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Executive Summary Key Challenges Glidden paint offers a rich tradition of innovation and color inspiration, having consistently embodied quality and performance for generations of customers. Gliddens biggest challenge is not building their brand reputation but building brand awareness within Walmart. This is a big challenge because many consumers are not aware that Walmart has a paint department or if they are aware they do not think of Walmart as a place to buy their paint. A lot of consumers feel more comfortable purchasing their paint from a home improvement store such as Lowes or Home Depot because that is their area of expertise. Glidden not only needs to have consumers perceive their paint as high quality but also Walmart as a quality place to buy their paint. Target Market There are three segments identified as their target audience for the paint business within Walmart. As a whole these three segments need simple solutions to painting and decorating that meet their lifestyle and budget needs. Segment 1: Renting DIY shoppers. These shoppers are female millenials who shop at Walmart for many products including home. They are eager to put their own stamp on their rentals, however they are the least experienced in painting and the most budget constrained. Due to their lack of experience they are less confident and rely on more traditional paint retailers like home centers and paint stores who have better service and more knowledgeable associates. Segment 2: Current Walmart paint shoppers. Current Walmart paint shoppers are loyal with 72% buying Walmart paint most often. They are usually young families with lower incomes, simple and affordable decorating projects with a family emphasis. Segment 3: DIYer’s shopping Walmart home but not paint. These shoppers are older, usually baby boomers who appreciate the convenience and value that Walmart offers. They are experienced painters who paint for more functional versus asthetic reasons. They need to be assured that Walmart offers a national brand with good quality that will last. Big Idea The apparent problem with Glidden started with their tagline,“Glidden gets you going”. The tagline itself is very generic and vague. It could have described a number of products and did not add to Gliddens brand perception. Glidden needed to rebrand itself from being “my grandpa’s paint” which offered an “old fashioned” color palette. However, the brand was also lacking due to being perceived as poor quality from both consumers and store associates. “Glidden your world” is a tagline which embodies all that Glidden strives to be associated with. This tagline speaks to each one of Gliddens target segments in different ways. For millenials it invokes inspiration and creativity which is what they look for in a brand of paint. As for young families it is represented as lifestyle changes in their world such as a getting married, moving into your first house, or bringing home a baby into its new nursery. Finally, the last target segment sees this tagline as a way for Glidden to stand behind their brand and represent quality.


History of Glidden The Glidden paint brand traces its roots back to 1875 when 42-year-old Francis Harrington Glidden began a varnishmaking business in Cleveland, Ohio. Seventeen years later, he incorporated the company under the name the Glidden Varnish Company. (Glidden website) Glidden began to grow and evolve and on the verge of the Great Depression, Glidden formed a conglomerate which was able to purchase smaller companies disadvantaged by the economic turmoil. Throughout the 1920’s and early 1930’s, Glidden aquired Voco Nut Oil Products, Inc. Wisconsin Food Products Co., Troco Co. of Illinois, Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co.’s vegetable oil refinery, and E.R Manufacturing Co. It was in 1934 that Glidden branched out into the soybean business, by building a soybean oil extraction plant in Chicago. The operations were incorporated as Glidden’s Holland Mills, Inc. subsidiary three years later. The versatile soybean business complemented both the paint and food operations: soybean oil was used in the production of paint and linoeleum as well as in margarine. Futhermore, Glidden was one of only two American companies licensed to use a German process for producing lecithin, a soybean oil byproduct used by paint and rubber as well as candy and margarine makers. By the mid 1940s, Glidden had developed a full line of soy-protein and water-based paints. In 1948, Glidden revolutionized the consumer paint industry with the introduction of of its first water-bone latex paint called SPRED ® SATIN. The invention of latex paint reduced the use of petroleum-based solvent in paints by about 90 percent. After a year of limited distribution, SPRED ® SATIN was introduced nationally with ads in the September issue of Life magazine. Consumers bought 100,000 gallons of SPRED ® SATIN in 1948, and within three years that figure had skyrocketed to 3.5 million gallons. SPRED ® SATIN would remain a leading brand for over 40 years. Paint drove Glidden’s sales to $188.61 million in 1950. Glidden shored up its retail distribution network in the 1950s with the purchase of several sales outlets and paint plants. Glidden continued its pattern of acquiring smaller companies in the 1950s with E.W Colledge G.S.A. Inc., Mound City Paint & Color Co., Atlas Powder Co., and General Paint Corp. The General Paint acquistion included paints in Tulsa, OK and Portland, OR as well as 21 retail branches. It was in 1955 that Glidden organized a new subsidiary to license, manufacture, and distrbute Glidden products outside of North America. By the end of the decade, paint accounted for 46 percent of Glidden’s sales, while the food and chemical operations contributed 40 percent and 14 percent, respectively. By the late 1970s, Glidden had captured ten percent of the consumer paint market despite competition from 600 rivals. The company’s paints stood fourth among leading manufacturers, behind Sears, Roebuck & Co. , Sherwin-Williams, and Pittsburgh Paint & Glass. The company was number three in trade sales to contractors. It was in the mid 1980s, that Glidden’s paint shipments grew seven percent annually, or twice the U.S industry average at the time.


