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Jour L’Amour Weddings Have you always imagined yourself walking down a long aisle toward the person you would spend the rest of your life with? Imagine, your friends and family on both sides, in awe of how gorgeous you look, rising from their seats as they watch you make your way towards your Prince Charming.  You’re holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers as you take in the fresh floral scent, you know it will always remind you of this moment.  You say your vows, kiss your new husband, and make your way back down the aisle headed to the reception.  As you walk in, your eyes widen and mouth drops open.  You’re seeing the wedding you’ve always dreamed of come to life!  It’s exactly as you pictured it...only better because Jour L’Amour attended to every detail. With Jour L’Amor planning your special day, you’re free to kick up your heels and relish your dream-come-true wedding!


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FEATURES 22 PLANET YEROC Nikiage Washington

Eyewear that’s out of this world.


Beauty behind the wheel.




Regina Moretto


Seasons must haves.



10 MIKA YOGA WEAR Nikiage Washington

Comfortable, durable & flattering yoga wear.

14 2 GIRLS: 1 DRESS COEUS Style Expert

Creates two looks with one dress.

16 SHOE-ICIDE Shoes to die for...must haves this season. 18


Urban couture with a conscience.



KINA SADLER Makeup Artist

Vicheka Im

One of a kind jewelry designs.

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Talented artist and graphic designer.




Nikiage Washington


Breaking down barriers in the music industry.


Houston’s very own movie star.


Upcoming films reviewed.

62 GAMING REVIEW Clayton Stewart

MAKEUP ARTIST: Liz Castellanos

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

MODEL: Jesiree Dizon


Article on page 48



Paulette Pradia

Moisturize and revitalize your hair.

SHOPS, FOOD & TRAVEL 60 BOUTIQUES Shops around town. 64 FOOD Clemer Holmes

Eat to live.

66 TRAVEL & LIFESTYLES Regina Moretto

Houston Destination “stay”Cation.



Tips on managing your diabetes.


Modern Makeup Society gives advice on healthy skin.

46 SUPERSET FITNESS Regina Moretto

Workout to stay fit.


Los Angeles Make-up Artist Liz Castellanos

51 BEAUTY TIPS Regina Moretto

Makeup tips and money saving ideas!


Ways to Minimize Marital Stress.


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Don’t fail your New Year’s Resolutions?


From the Desk of the Editor-In-Chief, I’m very excited to present to you the Health and Beauty Issue of COEUS Magazine. Creating an editorial edition that focuses solely on Health, Wellness, and Beauty seemed to be the logical choice for a January issue. January is the first month of a new year. Lots of people feel the need to start new health routines or pursue a whole new lifestyle. We all want to be better than who we were the year before. We seek to improve ourselves and the things around us. Our goal with the January issue is to present the readers with editorial content in the theme of most New Year’s Resolutions…Operation Weight Loss. We discuss with key professionals in the Health and Beauty industry exactly why most weight loss resolutions fail. Our team researched topics to help every COEUS reader on the path to their new lifestyle. Make sure to check out our healthy recipes and articles on diabetes. In honor of our Health and Beauty Issue, I decided to create a New Year’s Resolution of my own. I can honestly say this is my first New Year’s Resolution and I am motivated to stick to it! My resolution is to lose weight, stay in shape, and create a magazine that showcases beautiful editorial images alongside socially conscience articles. Over the next couple of issues I will keep you posted on my progress with the weight and I will expect you, the reader to keep me posted on the progress of the magazine. We at COEUS really wish to provide you with content relevant to your interests and activities in Houston. This is your magazine. This year, COEUS is set to bring you the most interesting stories about YOU! Stay tuned as we spotlight local artists, musicians, politicians, photographers, tattoo artists, designers, and maybe you will grace the pages of COEUS Magazine.

Editor-In-Chief Regina Moretto

“This year COEUS is set to bring you the most interesting stories about YOU!”

Much Love and Light, Regina C. S. Moretto Editor-In-Chief COEUS Magazine JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 7

HOUSTON FA S H I O N FORECAST Photography by: Francisco Quintana

A great “way to wear your favorite summer dress when the weather gets cooler is to use it as a top under maxiskirts, jeans, or pants.

8 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012


Wearing tights or knee high socks with shorts can add character or personality to any outfit.

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 9

MIKA YOGA WEAR By: Nikiage Washington


one of our Retailers. We have a store locator section on our site where you can click on the map & see where our line is being carried. We currently have around 200 retailers around the world that carry our line.

Established: 2010 (we are just about 2 years old) Founded/Owner: Laura & Sebastian Costa Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

I am inspired mostly when I am teaching a yoga class, practicing yoga

How do you develop inspirations for the design and fabric of your product:

or seeing women move & dance in performances. It’s not only important for the clothes to be functional, but also very important how the clothes move with a women’s body. We all come in different shapes & sizes so I think it’s important to be aware of how different shapes & styles move, feel & look on their bodies. I also get inspired by asking woman what they look for in their workout wear. It’s great to get feedback directly from

Who is the Mika Yoga Wear market? Women in the yoga, dance & fitness communities.

How did the idea of Mika Yoga Wear come about:

While I was at yoga teacher training I was going through a ton of yoga clothes everyday & was frustrated at the quality & the price my clothes at the time were. I talked to my husband about my frustration & my ideas I had for creating some more flattering pieces & we thought, “Maybe we should see if this is something we could create together?!” When I came back from training we went for it- starting very small with just a few designs. We came up with the name “Mika” because we have always talked about wanting to have a little girl someday & want to name her Mikaela. Mika is short for her name & since it is the first thing we are creating together we thought it went well with our story.

Where can your products be found and purchased:

Online ( or at 10 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

Lola Top in Coral $36.00 Kiki Short in Sapphire $36.00

women who will wear the clothes themselves & I take their suggestions & feedback very seriously. We do our best to listen to our customers needs & feel this has helped shape our line as to what it is today & it will continue to help inspire our line in the future.

What separated Mika Yoga Wear from other fitness wear apparel companies:

The quality, price point & ultra flattering feminine feel of our line is what make us stand out.

Lila Top in Sage $36.00 Betty Short in Sage $36.00

Is Mika Yoga Wear only for yoga workouts?

Many pieces in our line can be used for a number of different reasons. For instance, you can wear our Bralette top as a comfortable everyday bra. You can also wear many of our items as bathing suits- I’ve had a few women say they wear our long tops as tankinis at the beach or our Betty shorts as surf boy short bottoms. My mom says her Bella pants are her favorite travel pants to wear because the sheen of our fabric make them look a little dressy & the waist band is comfortable to sit in (doesn’t cut or pinch)

How does Mika Yoga Wear give back to its customers and the community: We

love sponsoring events! It is wonderful to support organizations that promote wellness & showcase women’s talents. We mostly sponsor yoga retreats as well as yoga & pole competitions- yup- they exist! They are SO much fun to attend & are extremely inspiring to see what the human body & spirit are capable of. I always meet so many confident, strong & kind women at these events which makes it even more worthwhile.

What is the purpose of having Mika models: To showcase the clothes!

These girls aren’t just models though, every model we work with are either dancers, yoginis or workout enthusiasts.

What do Mika models represent to your market:

They represent strong, healthy, confident & active ladies in the yoga, dance & fitness communities.

What is in the future for Mika Yoga Wear:

We’d love to see our line continue to grow & be featured in more dance, yoga, fitness centers & clothing boutiques around the world. We hope to also broaden our range of products & are looking forward to adding “after workout” wear to our collection in this next year as well! Above everything else we hope to continue to produce products that are fresh, feminine, comfortable & flattering.

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 11

COEUS FASHION Top Sellers from Mika Yoga Wear: TULA TOP- My go-to hot yoga bra. It’s great because the back is adjustable so if I need to tighten the straps or loosen them I can always adjust according to where my body is at that time. BRALETTE TOP- This top is awesome because you can wear it as a regular Bra! It gives a nice lift & natural shape & is really comfortable. SERENE TOP- This is my go-to long top. I love wearing this top when I teach yoga because it is comfortable, flattering & not too revealing. This is a great travel top too- it doesn’t wrinkle & can be really versatile- you can wear it as an active top or just out as a regular top to wear with a skirt or jeans. AUDREY CAPRI- My favorite gym capri. These keep my legs supported, warm and the detail on the bottom of the capri adds a little feminine touch. The waist is higher so I feel really secure bending and stretching in these ones when I’m working out at the gym. KAYA LEGGING- These are my “keep my legs warm” running or yoga pants. On cold mornings I wear these to ensure I am comfortable and warm during my workout. I have just been getting into Silks so these along with our “Aerial Capris” are perfect for aerial silks. In silks you have to wear longer pants because otherwise it can be quite painful and the silks can burn a little on your skin. MIKAELA SHORT- Our original hot short! These will always be my favorite since it was our very 1st short creation. Super flattering and the waist line is flattering on any body type- no spillage at all:) I love wearing these when I practice Bikram Yoga.

Tula Top in Peacock $46.00 Betty Short in Peacock $36.00 12 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

KIKI SHORTS- These are another fav I like to wear in the hot room. This design was inspired by a Brazillian bathing suit I had- it has a cute rouged touch on the back but it still covers just enough so you don’t have to worry about revealing too much. Plus it makes your bum look good!

Order today at:

Top model- Serene Top in Peacock $36.00 Betty Short in Peacock $36.00 * Bottom model – Serene Top in Goddess $46.00 Kaya Legging in Goddess $54.00

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Turn any classy cocktail dress into an edgy club outfit with some simple accessories, like a leather jacket and feather earrings.


Photography By: Francisco Quintana Styling By: Regina Moretto Wardrobe provided by: Micci Marmalade Hair By: Christine Crott MUA By: Faith Haller Models: Natalie Young & Karlo Diallo

14 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012


Personalize any outfit with accessories that tell their own story by not coordinating them together.

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 15


BALLIN VS BUDGET Check out these shoes that you just can’t live without!

