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Date: February 18, 2014 To: CQI Q Instructors, Q Graders From: Trish Rothgeb, Director of Q and Educational Services Re: Q Grader Calibration Policy Extensions

Q Grader Calibration Extensions In an effort to capture all Q Graders who would like to calibrate and thereby renew their Q Grader status, CQI is working to grant extensions for certain circumstances, regions, and countries. Q Arabica Grader Calibration: Licensed Q Arabica Graders must calibrate with each other every three years in order to test their abilities to accurately evaluate coffee quality based on their gained experience, knowledge, and standards/protocols learned in Q training. It is mandatory for all Q Graders to participate in calibration if they wish to remain active as a Q Grader in good standing. The calibration consists of three cupping flights, (or tables- 6 samples each) of coffees with distinct attributes. All Q Graders must be in calibration and pass two of the three flights in order to renew their licenses and continue as Licensed Q Graders. Upon passing, the Q Grader license will remain valid for another 36 months, starting on the day of successful completion of calibration. If a Q Grader lapses after 36 months without a calibration, some consideration may be made for the region or particular Grader’s circumstance. The lack of calibration opportunities and/or insufficient notifications from CQI regarding the Calibration Rules are two reasons for extending the 36-month restriction. Selected extensions granted to date: For Q  Graders  in  the  United  State:  Extension  until  July  1,  2014.  Please  login  to  the  CQI  website  to  check  your   status  and  find  upcoming  calibration  courses.     Colombia  -­‐  2008 and prior - must take Q course again. Post 2009 - must contact CQI to recieve

extension permission prior to taking calibration. To find out if you can receive consideration for your extension, please contact CQI at

Q Calibration  Policy  Version  4.1  

February 2014  

Q Grader Calibration Policy Extensions  

CQI's official policy regarding extensions for calibrating

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