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A Strategic Resource START: Sustainability Tracking & Reporting Tool

APRIL 2011

History 2004: Business and sustainability y expert p JJohn Elkington g called on the SCAA to endorse the Global Compact: A United Nations program that encourages the private sector to participate in solving some of the challenges of globalization by promoting responsible corporate citizenship

2005: SCAA signed the Global Compact 2006: SCAA endorsed the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) • • • • • • • •

Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Achieve universal primary education Promote gender equality and empower women Reduce child mortality Improve maternal health Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases Ensure environmental sustainability Develop a global partnership for development

History 2008: The SCAA Sustainability Council established a task force to build a tool to track progress toward the MDGs and measure the industry’s collective impact. 2008: The SCAA Sustainability Council established a task force to build a tool to track progress toward the MDGs and measure the industry’s collective impact. 2010: SCAA jjoins forces with Credit360,, a company p y specializing p g in web based sustainability and carbon management systems, as the platform for this new database. 2011: Sustainability Tracking and Recording Tool (START) is complete and will launch at the SCAA’s 23rd annual exposition, The Event, to be held in Houston, Texas.

What is START? • Sophisticated platform designed to track corporate social responsibility initiatives • W Web-based b b dd data t managementt and d communication i ti system t ttransforms f mere information into an powerful instrument • Constructed by Credit360, world leader in sustainability data management since i 2001 • Credit360 client list includes: Chevron, McDonalds, Novo Nordisk, Whistler Resort, and d Virgin Vi i Media M di

What is START? • Provides data on sustainability-related projects • Tracks progress based on a series of indicators • Generates reports on their own programs for internal and external use • Provides geographical display of where MDG-related initiatives are focused. focused • Generates data about the SCAA’s impact on MDGs and global l b l sustainability i bili ffor reports to its members, the media, and consumers.

What is START? Includes 8 user-friendly yp pages: g 1. 2. 2 3. 4. 5. 6. 6 7. 8.

Procurement : Buying Volumes and Certifications C Company Profile P fil Environmental Impact in Operations Carbon Footprint: p Office Information Carbon Footprint: Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions Carbon Footprint: Travel Data Carbon Footprint: Utilities Philanthropy and Giving

START Benefits Business Decisions • Gather diverse data from across the business and seamlessly y aggregate gg g it for analysis and communication to your stakeholder audiences • Means to track and reduce waste of organizational resources , including: – Energy – Water – Transportation • A Assist i t your efforts ff t tto eliminate li i t iinefficiencies ffi i i and d increase productivity of organizational processes • Stay ahead of customer and stakeholder demands b managing by i carbon b and d adjusting dj ti procurementt practices strategically

START Benefits Business Decisions • Wal-Mart has achieved a 60 percent increase in fleet efficiency in the U.S. since 2005 • McDonald’s energy use is at its lowest level in five years, helping to offset rising utility costs. Enhanced recycling efforts have diverted over 58% of waste targeted for landfill, helping control disposal costs. • Novo Nordisk is part of The Danish Ethical Trading Initiative which is the first Danish multi-stakeholder initiative that brings together trade unions, business associations, non-governmental organizations, and companies to promote ethical hi l trade d and d responsible ibl supply l chain h i management among Danish companies.

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