SHO Taupe suede mix Platform Mary. $54.90

LILIANA Tan suede straps buckle wedge. $55.90

PIERRE DUMAS Blue turquoise stud heel. $54.90

QUPID Fuchsia suede peep pump. $46.90


Offers a wide variety of dresses, accessories and shoes for everyday looks. Go to their website to find a location near you! 16 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012


HAIR STYLING COEUS Hair Tips By Paulette Pradia MOISTURIZE AND REVITALIZE DRY HAIR OVERNIGHT! Have you heard about the greenhouse treatment for hair? Everyday our hair is exposed to smoke, harsh climate, and lack of attention due to our busy lifestyles. This type of environment can dry your hair leaving it looking dull and brittle. Hair needs to be detoxified and hydrated just like our bodies so, listen up it’s actually quite simple to do and one hundred percent natural! All you need is a one hundred percent pure hair oil (such as: coconut oil, castor oil, extra virgin oil, tea tree oil, organic oil, etc.), a plastic shower cap, silk scarf and a warm winter cap that has a snug fit. Your hair greening process can be done fifteen minutes before bed. Wash your hair with the shampoo of your choice. On your damp or dry hair, apply a generous amount of your oil and massage into scalp for about ten minutes.  Make sure the oil is applied from the scalp down the hair strands to the ends and is fully incorporated into the hair.  Placing the plastic cap over your oil nourished hair will create a green house effect while you sleep, locking in moisture from your own natural oils and heat from your head.  Tie the scarf neatly over the plastic cap and then place the winter cap over the head.  All of this will produce more heat.

Photography By: Ashely Webb, MUA/H: LyzaDora The Artist

When you awake your hair may be somewhat damp from the effect created. You can either blow dry hair on cool setting or let air dry.  After hair is dry, style hair as usual. Repeat process with oil every two weeks.  Use your normal routine for hair washing in between.  You should see more luster, thickness, and length within a few weeks. JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 17


Urban couture with a conscience Interview by: Vicheka Im Photography by: David Nguyen

Houston transplant and Chicago native Willi Styles brings his love of fashion, positivity, and God into his designs at ANOMALI streetwear. Why street wear of all types of attire? I’ve always love to design them since I was a child. I’ve always wanted to do hats, sneakers, and shoes. I also have ideas for other types of attire but as for right now, street wear works well on a small budget.

Describe your clothes in three words? Pensive, driven, and positive

Where do you get your inspiration from? God. It has always been a gift and a dream-- over 10 years ago, to design and create-- to bring people to him. We all have our own gift, and I felt this was my calling. I don’t want to waste my talent. My work is not superficial. It does have a message behind it and it does open up a dialogue. As I am more established, these messages will come more to the forefront.

18 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

How is the attire in Houston different from that my son has opportunities that I never grew up with and that I can live vicariously through him such as – Chicago? I am from Chicago but I have been living in Texas for awhile. You can call me a Texan, only behind my back though! *laughs* As far as Chicago goes, people have to adjust to the nature of living there, so you see a lot more layering due to the weather. Trend-wise, I feel Chicago is ahead of Houston by one to two years. Also, Chicago is more densely populated than Houston; trends catch on quicker in Chicago. One person sees another person wearing something nice, it spreads much faster.

attending a four year college, travel around the world, and to grow up in a nice house. Basically, to give him what I did not have.

Who would you love to collaborate with? Shepherd Farey, Nigo , the brand Supra,

What is your favorite product from your website?

My ‘bike chain’ and ‘hybrid’ rosary. I love wearing it and getting people’s reactions. I would also say next on What trend would you like to see become my list, is the ‘screwed-up’ earrings.


If money was not an issue, what would your

I do not have a specific trend, but I do feel men should dream occupation be? learn more from women. Designing and wearing an outfit is all about expressing you, and for women –they My dream occupation would have to be with designing. have so many options. It would be nice if men break out of the typical mindset and become more aware of their wardrobe and make it more versatile.

Who is your fashion icon? Nigo, Karl Lagerfeld, Pharrel, Jesse James (an artist), and Shepherd Farey.

What motto do you live by? I use Spiritual scriptures as guidance. “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. I also like to say “Where there is a WILLI, there is a way *laughs* and of course the guidance of God”. As far as my dreams go, I do not have a choice to quit. I have the dream and I have to constantly go at it and have faith that it will work out.

Why did you get into this business? For various reasons - but I had a crisis in my life where my son was almost taken away. However, I won the case and now my son lives with me. After the scare – him being almost taken away - It put me in a whole new perspective. Nothing could be worse than having my son away from me, so I felt that with him by my side, I could make a leap and I have faith in God that everything will turn out fine.

What life long goals do you have? I want to be a successful father and designer. More importantly, to be a good father. I want to make sure JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 19

I love accessories but I would love to eventually expand and study fabric and cuts. I did start on a kid’s line- but I wanted to start off strong so I will launch it in the beginning of next year.- I will also have new tees for women, men, and kids. I also do want to eventually design furniture.

Which demographic are you trying to gear Anomali Street wear toward? I would say

between 18-40 year old men. It is a wide range, but the 40 year old men are still walking around in street wear. My womens line is called Luxe/Aire, which carries styles for women between the ages of 18-40.

Where did you get the name from? It is from Anomaly- but I decided to give it a twist and substitute the Y for an I. It looks more poetic and unique, but the exact same concept and meaning as ‘Anomaly’.

20 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012


JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 21

Yeroc International Sunglasses Designer

CONSTELLATIONS, ASTEROIDS, and METEOR SHOWERS COEUS Magazine takes a trip to Planet YEROC Written By: Nikiage Washington

What is the meaning behind the name “YEROC”?

YEROC stands for absolute and unchangeable authenticity. We are born into society untampered and psychologically detached from social conformity. As we become visually, physically, and emotionally aware of the world around us, our identity is challenged, honed, and sometimes altered by our societal and contextual environments. YEROC is a choice to be exactly who you were born to become; it is a true reflection of you. When I look into the mirror, I see who I am, COREY, but society sees

22 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

me exactly as I appear, YEROC. The philosophy of YEROC is that one should be a reflection of who they really are in society; themselves. Therefore, YEROC is a reflection of who I am in society; COREY, which is the reverse configuration of my name. By being who I am at all times, my reflection will always remain the same.

Does your reflection mirror exactly who you are internally? Or is it a false two way mirror or maybe just a piece of opaque shiny glass? How did the concept of YEROC come about? The vision that I originally held and still hold is the notion that fashion should hold power; that power is maximized by the wearer of the brand. Each piece of YEROC eyewear is constructed using a marvelous mesh of exotic

Iconic. Bionic. Prolific.

materials, optical brilliancy, and unique properties indicative of only YEROC. YEROC revolves around the philosophy that one should be the one they are. When this is achieved, they become an icon. “Standing Out Is A Natural Consequence of Being an Icon”.

How many collections has YEROC had and what would you say is your favorite collection or pair of glasses?

There are 5 distinct YEROC collections that have been completed. My favorite piece? It’s like having children; I can’t reasonably practice nepotism; I love each piece identically.

How do you find the inspiration for YEROC collections? My inspiration is unstable. There is not a primary source; it is more like a honey bee that likes




Ferocious, Fiery, Freckles inflame the YEROC Lepora. Exuberant and Exotic, life viewed through the eyes of a Lepora is untamed. AntiUV rating: 400 PC + UV Lens: fog, shock, and UV protection. Visible light perspective rate: 99% PRICE: $199

to travel from exotic flower to piping tulip to secluded rose and extract and experience the essence of that particular pollen. I have eclectic taste buds, and blatantly discard anything that does not satisfy them.

When did you know that YEROC was going to be a household name or a must have accessory?

The moment it became conceived in my mind. The thought was born and I would not abort it.

What is YEROC’s ideal customer or target market?

YEROC targets the individual and iconic customer. I cater to a customer that is sophisticated because he or she knows exactly who they are with every stitch and seam. The YEROC customer is a knowledgeable, urbane, and fearless fashion figure. The YEROC customer appreciates luxury

and accepts that it belongs to him and to her because they are worthy. Demographically, anyone can rock YEROC just as long as they are themselves individually; I’ll never discriminate against a “type” of consumer. The YEROC man and woman are beings that know exactly who they are and aspire to be. The YEROC man and woman cognize that in originality lays authority, that in authority lays responsibility. The YEROC man and woman understand that standing out is a natural consequence of being an icon.

Three words to describe YEROC? Iconic. Bionic. Prolific.

What made you decide to have a career as a designer of luxury eyewear? I have always been a creator. From my inception into this world, I revolved around my

own creative core. The core is comprised of an eclectic, artistic, imaginative, and productive nucleus that spawns original output. So my inspiration to design an eyewear line comes forth from an internal deepleveled well of virtuosity. YEROC eyewear serves as a symbol, a prelude to my story. The eyewear represents my ever-changing metamorphic vision. When you see life through multiple lenses, you heighten your perspective and comprehension of the world.

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced during the development process of YEROC?

The most gargantuan challenge that I’ve faced occurred at YEROC’s birth. The economy stunted YEROC’s growth at first; it induced a premature newborn. The tubes of entrepreneurial death were attached to YEROC

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 23

Stylish S

immediately after it was born. However, I ignored the odds and told YEROC that it would make it. And then suddenly, YEROC began to breathe on its own through its own lungs. Now YEROC sprints and leaps over hurdles.

Were you educationally trained or freelance designer? I am a freelance designer. The best education is a personal exploration of your environment and in environments foreign to it.

Did you have a support system or mentor to guide you during the development process of YEROC? I relied on a well of deep

confidence. I am an extremely strong-willed and positive person. I followed the path that my mind constructed for me and learned from each subsequent failure and each success.

How did you learn the process of manufacturing and developing a business?

This was an arduous process and I researched for a lengthy amount of time until I realized that the only way to do this the way I wanted was to build my own factory and that’s exactly what I did. As far as developing a business is concerned, I have always been entrepreneurial and business savvy. The first business I started was the distribution of handmade key chains in the 3rd


If you could pick anyone to be the spokesperson for YEROC, who would you choose and why? I would undoubtedly select Anna Wintour because she is the most powerful person in fashion. Moreover, a pair of striking shades is a wardrobe staple of hers. It’s a matching game really, matching the best with the best. [Laughs]

What separates YEROC from other luxury eyewear in the business? YEROC eyewear is physical poetry. An immense amount of refinement, symbolism, and

The YEROC fashion label intertwines individualism with majestic syncretism. It channels the energetic boldness and confidence of the lightning bolt; the most powerful exclamation point. The wearer of the YEROC brand understands that standing out is a natural consequence of being an ICON.

