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Volume 61, Number 41

May 3, 2013

Parachute test to provide AC-130 crew the best by Jet Fabara 412th Test Wing Public Affairs There’s a lot to be said by AC-130 gunship aircrew members who are proud of their heavily armed aircraft. These aircraft have the latest in sophisticated weapons, high tech sensors, navigation and fire control systems; however, it lacked one thing – a lightweight parachute that was agile enough for the entire crew to use. Thanks to the work of the Aircrew Performance Branch Program Office, part of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Agile Combat Support Directorate, and testing completed in April by the Global Reach Combined Test Force Test Parachutist Program, crew members aboard AC-130s will now have a lightweight alternative, the Low Profile Parachute. “The LPP program is a success story for Air Force Materiel Command’s newly established five-center construct. The five centers, which report directly to AFMC, include Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Air Force Test Center, Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, and Air Force Sustainment Center,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Lemanski, AFLCMC Aircrew See PARACHUTE, Page 8 Air Force photograph by Staff Sgt. Jonathan Case

Tech. Sgt. Matthew Mensch, 418th FLTS parachute test jumper, exits a SC.7 Skyvan with a Low Profile parachute April 12, 2013 over the Edwards Farm Dropzone. The Low Profile Parachute is intended to replace the BA-22 parachute which is currently configured for use in the AC-130 gunship.

Air Force secretary announces departure Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley has announced his plan to step down June 21 as the Air Force’s top civilian after serving for nearly five years. “It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve with our Air Force’s great Airmen,” Donley said. “Their accomplishments have been nothing short of impressive and I’m humbled to be a part of this team. The Air Force has been a way of life for so much of my career, I know it will be bittersweet to say farewell.” Donley was confirmed as the 22nd secretary of the Air Force Oct. 2, 2008. He served as the

acting secretary since June of that year, as well as for seven months in 1993, making him the longest serving secretary in the history of the Air Force. He also served as the service’s top financial officer from 1989 to 1993. “Mike has been an invaluable adviser during my first two months as Secretary of Defense and has been an outstanding leader of the Air Force for nearly five years,” said Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. “His leadership came during a challenging time for the Air Force, and he helped instill a culture of responsibility, initiative and professionalism to the

service. Mike has been an unwavering champion for our Airmen, their families, and for American airpower. The Air Force he leaves behind is more resilient and more respected because of his leadership and personal dedication.” Though Donley has not yet announced any future plans, he remains dedicated during his remaining time to supporting the Secretary of Defense in the many challenges that lie ahead for the service. “In the meantime, there remains much to do,” Donley said. “This is an extraordinary and exciting time for our Air Force, filled with both

April promotions

Nurses honored

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Team Edwards congratulates April enlisted promotees.

challenges and opportunities. I remain confident that the strength and professionalism of our Airmen, and the commitment and determination of General Welsh, Chief Cody and our military and civilian leadership team, will continue to see us through.” Donley’s 35 years of experience in the national security community also includes service in the Senate, White House and the Pentagon. Prior to assuming his current position, he served as the Director of Administration and Management in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Medical Group celebrating National Nurses week May 6-12.

AFMC CC visits .... Page 9

AFMC commander, command chief visit air logistics centers.


Desert Wings

Commentary Leadership not defined by shapes, sizes by Col. Jerry Wizda 39th Medical Group commander Short in stature at 5 feet 4 inches, not particularly handsome, a bookworm and not exactly the life of the party, James Madison does not fit some perceptions of a leader. In today’s world, he probably would have been perceived as a nerd. But, his brilliant mind and leadership skills now have historians re-embracing Madison’s presidency and his leadership. President Madison is best known as “The Father of the Constitution.” He was a delegate, unequaled in his writing abilities, who kept written documentation at every secret Constitutional Convention’s meeting. Later, his Virginia Plan became the basis for our Constitution. What most people do not remember is President Madison’s equally successful presidency, when he led an infant nation against the greatest naval power in the world and won. The War of 1812 remains “The Forgotten War.” Many do not realize it was through President Madison’s leadership the U.S. escaped becoming, once again, subjects of Great Britain. So what personal attributes made this man an unlikely leader, and what can you take from the story of President Madison and apply to today’s world to make you a leader? First, always believe in yourself and never doubt your abilities. This is probably the hardest perception to embrace. Each day when President Madison went to the Constitutional Convention meetings, he stood up and rallied for a democratic government with election of congressmen directly by the people. He wrote the Federalist Papers with John Jay and Alexander Hamilton; documents considered to be the best interpretation of American government, even in present times. He truly embraced his ideals, and this spurred him to speak and write what was in his heart. His conviction to his ideals gave us the great nation we have today. At work, strive to be the best you can

May 3, 2013

be. Work from your heart. If you give already 100 percent, strive to give 110 percent. Secondly, stay true to yourself and stand by your convictions. After President Madison asked Congress to declare war on Great Britain June 1, 1812, riots began because of the decision. Talk of succession in New England ran rampant. But, President Madison stayed true to his belief in freedom for America. And, despite opposition to the war, he stood his ground. He said, “If we lose, we lose independence.” People will perceive you as a leader if you stick to your beliefs and do not go back and forth on your ideals. Even those who do not agree with you will respect you for your steadfast loyalty and convictions. Lastly, know when to stay and know when to run. Even the best leaders must give up the fight at some point for the sake of their people. On Aug. 24, 1814, President Madison and Congress fled Washington on horseback as the British advanced on the city. While it may have been perceived as cowardly to run, fleeing the city was the only choice President Madison had. If he had a chosen to stay and ordered Congress to stay, they would have been captured or killed. Merely three days after fleeing, President Madison returned to Washington, rallied the citizens, and connected with the people like he never had before. President Madison rallied Congress and met in a post office, the only building left standing. He began the work of the government from scratch and turned the tide of war. Think carefully about your decisions and of the consequences down the road. Is the fight worth it? Not all of us will become president, but each in our own way, can be a successful leader. Every day we make decisions that affect our families, the Air Force and its Airmen, and our country. Many of these decisions are simple, and many can be life-altering. If we embrace the lessons of our forefathers, we are sure to become successful Airmen and leaders in our own right.

Commander’s Action Line email: The Commander’s Action Line gives all Airmen, retirees, families and community members a direct link to Brig. Gen. Michael Brewer, 412th Test Wing commander. The Action Line can be used to express constructive points of view on the policies and procedures of the base; discuss safety and security issues; and address problems, concerns, or suggestions after traditional methods have been exhausted. The Commander’s Action Line should not be the first action taken to resolve an issue. Those seeking a remedy to a problem should first follow the chain of command and take up the matter with the office of primary responsibility, supervisors, first sergeants or commanders. Action Line queries may be submitted by sending an e-mail to with Commander’s Action Line as the subject heading or by calling (661) 277-7325. Action Line submissions must be written in a courteous and professional tone, and must include a name, an e-mail address or an alternative method of contact. The requestor’s contact information will not be published in compliance with Privacy Act restrictions. Any messages received without contact information will not be routed, so please be sure to provide some method for communication. Action Line discussions that are deemed beneficial for the community at large will be published on the Web and the next available edition of the Desert Wings. Submissions may be edited for grammar and length.

May 13, 2013 3, 2013

Briefs Asian-Pacific Islander American Heritage Month

The Health and Wellness Center is hosting an Asian-Pacific Islander American Heritage Month Run/ Walk event May 8. Due to popular demand, there will be three distances: 5K, 7.5K and 10K. The start time is 7:30 a.m. at the Rosburg Fitness Center parking lot. The event is open to runners and walkers of all levels so make it your squadron PT and come exercise your body as well as your mind. AsianPacific attire is encouraged. Prizes will be given to the top female and male runners of the 7.5K and 10K distances. The first 15 runners of the 5K will also win prizes, so come prepared to give it your all. For more information, call (661) 275-HAWC.

Desert Wings

News April promotions Team Edwards held there monthly promotion ceremony April 30. Congratulations to those for taking the next step in their Air Force careers! To senior master sergeant Arnold G. Guiao, 412th Medical Support Squadron Gregory C. Baker, 412th Flight Test Squadron To master sergeant Matthew R. Inman, 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron Jeremy L. Marmet, 412th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Jeffrey D. Bowser, 31st TES To technical sergeant Vanessa G. Miller, 412th Medical Support Squadron Derek W. Coldiron, 412th AMXS Travis R. Weaver, 31st TES George A. Castro Jr., 362th U.S. Air Force Recruiting Squadron To staff sergeant Jacquelyn C. Fisher, 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron Jared B. Burrows, 412th Maintenance Squadron Jesse Molina, 412th MXS Lyndee R. Bennett, 412th Security Forces Squadron Chace T. Pugh, 412th MXS Stephanie L. Huddleston, 411th Flight Test Squadron Robert L. Tyler II, 412th AMXS (F-22) To senior airman Roy Ybarra, 412th AMXS Phillip J. Hamlett, 412th SFS Christopher R. Kincaid, 412th SFS Evan M. Montgomery, 412th Medical Support Squadron Matthew M. Dumas, 412th SFS Tyler W. Culleton, 412th Medical Support Squadron

Education Office closure The on-base college offices for Cerro Coso and Webster University will be closed from 2-4:30 p.m., May 9. The Embry-Riddle University on-base office will be the only college office that will remain open during those hours. If you have any further questions, please contact the education and training office at (661) 277-2713.

Peace officers ceremony

der’s Line

The 412th Security Forces Squadron invites you to the National Peace Officers End of Watch Ceremony 11 a.m., May 16 at the Bldg. 1 flagpole. Uniform of the day for military and dress attire for civilians. Call (661) 277-6901 or (661) 275-2867 for more information.

A Night at the Museum


To airman 1st class William J. Kiss, 412th Test Wing Thomas Tran, 412th Communications Squadron Alec R. Jones, 412th SFS Roy Ybarra, 412th AMXS

Hagel to make furlough decision soon by Jim Garamone American Forces Press Service Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will make a decision soon on the scope of civilian furloughs in response to sequestration spending cuts, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said May 2. Hagel is reviewing analysis on the budget “and he’ll reach a decision in the near future,” Little told reporters. Little acknowledged news reports that some services contend they do not need to use furloughs to make their sequestration goals. “There are different pockets of money in

Please join us on May 20 as Desert Junior Senior High School is transformed ves all Airmen, retirees, into a living history museum. direct link to Brig. Gen.Exhibits will run from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. The students commander. The Action will the halls of DJHS tive points of viewtransform on the discuss safety and secuSee BRIEFS, Page 4 concerns, or suggestions exhausted. ould not be the first action Wings is published by Aerotech News and Reng a remedyThe to aDesert problem view,upa the private mand and take mat-firm in no way connected with the U.S. Air Force, underfirst exclusive written contract with the installation sibility, supervisors,

different places for each of the services,” he said. “To be totally straightforward, the math does work for some services to avoid some furloughs, at a minimum. For other services, it is harder.” The general principle so far has been “one team, one fight” inside the department to be consistent, the press secretary said. “That’s an understandable position,” he added. Still, he said, Hagel is reviewing the DOD budget and the constraints the department is operating under. “We’re in the middle of a $37 billion to $40 billion cut over a sixmonth period, and we need to look closely at that, but I expect him to make a decision soon,” the spokesman said.

commander. This commercial enterprise Air Force newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the U.S. military

tted by sending an e-mail services. ommander’sContents Action Line of the Desert Wings are not necessarily the official (661) 277-7325. views of, Action or endorsed by the U.S. Government, the Department a courteous and profesof Defense or the Department of the Air Force. me, an e-mail address or of advertising in the publication, including The appearance inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by e requestor’s contact inthewith Department compliance Privacyof Defense, the Department of the Air Force, Aerotech News and Review, of the products or services adved withoutorcontact inforvertised. be sure to provide some

Editorial Staff

Commander, 412th TW ….................. Brig. Gen. Michael T. Brewer Director of Staff, 412th TW ................................ Col. Amy V. Arwood Command Chief, 412th TW ....... Chief Master Sgt. Brian Randolph Director, 412th Test Wing Public Affairs ................... Elizabeth Doss Editor .......………….............................................….. Kenji Thuloweit Everything advertised in this publication shall be made Production Staff ................................... Jet Fabara and Laura Mowry available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, Layout and graphic design ………........................… Stuart Ibberson deemed beneficial for the color, religion, sex, national origin, age marital status, physical

d on the Web and thepolitical next attitude or any other non-merit factor of the handicap, gs. Submissions may purchaser, userbeor patron. Advertising: (661) 945-5634. News copy: (661) 277-3510.

The situation “points out the absurdity of sequestration,” Little said. “You don’t have a lot of choice, in some cases, over where to save money and where to cut,” he added. “The across-the-board cut is forcing some tough decisions. The goal of the furlough so far ... is to ensure, at least on this issue, there is some consistency.” When originally proposed, all DOD civilian personnel were going to be furloughed for 22 days during the remainder of fiscal year 2013, which ends Sept. 30. Officials since have reduced that estimate to 14 days. DOD officials are examining requests for exemptions, Little said.

Fax: (661) 277-2732. Editorial content is edited, prepared, and provided by the 412th Test Wing Public Affairs Office. All photos are Air Force photos unless otherwise indicated. Paid advertisements may be referred to Aerotech News and Review, 456 East Avenue K-4, Suite 8, Lancaster, CA, 93535 (661) 945-5634. Submitting false or misleading advertisements may, depending on circumstances, subject the violator for administrative or criminal penalties or civil suit. Team Edwards members are encouraged to submit news stories or story ideas through their Unit Public Affairs Representative (UPAR) or email the Public Affairs Office at Letters to the editor are encouraged. Also send to:

Use your smartphone to connect to our Website.


Desert Wings

May 3, 2013

BRIEFS, from 3 into static displays, living statues and interactive history exhibits. It should be a wonderful celebration of the students’ hard work this year in their social studies class. Nearly every student at the high school will be involved in this event. We hope to see you there. For more information, contact Shay Wallace at or call (661) 524-3837.

Retiree Appreciation Day To all military – come out and learn about the programs that affect you and receive some services during your visit. This year’s Military Retiree Appreciation Day is 8 a.m.-noon, May 4, at the Oasis Community Center. Services provided for retirees include: Legal Services, Pharmacy (Limited), Immunization, TRICARE, Defense Financial and Accounting System, Retiree Activity Office Program Updates, ID Card Services, Commissary Warehouse Sale, and Door Prizes/give-aways/refreshments. For more information, contact the Retiree Activity Office at (661) 277-4931; or email

“The Price Is Right” The popular game show, “The Price Is Right,” is looking for military members to “come on down” for a very special ‘Team’ episode ... and they’re giving away HUGE prizes! This special show will tape May 8 at CBS Studios. Arrival time is 11:30 a.m. and taping will be completed at approximately 5:30 p.m. You must secure your own transportation to






the studio, however, reservations through the ITT office are REQUIRED! Participants will play as a team, comprised of one active duty military member and one family member (18 years or older). The family member can be your spouse, your ‘over 18’ child, your mom or dad, your brother or sister. ITT has secured seats for 15 teams of two on a first-come, first-served basis. For those interested, contact ITT at (661) 275-8747 to reserve your slot. For more information, call Terry Stegman at (661) 275-8747.