History of Glidden Glidden once again revolutionized the paint industry by introducing Rustmaster Pro corrosion-resistant paint. This revolutionary water-soluable vinyl resin protected metal by first creating a barrier imprevious to water and oxygen, then by promoting a chemical reaction at the surface of the metal, inhibiting oxidation. The coating, which was made available only to industrial contractors stood up to 10,000 hours of exposure in a salt-spray chamber at 100 degrees Farenheit. Glidden’s ten years of research had resulted in a coating that one technician called “Saran Wrap for steel” in a June 1988 Chemical Week article. While this advance was remarkable, some industry analysts observed that the paint’s resilience would diminish the second-purchase market. Reduced paint and solvent consumption slowed the paint industry to average growth of about two percent annually in the late 80s. Rauch Associates, a specialty research company for the paint industry predicted near-term growth to slo even further to 1.2 percent. These dismal figures urged Glidden to increase it’s advertising spending into the early 1990s. Glidden doubled its media budget ot $12 million in the hopes of increasing its number-one share of the consumer market from 13.6 percent. Television ads by Cleveland’s Meldrum & Fewsmith agency featured witty musicial renditions of popular songs like “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” and “Stormy Weather” as well as National Football League tie-ins, and won the agency an award. It was in 1991 that Glidden brand Lifemaster ® paint and Glidden brand SPREAD ® paint were tge first no volatile organize compounds (VOC) paints on the market. In 1993, Glidden introduced the first exterior paint with the ability to be used below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Throughout the late 90s Glidden researched environmentally friendly paints. They introduced SPREAD 2000 ® and its professional counterpart, Lifemaster 2000 ®, a virtually odorless paint with no petroleum-based solvents or VOC compounds, a first of its kind to be offered in the United States. The move marked a trend in the paint industry toward more environmentally friendly safe paints, but was not a total success to rescue the paint business’ doldrums. In 2003, Glidden introduced EZ Track ® Technology “Pink to White” ceiling paint, a special formula that goes on pink for visibility, but dries a classic white. It was in 2007, that Glidden was acquired by Akzo-Nobel. In 2011, Glidden introduced Gel-Flow ® Technology which fills and covers wood grain and minor surface imperfections to provide an exceptional high gloss, no brush mak finish to trim and doors. In 2012, Glidden introduced the industry’s first multi-purpose paint: Glidden paint Performance Edge TM paint fills small blemishes, such as nail holes and hairline cracks while painting.


Walmart Walmart Walmart was founded in 1962 when Sam Walton opened the first discount store in Rogers, Arkansas. Walton’s mission was to help people save money and help them live better, this is still Walmart’s mission today. Over the years, Walmart grew from 276 in 11 states at the end of the 1960s, to over 4253 Walmart stores in every state except for Alaska. Today, Walmart is the largest retailer serving over 200 million customers per week, at 10, 130 stores internationally. Walmart’s fiscal sales for 2012 were approximately $444 billion. Walmart employs more than 2 million associates worldwide, 1.4 million of that in the United States alone. Walmart and the Paint Department Two-thirds of DIYers are aware of Walmart as a paint retailer, this awareness has not converted to higher levels of consideration, which impact other downstream elements of the purchase funnel as shown below. The difference is apparent when Walmart is compared to home improvement stores like The Home Depot or Lowe’s.