24 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012


Shades enchanting exotic physical properties are infused in each piece. The YEROC brand is created for people who create themselves. What makes YEROC shades unique is that the shades “are more than the eye can see.” Each YEROC pair has a unique attribute and serves as a powerful symbol of the brand. Notably, a small number of each pair exists in the world, dubbing the pairs rare and treasurable. In terms of the physicality of the pieces, they are a mesh of insightful design, supreme quality, and stark exoticism. Just by the physical originality and characteristics of the YEROC eye wear brand, an onlooker would notice that the glasses are highly unusual, and something that is instantly distinctive and recognizable like the shape of an extrinsic car.

YEROC eye wear is a diverse line of premium eye wear fit for the urbane individual. Photoplex® technology has been infused in the YEROC lens. This exclusive technology will protect your eyes from every single ray of the Sun. Each piece of YEROC eye wear is a unification of style, technology, exoticism and a divine appreciation of nature. For more information about YEROC, please visit

What can we look forward to seeing from YEROC in the next 5-10 years? YEROC will spread like a fashion virus, infecting the wardrobes of the world.

If you could give any advice to an aspiring eyewear designer, what would it be?

I would tell someone venturing in this industry to stay on course, driving with only their vision. I would tell them not to get distracted by the attractive signs hanging overhead or the bolstering billboards that offer big flat dreams. I would tell that person that there are exits everywhere, and to think twenty times before leaving your dream stranded on the side of the road.

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 25



Christina’s one of a kind pieces are handcrafted and assembled in her Cleveland, Texas studio.

Caramel Swirl Ring

Caramel brown stone with ivory swirl. Stone exhibits smooth glass finish. It measures 1 1/8” in diameter and will fit a size 6 1/2. $30.00


Brass Gauntlet

The Brass Gauntlet is a unique bracelet transcending casual and classy with ease. The brass swirled cuff features pieces of blue agate that has been broken into three pieces. $45.00

Magenta Striped Ring

This stone gives the appearance that it has been shattered and put back together. The color is a dark magenta pink and crystal like white. The stone measures 2 inches in length and will fit a size 5 1/2. $30.00

26 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012


De Charmeur

COEUS Magazine sat down with local jewelry designer Christina Halterman to discuss her latest collection, inspirations, and her future ambitions.


COEUS Magazine sat down with local jewelry designer Cristina Halterman of “De Charmeur” to discuss her latest collection, inspirations, and her future ambitions. Cristina’s one of a kind pieces are handcrafted and assembled in her studio using abstract items from gears and wires to chains and precious stones. Cristina creates “couture” accessories for the discerning fashionista locally and nationally.

Why did you choose the name “De Why do you feel like your jewelry Charmeur”? stands out from other people?

My friend picked it out for me; it It’s unique, because there are no two means “The Charmer” in French. It’s items that are the same. There is only one me so my jewelry designs will be pronounced “De- Chah-Mere. different from anyone else’s.

What inspired you to start making Who is your favorite jewelry jewelry? I’ve been making them for years for designer? friends and family, so I figured why not Fabergé. make a business out of it.

What are your inspirations?

Which celebrity would you like to see wear your jewelry?

Olivia Palermo, but any celebrity would Whatever pops into my head. I usually be nice in general. have a design in mind, but as I’m making the item, I end up modifying it Who would you like to collaborate to make the item look better. with?

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 27

Chronos Necklace

The Chronos necklace is comprised of watch gears and chains. The necklace sits on a silver toned bib and fastens with a red lobster claw clasp. It appears to be heavy in weight, but it is very lightweight. Â $120.00

28 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

Green Stone Necklace Green glass stones approximately 1 5/8� long on a 40 inch gun metal silver toned chain. $50.00

My daughter Janean -- She designs for her clothing brand JaJo Couture.

To see more of the De Charmeur Collection you can visit her website at

Where would you like to see yourself in five years?

You can purchase pieces from her account (DeCharmeur) or visit her facebook at:

Having my own boutique in Galveston, TX.

Customers can reach her directly via email at:


Prices range from $10 for a pair of earrings to $120 for a necklace. JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 29

Nicole Lyons 30 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012


PLUS SERVICES & MORE “We Provide Quality Services”


Personnel & Business


Auto, Health & Home

NOTARY SERVICES Office: (281) 444-3131 Fax: (281) 596-7258 English & Spanish Speaking Reps Available! 1980 Cypress Creek Pkwy. Houston TX 77090 JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 31



industry. She’s the first African-American female to race professionally in the NHRA, and she’s not stopping there. In November, Nicole finished up her 2011 season with a win in South Carolina. Her upcoming NHRA season dates are already set and Nicole has much more in the works. Her relationship with powerful vehicles extends well past just driving them. Lyons builds the physics-defying machines as well. Nicole and her husband Damion own and run Cole Muscle Cars which has been in business for over a decade and was founded in the skill of Nicole’s father Jack. Their shop in Los Angeles is wildly successful. The news of opening a new shop in Atlanta resulted in a deal for a reality show. Marlon Wayans will be producing the show documenting the fast paced life of Nicole Lyons which airs in 2012. In addition to racing, businesses and family life, viewers are sure to see Nicole the “role model”.

Walk into almost any daycare or Mother’s Day Out program today and you’ll see two things for sure before you leave; a little boy playing with cars and his female counterpart caring for a doll. While there have recently been debates about the benefits of encouraging little boys to also entertain the dolls (in hope of making more sensitive fathers) you won’t hear many people clamoring for girls to gravitate toward the Hot Wheels. I’d like to introduce you to the Nicole takes every opportunity to exception to the rule. She’s hot and educate people about racing, cars, and she’s got wheels, but she’s all grown determination. Nicole offered, “There up and she is not playing. Nicole Lyons. If you have not yet made yourself aware of this vehicular virtuoso, please, get up to speed. Nicole grew up a daddy’s girl. Lucky for us, her dad was noted street racer Jack Davis. When he took his baby girl (literally a baby at age two) for a high speed ride he planted a seed that blossomed into a “star”. “My parents were open minded”, says Nicole. Her parents allowed her to try different things to see what she was good at and enjoyed. Fast forward to present day and Nicole is changing the face of the racing

32 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

are no ropes up in our pit area,” as an example of the approachable image she wants her fans to have of Nicole Lyons Racing, especially the youth. As for being an African American female

in an industry typically associated (and run by) white males, Nicole is quite the inspiration. She says it is only natural that seeing someone who resembles you might help you think you were able to do the same thing; even if you may have thought it impossible before. She tells kids of all ethnicities and backgrounds that putting in 100% effort and not letting anyone stand in your way means you can do whatever you want to do. She added that being “knowledgeable about what you do means people have no other choice but to give you your respect”.

Nicole’s future is an exciting prospect. She’s got plans to race at the NASCAR level. Lyons is on the way to building an even bigger loyal fan base and says, “that comes with doing a good job”. She’s certainly a favorite among minority racing fans whose population she says is “growing rapidly”, especially in southern states. She knows firsthand about being a fan. “I think what makes me different is that I am still a huge fan of racing,” Nicole said. “I wake up a fan first” is her sentiment . . . she says she’d do it even if she wasn’t getting paid a dime. Considering she’s come from not making any money to owning a company that can successfully be her teams own sponsor, Nicole’s earned her success thus far. Her goal of becoming a household name, and expanding the giving back she is passionate about, is as good as a done deal. All that’s left now is to enjoy the ride. ONLINE ANYTIME | WWW.COEUSMAGAZINE.COM

COEUS FEATURE Find out about Nicole’s latest races at:

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By Vicheka Im

A.TOMIC (Artist) NAME:



Houston, TX.

How long have you been an artist?

All my life. My first vivid memory of art was drawing Roger Rabbit for kids in kindergarten. I was hustling even then.

How did you get into the arts?

It just came naturally to me. I think the thing that inspired me most growing up though was the comic book genre. As I got older, I started to also incorporate pulp cover and political propaganda poster aspects as well.

Were you Self-taught or Mentored?

I was self taught mainly, but I eventually picked up some tips and tricks along the way from various teachers. My college art professor was Gerard Baldwin (who was co-creator of the Smurfs and the former Screen Cartoonist Guild President). His teaching, like many great art teachers, was “hands off”...meaning he didn’t try to supervise your art direction too much and let you decide your own artistic path.

What type of art do you actually do?

Everything from comic book illustration to graphic facsimiles of classical paintings. I have also just now dabbled in the vinyl toy industry and have Kidrobot Munny customs selling at “Insomnia” in Spring, TX.

Are there any special techniques that you use to make your art stand out? HELL YES! I pride myself on making BOLD statements in my pieces....whether visually or symbolically. I’m known for a vibrant and vivid

color palette. I also think that a mixed media strategy is the way to go to enhance a piece. You don’t have to use just acrylic can throw in charcoal, pens, spray cans, and even digital manipulation if you want to make something especially sharp.

How do you find inspiration for your canvas?

I have no idea where these musings come from. I guess there is a certain “zen” aspect to when you are touched by inspiration that you can never truly seek out at will. When the great ideas come just have to answer the door.

Did you have to intern or freelance to get your name out there? Yes, I’ve been freelancing since I can remember and still do, on occasion.

Who would be the TOP 5 artists that have influenced your style of art? In no specific order: - J. Scott Campbell

- Aidan Hughes - Andy Warhol - Frank Frazetta - Leonardo Da Vinci (It sounds cliche, but how can you not be influenced by the greatest painter of his era? The passion he had for multiple disciplines as a “Renaissance man” is something that I try to emulate.)

Who inspires you to keep pursuing your art? The starving artists, the proletariat...the struggling working class artists who don’t have a voice in a bourgeois art scene which cherrypicks who they think are valuable and casts out those who are not affluent enough to gain recognition.

How has being an artist influenced your life?

Being an artist means that I am more sensitive in general, and not just in an emotional way. In my opinion, artists observe and absorb more of the stimuli around them...maybe to regurgitate later on a canvas or in a song.

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 35

What is a major challenge in being an artist? I’m

not going to sugar-coat this....especially in these times of financial crisis. MONEY, the almighty dollar, is what hinders or helps any progress in the art community. There simply isn’t enough funding available for an artist to prosper and develop. Art is seen as “non-essential”. I have heard the expression before that “art is THE most important/least important commodity”. It may not be essential for survival, but in the makes surviving worthwhile.

Do you have any understudies or interns that want you to teach the business of being an artist?

As of However, I’ve given much advice to many younger artists who come to me for guidance. If you were not an artist, what would you have been? As funny as it sounds...a wrestler. I have the build/size for it, and wrestling has always been my entertainment since the WWF golden years of Hogan vs. Andre the Giant. The spectacle and garish, over the top, circus aspects of wrestling actually go hand-inhand with the larger than life art world. Plus, I know many artists who are secret wrestling fans. Travis and Chris...I’m winking at you.

