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Jaargang 2 - nummer 3 - februari 2018 Volume 2 - numĂŠro 3 - fĂŠvrier 2018

Welcome International

Topdeals Flyer

Discover the offers of this traders A Golden Taste (BE) PlastiGroulx (CA) Present7 (BE) SFC Travel (BE) FEO (BE) Morgan (BE) Next-it (BE) Wholemarket (BE) Kleuren & Accenten (BE) Sparkle (BE) Kosmos Technology (ES) Nirvana (RO) OFFICE LINE S.A.S. (ES)

Welcome International

Topdeals Flyer

Centre Multi Succès International CMSI (CA) UNIVERSAL ASIG SRL (RO) ERGOFORM BVBA (BE) Mange en Route (BE) EASY CLEAN (BE) HOTEL KAPITAL (RO) StassArt (BE) FRESH EVENT (RO) Centre Multi Succès International CMSI (CA) Offimat (BE) Les Promotions Multiplastik (CA)

A Golden Taste - BE Ascaso Dream espressomachine rood

Article code KF002

A Golden Taste - BE Description Retro piston machine. Easy in use. The machine can froth milk with the steam nozzle. Water reservoir: 1.3 liters Wattage: 1000 watts Dimensions: 245 b x 345 h x 280 d Type of coffee: grounded coffee

Normal price: 650,00 EUR Promotional price: 585,00 EUR

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PlastiGroulx - CA Kingsey recycling station

Article code SK-UR1

PlastiGroulx - CA Description The plastic used in this innovative and unique Quebec product comes from post-consumer and insdutrial waste plastic. By installing this multi-material tray at your work place, you are sending a clear message that protecting the environment is part of your organizational values. • Steel structure coated with infiniGuard anticorrosion systeme • Station made with 25mmX68mm ultraPlast recycled plastic slates • Three inside polyethylene receptacles, total capacity of 261 liters • Receptacles empty by the front opening • Front opening door with antitheft-lock • Stainless steel galvanized indutrial hardware and anchors Normal price: 3249$ CAN Promotional price: 2924,10$ CAN (10% sale)

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Present 7 - BE Michael Kors watch - women

Article code PRS010

Present 7 - BE Description A birthday or a special occasion? Then you are at the right address. Be on time with our Michael Kors watch. Be quick!!!

Normal price: 275,00 EUR Promotional price: 217,25 EUR

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SFC Travel - BE Cycling trip - Mallorca Playa

Article code SPM001

SFC Travel - BE Description Discover the world in an active, surprising way? Then opt for our cycling trips. When you are riding a bike you have real contact with the country you are travelling through: you are out in the open, you meet the locals, you can stop where you want and when you want!

Normal price: 452,00 EUR Promotional price: 339,00 EUR

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FEO - BE Microsoft Publisher

Article code IOI 0701

FEO - BE Description Thanks to this course you will learn all the essential basic technics. With a bit of your own creativity you will be able to make your own brochures, cards and many other commercial publications! Grâce à ce cours, vous apprenez tous les techniques bases essentielles. Avec un peu de votre créativité, vous serez bientôt en mesure de faire vos propres brochures, cartes et plus d’autres publications commerciales!

Normal price: 320,00 EUR Promotional price: 288,00 EUR

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Morgan - BE Bleu de Chanel 50 ml

Article code CHBLEU

Morgan - BE Description A praise to male freedom with a seductive character. A timeless perfume in a mysterious blue bottle. Bottle = 50 ml

Normal price: 85,00 EUR Promotional price: 80,75 EUR

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Next-It - BE Marker injection

Article code BAL03

Next-It - BE Description Very original writing tools, in the form of a syringe.

Normal price: 1,10 EUR Promotional price: 0,88 EUR

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Wholemarket - BE Imac 21.5 inch

Article code W-02

Wholemarket - BE Description Processor: Intel Core i5 Memory Size (RAM): 8 GB Display (inch): 21.5 inch Color: Silver Weight: 5.66 kg

Normal price: 1 300,00 EUR Promotional price: 1 000 EUR

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Kleuren & Accenten - BE Luster

Article code LU003

Kleuren & Accenten - BE Description Elegant, of unparalleled charm and style. Make a statement with this stylish crown luster! Packed with romantic and classic details, you can transform every room into a ballroom. An impressive appearance for your own castle!

Normal price: 644,33 EUR Promotional price: 547,68 EUR

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Sparkle - BE Aqua Laser Smart

Article code 4

Sparkle - BE Description All-in-one ergonomic cleaningset Kit with a universal handle and a lot of parts. The mop is made of high quality microfibre: specially designed for cleaning wooden floors. High degree of disinfection, rapid absorption, five times more durable than normal cotton mop.

Normal price: 49,99 EUR Promotional price: 39,99 EUR

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Kosmos Technology (ES) Monitor – HP 27C

Article code X001

Kosmos Technology (ES) Description Monitor - HP 27C, 27 pulgadas, Pantalla curva, Full HD, HDMI, Blanco

Normal price: 296,00 EUR Promotional price: 199,99 EUR

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Nirvana (RO) Versace Dylan Blue

Article code Versace0290

Nirvana (RO) Description VERSACE - DYLAN BLUE EDT a distinctive aroma, modern aromatic-fougere category. An expression of male power and charisma converted into a modern perfume of Mediterranean freshness and sensuality. Ambrosian woody notes evoke tradition, while bergamot and grapefruit give it modernity. The overwhelming notes of black pepper, papyrus and incense give masculinity, forming the pulsating heart. The base is accentuated by a combination of natural precious ingredients: musk, tonka berries and saffron-recalling masculine individuality and incisive passion. The design uses painted glass for a fresh blue color reinterpretation. The illusion of the Mediterranean and its culture is apparent: modern, fresh, intense, deep and sensual.