• Senior Master Sgt. Anthony Thompson, the Superintendent of the 412th Logistics Test Squadron, is retiring after 26 years of service. The ceremony will be at the Stripes Lounge 2 p.m., May 10. POC for this event is Master Sgt. Timothy Monte at (661) 2756667. • Col. G. Arthur McGettrick, Detachment 5 Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center commander, invites everyone to attend a military ceremony in honor of Master Sgt. Lawrence W. Armstrong upon his retirement from the U.S. Air Force after 23 years of service. The ceremony is 1 p.m., May 17 in Room 109, Bldg. 1260 – the Det. 5, AFOTEC large conference room. Reception to follow. Unfiform is uniform of the day for military, casual for civilians. RSVP by May 14 to Jeffrey Brater at (661) 275-0535.





Air Force Network (AFNet) Migrations

Migration eAdvisory

412 CS Client Service Center

412th Communications Squadron CFP 7-3444 Option 6 April 2013

Edwards AFB Migration Update AFNet migrations will begin on 28 May 2013 and continue for approximately six weeks. Be prepared for an occasional service interruption as migrations progress and expect to restore some features to your desktop environment (e.g., Outlook preferences, SharePoint access, drive mapping) after you’ve migrated. The following information should assist you in preparing for migration. Please refer to the AFNet Migration Tool Kit for the most current updates, information, and migration related advisories.

WHAT WILL BE DIFFERENT? • New E-mail address users retain for a career or affiliation with the AF ( • New mailbox size limits • New Outlook Web Access (OWA) address once migration is complete • Single sign-on/authentication anywhere within the domain • Network and E-mail access while TDY, deployed, or during a PCS move via a Common Access Card login from any AFNet enabled computer ( • Enterprise-wide collaboration via applications such as SharePoint and Office Communicator • Consolidated help desk WHAT CAN I DO TO PREPARE? • Practice good information management, and reduce the size of your mailbox by moving older E-mails to locally stored personal folders. Accounts exceeding size limits cannot be migrated, and are unable to send or receive messages • Read and keep all migration related information and previous eAdvisories. Look for 412th Communications Squadron generated E-mail outlining schedule changes and/or specific user instructions/actions • Read and download a copy of “Migration User Guidelines” WHAT IF I’M TDY, ON LEAVE, OR DEPLOYED? • Your computer and E-mail account will still be migrated. Once migrated, E-mail can be accessed through Outlook Web Access (OWA). Full list here: Air Force Webmail Addresses WHAT ABOUT MY GOVERNMENT LAPTOP, BLACKBERRY, OR MOBILE DEVICE? • Will migrate concurrently with your primary computer and E-mail account. Please contact your local CFP at 412 CS Client Service Center with specific questions or if problems are discovered WHO DO I CALL FOR QUESTIONS OR HELP? • Send any further questions/concerns to your local CFP Visit the Air Force Portal, migration Fact Sheet, AFNet Migration Project and FAQ for more information!









Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra and Master Chorale David Newby, Artistic Director 2012 | 2013 SeaSon at the antelope Valley College performing artS theatre antelope Valley College | 3041 WeSt aVenUe K | lanCaSter, California

sATurdAy, mAy 4, 2013 | 7 Pm sundAy, mAy 5, 2013 | 4 Pm

voices of spring Enjoy the fresh beauty and expression of choral music, as Antelope Valley College’s choirs and soloists present their annual spring concert. AnTeloPe VAlley mAsTer chorAle | AnTeloPe VAlley college concerT choir

Curtain Raiser one hour before each performance. TickeTs: General $10 | Senior, Military, Student, AVC Staff $5 • TickeTs: Online at, or at the AVc Performing ArTs TheATre Box office: (661) 722-6580 • hours: Friday, May 3, 1–5 pm | Saturday, May 4, 4–7 pm | Sunday, May 5, 1–4 pm

Desert Wings

May 13, 2013 3, 2013


Public law repeals mil-to-mil automatic FSGLI enrollment by Debbie Gildea JB San Antonio-Randolph, Texas A public law that took effect in January repealed automatic enrollment in Family Servicmembers Group Life Insurance for military members married to military members, but those Airmen may still elect the additional coverage, Air Force Personnel Center officials said. In the past, military married to military were automatically enrolled in FSGLI, and automatically incurred premium debts,

whether they wanted the coverage or not. Now, members married to other uniformed service members who want the additional insurance coverage must elect it and complete required application forms. The change does not affect member insurance coverage. All uniformed members are automatically enrolled in SGLI for $400,000, unless they choose less or no coverage, said Susie Parson, AFPC casualty affairs section. “Rejecting coverage or electing less coverage must be done in writing, and this law has not

changed that. Military members are still covered. What FSGLI does is allow members to pay for additional life insurance coverage on their military spouse – up to $100,000 depending on the member’s coverage,” she explained. “The spouse coverage cannot be more than the member has elected on him or herself, and can’t be more than $100,000.” Members married to other members prior to January are still covered under the previous policy. Members who married after Jan. 2 are not automatically enrolled, but

may see premiums coming out of their pay, Parson said. “The finance and data programs aren’t synced and updated yet, but once the military personnel data system updates with the accounting and finance system, members who do not want the coverage will be reimbursed. Members need to know that premiums coming out of your pay do not mean your spouse has the additional coverage,” she explained. “If you got married after Jan. 2 and you want additional life insurance on your military spouse, you will

have to elect it.” The law and policy change does not affect FSGLI coverage on non-military spouses, Parson said. Non-military spouses are automatically covered unless the military sponsor declines the coverage in writing. For more information about military and family benefits and other personnel issues, visit the myPers website at https://mypers. [ ] and search for article number “25004” or “FSGLI.”

Across the AF, registered nurses, medical technicians saluted On May 6 the 412th Medical Group is celebrating National Nurses Week, which is held May 6 to 12 every year. The purpose of the weeklong celebration is to raise awareness of the value of nursing and help educate the public about the role nurses play in meeting the healthcare needs of the American people. In honor of the commitment and tireless effort of the nearly 18,000 Air Force nurses and medical technicians, the 412th MDG is proud to recognize nursing personnel everywhere on this particular week for the quality work they provide. These dedicated professionals promote and maintain

der’s Line

As A Way Of Thanking Military Service Men and Women, We’d Like To Offer You One Month FREE Storage For Your Belongings PLUS an Additional 15% Military Discount* at Storage Express. Call The Location Nearest You Today To Receive This Offer! 380 W. Palmdale Blvd. Palmdale, CA 93551 – 661-266-1313 2103 West Ave J Lancaster, CA 93536 – 661-729-1313

*Restrictions Apply, Call for Details.

ves all Airmen, retirees, direct linkYour to Brig. Gen. Courteous Friendly, commander. The ActionAuto Service Neighborhood tive points of view on the discuss safety and secuconcerns, or suggestions exhausted. ould not be the first action & Domestic ng a remedy to aForeign problem Auto Service & mand and take up the mat-Repair Center sibility, supervisors, first Services Full Automotive

• Tune-ups

• Engines • Transmission Service • Starters • Timing Belts • Valve Jobs

tted by sending an e-mail • Air conditioning ommander’s Action Line • Clutches (661) 277-7325. Action • Alternators a courteous and profes• Cooling Systems me, an e-mail address or Service e requestor’s contact in• Scheduled Service compliance with Privacy Maintenance ved without contact infor• Brakes be sure to provide some

20th St. E.


Auto Repair

Rides Available locally. Experience since 1990 Ave. Q

deemed beneficial for the d on the Web and20th the next 38917 St. East, Palmdale gs. Submissions may be 266-0064

Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

the health and wellbeing of Air Force beneficiaries seven days a week, 365 days a year. Every year, National Nurses Week begins on May 6, known as Nurses Recognition Day, and ends on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, founder of nursing as a modern profession. Traditionally, National Nurses Week is devoted to highlighting the diverse ways in which nursing personnel, who comprise the largest healthcare profession, are working to improve healthcare. From bedside nursing in medical centers, hospitals and outpatient clinics, the depth and breadth of the nursing profession is meeting the expanding health care needs of the Air Force community.

Boulevard Veterinary Hospital R2/DE/Beacon 03.11.11 (Formerly Uno Animal Hospital)


• Full Service Care • LaparoscopicSandra Spay Sunrise Surrogacy • TTA Knee Surgery Mon-Fri, 8 am –03.11.11 6 pm • Sat & Sun by Appt.

AK Original BW

Rick Kohltfarber, DVM • David Ruppert, DVM


354 W. LANCASTER BLVD. Lancaster 93534

Please Help Complete A Family Become a Surrogate Earn $25,000-$35,000 We currently have many local and international couples in need. Serving Southern California since 2005



Desert Wings

May 3, 2013

Banquet honors local 4.0 seniors The Mojave Transportation Museum and the Mojave Chamber of Commerce held their 11th Annual Excellence in Academics Recognition Banquet April 24 at the Mojave Veterans Building. The banquet recognizes high school seniors who achieved a 4.0 Grade Point Average from five East Kern County high schools, which includes Desert Junior Senior High School. Col. Lawrence Hoffman, U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School commandant, along with his wife Jill, were guest speakers at the event. Both Hoffmans talked to the aspiring teenagers about how “education is the key to unlock your future.” Both Colonel and Jill Hoffman grew up around the Antelope Valley (graduating from Desert High School and Quartz Hill High School respectively) and both attributed their success and being able to follow their aviation dreams through their educational achievements. As the daughter of world famous pilot, Dick Rutan, and niece of revolutionary aeronautical designer, Burt Rutan, Jill Rutan Hoffman has witnessed many aviation firsts. From the milestone-setting Voyager flight of 1986 to the X-Prize winning space flights of SpaceShipOne, Jill had a ringside seat to modern civilian aviation history. She has authored two books. Jill and her husband have traveled the world during their 24 years in the Air Force while Colonel Hoffman piloted more than 45 different types of military aircraft in combat, operations, and test flights. Through donations and mentorship, the Hoffmans actively support organizations that offer opportunities for young adults to experience the world of aviation and space exploration.

Courtesy photographs

Above: Col. Lawrence Hoffman, U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School commandant, speaks to local high school seniors at the 11th Annual Excellence in Academics Recognition Ceremony sponsored by the Mojave Transporation Museum and the Mojave Chamber of Commerce April 24. Left: Jill Rutan Hoffman speaks to local high school seniors about how education has allowed her to achieve her dreams, especially in aviation.


Finest Mexican & Seafood Restaurant

Sunday, May 5th

All You Can Eat Brunch Adults $9.95 • Kids $5.25

Chicken Fajitas, Chile Relleno, Enchiladas, Chile Colorado, Beans/Rice, Fresh Fruit, Omelettes Made to Order, Salads, Waffles & More!

Imported Beer $2.50

Live Mariachis 11:30 - 2:30 pm Come Join Us! 27075 Mule Team Rd. • Boron, CA 93516


Mehul Taylor M.D. Board Certified Orthopedic Surgery/ Sports Medicine

• Arthroscopic surgery for shoulders, elbows, hips, knees & ankles. • Shoulder instability • ACL reconstruction • Arthroscopic rotator cuff tear repair • Shoulder, hip and knee total joint replacement • Fracture management

• Tendon & Nerve Injuries • Fractures & Dislocations of the hand, wrist, shoulder, forearm and elbow. • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Chronic Wrist and Shoulder Pain • Rheumatoid Arthritis of the hand, wrist, shoulder and elbow. • Traumatic bony injuries with expertise in and, wrist, shoulder, forearm, and elbow. • Fracture Management

Anand Shah M.D. Board Certified Orthopedic Surgery/ Hand Surgery

647 West Avenue Q “The Fracture Palmdale, CA 93531 Ridgecrest Office: Clinic” (760) 446-2900 (661) 949-8643

Valley Orthopedic Institute

Desert Wings

May 13, 2013 3, 2013

der’s Line


Edwards Air Force Base Driver Speeding & Privilege Suspension Tracker The 412th Security Forces Squadron issued 42 speeding citations and processed 3 base driving suspensions from April 22-28, 2013. Below is a breakdown of the violations: 42 speeding violations cited for MPH over posted speed limit 01 – 10 11 – 15 16 – 20 21 – 24 25+ -4-33-4-0-13 new drivers with suspended privileges (new) 10 days 15 days 30 days 60 days -0-




90 days -1-

51 drivers whose base-driving privileges are suspended (total) 10 day 15 day 60 days 90 days 365 days (one year) -0-6-0-2-37-

365 days (one year) -1-

730 days (two years) -0-

730 days (two years) -4-

1,095 days (three years) -2-

Per AFI 31-218 and EAFBI 31-280, a DD Form 1408 Armed Forces traffic tickets (no-fine) are issued to military members and civilians driving a Government Owned Vehicle. Military members receiving 1408s are subject to Uniform Code of Military Justice action. A DD Form 1805 U.S. District Court Violation (a fine) is issued to all civilians, dependents, and retirees. If issued an 1805, violators may be required to be present at Magistrate Court in Bakersfield, California; receive traffic violation points against their state-issued driver’s license, and potentially receive suspension of on-base driving privileges.


Tue, May 7 vs Storm Two 4 Tuesdays

It’s twice as much fun when you bring friends Tuesday nights! Buy two Preferred Grandstand seats get two FREE. Buy two Hamburgers or Chicken Sandwiches get two FREE!

Wed, May 8 vs Storm What-A-Deal Wednesday presented by Local Living

How can you save HUNDREDS throughout the AV just by going to a ballgame? Well it’s as simple as walking through the gates at The Hangar on Wednesday Nights and grabbing ves all Airmen, retirees, a community savings book, that includes HUNDREDS of in savings. direct linkdollars to Brig. Gen.