What advice would you give an aspiring artist?

Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you CAN’T do this or that. Stay stubborn with conviction and go against the grain. Be the one who stands out in the gallery...not the one who blends in like camouflage.

What’s next for A.Tomic?

Right now I’m working on graphics and illustration for several musical acts including Sabrina Antoinette (an upcoming artist on Chris Brown’s label) and Downfall 2012 (a band who just received the 94.5 The Buzz Metal Band of the Year award). I’ve almost become an unofficial member of Downfall at this point. My artwork for their promotional CD inserts, and fliers is so integral to their aesthetic that we’re practically joined at the hip now. There are also talks of my doing a Houston Texans football comic book, but we are in the preliminary stages of that. The project most near and dear to me is my yet to be published time-travel graphic novel “Tempus Fugitives”. Be on the look-out for that in the coming year or so. And also be aware of the impending RADIOACTIVE REVOLUTION, comrades.

See some of the fantastic art A.Tomic has created at:

36 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

To Place A Order Please Call:

(857) 417-2033 *Serious Inquiries Only


FA S H I O N A N D F U R S JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 37

Q&A with Z-DEE Interview By: Nikiage Washington

COEUS sat down with this up and coming singer and songwriter Z-Dee Young. Born in Los Angeles, California and who is currently living in Houston, Texas. We find out what this talent has to offer and the battles it takes to make it to the top of the R&B scene.

If you had to describe yourself in THREE words, what would they be? Eccentric, People-Person, Carefree.

Who are your inspirations in music?

All R&B influences like Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Tank, Usher, Boyz II Men and who could forget Michael Jackson my biggest influence.

What has been your Big Break in the industry? As an independent artist, being reached out to by True Magazine for an interview let me know that I was gaining recognition for my music.

How would you describe your genre? I first started out just wanting to be an R&B artist, but as I learned more about the business I didn’t want to restrict myself to just one type of music. My genre is a mixture between R&B, Pop, and Alternative music.

What has been one of the greatest challenges 38 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

in this industry?

To me personally would be being prejudged for my appearance, when I step on stage a lot of people would see me as a singer.

Define what SUCCESS is! Success is not all about money, it is an equal balance between being happy and living comfortably.

What made you pursue music as a career? I’ve always wanted to be in the music industry whether the business side or as an artist. My family had a lot of influence on me when I was younger because that was what they surrounded me with.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

I would collaborate with either Michael Jackson or Usher because I just admire the changes and longevity they show in their music.

What career path would you have chosen if you didn’t choose music? If I didn’t choose to be in the music industry, I would have been in Corporate America running the music business. I majored and mastered in Business Management to be smart knowledge wise in the music business.

Has a fan done something out of the norm, if so what was it?

Yes I have had fans leave their underwear on my car or even come to my house and leave

love notes. It’s a crazy thing to try to get use to.

What is the theme song of your life right now?

My theme song right now would have to be “Moving Mountains” by Usher because of the load it takes climbing the stair of success.

Favorite city to visit or perform in?

That would be Los Angeles or New York because there is always something new to do.

Any celebrity crushes?

My one celebrity crush would have to be Nicki Minaj because she is truly representing for the ladies in the rap game in a sensual way.

What is the best advice given to you? If you want to survive in this industry, you have to have thick skin!

Describe your personal style. My personal style is a blend of things, but it really depends on the environment I will be in. I’m definitely not afraid to wear bold colors.

Any favorite designers.

One of my favorite designers would be Marc Ecko, his clothes are just versatile and effortless.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my 2nd video shoot and a campaign song for Belvedere Vodka.


Q&A with Z-DEE

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 39

Who have you collaborated with locally in Houston?

I’ve only worked with other local artist that don’t carry a Houston sound.

What do you think about Houston as a place for aspiring musicians? It’s a cheap place to experiment with your music but to get recognition I would say you would have to leave Texas for that.

What do you want to communicate through your music?

Just an insight on who I am and the highs and lows I face in my life.

What do you think about the music industry as it is today?

I’m truly not happy about the type of music that is out right now because the content seems old and lost. It seems like it’s at a low point with the over usage of auto tune and singers turning into rappers.

How do you think the music industry affects young people?

Honestly the music that this generation is listening to at this moment won’t last, but there is no real display of real music to them.

Do you feel you would make a good role model? Yes, but I also believe that no one should be influenced by something someone else does or says.

What one product can you not live without?

It would have to be Pink Moisturizer for my hair.

Say anything, quick what’s the first thing that comes to your head? Right now Song writing.

To hear all about his latest go to: TWITTER: zdeeworld

WEBSITE: 281-639-2072


Check out Z-Dee Young on Facebook at:


Now Hiring AND ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS! Submissions from:

Editors / MUA / Stylist / Photographer Contributers Sales & Advertising Reps / Interns

If interested please email resume to:

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couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of having lunch with my daughter at a very nice restaurant. When we were finished my daughter suggested we go by one of our favorite places to get dessert.  She made her selection and I made mine, two large chocolate chip cookies and a carton of milk.  My daughter admonished me “Mom I know you are not going to eat both of those cookies.”  To which I smilingly replied “Oh yes I am.”  She looked at me in disbelief and said okay.  One might ask, “What is wrong with a person enjoying two cookies and a carton of milk.”  Not a whole lot if you don’t have diabetes.  For over six years now I have been battling this disease, and over the past three years I have had some knock down dragged out fights with  the diabetes having the upper hand.  In September 2008, I experienced a very bad automobile accident in which several parts of me suffered very badly.  During my year and a half of recovery, it was very hard for me to control my diabetes.  I sometimes could not remember what was going on, and when I did, all I could focus on was the pain I was in.  Needless to say, my blood sugars were in that accident and they were suffering from all the pain too.  My medications increased and the diabetic medication doses were taken to a higher level.  Through surgery, and therapy I finally made it to the point where one would say, «I finally feel like a person again.»  Pregnant women may experience gestational diabetes, usually during their last stages of pregnancy, 3 to 8 percent of women are affected.


Gestational diabetes can affect the mother and child.  Although diabetes usually disappears after giving birth, 40 to 60% of these women may develop Type 2 diabetes.  Diet and exercise and sometimes insulin injections are administered during the gestational diabetes.

(3) Persistent hunger

(1) Thirst (2) Increased urination

Let me explain a little about diabetes. Diabetes has reached an epidemic high with more than 366 million people worldwide  suffering from its effects.  More than 4.6 million people die worldwide and medical costs for care are escalating. Research says 5 to 10 percent of Americans have  Type I Diabetes.  Symptoms usually   develop rather suddenly for children and young adults. 

effectively utilize the bodies insulin.  Type 2 diabetes tends to form in older people, obese people, and people who don’t exercise. Many type 2 diabetes patients are able to manage or cure their diabetes through diet and exercise.  Some people must take insulin or other medications to get their blood glucose levels under control. All forms of diabetes are serious and should be closely monitored by your physician or healthcare team.

The foods we eat affect our blood sugars. Testing your glucose 2 to 3 times daily is a good way to know what affect the foods you are eating are having on your body.  There are several good books on the market regarding diabetes, I recently ordered “Diabetes Without Drugs” by Suzy Cohen, RPh..   As diabetics, we sometimes get tired of the medicines, tired of poking our fingers with a needle to check glucose, tired of having to watch what we eat and yes, tired of our daughters

(4) Unexplained weight loss (5) Blurry vision (6) Fatigue Type I diabetes must be managed through diet, exercise, and injectable insulin.

More than 90 to 95 percent of the world’s population has Type 2 diabetes.  Your body becomes insulin resistant and cannot

42 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

reminding us of things we shouldn’t do. Therefore, I have vowed to be more consistent and eat on schedule, check my glucose 2 to 3 times a day before and after eating. Exercise everyday, watch my portions, eat more vegetables and fruit.  I ordered a portion plate to help me do this, you can get one at And last but not least, I plan to pay attention to my daughter when she helps me make the right choices.  Those two cookies caused my sugar to go up to 350, that is not good.  If you have never done so, ask your doctor to do an A1C test on you it will determine if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic.  A lot of people don’t even know they already have diabetes.  A good diabetic recipe you may want to try is located on page 65 (Chicken breast w/ lemon sauce).

Image Provided By: Karen Barefoot Location: PA Image ID# 550152


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Image Provided By: chirnoaga Image ID: 1367222

44 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

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BEAUTIFUL SKIN TOTALLY BEGINS WITHIN. OUR SKIN’S APPEARANCE IS IMPORTANT TO US ALL BUT, DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR SKIN IS HEALTHY OVERALL? UNDERSTANDING YOUR SKIN’S HEALTH BEGINS WITH EXPLORING HEALTHY LIFESTYLE AND NUTRITION HABITS. Skin loses its luster over time as free radicals — generated from things like stress, cigarette smoke, and the skin’s top enemy, the sun--cause cell damage that leads to discoloration and even cancer. Your body begins to slow its production of collagen; a protein that helps keep your skin plump and elastic, causing the outer skin to become more prone to creasing and wrinkling. Skin cells also tend to lose moisture faster, due to hormonal changes, so skin becomes drier and less radiant. Let’s face it, factors like extreme sun exposure, air pollution, and age can affect the way our skin looks and behaves. But with good nutrition, vitamins, proper hydration, and adequate amounts of rest, and skin protection, we might just have a fighting chance at getting the GLOW we always wanted! These supplements help combat the effect of Time, Sun Exposure, and Nasty Free Radicals


OMEGA-3 FATS: These supplements aren’t just making headlines for heart health — dermatologists also recommend them to help prevent dry skin and problems like psoriasis and eczema. These fats are a key component of the lubricating layer that keeps skin supple, and they aid in the production of hormones that improve skin texture and help combat the inflammatory damage wrought by free radicals--one of the causes of wrinkles and blotchiness. To get enough omega-3s in your diet, supplements are often recommended in addition to eating fish (salmon is full of omega 3), walnuts, and other food sources.


VITAMIN A: Derivatives of this vitamin are known as retinoid, and you can find them in over the counter or prescription products. They’re proven through more than 700 studies — to reduce

wrinkles, fade brown spots, and smooth roughness. The downside to their effectiveness is potential side effects. Retinoid can cause redness, scaling, and flaking that can last for weeks or more; over the counter products tend to be milder than Rx ones.