Industry Analysis Industry Overview • The United States accounts for 17.1% of the global paint and coatings market value • The United States paint and coatings market grew by 9.3% in 2010, to reach a value of $17 billion dollars • The United States paint and coatings market is forecasted to have a value of $21 billion dollars by 2015 • The United States paint and coatings market volume grew by 6.5% to reach a volume of 5,565 thousand tons • The United States paint and coatings market volume is forecasted to have a volume of 6,403 thousand tons, an increase of 15.1% since 2010 Industry Factors Environmental The paint and coatings industry is one that is sensitive to the environmental concerns raised by government regulations and policies. Specifically, the United States’ Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) banned lead paint in 1977. As of 2009, the CPSC also changed the amount of lead that is allowed in regular consumer paint products from .06% to .009%. Many paint and coatings manufacturers are joining the plight to go green, with creating paints which have low volatile organic compounds or VOC. VOC are gases emited by liquids or gases which can have short and long term adverse health effects. Low VOC levels actually improve indoor air quality and reduce urban smog. (National Center.) Macroeconomic The paint and coatings industry is one that is sensitive to several macroeconomic factors. The first factor which faces the paint and coatings industry is the squeeze between oil companies and big box companies. When comparing the profitability and market cap from twenty years ago, oil producers and larger retailers have significantly grown. While at the same time, many paint and coating manufacturers have not seen drastic growth in margins or market cap. The industry is also experiencing tightening supply and growing demand. (Cook.) The second factor is that many paint products are petroleum-based derivatives, minerals, and metals. Under normal market conditions, these materials are generally available from one or more suppliers on teh open market. However, due to the recent hike in the price of oil rising, the cost and availability can fluctuate significantly, which could impair paint and coating manufacturer’s ability to procure the necessary materials, or increase the cost of manufacturing the cost of its products. The volatile cyclical market with products could negatively impact many paint and coating manufacturers if they are unable to keep up with the demand. (Market Line.)


Glidden & Competitors

Slogan: “Glidden Your World” Market Share: 13% Ad Spending: $10 million


Slogan: “Cover the Earth” Market Share:15.1% Ad Spending: $40 million

Slogan: “if it matters, we’re on it” Market Share: 10% Ad Spending: $30 million

Slogan: “Good, Better, Behr.” Market Share: 12% Ad Spending: $30 million

Slogan: “Insist on Olympic” Market Share: 10% Ad Spending: $5 million

Slogan: “We Will Match It” Market Share: >10% Ad Spending: $15 million

Glidden SWOT Analysis Strengths


• • • •

Size and Scale Advantages Provides Leading Position in Market Comprehensive product portfolio provides strong revenue mix Integrated business yielding cost and distribution efficiencies Strong Branding Association

• • • • • •

Inability to Contain and Resolve Antitrust Cases Customer Tastes and Perceptions Change Very Quickly Walmart is not Percieved as a Quality Retailer Walmart does not have Qualified Paint Associates Glidden only offers 288 colors Large Working Capital Required

• •

Strategic Acquisition from PPG to Akzo Nobel Provides Growth Exclusively being offered at the Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer Emerging Possibilties Outside of the U.S in Brazil and India

• • • • •

Reliance on Petroleum Based Materials Government Regulations could put Pressure on Operating Profit Risk Variables to Rise as Brand Expands Macroeconomic Factors Competitors




Cultural Environment Due to the economic recession that the United States has been in for the last five years, the real estate market has been hit hard. The lack of confidence in the housing market is leading many homeowners to turn to renovation and remodeling. According to Mitch Hochberg, a principal at New York City based Madden Real Estate Ventures stated that “People don’t want to sell now because the market is so depressed. They feel the smarter investment would be to put money into their current house that they will hopefully be able to recover when the market turns around.” (Handley, Meg) The psychology has changed from new construction to more on remodeling and getting the most value out of products. In a survey done for Better Homes and Gardens magazine, • 61% of consumers said it was important to get the most bang for your buck. • 56% of people said they’d spend more time looking for bargains.