Wed, May 8 vs Storm commander. The Action Make-A-Difference Mondays tive points Join of usview on the at the Hangar on Monday Nights as we come together and prove that every Monday Matters in the AV. Each Monday discuss safety and secuthe JetHawks will be collecting different items to donate to concerns, or localsuggestions charities. Earn Big discounts on tickets by having a Big exhausted.Heart. May 9 vs Storm ould not be Thu, the first action Throw’em Back Thursdays ng a remedyHeadtoouta toproblem the ballpark and Throw’em Back with your buds with $2 oz. Beers, $2 Hot Dogs, $2 Nachos and $2 Sodas. mand and take up16the matThe JetHawks will even rock their Throwback Jerseys! sibility, supervisors, Fri, May 10 vsfirst Ports Video Game Night

On this an night e-mail we pay tribute to Mario, Sonic and everyone tted by sending else who saved the princess or collected magical gold rings. ommander’s Action Line Dress up like your favorite character and get in for FREE. If you wear aAction video game T-shirt you get in for half price. (661) 277-7325. Donate a new or Gently used video game and you get in FREE a courteous and profesand we will give it to kids in need in the AV. me, an e-mail or Sat, address May 11 vs Ports Red White & Blue e requestor’s contact in-JetHawks Hat Mothers Day Weekend we celebrate great american complianceThis with traditions atPrivacy the Hangar with a Red, White and Blue JetHawks Giveaway presented ved withoutHat contact infor- by Desert Christian Schools. Bring mom & appetite and show up early as we will be giving be sure toyour provide some away hats to the first 1,000 fans in attendance and having an apple pie eating contest.

Sun, May 12 Ports deemed beneficial forvsthe Family Inthe The next Park Sundays d on the Web and Bring the family out to the Ballpark on Sundays. Play catch on gs. Submissions may be and kids get to run the bases after the field before the game, the game. Players will also sign autographs prior to the game.

Mon, May 13 vs Ports @ 11 am Make-A-Difference Mondays & Senior Day

The 11am start will make for the perfect way to cure a bad case of the Mondays. Seniors can get special discounted tickets and an affordable sac lunch.

Mon, May 20 vs Quakes Make-A-Difference Mondays & CCRC Book Drive

Help the JetHawks and the Child Care Resource Center get books into the hands of every kid in the Antelope Valley. Bring in a new or gently used kids book and get 50% off your ticket. Presented by CCRC

Tue, May 21 vs Quakes Education Day & Two 4 Tuesdays

Join us at the Hangar for the second and final early afternoon game of the 2013 season. Gates open at 10am, Every Kid in attendance will receive a free book from CCRC.

Military Appreciation Weekend Thu, May 23 vs 66ers Military Movie Madness & Throw’em Back Thursdays

All weekend long we honor the men and women of the armed forces. Special Military discounts, and giveaways all weekend at the Hangar. We Salute You! Its a Throw-em Back Thursdays and we are going to have fun remembering the some of the greatest Military Movies of all time.

Fri, May 24 vs 66ers FREE Admission for Active Duty Military

Active Duty Military personnel are invited to enjoy a game at The Hangar on us. Just present you military I.D. at the box office and receive a FREE ticket.

Sat, May 25 vs 66ers JetHawks Digital Camo Jersey Giveaway

Camouflage is meant to blend in to its surroundings, but this giveaway stands out as one of the best on this years promotional schedule. The first 1,000 fans through the gates will receive a JetHawks Digital Camo Jersey presented by LoanMart.

Fri, May 31 Rawhide Summertime Kickoff Fireworks Debut Tribute to The Beach Boys

Catch a game and you’re sitting on top of the world. The Summer is finally here and the JetHawks are kicking off their Fireworks schedule with a bang this season to the sounds of the Beach Boys. Presented by LoanMart

To buy tickets visit or call (661) 726-5400

At Azusa Pacific, we’re committed to serving military members, veterans, and their families. If you’re seeking a top-ranked local university that goes the extra mile for our nation’s military heroes, look no further. Azusa Pacific University has been named a Military Friendly School by G.I. Jobs magazine, placing it among the top 15 percent of schools in the country helping military students reach their educational dreams.



APU offers master’s degrees, credentials, and accelerated bachelor’s programs in:

Our eight Southern California locations and online programs provide convenience and flexibility, so you can earn your degree when and how you want.

Business Education Leadership Nursing Psychology Theology

Azusa High Desert Inland Empire Los Angeles Murrieta

Orange County San Diego Ventura County Online

Azusa Pacific is a Yellow Ribbon University and a Servicemembers Opportunity College.

CONTACT US TODAY! Tammy Oluvic, Director of Military and Veterans Outreach (626) 815-4631 •

God-honoring Excellence Since 1899 14172


Desert Wings

May 3, 2013

Tech. Sgt. Matthew Mensch, 418th FLTS parachute test jumper, exits a SC.7 Skyvan with a Low Profile parachute April 12, 2013 over the Edwards Farm Dropzone. The Low Profile Parachute is intended to replace the BA-22 parachute which is currently configured for use in the AC-130 gunship.


Performance Branch program manager. “The men and women of two of these centers, AFLCMC and AFTC, worked very closely to select and test a low-cost, commercially available emergency egress parachute suitable for the AC-130 community. Within AFLCMC, the Aircrew Performance Branch is responsible to the Air Force Program Executive Officer for Agile Combat Support for acquiring LPPs within cost, schedule and performance requirements and timelines.” “Ultimately, AC-130 crew members needed a chute that was easy to walk around with while they executed their mission and they needed a parachute rig that was lighter and slimmer,” added Tech. Sgt. Joe Monreal, 418th FLTS NCOIC of Test Parachutist Program, who was also a test jumper during the test phase of the LPP. “After carefully going through the research, planning and selection phase in 2010, the LPP eventually proved to be the best alternative.” According to Monreal, the LPP is intended to replace the BA-22 parachute which is currently configured for use in the AC-130 and weighs approximately 40 pounds, depending on the configuration. “In addition to weighing nearly one-half of the BA-22, this new parachute will help save the Air Force money on the purchase price of emergency chutes and on the repacking cycle, but more importantly, it will help save lives of crew members that may find themselves in an egress situation,” added Monreal. With the execution phase beginning in early February 2012, the team of test jumpers, flight test engineers, human factors engineers, rigger support specialists and drop zone safety officers, all said that to get to the completion phase, extensive training had to be completed before any of the test jumpers could don the LPPs. “Before we could perform actual jumps, we first had to accomplish wind tunnel training in Perris, Calif., with the parachutes,” Monreal said. “After this, we outfitted dummies with the LPPs and used a World War II B-25 Bomber and SC.7 Skyvan to drop them out of the bomb bay. Soon after this, we began staging out of the California City airport in order to execute live drops at the Edwards Farm Drop Zone.” During the duration of the test, the team flew approximately 55 sorties with challenges along the way, according to Monreal. “Some minor malfunctions, such as line twists, were experienced, not to mention some hard openings at high speeds and some hard landings, so you can say we all definitely earned our pay,” said Monreal. “But, in the end, we all feel that this new system will help AC-130 aircrew members across the Air Force accomplish the mission more effectively and safely.”

Air Force photographs by Staff Sgt. Jonathan Case

Above: Tech. Sgt. Joseph Monreal, 418th Flight Test Squadron NCOIC of the Test Parachuting Program, inspects a Low Profile parachute during an LPP test in California City, Calif., April 10, 2013. The Low Profile Parachute is intended to replace the BA-22 parachute which is currently configured for use in the AC-130 gunship. Left: Tech. Sgt. Joseph Monreal, 418th Flight Test Squadron NCOIC of the Test Parachuting Program, deploys the Low Profile parachute after exiting a SC.7 Skyvan during a LPP test April 12, 2013 over the Edwards Farm Dropzone. The Low Profile Parachute is intended to replace the BA-22 parachute which is currently configured for use in the AC-130 gunship.

Desert Wings

May 13, 2013 3, 2013


AFMC commander visits Sustainment Center, air logistics complexes by Kim Dawley Air Force Materiel Command Air Force Materiel Command Commander Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger and AFMC Command Chief, Chief Master Sgt. Michael Warner visited the command’s air logistics complexes the week of April 15 for the first time since AFMC declared initial operational capability of its 5-Center reorganization Oct. 1, 2012. The complexes – located at Hill Air Force, Utah, Robins AFB, Ga., and Tinker AFB, Okla. – are part of the Air Force Sustainment Center, headquartered at Tinker. As the reorganization approaches full operational capability this fall, Wolfenbarger was able to visit work centers and see firsthand how AFSC is supporting the AFMC mission and command priorities. “In many instances, General Wolfenbarger’s questions drove us to demonstrate the application of the ‘game plan,’” said AFSC Commander Lt. Gen. Bruce Litchfield, who joined Wolfenbarger on the visits. “But even

more impressive than the demonstrations was the understanding of our folks on how that game plan is improving mission effectiveness and the tremendous opportunity for future improvements.” In addition to Warner and Litchfield, Wolfenbarger was accompanied on her visits by her husband, retired Col. Craig Wolfenbarger. The Air Force authorized MAJCOM Commander spouse travel for base visits because the spouses’ awareness of the issues that affect our military families is critical, enabling them to provide the best advice, guidance and assistance to senior MAJCOM leaders. Their agendas included tours of facilities and programs related to the AFSC, AFMC and Air Force missions, as well as programs related to quality of life. “We were able to observe the AFSC team perform at a very high level,” Litchfield said. “It’s truly remarkable seeing how far we’ve come since IOC.” Wolfenbarger agreed and was impressed with what she saw, noting that – while the substantial budget reductions facing the De-

Air Force photograph by Tommie Horton

Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger, Air Force Materiel Command commander, and Lt. Gen. Bruce Litchfield, commander, Air Force Sustainment Center, join Brig. Gen. Cedric George, Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex commander, in a rally with 572nd Commodities Maintenance Squadron F-15 ramp shop employees during a visit to Robins Air Force Base, April 15, 2013.

she said. “We are truly achieving our mission of equipping the Air Force for world dominant airpower, now better than ever. My hat is off to everyone in AFSC, and throughout the command, for the progress we’ve made in a very short period of time operating under this new organizational construct.”

partment of Defense are very challenging to deal with – AFMC’s reorganization has allowed the command the opportunity to change for the better. “While we draw on efficiencies to help our Air Force meet its budgetary target, what I’m most excited about is improved effectiveness,”


Continental Conservation: You Make it Happen A CFC participant - provided as a public service


50 off %*

y Da r’s 2th the y 1 Mo s M a i

der’s Line

All the Frills Bouquet

ves all Airmen, retirees, direct link to Brig. Gen. commander. The Action tive points of view on the discuss safety and secuconcerns, or suggestions exhausted. ould not be the first action ng a remedy to a problem mand and take up the matsibility, supervisors, first


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3T Ultra-High Field Open-Bore MRI 40-Slice PET-CT FIRST IN THE ANTELOPE VALLEY!

Dr. Richard Salsbury • Orthodontic Specialist

Military Insurance Provider State Of The Art Dentistry

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99 +s/h

tted by sending an e-mail E ommander’s Action Line SAV %* (661) 277-7325. Action a courteous and profesme, an e-mail address or e requestor’s contact in“All the Frills” Bouquet, compliance with Privacy a perfect Mother’s Day gift. ved without contact inforPlus, as a special bonus, take 20%* off all products over $29! be sure to provide some

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FREE Braces Consultation • Se Habla Español Family Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentistry Orthodontist on Premise Saturday Appointments

ForÊExpecting MothersÊWeÊOfferÊDVDs RecordedÊToÊMusic


(661) 456-2020 • 607 W. Avenue Q • Palmdale (661) 949-8111 • 43731 15th Street West • Lancaster (661) 255-0060 • 25842 Tournament Road • Valencia (760) 446-1999 • 900 Heritage Dr., Bldg. B • Ridgecrest




W Palmdale 661-267-5700

Lancaster 661- 948-8187

E. Palmdale 661-285-8600

Family Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentistry Orthodontics • Periodontics • Endodontics


Desert Wings

May 3, 2013

Community News Volunteers needed for Military pets can Branch Science Carnival fetch $300 in ‘Just Say Treat’ contest Branch Elementary Parent Teacher Organization is conducting its annual Science Carnival May 7 and 8 and this year’s theme is on “Energy.” The PTO is looking for volunteers to give a presentation for a group of students (K to 6th grade). If you would like more information, or would like to give a presentation to the children about “Energy,” contact Kalee, Branch Elementary PTO president at or call (661) 733-3775. Air Force photograph by Laura Mowry

Thomas Allen, 412th Civil Engineering Division, educates Branch Elementary School students about where plastic comes from and the importance of recycling, during the fourth annual science carnival last year. Allen’s presentation was one of five that students had the opportunity to learn from. Volunteers are needed for this year’s Branch Elementary Science Carnival May 7 and 8.

It may be a dog eat dog world, but the latest Exchange contest is focusing on the cuddlier side of these furry, feathered and sometimes finicky companions. With the Army & Air Force Exchange Service’s Patriot Family “Just Say Treat” contest, a pet picture and 50 words could be worth $300. The Patriot Pet “Just Say Treat” photo/pet contest will launch May 1 online at www. and the Exchange Facebook page aafes.bx.px. Shoppers need only to submit a photo of their pet (or pets) along with a 50-word or less description for a shot at a $300 Exchange gift card. “Pets are a very important part of our lives,” said the Exchange’s Senior Enlisted Adviser Chief Master Sgt. Tony Pearson. “They provide many of us with companionship and friendship, so it’s only fair we take this opportunity to crow and bark about our pets.” For more information and links to enter the Patriot Pet “Just Say Treat” contest, go to or visit the Exchange Facebook page at .

May 13, 2013 3, 2013

Desert Wings


Aero Club 320 Jones Road, South Base, Bldg. 320, (661) 275AERO Mother’s Day Special: May 12, time based on your reservation request. Take your mother for an aerial tour of the Antelope Valley. Cost is $165 for a one-hour flight for two adults or one adult and two children. Contact the Aero Club for advanced reservations. Learn to Fly: The sky is the limit at the Edwards AFB Aero Club. Experience the thrill of piloting an aircraft. Your local Aero Club provides many stages of flight training, from your first introductory flight through solo, then on to private, commercial and instructors’ ratings. The choice is yours. Whether your aim is recreational or a career path, your Aero Club will train you to the highest standard with safety always foremost. Rentals: The Aero Club offers Cessna 172s and 182s for rent. Contact the Aero Club for reservations and costs.\

Airman and Family Readiness 5 N. Seller Ave., Bldg. 3000, (661) 277-0723 The Airman & Family Readiness Center has moved to our new location at the AFTC Conference Center, 90 Farrell Drive, Bldg. 5620. All A&FRC classes will now be held at this facility unless otherwise noted. FREE Computer Class for Military Spouses: May 21, 23, 28 and 30, 9 a.m.-noon. The A&FRC has received an Air Force Aid grant to conduct a free basic computer class for military spouses to assist them in gaining or enhancing skills that could lead to employment opportunities. The class includes instruction in Windows, Microsoft Word, emailing, saving files, spell check and more. This is a four-session class and will be held in the Education Center Computer Classroom, Bldg. 2419, Room C. Wi-Fi is available for those choosing to use their own lap tops.