VITAMIN B3: This B vitamin, commonly known as niacin amide, helps boost production of the compounds that comprise your skin’s outer barrier, which helps it lock in moisture better. The ingredient is also shown to help reduce redness in rosacea patients and is especially helpful if you have dry or sensitive skin.


VITAMIN C: Proven to mop up the free radicals that trigger wrinkling, sagging, and other aging changes, vitamin C also helps smooth and firm skin and fades brown spots. In one study, women who treated sun-damaged skin with a vitamin C cream for 6 months saw significant improvement in fine lines and discoloration. Though the benefits of retinoid and vitamin C sound similar, using both delivers more complexion perfection.


VITAMIN E: This powerful vitamin eases dry skin (by helping skin retain its natural moisturizers) and bolsters UV defense. A slew of skin care studies document its superstar status. In one, vitamin E significantly reduced the number of skin-damaging free radicals created after exposure to cigarette smoke. Others show that when it’s used before UV exposure, skin is less red, swollen, and dry, which is why the ingredient is often included in sunscreens. You can find moisturizers and creams with vitamin E and purchase vitamin E capsules in your grocer’s health food section.

Professional Makeup Artistry School ​in Houston, TX Teaching the Future Makeup Artistry ELITE JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 45

COEUS HEALTH CALL: (866) 647-8438 Office: 281.335.3000 SuperSet Fitness LLC 1120 East NASA Parkway, Suite 101 Houston, TX 77058

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SuperSet Fitness Written By: Regina Moretto

TAKING PHYSICAL FITNESS BACK TO THE BASICS Sidney Smith of SuperSet Fitness is a licensed personal trainer with an uncommon vision; “create a market for very affordable, quality, and effective personal training.” His goal is to not only help his clients lose weight or “get in shape”, but to change their lives. Sidney’s program focuses on traditional resistance training (weight lifting) and cardio. In 2012, Sidney wants to break away from the fitness gimmicks and take Houston back to basics… back to a healthier “you”. SuperSet Fitness is the first of many fitness centers Sidney plans to open in and around Houston. The new training facility is located in South Houston’s “Bay Area” right across the street from NASA. The facility showcases state of the art equipment featuring the latest in fitness technology. Sidney guarantees that his program will give you “real results”. During a SuperSet Fitness workout session you can expect a complete and total body workout. Sidney believes a balanced routine of cardio and resistance is most effective in reducing weight and building muscle. “I am deliberately trying to put muscle on you…with added muscle you are a 24 hour calorie burning machine,” Sidney explained. Trainees are required to perform 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of resistance THE SUPERSET FITNESS training at every session. Sidney PROGRAM OFFERS: also recommends his clients reinforce their healthy workout • One on one training with routine with healthy eating habits certified personal training at home. He encourages trainees instructor. to eat more vegetables and lean • Fitness routine tailored meats. The increase in vegetables specifically to your body and lean meats will give your type and lifestyle. body more of the nutrients that • Comprehensive routine you need to fuel your workouts designed to show results and help lose weight thereby through a fitness program eliminating the needs for steroids that can be easily or protein supplements. Sidney maintained. prefers his clients stay away from • Training around your fast food restaurants and drink schedule at your lots of water.

can “turn” your body. You will have lost inches and be well on your way to a new and improved version of yourself. Yet, the real results are seen during the 130 session plan. This plan requires you meet with the trainer 4 to 5 days a week for one hour. You are expected to practice healthy eating habits; vegetables, lean meats, increased water intake. All of the tools you need to actually “flip” your body are now second nature. Sidney Smith of SuperSet Fitness genuinely desires to change Houston’s current level of fitness. His “back to basics” approach and “at your convenience” training leaves no room for excuses. The program is easy to access, easy to maintain, and affordable. Your results depend on you.


The SuperSet Fitness program is geared towards your individual health and success. The program is broken into 3 different sessions with sessions equaling hours spent in the gym with your trainer. The startup package is 20 sessions which runs about $15 an hour. However, if you are serious about rebooting your metabolism and getting on the path to a “better you”, the 65 or 130 sessions package is your better choice. Within 65 sessions, the SuperSet Fitness Program

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 47

LASHES BY LIZ FEATURED BEAUTY PRODUCT OF THE MONTH What made you decide to create your own line of wanted to work at MAC.  I would be that teenager that would ask multiple questions at the MAC counter.  I was lashes?

told by one of the associates there to work at a smaller I am very particular with the lashes that I use on my counter first to gain some retail experience. I went to clients.   I wanted to create something that would still school instead to be a Medical Assistant.   So random, allow me to service my clients and not break me away but I had this idea to work with a cosmetic surgeon.   I from why I am in the beauty industry, which is my artistry!   finished school and worked in the medical field for a I have a certain style and I wanted to share my selections little over a year.  I also waitressed and did makeup for with others so that they could get a beautiful look a few clients for weddings.  I was a rookie then.  I knew without over doing it.  Every lash I have in my collection that the medical field was not for me, and waitressing is a lash I would use and recommend for different was fun, but definitely wasn’t my passion.  I wanted to do types of events, photo shoots, or for every day wear.   what I loved and get paid for it.  After all, I had children to feed.  I took the associate’s advice at MAC.  My first job Why did you choose to make them human hair was a freelance make-up artist for Hard Candy.   I then versus synthetic? freelanced for Tony and Tina.   Both of those lines used I actually have both synthetic and human hair.   The a lot of glitter, and to this day, I am not the biggest fan “Smitten Kitten” lashes are synthetic and that style of lash of glitter.  I used to go home and find glitter on my face, can only be created using a synthetic hair.  The majority of on my clothes, and on my shoes.  I find it funny now, but my lashes are human hair because they are more flexible it would drive me crazy then.  Finally after working for and adhere to the lash line easier.   They are also less those two cosmetic lines, I was an official MAC makeup dramatic, but I’m not opposed to synthetic lashes at all.  I artist.   I loved it, and worked for the company for over love them both! 5 and a half years.   I can honestly say that most of my education was working for MAC.  I met so many talented Why do you feel this is a good product? artists and was inspired by so many people.  I worked on Lashes By Liz is a collection created by me.  I have invested many walks of life there.  I gained so much knowledge 13 years into my work as an artist.   Art is definitely a working for MAC and am always grateful for that!   I creative opinion, and I have a certain style to my work.  I worked for other lines, such as Shu Uemura, SpaceNK, love to create a clean beautiful look and the lashes I have Burberry Beauty, and Inglot.   created fit in this category.   In the past, I would always customize the lashes I would use.  I have a particular look How did you get into the fashion industry? in mind when creating a look for my clients.  The quality Toward the end of my MAC career, I was going through of my lashes is great, which will give you more than one a rough patch in my marriage so I quit my job.  My exday use of the lashes.  Not only will a consumer purchase husband asked me to stay home and be a housewife.  I a particular pair of lashes, but they are also gaining a also helped him with his clothing business.  It was then professional opinion on which lashes will suit them for a when a light bulb turned on in my head.....I could finally particular event.  work on my portfolio.  Since I was a mother of 3, and a wife, with a retail job, it was very difficult to network with

Tell us about your makeup artistry career...When photographers, and stylists. Now that I didn’t have the did you get started? retail job, I had a little more time to set up shoots and My makeup career began over 13 years ago.  I always knew as a little girl, that I loved putting makeup on people.  I always put makeup on my friends, but my first victim, was my little sister.  I would always do her makeup, but I would complain because her lips are heart-shaped so her bottom lips are not rounded.  They have a little peek.  I would get so frustrated because it didn’t look right to me.  This was the beginning of my path to perfectionism.   When I graduated high school I knew that I wanted to do makeup but wasn’t sure how to get started.  I always

48 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

go full force on my bridal work as well. I was fortunate enough to meet Anthony Evans, aka THEMANUC.  He is an amazing photographer.  We were able to set up shoots and were both rookies when it came to shooting.  Back then, I thought I knew it all when it came to the make-up and lighting.  We would shoot 12-14 hour days.   After building somewhat of a portfolio, I built my website.   It wasn’t strong, but it was a simple site.   I started networking on Myspace (Good Ol’ Myspace) and on another site called Model Mayhem.  I was able to meet

Model: Jesiree Dizon - Photography By: Anthony Evans


Lashes By Liz Los Angeles Make-up Artist Liz Castellanos steps out of the realm of beauty and into the world of business with flair and ease creating a luxurious new brand of lashes. JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 49


many models and stylists this way. I now had work to show for all my hard effort.  To this very day, I still test with models and stylists because I get bored easily and always want to update my website and Facebook profiles.  

What type of photo shoots do you work on?

I work on shoots for different clothing companies such as: Famous Stars and Straps, Marciano (thanks to my dear friend Alexis Ellen), LRG and many more. I work on shoots for magazine spreads, personal portfolio’s that need to be updated, websites, engagement, boudoir, personal clients,  video, and television.

Do you work on music videos and movie sets?

I have worked on some video shoots. I can’t say that I have worked on any movie sets yet.  I did work on a film project with Florian Schneider, but it is in the beginning stages.  

What has been the most memorable job you worked on and why?

Artist Liz Castellanos brand of lashes are beautiful, elegant, and diverse just like her clients. Liz shares with us her inspirations, love of makeup artistry and industry insight. 50 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

The most memorable job is one that I work on twice a year, The Biggest Loser. It used to be my bridal work, but since I have started working on this project, my feelings have changed. Those of you that are familiar with this show will know how hard these contestants work to lose huge amounts of weight.   I get to work with them when they are ready for their makeovers.  They get dressed up and finally are able to let everyone see how amazing they look and how much their hard work has paid off.  I get to see how happy they feel and how their lives have made a huge turn for the better.  It is the most rewarding job!  I would do it for free!  Don’t tell the producers that.


What advice would you give to an aspiring MUA?