According to a study done by Bank of America in 2012 stated that: • 70% of mass affluent Americans took on home improvement projects last year, • 84% of 18-to-34-year olds took on a project in the last year. • 77% of 35-to-50-year-olds were more likely to do these home improvement projects. • 70% of 51-to-64-year-olds were more likely to do these home improvement projects • 60% of those 65 and older were more likely to do these home improvement projects. (Bank of America)

Zeitgeist, which is the German word for (spirit of the age, or spirit of the time) is attributed to the philosopher Geog Hegel. Hegel believed that art reflected, by its very nature, the time of culture it was created. That being said, large consumer companies like Pantone, Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc. choose colors for the year which are reflected in the color choices by the company. For 2012, companies like Farrow & Ball explained their bright color palette by stating that “In the present economic climate, blocks of strong color and contrasts can give you a boost and make you smile.” Other companies like Behr stated that “People are looking for anything that will lift their spirits these days. The goal is to reinvent traditional decor to emulate a light-hearted, slightly whimsical tone to a space.”


Cultural Environment DIY Paint Project Cycle Peak painting seasons tends to be from May to October and there is a lot of retailer discounting and promotional activity in the run up to holiday weekends like Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and Columbus Day. At the retailer like Walmart, where paint isn’t yet a major driver of foot traffic to the store, there may be opportunity for inspiring painting occasions around its key promotional periods (e.g., Holiday, Back-to-School, etc. )


Market Analysis Do-It-Your-Selfers Glidden’s first target consumer is a DIYer(Do-It-Your-Selfers) who can be described as: aesthetic, imaginative, and ambitious. They are also more responsive to help and guidance when it comes to not being knowledgeable in a field. There are many factors that helped Glidden to form this target consumer persona. First of all, DIYers make up for an estimated 45% of all paint sales. Another important factor is that the DIY business favors “big box” home centers, or supercenters, just like Walmart. This is because they know from research that most shoppers who are purchasing paint from stores like Walmart are doing it with the intentions of using it on a DIY home decor project. Understanding the demographics of DIYers is the key to successfully reaching the market of consumers that will potentially purchase Glidden paint from Walmart. This group, while it has smaller household income is focused about refurbishing furniture and painting their apartments to “make it their own.”This group tends to be female, millenial renters who are somewhat budget constrained. They already shop at Walmart for various products including housewares. They are eager to style their rentals yet they are the least experienced when it comes to paint. They are looking for rental friendly solutions and a knowledgeable staff. Starting out, it would be best for them to work on a simple project that could boost their confidence in painting. DIYers are crucial to Glidden’s success at Walmart.

• 66% of the DIY population know that Walmart sells paint. • 23% of DIYers take Walmart’s paint into consideration while thinking of purchasing • 5% of DIYers actually purchase paint from Walmart. • 4% of DIYers would be willing to recommend Walmart as a paint retailer. • 9% of Walmart’s target consumers purchase paint there. • 23% of this group has rated Walmart as excellent/good • 51% feel paint quality is less of an issue.

This means that although they appreciate the convenience and affordability, Walmart has to work the most on raising awareness and driving consideration with DIYers. Demographics Skew vs DIYer Overall: Younger, Generation Y Female Lower Income Renters


Walmart Attitudes:

Key DIY Values:

Competitive Shopping:

Convenient location Offers other products Meets budgets Paint quality not an issue

Enjoys painting, decor, creativity Eager, experimental Less experienced, less confident Not perfectionist

The Home Depot 66% Lowe’s


Sherwin-Williams 23%

Market Analysis Current Walmart Shoppers -- Family Focused The second group in our target audience is the current Walmart paint shoppers. The key is the fact that this group is already in Walmart shopping for the majority of their groceries, electronics, and other needs. As young families with lower incomes, simple and affordable decorating projects with a family emphasis should be the focus. This would include children’s room redos and one day projects that have a big impact, such as an accent wall or furniture makeovers. • 72% of them buy Walmart paint more than any other retailer’s paint. • 77% of them rate Walmart as excellent/good.


