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Edit mode Recording from a tape onto a card Still pictures can be recorded on a memory card from scenes that have already been recorded on a cassette. ≥Set to Tape Playback Mode. ≥Insert a tape which already has recorded contents and a card. 1 Start playback.

Copying onto a DVD recorder or a VCR (Dubbing) Pictures recorded by the Camcorder can be stored on a DVD-RAM or other such media. Refer to the instructions for the recorder. ≥Place a recorded cassette in the Camcorder and an unrecorded DVD-RAM or cassette in the DVD recorder or VCR. 1 Connect the Camcorder and the recorder. Connecting with the Multi cable

2 Pause at the scene you wish to record and press the Photoshot button [





1 ≥Connect the Camcorder and the recorder by using the Multi cable 1. ≥If the recorder has an S-Video terminal, then also connect to this terminal 2. It allows you to copy clearer image. ≥Audio will not be recorded. ≥The size of still pictures recorded on a card becomes [ 0.2 ] (16:9) or [ 0.3M ] (4:3). (This is not mega pixel still-picture recording.) ≥If you set [TV ASPECT] >> [4:3], black bands are added to the top and bottom of the picture when wide pictures are recorded to the card. (-37-) ≥If you press the Photoshot button [ ] without pausing, blurred pictures may be recorded.

Connecting with the optional DV cable: PV-DDC9/PV-DDC9-K (Only for equipment with a DV terminal)



2 (L2)

2 Turn on the Camcorder and set to Tape Playback Mode.

3 Select the input channel on the TV set and recorder.

4 Move the joystick up to select the [1/;] icon to start playback. (Player) ≥The image and sound are reproduced. 5 Start recording. (Recorder) 6 Stop recording. (Recorder) 7 Move the joystick down to select the [∫] icon to stop playback. (Player)

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