I would have to say, NEVER GIVE UP! Always set goals that seem impossible, because you will eventually get there.  One thing I never forget is where I began.  Having an ego in this industry is ugly.   I will turn the other way if I see someone has an ego.  When I receive emails from people who want to assist me, or from people who just want a little advice, I always try to respond.  I was there once, and sometimes still am.  I am always inspired by other artist’s work, but remember, no one is better!  Art is an opinion and just because

BEAUTY COEUS Hello Beauties! By: Paulette Pradia

MAKEUP TOOL TIPS AND HOW TO THOROUGHLY CLEAN THEM. As I stated before, I’m absolutely in love with Mac makeup brush cleaner and japonesque brush cleaner, but again the cost is hurting my pockets. Pull-up Diapers or brush cleaner? My baby needs her Pull-ups until she gets this whole potty training thing down. So until I win the Lottery, I grab: Note: Best to stand near a sink

1 small plastic bowl $1.00 1 Olive Oil (small bottle) $4.50

1 Pawn olive disinfectant dish washing liquid small $1.20

1 Soft Towel (not your good towels) Styrofoam plate and warm water

someone else may get the gig that you want, it should motivate you and just know that it wasn’t your gig to begin with. I have learned that in this industry, sometimes the job may be in who you know.  That’s okay because it will make you work that much harder and when you start booking your gigs it will be more rewarding.  

Where can we purchase your lashes:

Lashes By Liz will be sold at and will be sold at local stores in Southern California in the near future.  

Pour a quarter size amount of dishwashing liquid and then a quarter size amount of EVO onto the plate. Fill your plastic bowl half full with warm water. Dip your dirty brush in the bowl of warm water (ONLY WET THE HAIRS), and then swivel the brushes in the dish liquid and EVO mixing the two. To better manipulate the product off the brushes, use the palm of your hand and fingers. Then rinse the brushes clean. Use your white towel to check if any product is left on the brush. If so repeat the step. Lay your brushes flat and wait over night to fully dry or invest in a Dry and Shape Kit from sigma for $29.00. The dry and shape keeps your brushes in the like new shape with maximum 4 hour dry time. I love it.

Well that’s all the tips for now! Remember during the extreme cold months, stay hydrated and moisturize your skin and hair to keep that glorious glow. JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 51

Kina Sadler Featured Makeup Artist

52 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

Kina Sadler Featured Makeup Artist KAS is a licensed Esthetician as well as an accomplished and creative makeup artist with experience in all aspects of media makeup: fashion, video and print. Her education (a graduate of Paul Mitchell The School) and continuous training, along with her affable personality provides her clients with a dependable, detailoriented, and multifaceted professional to add to the success of the creative team of any project.


JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 53

54 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012


Featured Makeup Artist KINA SADLER

Follow her work online at:

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 55

Ordinary Kid; Extraordinary Life

56 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012


Ordinary Kid; Extraordinary Life


Interview by: Van Shotwell

Chandler Canterbury is Houston’s very own homegrown celebrity. He has starred in films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Knowing, After.Life, and Repo Men. COEUS Magazine was fortunate to receive the pleasure of spending time with Chandler and his mother Kristine at her photography studio in West Houston just before Chandler left town to work on one of his new projects. The closeness of mother and son was refreshing to witness; a perfect example of a solid foundation for a young up and coming movie star. Kristine allowed COEUS Magazine free range in her studio but stayed close and helped to make the interview process pleasant for everyone. Chandler was very comfortable sitting in a big black cozy chair, with his shoes off, posing and answering questions at the same time. He was not nervous nor scared, but rather self-assured and confident. His confident and easy going demeanor simplified our interview; Chandler is nowhere near being the stereotypical “cele-brat” celebrity. One of the hardest things for Chandler to answer during the interview was, “What is your favorite thing to do?” Chandler shrugged his shoulders and could not really pinpoint one specific thing. “I Guess playing with my friends” “What about reading?.” “Not really.” “Video games?” “Hmmm…just Minecraft.” Minecraft is an online game where you place “blocks

to build anything you can imagine.” It’s an adventure game with no rules. The only limitation is your imagination. You can explore this world, make friends, build communities, and more. It sounds like the perfect escape for a kid who has to balance childhood and stardom with ease. Just like any other kid Chandler enjoys hanging out with his friends and family when he’s not filming. “We usually just sit around and talk…and sometimes we go swimming.”

We asked if he missed hanging out with his family and friends and he quietly replied, “Sometimes I do.” Chandler is homeschooled due to his work schedule but he says that he is okay with it and likes his tutor. Chandler mentioned that sometimes he misses the social aspect of school, but most of the time he is too busy to miss anything. The most exciting part of the interview seemed to be the mention of food! Chandler has a Southern palette. He enjoys steak and he thinks he likes lobster. He’d only tasted lobster once but he really liked it. His mom started to chuckle, “Chandler loves crawfish, and one time he stood over a table of them for two hours stuffing himself.” The memory must have been a great one, because the look on Chandler’s face was one of satisfaction, humor and maybe… hunger? Chandler is a very mannerable and polite young man, he never spoke unless spoken to. Whenever he answered a question, he didn’t blurt it out but, mulled over the question and gave a well thought out answer. Chandler is a very sought after actor because he never says anything without thinking and searching for the answer. He is quite bright and it is obvious that he is an old soul in a young body. The characters he portrays even reflect his “old soul”. We expect he will continue to grow into a charming young man and an amazing actor. FOR CHANDLER’S FULL LIST OF FILMS AND TV APPEARANCES PLEASE GO TO WWW.IMDB.COM

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 57

MOVIE REVIEWS BY COEUS RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES To start, let me say that I am a huge fan of the original planet of the apes. Charlton Heston was basically a hero to me as he screamed out that line about the dirty apes that ruined his planet. That was made over four decades ago and now we find ourselves staring at what is possibly another reboot. Personally, I’m not a fan of remaking movies that were good back in the day and surely not a fan of making prequels to them. Now, imagine my surprise as I sat down and was mesmerized by this film! Rise of The Planet of the Apes gives insight into the events that transpired in the recent 2001 remake but it does what that movie couldn’t. It was good. James Franco plays a scientist trying to discover the cure for Alzheimer’s so that his father (John Lithgow) will become able to function again. He, of course, experiments on the lab monkeys at his facility and it just happens that the side effect of his drug gave them enhanced cognitive abilities. One of the monkeys under his control gave birth to a son and this son would soon give rise to a revolution of apes (see what I did there?). And that was just a summary, this movie puts so much thought into the idea of human rights vs. animal rights that I was astounded. Simply put, this is a must buy for anyone who loved the original. 4/5

SUPER 8 Abrams. Spielberg. What do these two have in common? They are literally the leaders in Sci Fi film and culture and they just happened to create the masterpiece Super 8. A masterpiece? Yes, in all factors, this is their lovechild. Perhaps it wasn’t the highest reviewed movie but it should have been. The movie itself features no one of too much notice, however the feel of it reminded me of Close Encounters of the Third Kind mixed with the classic creature feature feel of the Wolfman. It’s not just the acting in the movie, but the fact that it actually looks good. Even regular scenes such as where the family is having breakfast are captured so well that I got chills as the misunderstood son and in denial father had a moment about the deceased mother. Simply beautiful. Perhaps, the biggest draw for me was the ending. I won’t say what happens, but this is the first time in a long time where a true lesson is being taught to the audience and conveyed perfectly. Put another way, this film is a throwback to 1970s film making and does it more justice than people give it credit. Definitely a must watch. It’s already on shelves and would make even the most avid film snobs jump for joy. 4.5/5


58 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

Let me preface this; for those of you who didn’t know this, this movie is based off of a graphic novel written by Fred Van Lente published in 2006. Now that that’s out of the way, this is, in all aspects, a western. The movie follows the traditional aspect of Clint Eastwood westerns where a stranger (Daniel Craig) comes to town and turns the whole place upside down. Soon after the stranger is introduced, a new more terrifying force in the form of high powered aliens in spaceships arrive and rock the old west town to its foundation. A few women from the town get kidnapped and so the boys round up a posse and head on out to battle their, obviously, superior enemies. What transpires from here on is a sci-fi western action ride that doesn’t seem to ever end. But does this formula work? Yes, I will tell you right now that yes it absolutely works. At first I wasn’t too into it, but after 20 minutes in, I wanted to run out the theater, jump on my horse and shoot my 6 shooter into the sky. It’s not so much a “good” movie, but it’s definitely a guy movie. There’s explosions, gunfights, aliens, bare fist brawling, hot babes, and it’s a western! What else could a guy want in a movie?! That said, this isn’t a timeless classic in any aspect. It’s really just a one time watch and experience so I suggest to try it out as a rental. Just be prepared to possibly have dreams of traveling west in the millennium falcon afterwards. 3/5 ONLINE ANYTIME | WWW.COEUSMAGAZINE.COM

COEUS MOVIE REVIEWS 30 MINUTES OR LESS Hot off his success in The Social Network, Jesse Eisenberg takes up the roll of slacker pizza boy Nick in this great movie. The film starts off easy enough, with the basic structure of a slacker with a smart, perverted best friend Chet (Aziz Ansari) slacks around and acts like his life is great until an event forces him to change his ways and become a bit better. The twist in this movie, is that the event is two bored guys (Danny Mcbride and Nick Swardson) tie a bomb to his chest and then force him to rob a bank or they blow him to kingdom come. From here on out, the movie roars to a heist comedy with amazing action sequences and hilarious moments delivered by the some of the industry’s best. This movie was released to moderate praise and has since become more of a niche title but don’t let that discourage you from discovering this little piece of film gold. 4/5

KUNG FU PANDA 2 I was a huge fan of the original Kung Fu Panda, so let me say that I was extremely excited for this film. Two years after the events in the first movie, we find our lovable Panda Po (Jack Black) has risen to his title as dragon warrior. He no longer looks like a slob and the words “can’t” are no longer in his vocabulary. However, his master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) reveals to him that to truly reach the top of his training, he must achieve inner peace. Shortly after, during a scuffle with some bandits, Po has flashbacks of a time where he was left by what looks to be his mother panda. This causes him to question his father about it and his father confesses to him being adopted. Now if searching for his true family as well as mastering inner peace weren’t enough, he also has to contend with a peacock named Shen (Gary Oldman) who is trying to take over china. And that, dear reader, is why this movie is disappointing. Kung Fu Panda 2 does what Spiderman 3 did and just as bad. Trying to fit too much into one movie and doing it incorrectly. If they focused on just one of these then the ride would have been that much more enjoyable. 2/5

HANGOVER II The Hangover was widely revered as one of the funniest movies of a few years ago, so of course there were high hopes for its sequel. Now the question that most people ask when it comes to sequels is, was it as good as the first? I can’t honestly answer that question very well as this is almost identical to the first. The only major difference between the two is the gang has been placed in Thailand for Stu’s (Ed Helms) wedding as they contend with his menacing father-in-law. They decide to have some drinks on the beach and the next day find themselves in a hotel room with no idea how the heck they got there. Sound familiar? Now, I don’t want to give the wrong idea, this movie is very entertaining just not original. However, at this moment, the formula that was so widely successful in the first film works very well with this set of actors, Zach Galifinakas in particular, and so they didn’t need to change too much to make it better. Simply put, this movie is over the top funny with plenty of surprises around every corner and features a cameo from America’s favorite boxing legend. What else could you ask for? 3.5/5

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 59



Em &* LEE / Willa

A stylish mixture of Bohemian casual and feminine sheek womens wear.

