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Others Indications Various functions and the Camcorder status are shown on the screen. Basic indications : Remaining battery power 0h00m00s00f: Time code 3:30:45PM: Date/Time indication Recording indications R0:45: Remaining tape time ≥Remaining tape time is indicated in minutes. (When it reaches less than 3 minutes, the indication starts flashing.) SP: Standard Play mode (Recording speed mode) -28LP: Long Play mode (Recording speed mode) -28¥: Recording -29; (Green): Recording pause -29; (Green flash): Standby mode ; (Red): Fade out : POWER LCD -25: Recording check -30Wide mode -3716:9 : Automatic mode -28AUTO : Manual mode -38MNL : MF: Manual focus -405k: Zoom magnification indication -32-

: : 1/500: F2.4: 6dB: : : : : : : : ZOOM


: 5: : :

Backlight mode -33Optical image stabilizer -38Shutter speed -41F number -41Gain value -41WEB CAMERA mode (Recording) -51Soft skin mode -34Tele macro -35Fade (White) -35Fade (Black) -35Blank search -30MagicPix function -34Zoom microphone -33Wind noise reduction -36Sports mode (Scene mode) -38Portrait mode (Scene mode) -38Low light mode (Scene mode) -38-


Spotlight mode (Scene mode) -38-


Surf & snow mode (Scene mode) -38-


66 LSQT1091

Auto white balance -39-

: : :

Indoor mode (recording under incandescent lamp) -39Outdoor mode -39White balance adjustment mode -39-

Playback indications ¥: Recording underway 1: Playback -42;: Pause -425: Fast forward/Cue playback -426: Rewind/Review playback -42D/E: Slow motion playback -43;1/2;: Frame-by-frame playback -432k5: Variable-speed search -43: Repeat playback -42: WEB CAMERA mode (Playback) -51-

A.DUB ¥: A.DUB ;: 12bit, 16bit: :

Audio dubbing -49Audio dubbing pause -49Audio recording mode -65Volume adjustment -42-

Card ± (White): ¥ (Green): MEGA :

Shutter chance mark -31Shutter chance mark -31MEGA Optical Image Stabilizer -31-


Self-timer recording -37(White): Photoshot mode (Green): While the card is being read (Red): While photoshot recording is activated (Red): While the card is being accessed in PC Connection Mode (Red flash): Using a card that cannot be recognized ( ): Photoshot picture quality -3218: Remaining number of photoshot pictures (When the remaining number of photoshot pictures reaches 0, the red indication flashes.) : Slide show playback -44PictBridge: PictBridge mode -50100-0001: Folder/File display No.00: File number 1: Number of DPOF Setting -46: Protect setting -46[640k360] Image size 0.2 : : [1280k720] Image size 1 [2048k1152] Image size 2.4 : [640k480] Image size 0.3M : [1280k960] Image size 1M : [1600k1200] Image size 2M : [2048k1512] Image size 3.1M :

Manual de Filmadora PV-GS320-3ccd  

Manual da Filmadora Panasonic PVGS320

Manual de Filmadora PV-GS320-3ccd  

Manual da Filmadora Panasonic PVGS320