There are 25 spaces, first come-first served. To sign up, call Linda Crump at (661) 277-4662 or Teri Sanchez at (661) 277-0723. Newcomers’ Orientation: May 9, 7:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. in the Galaxy Room. Required for active duty military, the orientation provides vital information regarding base resources and services, policies and procedures, background and more. Registration is required. For more information, call Glenn Arola at (661) 277-8451. Department of Labor Employment Workshop: May 1317, 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. in the TAP Classroom (formerly the Looking Glass Room). The five-dayTransition Assistance Program workshop is required for all personnel separating or retiring. Limited to 22 attendees. For more information and to sign up, call (661) 277-8451 or (661) 277-0732. The Women’s Infants’ & Children’s Mobile Clinic: May 13, 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. in the Chapel Two Annex. Walk-ins and appointments - closed for lunch from noon to 1 p.m. For an appointment or to get information about obtaining vouchers on line, call 1-866-327-3074. The PLAYpass deadline has been extended through Dec. 31, 2013. If your spouse is deployed or you are a single Airman returning from a deployment, then come to the A&FRC to get your PLAYpass and register! PLAYpass discount cards are used for various activities and programs on base for adults and children. For more information contact the A&FRC. Military Family Life Counselor: A Military Family Life Consultant is on board at the A&FRC to help military members, spouses, family members, friends and staff members address issues such as relationships, deployment, parenting, stress, grief and many other issues. Consultations are free and anonymous - no records are kept. Call (661) 742-4733 for an appointment. SBP/Casualty Assistance Office: The SBP and Casualty Assistance Office is now combined and located in Bldg.

3000, Room 215. Please note: Every retiring member, married or single, must make a valid election prior to retiring. See the SBP counselor for more details. Retired military survivor assistance is available at the A&FRC. For more information, call the SBP/Casualty Assistance office at (661) 277-3757. Help is available to file claims through various agencies: DFAS, V.A., SSA, OPM. Sponsorship Training: Attention Sponsors and Unit Training Managers, first impressions are lasting impressions! This training is mandatory for all first time sponsors or those who haven’t sponsored anyone for more than a year. There is a new online sponsorship training that replaces the classroom training. Access eSponsorship Application & Training at Training and resources can be found within this new comprehensive application. Certificate of completion must be turned-in to Tonya Eckles and/or your unit training manager for record keeping. For more information on this training or to get a few resources, contact Tonya Eckles at (661) 277-4709 or email Spouse Employment/Volunteer Resources: The link to job search strategies and volunteer opportunities is through the Airman & Family Readiness Center. Individual consultation is also available by appointment to provide assistance with resumes and education opportunities. The A&FRC has established a distribution list that will allow job vacancies to be emailed to spouses as they become available. If you are interested in getting your email address added to this list, call Linda Crump at (661) 277-5433 or email Air Force Aid Society: Air Force active duty/spouse (with power of attorney), retired, widow/widower with internet access and an email address will be able to apply for AFAS assistance using the new AFAS Online Application by registering and completing the application at https:// Complete See ANNOUNCEMENTS, Page 12

a new chapter BEGINS ...

ves all Airmen, retirees, direct link to Brig. Gen. commander. The Action tive points of view on the discuss safety and secuconcerns, or suggestions exhausted. ould not be the first action ng a remedy to a problem mand and take up the matsibility, supervisors, first

tted by sending an e-mail ommander’s Action Line (661) 277-7325. Action a courteous and profesCOSTUME me, an e-mail address or CONTEST e requestor’s contact incompliance with PrivacyWEEKEND! THIS ved without contact inforbe sure to provide some

details at

deemed beneficial for the d on the Web and the next gs. Submissions may be



MAY 19



der’s Line



Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area | Irwindale, CA • 626-969-4750

Present coupon at Faire Box Office to receive the following:



$ 50


One full priced Adult Ticket

Offer & ticket valid Saturday or Sunday, May 4 - May 19, 2013 only.

AN 5/3

Regular Adult Ticket Price $25. Limit one coupon per person. Kids 4 & under always free. Not valid with any other offer. Not valid for online ticket sales.

Discount tickets available at

The Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area is a United States Army Corps of Engineers Facility and a unit of the County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation System

12 Desert Wings ANNOUNCEMENTS, from 11 and submit the application to the Airman and Family Readiness Center or for more details, call 661 277-4662. Volunteers Need to Register: All volunteers with Edwards AFB official organizations/units need to register with the A&FRC Volunteer Coordinator, Claudia Stover at (661) 277-4615. Organizations or agencies that need volunteers and folks looking for volunteer opportunities may also contact Stover to be included on a distribution list.

Arts and Crafts Center

200 Methusa Rd., (661) 275-ARTS

FREE Admission for Military Families at Blue Star Museums: The National Endowment for the Arts has partnered with the Department of Defense, Blue Star Families and museums across the United States to offer free admission to military personnel and their families through Blue Star Museums from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Blue Star Museums is a model partnership in support of the White House’s Joining Forces initiative. Highlights More than 1,800 museums in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and American Samoa are participating, including: • Children’s museums • Fine art museums • History and science museums • Nature centers Eligibility • Any bearer of a common access card, DD Form 1173 ID card or DD Form 1173-1 ID card • Military ID holder plus up to five family members, which may include a spouse or child, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Additional Information Blue Star Museums National Endowment for the Arts Wood Shop Safety Class: May 11, 1-3 p.m. Cost is $12.50 and is pre-paid at registration. This is our monthly mandatory class to become certified to use the wood shop. For more information, call (661) 275-2787. Adult Pottery (Semi-private and Private Lessons): Saturdays, 9–11 a.m., by appointment only. Students will learn how to create decorative or functional pottery using pinch, coil, and slab techniques. *Students will be required to purchase one block of clay for class, which will create several projects. Pottery Parties: Great for birthday parties, spouses’ groups, or anyone ready for something fun! Each 2- hour party event teaches the basics of working with clay while

May 3, 2013 creating a fun, hand-built project and includes all tools, instruction and firing fees. Cost will vary according to time and projects involved. For more information, call (6610 275-278. Use your PLAYpass here! FREE Wi-Fi! Now guests can access FREE Wi-Fi while waiting on car repairs or classes at the Arts and Crafts Center. Custom flag cases: As requested the Wood Shop now makes custom size flag cases with certificate boxes. The cases are handmade in the wood shop by wood shop instructor, Chuck. You can choose your own size, shape and type of wood (oak, walnut, maple, cherry and mahogany). These are truly a gift to treasure. Need new tires? Let us price new tires for your vehicle. We offer very competitive prices as well as services in mounting and balancing. Come visit Auto Hobby at Bldg. 2440 or call (661) 275-AUTO (2886) and ask for Jesse. Towing Service Available through Auto Hobby: Tuesday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Call Auto Hobby for more information.

Club Muroc 275 Doolittle Parkway, (661) 275-CLUB Club Muroc is closed on Saturdays and Sundays except for special functions or events. Club closed on Mondays after lunch. Call (661) 275-CLUB to book a special function with our catering department. Fogleman’s Lounge Club Member Specials The Classic Burger: half-pound, 100-percent Angus steak burger on toasted Kaiser roll with fries. Half of men price Tuesdays, 5-7 p.m. Spicy Chicken Sandwich: Half off menu price, Tuesdays, 5-7 p.m. Order the Two-plus-Two special. Bring a friend or the entire shop and treat them to $2 dometic drafts and $2 for six-piece wings. Thursdays, 5-6 p.m. Member’s Only Social Hour Food: Fridays, 5-6 p.m. Bingo Night: Six game ‘call’ bingo, Fridays, 6-7 p.m. Evening Dining at Club Muroc Santa Maria Buffet: May 7, 5-8 p.m. Buffet only – no other dining room menu available. Cost is $10.95 for members; $12.95 for non-members; $6 for all children 6-12; and $2 for children under 6. Special kids buffet available. Home Style Buffet: Every Wednesday, 5-8 p.m. Cost is $10.95 for members; $12.95 for non-members; $6 for all children 6-12; and $2 for children under 6. Special kids buffet available. Country Buffet: May 9, 5-8 p.m. Cost is $10.95 for

members; $12.95 for non-members; $6 for all children 6-12; and $2 for children under 6. Special kids buffet available. “Muroc” Steakhouse Buffet: May 10, 5-8 p.m. Cost is $13.95 for adult members; $15.95 for adult non-members; $7.95 for children 6-12 years; $2 for children under 6. Menu (children’s menu also available): One top sirloin steak or grilled chicken breast, breaded butterfly shrimp, baked potato bar, vegetable soup and salad bar, homemade rolls, ice cream, and choice of fountain beverage. Mother’s Day: May 12, three seatings; 10 a.m., 11:30 a.m., and 1 p.m. at Club Muroc. Make reservations at (661) 275-CLUB by May 10. Cost is $19 for members; $23 for eligibile non-members; $7 for children 6-12; $2 for children under 6; and $15 per adulte for E1-E4 club members. Breakfast Menu: Classic Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce, Scrambled Eggs, Cook to Order Omelet Station, Belgian Waffle Station with Assorted Toppings, Country Smoked Bacon and Link Sausages, Home Style Fried Potatoes, Buttermilk Biscuits with Country Gravy, and Grits. Lunch Menu: Chef’s Carving Station Featuring Tender Steamship Round of Beef and Virginia Honey Cured Ham, Tender Chicken Breasts in a Light Lemon Sauce, Shrimp Creole, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Rice Pilaf, Spring Mixed Vegetables and Assorted Dinner Rolls, Green Salad, Fruit and Cheese Display, and Dessert Station. Kids’ Korner: Mini Sliders, Hot Dogs, French Fries, Macaroni and Cheese, and Ice Cream Sundae Bar. Beverage Station: Champagne and Mimosas, fresh brewed coffee, hot and iced tea, orange juice, apple juice, and milk. Air Force Club Membership Cash Back Rewards: Military Free Cash – “One more reward for being a club member.” Earn two points for every $1 spent on-base in FSS activities, the Exchange (including gas) and Commissary. Earn one point for every $1 spent everywhere else. Receive rewards for as little as 2,000 points, points don’t expire. Redeem points for great rewards – cash back and/ or gift cards, travel (airlines, hotel, car rental) and more! It’s a terrific member benefit you shouldn’t be without. It’s designed specifically for you. You deserve it and it’s Free! For more information, visit or call Club Muroc at (661) 275-CLUB. Birthdays: Bring your birthday child and his/her friends! We will provide a birthday cake for their special occasion. Call (661) 277-2830 for reservations (24-hour advanced noticed is required). Wii & Free Wi-Fi: Enjoy our nice lounge area and have fun with our Wii game system or just come in with your See ANNOUNCEMENTS, Page 13

Chapel Corner Gaining Altitude – Growth opportunities for the week This is a weekly segment in Desert Wings to highlight a spiritual focus for the Edwards community: Through our prayers – an opportunity to pray for the needs of our community This week’s request: Pray four our Defense and Service Secretaries that they may have the foresight into providing effective programs for Airmen and families. Through our character – an opportunity to reflect on important issues in our community – Droughts cause the roots of a tree to go deeper and storms cause tree branches to grow stronger. Adversity in a person’s life can do the same, but it depends on a willing attitude. Through our worship opportunities – Right.

Monday-Thursday 11:30 a.m. – Catholic Mass, Chapel 2 1 p.m. – Muslim Prayer, Chapel 1 Thursday 5:30 p.m. – Wiccan/Pagan Worship, Chapel 1 Annex Friday 1:15 p.m. – Muslim Prayer, Chapel 1

Sunday 8 a.m. – Protestant Gospel Service, Chapel 1 9 a.m. – Catholic Mass, Chapel 2 11 a.m. – Protestant Traditional Service, Chapel 1 11 a.m. – Protestant Contemporary Service, Chapel 2 4 p.m. – Catholic Mass, Chapel 2

Desert Wings

May 13, 2013 3, 2013




educate - innovate - inspire - serve

1973 - 2013



CLASSES 140 Methusa Rd., Bldg. 2453 Edwards AFB, CA 93524 661.258.8644 Campus Hours Monday-Thursday -- 7:30am-4:30pm Friday -- 8:00am-12:00pm

East Kern Summer/Fall 2013 Schedule of Classes

ANNOUNCEMENTS, from 12 own computer and connect to our free Wi-Fi!


Members Only Special Birthday Month Coupon: Happy Birthday from Club Muroc! Stop by Club Muroc during your birthday month and we’ll give you a coupon for a free meal! Offer valid for Edwards club members only. Pick up Tuesday-Friday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

SPEECH SPCH C101 Elements of Speech (3 Units) CRN 50202 T Th 5:30-8:50pm EDC F Fisher J - Begins 11-Jun-13 Ends 01-Aug-13

Education and Training

Looking for the latest, up-to-date class information? Check out Classes subject to change at any time.

Edwards AFB Classes


140 Methusa Ave., Bldg. 2453, (661) 277-2713

PHYSICAL SCIENCE PHSC C131 Intro to Meteorology (3 Units) [Reading Level 1, Writing Level 2] CRN 70346 T Th 6:00-7:25pm TBD Teets E PHSC C132 Introduction to Meteorology Laboratory (1 Unit) [Co-requisite: PHSC C131] CRN 70347 T Th 7:45-9:10pm TBD Teets E

California City Classes Summer EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN EMTC C070 CPR for the Healthcare Provider (.5 Units/.50 Units A) CRN 50111 M 8:00am-6:00pm CCHS Metcalf M - Begins 19-Aug-13 Ends 19-Aug-13

Fall ART ART C101 Introduction to Art (3 Units) CRN 70015 M W 6:45-9:55pm CCHS Kaczkowski E

Special Materials Fee: $10.00. Students will need to buy additional supplies.

COUNSELING COUN C101 Tools for College Success (2 Units) _____ TBA TBA CCHS STAFF EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN EMTC C105 Emergency Medical Technician (6.5 Units) CRN 72238 M W 5:10-10:15pm CCHS 203 STAFF Note: This class requires 171 total class hours.