Em & Lee

2021 W Gray St Houston, TX 77019 (713) 524-8485

Mon-Sat 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sun 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

60 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

If you have ever had trouble finding that perfect outfit, this is the place to visit. Everything is color coordinated so finding that certain color in a shirt or skirt is a snap. Each rack is lined with clothes you just got to have, so the only concerns you have are to what you need to leave and come back for! Em & Lee have several locations spread out throughout Houston. For information on a location near you please visit there site at: www.


OOh-la-la! A favorite stomping grounds for the stylish & trendy shopper!


Micci Marmalade

A Feminine And Alluring Place To Heal Your Shopping Blues

Micci Marmalade

4368 Westheimer Rd.

Houston TX 77027 Tue - Sat. 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

As you stroll the areas along Westheimer and The Heights you will find a small boutique like no other. Along side a small shopping area is Micci Marmalade a 2 story boutique just filled with treasures. Owner Ronda Whitings puts her style and sense into collecting memorable and eye catching pieces that you will find truly irresistible. Everything here is affordable and a must have, from billowy tops, lacy lingerie to fitted cocktail dresses, you can pretty much find anything here. I especially love the home made body butters that smell divine. JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 61


Elder Scrolls Vs: Skyrim Gaming Review By: Clayton Stewart

If you’re an Elder Scrolls fan then Skyrim is the game you have been waiting for since the release of Oblivion, but the saga makes a triumphant return. Skyrim has won countless game of the year awards and once you get a hold of the game its easy to know why. Skyrim is big, bold and beautiful in every way that a game can be. Be prepared to spend countless hours discovering all it has to offer. For those who don’t know, Skyrim is an RPG (role playing game) with a huge open world, character customization and just about an endless amount of quests. Those who are fans of the previous game, Oblivion will be happy to see all the same character races to choose from. Once you have your character how you play the game is totally up to you. You can become the beloved hero of the people or just be a jerk who likes to kill people. The different ways you can play your character are endless and there are no limitations, you can wield swords and shields, bow and arrows, or even all sorts of magic.

62 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

Before playing Skyrim be prepared to put in countless hours into this game, it is very addicting and it sucks you into its fantasy world. From its gorgeous open world design to the characters and voice acting, the amounts of character customization and endless things to do it’s easy to get lost in this world and not know how many hours have passed. Sure Skyrim might have the occasional glitch or it may freeze up but these small annoyances are greatly overshadowed by all the positive aspects of the game. Skyrim has plenty to do and so many ways to do it, it is a no brainer to why this game has won plenty of awards and it is why I am giving Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim a 10 out of 10. Go pick up this game, it is out now and whether you get it for Xbox 360, PS3 or PC you won’t be sorry and will not get bored and have an overall enjoyable experience.

Image Provided By: Rachael Towne Image ID# 1347984

Skyrim is a beautiful world filled with snow and mountains, the level and environment design for this game is amazing from its amazing detail to the constant weather changes. Once you are in the world of Skyrim enjoying is vivid open world be sure to always be on your guard, and I mean always. You could be strolling through the lands and sure you can come across some wolves or bandits or maybe even rogue wizards that is no problem, but you never know when giants, woolly mammoths, a fire spirit and even a dragon come out of no where and want you dead (true story, happened to me). The great thing about Skyrim is that every time you play, every play through from your game to your friends will be different, from the enemies you face to the loot you collect to how the story line progresses.

The big thing about Skyrim is that your character is something called, ‘Dragonborn’ which allows you to learn the language of dragons and form powerful shouts that can aid you on your journey. There are 20 different shouts in total from being able to push anything out of your way with just your voice to being able to breath fire or call a thunderstorm and many more. Obtaining these shouts is tricky because you must find each word that are scattered through the huge open world, and to unlock them you must kill dragons and absorb their souls. There is nothing more satisfying than having an epic battle and taking down a dragon all by yourself.

Get this spot today!

Specials going on till the end of December! Send all inquiries to:

FULL PAGE Live Area: 8.25” x 10.7606” Trim Area: 8.5” x 11” Bleed Area: 1/8 bleed 8.625” x 11.25” Allow 3/8” on one side of gutter for readability

NOW HIRING AND ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS! Submissions from: Editors / MUA / Stylist / Photographer Contributers

Sales & Advertising Reps / Interns If interested please email resume to: JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 63



By: Clemer Holmes

Beets are very beneficial to the body. Beet juice is very powerful, don›t take too much when you start using.  You may want to try 1/2 medium size beetroot to 1 whole a week.  Caution:  Anyone with a history of oxalate-containing kidney stones should avoid over-consuming beetroot and beet greens.  Beetroot juice is very potent, and it is recommended that when you drink the raw juice dilute it at least 4 times with other milder juices such as carrot, cucumber, or celery.  Beetroot is so powerful it may make you feel dizzy during cleansing, this discomfort is normal as toxins are being eliminated.  It is advisable to drink plenty of water to help in the elimination of toxins.  When you start eating beets you will notice a red color to your urine and stools, don’t worry as this is just the color from the beet.  Beet is better when taken raw as heat destroys some of the nutrient content.  You may consume as a juice or grate it as an ingredient to your favorite salad and dishes.

De-tox Beetroot Juice


(1) One beet a day helps normalize blood pressure

This drink is works best on an empty stomach:   INGREDIENTS

(2) Reduces cholesterol by 30 to 40%

   1 small beetroot

(3) Cleans and builds the blood

1 stalk celery

(4) Calms the nerves

   1/2 cucumber

(5) Improve the health of the liver, kidneys, and bladder

   1 carrot

(6) Cleans the intestines (7) Fights cancer

(9) Improve menstrual problems (10) Cure anemia (11) Helps keep the elasticity of arteries, when consumed regularly it can help prevent varicose veins. 64 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

DIRECTIONS:      1.  Cut the top from the beet root and scrub using a stiff          vegetable brush and water to remove any dirt.     2.  Peel the cucumber.      3.  Slice the pineapples into cubes.     4.  Cut the fruit and vegetables to fit into a juicer.     5.  Juice and enjoy!   ONLINE ANYTIME | WWW.COEUSMAGAZINE.COM

Image Provided By: Zsuzsanna Kilian Image ID# 1266534

(8) Drinking beet juice regularly can help relieve constipation

   1 cup of pineapple chunks


Chicken Breasts with Lemon Sauce 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (3 ounces) Garlic salt to taste Black pepper to taste Non-fat nonstick cooking spray 1 cup fat-free chicken broth

1 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon grated lemon peel 1/4 cup fat-free parmesan cheese 1/3 cup fat-free sour cream 1 tablespoon all purpose flour

Season chicken breasts with garlic salt and black pepper Spray skillet with nonstick cooking spray Add chicken breasts and brown and cook over medium heat until done, about 4 to 5 minutes on each side. In medium saucepan, combine chicken broth, lemon juice, lemon peel, parmesan cheese, and sour cream. Use flour to make a thick paste. Stir paste back into sauce and stir over medium heat until thickened. 

Image Provided By: lockstockb Image ID# 1097281

Pour over cooked chicken breasts and serve.

Serve with a Side Salad! JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 65

LIFE & TRAVEL by Regina Moretto

HOUSTON DESTINATION “STAY”CATION Due to the current economic conditions; the popularity of “staycations” has increased. Lucky for us we live in the fourth largest city in the U.S. Houston provides tons of attractions for the tourist and the local at affordable prices. Houston’s “districts” offer entertainment and leisure for every lifestyle and taste.

You can catch a show at any of the various concert venues in and around town. StereoLive showcases local and nationally acclaimed artists. If classical is more your thing, the Houston Symphony and Theater Under the Stars present amazing performances year round.

Our Museum District offers 17 different museums; all within walking distance! A few of the museums even offer free admission during the week. If you’re a Houstonian but never really visited the museum district, these museums will definitely be a great start: the Museum of Fine Arts (1001 Bissonnet St), the Museum of Natural Science (5555 Hermann Park Dr), The Health Museum (1515 Hermann Drive), and the Children’s Museum (1500 Binz St).

Being the fourth largest city definitely has its advantages. You can find a restaurant to represent nearly any country or culture in the world and the cuisine will be authentic!

66 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

Houston Night Life is just as diverse as its citizens. You can salsa meringue in Downtown at CopaCabana Latin Lounge (114 Main St), fist pump the night away at Nox off Washington Avenue in the Heights, or have a beer and good ONLINE ANYTIME | WWW.COEUSMAGAZINE.COM

Image Provided By: Jessica Woods Image ID# 951386


See a wide variety of animals at the Houston Zoo. Image Provided By: James Black Image ID# 481270

Image Provided By: Marcia Lozano Image ID# 745017

conversation at Community Bar in Midtown (2703 Smith St).


There’s much to see and do on your “stay-cation”… you may have to plan a second trip!


Classic modernisque pieces line the streets of downtown.

