingredients in a shaker 4/shake 5/strain 6/serve in the cocktail glass. 1/


The Drifter Welcome to the one and only tiki bar of Belgium. Exotic cocktails, pineapple haircuts, and bad jokes offered by Tom Neijens, founder, tikitender, master-drifter and head of sanitary service of the most tropical bar in Belgium's secret pearl, the valiant city of Gent.

OUDBURG 47 · 9000 GENT




In my tiki drinks, I need a big variety of rums and rumstyles. Plantation not only delivers that, but everything in the range is also of tremendous quality. Alexandre Gabriel surely understands what rum is about and what the barworld needs. He's always open to suggestions from bartenders and spirit connoisseurs. The best example for that is Plantation Stiggin's fancy pineapple rum, a wonderfull product conceived by David Wondrich and himself.

Pineapple Bird Created by Tom Neijens

· 3 cl Plantation Stiggin's Fancy pineapple rum · 2 cl Campari · 1 cl Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao 2 cl lime juice · 2 cl sugar syrup (1:1)

Combine all ingredients into an old fashioned glass 2/ add ice 3/ stir with your index finger, occasionaly lick your finger to check dilution 4/ garnish with a pineapple leaf.

Angry Bamboo


Created by Tom Neijens

· 4,5 cl Plantation Stiggin's Fancy pineapple rum · 2 cl Plantation St. Lucia 2004 · 1 cl Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao · 2 tbs homemade falernum · 2 cl lime juice · 1,5cl cinnamon syrup


· 3 cl grapefruit juice · pineapple leaf, pineapple limewedge and orchid for garnish 1/ Shake 2/serve in a mug filled with ice cubes 3/garnish and enjoy.


Uncle Babe’s At Uncle Babe’s you can enjoy exquisite burgers together with an American beer while your girlfriend sips a dry Martini prepared by one of the award winning bartenders. Here barrel-aged Pierre Ferrand cocktails stand alongside perhaps the most impressive collection of Mezcal and american whiskies in all of Belgium.





We like the fact that the Maison Ferrand team is constantly creating new products for us to work with. Whether it’s a new white rum or a traditional cognac, there’s always a new great spirit to discover and play with.

Clarified Barrel Aged Daiquiri Created by Jurgen Nobels & Vitas Van de Cauter

· 5 cl Plantation 3 Stars rum · 3 cl clarified lime juice · 2 cl simple syrup (1:1) · 1 bs arabic gum syrup


Start by asking Vitas or Jurgen how to make the clarified lime juice  2/batch this juice, rum and simple syrup in a 3l barrel of your choice 3/ monitor aging closely and take out the liquid from the barrel when you think it's ready 4/take 9 cl of mix, add 1 bs of arabic gum syrup 5/stir briskly for 20-25 seconds 6/serve in a prechilled coupe glass. Enjoy! 1/

Original Dark&Stormy Created by Jurgen Nobels & Vitas Van de Cauter

· 5 cl Plantation Original Dark rum · 1,5 cl lime juice (preferably strained through a fine sieve) · 3 dashes Angostura bitters

Put all ingredients in a long drink glass 2/ fill it with ice 3/ top up with ginger beer 4/ stir briefly 5/ garnish with a lime wedge and a sprig of mint. 1/

· 2 dashes chocolate bitters · ginger beer · Garnish: lime wedge and a sprig of mint


La côte · de Kust · die Küste



L’apereau Welcome to a proper NYC-style bar plopped down right next to the North Sea. Forget flip flops and bikini though, although you can smell the sea breeze, this is one of the classiest and most sophisticated cocktail bars in the country.





I'm one of the lucky ones who has been already twice to Chateau de Bonbonnet. Mister Gabriel is really a passionate person. I like that he brings old and well crafted products back on the market, such as a forgotten recipe from the citadelle of Dunkerke to make an extraordinary gin, or looking to recreate a prephylloxera cognac as the Pierre Ferrand 1840. He uses tradition with a modern twist to create toys for bartending boys & girls.

This is Not a Rum Old Fashioned ·

Created by Jeroen Van Hecke

· 4 cl Plantation Barbados 5 YO rum


· 1 cl Plantation Overproof rum


· 0,5 cl simple syrup · 0,5 cl falernum · dash Angostura bitters · orange zest for garnish

Add all ingredients in a tumbler stir for 45 seconds, with an ice bowl 3/ garnish with an orange zest 3/serve.