ENGLISH ENGL C070 Introductory Composition (4 Units) [Prerequisite: ENGL C040] CRN 70157 M T Th F 7:15-8:11am CCHS Gionta D - W 7:15-7:51am CCHS Gionta D Begins 16-Aug-13 Ends 21-Dec-13. This class follows the California City High School calendar. ENGL C101 Freshman Composition (4 Units) [Prerequisite: ENGL C070] CRN 70164 M T Th F 8:14-9:10am CCHS Gionta D - W 7:54-8:30am CCHS Gionta D Begins 16-Aug-13 Ends 21-Dec-13. This class follows the California City High School calendar. ENGL C245 Women’s Literature (3 Units) [Advisory: Reading Level 1, Writing Level 1] CRN 70175 T Th 6:00-7:25pm CCHS Jeffrey M MATHEMATICS MATH C050 Elementary Algebra (4 Units) [Prerequisite: MATH C040] CRN 70265 T Th 7:35-9:40pm CCHS Bonner M PSYCHOLOGY PSYC C101 General Psychology (3 Units) CRN 70358 M W 5:10-6:35pm CCHS Peoples M

Complete Your CCAF Degree: The Education Center has CCAF advisors available to assist you with completion of Complete Your CCAF Degree: The Education Center has CCAF advisers available to assist you with completion of your CCAF degree. Call (661) 277-2713, or stop by Bldg. 2435, 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Don’t procrastinate, it’s easier than you think! Community of Practice Website: A training class schedule is available on the Education and Training CoP. See at a glance all the classes offered by the Education & Training Section for Edwards military and DOD civilians. Contact your Training Manager for detailed course information. Log on to home.aspx?Filter=24828. Webster University, an ACBSP regionally accredited university, is looking for potential faculty to teach graduate-level finance or human resource courses at our Edwards AFB campus. Minimum qualifications include a master’s degree in a related field (terminal degree preferred), professional experience, and preferably experience teaching at the graduate level. Applicants please send resume/vita to For more information, call Karen Fudala at (661) 258-8501.

Family Child Care

1208 W. Fitzgerald Blvd., Bldg. 6457, (661) 275-4322 The benefits of being a family child care provider: Being able to work out of your home, working while caring for your own children, being in charge of your own business, doing work that you love, setting your own hours and free training! If you are interested in becoming an FCC licensed or affiliated provider, contact the FCC Office at (661) 2754322. New provider orientation starting soon! We need providers to offer alternate hours to accommodate evening, swing and weekend duty hours. We are looking for providers to offer care for children with special needs including asthma, allergies, cerebral palsy See ANNOUNCEMENTS, Page 13

Furniture and more For Sale!! Call Paul at (661) 917-1835

der’s Line

ves all Airmen, retirees, direct link to Brig. Gen. commander. The #937Action Shelves and end tables – $100 tive points of view on the Steel tube frame, glass shelves. discuss safety and secuconcerns, or suggestions exhausted. ould not be the first action ng a remedy to a problem mand and take up the matsibility, supervisors, first

tted by sending an e-mail ommander’s Action Line (661) 277-7325. Action a courteous and profesme, an e-mail address or e requestor’s contact incompliance with Privacy ved without contact inforbe sure to provide some

deemed beneficial for the d on the Web and the next gs. Submissions may be


#992 Rocker Recliner – $65

#991 China Hutch and Buffet – $100 48” Wide

#798 Very nice solid wood coffee table Notice the inset woodwork. $65

Check out the new posts at Paul’s Yard Sale:


Desert Wings

May 3, 2013


and other physical impairments. Extended Duty Care: The Air Force offers the Extended Duty Care Program to assist parents who need additional child care beyond their normal arrangements due to mission related requirements. Children must already be enrolled in the Child Development Center, the School Age Program or the Family Child Care Program to qualify. To enroll in this FREE Extended Duty Program or for more information, please contact the Family Child Care office at (661) 275-4322. Returning Home Care: Members are authorized 16 hours of hourly care within 30 days of their return from deployment. Contact the Family Child Care Coordinator for more details on the program at (661) 275-4322. Family Child Care is seeking dedicated people who love working with children! If you live on base and want to care for children in your home or you are a military dependent and live off base, you may be eligible to be a licensed or affiliated provider! Make a positive difference in the lives of children! Most materials and training are provided free of charge!

High Desert Lanes Bowling Center 205 Fitzgerald, Bldg. 5214, (661) 275-BOWL Summer BuildIT Bowling ‘Colored Pin Nights:’ Fridays, May 10-Aug. 30, 6-10 p.m. Cost is $10 per person and includes three games and shoe rental. When you bowl a strike with a colored head pin (verified by the bowling staff) you will win a ticket to one of Southern California’s amusement parks, including Disneyland, Legoland, Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm. Quarter Mania Mondays: 11 a.m-7 p.m. Cost is 75 cents per game; 75 cents shoe rental. Brown Bag and Bowl: Tuesday-Friday, 11 a.m.- 2p.m. Cost is $1.25 per game, $1.50 for shoe rental. Bring your lunch and have some fun!

Family Game Night: Thursdays, 3-7 p.m. Glow-in-theDark bowling, fun for the whole family. Cost is $1.50 per person per game, with $1 shoe rental. Friday Night Early Bird Special: Fridays, 2–6 p.m. Cost is $5 per person; bowl as many games you want. $1.75 shoe rental for adults; $1.50 for youth. Friday Night Extreme Bowling, Bring your own Music Night: Fridays, 6-10 p.m. Cost is $2.25 per person per game. Shoe rental is $1.75 for adults and $1.50 for youth. Beat the Saturday night rush. Enjoy glow-in-thedark bowling, great music and fun for everyone. Bring in your CDs, MP3 players or IPODS and we will play your music. No explicit language (High Desert Lanes Bowling Center has the right to refuse any songs). Family Dollar Day: Saturdays, noon-6 p.m. Cost is $1 per game, shoe rental is $1. Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling: Saturdays, 6-10 p.m. Cost is $10 per person, shoe rental included to bowl as many games as you want. Don’t miss out on all the fun at an affordable price. There will be Glow-in-the-Dark bowling, and a fun atmosphere for the whole family. Unit Functions: All hours, with reservations. Cost is $5 per person and includes three games and shoe rentals. Units may reserve lanes anytime during open bowling for parties, commander’s call, team building events, etc.

Honor Guard 148 Methusa Ave., Bldg. 2462, (661) 275-BLUE If you need to request the Blue Eagles Honor Guard for your ceremonies please email 412fss.honor.guard@, or call (661) 810-8039.

Information, Tickets and Travel 205 W. Popson Ave., Bldg. 2500, 2(661) 275-TRIP Jet Hawks Tickets: The popular Jet Hawks vouchers

are now available at the ITT office. We also feature the Family Fun Pack which includes hot dogs, chips and a drink for a family of four. Mulligan Family Fun Center: All-day pass tickets are now available for $17 per person. ITT Pricelist & Other Events: To see the current ITT price list for events, parks, hotels and discount information, visit For the most up-to-date information, press the F5 key to refresh page.

Library 5 W. Yeager Blvd., Bldg. 2665, (661) 275-BOOK Special Children’s Story Time celebrating Mother’s Day: May 10, 10 a.m. Free Online Services, Zinio: A leading full-service distributor of digital magazines, the Zinio newsstand has thousands of top magazines from around the world. Browse the list of subscriptions AF libraries own (currently 642 popular titles including Newsweek, National Geographic and Parenting), select and read anywhere, anytime using your computer, smartphone or tablet. To take advantage of this wonderful service, visit the Base Library or call (661) 275-BOOK for more information. At the Library: Available for a loan period of two weeks; each item may be renewed at the library only, if there are no pending requests by other customers: • Books • Books and CD Sets • MP3 (Playaway) • Rosetta Stone CD-ROM (Spanish and Russian only) New item Tuesdays: Be the first one to borrow new released books, DVDs, Blu-Ray, TV series, books on CD and more. We invite you to sign up for the Information See ANNOUNCEMENTS, Page 15

Honor Mom with a special greeting for Mother’s Day!

Sunday, May 12th

20 Words, Only $10! Deadline is Tuesday, May 7th at noon. Email: To My Mother: A dear friend throughout my life. You’re always near. You’re the sunshine to light my day. Susan

For all the things I didn’t say. For the love you give and the work you’ve done, Here’s appreciation from your admiring son. Jack

Desert Wings

May 13, 2013 3, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENTS, from 14 Awareness Program, to receive a weekly email containing the complete list of new items. Call the library for more information. Universal Class Now Available: Get access to Universal Class today! This program offers more than 500 online courses on a wide range of subjects/levels, available 24/7, instructor led, self paced. Universal Class courses are informational and designed to enhance student knowledge, increase skills and stimulate interest in a subject. Visit the Library for more information. Transparent Language Online: This effective and engaging language-learning program is available for libraries and their patrons. The program is accessible via the Internet and will be available to active duty Air Force, Air National Guard, Reservists, retirees and their respective family members. Air Force civilian employees and contractors who are eligible to use an Air Force library are also eligible. All users must register in person at an Air Force library and can then use it anywhere and at anytime. Transparent Language Online is packed full of pronunciation, speech, grammar, writing, and vocabulary building lessons for more than 80 languages. Featuring top-of-the-line coursework combined with great social media resources, Transparent Language Online is a complete language-learning system. New Resources in the Children’s section: Playaway View, the first all-in-one video player of its kind, pre-loaded with multiple videos of the best educational programming, now available at the Main library. Try it out and select titles such as math, exploring space, U.S. history and more. Children’s Story Time: Wednesday and Friday, 10 a.m.

der’s Line

ves all Airmen, retirees, direct link to Brig. Gen. commander. The Action tive points of view on the discuss safety and secuconcerns, or suggestions exhausted. ould not be the first action ng a remedy to a problem mand and take up the matsibility, supervisors, first

tted by sending an e-mail ommander’s Action Line (661) 277-7325. Action a courteous and profesme, an e-mail address or e requestor’s contact incompliance with Privacy ved without contact inforbe sure to provide some

deemed beneficial for the d on the Web and the next gs. Submissions may be

Muroc Lake Golf Course 111 Crest Dr., (661) 275-PUTT May Fitness Month: In the spirit of May Fitness Month, any players who walk the course during the month of May will receive discounts on merchandise in the Golf Pro Shop. For more information, contact our new Golf Manager, Pablo Vasquez at (661) 275-PUTT. Twilight Golf: Daily, 4 p.m.-sunset. Had a long day at work? Take a little time to relax and enjoy some golf! Our ‘Twilight Special’ is a great way to end the day, get a few holes in before dark and save money! E1-E4: $4.50 green fees E5-O3: $6.50 green fees O4-above: $7.50 green fees DOD, Contractors and guests: $7.50 green fees Carts are $5 per person Monday-Friday Special: $20, 7 a.m.–1 p.m. Cost is $20 for 18 holes of golf, a cart and lunch. Want to learn how to play golf: Come learn from our club pros, Ricky Lanning and Chelsea Orozco can teach you everything you will need to know at your convenience. From longer drives to make more putts and everything in between, our pros can bring you from amateur to pro! Wi-Fi is now available at the Muroc Lake Golf Course Clubhouse. Have a broken club: You don’t want to spend the money to buy a new one? Come see our club craftsmen to repair it at a fraction of the price. Prices vary on the damage, call (661) 275-PUTT for more information. Golf Pro Shop: The pro shop offers special orders and yellow tag sales – stop by and check it out. Sandbagger Grill at the Muroc Lake

Golf Course The Sandbagger offers a large variety of meal options from our breakfast menu, Angus beef hamburgers, sandwiches, focaccia’s, Panini’s and salads. Call for more information, reservations or special functions. Daily specials are served with a side of French fries or salad and small soda:: Monday: Barbecue pulled pork sandwich, slow cooked and smothered with barbecue sauce on ciabatta bread; $8.95. Tuesday: Homemade tuna salad on butter croissant with lettuce and hard-boiled egg; $7.95. Wednesday: Build your own taco salad with the choice of homemade chicken or beef and a various selection of toppings (fries and salad are not available as a side with this meal); $8.25. Thursday: Tri tip slow cooked and marinated in tequila, thinly sliced on toasted ciabatta bread, topped with Swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms; $8.95. Friday: Nine-ounce fish fillet and chips, with a side of homemade tartar sauce and malt vinegar; $8.95.

Oasis Community Center 205 W. Popson Ave., (661) 275-CNTR Mother’s Day Craft Night: May 8, 5-7 p.m. Making crafts for Mother’s Day Fitness Classes available at the Oasis Community Center: Zumba: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; 7-7:55 p.m. Monday and Wednesday; 10-10:55 a.m. Cost is $3 per person, per class, 25 percent discount if you purchase a 10-class punch card Aerobics: Monday, Wednesday and Friday; 11 a.m.-noon Cost is $3 per person, per class, 25 percent discount if you purchase a 10-class punch card Kickboxing: Tuesday and Thursday; 11 a.m.-noon Cost is $3 per person, per class, 25 percent discount if you purchase a 10-class punch card Monthly Instructional Classes: All classes are conducted at the Oasis Community


Center. Call (661) 275-2687 for additional information. Use your PLAYpass here! • Classical Guitar Lessons: Cost $28 per half hour lesson, per student. Call for available lesson days/times. • Basic/Beginning Drum Lessons: Cost $28 per half hour lesson, per student. Call for available lesson days/times. • Piano Lessons: Cost $28 per half hour lesson, per student. Call for available lesson days/times. • Kinderfiddle (beginning violin): Cost $28 per half hour lesson, per student. Call for available lesson days/times. • Karate Class: Monday and Wednesday, 5-7 p.m. Cost is $55 per month, per person, ages 7 and up. • Hula Lessons: Thursdays, $20 per month for beginners, $25 per month for intermediate and advanced.