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 67

By Taz Stansberry

We are all familiar with the popular phrase that has united couples in holy matrimony for many centuries. The verbal agreement exchanged during wedding ceremonies is commonly referred to as “vows”. When speaking these vows it is considered binding in loyalty to one another, and is a lifelong promise to never depart one from the other under any circumstance. When you accepted these vows, did you ever wonder if your spouse would be the cause of your sickness or failing health? If you were to become aware that your spouse was making you sick, would you remain there until death did you apart? Could the love for your spouse be questionable if you chose to no longer honor those vows due to your spouse being the reason for your demise? Finally, would it be morally wrong for you to save your health rather than saving your marriage? Recently, I spoke with a young lady who desperately needed answers to these questions. She appeared

68 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

extremely passionate about her family and her relationship with her spouse; but she resented the amount of time she had to invest in attempting to maintain a healthy and normal household. A newlywed, she envisioned starting a new exciting life as husband and wife; crossing her T’s and dotting her I’s, being careful not to become another statistic of the “perfect relationship gone bad”. To her surprise, she soon realized that no one person can plan a perfect marriage. (A perfect marriage in a sense, given things within the imperfections mesh well in an acceptable and workable fashion). It would take two to equally agree and work towards a mutual goal. Now, before marriage here are two perfectly healthy, independent, accomplished individuals who felt a union would only strengthen what they each were capable of separately. Only 6 months into the marriage, this lady could barely live under the same roof with her husband, let alone lead a happy healthy marriage. However, the health of the marriage wasn’t the only

thing failing. She visited her Doctor for a regular checkup and was warned that her blood pressure was a little steep, and she needed to avoid stressful situations as much as possible. He asked if there was anything that came to mind that she could eliminate from her life that might be contributing to her high blood pressure condition. Reluctant to disclose that she was in a stressful marriage, which she faced at least 80% of her time outside of work; she shrugged her shoulders and, answered, “No Doctor Nothing I could think of at the moment”. Deep down inside she knew that it was likely that she would face an argument when she arrived home that evening. On her drive home she performed a self evaluation and concluded that her short temper probably contributed to a large portion of the problems she had at home. So she decided to work on managing her patience. She practiced this for months, but she still found herself arguing and unhappy in her marriage. She had realized that no matter how patient she was, there were just certain things that she expected of her husband that was just nonexistent. She realized that many of the


Image Provided By: Hilde Vanstraelen Image ID# 1039441


arguments stemmed from personality differences, things that it wouldn’t be fair to expect anyone to change about themselves. So she struggled trying to fit square blocks in round circles for the sake of saving her marriage. At her next Doctor’s appointment, she wanted to hear that her blood pressure was stabilized; however, she learned she would now have to take medication to help stabilize it. Distraught, all she could think about is despite how much effort she had already invested into transforming herself to avoid stressing so much, it still did not better her health. In fact, it worsened. Her stress levels had increased to the point where she is now suffering from Thyroids and has regular Doctor’s appointments to monitor the condition. Sadly, the relationship has spiraled completely out of control from one extreme to the next, increasing stress levels with each new circumstance. Her high blood pressure medication contains ingredients which serve as a reverse alopecia causing excessive hair loss, as well as ingredients that contributes to massive weight gain. She no longer feels desirable, and her husband is not the greatest at acknowledging and comforting her during this time of turmoil. Her self esteem is shattered. Her beauty and appearance is now a major factor in boosting her self esteem so she spends money more often than usual to help maintain her desired appearance. They now find themselves arguing more and more over financial issues due to overspending. There’s a strain on their sex life, and there is minimal communication other than that of the regular controversy. In the beginning, this young lady never imagined that a relationship could take such a toll on her health. So now the only thing this couple is planning is an exit strategy, when really they should be planning a happy 1 year anniversary. Many may question though, could it really be the spouse that made her sick? Or was this simply impeccable timing, and her health conditions were a ticking time bomb and her husband

is the victim that crossed its path? Psychologists refer to stress as a process in which environmental demands strain an organism’s adaptive capacity, resulting in both psychological as well as biological changes that could place a person at risk for illness. Anything that causes stress is considered a stressor. Divorce, marital problems, death, illness, finance, etc. are all amongst the long list of stressors. Studies indicate, that the higher the importance of a goal, when interfered with, the higher the effects of stress. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the less importance of a goal, the less the effects of stress when interfered with. Inability to cope with stress is ultimately what causes a strain on the biological stress perspective and emphasizes the activation of certain physiological and physically demanding conditions. So it is true that chronic negative stress may be harmful to the health. But, how harmful? Research also indicates that there are different stages of stress. In the final phase, reduction of the levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine occurs in the brain, causing depression. Traumatic stressful events may trigger either behavioral or biological processes that contribute to the onset of disease. Chronic stress has been associated with increased reports of illness. Exposure to chronic stress may result in permanent or at the very least long-term psychological, biological, or behavioral responses that alter the progression of illness. In addition, the longer the stress endured, the more likely a person was to become ill. One direct way that I can personally relate marital stress to health is that of my very own sister. One year ago my dear sister was laid to rest due to pericarditis heart disease. Looking at her no one would have ever known she was suffering from poor heart conditions. She was lively and happy to the second she took her last breath. However, what did show was the obvious pain from living in an unhappy relationship for 19 years. Now, only she and God knows why she would stay in such a draining declining relationship

for that long, but the fact is, she did. But an even bigger question would be to ask, how did she manage in such a stress filled environment for as long as she did with heart problems? I guess the appropriate response would be that she simply loved him to death! So the question remains. Should the previous couple sacrifice their marriage for the sake of a longer happier life? Or, did my sister take the right approach by honoring her vows until death did them part? Tough deal right? Especially when your life and wellness is at stake. Relative to unwanted stress, research suggests that individuals have different coping styles, and depending on how well or how poorly people cope with stress will determine how more or less the stress will affect them physically, psychologically, or biologically. In addition, research also suggests that support in stressful situations can lessen the amount of stress a person undergoes. A person in a highly stressed predicament can be at ease when the mood is lightened, thereby decreasing the susceptibility of disease. Therefore, rather than ending a dying marriage, showing genuine spousal support can possibly be the life saving prescription. 10 Ways to Minimize Marital Stress Communicate about everything Be a good listener Respect one another Be supportive and Understanding Compromise Have consideration for your spouse and things they go through Attend marriage counseling, if necessary Establish a common goal and work towards it collectively Love unconditionally and express it open and outwardly A family that prays together stays together

JANUARY 2012 | COEUS | 69


Why do we set ourselves up to fail when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions? I do not believe that it is our intent to not follow through on our New Year’s Resolutions, but perhaps we  have not dedicated enough real effort in order to stick with them. Statistically speaking, about 40-45% of American adults make New Year’s Resolutions. Most people follow the same New Year’s Resolution pattern: January 1st they are excited and energized from the last year’s resolution thinking, “This year I will stick to my plan.” Yet, resolutions have become a formal “Wish List” where the writer expects someone to wave a magic wand or slide down their chimney with better finances, a slimmer body, and a better relationship. Where is the personal motivation? Sadly, by mid-January or early February, the majority of us have abandoned our goals all together.

shape. So, I would like to address the issue of losing weight. I took the liberty of identifying some surefire tips that will help you with your weight loss journey. I’m not saying use them all at once but, try incorporating them into your lifestyle and you will definitely see some changes. Find the ones that suit you and use them. 1) Count your calories and actively track how many you consume daily; it’s better to count calories than chins. Don’t just gulp it down, jot it down. Record everything you eat and

So why do we make New Year’s Resolutions every year if so few of us follow through? After deep thought I’ve realized one of the reasons is the appeal of starting fresh. A new year brings new opportunities and a clean slate. Another appeal of resolutions is the opportunity to better ourselves. As human beings we seek improvement. Improvement alone is a strong motivator for most individuals. A new year brings about the desire to push forward to the next level of development. Lastly, we love tradition. Tradition inspires us to write the resolution in the first place! New Year’s Resolutions have been written by people for many years. During this day and age we still hold on to traditions even as we move forward into a more advanced era. The top two resolutions for the new year deal with fitness and losing weight. Excess weight is a concern of most American women and now it’s a delicate issue for most men. This is a real epidemic for today’s society who struggles with obesity and its various related illnesses and diseases. I’m not advocating being unusually skinny either. I am however, a strong supporter of individuals with healthy body weight. Everyone wishes to have the body of an athlete. Having and maintaining an athletic body is not an unobtainable goal. The journey to this type of body requires proper exercise, healthy lifestyle, and diet. It is perfectly normal to want to be healthy…and rightfully so; you are beautiful or handsome when your body is well balanced and in

70 | COEUS | JANUARY 2012

drink. If you have time to stuff your face; then you have time to write it down. We sometimes forget that candy bar we had in the car, or how many fries you took out of your kids’ happy meal before you arrive home to feed them after a long day at the office. Those things add up believe me. 2) Next, don’t dwell on the slip ups; give yourself a break! One little slip up doesn’t outweigh all your success. Maybe it was out of your control…natural disaster…no it was not your mother-in-law! So don’t beat yourself up about it, get back on track the next meal. As stress or emotions rise, so can your urge to eat. Remember you can’t control the world, but you can control what you eat. 3) Desserts! If you’re craving dessert, don’t sweat it; order one with forks for all…share it! That way you get the taste and it doesn’t

go to your waist. Don’t buy ice cream at the grocery store. Get a scoop at your local Baskin and Robbins and keep it moving! Did you know “stressed” spelled backwards is “desserts”? Don’t “stress” about ordering at a restaurant; pass on the free bread and chips, split the meal with a friend, or just order a salad. You can even eat some yogurt or fruit before heading out to lunch…you won’t be as hungry and it’s healthy. When your friend asks why you aren’t eating as much you can smile and shrug. I’ll never tell your secret. 4) Stress can contribute to weight gain. Laughter is a great antidote for stress. Granted, more studies need to be done to prove this; research shows that laughter helps relieve pain and increase immunity. Laughter seems to reduce the level of stress hormones like cortisol, epinephrine (adrenaline), and dopamine. Guess where excess cortisol likes to hang out…your belly! Go ahead, bust out a good gut wrenching laugh. Laughter can even work your abdominal muscles. Have fun, laugh, and joke. It’s ok. I’ll tell you something funny, I used to say, “I’m not overweight, I’m just 8 inches too SHORT!” BAM! “Slimpiration.” Such a cute word. Let’s use it in a sentence. Pull out your favorite outfit (the one you used to wear when you were a little less heavy). Remember how amazing you used to feel? Hang it where you can see it each morning and every night before bed. Imagine yourself in it again. Now say, “This outfit is my “slimpiration” to lose weight. That can be your “Slimpiration” or “Thinspiration”.  Whatever you want to call it, stay focused, stay inspired, stay positive. Think health to be healthy.   Lastly, go public with your weight loss successes. Your friends are watching you and that can be a big motivator for you and them. So Facebook it, tweet it, blog about it, text it, or you can do it the old fashion way and call. It’s a domino effect, so be the first one to start it and not the last one to fall. Make 2012’s New Year’s Resolution happen this year, whether it’s for weight loss or something else. Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Before you can win you have to believe you are worthy. I believe you are. Good luck and I hope you all have an awesome New Year! Give feedback on How your New Year’s Resolution for 2012 is going to be different than the past. I WANNA HEAR SUCCESS PEOPLE!!! Happy 2012 xoxo Lisa Marie

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