Market Analysis DIYers Shopping Walmart Home, but not Paint DIYers who are shopping at Walmart, especially in the home department are considered to belong to the baby boomer generation. Baby boomers were the exception to the slow growth of home renovations since 2007. They helped to prople the natonal homeownership rate to historical highs. These long-time homeowners have continued to spend on home improvement, using their established home equity. They’ve got power in numbers, and now more than ever they are making an impact on home improvement. Homeowners older than age 55 accounted for about one-third of the housing turnover in the United States between 1997 and 2007. As baby boomers hit retirement age in the next two decades, this number will continue to grow stronger. In turn, they will make lifestyle changes, either by moving, or updating existing homes to reflect their changed needs. The housing turnover generates home improvement activity; sellers make improvements to attract buyers, and buyers make updates after the sale to make the home their own. These older shoppers appreciate the convenience and value that Walmart offers. However, as experienced painters who paint for more functional vs. aesthetic reasons, they need to be assured that Walmart offers a national brand with good quality that will last. They have two paths to painting projects; one is maintenance that can be activated with messages around getting it done quicker and clean/refresh payoffs. The second is simple and affordable decorating with Walmart as your one stop for home goods and paint for a quick home renovation.


Objectives Marketing Objectives • Increase market share by 5% over the five month campaign • Increase Walmart’s paint sales by 15% Marketing Strategy We will achieve this goals through a targeted media strategy and strategic creative executions. Advertising Objectives • Increase awareness of the paint department at Walmart • Increase percieved quality of Glidden Paint and of Walmart’s paint department Advertising Strategy Our media strategy and creative executions have been specifically tailored to reach our three target markets in the ways that it will interest them the most, and all push Walmart as a convenient paint supplier that carries a quality, affordable paint in Glidden.


Creative Brief Creative Work Plan Glidden Paint KEY FACT: Glidden Paint is a quality brand of paint that is sold exclusively in Walmart stores throughout the United States, making it an easy-to-get and affordable paint for consumers to purchase. TARGET MARKET Segment 1: Renting DIY Shoppers These shoppers are female Millennials who shop for many products including those for the home. They are the least experienced, least confident, and most budget constrained, but are the most eager to take on painting projects. Segment 2: Current Walmart Paint Shoppers These shoppers are already loyal, with 72% buying Walmart paint most often. They are young families with lower incomes, so simple and affordable projects are a strong focus. Segment 3: DIYers Shopping Wal-Mart Home, but not Paint These older shoppers appreciate the convenience and value Walmart offers. However, they need to be assured that Walmart offers a national brand with good quality that will last. KEY PROMISE: Glidden Paint is the most accessible and most affordable paint to any Walmart shopper KEY COMPETITION: Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Olympic,Valspar, Benjamin Moore BIG IDEA: “Glidden Your World” REASONING: “Glidden your world” is a tagline which embodies all that Glidden strives to be associated with. This tagline speaks to each one of Gliddens target segments in different ways. For millenials it invokes inspiration and creativity which is what they look for in a brand of paint. As for young families it is represented as lifestyle changes in their world such as a getting married, moving into your first house, or bringing home a baby into its new nursery. Finally, the last target segment sees this tagline as a way for Glidden to stand behind their brand and represent quality.


Television Glidden’s television advertisement is a 30 second spot that will run throughout the entirety of the 5 month summer campaign. The tone of the spot is a joyous self awaness of Glidden, and is meant to spark immediate interest among viewers. It focuses on the fact that paint is a visual product, which is why there is barely any audio whatsoever in the beginning of the spot. The spot features music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, specifically his 1812 Overture. This is a recognizeable song by all three target markets of this campaign, as will grab viewers attention. The call to action comes at the end of the spot, reminding viewers that Glidden Paint is available at their local Walmart stores and prompting them to visit Glidden’s social media pages.






Audio: VO: We could get your attention with a catchy pop song. MUSIC: Low hum, almost silence.

Audio: VO: We could show you some big words that are brightly colored. MUSIC: Low hum, almost silence.

Audio: VO: But if we did that, you wouldn’t get to see the quiet quality... the silent beauty that coats your room when you use Glidden Paint. MUSIC: Low hum, almost silence.

Glidden your world




Audio: VO: Or, we could do this. MUSIC: Upon VO line being spoken, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture begins playing at the 14.:22 mark of the full overture.

Audio: MUSIC: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture continues.

