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With a PC


≥To send pictures recorded on a tape to another personal computer using Windows Live Messenger/Windows Messenger/MSN Messenger, set [BASIC] >> [USB FUNCTION] >> [WEB CAM] on Tape Playback Mode before connecting the Camcorder to your personal computer. When you use the Camcorder as a Web camera in the Tape Playback Mode, the indication of the operation icon is different from the one in usual operation.



1 In usual operation 2 In the WEB CAMERA mode (Tape Playback Mode) ≥Even if you move the joystick up/down/right/left ( , ∫, 5, 6), the selected direction on the operation icon is not lit in yellow. ≥The operation icon blinks on instead of appearing from the side of the screen when you press the center of the joystick. 4 Connect the Camcorder to a personal computer with the USB cable. ≥When the Camcorder and the personal computer (with Windows 2000) are connected via a USB cable, a message, such as the one below, is displayed. However, testing by the manufacturer has confirmed the functionality of this Camcorder with Windows 2000. Click [Yes] and proceed.

5 Start Windows Live Messenger (for Windows XP users), Windows Messenger (for Windows XP users) or MSN Messenger (for Windows 2000/XP users). ≥Click [start] >> [Programs] >> [Windows Messenger], [MSN Messenger] or [Windows Live Messenger].

≥You may not be able to communicate with the other parties via the network if they are not using the same Messenger application (software) as you are. (The only exception is the combination of MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger.) ≥If the Camcorder is used as a Web Camera, the quality of the video to be exchanged will depend on the Internet connection status. ≥In the WEB CAMERA mode, video cannot be recorded onto a tape or a card. ≥You cannot output the video input from the DV terminal to the display of the PC. ≥In the WEB CAMERA mode, the audio may be interrupted in the middle of communication depending on the communication environment or the performance of the personal computer. ª Setting up Windows Messenger When starting Windows Messenger for the first time, its setup screen is displayed. (However, the screen is not displayed if the Windows Messenger setup has already been done.) For more details, please read the corresponding Help file. 1 Click [Click here to sign in].

2 Select [.NET Messaging Service] and click [OK].

3 After the .NET Passport Wizard is displayed, click [Next].

≥Please refer to the instruction manual of your personal computer for how to configure the audio and the microphone. ≥To communicate with persons using Windows in other languages, setting up using alphabets or numbers is recommended. 4 According to the procedures displayed on the screen, continue the setup.

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Manual de Filmadora PV-GS320-3ccd  

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