Outdoor Recreation

Kincheloe Ave., (661) 275-CAMP

May Special for National Barbecue Month: $5 off barbecue grill rental at ODR Equipment Checkout. Wall Climbing Certification Class: May 7, 5 p.m., at the Oasis Aquatic Center Climbing Wall. Cost is $15 and advanced registration is required. Minimum of four, maximum of eight participants. Learn basic climbing techniques, skill & safety. You will be required to return at a later time to be tested on your training. Successful completion of the class and testing will grant you access to the wall and climbing equipment. Disc Golf Clinics: May 8, noon-1 p.m. Everyone is invited to learn how to play disc golf. If you are new to the sport, this is a perfect introduction. If you are experienced, we will teach you techniques to get that extra distance and hit those putts. Instruction will be held at the Mojave Greens Disc Golf Course located near the softball field at the Rosburg Fitness Center. Private Swimming Lessons: Schedule your appointment with one of our lifeguards for a time that works for you. Cost is $10 for a 30 minute lesson, any age. Looking to learn how swim; how about improve on what you already know? Come See ANNOUNCEMENTS, Page 16

WE WANT YOU! 2013 Military Retiree Appreciation Day at Edwards AFB, CA Date: May 4, 2013 Time: 8 a.m.-Noon Location: Oasis Community Center

PLEASE COME OUT AND LEARN ABOUT THE PROGRAMS THAT AFFECT YOU & RECEIVE SOME SERVICES DURING YOUR VISIT! Legal Services Pharmacy (Limited) Immunization TRICARE Defense Financial and Accounting System (DFAS) Retiree Activity Office Program Updates ID Card Services Commissary Warehouse Sale Door Prizes/Give-Aways /Refreshments


Join us on Facebook at OR Contact the Retiree Activity Office (email or call (661) 277-4931)


Desert Wings

May 3, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENTS, from 15 talk to our seasoned lifeguard staff about what you want to learn and let them help you accomplish your goals, today! Horseback Riding Lessons: Variety of lessons offered. Call Outdoor Recreation for more information. Cooking Equipment: We have oil less infrared cookers and traditional fryers for only $5 a day! Stables: Did you know that Outdoor Recreation has riding stables where you can board your horse? For $25 a month with a $25 a month membership fee you can board your horse at Outdoor Recreations Riding Stables. Call Outdoor Recreation for more details. Overnight Camping at Branch Park: Cost is $5 for a campsite for up to four people. Come and get a “wilderness experience” right here on base. This will be primitive camping (no potable water, no telephones, and no RVs). Private Parties: Rod & Gun, Paintball, and other Outdoor Recreation activities are available for squadron functions and private parties. In addition to using our facilities, let us plan a trip for you! Interested in going somewhere with your squadron or a group of friends? Tell us and we’ll do the legwork for you. Let us know how many people, where you want to go, and what your budget is and we’ll do the rest! Team Building: Does your office, element or group need some team building? Come talk to us! We have instructors and the facilities to make it a great afternoon/day for you and your staff. Prices vary depending on the activity and group size. Call us today and let’s plan an event! RV Storage: Numerous openings are available in RV Storage! Come over and park your equipment for our low prices and have access to them anytime you need! 20’ Active Duty and Retiree – $15; 20’ All Others – $20; 25’-30’ Active Duty and Retiree – $20; 25’-30’ All Others – $25; 35’-50’ Active Duty and Retiree – $25, 35’-50’ All Others – $30.

Rod & Gun 210 Adams Way, 275-CAMP

Rifle and Pistol Range: May 11, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Open for Rod & Gun patrons. Pistol rentals available at the Rod & Gun Club (Bldg. 210)

Rosburg Fitness Center 210 W. Popson Ave.,(661) 275-GYM1 May Fitness Punch Cards: For each workout you do during the month of May, you will get a punch hole on your card. Cards will be submitted to the Fitness Center at the end of the month and participants who completed at least 20 workouts will receive a free fitness lanyard or T-shirt (while supplies last). May Fitness cards will be available at the Fitness Center front counter for pick-up. “Street” Hockey Tournament, Five-Man Teams: May 17, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Team sign-ups required by COB May 4. Teams will meet at the hockey rink behind the Joshua Tree Dining Facility. All you need is a team and your running shoes! Equipment will be provided. Disc Golf Clinics: May 8, noon-1 p.m. Everyone is invited to learn how to play disc golf. If you are new to the sport, this is a perfect introduction. If you are experienced, we will teach you techniques to get that extra distance and hit those putts. Instruction will be held at the Mojave Greens Disc Golf Course located near the softball field at the Rosburg Fitness Center. Dodge Ball Tournament: May 10, 6:30 a.m. at the Fitness Center basketball court. Team sign-ups required by COB May 8 at the Fitness Center. Bench Press Competition: May 15, 11 a.m. Sign up by COB May 10. Weigh-ins start at 10:30 a.m., competition starts at 11 a.m. Prizes will be awarded for each weight class. Fitness on Request Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays in May, starting at noon. We will host a different class throughout the month of May to highlight the Fitness on Request system. Double punches will be provided for at-

tendance. Healthy Weight Class: Thursdays, noon-1:30 p.m. Call the HAWC for more information. Tae Kwon Do: Cost: A children’s monthly pass is $65, an adult monthly pass is $70, and a daily pass is $9 per day. For more information, call Kumye Moore at (661) 8609292. Use your PLAYpass here! Personal Trainers: Cost is $40 per hour session, $25 for a half-hour session. Call to schedule your appointment and start reaching those fitness goals. For appointments, call Jeff Walden at (210) 723-2052, Johnny Johnson at (660) 233-2141 or Lauren Brandin at (210) 723-2052. Use your PLAYpass here! Massage Therapy: Cost is $40 for 30 minutes, $70 for an hour, or $100 one and a half hours. Available 10 a.m.9 p.m., Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, by appointment only. Couples massage is also offered. For more information and appointments, call Brittni Albrechti at (661) 317-2139. Use your PLAYpass here! Lunchtime Disc Golf at Mojave Greens: Wednesdays, noon, Mojave Greens Disc Golf Course, Hole 1. Join us for a round of lunchtime golf. Players of all skill levels are invited to attend. Experienced golfers will be on hand to offer advice and work with beginners. Equipment will be available for loan. Take this opportunity to meet other disc golfers on base and challenge each other on the course! Equipment Orientation Classes: Tuesday, 10-11 a.m., Wednesday, 4-5 p.m., and Thursday, 7-8 p.m. Not sure how to use equipment or what it does for you? Stop by the front desk and sign up for this one-hour class. We are here to help you get the most out of your fitness routine.

Teen Center 100 Kincheloe Ave., Bldg. 7211, (661) 275-8336 See ANNOUNCEMENTS, Page 17

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Desert Wings

May 13, 2013 3, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENTS, from 16 Youth & Teen Centers Memberships: For about a dollar a day, you could have peace of mind knowing that your son or daughter is in a safe environment – an environment that fosters development in many different areas and offers constant supervision, tutoring and fun! Did you know that the most dangerous time for youth, especially teens, are between the hours of 3 and 6 p.m? The Youth and Teen Centers offer social opportunities and structured programming from affiliated agencies such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the 4-H Club. For more information about youth and teen memberships, contact the main youth center at (661) 275-5437. Youth & Teen Sponsorship: Are you new to the area? Will you be PCS’ing soon? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend to show your kids around base? The Air Force Youth Centers offer sponsorship for kids & teens so that every move is a seamless transition. For more information about Youth or Teen Sponsorship contact the Main Youth Center, (661) 275-5437. Super Sitters Course: Cost is $40 for course and registration, at Youth Center (Bldg. 5210). Super Sitters courses are held every so often when at least six students are on the list. The classes are taught in two, four-hour segments, location and times will vary on availability. The course is open for youth and teens ages 11-18. Once registered, student will be notified of the next available course.

Tutoring is now available at the Teen Center: The Tutoring is Free to members of the teen center or $5 for non-members. Each tutor (adult) is very experienced in their subject, we have tutors available in many subjects. For more information call (661) 275-TEEN or come by the Teen Center.

Youth Programs 24 Lathrop Dr., (661) 275-5437 School Age Programs Summer Camp Registration: For children in 1st grade through 6th grade, registration begins April 15, 6:15 a.m. Your child must have completed one year of Kindergarten in order to be eligible. Sign up at the SchoolAge Annex, Bldg. 6459. Youth & Teen Centers Memberships: For about a dollar a day, you could have peace of mind knowing that your son or daughter is in a safe environment – an environment that fosters development in many different areas and offers constant supervision, tutoring and fun! Did you know that the most dangerous time for youth, especially teens, are between the hours of 3 and 6 p.m? The Youth and Teen Centers offer social opportunities and structured programming from affiliated agencies such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the 4-H Club. For more information about youth and teen memberships, contact the main youth center at (661) 275-5437. Youth & Teen Sponsorship: Are you

new to the area? Will you be PCSing soon? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend to show your kids around base? The Air Force Youth Centers offer sponsorship for kids & teens so that every move is a seamless transition. For more information about Youth or Teen Sponsorship contact the Main Youth Center, (661) 275-5437. Super Sitters Course: Cost is $40 for course and registration, at Youth Center (Bldg. 5210). Super Sitters courses are held every so often when at least six students are on the list. The classes are taught in two, four-hour segments, location and times will vary on availability. The course is open for youth and teens ages 11-18. Once registered, student will be notified of the next available course. Toddler Learning Center: Toddler classes at the Creative Arts Center (JZ) for ages 1-4 (older siblings are welcome). Are you looking for a class that you & your toddler can share in? If so this is the class for you! TLC is a Mom, Pop & Tot class that allows families to learn while playing! Classes are filling fast! Call Youth Programs at (661) 275KIDS or Ms Amy at (325) 829-5101. Crafty Kids Art: Daily, 3-5 p.m. Join us in the art area as we create all types of cool arts & crafts. No cost! Free Thinker’s Reading Club: Mondays, 3:30-4:30 p.m., in the Club Room. Practice reading, writing and public speaking skills. See Ms. Christal for


details and to sign up. Torch Club: Thursdays, 3:30-4:30 p.m., in the Torch Room. Torch clubs are charter, small-group leadership and service clubs for boys and girls ages 9-12. it is a powerful vehicle through which club staff can help meet the special character development needs of younger adolescents at a critical stage in their development. See Mr. Andrew for details. Model Building Club: Fridays, 4-5 p.m., in the Club Room. Choose from several plastics models and learn building techniques with the end product being your very own. See Mr. Mark for details and to sign up. Boys & Girls Club Power Hour/Project Learn, Join today: Monday-Thursday, 2:45-4 p.m. Power Hour: making minutes count helps club members (ages 6-12) become successful in school by providing homework help/tutoring while encouraging members to become selfdirected learners. See Ms. Jasmine for details and to sign up.

Youth Sports Contact Emil Graves, (661) 277-8961 FitFactor Fridays, 3:15-5 p.m. Join us in the Gym! Be Active and Eat Healthy to reach the FitFactor Levels and Earn Prizes! You can find more information at

I need a home ...

der’s Line

ves all Airmen, retirees, direct link to Brig. Gen. commander. The Action tive points of view on the discuss safety and secuconcerns, or suggestions exhausted. ould not be the first action ng a remedy to a problem mand and take up the matsibility, supervisors, first

tted by sending an e-mail ommander’s Action Line (661) 277-7325. Action a courteous and profesme, an e-mail address or e requestor’s contact incompliance with Privacy ved without contact inforbe sure to provide some

deemed beneficial for the d on the Web and the next gs. Submissions may be

Caesar is a 13-year old declawed tabby male. He is an older cat but most indoor cats live to 20 years old so he still has many years to live. He would love to spend that time with you on the coach where he is loved. APET Rescue is looking for adult volunteers. If you are interested, visit APET Rescue at 615 South Forbes Avenue, or call (661) 258-9525. APET Rescue is open 4:30- 6 p.m., Monday-Friday, and 3:30-5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday.

“A Look At Business” A production of Community Press Service Inc., which is solely responsible for its content. 1-800-350-1820

Castrol Premium Lube Express

20400 California City Blvd. * California City, CA 93505 760-373-4080 Former Military Owned & Operated * Trusted Care For Your Car Complete automobile service and repair are offered by CASTROL PREMIUM LUBE EXPRESS located in California City, CA. No appointment is necessary. You'll get guaranteed quality service by trained technicians. Your vehicle will be lubed, the oil and filter will be changed, the air pressure in your tires will be checked, and the radiator, transmission, rear end, power steering, brake, and battery fluid levels will be checked and filled to the exact requirements. They also have a full service shop for any repairs or preventative maintenance you need. They use only "top quality" oils and lubricants and you'll receive quick, courteous and professional service. Why take your vehicle some place where you have to wait for hours. This fine service and repair center will have you in and out. Bring your Car, Motor Home, SUV or Truck to CASTROL PREMIUM LUBE EXPRESS. Hal and the crew thank the Military at Edwards AFB for their hard work in keeping our country safe. Mention this ad and receive $10.00 off any mechanical repair over $100.00 or receive a $5.00, $10.00 or $15.00 rebate check off on your next oil change.

A Healing Touch Therapeutic Massage

Ilene Bautista, CMT

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If you find yourself taking more pain reliever than you should simply to get through the day, or your sleep is being interrupted due to the pain of an injury, or tension brought on by stress, then perhaps massage therapy could bring the relief you need. A HEALING TOUCH THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE is located at 1034 W. Avenue L12 in Lancaster, phone 661-435-1952. Through deep-tissue massage, this qualified therapist can gently manipulate the proper muscle groups, relaxing them to increase blood-flow, oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. Sometimes, massage therapy can be used in conjunction with chiropractics or acupuncture, but most often, clients find a skilled therapist can move the muscles in a way that keeps bones in place. In addition, Ilene may also utilize additional natural healing methods such as heat therapy to further enhance the relief. If you've been suffering with low back pain, headaches from tight neck and shoulders, numbness or an aching in your extremities, call A HEALING TOUCH THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE today for natural, affordable relief. Discounts are given to law enforcement, firefighters, and military to thank you for your service.

Locally Owned & Operated If you have trouble each year deciding what to do with your pet while away on vacation because you have been afraid to leave it at a coldly impersonal kennel, this does not have to be a problem any longer. LA PAWS PET RESORT located at 4842 W. Avenue A in Lancaster/Rosamond, phone 661-948-9986, can be considered to be an excellent "foster family" for your pet. They feature the largest misted runs in the Antelope Valley where your pet will receive the finest in family care. All the pets entrusted to LA PAWS PET RESORT receive 24-hour a day care from their fine staff. They have been recommended by numerous veterinarians in this area and you can rest assured that your pet will receive excellent personalized care. LA PAWS PET RESORT specializes in expert grooming for all breeds and private training. They also have floor to ceiling cat houses. The writers of this 2013 Look At Business would like to suggest that you entrust your pet to these caring professionals. Your pet will love you for it. Conveniently located at 710 W. Tehachapi Blvd. in Tehachapi, phone 661-822-7496 or the pharmacy at 661-822-3594, KMART is both familiar and popular with the people of this area, and it's the place where you can feel at home while you're shopping. Its friendly atmosphere that predominates at all times has placed this store in an individual class by itself and is the shopping headquarters for this entire area! That much discussed word, "SERVICE" finds true expression in the friendly atmosphere that envelops every customer in this store. KMART features such items as menʼs, womenʼs and childrenʼs clothing; cosmetics; sporting goods; jewelry; electronics; household items; gardening supplies; automotive products and more. Each department is managed by well trained personnel and the latest merchandise is always seen on their well stocked shelves. The writers of this 2013 Look At Business suggest KMART to our many readers in this area. We know you'll be pleased with the quality merchandise, the outstanding service and the low prices that go hand in hand here. The manager and staff thank all their valued and loyal customers and look forward to greeting new customers.