Video: THE FULL SHOT CUTS TO A STILL OF THE GLIDDEN LOGO AND TAGLINE AND WALMART LOGO SIDE-BY-SIDE. Audio: MUSIC: 1812 Overture ends triumphantly. VO: Glidden Paint, available at your local Walmart!

Print Glidden’s magazine print ad exists in two forms: A two page spread and a one page spread. For two page media insertions, both of the below spreads are to be used. For one page media insertions, the right spread below is to be used. The tone of the advertising is warm and seasonal, meant to match the readers want to be rid of the winter months and to welcome the summer months. It features the Big Idea,“Glidden Your World”, as well as Glidden and Walmart Logos and prompts to Glidden’s social media pages.


Social Media - Pinterest Glidden will be utilizing the social media platform Pinterest to engage with potential customers and existing customers by offering a “Dream Room� contest. Contestants will create a pin board on Pinterest inspired by a Glidden paint chip, in regards to their dream room. If they win, Glidden will come in and do a room makeover similar to what was pinned on the board.


Social Media - Facebook Glidden will be utilizing the social media platform Facebook to engage with potential customers and existing customers, by answering questions and responding to comments and concerns. They also will be offering a “Ugly Room Challenge� . Contestants will like the Glidden page, and then upload their ugly room photos, and tell have their friends like their photo to increase their chances of winning. The photo with the most likes wins a Walmart shopping spree to redo their ugly room.


Digital & Mobile Glidden on the Go Glidden on the Go is their current mobile application. This app connects customers with multiple do-it-yourself painting tips and inspiration tools. These tools include color matching, the ability to save a color or color scheme, product guidance, and a store locator. Glidden will continue with this mobile app throughout the campaign and update it as needed.

Glidden Website Currently, Glidden has a very interactive website which not only informs you of who they are and what products they make, but there’s also inspiration for ideas, painting FAQ’s, and an interactive tool that helps you visualize the color before you buy it. They will continue to use this website during the campaign but they will update it with the new creative strategy, promote the in store promotions Glidden will be running in Walmart, and promote all of the partnerships and sponserships Glidden will be participating in.


In-Store Promotions Walmart Shopping Carts As part of their in store promotions, Glidden will utilize Walmart’s shopping carts as a media vehicle. By placing advertisments on the shopping carts handle Glidden is not only promoting their brand but also getting the consumer to visit Walmart’s paint department, which is half the battle.

Walmart Paint Decals Along with their other in store promotion, Glidden will have vinyl graphics throughout Walmart highlighting Glidden as a paint brand and Walmart’s paint department. These eye catching decals will be key in getting the consumers to visit the paint department or at least to think about Glidden while they are out shopping.


In-Store Workshops One problem that Glidden has to overcome is the perception that people have of Walmart. People do not perceive Walmart as a store to buy their paint from because consumers do not see Walmart as a store that focuses on quality. In order to overcome this problem Glidden is going to be holding paint workshops every week for three of the five months of the campaign. These workshops will work as a guide for those customers that are not very familiar with painting or knowledgeable, which speaks directly to two of their target markets. They will essentially be a way for Glidden to show off their paint and prove to their consumers that Walmart is the best place to go for all of their painting needs. The workshops will be held by a Walmart paint employee who will be trained to know everything about paint, from the type of sheen to use all the way to what type of roller cover you would use to paint the room.This will make the customers perceive Walmart as the place to go for paint expertise. Their will be two workshops, one focuses on paint types and the other focuses on the application of the paint. Glidden will switch the workshops every week, in order to guarantee customers maximum learning opportunity. The first workshop will start with 5 stations for each type of sheen of paint. This is very important because picking the right sheen of paint is just as important as the color of the paint. The second workshop will focus on the application of the paint. This will be very important because in order to get maximum coverage out of your paint you need to know how to apply it properly. This workshop will also have different stations where people can try out the different roller covers and paint brushes to see how to use them and what type you should use with each paint. These workshops will not only make Glidden look good but it will also make Walmart look more like a home improvment expert.


