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"I got up and walked out. I began my walk home. So that’s what they wanted: lies. Beautiful lies. That’s what they needed. People were fools. It was going to be easy for me now. " (pause) It began in a very large rectangular Convention Center, loosely resembling the MCI or Verizon Center in Washington DC. Everyone was being shuttled there due to some imminent disaster. Nobody knew what is was, and I suspected an airborne disease. Everybody was hanging out in the lost rectangle as it bordered the sea and the lines of evacuees snaked along side the large rectangle. I was with some friends and really wanted cigarettes and beer. Even though you couldn’t go outside and there were no walls in the MCI center I was just a little scared and found a backdoor that opened to the street and just then a 24 hour Asian mart turned its lights on. I go out the door and run up to the store, helicopters and army aircrafts are flying around. Inside the store I grab two forties and go behind the counter and get a pack of cigarettes. I think about stealing. I think about stealing them but hear an old Asian lady rustling around back somewhere and decided to wait. She is real slow and I look at some lottery tickets. The whole bill turns out to be really expensive and confusing, I say forget the lottery tickets and it turns out I don’t have any money and I leave. Out the door I find thirteen dollars in my pocket and turn to see the army cops shutting down the Asian mart. Not mad but disappointed I head back to the convention center. Doom is certain. It would be fine if we could smoke cigarettes in here. I think that dream is about the little things.

Lawn mower bring change. I like the new which is old. More side-dired dis eye er desired Good know sue. No sure thing Believe me when I say don’t look Don’t look I said even if it is the street You should follow me or retrace my footsteps Do most all everything over again Repearted repeater repeated re pete, peter Breaking a first rule is a good way to run into a second Instruction dor ford dor four door, girls know how to behave at lunch And this is why I could for me have A Berret better bette r better eyedia whats goin on Dead dear mydear Scarcely worth little trouble or lunchin Bye old boy or sick puppy. (Pause) Make you own destiny and Watch where you step Same thing, beatle, noun, and crash, joke, money, infant, insect, loophole, Marriage, fourteen, because, callus, gentle, honey, cremate, sober, casual, red head, werat, half way there, bonkers Gouda dyl, bouncer, fantasy, finally, firstly im thirsty, ding, conjunction, treaty, upper, pizza, mandate, relay, cacophony, earing, under, pantomime, boost, cake, warm, pearls, one, Glass breaking underwater

LEKT CEDAR KAE NEPAL C-ROT VOY BAAL FISHY I once thought I saw BAAL. He’s a legend of sorts or something. Maybe he’s just another loser, but I thought I saw him. I was looking out the window riding the light rail. We were somewhere near West Port and I saw a man standing on the freight tracks near by. As the train passed him he began running. Sprinting in his layers, a large man, his silhouette rounded. I thought that was BAAL, I just did. GATOR CHE MOE GUN I woke up in Wyoming and forgot where I was. I went outside into the parking lot of the Brick Yard Inn and looked for a soda machine. It was very cold and I wasn’t wearing a jacket. I walked farther from the parking lot. There was nothing around, I kept walking and saw a cop. I felt the wind and the cold and turned around. There was nothing here. The parking lot, the street, the eventual highway… It was fifty bucks a night and seven hundred for the month. Earlier that night we pulled into the parking lot thinking it would be the cheapest motel around. I popped out of the car to check it out. I peered through the window into the dark office, I was about to think no one was home when I saw a little sign tapped to the door. Ring the bell for late night assistance. I thought “Oh” and touched the black button gently and looked at XXX in the car. Then slowly from the dark office a door opened and a big black guy in pajamas and a barking baby pit bull appeared. The guys stepped over the doggy door and let me in. He quietly returned from where he came and was replaced by a squat elderly white woman, also in pajamas. She looked at me and I looked at here and I took a room for two.

That’s when I went outside looking for a soda machine, so I could drink the whiskey faster. It says I am drinking the whiskey in my coffee this morning. Right now is what im trying to say, and it doesn’t make me feel no good. My long haired lady flashing eyes looking in her eyes My long haired lady In the cold parking lot. Then we watched TV and had sex, I watched us in the mirror fucking and came first.

If you were the type of child in middle school who wanted to turn your eyes to your neighbors paper where the answers you did have were, Then you are probably the type of person who steals things now. but lets save your idea for later, i mean never, well talk soon. The coast is clear, don’t worry, you’re good, rain is not coming. XXX and I got up at 530am and had to walk about two miles to the train yard. It was cold, but we felt that nervous sweat under out armpits while we walled fast. It was a walk that we had grown familiar with over the past week, XXX’s house to the train yard. I remember smiling and thinking about coffee but being pressed for time. The train is scheduled to pull in at 7ish and be in Baltimore at 9. We got to the yard and started waiting