D & D Muffler

Chip - Owner

Over 35 Years Experience

Does your car's muffler sound like it's about ready to fall off? Maybe it's time for you to visit D & D MUFFLER and have a new muffler installed. If you didn't know it, a faulty exhaust system or exhaust leak robs power from your engine. It also adds greatly to air and noise pollution, gas mileage, and loss in performance and can be hazardous to you and your passengers. A stop at 42620 10th St. West, Unit D in Lancaster, phone 661-951-3833, will let these professionals check your car and recommend the exact replacement. A short installation period and you're back on the road in a much safer and quieter car. They have mufflers in stock for most any model car or truck and will install the proper unit while you wait. They are open Mon. – Fri., 8am – 6pm and Sat., 8am – 3pm, closed Sun. If it's performance you want, they have a full line of high performance exhaust systems. In the Antelope Valley, D & D MUFFLER has the only Mandral bender on site. We suggest D & D MUFFLER to all of our readers needing their services!

Joshua Memorial Park & Mortuary

FD# 1644 COA 463 "Bringing you services you need when it matters most." Always there in time of need, JOSHUA MEMORIAL PARK & MORTUARY at 808 E. Lancaster Blvd. in Lancaster can be reached at 661-942-8125 or visit They are recognized as the area's premier after-care provider and the only facility that has a funeral home and cemetery in one convenient location. This established company has helped a great many local families through their time of sorrow through compassionate funeral arrangements and complete service, i n c l u d i n g f u n e r a l , c e m e t e r y, a n d c r e m a t i o n s e r v i c e o p t i o n s . T h e y a l s o o f f e r prearrangement and financing is available for at need services for those who qualify. This qualified company is a member of the Dignity Memorial® network which is North Americaʼs largest provider of funeral, cremation, and cemetery service. They will be glad to lend whatever assistance you need for planning your family's funeral arrangements. They offer a wide variety of plans that can be suited to most any situation and budget. JOSHUA MEMORIAL PARK & MORTUARY has handled many dignified funerals for people of all faiths and all walks of life. They thank the troops at EAFB for your service; it is truly appreciated.

The Barking Lot Locally Owned & Operated By Sabrina Elder The place to have your pet groomed professionally is THE BARKING LOT located at 8068 Cal City Blvd. in California City, phone 760-977-6637. This well known grooming parlor features bathing, expert cutting and styling for all breeds of cats and dogs, for show and comf ort . They also do excellent work on ears, nails and glands, and medicated baths are available as needed. No tranquilizers are used, and your pet will have a good experience in these gentle, caring hands. Your pet doesnʼt need to have a pedigree to enjoy the services of this fine grooming studio. All breeds need regular grooming, and pets look and feel much better when their coats are trimmed at regular intervals. Whatever breed YOU own, make an appointment soon to have it cared for at THE BARKING LOT! Youʼll find the rates reasonable and the service excellent. The writers of this 2013 Look At Business would like to make special mention of this fine pet grooming parlor.

Dan’s Auto Repair Family Owned & Operated

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Wouldn't it be nice to be able to take your car to just one place for all of your repair work? In Antelope Valley, there is such a place and that's DANʼS AUTO REPAIR! With complete shop facilities located at 1737 Locust St., Unit A in Rosamond, phone 661-256-6079, this is one of the area's leading repair shops. Ask any fleet operator or automobile dealer. They'll tell you that this is the only stop you need to make on your way to worry-free driving! From undercarriage to electrical systems, this is one garage which has the equipment, parts and skill to repair or replace most any part that may malfunction. With years of experience behind them, DANʼS AUTO REPAIR has established the type of reputation that other shops may be envious of, but just cannot compete with in terms of service and quality. To show their appreciation to the military, they are offering a 10% discount on all labor costs!

ANM Construction

Locally Owned & Operated By A.J. & Nathan Martinez "No Job Too Big, No Job Too Small" CA Lic. #663054 It is the opinion of most anyone of the Lancaster area who has had ANM CONSTRUCTION handle their general construction, asphalt, or paving, that there is not a more qualified contractor anywhere! With offices located at 208 W. Pillsbury St. in Lancaster, phone 661-729-6200 for estimates, this is one general contractor with the ability and equipment to get the job done right! This organization is noted for their fair prices and business-like policies. They urge anyone considering building or paving to contact them for a referral list of satisfied customers. Their work is their best recommendation! Using only the latest equipment and proper tools, this is one firm that combines the most up-to-date building techniques with a professional attitude to see YOUR job through to its entirety! The writers of this 2013 Look At Business commend this well-respected construction company and suggest them to our readers to take care of your construction and asphalt paving needs!

Hank Morris Photography "The Creative Photographer"

High school graduation portraits, weddings, family portraits, on location photography, and special assignments are just a few of the areas that HANK MORRIS PHOTOGRAPHY specializes in. This well known studio is fully equipped to handle any type of photographic task which you may have in mind. Call Hank at 661-256-1949 for an appointment or to discuss YOUR photographic needs! Their studio is located at 5852 A Felsite Ave. in Rosamond or visit It's difficult to find a really versatile photographer. This fine studio is experienced in all phases of the photographic arts and he can do the job the way you want it! Whether it's color or black and white...the most modern of techniques or "old fashioned style" portraits for that nostalgic effect...this is one place where YOUR satisfaction is the prime concern! Stop in and see the quality of work that HANK MORRIS PHOTOGRAPHY puts out! The writers of this 2013 Look At Business think you'll know who should be doing YOUR photography after one visit!

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Anthony’s Grill Locally Owned & Operated

For fresh authentic Mexican food, the people of the Antelope Valley area visit ANTHONYʼS GRILL located at 16940 Hwy. 14, Ste. B in Mojave, phone 661-824-4056. Through the efforts of the management to serve only true fresh Mexican dishes with a real flavor of the country, as well as interesting Mexican decor, this restaurant has become a very popular eating place. They have captured the true tangy flavor of Mexican dishes by using the exact spices and foods to prepare them. Contrary to the belief that Mexican food is very hot, they serve all their dishes with the hot sauce on the side so that you can enjoy it the way you want. Bring the whole family in for a truly great dinner! For a fine place to eat authentic Mexican food in the same atmosphere, and with friendly service, the writers of this 2013 Look At Business suggest that you go to ANTHONYʼS GRILL. We know you'll want to return many times. The entire staff thanks all the troops at Edwards AFB and they invite you to stop in often!

Locally Owned & Operated Looking good in print can often mean the difference between success and failure in getting your message across. Whether it is in advertising, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, invitations, handbooks, flyers, signs or just about any important written communication you may have, it requires a professional to take you from concept to finished product. MY PRINTING COMPANY located at Mojave Air & Space Port, Bldg. 173 A in Mojave will work with you to produce everything from manuscripts, newsletters or technical material to complex graphics and advertising layouts. They offer custom digital printing, direct print and custom embroidery and screen printing, and they do orders from 1 to 100 or more. The writers of this 2013 Look At Business urge you to call 661-824-1MPC (1672) or email, to discuss how you can get your message across with impact and precision. Remember, the best costs no more, and the best is what you'll find at this fine firm. If the message is important to you, trust the professionalism of MY PRINTING COMPANY.

Carol Winters – Owner

Locally Owned & Operated By Red Jones When the people of this area look for someone to take care of any mechanical problems they might have with their car or truck, they generally head straight for JONES AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR located at 2952 B St. in Rosamond, phone 661-256-4116 or 661-256-6386. With the automobile as complex as it is today, you owe it to your car to let these qualified people take care of the problem. This well known shop specializes in all types of expert automotive repair and service. They use only the latest equipment and handle any size job in the shortest time and at the most reasonable rates. They feature tune-ups, AC service and repair, computer diagnostics, complete exhaust systems, basic and enhanced area smog tests, both foreign and domestic, and much more. The writers of this 2013 Look At Business suggest this reliable shop to the readers of this area. When you take your car to the experts at JONES AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR you can be assured that the work will be done right the first time around. Red and his staff thank all the troops at Edwards AFB; your service is highly appreciated.

The Flower Shoppe Locally Owned & Operated By Steve & Pat Spandorf A touching sentiment...a beautiful final tribute...a wish of health. Flowers say all of these things and more and flowers from THE FLOWER SHOPPE are your best choice for beauty and pleasing arrangements. Located at 8209 Cal City Blvd., #109 in California City, phone 760-373-8182, this well known and respected flower shop adds that personal touch to every arrangement that leaves the store. Their service, designs and smiles are what you get every time you call or drop in to make someone's day a little brighter with flowers. They feature fresh and silk arrangements for all occasions including weddings, funerals, anniversaries, and those very special days that do not need an occasion at all! Love is simply remembering. We suggest you do something beautiful for someone you love. Say it with flowers from THE FLOWER SHOPPE and say it better! The writers of this 2013 Look At Business suggest that all of our readers shop where service and selection are the greatest!

NAPA Auto Parts Locally Owned & Operated

Full service hair care to suit the entire family is what's featured at TROPIC SENSATIONS located at 1431 Rosamond Blvd. in Rosamond, phone 661-256-2801. This well known salon features professional stylists to shape, cut, perm and color YOUR hair into a style that is, "distinctly you." Their modern techniques and professional hair care products assure you of the most natural and healthy hair possible. You'll look better and feel better every time you stop in at this full service hair care salon. In addition to exceptional hair care, TROPIC SENSATIONS also features manicures, pedicures, hair weaving, waxing and complete tanning services. In short, they specialize in all phases of hair and beauty care. For a simple cutting or waving, to a whole new look...this is one of the finest places in the area that you can go to. Remember, quality hair products and accessories are a great gift idea. Although walk-ins are welcome, appointments are recommended. Whether it's today or the next time you are in town, give them a try. Carol and her staff would like to thank all the hard working people at Edwards AFB and they invite you to stop in often!

When you need auto parts in a hurry, do what leading garage owners and repairmen have been doing for years and see your friendly NAPA store, NAPA AUTO PARTS! Located at 8525 Cal City Blvd., Ste. E in California City, phone 760-373-4835, this reliable parts and supply house carries a complete line of parts for cars, trucks, imports, marine and farm equipment. Their well known store and efficient personnel assure you of a quick stop whenever you need a part. Call NAPA first! With quality parts, accessories, paints, tools and supplies, this one stop shop is all it takes. Need custom accessories or speed equipment? Your friendly NAPA store has that, too! Everything you need to make YOUR car look and run its best is featured at NAPA AUTO PARTS. There is also a fine selection of do-it-yourself repair books and factory service manuals available. Regardless of what you need for the repair of your car...NAPA has it! The writers of this 2013 Look At Business suggest that YOU visit NAPA AUTO PARTS today and discover what SELECTION AND SERVICE are all about!

Horn Plumbing

Professional Numismatic Services

Locally Owned & Operated By John Horn Lic. #795554 Clogged drain? Leaky pipes? Don't despair. Help is on the way as soon as you call HORN PLUMBING! This reliable plumbing company features fast, radio-dispatched service for those jobs which just won't wait. They are also one of the area's leading new construction and remodeling specialists. Located in Lancaster and serving the entire Antelope Valley, phone 661-202-9963, this well known plumber features the latest equipment and techniques to get your job done fast and right. Their skilled crews are thoroughly knowledgeable in all phases of plumbing installation and repairs, and they'll be happy to discuss any project you have in mind. Local residents are reminded to call this respected plumbing firm for complete hot water heater sales, service, and installation. They feature a complete line of quality products in addition to their famous service. The writers of this 2013 Look At Business suggest that you contact HORN PLUMBING with your plumbing and hot water heater needs. John salutes all of the troops at Edwards Air Force Base for your service. It is truly appreciated.

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Take $40 off your first house cleaning. Take $30 off your second house cleaning. New customers only. Minimum time required. Not valid with other offers. Valid only at this location. Cash value 1/1000 of 1 cent. Valid only at this location. Merry Maids L.P.

dba PNS Coins And Collectables Best Prices • Buy • Sell

All types of coins await you at PNS. Whether you are an advanced collector or beginner, let the professionals at PNS help you assemble your portfolio. Located at 620 W. Lancaster Blvd., phone 661-942-3554, their hours are Tues. – Fri., 10am – 5:30pm and Sat., 10am – 4pm. This respected dealer buys and sells U.S. and foreign coins, precious metals and related commodities. This well established firm will appraise your coins and collectables for you. They are always interested in purchasing any quantity of coins from a single rarity to an entire collection, and you may count on them to offer fair and just treatment whenever you deal with them. Theyʼre also available for up-to-the-minute quotes on gold, silver and platinum prices. The professionals at PNS COINS are always happy to help you evaluate your collection. See the professionals at PNS for investment opportunities in gold, silver and platinum coins. The writers of this 2013 Look At Business are pleased to list such a reliable coin dealer and suggest them to all of our readers.

Village Auto Body

Locally Owned & Operated By Ricardo

People in the Antelope Valley donʼt have to look far and wide for a firm that is capable of doing the highest quality auto body work and painting. VILLAGE AUTO BODY located at 45715 23 St. West, Unit D in Lancaster, phone 661-728-1514 or visit for free estimates, can refinish and re-paint any car or truck, foreign or domestic. Automobiles require specialists to repair or replace body panels and refinish them to their original beauty by matching the new paint perfectly with the original paint, and VILLAGE AUTO BODY offers work that is well known as being fast, economical, and beautiful! The personnel fully understand body and fender work as well as auto painting. They have gained a reputation second to none throughout this entire area. Rest assured that the work will be done to your exact specifications. From a small crease to a major collision, you can trust your car to the professionals at VILLAGE AUTO BODY! Insurance companies permit you to choose the body shop you like best. Choose VILLAGE AUTO BODY for your auto body repair and painting work. Ricardo thanks the troops at Edwards AFB; your service is appreciated.

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Locally Owned & Operated For the hardiest, most beautiful stock anywhere, itʼs OLD TOWNE NURSERY located at 20681 Valley Blvd. in Tehachapi, phone 661-822-6767; visit www.oldtownenursery or see them on Facebook at Here you'll find one display a dazzling array of high desert and mountain hardy plants, flowers and shrubs that are just right for any landscaping project that you may have in mind. Trees for shade, beauty or fruit? Your friendly nursery has these, all varieties and sizes. Start something growing's the natural way to make everything beautiful. OLD TOWNE NURSERY has a lot more than just the plants and trees to make your home or business bloom with beauty. They specialize in landscape design and can offer many helpful suggestions for the enhancement of your grounds. The writers of this 2013 Look At Business urge you to see the professionals of the nursery business today and do something "naturally beautiful" for your home or business. Visit OLD TOWNE NURSERY; youʼll be glad you did.

