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Edit mode ª Before recording with audio dubbing ≥Set to Tape Recording Mode. ≥When you want to preserve the original sound taken during recording, set [ADVANCED] >> [AUDIO REC] >> [12bit] to take pictures. (When set [16bit], the sounds taken during recording are erased after recording with audio dubbing.) ≥Set [BASIC] >> [REC SPEED] >> [SP] to take pictures.

Printing pictures by directly connecting to the printer (PictBridge) To print pictures by directly connecting the Camcorder to the printer, use a printer compatible with PictBridge. (Read the operating instructions for the printer.) ≥Insert a card and set to Card Playback Mode. 1 Connect the Camcorder and the printer with the supplied USB cable.

ª To play back the sound recorded with

audio dubbing You can switch between the sound recorded with audio dubbing and the original sound. Set [SETUP] >> [12bit AUDIO] >> [ST2] or [MIX]. [ST1]: It only plays back the original sound. [ST2]: It only plays back the sound added by audio dubbing. [MIX]: It simultaneously plays back the original sound and the sound added with audio dubbing. ≥During audio dubbing, it is automatically set to [ST2].

1 1 USB cable PictBridge

PC Connection With DV Interface Cable A video clip can be transferred directly to your PC (personal computer) via a DV Interface Cable (optional) using products and software from a number of video editing software companies. Using products from video editing software companies allows you to capture and edit video clips using the DV Interface. Panasonic DVC are OHCI compliant and should have no problem working with any OHCI compliant FireWire Card/Video — Editing software package.

≥Personal computer must be equipped with a DV Terminal. ≥During Camcorder playback, do not disconnect the DV Interface Cable or turn the Camcorder off as this may cause a PC hang-up error. ≥IEEE1394 Interface must conform to OHCI (Open Host Controller Interface Specification).

50 LSQT1091

≥The [PictBridge] indication appears on the screen of the Camcorder. (When the printer is being recognized, the [PictBridge] indication blinks.) ≥When no card is inserted in the Camcorder, the [PictBridge] indication does not appear. (You cannot print any pictures.) ≥When the Camcorder and the printer are not connected properly, the [PictBridge] indication keeps blinking. (It will blink for over approx. 1 minute.) Connect the cable or check the printer. ≥When images are displayed in multi-screen, they cannot be printed. 2 Select [SINGLE PRINT] or [DPOF PRINT]. ≥If there is no file with a DPOF setting, you cannot select [DPOF PRINT]. ≥When you select [DPOF PRINT] for printing, set the number of prints in DPOF setting. ≥When [DPOF PRINT] is selected, print after you determine the paper size. (Step 6) ≥When [DPOF PRINT] is selected, date printing is unavailable.

Manual de Filmadora PV-GS320-3ccd  

Manual da Filmadora Panasonic PVGS320

Manual de Filmadora PV-GS320-3ccd  

Manual da Filmadora Panasonic PVGS320