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Experts share insight at the third Neopac Pharma Symposium A platform for trends and networking Oberdiessbach – Neopac, the Swiss-based provider and inventor of high barrier Polyfoil® tubes for use in the pharmaceutical, dental and cosmetic industries, hosted its third pharmaceutical symposium featuring guest presentations from experts and executives at some of the industry’s most prominent companies. The event held in Oberdiessbach, Switzerland on April 18-19 attracted 50 participants from Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan and Latin America. Before listening to specialist presentations on a range of topics, attendees were given the opportunity to play an active role in a workshop to design the tube of the future and to get to know more about specialties of Polyfoil®. Topics discussed at this year’s symposium included market trends, regulatory guidelines, sterilization options, unique characteristics and packaging compliance as well as new parenteral packaging. Neopac also gave attendees a tour of their pharmaceutical and new medical premises. The new Medical Pilot Center where Neopac intends to produce its Fleximed® tubes for the medical industry as of 2014 is scheduled to be built this year. “Tubes for the clinical administration of medicine require extremely high standards of cleanliness and a completely particle-free environment even during production”, explains Martina Christiansen, Head of Sales & Marketing Pharma. “Each year we invest considerable sums in the further development of tubes for the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dental industries and in new production methods and infrastructures at our Swiss location.” The symposium also offered ample time for networking and informal learning opportunities among attendees. The following speakers (listed alphabetically by their last name) shared their expertise at the Neopac Pharma Symposium:

Matthias Birkhoff of Aptar Pharma introduced new “Trends and technologies in the field of eye products.” Martina Christiansen of Hoffmann Neopac AG spoke about “Market trends for flexible primary packaging.” Pharmacist Gerhard Ewald of Hameln pharma plus gmbh discussed “Safety aspects in the preparation and administration of parenteral medicaments in hospitals.”

Sebastian Fily of Galderma Canada described the “Legal requirements and the pharmaceutical industry’s responses regarding child-resistant closures”. Andreas Geiger of Hoffmann Neopac AG used a specific example to illustrate the “Successful validation of a two-chamber tube for parenteral applications”. Hans Hartmann of Synergy Health Daeniken AG explained the “Difference between existing sterilization procedures and the new x-ray method”. Ruedi Hofstetter of B. Braun Medical AG showed how he launched Prontosan wound gel “successfully in Polyfoil® PP tubes with heat sterilization.” Dr. Philippe Kern of Hoffmann Neopac AG gave details of the “special ® characteristics of Polyfoil tubes” for pharmaceutical applications. Alex Marvel of Obagi Medical Products analyzed “cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging for dermatological products” and presented the results of the associated study. Hans Söderström of Norden Machinery AB presented a “special technology for micro-filling and sealing of small diameter tubes of 10 mm“. Alexandra von Paleske of Spirig Pharma AG demonstrated how, as a result of a european customer survey, “Sprig Daylong® products are successfully re-designed and sold in tubes.” Further information can be found at ### About Neopac Based in Oberdiessbach, Switzerland, Neopac is a leading tube manufacturer for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and dental industries. The properties of Neopac Polyfoil® tubes always provide a strong barrier against light, moisture, oxygen, and organic and chemical substances, resistance to corrosion and high aesthetics due to all-around printing. Each new tube line stands in a fully qualified clean room where the whole environment is monitored for particles and microbes to certify the cleanliness of the tubes. Many options in terms of closures, applicators and even airless features are available to these tubes.

Pharma Symposium in April 19-20 arranged by the Tube Manufacturer Neopac AG in Switzerland.  
Pharma Symposium in April 19-20 arranged by the Tube Manufacturer Neopac AG in Switzerland.  

Experts share insight at the third Neopac Pharma Symposium