anxiously. Somewhere around 7 a long Intermodal came creeping by. “this is the ride.” “This is the ride.” We watched it carefully as it pulled in, running along side it looking for a ride-able car. There’s was nothing we could take, nothing to ride and it’s getting to close to call. We walk further down closer to the yard and see a worker on the other side of the train, but it’s to cold to care. We double back for more nothing and then it goes. Hisses and leaves. We are empty and alone at 730. Now we just gotta wait for the next one. We find the sun and lay down. We pass the time; smoking cigarettes talking about nothing, talking naps throwing rocks, eating bread, and drinking whiskey. I read XXX this story “The girl with the curious hair” but he falls asleep, and so do I. It’s a long day of wallowing. When the sun was gone and it feels cold and we make a fire and cook hot dogs. The jungle or catch-out were we were waiting is maintained and by an old traveling biker named Hardtimes. He has built two small rooms backboned by a six foot concrete wall. “I come here to getaway from the city” he tell us. He is a genuinely kind and friendly man. He showed up and hung out around the fire with us. Hardtimes is full of great stories about his old biker friends and his life as a young man operating a trap house, living as a dope runner and pimp, he has a small toothless smile and a raspy voice. He smokes crack with a consistent yet peaceful style. Some guys graff guys showed up to paint the train that wasn’t there. We invited them over to the fire, but they said they were private people. The train pulled in at 1030pm. The general manifest train that arrived was mixed freights, low priority cars headed south. We found three open gondolas in the middle of the line and hopped in the second one. Inside the

gondola there were large beams or metal, and scraps of sulfur and dust. The metal train was cold and wet, and we brought cardboard and blankets to sit on. From the tracks along the Schuylkill River you can see this huge building in XXX that has an electronic banner along top of it that relays the TIME AND TEMPERATURE every minute. This was constantly reminding us how cold it was and that we were still sitting there. Cold and Waiting, really watching the minutes slowly turn over. We couldn’t decided what to do, get out and make another fire, stay and freeze, try and catch the train on the fly. XXX was running low on smokes and rolled the dust of his pack into seven thin cigarettes. We ended up just sitting in the ride for three hours waiting for it to make its move. We heard the jolt and hiss of the breaks. That felt good, we smiled big. Slowly rolling, we were head south; it would take 6 hours through night to get back to XXX. Frankie Redburn had a BANDAID right in the middle of his forehead.


Who has acid, gimme some acid, or mushrooms or whatever, I wanna trip I need to trip to feel sane, or insane and not inspired but angry, disillusioned with myself for even bothering. Im on acid smoking a ciggarete and drinking a beer, laughing at the two vices, realizing that they don’t do anything for me but everything Me XXX and XXX were painting coal cars on the west side. We had been playing games with them all afternoon. We would appear out of the thick brush to paint but the train would pull forwards slightly, inching back and forth, leaving us confused and running alongside it trying to finish whatever mark it interrupted. The thing finally settles down and we get to work, each taking one half of the train writing our names big, with bucket paint and rollers. We work our way down each one of us doing our own thing. From this highway we are becoming visible by large trucks with elevated cabs and possibly regular cars with curious passengers. We keep painting. This weird guy shows up and catches a tag with red on the train and asks us if we can help him out. I am finishing a train which I have written THE SOFT PARADE on, when I see XXX shout 5-0! And ditch his pole and paint and start sprinting away. I am a lot farther down the line and decide to try my own way out, having no idea where the cops are. I put my gear down and creep out away from the track under the highway, and right as I poke my head out from the brush there are two cop cars right in my face. On this split second I retreat back and start running hard into the thick hot brush. There are thorns and leaves and sweat all over and I run until I fall down completely soaked in the vines. I hear a cop’s footsteps walking on the gravel, its crunchy and he stop at what feels like right above me. He says “we know your in there...” “Come out now and we wont arrest you” “If

I have to come in there and get you, you are going to jail” I smile and tell him silently he definitely has to come in here and get me. I wait, I am on the phone typing to my friend who was supposed to meet us there. Don’t come there’s cops here ahah. Anyway I wait it out a little and then im good, XXX and XXX are way gone somewhere, I call them and try and give them directions to meet, I coordinate everyone meeting at this Royal Farms. I walk there alone and chug a beer for balance. Im pretty high on what just happened and wanna go to another train spot. This one is good too I know it. Everybody’s down and we head that way. From the street I can already see a train laid up and I get psyched! We park and are headed to a train when XXX see’s this crab shop. Theres a deal like 3,50$ for a beer and a crab, and we take it.

Yeah like everyone was like into graffiti & like talking about there tags. I think like graffiti is art I dunno like what if it's on people's houses... Yeah but if it was in like a place where everyone saw it when it could like bring awareness to issues I met a man on the bus. He was from Nigeria and believed in god. I help him break change for the bus fare and he smiled and sat next to me. We began talking about God and death. He said See what makes me happy is that one day everyone will be dead. Yes! Exactly living forever would be terrible, horrible Yes yes your my man Good guy.

I got up and walked out  
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