Outdoor Walmart Giant Paint Can One of Gliddens more unique advertising vehicles will be their outdoor promotion. This will consist of a giant paint can that has been spilt over on top of a Walmart store. There will be vinyl graphics on the brick building to make it look like the paint that was in the paint can dripped all over the Walmart store. The graphic will have a bid to action that will get customers to visit Walmart’s paint department. This also ties in with our in store promotions because on the inside of the store there will be more vinyl graphics that also lead you to the paint department. The whole point for these store promotions is to get current Walmart shoppers to know that Walmart actually has a paint department and for those people to visit it.


Sponsorships Glidden will be sponsoring the event called Save the Arts. This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping public school districts sustain and create Arts Programs. Glidden will be giving $500,000 towards art supplies for all types of art including drawing, painting, sculpture, and dance.

Life in Color is “The worlds largest paint party�. Glidden will be giving them $50,000 towards all of their paint that they use during the event. This is especially geared towards millenials since it reaches around 4,000 people per concert.


Partnerships Glidden will be partnering with Habitat for Humanity by donating $400,000 worth of paint which will equal out to be about 13,000 gallons of paint. This will be put towards making simple, decent, and affordable houses for low income households. These houses on average are about 2,000 square feet and would require about 5-8 gallons of paint per house. This means that Glidden will be able to help completely paint over 2,600 houses.

Glidden will also be continuing their colorful classrooms contest throughout this five month campaign. This contest consists of Glidden donating up to 200 gallons to transform one lucky elementary school into a brighter, more colorful place to learn and grow. Any elementary school can win, whether public, private or charter.


Media Budget Media Objectives • Acheive 30% awareness of a Walmart paint department through traditional and nontraditional media throughout the five month span of the campaign. • Achieve synergy via multiple impressions through a cohesive media platform. • Deliver our message to our target markets with continuous amount of advertising activity throughout the five month span of the campaign.

Social Media Sponsorships

Store Promos


$4,100,000 $2,100,000 $2,100,000

Print Outdoor

$500,000 $550,000


$250,000 $150,000


Media Strategy Glidden will use a strategic and cohesive media plan that will be relatable to all three of their target markets. They will do this by using a mix of traditional and nontraditional media vehicles. They will not only use these vehicles to acheive their own brand awareness but Walmarts’ as well. One of the key components to this media plan is the store promotions, outdoor as well as indoor, which will not only bring attention to Walmart and its paint department, but Glidden as the consumers top choice of paint. Glidden will also utilize traditional media, such as television and print, to attract two of their three target markets, young families and baby boomers. Social media will be utilized as an interactive vehicle to connect with their last target market--millenials. They will reach all three markets through the selective use of sponsorships and partnerships.


Media Schedule


Evaluation Marketing Objective: Increase market share by 5% over the five month campaign. Evaluation: Compare the market share before the campaign began and after it ends.

Marketing Objective: Increase Walmart’s paint sales by 15%. Evaluation: Compare Walmart’s paint sales before and after the campaign.

Advertising Objective: Increase awareness of the paint department at Walmart. Evaluation: Focus groups will be conducted in order to determine the impact of the campaign and our media strategies on the consumers awareness of the paint department.

Advertising Objective: Increase percieved quality of Glidden Paint and of Walmart’s paint department Evaluation: We will conduct an evaluation of the campaign’s creative executions in order to see whether or not the consumers perception of Glidden and Walmart has increased in terms of the amount of quality.


Sources Christensen, S. (2011, 05 06). How baby boomers will grow the home improvement market. Retrieved from improvement-home-improvement/5/6/2011/id/34377 Market Line Advantage Dow’s phil cook addresses economic factors affecting the coatings industry. (2005, 05 01). Paint & Coating Industry. Retrieved from addresses-economic-factors-affecting-the-coatings-industry Paint and coatings: impact, risks, and regulations. (04, 08 11). Retrieved from ERI/new/IRRpaintcoating.htm (Handley, Meg.“Why homeowners are staying put renovation projects becoming increasingly popular amid housing-market woes” MSN Real Easte. MSN 23 07 2011. Web. 24 Sep 2012. <>.) (Mass Affluent Americans Push Retire Date and Take Steps to Get on Track in Greater Numbers.” Bank of America. Bank of America, 26/04/2012. Web. 24 Sep 2012.)


Campaigns Class  

Our final book for our Fall 2012 campaigns class

Campaigns Class  

Our final book for our Fall 2012 campaigns class