Best Tax Service Dwayne Boddie – Owner

Do yourself and your business a favor this year, contact and get the services of BEST TAX SERVICE: one of the valleyʼs leading tax consultants. With offices located at 2660 Diamond St., Ste. B in Rosamond, phone 661-256-2482, this is one tax service which gives just that: SERVICE! Their staff of skilled experts is constantly studying the new tax laws and scrutinizing all of the problems that are prevalent in both corporate and personal tax situations. Place your complete trust in their experience and you won't be disappointed. BEST TAX SERVICE will do your quarterly returns as well as your yearly reports and they're always available for consultation on any tax question. The writers of this 2013 Look At Business suggest that you make this recognized firm YOUR personal tax consultant. We don't think you'll have any worries about taxes with this outstanding firm on the job! They would like to thank all the people at Edwards AFB for their hard work and dedication and they look forward to seeing you soon!

Chris’ Handyman Service Locally Owned & Operated By Chris David

Do you have little tasks around the home that need attention but no time to do them? Would you like some minor changes in the bathroom or kitchen? Do your gutters and fencing need repairs? Could you use a handyman service? CHRISʼ HANDYMAN SERVICE located in Palmdale and serving the entire Antelope Valley, phone 661-544-7200, specializes in those odd jobs and minor repairs that you need done at an affordable price. Call him any time and he will come out to your home or business and give you a free estimate on any repair job large or small. CHRISʼ HANDYMAN SERVICE can install electrical fixtures and most any other installation you may need in your home. He does painting, flooring, kitchen and bath remodeling and much, much more. With the busy lives that most of us lead, itʼs impossible to get around to all the home maintenance chores at hand. Contact CHRISʼ HANDYMAN SERVICE, and let him take care of the small stuff. He is your home repairs expert. For further information on the services he provides, call him at 661-544-7200.

THE PLUMBER 661-722-6039

Robert Cohen – Owner

Lic. #863618

THE PLUMBER, serving Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill, Rosamond, Mojave, California City, Boron, and North Edwards, knows the plumbing business thoroughly. They don't "guess" at your problems - they find the answers. THE PLUMBER understands all phases of this work and they keep up with the latest equipment and maintenance solutions. They stand behind their work and will do a job in the shortest time possible. They understand that when you have a plumbing problem, you need someone now. T HE PLUMBER off ers the best in plumbing installat ion, bot h commercial and residential. Repair jobs are given prompt attention at a fair price. You will like their courteous and efficient employees. To do business with someone you can trust, be sure to call THE PLUMBER at 661-722-6039. The writers of this 2013 Look At Business know they are very competent contractors. Call THE PLUMBER; you'll be glad you did. A Division Of ROBCO ENTERPRISES, INC.

TK’s Pizza & Pasta "Home Of The TKʼs Challenge" Locally Owned & Operated lovers! If you haven't tried TKʼS PIZZA & PASTA's famous pizza...then you just don't know what you're missing in taste and mouth-watering goodness! Located at 640 W. Tehachapi Blvd., Ste. B in Tehachapi, phone 661-822-8366, this fine shop uses only their specially prepared dough to make their crust and the sauce is ladled on extra-thick. The pizza is piled high with imported and domestic cheese and topped with your choice of scrumptious ingredients. Why don't you drop in this evening for an outstanding pizza and your favorite beverage? Be sure to try their pasta, appetizers and salads. Delivery and catering are also available. Eat your pizza in the comfort of their dining room or call ahead and pick up the pizza of your choice to go. Canadian bacon, ham, mushrooms, green peppers, beef , pepperoni, sausage, cheese and many other delicious varieties are featured and you can "custom design" your pizza to your particular taste. Ask about their "make your own kids pizza parties." The writers of this 2013 Look At Business suggest that you try TKʼS PIZZA & PASTA's pizza. You'll never settle for less again!

Rosamond Cleaners

Family Owned & Operated For Over 25 Years

Specialists in all types of cleaning, ROSAMOND CLEANERS has won the respect and admiration of area residents for their fast service and their fine quality work! They are located at 2650 Diamond St. in Rosamond, phone 661-256-3787, and theyʼre waiting to serve YOU! They are open Mon. – Fri., 7am – 6pm and Sat., 9am – 3pm. Whether you need shirt service, drapery pleating or any number of specialized services, these are the recommended cleaners for this area. Their reputation for delivering the finest quality cleaning in the shortest possible period of time has won them friends from all over. Why not make it a point to start taking all of your cleaning to ROSAMOND CLEANERS? Youʼll find their service to be friendly, their prices to be competitive and their quality to be vastly superior! We, the writers of this 2013 Look At Business, are pleased to suggest the fine services that ROSAMOND CLEANERS has to offer. They wonʼt disappoint you!

Locally Owned & Operated Lic. #594593 Whether you're at home or on the job you know that you can perform your tasks more efficiently if you're working in a temperature controlled environment. A hot, muggy room or a cold office is just not the place for maximum efficiency. Let AIR SUPPLY HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING design and install a complete "weather-control system." Located in the Antelope Valley, phone 1-800-390-1727 or visit, this leading air controlled specialist can design, build and maintain an air conditioning unit that will perfectly fit the needs of your own home or office. In Lancaster, call 661-942-3303 or in Rosamond, call 661-256-1810. Their expert workmen are thoroughly schooled in all phases of heating and air conditioning and will do the best possible job in the shortest possible time. You will enjoy years of trouble-free operation with one of their custom-installed units on the job. We think that you'll like AIR SUPPLY HEATING & AIR CONDITIONINGʼs systems AND their service.

Expert Automotive, Inc. John Stickel & Russell Doull – Owners Military Discounts Excellence in all phases of automobile and truck repair is what's featured at EXPERT AUTOMOTIVE, INC. located at 8180 Bay Ave. in California City, phone 760-373-8584 and at 2951 Diamond St. in Rosamond, phone 661-256-0405. The automobile of today is a complex and precise machine requiring a thorough knowledge and the proper tools to repair and adjust it properly. EXPERT AUTOMOTIVE, INC. has both the know how and the equipment to get the job done right in the shortest possible time. From an engine overhaul and cooling systems to a complete overhaul or tune-up, these reliable shops will keep your foreign or domestic car or truck running perfectly at an absolute minimum cost. People from throughout the valley speak highly of the quality workmanship that goes into every job that EXPERT AUTOMOTIVE, INC. does, and, as we all know, a job well done is the best possible recommendation one could have. The entire staff would like to wish everyone at Edwards AFB all the Best and they look forward to seeing you soon.

Locally Owned & Operated By Frank Aly "Guaranteed Credit Approval Or We Give You $2500 Cash" For many years, automobile dealers considered the "used car" business a sideline to selling new models. The friendly guys down at SUN AUTO FINANCE located at 1023 W. Avenue K in Lancaster, phone 661-945-1767 or visit, are changing that by totally rejecting this theory. They believe that the used car buyer is just as important as the new car buyer by giving the customer the best possible price, quality and service. They specialize in used cars exclusively, and right now, they're dealing wit h a lower prof it margin than anyone in an all-out effort t o help their customers by offering great deals on good, used economy cars. People return again and again when they need an automobile because they know that integrity, quality, and value are always offered here. Buy the safe way! Stop in at SUN AUTO FINANCE and look over the tremendous values in quality used automobiles. We suggest this fine firm for better cars AND better values! Disclaimer about guarantee: Must have valid driverʼs license, proof of residence, and proof of income of at least $1600 a month.

Wood Family Funeral Service, Inc. 661-822-6897

FD #1405

CR #277

WOOD FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE, INC. located at 321 West F St. in Tehachapi, CA, is well respected and one of the areaʼs leading funeral homes. They have everything to offer the family in their time of need and, once in their hands, you neednʼt worry about a thing. The staff members of WOOD FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE, INC. are caring and experienced professionals who understand that each family is unique and has personal requests and traditions. With a growing trend toward simplicity, family involvement and more unique life celebration ceremonies, these requests and traditions are of utmost importance to our staff. Providing several choices from traditional funeral services, memorial ceremonies, to graveside committal services, as well as an onsite crematory, the staff at WOOD FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE, INC. will provide meaningful yet realistically priced tributes. With nearly 30 years of experience, and a vow to work with the highest standard of integrity, they are sincere in their compassion and commitment to the health and healing of their families. We are pleased to be able to suggest WOOD FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICE, INC. to all our readers.

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Phillips Photography Phillip Matthew Kocurek – Owner & Photographer

When youĘźre looking for something unusual in the art of quality photography and videography, see the professionals at PHILLIPS PHOTOGRAPHY located in Lancaster, phone 661-940-1740 or This well known studio features all types of photography and has the equipment, the knowledge and the skill to make your photographic ideas a reality. Phillip specializes in weddings, graduation portraits, location and special events, videos and more. Having worked at Edwards AFB as a staff photographer and videographer for 14 years, Phillip can handle all of your freelance work in the Aerospace field. With the very latest in cameras, lenses and accessories, this exceptional photographer adds his imagination and creative skill to every shot he takes. Whether it is sensitive portrait of a child or a stunning landscape or exacting commercial work, you can depend on PHILLIPS PHOTOGRAPHY to yield consistently beautiful work. The writers of this 2013 Look At Business would like to make special mention of this outstanding photographer.

Bryant Pump & Drilling Locally Owned & Operated Lic. #942287 Homeowners, ranchers and smart land developers know all about the advantages of a good water well on their property. The homeowner is, of course, concerned with pure, fresh water for his family. The rancher needs stock wells at strategic locations to take care of his livestock. The developer knows just how much a good, free-flowing well can add to property values. Your reasons for needing a well may be different than these but, when you need a well, there's a company to call and that's BRYANT PUMP & DRILLING. Located at 1205 Sierra Hwy. in Rosamond, phone 661-256-2117 or 661-886-5220, this is one well drilling firm that makes customer satisfaction their motto. They'll drill your well in a very short period of time and their rates are competitive. BRYANT PUMP & DRILLING is also your authorized dealer for famous brand name pumps. They can handle any pump repairs and installs. Call the pros today if you want good, pure water. You'll be more than pleased with the results of that call. BRYANT PUMP & DRILLING also salutes the troops at Edwards AFB for your service; it is always appreciated!

DESERT WINGS CLASSIFIEDS Homes for Rent WESTSIDE LANCASTER 1,776-Sqft. 3-Bedroom 2.5-Bath, 2-Car Garage Stove/Dishwasher/ Microwave Bonus Room, Freshly Painted Draped Windows Nicely Landscaped Gardener Included! Pets Considered $1,400/Month+$1,400 Deposit Available Now! Call 661-803-9537

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Apartments for Rent CALIFORNIA CITY FURNISHED STUDIO APARTMENT $375/Month! Call Ruth 661-942-7844

Roommate Wanted WEST PALMDALE Rancho Vista Golf Course Seeking Reliable Roommate Female Preferred Who Doesn't Mind Kids Background Check $550/Month $200 Security Deposit Includes Utilities, Cable & Internet Full House Privileges Washer & Dryer 1-Pet Ok Please Call 661-208-0337

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Mommy, You are so Pretty! Thank You for Making the Best Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches! I Love You! Happy Mother’s Day! Your Cutie-Pie, Hannah Marie Joanna, My life wouldn’t be the same without you! Thank you for all you do. Happy Mother’s Day We love you! You’re #1! James, Matthew and Danielle

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May 3, 2013

Worship Directory To advertise in the Worship Directory, please call toll free (877) 247-9288.

Hope and ResuRRection LutHeRan cHuRcHes

Church of Christ Eph 4:4-6

Sunday Holy Eucharist 9 am The Rev. Wm. R. Hampton, STS K and Inyo Streets, Mojave (one block east of Carls Jr.) 909-989-3317

Sunday Morning Bible Study 9:45 am Sunday Morning Service 10:45 am Sunday Evening Service 6:00 pm Wednesday Evening Service 6:00 pm 1389 Rosamond Blvd Rosamond CA, 93560

(661) 256-3245

Worship service 10:30 am spanish service 12:30 pm Sunday School .....................................9:00 AM Thursday Family Night ........................6:00 PM Adult Ministries • Youth Ministries • AWANA

2584 Felsite Ave., Rosamond

(661) 256-9222


Baptist Church 10173 South Loop California City

Ron Smith, Pastor • Sunday School 10:00 am • Morning 11:00 am • Sunday Evening 6:00 pm • Wednesday 7:00 pm For transportation from Edwards AFB call

(760) 373-7314

Independent - Fundamental

der’s Line

Edwards Air Force Base Protestant and Catholic Parish

ves all Airmen, retirees, direct link to Brig. Gen. commander. The Action tive points of view on the We are a community of dedicated believers who are discuss safety and secucommitted to Christ-centered worship. concerns, or suggestions We welcome you to join us! exhausted. Protestant Worship Schedule: ould not be the first action Sunday ng a remedy to a problem mand and take up the mat- 8 a.m. - Protestant Gospel Service, Chapel 1 sibility, supervisors, first11 a.m. - Protestant Traditional Service, Chapel 1

11 a.m. - Protestant Contemporary Service, Chapel 2

tted by sending an e-mail Catholic Mass Schedule: ommander’s Action Line Sunday : 9 a.m. - Chapel 2 (661) 277-7325. Action Monday-Thursday : 11:30 a.m. - Chapel 2 a courteous and profesConfession: me, an e-mail address or Sunday 3:30 p.m to 4:00 p.m (Chapel 2) e requestor’s contact incompliance with Privacy Or by appointment ved without contact infor*Memorial Chapel 1, Bldg 2700, 15 W. Popson Ave be sure to provide some *Community Chapel 2, Bldg 6447, 10 Chamberlin Lp


deemed beneficial for the Or visit us on Facebook: d on the Web and the next Edwards AFB Protestant Parish / Edwards AFB Catholic Parish gs. Submissions may be

Pastor Paul Chappell

Lancaster Baptist is an independent, Baptist church with a friendly, family atmosphere; compassionate vision; and strong commitment to Bible truth. We offer classes specifically designed for military families and singles, Join us this Sunday at 0830 or 1100

Only 15 minutes from Edwards South Gate: exit South Gate and turn right on Ave. E, left on 90th St. E, right on Ave. I and left on 40th E. 661.946.4663 4020 E. Lancaster Blvd. Lancaster, CA 93535


Saturday, June 8 • 2pm to 11pm $10 PER PERSON. 12 AND UNDER FREE Sunday June 9 • 10am to 6pm FREE ADMISSION parking $5

opportunity drawing for tickets 661.948.5959 |661.942.4111

visit for details

Desert Wings - May 3, 2013