Cantaloupe Melon/Orange Created by Jeroen Van Hecke

· 4 cl Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac · 1 cl Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao · 1 cl orgeat · 3 cl lemon

Shake all ingredients 2/fine strain over crushed ice in a red wine glass 3/ top up with tonic 4/garnish with melon, orange zest and lavender 1/

· 3 cl melon syrup · 5 cl lavender & orange blossom tonic · melon, orange zest & lavender for garnish



Sofie’s Living Room A bar name has never been this intimate, and Sofie Ketels welcomes you with open arms in her art deco living room where she serves you sophisticated and delicate cocktails. Feminine, warm, and welcoming, the atmosphere reflects the genuine personality of its lovely hostess.






Being in the cocktail industry for a while, my first 'love' was the Mojito. Many years back, I won a price for best Mojito of Belgium and I still have a special feeling with this cocktail. I love to work with the Plantation 3 Stars as much as with the Original Dark, and won't hesitate to kick a little Overproof in my drinks. These are great rums, and eventhough the company is growing, the products never seem to compromise in quality. And we like that!

Piña Paloma Created by Sofie Ketels

· 4 cl Plantation Stiggin's Fancy pineapple rum · 1 cl Singleton of Dufftown · 3 cl lime juice · 2 cl homemade Victoria pineapple syrup · 1 pinch seasalt · 3 dashes Peychaud's bitters

1/  Put all ingredients in a shaker 2/shake hard with lots of very cold ice for 15 seconds 3/double strain in a prechilled coupe 4/add one fysali on the rim 5/garnish with a cinnamon stick that you light, putting the burning side in the glass. Smile and serve!

Smokey Mojito Delight Created by Sofie Ketels

· 4 cl Plantation Original Dark rum · 1 cl Plantation Overproof rum · 3 cl lime juice · 2,5 cl simple syrup · 1 pinch of seasalt · 1 egg white · 12 mint sprigs + 1 head for garnish · 1 tsp of sugarcane · thyme + lighter


Muddle the mint leaves with the sugar to pesto 2/add the eggwhite, seasalt, rum, lime, simple syrup in the mixing glass 3/ shake very hard for about 1 min. with 2 hard icecubes 4/double strain in a prechilled coupe 5/add mintsprig on top. To impress: Smoke under a glass hood, you can also smoke the glass upside down above thyme on a plate that you lite ... 1/


The Pharmacy With its other worldly atmosphere, The Pharmacy delightfully mixes antique furnitures, oriental carpets, and centuries-old exotic wood with innovative and cutting-edge cocktails. Created by award-winning Hannah, her brother and pineapple society member Ran, and their father and visionary Jan. The revolving menu every month reflects the varied colors, flavors, and experiences from across the globe.





The reason I love to work with the Maison Ferrand products is because they are so versatile and made with a lot of attention to details. They blend perfectly in drinks but are also a delight to drink by themselves. Just a latest example is the release of the magnificent Plantation Stiggin's Fancy pineapple rum, my new favourite sipper. Whatever bar program you’re running, use the Maison Ferrand products, and you’ll never let your costumers down!

This is Not a Beer Created by Ran Van Ongevalle

The Essential Drink

Created by Ran Van Ongevalle

· 5 cl Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac · 5 cl homemade chamomille & bergamot cordial · 1 cl Pekoe Ceylon liqueur · 1/2 eggwhite · a splash of ginger beer


Dry shake all ingredients except the ginger beer 2/shake 3/strain 4/serve in a highball 5/top up with ginger beer. 1/

· 6 cl Plantation Stiggin's Fancy pineapple rum · 1 cl sugar cane syrup · 2 dashes of absinthe or pastis

Combine in an old fashioned glass with ice cubes 2/stir 3/add chocolate for garnish. 1/

· 1 tsp of Dry Fino sherry · 1 piece of chocolate for garnish








Au revoir

Chateau de Bonbonnet 16130 Ars ¡ France

Edited by Maison Ferrand 2016 Photos : Evy Ottermans Design & print : Publishing Director: Géraldine de Decker

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