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Effective ways to write Business Requirements Document (Professional Business Analyst Training organisation)

 Business Analyst should always be very careful while preparing the Business Requirement Document.  By following simple guideline we can write or prepare good business requirement document.  First of all we need to gather detailed information from stake holders or sponsors who provide funding or who will be effected or impacted by the project outcome and we need to contact team members who are having familiarity with the business problem because as a BA we need to solve the problem by accepting the project.

To avoid or prevent confusion and misunderstanding, you need to freeze on requirement at the initial stage of the project.

Step 1 Try to create your own format or download a template which suit to you. And this Document contains several sections like overview, definitions, risks, dependencies, terms and supplementary information etc. To create a comprehensive picture of business requirements you can also provide this supplementary information in spreadsheets, charts and presentations.

Step 2 As a BA you must define the scope of the project by listing the objectives in the project and get the inputs from the stake holders, project team members and other subject matter experts by conducting online survey, interviews, brain storming, focus groups etc. These business requirements help you to determine the amount of funding required to complete the work.


Step 3

Always communicate with stakeholders to have clear view on the requirements. In some case you have multiple stakeholders, where each person has a different opinion. Provide opportunities for each person to describe their point of view and clarify his though by conducting a brainstorming session or develop charts or pictures.

Step 4 Try to review past projects so that you can check present requirements which may be similar to your existing projects. This information will help you in preparing all kind of documents.

Step 5 Once the first draft of your business requirements documents is create then distribute it for review and inputs. Incorporate changes and comments before submitting to you sponsor for approval. Once you receive approval then this document is legal bound for requirement.

Step 6 Always make sure technical teams to follows the document throughout the project so that project moves in smother way.

Effective ways to write business requirements document-COEPD  

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