Normal price: 50,00 EUR Promotional price: 45,00 EUR

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Article code 30023

OFFICE LINE S.A.S. (ES) Description Car-shaped office desk, available in various colors. Structure of steen, wooden table. Chair and computer not included.

Normal price: 1 815,00 EUR Promotional price: 1 450,00 EUR

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Centre Multi Succès International CMSI (CA) SOFTMAX S657W Skates for woman

Article code PATFE-AGB-02

Centre Multi Succès International CMSI (CA) Description Recreational skates Fashion design Warm and comfortable Microfiber lining and synthetic fur Padded insole Fully lined foam padding for extra comfort Including blade holder Stainless steel skate blade Excellent quality for beginner skaters Choice of sizes 5 to 10 Covered by a one-year warranty Items in their original packaging are refundable within 90 days of the date of purchase Normal price: 129,99$ CAD Promotional price: 99,99$ CAD

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Universal Asig SRL (RO) City Break Paris

Article code 0126

Universal Asig SRL (RO) Description Paris, the city of love, is a city full of tourist attractions and history, where you can visit the famous Eiffel Tower, a symbol of Paris, the Versailles Castle, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sacre Coeur Basilica and many others, ... Everything in a city break for 3 days!

Normal price: 460 EUR/person Promotional price: 368 EUR

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ERGOFORM BVBA - BE Wiebelboard

Article code WO013

ERGOFORM BVBA - BE Description RELAX FEET SUPPORT No heavy legs during the work, stay active under your desk! This board is a nice way to have move. To drink enough during the work you can use our fruit infuser. You get if for free if you buy 1 "Wiebelboard".

Normal price: 60,00 EUR Promotional price: 40,00 EUR

mail to: /ergowork

Mange en Route - BE Brugse Zot Blond

Article code 44

Mange en Route - BE Description Brugse Zot Blond is a golden blond beer with a rich foam collar and a fruity yet spicy bouquet. The palate is complex and tends towards a certain bitterness. When you buy 6 bottles of Brugse Zot Blond, 10% discount

Normal price: 12,00 EUR Promotional price: 10,80 EUR

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EASY CLEAN - BE Cleaningbox

Article code PROMO CLB

EASY CLEAN - BE Description Handy box to save you time, the box is filled with everything you need for a clean place!

Normal price: 61,95 EUR Promotional price: 52,65 EUR

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Article code Easter04

HOTEL KAPITAL (RO) Description Easter Offer - Do you want a memorable Easter? Come to Hotel Kapital and you'll have wonderful eggs, rabbit races, chocolate eggs and especially the chance for all children to meet on Easter Bunny while you enjoy lamb or other seasonal dishes from March 31 to April. Promotional price: Package 2 adults -800 lei / 200 € Package 2 adults + 1 child -1100 lei / 275 € Package 2 adults + 2 children -1400 lei / 350 € Package 3 adults -1200 lei / 300 € Package 3 adults + 1 child -1500 lei / 375 € Package 3 adults + 2 children -1800 lei / 450 € Package 4 adults -1600 lei / 400 € Family Package (+4 persaone) 1 adult -400lei / 100 € 1 child -300 lei / 75 € Children under 4 years do not pay.

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StassArt - BE Poster

Article code STS-19

StassArt - BE Description Use a unique poster for a pleasant atmosphere at the office

Normal price: 30,00 EUR Promotional price: 20,00 EUR

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FRESH EVENT (RO) Teambuilding

Article code tb01

FRESH EVENT (RO) Description Team Building is a process of developing and motivating a group so that it reaches its goal and becomes a TEAM. The term "team building" comes from the word "team", and if we do a translation we will see that "team building" actually means "building a team", we add new, efficient ones.

Normal price: 120,00 EUR Promotional price: 105,00 EUR

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Centre Multi Succès International CMSI (CA) Vogel Biosnacky (Large Dome Sprouter)

Article code GER-04

Centre Multi Succès International CMSI (CA) Description Manufactured from eco friendly glass acrylic recommended for food Optimum light exposure and air circulation ensure perfect conditions for growth Dishwasher proof to a maximum of 85°C (although, they are very easy to clean by hand!) Scratch and shock resistant, UV resistant Contains no cadmium or formaldehyde Dimensions 3-tier sprouter DOME- 200mm (Diameter) x 265mm (Height) 3-tier sprouter FLAT – 200mm (Diameter) x 210mm (Height) Single-tier sprouter – 150mm (Diameter) x 90mm (Height) Parts Included Lid with pour opening (allows sprouts to be watered from above) 3 x seed tray levels Pack of 15 Filter Papers Ventilation slats Surplus Water tray / Bottom level reservoir 1 Instruction Booklet

Normal price: 29.99 $ CAD Promotional price: 25.99 $ CAD

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Offimat - BE Mug

Article code 0303

Offimat - BE Description Have a great coffeebreak with this nice personalized mug. Now with free personal print!

Normal price: 7,99 EUR Promotional price: 5,99 EUR

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Les Promotions Multiplastik (CA) Office combo, Sport combo

Article code Office combo, Sport combo

Les Promotions Multiplastik (CA) Description Office combo contains 250 of each product, pencil holders, ruler and letter openers, for $1,800. All items come with your logo. You receive10 licenses of the computer virus protection ESET ENDPOINT SECURITY for 1 year, a value of $150.

Normal price: 1 950 $ CAD Promotional price: 1 800 $ CAD

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