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May 17, 2013



Devil Dogs Take Aim Engineers deliver rounds downrange Story and Photos by Airman 1st Class JAmeS HenSley 56th Fighter Wing Public Affairs


arines from the Bulk Fuel Company C, 6th Engineer Support Battalion, 4th Marine Logistics Group, a reserve unit stationed at Luke Air Force Base, conducted weapons training May 4 at the Arizona Army National Guard’s Florence Military Reservation to refresh on three crew-served weapon systems: the M2 50-caliber machine gun, MK-19 automatic grenade launcher and the M240B machine gun. “We try to go out to Florence a couple of times a year,” said Sgt. Daniel Gonzalez, 6th ESB engineer equipment operator. Battalion members conduct periodic weapons training for those new to the unit and to prepare for future deployments. “The purpose is to get a refresher for those of us who have not fired the weapons in some time and to give training to the ones who have never fired them before,” said Master Sgt. Terry Kirkham, 6th ESB operations chief. “It’s like any other training, but particularly useful to those most likely to deploy to a combat zone.” Safety is priority for Marines whenever they conducted training. Paint rounds were used with the MK-19, and a (range spotter) watched over the shooters and range. However, every Marine is in charge of range safety and they constantly look for potential hazards to include animals on the range, overheated weapons or weapons’ safety violations.

TOP: U.S. Marine

4th Marine Logisti training on crew-s

Marines receive a convoy brief before traveling to the firing range at the Arizona Army National Guard’s Florence Military Reservation. The convoy brief is for maintaining safety and communication during travel to Florence and covers contingencies in the event of an emergency.

ABOVE: Lance C

tion operators with firing range to recy

Luke Air Force Base, Ariz. “Cave Tonitrum”

es from the Bulk Fuel Company C, 6th Engineer Support Battalion, cs Group, fire an M240B May 4. The Marines were getting refresher erved weapons systems.

Cpl. Jared Colegrove and Pfc. Dana Wallis, tactical motor transportah C Company, 6th ESB, 4th MLG, sort brass and links by size at the ycle for future reuse.


May 17, 2013

TOP: Master Sgt. Terry Kirkham, operations chief with C Company, 6th ESB, 4th

MLG, fires an M2 50-caliber machine gun. The Marines train on weapon systems in Florence a couple times a year.

ABOVE: Gunnery Sgt. Mark Smith, a petroleum engineer with C Company, 6th ESB,

4th MLG, looks through binoculars at the firing range at the Florence Military Reservation. Smith was looking for safety hazards that would result in a ceasefire such as animals, people or vehicles on the range. Marines conduct a brass check to ensure they don’t have any brass on themselves after firing crew-served weapons at the Florence Military Reservation firing range. Brass can pose a safety risk, so a Marine and all of their equipment is checked each time they come off the firing line.


Thunderbolt - May 17, 2013  
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